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©eutalagical Htgistcv 


TI1J-: l.N' II A 15 IT ANTS 


II 1 S U() II V () F T 1 1 K T (> W N S 




lit V. Ali.NtK iHili:^!:, A" il 

-■. -^ .. -, . ,1 

" In trai^uiing w\\ thn ni<>moriai>< oi th»' latlipra, wi« lii»?t in:initi><'.t onr rpinnl lor i>o"t.-ritv 


l- li K :■•. 'J I HAM UK L L ' M <•«' k K 


\ ■ 


1/ 1 



Since the issue of the first part of the ensuing work, embracing, with 
the genealogies of several races traced principally abroad, all the births, 
marriages and deaths recorded in Sherborn and HoUiston prior to 1800, 
and many, by request, of later dates, I have concluded to add the his- 
tories of these towns, or rather such portions of them as had not been 
interwoven with the genealogies. 

In doing this, I have incorporated much of the History of Sherborn, 
by Wm. Bigelow, Esq., a pamphlet published in 1830, and of a Cen- 
tury Sermon, delivered 1827, by Rev. Charles Fitch, then of HoUiston, 
both of which have become scarce, and the former quite out of print. 
Influenced by the conviction that I had become a solitary depositary of 
facts and reliable traditions worthy of preservation, made investigations 
which Ho other might undertake until too late, and arrived at conclusions 
desirable to be verified or refuted ; that the history of communities, 
sprung from the stock of the Puritans, and moulded and guided by 
their sentiments, would afford pleasure and instruction to present and fu- 


ture generations of their race ; that these collections, without improve- 
ment in their arrangement, or other index than a table of contents, might 
serve the ends of genealogy and of topographical, civil and ecclesiasti- 
cal history, and facilitate the labors of an abler hand in the production 
of a workmore complete, accurate, attracting and available, I have per- 
formed the labor and incurred the expense of issuing this volume, satis- 
fied with any patronage that may cover the outlay, gratified if it shall 
meet with any approbation, thankful for criticisms, tolerant of censures, 
and well rewarded, if it shall turn the hearts of the children to the 
fathers, and induce a stricter imitation of their virtues. 


Boston, April 20, 1856. 





A. Adams p. 1 ; Abby p. 10 ; Alby 10 ; Allen 10 ; Alverson 10 ; Amsden 10. 

B. Bacon 10; Babcock 10; Baker 11; Ball 12; Bancroft 12; Barbour 12; Barret 

14 ; Barron 14 ; Bartlett 14 ; Bass 14 ; Batchelder 14 ; Bates 14 ; Battle 14 ; 
BatteUe 14 ; Beals 14 ; Bedlam 14 ; Bickford 15 ; Bigelow 15 ; Blanchard 
16; Bond 16; Bragg 16; Breck 16 ; Brewer 18 ; Briant 18 ; Bridges 18 ; 
Brown 18 ; Buckmaster 19 ; Bullen 19 ; Burbank 21 ; Bullard 22 ; 
Butler 58. 

C. Chaddock 58 ; Chamberlain 58 ; Church 59 ; Clafiin 59 ; Clark 59 ; Cleale 62 ; 

Cobb 62; Cole 62 ; Collar 62; Coolidge 62 ; Corbett 65 ; Cousins 65 ; Crack- 
bone 66 ; Cragrin 67 ; Crossman 67 ; Curtis 67 ; Cushing 67 ; Cutler 67. 

D. Dana 71; Daniel 71; Davis 74; Day 74; Death 74; Dewing 75; Dickinson 

75 ; Dix 77 ; Doane 78 ; Dowse 78 ; Durant 79. 

E. Eames 79 ; Edward 81 ; Emerson 81 ; Esty 81 ; Esterbrook 81 ; Evens 81 ; 

Everett 81. 

F. Fairbanks 82 ; Fassett 85 ; Fisher 85 ; Fisk 85 ; Fitch 87 ; Force 89 ; Foristall 

89 ; Foster 89 ; Francis 90 ; Frost 90. 

G. Gardner 90 ; Gassett 90 ; Gibbs 90 ; Gleason 90 ; Godard 91 ; Golden, alias Gould« 

ing 91 and 94 ; Goodhue 92 ; Gookin 92 ; Grant 94 ; Greenwood 94 ; Grout 

95; Guy 95. 
H. Hall 95 ; Harding 95 ; Harrington 99 ; Hart 99 ; Harris 99 ; Haven 99 ; Hawes 

99 ; Hayes 100 ; Hemenway 100 ; Hero 100 ; Hill 100 ; Hiscock 105 ; Hooker 

105 ; Houghton 106 ; Hunt 106 ; Hunting 106 ; Holbrook 107. 
J. Jennings 155 ; Johnson 155 ; Jones 156. 
K. Kendall 157 ; Kenny 158 ; Kibbe 158 ; KUton 159 ; Kimball 159 ; Kingsbury 160 ; 

Knowlton 160. 
L. Lane 160 ; Lawrence 160 ; Layland, alias Leland 160 ; Learned 170, Lee 309 ; 

Lincoln 171 ; Littlefield 171 ; Locke 173 ; Loverain, alias Lovering 173> 
M. Maccane 174 ; Madden 174 ; Mann 174 ; Marsh 174 ; Marshall 175 ; Mason 175 ; 

Maverick 176 ; Maxwell 176 ; Mellen 176 ; Merrifield 176 1 Messenger 177 ; 

Metcalf 177 ; Miller 177 ; Millins 177 ; Mills 177 ; Moor 177 ; Morse 178 ; 

Muzzy 184. 
N. Newell 184; Newton 184 ; Nichols 184; Norcross 184 ; Nurse 184. 
O. Otis 184. 
P. Pahner 184 ; Park 184 ; Parker 185 ; Parkhurst 185 ; Partridge 185 ; Payson 

190 ; Perry 190 ; Phips and Phipps 195 ; Pierce 202 ; Pike 202 ; Plimpton 202 ; 

Polly 203 ; Pond 203 ; Porter 203 ; Pratt 203 ; Prentiss 204 ; Paul 206. 
R. Ramsdell 206; Richardson 206; Richards 210; Rider 210; Rockwood 211; 

Russell 231. 
S. Sanger 232 ; Sawin 239 ; Sheffield 240 ; Shepard 241 ; Simons 241 ; Slocum 

241 ; Smith 241 ; Sparrowk 242 ; Stanford 242 ; Stanton 242 ; Stedman 242 ; 

Stewart 242 ; Stone 242 ; Storrs 244 ; Stow 244 ; Straten 244 ; Stroud 245 ; 

Sumner 245. 
T. Tay 245 ; Tenny 245 ; Tombling 245 ; Travis 245 ; Tucker 246 ; Twitchell 246. 
IT. Underwood 251. 
W. Waight 252 ; Wait 253 ; Wair 253 ; Wal^ter 253 ; WaUis 253 ; Ware 253 ; 

Warren 255 ; Watkius 255 ; Wenzel 255 ; Wheaton 255 ; Wheelock 257 ; 

White 257 ; Whiting 257 ; Whitney 257 ; Wight 260 ; Williams 260; Wilson 

260 ; Winship 260 ; Wiswall 260 ; Wood 261 ; Wyeth 264. 


The location, boundaries and size of the township p. 266 ; Originally possessed by 
the Nipmnck Indians id : Their history id — 266 ; Exploration of the country by the 
English 267 ; Early Grants of the General Court 267 ; Indian deed of such 269 ; 
Price paid for the township 271 ; Original state of the country 272 ; Origin and history 
of the E^lish settlement 273 ; Origin of the town 275 ; Its original form 277 ; Origin 
of its name id ; Proceedings of the proprietors and G. Court id ; Indian war 278 ; The 
24 Committee of the G. C. visit S. 279 ; Their report id ; Place first agreed on for 
the meeting-house id ; A third Committee from the G. C. determine on another 
place 281 ; Social Compact of the planters 282 ; Agreement on an exchange of lands . 
with Natick 283 ; Difficulties in the town 2S4 ; A 4th Committee of \he G. C. 
appointed id ; Their report 285 ; A 5th Committee of the G. C. chosen to •* govern 
prudentials" id; Call of Rev. Daniel Gookin 286; His answer 287; Division of 
common lands 287 ; Persons admitted as inhabitants 288 ; Military company organ- 
ized id ; Grant of the G. C. confirmed id ; Enlargement of the town 289 ; Praming- 
ham incorporated id ; Organization of a church id ; First Grant of lands W. of 
Mendon 290; Division of these lands id; Call of Rev. Daniel Baker 291 ; Rev. D. 
Gookin'B letter 291 ; Rev. Mr. Baker's answer 292 ; His publications 293 ; List of 
persons rated in 1721} p. 294 ; Measures for rebuilding the meeting-house 296 ; Dis- 
agreement about its location 296 ; Petition for a division of the town 298 ; Sale of ' 
the school land 299 ; Call to Rev. Samuel Porter 305 and 299 ; Memorable mortality 
300 ; Call to Rev. Samuel Locke 301 ; Call of Rev. Elijah Brown 302 ; Proceedings 
in relation to the revolution 302-4 ; Ditto to Shay's rebellion id ; Uo. to the adoption 
of the Federal Constitution id; do. to the war of 1812 p. 306; Call of Rev. S. 
Townsend 307 ; His letter id ; Call of Rev. Amos Clarke 308 ; List of graduates 309 ; 
do. of Pastors 310 ; do. of Deacons id; do. Physicians 311 ; do. of Lawyers id; do. 
of Selectmen id; do. of Town Clerks 316 ; do. of Representatives 317; Progress of 
population 318; Education 318; Geology id; Mineralogy 319; Lakes and Ponds 
320 ; Springs id ; Streams id ; Meteorology id ; Soil and productions 321 ; Manu- 
factures and Stores id ; Ancient Garrisons 222 ; Cemeteries id. 


The situation and boundaries of the township 322 ; Its first settlement id ; Origin 
of the name of Jasper's Hill id ; History of the titles to the site of the vUlage id. 
Indian name of Winthrop's Lake 324 ; Indian claims extinguished id ; Incorporation 
of the town 325 ; Its size id ; First election of town officers id ; Resolve to build a 
meeting-house id ; Land given the town id ; The conditions of the grant id ; The 
common and graveyard liable to forfeiture id; Gift of land for the first minister 226 ; 
Call of Rev. James Stone id ; Division of the town into school districts 327 ; Resolve 
to build three school-houses id ; Mt. Hillis Academy id ; W. part of the road from S. to 
the Cedar swamp vacated id ; Families in the S. W. part of the town annexed to 
Medway precinct id ; H. fined for not keeping a school id ; Meeting-house seated 
and the ** seats dignified " id ; 4 men allowed pews 328 ; Great sickness id ; Officers 
•f the army 330 ; Pastors id ; Graduates id ; Town Clerks 331 ; Representatives 332 ; 
Selectmen id ; Deacons 336 ; Population id ; Geology, Mineralogy and soil 337 ; 
Streams id ; Lakes, Cemeteries 338 ; Business id 339 ; Physicians 340 ; Lawyers id. 


TnE following Genealogies, originally prepared at different times, with various 
degrees of minuteness and extent of research, and brought down to different dates, 
were designed, and somo of them proposed for insertion in the Genealogical Register. 
This was done under the impression that each article might appear continuously in 
one vol. of that Periodical, and be as attracting and available as if published in any 
other form or connection. But on further information I find that the longer articles, 
to gain admission,^ must be divided into several parts, inserted here and there, mixed 
with other historical and genealogical matter^ and be delayed for a perilous time, 
and even beyond the probable expectancy of life in some who have expressed much 
interest in the publication. I have therefore decided to issue my collections in the 
following form, believing that this will prove more satisfactory than the one originally 

This change enhancea the cost of publication without giving the subscriber 
an equal number of pages or amount of matter ; but this will be made up in the 
binding of the work, and, as it is hoped, in the greater satisfaction of finding, inserted 
continuously, in the same vol., not only the race, with which his name is arranged, 
but also, other cognate races through which in female lines he may derive his descent 
from other and different stocks. 

To those then who pledged their patronage to the other form of issue, will copies 
of this be forwarded at prices barely sufficient to cover' the outlay, which has been 
surprisingly great. This, if stated, all might not appreciate. Indeed, none but the 
experienced in this department of toil, perplexity and expense could be expected 
to do so. But I have not labored without pay ; for the months and years of lo^elv 
seclusion devoted to the work have abounded with seasons of sweet communion witib 
departed worth, and delfghtful views of former days. Nor do I send forth mS 
humble and imperfect production without hopes of future reward ; for weak and 
treacherous as human gratitude is, I may gain her thanks fron;! breasts where re- 
finement and humility dwell, for the introduction here given to forgotten ancestors, 
honored of Gt>d in their day with a part in that mighty agency which is changing 
the condition of mankind and the aspect of the world ; to ancestors who cooperated 
to found the institutions in which we glory; and who bequeathed to us an open 
Bible and uncorrupted gospel, and followed us in their prayers which are now 
being answered in our happiest experience. 

Nor is this all. There is pleasure in the hope that useful history has been 
snatched from oblivion, and landmarks pointed out for future and more successful 
explorations ; that many will be moved to perfect and transmit their genealogy ; and 
that generations to come will be supplied with a Directory for finding their kindred 
of another sex, that they may decline alliances interdicted by nature and her Author, 
and be^ saved from the sin of defeating wholly or in part a chief object of their 
earthly mission. 

The Genealogies here presented are in all cases as complete to 1800 as the rec- 
ords consulted, and far more so. Thousands of names are here recorded for the 
first time ; and thousands of others, on no public record, may yet be added in supple 
ments, if those noticing the omissions will report them. And are none of their 
kindred or descendants interested to do so ? Will it not be an act of kindness to 
preserve evidence of their legitimacy ? and also of their descent from the remotest 
ancestor remembered ? The first edition of any Genealogical work is never without 
errors. This, with all the care I have bestowed, must have them. These, it is hoped, 
will be carefully and immediately pointed out in writing, that they may be hereafter 
eorrected ; and as the Adams, BuUard, Holbrook, Rockwood, Phipps and Sanger 
races are designed to be continued, any of either of these races are especially requested 
to report whatever needs correction or addition. ABNEB MORSE. 

Sherbom, Middlesex Co., Mass., Sept. 15, 1855. 


On the left of names and next to the left hand margin are two columns of Arabic 
figures ; the right hand column consisting of running numbers, and the left hand of 
referring numbers. The latter, if before a father's name, (and then it is ever less 
than the No. to the right of it) refers back to the same figures in the column of run- 
ning Nos. where his name occurs as a child. If the referring No. is before a child's 
name, (and then it is always larger than the No. to the right,) it refers onward to 
the same figures in the column of running Nos. where he occurs as a father. Names 
having no referring Nos. before them, are either traced no further, or they have their 
descendants arranged immediately below their names. 

Dates following the names of wives without the word ancf intervening, refer to her. 

Numerical letters before the names of children denote their No., which must not 
be confounded with the running numbers in Arabic figures. These numerical letters 
are dropped when the child becomes a parent. 

Small figures after names mark their generations, their Puritan ancestor being [ac- 
counted the first. / 
, ? after a figure, denotes the reference not certain. 

? after a name, signifies that it is inferred from circumstantial evidence or doubtful 
records, or that it has not been traced. 

a. stands 

ab. ** 








G. C. 
G. S. 



h. or bus." 

for aged, 

General Court, 
grave stone, 


1. stands for lived. 













0. T. 


Old Tenor, 






residence or resided at, 



removed to, 



resides at, 













. w. or wf. " 




West Sherbom, 




Initial letters are put for the names of places immediately after they have been 

The practice of double dating between Jan. Ist and March 25th, — thus 1675 — 6, 
until the introduction of N. S. in 1752, is retained to prevent confusion, and enable 
fiamilies to compare and correct their dates. 

N. B. Prior to 1752, the civil year began in March, which was called the first 
month, April 2d month, often expressed thus, — 25 (2) i. e. 25th day, 2d month. 
To render 0. S. into N. S., the first month must be accounted the 3d, and ten days 
be added to all dates between 1582 and 1700, and eleven days to dates between 
1700 and 1752. For the single year 1600, eleven days mast be added. 




1* ^p Slbant}^ the ancestor of a distinguisbed race by tbe name of Adams, came 
out of the marches of Wales, a frontier space on which English troops were 
aocustomed to march to repress incursions, and cut off stragglers. 

2. Sir John Ap Adam,^ Kt, styled also Lord Ap Adam, who, as a baron of the 

realm, was according to Che. F. Adams, of Bos., summoned to Parliament 
from 1296 to 1307. He m. Elizabeth, dg. of John, Lord Gourney of Bev- 
erston, Glocester county, and had 

3. Sir John Ap Adam,^ who had Wm. Ap Adam,* who had Sir John Ap Adam,f 

who was the father of Tho. Ap Adam.** 

6. Tho. Ap Adam** m. Jane, dg. and heiress of Sir John Inge,'by whom he bad 

7. Sir John Ap Adam/ Kt., who m. Milesent, dg. of Sir Matthew BesjUs, Kt.,had 

8. Sir John Ap Adam,^ alias Adams,* who m. Clara, dg. and co-heir of Mr. Roger 

Powell, by whom he had 

9. Roger Adams,^ who m. Jane, dg, of Ellyott, and had 

10. Tho. Adams,^** who m. Marie, dg., of Upton, and had 

11. John Adams,^^ who m. Jane, dg. of Mr. Rennelegh, and had 

12. John Adams,^^ who m. Catherine, dg: and heiress of Mr. Stebbing. and had 

13. John," who m. Margerye, dg. and heiress of Mr. Squire, and had 

14. Richard," who m. Margaret, dg, to Mr. Armager, and had 

15. Wm.^* who m. , dg. of — — Boringoton [?] and had 

16. Henry Adams,^^ ** who took his flight from the Dragon persecution, in Devon- 

shire? in England, and alighted with eight sons? near Mount Wolliston," 
formerly Braintree, now Quins^y. He d. 1646 ; and when the ancient parch- 
ment from which the above has been taken, was discovered in England, his death 
was found entered with a date synchronizing with that on our records. He had 

24. 17. 1. Henry ,1^ b. 1604. 

52. 18. II. Samuel,^^ Capt., d. 1666; s. at Chelmsford; was Commissioner, '67. 

35. 19. III. Joseph /'^ m. Abigail Baxter. 

20. IV. Thomas^ settled at Chelmsford, was Commissioner for the court of C. '67. 

29. 21. V. Peter,^ 

41. 22. VI. Edward.i^ 

49. 23. VII. Jonathan.i^ 

23 J VIII. John,^^ who had a son Joseph, m. Margaret Eames, had Daniel; 
IX. ? Christopher,^^ who was a petitioner for Warwick, with Henry, senr., 
Henry, jun., and brothers, in 1645, and who pr. returned to Engd. 

17. 24. Henry^^ Lt. removed from Braintree to Medfield in 1649, where he was Lt. 

of her training band, clerk of writs, representative 1659, '65, '74, and '75. 
His house was situated at the W. end of the town, near Chnrles R. He was 
the owner of several parcels of land in Medfield. In 1659 he drew 148 
acres situated about midway between Medway village and the former S. line 
of HoL, and extending from Black Swamp W. to the Pond road. In 1660 
he purchased of Eleazer Lusher, of Ded., his grant of 250 acres in Sherborn, 
with 12 acres of meadow, and was massacred by Indians at his own door, Feb. 
21, 1675-6, His estate was inventoried at £407.6.5. [Suff. Prob.] He m. 
Elizabeth Paine, 17 (8) 1643, who was wounded in Rev. Mr. Wilson's chamber 
by the accidental discharge of a musket ; and d. Feb. 29, 1675-6. He had 



66. 24i. I. Eleazer, 5 (6) 1644. 

II. Jasper, June 23, '47, inherited land in Sherb. and d. an aged bachelor. 

III. Elizabeth, 11, (9) '49, at ^ Braintree, m. '68, Dea. John Harding. 
6S. 26. IV. John, Jly 14, '52, at Medfield ; v. Henry, also Jly 14, '62, d. Jly 10, '63. 
76. 2a VI. Moses, Oct. 26, '54. 

106. 27. VII. Henry, Nov. 19, '57. 
118. 28. VIII. Samuel, Dec. 10, '62. 

21. 29. Petcr,^'^ settled in Medfield at the beginning of the town, and in 1669 drew 
101 acres in W. Med , the farm occupied by Joseph Curtis. It was ap- 
praised Oct. 23, 1090, at £12. [Suff Prob.] 
120. 30. 1. Peter Dea., 1663; ii. Hannah, '56 ; in. Mary, '61. 

31. IV. Jona., '63 ; v. Ruth, '65. 

32. VI. Joseph, '68, rni. to Canterbury. 

33. VII. Samuel Doct., who practised in Medfield. 

34. VIII. Henry, '73. 

19. 36. Joseph,^^ m. Abigail Baxter, dg. of Oeo. Baxter, r. and had at Braintree 
I. Hannah, 1652, m. S. Savill. 
124. 36. II. Joseph, Oct. 24, 1654, d. Feb. 12, 1736-7 m. Mary Chapin, '82, d. 
'87, 2d, Hannah Bass. 
HI. Abigail, m. John Bass of B. 

130. 37. IV. John, Capt. 1661, d. prior to 1712, m. Hannah 2d, Hannah, dg. of 

Anthony Checkley, Esq., r. Bos. was master of a vessel ; v. Bethia, 1661, 
m. John Webb, of Braiutree. 
38. VI. Samuel, 1666 ; vii. Mary, 1667, m. Samuel Webb, 2d Samuel Bass. 
149. 39. viir. Peter, 1669, m. Mary Webb, '95. 

40. IX. Jonathan, 1671 ; x. Mehitable, 1678, m. Tho. White, of B. 

22. 41. Edward,^' m. Lydia , s. in Medfield ; drew lots as the lands were as- 

signed, and in 1659 a lot of 102 acres in W. Med. 2-3 m. N, of the Cong. 
Chh. in W. Med , extending from the Old Pond Road W. to the old Hoi. line, 
which seems to have been assigned to his son John. He had, i. Lydia, 1663. 
42. II. Jonathan Dea., 1656. 
57. 43. III. John, '67 ; iv. Elizabeth, '58 ; v. Sarah, '60. 

44. VI. James, '61 , settled in Barrington, R. I. , / 

45. VII. HSnry, settled in Canterbury, pr. m. Patience , and had at Med. 

1. David, 1692 ; 2. Han'h, or Henry, '93 ; viii. Mehetabel, '65. 

46. IX. Elisha, '66, settled in Bristol, R. I. 

47. X. Edward, '68, s. at do. where, 1704, he executed a deed of land in Medf. 

48. XI. Elbhib, said to have s. at Bristol ; xii. Bethia, '71 ; xiii. Bethia, 
'72 ; xiv. Abigail, '74 ; xv. Miriam, '76. 

23. 49. Jonathan^' Dea. m. Elizabeth ; r. Medf'd, drew 84 acres in W. 

Med. '59, a few rods N. of his brother Edward's. His estate was invento- 
ried 1691, when he had land and buildings W. of Chs. R. ; he had 
I. Elizabeth, 1G66 ; ii. Sarah, '67 ; m. Infiint, '69 ; iv. Jona. '70 ; v, Jona. 
'71 ; VI. Jasper, '73. 
156. 61. VII. Jona., '79 ; viii. Mary, 1681 ; ix. Lydia, 1689. 

18. 52. SamueF settled in Chelmsford, and had — 53. i. Benj. ; 64. ii. Joseph. 

24^. 55. Eleazer, m. Elizabeth ^ — , r. Medfield, had i. Elizabeth, 1672; 
56. n. Eleazer, '73. 

A D A-M 8 . 3 

43. 57. Jobn,^' m. Deborah, 2d Susanna, had at Medfield. 
179. 58. 1. Edward, 1682, who fr. E. I. sold land to John Richardson at Med. 

59. n. John, '84. 
181. 60. ni. Daniel, '86. 
194i 61. IV. Eleazer, '87. 
267. 62. V. Obadiah. 
152. 63. VI. Jona. 

64. VII. The. by 2d wf. 1695. pr. s. in Amherst ; Tin. Susanna, '97. 

65. IX. Jeremiah, '99, s in Brook field. 

66. X. Abraham, 1701, s. in do. ; xi. Bethia, '02, m. Tim. Steams of Fram. '28. 
228. 67- XII. Phineas, '05 ; xiii. Hannah, '07 ; xiv. Esther. 

25. 68. John,^® m. Michael , and had at M. 

I. Samuel, 1684 ; ii. Mary, '87 ; in. Patience, '90 ; iv. Ruth, '91 ; v. Jo- 

siah, '93; vi. John, '95; vii. Isaac, '97, m. ? Lydia , and had at Med. 

HarCh, 1745; MoVy, '46; Lydia, '49; viii. Richard, '99; ix. Joshua, 
1701 ; X. Abigail, '02 ; xi. Bethia, '04-5 ; xii. Michael, '06-7. 

26. 75. Moses" probably inherited his father's land, in Sherbom, situated on 

Wennekeening Brook, and now in Hoi. He seems to have had his house lot 
of 20 acres assigned him on Chestnut Brook, where he undoubtedly lived. 
He was tythingman 1696, and selectman 1701, drew land in Douglas 1715, 
and d. 1724. He m. Lydia Whitney, b. Jly. 3, 1657, and d. May 27, 
17241 dg. of Jona. W. of Watertown, by w. Lydia Jones, and had — 

84. 80. 1. Benoni, Nov. 3, 1681 ; ii. Lydia, Feb. 2, '84, m. John Fifck, Jly. 31, 
1706 ; III. Elizabeth, Sep. 18, '86, d. June 17, '89 ; iv. Hannah, Feb. 8, 
'88, d. Jly. 21, 1718, m. Nathl. Fi^k, Jan. 16, 1706; v. Elizabeth, Oct 
25, '89, m. Daniel Rider, May 16, 1711. 

88. 81. VI. Moses, Nov. 26, '91, d. prior to 1730. 

88^. 82. vn. James, Jly. 7, 1693. 

91. 83. VIII. Isa^c, Mar. 4, '95, d. June 5, 1730 ; ix. Abigail, Sept. 7, '97, m. 

Nathl. Perry. ' 

80. 84. Benoni,^^ m. Mary, r. in Hoi. and drew land in Doug. 1715 and '30. 

92. 85. I. Asa, Mar. 15, 1725. 

86. II. Daniel, Jan. 21, '27 ; m. David, Aug. 6, '29, d. Sept. 17, '29. 

87. JV. Isaac, Dec. 15, '33; v. Sarah, Mar. 6, '35. 

81. 88. Moses,^ m. Deborah Sawin, Mar. 27, 1716, r. S. and had, i. Moses, Deo. 

14, 1716, d. Dec. 17, '16 ; ii. Moses, Feb. 27, '20, d. Sept. 4, '21 ; 
III. Moses, who d. Jly. 23, '56, a. 35, m. Lois Haven, Nov. '44, settled in 
Fram. and had Mosei Rev. A. M. Oct. 16, '49, gad. '71, H. C.,s. at Acton, 
'77, m. Abigl. IStone, of Fram., and d. Oct. 13, 1819, the f. of Moses 
(Har. U. 1797,) Joseph, A. M.,(H. U. 1803,) and Josiah, A. M. (1801, H. 
U.,) a Lawyer at Fram. and author of the Genealogy of the Havens. 

82. 88^. James,^m. Abigail Hill, dg. of John H., was selectman 1725, r. S.,had 
94. 89. I. James, Mar. 13, 1714-15 ; ii. Abigail, Mar. 3, 1717, m. Saml. War- 

field, Mendon, Mar. 13, '33 ; iii. Elizabeth, Sep. 4, 1719, m. Elisha Rock- 
, wood, of Groton ; iv. Hannah, Jan. 21, '23-4. 
100. 90. V. Moses, Apl. 27, '26; vi. John, Sept. 8, '28, d. June 21, '44. 

83. 91. Laac,^ m. Martha , who m. 2d Benj. Green, of Mend., Oct. 26, '33. 

Isaac had by her at Hoi., i. Martha, Jly. 10, 1723 ; ii. Elizabeth, Jan. 17, 
'24-5; III. Abigail, Mar. 4, '26-7 ; iv. Hepsebath, June 8, '29. 


85. 92. A8a,20m. Ruth Parker, June 29, 1740, and had at H., i. Mary, Sept. 2, 

1750 ; II. Asa, Jan. 25, '53 ; 
93. III. Asa, Nov. 6, '55 ; iv. Ruth, June 19, '57 ; v. Lois, Jan. 31, '60. 
89. 94. James,^* m. Rebecca, r. S. rm. Dublin, N. H. ; i. John, m. Mary Robbins, 

Jan. 25, 1774, r. Nelson, N. H.; ii. Susanna, Sep. 20, 1740; iii. Susanna, 

Feb. 13, '44-5 ; iv. James, Nov. 8, '46; v. Rebecca, Aug. 12, '48; vi. 

Abigail, Aug. 2, '50 ; vii. Samuel, Dec. 30, '52 ; vni. Benoni, Dec. 31, '54 ; 

IX. Moses? 

90. 100. Moses,* m. Hcpsebath Death, r. S. and Dublin, and pr. 2d Mary ; 

I. John, Feb. 28, 1751-2, at S. ; ii. Hepsebath, Dec. 8, '61, at S.;iii. 
Abigail, June 23, '65, at Dub. by 2d wife Mary ; iv. Hannah, Feb. 8, '65 ; 
V. Moses, Nov. 10, '68; vi. James, Apl. 23, '70; vii. Samuel, Dec. 10, 
'73 ; VIII. David, Anl. 2, '75 ; ix. David, Dec. 25, '78 ; x. Jesse, Feb. 
17, '81. 

27. 105. Henry,^® m. Prudence Frary, a woman of cherished memory, b. Aug 20, 

1662, d. 1750, ** having seen the 5th generation." She was the daughter of 
John F. of Medf., by w. Flizabeth (Adams) Harding, and the niece of Dea. 
Theophilus F. of Boston, Lt. and commissary in Philip's war. They had 

I. Prudence,^^ Apl. 10, 1683, m. Joseph Morse, of Sherb., Apl. 14, 1702, 
and was the great grandmother of my father, who well remembered her, and 
handed down a high character of her. She d. Feb. 23, 1772. Her remains 
were exhumed, 1854, and reintered with those of her husband and his 
father, Cpt. Joseph M., and mother, Mehetabel Wood, in the central ceme- 
tery in HoU. II. Hannah, 1685. 

109. 106. III. Tho.,« 1688. 

111. 107. IV. Jeremiah,^» '91 ; v. Elizabeth, '93 ; vi. Sarah, '97. 

114. 108. VII. Henry ,^» 1702. 

106. 109. Tho.^^ m. Mary, r. Medf. i. Mary, 1711; ii. Hannah, 1712; m. 

Mary, 1714; iv. Tho.,* 1725, d. Jly. 13, 1811, a. 86, the father of Mrs. 
Hannah Adams,^ the historian. 

107. 111. Jeremiah,^ m. Rebecca, 2d Elizabeth, r. Medway. 

233. 112. I. Elisha, Esq., 1719, ; ii. Elizabeth, 1728, ; in. Enos, 1783, at M. 

108. 114. Henry ,^ Esq., m. Jemima Morse, dg. of Hon. Joshua M., of Medfield, 

and sister of Rev. Dr. Ebenezer M., of Boylston, t, Medfd., had : 

234. 115. I. Amos^ A. M. Rev., Sep. 1, 1728, m. Elizabeth Chauncey, dg. of <he 

eminent Rev. Dr. Chs. C, of Boston, and 2d Mrs. Abigail Moars, Feb. 15, 
1770 ; settled as pastor of the 1st chh. in Roxb. ; was an impressive 
preacher and an accomplished scholar ; wrote much, and published 2 vols, oc- 
tavo of his discourses. He d. Oct. 5, 1775. (See Elliot's Biog. Die.) 

II. Sarah, Dec. 30, 1730; in. Elizabeth, Sept 21, '32; iv. Enoch, June 
4, '34, d. Jly. 9, 1811, m. Eunice Wight; v. Elizabeth, Auft. 1, '36, 
d. Dec. 11, 1822, m. Oliver Adams, of Med. ; vr. Jemima, Apl. 11, '40, d. 
Oct. 27, 1814, m. Joseph Lovcll, Esq., of Med. ; vn. Lydia, Nov. 25, 
'41, m. Dea. Wm. Parkman, of Townsend, '66; Tin. Elijah, Esq., Nov. 

14, '43, d. Apl. 4, 1823, m. Cheney ; ix. Keziah, March 30, '47, d. 

Apl. 7, 1812, m. Doct. Isaac Holt, of Killingly, Ct. ; x. Sophia, March 3, 

• '49, d. Apl. 14, 1826, m. Dea. Esek Marsh, of HoU. ; xi. Henry, Aug. 
11, '54, d. Dec. 28, 1758. 

28. 118. Samuel, m. Mary, had at Medfd., i. Joshua, 1710. 


30. 120. Peter Dea. m. , had at Med., i. Kachel, 1680. 

136. 121. II. Joseph, settled in Medway; iii. Peter, 1684, settled in Franklin; 

IV. Ebenezer, 1693; v. Joseph and Catherine; ti, Ezperiencei 1695-6, d. 

Mar. 25, 1731, m. Samuel Daniel, of Med. 
234^.123. vii. George, 1699, settled at Med. 

36. 124. Joseph, m. Mary Chapin, 2d Hannah Bass, prior to 1688 r. Braintree, 

had I. Mary, 1683, m. Ephm. Jones, of B. ; ii. Abigail, 1684, m. Setb 

Chapin, of Mendon. 
138. 125. III. Joseph, Rev. A. M., June, 1688, (H. C. 1710,) d. Msy 20, 1784, 

r. Newington, N. H. 
142. 126. IV. John Dea, 1691, d. May 15, 1761, m. Susanna Boylston, d. May 25,'61. 

127. V. Samuel, '94, m. Sarah Payne. 
237. 128. VI. Josiah, '96, m. Hanh. Thompson, and s. at Mendon ; vii. Hannah, 

'98, m. Benj. Owen, of Braintree ; viii. Ruth, 1700, m. Rev. Nathan Webb, 

of tJxb. ; IX. Bethia, 1702, m. Ebenezer Hunt, of Weym. 

146. 129. X. Ebenezer, Cpt., '04, s. in Lunenburg. 

37. 130. John, Cpt., m. Htgih. , 2d, Hannah Checkley, r. Boston, had i. 

Hannah, Jan. 24, 1685, m. Samuel. Holbrook of Bos. [See Holbrooks, Pt. 
1, Ch. 1, No. 53.] II, John, Sept. 28, '87, pr. the f. of John, jun., who 
m. Elizabeth Holbrook, of Bos., 1759. [Id. No. 70.] 

147. 132. III. Samuel, Esq., May 12, '89,; iv. Joseph, Dec. 20, '95; v. Mary, 

Dec. 20, '95, m. Samuel Jones, of Bos. ; vi. Tho., Mar. 29, 1701 ; 
VII. Abijah, May 11, 1702, m. Deb. Cutler. 

121. 136. Joseph, m. Mary, and had at Med. (did he rm. to Chemsford ?) i. Mary, 
1705 ; II. Joseph, 1707 ; m. Rachel, 1709 ; iv. Hannah, 1711 ; v. Ruth, 
1712 ; VI. Experience, 1716 ; vii. Abigail, also 1716. 

125. 138. Joseph, Rev. A. M. m. r. Newington ; had i. Benj. ; ii. Joseph, M. D.; 

141. III. Ebenezer. '' Of this family is the inventor of the famous Adams 
Printing Press." 

126. 142. John, m. Susanna Boylston, r. Braintree ; had, 

I. John, LL. D., the 2d President of U. S. ; ii. Elibu, who settled at Brain- 
tree ; III. Peter, Esq., who s. at Boylston and Braintree. 

129. 146. Ebenezer^^ Cpt., m. Anne Boylston, r. Braintree, had i. Peter^; n. 
Ann^; iii. Boylston*; iv. Ebenr.*; v. Rev. Zabdiel,* of Lunenburgh, b. 
at B., Nov. 5, 1739, d. Mar. 1, 1801 ; vi. Micajah.^^ 

132. 147. Samuel, Esq., m. Mary Fyfield, Apl. 12, 1713, r. Bos., had 
148. Samuel Adams, the Patriot and Gov. of Mass. 

39. 149. Peter, m. Mary Webb, r. Braintree, had i. Peter ; ii. Jedediah, A. M., 

Rev., settled in Stoughton, and had Peter, Esq., of Stough. 
63. 152. Jona. m. Dorcas, had at Med., i. Isaac, 1719; (did he rm. to Dublin?) 

II. Mary, 1722 ; iii. Keziah, '25 ; iv. Silas, '28 ; v. Lydia, '31 ; vi. Joel, 
'33 ; VII. Keziah, '35 ; 

229. 155. vm. Jona., '37. 

51. 156. Jona. ? m. Thamezin Sheffield, dg. of Wm. S. sen., b. May 25, 1673; 

I. Thamezin, 1699; n. Hannah, 1701; 
159. 157. III. Ezekiel, '05; iv. Jona., Cpt. '09. 


157. 159. Ezekiel, m. Bethia, r. Med. ; i. Benoni, 1730 ; ii. TbamersoD, '31 ; iii. 
Ezekiel, '35, at Med. ; iv. Nathan ? at Medf. ; v. Fxzekiel? ; vi. Gershom ? 

158. 164. Jona., Cpt. m. Patience , r. Med. ; i. Rachel, 1733 ; 

166. 165. II. Oliver, '38. 

165. 166. Oliver, m. Elizabeth Adams, r. Med.; i. Jona., 1761; ii. Oliver, '62; 
171. 169. III. Jasper, '67 ; 

174. 170. IV. Silvanus, '69 ; v. Elizabeth, '73 ; ra. Edward Cleaveland, of Charlton ; 
VI. Ama, m. Joseph Richardson. 

169. 171. Jasper, m. Anna, r. Mod. ; i. Jasper, D. D., Aug. 27, 1793, who was 

prof, of lin. in B. U., pres. of Genev. Col., author of a treatise on Politic. 
Economy, and d. in S. C. ; ii. Elizabeth ; iii. Bowen, resides in S. ; 
IV. Julia (d.,) m. Horatio Mason, Esq., of Med. 

170. 174. Silvanus, m. Ruth, r. Med. ; i. Fanny, 1794; ii. Walter, '99; iii. Jo- 

seph, 1808 ; IV. Silvanus, 1807 ; v. John, 1813. 

58. 179. Edward, said to have settled in Milton ? i. Edward, settled in Milton ; 
II. John, do. do. ; iii. Seth, do. dp. ; 

60. 181. Daniel, m. Sarah, r. W. Med.; 

182. I. Benj. ; ii. Deborah, 1717; in. Sarah, '19; iv. Elizabeth, '20; 
243. 183. V. Daniel, '24 ; Daniel was of Barre, and bad John '65, and Tim. '71 ; 
186. 184. VI. Tho., '26 ; vii. Ruth, '29 ; m. Benj. Rookwood. 

192. 185. VIII. Moses, '31 ; ix. Abigail, '36 ; m. Abraham Harding, r. Bent, Med. ; 

X. Tabitha, '38 ; m. John Littlefield, of Hoi. 

184. 186. Tho. m. Abigail, 2d Mary, r. Med. ; i. Daniel, 1750, s. in Rutland ; 

II. Molly, '51 ; iii. Sybil, '53 ; iv. Asa, '57, s. in Rutland, and rm. to Eden, 
Vt. ; v. Tho., Capt., '59. 

188. 190. Asa, m. Abigail, r. Med. ; i. Elijah, 1777 ; ii. Asa, '79. 

189. 191. Thos., Capt., m. Susanna, 2 Meletiah, r. Med. ; sold the homestead where 

Malichi Bullard, Esq., resides, ab. 1803, and rm. to Barre; i. Tho. 1779 ; 
II. Amos, 1779 ; iii. Hannah, '81 ; iv. Susanna, '83 ; v. A.veiy, '85 ; vi. 
Polly, '89; vii. Sibil, '87, m. Strickling; vni. Patridge, '91 ; ix. Betsey, 
'93; x. Amos, '94; xi. Nancy, '97. 

185. 192. Moses, Capt , m. Rachel Leland, inherited the homestead on Chicken 

Brook, in W. Med., had. ; i. Hepsebath, 1758 ; ii. Rhoda, '61 ; in. Mary, 
'67 ; IV. Rachel, '69 ; v. Ruth, '72 ; 

194. 193. VI. Aaron, Capt. 

193. 194. Aaron, Cpt, m. Cate, inherited the bomestead ; i. Moses, 1798 ; ii. Si- 

lence, 1800 ; III. Aaron, 1801 ; iv. Elizabeth, '03 ; v. Joanna, '05 ; vi. 
Catherine, '07. 

61. 194^. Eleazor, m. Margaret, r. Med. ; i. Benj. 1715 ; n. Margaret, '17 ; 
198. 195. m. Eleazer, '20; iv. Mary, '22; v. Seth, '30; vi. Lois, '32; 

206. 197. VII. John, r. at Brookfield, returned to M. 

195. 198. Eleaxer, m. Bathsheba, s. in Holl. ; i. Baihsheba, Feb. 18, 1745-6 ; ii. 

Thankful, June 4, '48 ; ni. Zacbariah, June 3, '50; rv. Eleaxer, Sept. 11, 
'51 ; V. Tthamer, Sept. 11, '54; 


203. 199. VI. Eliakim, Gen., June 13, '56 ; 
205. 200. VII. Timothy, 1758 ; 

204. 201. VIII Titus, also 1758; ix. Philimon, 1760. 

199. 203. Eliakim, Gen., m. Bathsheba Metcalf, 2d Han'h (Plympton) Bullard; 

I. Eliakim 1780 ; ii. Elephas, '82 ; iii. Christopher, '84 ; iv. Bathsheba, '86 ; 
V. Eliakim, '88; ti. Sabra, '90; vii. Polly, '93; viii. Metcalf, 94; ix. 
Almira, 1802, by 2d w. ; x. Wales Hn., r. Hog Creek, Mich. 

201. 204. Titus, m. Anna Johnson, r. Barre, d. in Med.; i. Lavina, Feb. 23, 
1780 ; II. Eleazer, Dec. 29, '83 ; iii. Anna, Jan. 14, '87 ; iv. Levi, Jan. 

II, '89 ; V. Susanna, Nov. 25, '90 ; vi. Charlotte, Aug. 31, '95 ; vii. Elea- 
zer, Apl. 28, '97 ; viii. Tho. J., 1801. 

200. 205. Timothy, m. Mary, r. Hoi.; i. Ithamer, Oct. 30, 1784; ii. Olive, June 

8, '86 ; III. Olive, July 13, '88 ; iv. Timothy, Nov. 4, '90 ; v. Henry, Jan. 
10, '93; VI. Rhoda, Oct. 8, '94, m. Tho. Dickenson; vi. Eleazer P., Aug. 
21, '98,. 

197. 206. John, m. Clark, 2d Zilpha Daniels, r. Brookfield and Med. ; i. 

John, II. James, in. Joel, iv. Jude, v. Phineas ; vi. Elias ; 
235. 206^. VII. Hezekiah, (Kiah) inherited bis homestead in Med. ; viii. Lydia ; 

IX. Peggy ; x. Patty, by 2d wife ; xi. Eleazer. 

62. 207. Obadiah, m. Christian Sanford, of Mendon, Apl. 24, 1716, and s. near 
wid. Abigail Adams, on W. side of Chicken Brook, | m. N. of W. Med. chh. ; 
208. I. David, 1715, s. in Spencer; ii. Abigail, '17; 

214. 209. III. Obadiah, '21 ; 

215. 210. IV. Nathan, '23 ; 
227. 211. V. Jesse, '27 ; 

226. 212. VI. Stephen, '29, s. where wid. Abigail A.,rs. W. of Chicken Brook ; vii. 
Christian, '32 ; viii. Hepsebath, '35 ; ix. Jemima, '37 ; x. Amos, r. Spen. 

^09. 214. Obadiah, settled in Bellingham, and had 

242. 214^. I. Amos, who had Amos, DaviJ, Joseph and Allison ; ii. Silas, who had 

Levi, Joel and Lewis ; in. Samuel, who had Daniel, Obadiah, John, Samuel, 

William, and Silas. 

210. 215. Nathan, m. Keziah Thompson, and inherited the homestead ^ m. S. of 
late Obadiah Adams, in W. Med., and had 

221. 216. I. Issacher, m. Mille Alden, s. in Hubbardston ; 

222. 217. n. Nathan, 1751, m. Molly Adams, s. in Barre; 

223. 218. III. Elijah, 1753, m. Elizabeth Morse, s. in Hubbardston ; 

224. 219. IV. Obadiah, '58, (d. Jan. 1, 1823) m. Abigail Harding, r. Med. ; 

225. 220. Y. Eeuben, '60, m. Azuba Jones, r. Hub. 

216. 221. Issacher, m. Millicent Alden, brought up by Eleazer Adams ; i. Issa- 

cher, r. Jeffery ; ii. Moses, r. JefFery ; iii. John, r. Hubbardston ; iv. Oba- 
diah, r. passim ; v. Huldah ; vi. Olive ; vii. Sally. 

217. 222. Nathan, m. Mary Adams, had at Barre, i. Keziah, July 7, 1773 ; ii. 

Nathan, Oct. 12, '76, d. yg.; iii. Polly ; iv. Ruth; v. Lucinda, d. yg. 

218. 223. Elijah ; i. Abner, r. W. Brattleboro' ; ii. Elisha, r. Hubbardston. 

219. 224. Obadiah.; i. Persis, 1780; ii. Keziah, '83, m. 1st Daniel Miller, and 


2d Isaac Kibby ; ni. Israel, '85, m. Polly Johnson, and had 1. PoUy, 1810, 
2. WiUard K, '14 ; rsr. Abigail, '87 ; v. Obadiah, '89, m. Mary Johnson, 
from Worces., had 1. Susan, 1817, 2. Roxana, '20; vi. Candice, '92. 

220. 225. Eeuben, m. Azubah Jones, r. Hub. ; i. Cate ; ii. t^imeon ; iii. Persis ; 
iv. Keziah; v. Lucinda ; yi. Enoch; vii. Sampson, who with his father rm. 
to Westminster. 

212. 226. Stephen, m. Mary ; i. Sarah, 1773, m. Jesse Coombs, of Bell. ; n. Ezra, * 
'75, m. Abigail Patridge, had Oyrus^ Stephen, Ezra; iii. Stephen, 
1776, m. Catherine Patridge, dg. of Joel of Med., by w. Waitstill Morse ; 
IV. Jotham, '78, r. Med., had 7 or 8 chd. ; v. Eli, '79, m. Esther Harding, 
r. Headfield, Me. ; had Elizabeth; Abraham, rs. Pawtucket ; Esther m. Dea. 
Horace Patridge, rs. Hoi. ; Albert, rs. Cambridge ; Asa, rs. Milton ; AmoSy 
rs. E. Wareham ; vi. Mary, '81, m. Moses Hill, of Bell. ; vii. Christian, 
'83, d. um. ; viii. Laban, Feb. 27, '85, d. 1849, at Bos. He built and kept 
the Adams House in B., m. Catherine Johnson, dg. of David J. of Chester, 
Vt., by w. Ede BuUard, dg. of Nathan B. by w., Ede Patridge, dg. of Jas. 
P. of Med. 

211. 227. Jesse is supposed to have settled in HolL, and to have had Jesse, who 
inherited his farm, m. Thankful Watkins, and had i. Levi, Oct. 23, 1773, 
kept a tavern on the turnpike 1 m. W. of W. Med. meeting-house, and left a 
bequest of $5000 to the chh. and cong'n who worship there ; ir. Abigail, Nov. 
20, '75, m. Warren Cushing ; iii. Hannah, Jan. 29, '78 ; iv. Huldah, m. 
Sol. Cushing; v. Resigned, May 14, '80 ; vi. David, May 20, '81, r. Bos. 

67. 228. Phineas, m. Sarah Kingsbury, at Needh. Sep. 30, 1731, 2d Mehetabel, 
and had in Med. i. Sarah, 1733 ; ii. Mary, '35 ; iii. Phineas, m. Patience, 
and had Asahel, 1781 ; Phineas, '90; Patience, '92; Willard, June 19, 
'94 ; Lowell, Feb. 21, '96, at H. ; vi. Moses, '38 ; v. Hannah, '42. 

158. 229. Jona., m. Catherine, pr. 2d w. Ama, r. Med. ; i. Thankful, 1760; 
231. 230. II. Micha, '62; iii. Silas, '65, m. Lois , and had i. Joseph, 1788, 

and by 2d w., Patience , he had n. Silas, 1794 ; iii. Jona,, '97 ; iv. 

Samuel, 1804; iv. Catherine, '71; v. Moses, '74; vi. ? Patience, 1781 ; 

VII.? Jona., '86. 

230. 231. Micha, m. Mercy, had at Med. i. Joel, 1791 ; ii. Rebecca, '92 ; iir. 
Nabby, '94 ; iv. Edward, '98 ; v. John, 1800 ; vi. Patty, 1804, d. 1805 ; 
vn. Mary, 1807. 

183. 132. Daniel, m. Silence, had at Med. i. Horatio, 1777 ; m. Elizabeth 

and had at Med. i. Charlotte, 1805; ii. Elisha, 1809; in. Silence, '12; 
rv. Emily, '14 ; v. Hepsebath, '13. 

112. 233. Elisha,2o ggq., m. Rachel, had at Med. i. Abigail, 1744 ; n. DanieP Rev., 
1747, d. Sep. 16, '78, at Watertown, red. A. B. at Har. Col. 1774, ord. at 
' W. Apl. 29, '78 ; had Daniel^ Mar. 26, '79, posthumous, who became a 
lawyer at Medfield, and d. there ab. 1853. 

115. 234. Rev. Amos^ A. M., who was ordained at Roxb. bept. 12, 1753, had by 
wife Elizabeth Chauncey, i. Elizabeth,^ b. Aug. 2, 1754, and received to 
the chh. May 24, 1772, m. Rev. John Bullard, of Pepperill ; ii. Amos, 
Nov. 3, '55 ; in. Henry, June 29, '58 ; iv. Chs. Jan. 16, '60 ; v. Amos, 
Dec. 25, '62 ; vi. The, bap. Jly. 8,'64 ; vii. Joseph, Jly. 12, '67. 


123. 234|. George, m. Sarah, had at Med. i. Silence, 1724 ; ii. Elizabeth, '26 ; iii. 
Rachel, '28 ; iv. Sarah, '30 ; v. Experience, '32. 

206^. 235. Hezekiah, m. and had in Med. i. Seigniora, 1796 ; ii. Jifliann, '98 ; 
III. Landen, 1801 ; iv. Hiram, '03 ; v. Rhoda M., '05 ; vi. Laura, '08 ; vii. 
Silvena, '10. 

128. 237. Josiah, who settled at Mendon, was pr. the father of i. Josiah, who m. 

Sarah -^ — , and had at Mendon, i. Bethia, 1751 ; 
241. 238. II. Joseph, Doct., 1754, m. Sarah , had at Mendon, i. John^ 

Jan. 30, 1779, and Sally, Sept. 11, '80 ; iii. John ; iv. Sally, Apl, 1, '59; 

T. Bethia, April 9, '62 ; vi. Benj., Dec. 18, '64 ; vii. Seth, Jan. 2, '68. 

238. 241. Joseph, m. Sarah, r. Mend., had i. John ; ii. Sally ; iii. Mary, Mar. 26, 

'83 ; IV. John, Jan. 29, '85, m. Sylvia , and had Sylvia July 2, 1806 ; 

V. Betsey, Sep. 2, '87 ; vi. Samuel Smith, Dec. 20, '89 ; vii. Abigail, Apl. 

10, '92 ; VIII. Seth Read, Mar. 6, '96, m. Charlotte , and had Saml. 

Wash., Dec. 18, 1820. 

214^. 242. Amos had i. Allison, who m. Asenath , and had at Mend. i. /Sia%, 

Oct. 25, and d. Dec. 17, 1820; ii. James, Feb. 6, 1822. 

183. 243. Daniel, m. , settled in Barre, and had i. Peter, who r. in Oak- 
ham ; II. Daniel, who s. on a part of the homestead in B. ; iii. Luther, who 
s. on do. in B. ; iv. John, m. Anna Kelley, r. Eden, Vt., had Timothy, Aug. 
10, 1789, m. Roxana Harrington, rs. Hoi., had Timothy H. Aug. 26, 1832, 
rs. um. in H. ; v, Timothy, who r. in Athol or Royalston. 

Jonathan Adams, born at Quincy 1752-6, settled in H., m. Jemima Hill 1776, and 
died in Med., aged almost 100 years, — a man of a charitable spirit and very 
great moral worth. He had in Hoi. i. Abner, Jan. 19, 1777 ; ii. Gate, Jan. 
10, '79; III. Jona., May 25, '81 ; iv. Luther, Jan. 22, '84; v. Lemuel, 
June 5, '88 ; vi. Nancy, Feb. 21, '91 ; vii. Wm., b. ab. '93, m. Ruth 
Shumway, and r. Med. ; viii. Moses, Aug. 26, '95 ; ix. Mimie, Oct. 18, 
'97 ; X. More, Sept. 23, '99. 

Wm. Adams, of Mendoij, (pr. s. of James No. 44, or Elishib No. 48,) a proprietor 
of lands on Casco Bay, Me. forfeited to his heirs thro' neglect, d. in a fit at 
Medfield, ab. 1725, leaving children in their minority. His wife Joanna 
probably deceased before him. They had i. Wm., b. Sep. 19, 1719, who 
pr. was brought up in Hopk. ; ii. James, June 6, 1721, who do. do., m. 
Elizabeth, and had at Holl., i. Danirf Emerson, Feb. 24, 1772 ; iii, Elia- 
shib, June 9, 1723, who was brought up in Natick by Saml. Perry [No. 90,] 
settled on the S. W. side of Peter's Hill, in S., m. Hannah Morse, grd. dg. 
of Capt. Joseph M. and had i. Mary, June 3, 1750, d. Sep. 8, '51 ; 

II. Elishal m. Sarah Watkins,b. Aug. 6, 1757, dg of Andrew W. by w. 
Thankful Morse, had i. James, Oct. 14, 1780 ; s. in Hopk. ; 

III. Asa,, b. ab. 1757, m. Elizabeth Kimball, had at S., i. Chs. Jly. 24, '85, 
drowned at Nahant um. ; ii. Asa, Jly. 9, '87, d. yg. ; iii. Sally, Nov. 7, 
'92 ; IV. Hannah, bap. Feb. 22, '95 ; iv. Ww^, m. Persis AVare, Jan. 1, '80, 

. who was b. Aug. 12, 1761, sis. of Rev. Dr. W. settled at West Sherborn, 
where Tim. Twitchel resides ; sold and rm. with his father to Hopk. He had 
I*. Sally, Mar. 2, 1781 ; ii. Henry, Aug. 29, '82, r. Orange ; iii, Patty, 
Dec. 26, '84, m. James Hill; iv. Polly, Ju. 14, '87, um. ; v. John, Feb. 
16, '92, rs. Littleton ; vi. Avery, Dec. 20, '94, committed suicide ; vii, 


Wm. Sept. 23, 1803, m. and d. without issue ; v. James^ Oct. 8, 1767, d. 

Jly. 9, 1808, m. Lucy Heart, r. S., and had i. Cate, Mar. 14, 1790, m. 
. Amasa Hawkins r. S. ; ii. Betsey, Aug, 12, '91 ; d. Sept. 18, '91 ; 
in. Polly, r. blind and deaf at. S. 

I m%m* 

Obadiah Abby had at Holl., by w. Jane , i. Jane, July 14, 1734. 


Bonj. Alby, one of the first petitioners for Sherbom, was of Braintree, and does 
not appear to have ever been permanently settled here. He probably s. in 
Mendon, now Bell. A Benj. Alby was one of 7 members to constitute the 
Baptist ohh. at Swanzy, at its organization in 1663. 

■ ••» I 

Nehemiall Allen, pr. the son of Nath'l Allen, in whose right land was as- 
signed in Doug., 1730 ; had by w. Mary , at S., i. Timothy, Sept. 5, 

1723 ; II. Nehemiah, July 22, '24 ; iii. Hannah, July 29, '25 ; iv. Eli- 
phalet, Aug. 24, '27 ; v. Nehemiah, Oct. 17, '29 ; vi. John, Feb. 13, '31-2 ; 
VII. Jacob, Feb. 24, '33-4 ; viii. Abel, Feb. 20, 35-6 ; ix. Mary, Apl. 
16, '38; X. David, Dec. 23, '39; xi. Abigail, Dec. 23, '41. 

Seth Allen, w. Elizabeth, d. Nov. 11, 1767, 2d w. Mary Treadway, m. Apl. 27, '69 ; 
had at Holl. i. Samuel, Mar. 17, 1755, m. Mary Harwood July 30, '72 ; 

n. Ebenr., Mar. 19, '58, m. Esther , and had Millery, Dec. 28, '80 ; 

III. Amos, Jan. 23, '63 ; iv. Chloe, June 12, '60 ; v. Jona., June 18, '72 ; 
VI. Seth, Mar. 14, '74, m. Sally Curtis, and had Ihneline, m. Asa Sanger, 
r. S. ; Wm.y m. Mary Heminway, r. H., and 8 other chd. ; vii. John, 
Nov. 8, 78, d. Jan. 25, '80 ; viii. Dolly, Apl. 9, '80, d. um., burnt to death 
at Milf. ; IX. Henry, rs. Philada. 

» »■• I 

Simeon AlverSOn had at HoU. by w. Eunice , d. Oct. 12, 1780, i. 

Mary, Apl. 11, 1774; ii. John, March 11, '79. 

Dexter Amsden, fr. abroad, s. in S., on the N. part of the ancient Holbrook farm, 
near the S. line of the old Leland place — ^having bought the same of Simon 
Mason, who bought it of the sons of Tim. Daniels, who bought it of Bedlow, 
fr. Weym., who purchased it of the last Holbrook, who inherited it. 

» m%m I 

Joseph Bacon, w. Abigail, occupied and sold to Ezra or Joseph Holbrook the 
place now Opt. Jacob Pratfs, and had Charlotte, Jan. 25, 1769 ; Arna, 
Jan. 16, '71 ; Joseph, June 19, '74 ; AbigaU, May 12, '76. 

I mtm I 

Robert BadCOCk, from Milton, was in S. Jan. 4, 1674-5, acting as a com- 
moner, and was chosen on a committee to treat with Capt. Gookin, &c., for 
an ezchange of S. for Natick lands. His location here has not been ascer- 
tained. He pr. returned to Milton, or d. soon after. 

1. Ebenezer Badcook, was baptized at Dorchester, 5 (5) 1663, the son of Robert 
B., and pr. the gr. grd. s. of James B., who was born in Essex Co., Eng., 158~, 
removed with the Pilgrims to Holland, and came in the ship Anne to Ply- 
mouth in 1623. Eben'r B. had a home lot assigned him Mar. 8, 1696, on 
the W. side of W. Sherbom Meadow, where Wm. Leland resides ; m. Han- 
nah , was selectman 1711 ; drew land in Doug. 1716, and d. Dec. 15, 

1717. He had i. Abigail, Mar. 5, 1686, d. June 28, 1740, m. John Le- 


land ; n. Hannah, Sept. 28, 1690 : iii. Hannah, Mar. 25, '94 ; m. 1st Benj. 
Learned, and 2d Eleazcr Eider ; 

3. 2. IV. Ebenezer, Sept. 4, '97, d. Mar. 27, 1730-1. 

2. 3. Ebenezer inherited the homestead in S., drew land in Doug. 1730, m. Abi- *^^ 
gail Leland, gr. grd. dg. of his grd. aunt, the wife of Henry Leland, sen'r, of ^' 
S., and had i, Hannah, Apl. 27, 1723, d. Nov. 23, '28 ; ii. Mary, Feb. 28, 
'24-6, m. Ephm. Perry ; iii. Abigail, June 23, '27, m. John Sawin, r. 

5. 4. IV. Malichi, Sept. 22, '29, d. Jly. 7, 1806. 

4. 5. Malichi, m. Mary Holbrook, May 1, 1765, inherited the homestead in S. 

Was selectman 1771, and had i. Hannah, Nov. 8, 1756, m. Stephen Pren- 
tice of S. II. Ebenezer, Jly. 20, '68, d. Mar. 24 1815 ; ni. Amos, Apl. 
11, '60, m. Betty Gardner, 2d Wid. Kichardson, r. Princeton; iv. Malicni, 
Apl. 28, '62, m. Anna Bullard, red. to the chh., and had Harriot^ bap. 
May 13, '92; v. Mary, June 30, '64; m. Bela Greenwood, r. Dublin. 

13. 3. VI. Moses, Col., Jan. 8, '67 ; viii. Abigail, Apl. 25, '69, m. Joel Kendall, 

of Marl. r. Dublin; ix. Sarah, Oct. 4, 71, m. Azariah Ware, r. Newton, 
Barre ; x, Anne, Mar, 11, '74, m. Peter Bullard, of S. Worces. and Barre ; 
XI. Persis, Oct. 7, '76, m. Benj. Bullard of S. 

10. Ebenezer, May 26, 1785, ra. Rhoda Woodard, who d. Dec. 14, 1840, a. 74, r.S. 
I. Caroline, Mar. 1, 1786, d. Feb. 26, 1833, m. Cyrus Barbour of War- 
wipk; n. Patience, Apl. 11, '88, at Bublin, m. Moses Leland, Oct. 25, 
1807, r. Templeton ; ni. Anna, Feb. 25, '91, at D., m. Henry Patridge, r. 
Medfield ; iv. Ebenezer, May 15, '93, at D., m. Sylvia Jennings, 2d Mary 
Whitney, r. Walpole ; v. Sylvia Dec. 22, '98, at S., m. Joseph B. Flaggof 
S. ; VI. Mary, Deo. 17, 1802, at S., m. Tho. Bisphan, r. Natick ; vii. Mali- 
chi, Dec. 17, 1802, m. Sally Kimball, r. S. 

9. 13. Moses, Col., m. Aug. 22, 1780, Betsey Leland, 2d Sarah Perry, r. S.,had i. 
Becca, Jan. 4, 1790, m. Luther Leland of S. 

18. 14. n. Amory, Dec. 13, '93, m. Rebecca Dowse ; in. Dexter, Aug. 22, '96, 
m. Mary Hancock, rs. Bos. ; iv. Lowell, Mar. 18, 1801, m. Thankful San- 
ger, rs. Med. ; v. Moses, Nov. 21, '06, m. Rhoda Carlton, r. Chs. T. ; vi. 
Rebecca E., Sep. 7, '12, m. Chs. Bigelow, r. S. ; vii. Moses C, Feb. 18, 
'14, m. Persis W. Hill,r. S. ; viii. Caroline, Sept. 18, '17, m. Henry W. 
Bullard, r. S. 

14. 18. Amory, w. Rebecca Dowse, r. S. had i. Rufus Leland, June 30, 1825, d. 

Sept. 19, '25 ; ii. Amory Leland, Nov. 15, '26, r. urn. at S., a naturalist and 
taxidermist ; ni. Eliza Dowse, Nov. 12, '29, m. John U. Morse. 


39. Bev. Daniel Baker, m. Mary Quincy, dg. of Hon. Edmund Q., whose 

distinguished race are sure of renown while New Eng. His. lasts. Mrs. Mary 

d. and Mr."B m., 2d, Rebecca Smith, and had Elizabeth, Mar. 16, 1715-16 ; 

Rebecca, May 2, 1721, by 2d w. ; Daniel, Dec. 8, 1722, who d. yg. 

The following notice is from No. 1425, for May 20, 1731, of the Bos. News Letter : 

" Sherborn, May 14, 1731. Died here, the reverend and worthy Mr. Daniel 

Baker, pastor of this church, in the forty-fifth year of his age. He was born in Ded- 

ham, of religious and worthy parents ; had his education at Harvard College, in 

Cambridge, N. E. ; was ordained in the year 1712, assistant to the reverend and 

valuablo Mr. Daniel Gooken, late pastor of this church. Ho married two worthy 


and yirtaous gentlewomen. The first was Mrs. Mary Quincy, of Braintree, by whom 
he had one daughter, yet surviving ; the other Mrs. Eebecca Smith, of Boston, now 
his mournful widow, by whom, he had several children, one of which only survives. 
He was a gentleman of bright natural parts, much improved by acquired knowledge, 
very pathetical in prayer, orthodox and powerful in preaching, tender of his flock 
and congregation, having always the cause of God and religion much at he^art. His 
church increased greatly under his ministry. He was exercised with much afflic- 
tion, under which his patience and resignation were very signal, and notwithstand- 
ing which, he was very pleasant and affable in conversation. In his latter years he 
has been attended with uncommon indisposition of body, which, growing upon him, 
frequently interrupted him in, and sometimes wholly incapacitated him for, his work ; 
and at length had so much the mastery of him, as entirely to deprive him of the 
power of speech some days before his death. As he was much esteemed and beloved 
by his people in his life, so his death is much lamented by them and all that knew 
him. He was decently interred the 17 th instant." 

The following extract from the Gen. Court records is illustrative of the care 
shown for his family : — 

'* Veneus Die, 28 January, A. D., 1731, A petition of Rebecca Baker, widow, 
and relict of the B.everend Mr. Daniel Baker, late of Sherbom, in the county of 
Middlesex, clerk, deceased, in behalf of herself, and as guardian to the said de- 
ceased's daughter Rebecca, a minor, and of Edmund Quincy, Esq., guardian and 
next friend to Elizabeth, a minor, another of the said deceased's daughters, praying 
that they may have liberty (under such restrictions as are necessary and have been 
usual in such cases) to make sale of all or so much of the said deceased's real estate, 
as the Court, or such person or persons as they shall appoint, shall judge proper, 
for reasons mentioned. Passed in Council, viz,: In Council, January 6, 1731. 
B.ead, and ordered, that the prayer of this petition be granted, and that Edmund 
Quincy, Esq., with such as shall be joined by the honourable House of Representa- 
tives, be and hereby are appointed trustees for the widow and children of the Rev- 
erend Mx, Daniel Baker, deceased, and that they be empowered to make sale of so 
much of the real estate of the said deceased as they judge necessary and most for the 
benefit of the said widow and children ; and that the said trustees put out the pro- 
duce thereof to interest, for the use of the widow and children in equal parts ; the 
children to be paid their portions out of the principal as they come of age, or are 
married, and the other third part thereof to be divided between them after the 
widow's decease. 

" Sent down for concurrence. Read 'and concurred, and ordered^ that William 
Brattle, Esq., be joined in the aflfair." 

«m*m > 

Abraham Ball, w. Martha , had at H., I.Lois, Dec. 26, 1732; ii. 

Sarah, Aug. 29, '34 ; iii. Mary, Aug. 29, '34 ; iv. Martha, Jly. 24, '37 ; 
-V. Bathsheba, May 27 '40 ; Wid. Anne Ball, d. '98, at S. a. 70. 

1. Nathaniel Bancroft, w. Mehetabel, had i. Mehetabel, Sep. 10, 1745, at S. 

K l^l 

George Barbour, a Puritan of distinction, was early in Bed., and became one 

of the original proprietors and settlers of Medfield ; had by w. Elizabeth , 

I. Elizabeth, d. 20, 12, 1642; ii. Mary, 27 (6) 1643, d. 23. (9) 1643 ; 
III. Mary, 31. (11) '44; 
5. 2, IV. Samuel, 6, (11) '46, m. Sarah MUlins, 7, (6) '76 ; 
9. 8. V. John, 13, (1) '49; vi. Elizabeth, 11, (2) '51, at Bed.; vn. Hannah, 

Apl. 16, '54, at Medfield ; 
12. 4. VIII. Zachariah, Sept. 29, '56 ; ix. Abigail, Oct. 20, '59. . 


2. 5. Samuel, by w. Maria , had at Medfd. i. Maria, Feb. 20, 1675 ; 

n. Samuel, 7, (11) '77 ; ui. James, Dec. 25, '80 ; it. Hannah, Sept. 
25, '83 ; V. Thos. July 4, '86 ; vi. Maria, May 28, '93. 

8. 9. John, by w. Abigail , had at M. i. John, Apl. 24, 1676, pr. rm. Men- 
don; II. Abigail, Apl.' 26, '79; iii. Elizabeth, Nov. 28, '81 ; iv. George, 

Dec. 5, '84, m. Ann , had John, Aug. 27, 1708, who m. Han'h, and 

had Abigail, Oct. 31, 1736 ; v. Abial, Sept. 12, 1689. 

4. 12. Zachariah m. Abial Ellis, Aug. 30, 1683, r. Medfd. ; i. Benoni, Sept. 9, '84; 
18. 14. II. Zachariah, Oct. 19, '85 ; 

21. 15. III. Joseph, Oct. 4, '87, d. Mar. 3, 1770 ; iv. Abiel, Oct. 4, '91 ; 
25. 16. V. John, Oct. 12, '93, d. June 20, 1754 ; vi. Kuth, Mar. 5, '95; 

17. VII. Tho., May 2, '98 ; viii. Elizabeth, July 5, 1700 ; ix. Mary, May 26, '03. 

14. 18. Zachariah, w. Deborah, r. Medfd., i. Zachariah, Feb. 10, 1718-19; ii. 

Deborah, Nov. 8, '20 ; 
27. 20. ni. Elisha, Nov. 23, '22, d. July 7, 1803. 

15. 21; Joseph, Dea., settled on the plain E. of Chicken Brook, in W. Med way, ^ 

m. W. of Mucksquit school-house, m. Abigail Hawes, fr. Medfd., May 19, 
1726, and had i. Samuel, Mar. 23, 1727 ; ii. Mary, Apl. 2, '29 ; 
23. III. Joseph, Apl. 23, '31, an eccentric but righteous man ; iy. Abigail, Mar. 
27, '32 ; V. Sarah, Jan. 27, '36 ; vi. James, May 4, '38 ; vii. Elizabeth, 
Oct. 30, '40 ; d. Sep. 24, '78. 

16. 25. John, w. Mary, d. Sep. 12, 1747, a. 63, 2d w. Mary Pond, fr. Wrenth., 

m. 1751, d. '54, r. Med. ; i. Abigail, Aug. 14, 1719, m. Asa- Richardson; 

II. Bathsheba, Apl. 7, '22 ; iii. George, July 1, '24. 

20. 27. Elisha, m. Silence , d. Nov. 14, 1704, a. 77 ; settled on the farm of 

Opt Joseph Morse, deceased, and now owned by Walter Barber, in Sher- 
bom, and had i. Zachery, m. Patience Whitney, '75, had Esther, '76, and 
Olive, '78; ii. Deborah, May 3, 1754, m. Tho. Greenwood, r. Winchendon; 

III. Sarah, Mar. 17, '56 ; m. Zibeon Hooker of S. and Newton ; 
31. 29. IV. Elisha, May 31, '58, m. Martha Bullard ; 

34. 30. V. Oliver, Jan. 26, '63, m. Nancy Bullard; vi. Silence, Oct. 18, '65; m. 
John Clark, r. S. 

29. 31. Elisha, w. Martha Bullard ; i. Julia, Feb. 5, '86, d. yg. ; ii. Becca, Mar. 
3, 1789, m. Bela Sawin, r. Templeton and S. ; in. Vernal, Mar. 3, '94, m. 
Mary Waugh, 2d Elizabeth Waugh, and had at S. 1. Vernal E., 2. Mary 
Ann, m. Milo R. Cambell, and has Milo F., Robert, a^d Edmond A. ; 
rv. Calle, Mar. 22, '95, m. Sanford Tyler; v. Dana, ra. .Sarah Dix, r. 

30. 34. Oliver, m. Nancy Bullard, r. S. i. Eunice, June 28, 1791, m. Henry 
Bullard, r. Sangerville, Me. ; ii. Walter, Feb. 6, '94, m. Sally Clark, 
b. June 21, 1795, m. May 29, 1817, r. S., had Sally A., Leander, Louisa, 
Joseph W., Oliver N., Eleanor C. ; in. Elliot, Oct. 15, '95, m. Eliza 
Stevens, r. Grafton ; iv. Nancy, Feb. 26, '98, m. Jona. Fames, r. S. ; 
V. Martin, Apl. 3, 1800, m. Achsah Barbour, r. S. ; vi. Oliver, Aug. 3, 
1800, r. S. ; vii. Horace, Mar. 24,' 1804, m. Emiline Perry, r. S., had 


Abbie P., Dec, 7, '34 ; Mary E., Oct. 10, '37 ; Harriett A., Feb. 16, '40 ; 
Ellen L., Feb. 12, '42, d. June 10, '50 ; viii. Julia, Mar. 4, '09, m. Amos 
F. Bigelow, and 2d, Fred. Waterman, r. Graf. 


James Barret, w. Tabitha , had at S., I. Sarah, May 27, 1773 ; 

II. Sarah, Aug. 6, '35 ; in. Tabitha, June 3, '42. 


Wm. Barron, pr., s. of Moses of Chemsford, w. Sarah Morse, d. 1721 ; dg. of 
Cpt. Jos. M., 2d w. Thankful Holbrook, b. 1705, had at S. i. Moses, Apl. 
12, 1711; II. Hannah, Feb. 1, '12-13; in. Wm., Nov. 22, '24, by2d w. 


Joseph Bartlett, w. Hannah , had i. Hannah, Feb. 17, 1694-5 at S. 


ThO. Bass, fr. Braintree, signed the petition for S. 1662, m. Sarah Wood, 1660, 
dg. of Nicholas W., and had i. Abrigail, Jan. 2, '67 ; n. Samuel, Dec. 20, 
'69, and pr. others. After the decease of his father-in-law in 1669-70, near 
whom he had lived, he returned to B., where he became Dea of the chh. 

I ■■• t 

Odill Batchelder, b. Sept. 16, 1775, s. of Daniel B., of Hampton, N. H., m. 
Huldah Searl, and 2d, Millicent Barrett, Oct. 27, 1847, had i. Wm. S., May 
28, 1800, rs. H., m. Ehoda Whiting, fr. Med., had at H., i. Mary J., Feb. 
26, '29, m. Stephen Nicholas, '54 ; n. Ada M., Nov. 25, '34 ; ii. Benj. F., 
Nov. 1, 1801, rs. H., m. Lucinda Daniels, had 1. Curtis^ m. Betsey 
Packard, has Chs. and Lyman ; 2. Eveline, m. Aaron Bennett, rs. Bos. ; 
3. Benj. F.; 4. Wm. N. ; 5. Ellen ; in. John, Mar. 21, 1803, in. Emeline 
Mason, rs. H., had 1. John; 2. Emily ; 3. Matilda; 4. Henry; 5. 
Frank; 6. A son; 7. Maria ; iv. Mary, Nov. 1, 1805, m. Isaac Johnson, 
rs. N. Hampton, N. H; v. Lucretia, b. ab. 1807, m. Timothy Fisk, rs. H. ; 
VI. George, b. ab. 1809, m. Hannah Kingsbury, rs. H. ; vii. Frederick L. 
Eev. A. M., Jan. 17, ab. 1814, rs. um. at Stafford, Ct. ; vm. Otis K. Rev., 
Jan. 17, ab. 1816, rs. New Hampton, m. Catharine Palmer, who d. a mis- 
sionary at Midleypoor, Ind., and 2d, Sarah Merrill, had 1. Maria; 2. 
Albert ; 3. HenYy M, ; 4. Francis ; 5. Geo, 


Wm. Bates, w. Mary , had i. Theoder, Oct. 11, 1762 ; ii. Olive, Aug. 

27, '64, at S. 

% ••» I 

Nathan'l Battle, w. Mary , i. Nath'l, Jan. 28, 1730 ; n. Tho., Oct. 

13, '81 ; in. Cfharlotte, Oct. 19, '83. 

James Battell, m. Anne , 2d Beulah Stearns, fr. Mendon, 66. i. Olive, June 

22, 1757 ; ii. James, June 27, '59 ; in. Joseph, Sept. 11, '62 ; iv. Anne, 
Sept. 1, '64. 

%m%m I 

Nathan'l BealS, w. Mary ^ had at H. I. Nathan'], Aug. 15, 1730, at H. 

I »■•» 

Wm. Bedlam, w. Elizabeth , d. May 28, 1775 ; 2d wife Elizabeth, had 

at S., I. Hannah Dec. 18, 1771 ; n. Sally, June 29, '73 ; iii. Bccca, Jly. 
10, '76 ; IV. Elizabeth, Aug. 23, '79 ; v. Charles, Jly. 11, '78; vi. Charles, 
May 15, '81. 


JEULOS Bickfordy b. at Wellfleet, s. of , by w. , and whose 

remote ancestors were pr. of Dover, N. H., was in early and middle life en- 
gaged in the whale fishery, and master of a ship ; m. Lucy Lewis, of W. ; 
and on leaving the seas, purchased of John Ware, of S., a part of the Hull 

Farm ; and had i. Sally , m. John Leland, Esq. ; ii. James, m. Mille 

Holbrook ; iii. Bonj. Lewis, m. Mary Knowlton ; iv. Robert, d. um. at sea ; 
V. David Y., m. Catharine Crane ; vi. John, d. um. ; vii. Palemon Mayo, 
m. Salinda SuUcndine (d.) ; viii. Tho. Hopkins, m. Sarah H. Dearth. 

Jeremiah Bickford, m. Abigail Holbrook, b. Apl. 7. 1724, m. Sept. 19, 1748, at 
Wellfleet; Elisha Bickford, m. Lucy Holbrook, b. Jan. 15, 1729, m. Sept. 
19, '48, sisters. 


1. Daniel Bigalow, son of John B., from Watcrtown, (see Bond's 

His. of W.,) s. on the farm late Jesse Cozzens, in Ashland, m. Abial , 

r. S. ; I. Abigail, Oct. 28, 1:689 ; ii. Daniel, Nov. 24, '91 ; iii. Abial, 
Jan. 20, '93 ; iv. Susanna, Mar. 4, '95-6 ; 

11. 3. V. Ephraim, May 12, '98 ; vi. Lydia, Jan. 2, 1702, at Fram. 

4. Converse Bigilow, b. Jan. 20, 1755, son of Josiah B., of Waltham and 
Weston, by w. Mary Harrington, and grd. s. of Lt. Tho. B. (representative 
of Waltham, 1738 and '41,) by w. Mary Livermore ; and gr. grd. s. of 
Samuel B. (freeman 1690, and representative of W. 1708-9-10,) by w. 
Mary Flagg ; and gr. gr. grd. s. of John Bigelow, of Watertown, a black- 
smith, who m. Mary Warren 1642; freeman 1652, and selectman '65, '70, 
*71 ; C. m. Ann Parks, was selectman 7 ys. 1790 — 1808, and had, i. Bet- 
sey, Jly. 31, 1779, m. John Goulding; ii. Anne, March 21, '81, r. um. S.; 

6. III. John, Jan. 26, '83, m.* Hannah ; iv. Converse, Nov. 20, '84, m. Mary 
Viles, r. Weston ; v. Elijah, Aug. 31, '86, m. Eebecca Fisk, r. Marlb.; 

8. VI. Calvin, June 30, '90, m. Elizabeth Adams ; vii. Sukey, Apl. 17, '92, 
m. Josiah Battelle ; vni. Sally, Feb. 4. '94, m. Stearns, r. Acton ; 

9. IX. Josiah, Mar. 22, '96, m. Harriet Sawin, r. Groton ; 

10. X. Amos, Mar. 17, '98, inherits the homestead in S., m. Lucy Stow, fr. 
Stow, had I. George Converse / ii. Amos E. ; iii. Henry ; iv. Edmond D, ; 
V. Lucy A. ; vi. Wesley. 

3. 11. Ephraim Biglo, m. Lydia Johnson, Jly. 24, 1729, r. H. 

14. 12. I. Joseph, May '26, 1730 ; ii. Abiel,, Apl. 18, '32 ; iii. Lydia, Oct. 22, 

'37 ; IV. Deborah, Mar. 16, '41-2 ; v. Asa, Jan. 27, '45-6. 

12. 14. Joseph, m. Lydia Brown, Aug. 5, 1756, r. H. ; 
17. 15. I. Ephraim, Dec. 28, 1757 ; 

22. 16. II. Joseph, Sep. 17, '63 ; iii. Hepzibah, Sep. 24, '67. 

15. 17. Ephraim, m. Mary Knowlton, Mar. 8, 1781, r. H. ; 
18. I. Lawson, May 11, 1782; ii. James, Dec/ 31. 84; 
20. III. Calvin, Aug. 10, '92 ; iv. Lydia, Aug, 10, '92. 

16. 22. Joseph, m. Ruth Parker, r. H. ; i. Josiah, Oct. 26, 1790 ; ii. John, Jan. 

28, '92 ; III. Joseph, May 4, '94, (d.,) m. Mary Ann Wilson, r. Natick ; iv. 
Sally, m. Gilbert D. Wilson, r. S. boro' ; v. Ruth, m. Aherst Messinger, r. 
N. ; VI. Ann, d. yg. ; vii. Charles, b. Mar. 12, 1807, m. Rebecca E. Bab- 
cock, r. S. and had i. CUtarles Everett, b. Sep. 3, 1833, d. Sep. 7, '53 — a 
young man of hopeful piety, natural refinement, and cultivated mind, having 


gained a strong hold on the affections of an extensive circle ; ii. Francis A. ; 
in. Moses E,; iv. Francis; iv. Elizth, A. ; 
vin. George, m. Amy Learned, r. N. 


Albert Honry Blanchord, s. in S. as a physician in 1852, having pre- 
viously enjoyed .the best opportunities for acquiring a knowledge of his pro- 
fession in Harv. Univ., where he graduated Jly., 1851, and subsequently 
spent a year in Mass. Gen. Hospital, as House Physician, witnessing every 
form of disease, and ascertaining from his seniors in practice the most ap- 
proved modes of treatment. He was born in Boston, June 25, 1828, the 
son of John Wheeler B., by w. Sarah Ann Ba.dger, (dg^ of Joseph and Sally 
Badger,) and grd. s. of Wm. Blanchard. He m. May 18, 1852, Eunice Al- 
den Hooper, b. at Fairhaven, Dec. 10, 1830, dg. of Joseph H., of Bridgewater, 
by w. Betsey Alden, dg. of Joseph A., by w. Bethiah Carver, a descendant 
of the 5th generation from Grov. Carver. They have i. Marion Alden, b. 
Mar. 1st, 1853, and ii. Walter Everett, b. Oct. 10, '54. 


IS&EC Bond, w. Margaret, (see Bond's His. of Watertown,) had at S., i. Isaac, 
Nov. 30, 1727; ii. Hannah, Jly. 15, '29; m. Lydia, Jan. 25, '30-1 ; 
IV. Isaac, June 20, '33 ; v. Job, Apl. 6, '35. 

Isaac, w. Abigail; i. Huldy, Feb. 27, 1759; ii. Jonas, Mar. 21, '61; ni. Sarah, 
• Dec. 25, '62 ; iv. Nabby, Apl. 2, 65. 


Alexander Bragg, w. Sophronia, had at H., Sophrone, June 23d, 1785. 

% ■>• I 

1. Edward. Brecfc, a yeoman of some distinction, was of Dorchester, 1636, 
took the freeman's oath May 22, 1639, and d. Nov. 2, 1662, leaving a 
widow, Isabel. 

I. Bobert, who was a merchant in I), and rm. to Boston and free May 2, '49 ; 

n. John, Cpt., free Apl. 18, 1690, d, Feb. 17, 1690-1, a. 40 ; w. Susanna, d. 
Feb. 8, 1711, a. 64 ; 

m. Mary, bap. 13, (6) 1648, m. Samuel Paul, 9, (11,) 1660 ; 

IV. Elizabeth m. John Minot, Mar. 11, 1670, and d. Apl. Q, 1690 ; 

V. Susanna m. John Harris, Mar. 20, 1674. 

4. Henry Breck who was received to the chh. in Dor. 1641. 

5. Tho. Breck, who m. at Dor. 12, (12) 1656, Mary Hill, dg. of John Hill, and in 

1658 removed with her brother John H. to Sherborn and settled (1st on the 
bank of Charles R.) on a part of Robert Kaine's grant about \ m. N. of Bo- 
gistow pond. They having purchased of his administrator, it is presumed, 
about 500 acres, divided the same, Hill taking the N. part and 2 acres for : 
a house lot, S. of Tho. Brick's present lane, bounded by the present highway 
on the E., and by Breck on all other sides, where H. built a 2d house. B. 
died Apl. 3, 1723. His wid. Mary d. Aug. 15, 1726. He had i. Mary, 
17, (10) 1657, at Dorchester ; ii. Susanna, September 10, 1663, d. Aug. 
25, '64, recorded at Medfield ; in. Susanna, May 10, 1667. 
11. .6. IV. John, Mar. 4, 1671 ; v. Bethiah, Dec. 20, 1673 ; vi. Nathaniel, Mar. 1, 
1682 ; VII. Samuel, b. also Mar. 1, 1682. 

9. John Breck, senr., pr. the brother of Edward above, died at Medfield, Jan. 
3, 1660. 

10. John Breck, (pr.) son of John, senrw, d. Aug. 20, 1690, at Medfield. 

BKECK. 17 

6 11. John inherited the farm opened by his father, in. Mehetabel Morse, dg. of 
Capt. Joseph M. of S. by w. Mehetabel Wood, dg. of Nich. W., and had 
I. Mehetabel, Oct. 10, 1698, m. Wm. Leland, of S. 

14. 12. n. Jonas, Mar. 9, 1700, d. June 13, 1775 ; iii. Abigail, Apl. 19, 1705, 
d. Mar. 3, '76, m. Jona. Holbrook ; iv. Keziah, Dec. 14, '15. 

20. 13. V. Elijah, June 22, '18, d. Feb. 11, '91. 

12. 14. Jonas inherited the central part of the Breck farm in S., m. Feb. 18, 1734-5, 

Mary Daniel, of Needh., who d. 1788, a. 85. He had 
28. 15. I. John, Dec. 1, 1735 ; ii. Mehetabel, July 20, '87, d. Aug. 30, 1812, un. 
16. III. Jonas, June 19; '39, d. yg. ; iv." Joseph, May 28, '41, s. in Medfield, 
m. Mary Fairbanks, fr. Med., 2d Hanh. Plimpton, of Med., had i. Jo. of M., 
n. Amasa of Providence ; x. Mary, Aug. 31, '43, d. Mar. 14, '43-4; 
18. VI. Daniel, Feb. 22, '44-5 ; 
33. 19. VII. Tho., Feb. 28, '47-8, m. Mary Death. 

13. 20. Elijah s. on the E. side of the Brick farm where John Ware resides, m. 

Sarah Hill, who d. Nov. 19, 1806, a. 78. 

37. 21. I. Elijah, July 20, 1753, d. Feb. 11, , killed by a plough, was the 

last of the race who inherited the E. part of the Breck farm ; ii. Jotham, 
r. on the homestead, but Dec. 1, '54, d. in Med., ; iii. Keziah, Jan. 14, '57 ; 

31. 23. IV. Daniel, twin brother of Jonas, not recorded, d. in S. ; v. Abigail, Apl. 
23, '61, m. Reuben Crimpton, of Croydon, N. H. ; vi. Luther, Mar. 27, '63, 
m. Hannah and had Luther, drowned, and Hannah ; vii. Calvin, Dec. 13, '65 ; 

84. 26. vni. Jonas, twin bro. of Daniel, m. Judith Thayer ; 

38. 27. IX. Jona., Dec. 13, '67. 

15. 28. John, m. Mary Hill, fr. Med., s. on the W. part of the Breck farm, f m. 
S. W. of the straits, and had i. Joshua, Apl. 13, 1759, d. Feb. 26, '62 ; 

29. II. John, Jan. 1, ''61, m. Abig'l Cutler, Dec. 3, '89, d. near Barre ; 

30. III. Nathan, July 31, '63, m. Mary Holbrook, Dec. 15, '85, had Anna, 
Miranda, Arba, Mar. 9, '91, Nathan, Feb. 18, '93, Mary, June 7, '96 ; 
IV. Mary, Oct. 29, '65, m. Abijah Wench, of Milford, 1790 ; v. Miriam, 
Aug. 24, '67, m. Wm. Heart, r. Union, Me. ; vi. Eliab, Sep. 13, '69, m. 
Polly Cheevers and rm. to Sterling, Worces. Co. ; vii. Tabitha, Nov. 30, 
'73, d. July 31, '78 ; viii. Anna, Feb. 9, '76. 

18. 31. Daniel, m. Patty Learned, dg. Capt. Edw'd L., of S., had i. Amy, Dec. 
24, 1790, m. Leonard Bullard ; ii. Ede, June 10, '92, m. John Sanderson, 
and r. a wid. at Cambri(^o ; iii. Patty, Apl. 15, '94, ni. Donald Smith, (d,) 
of Bos; IV. Elijah, Feb. 2, '96, d. Sep. 3, 1834, m. Sarah A. Burroughs, 
2d Lucy Lovejoy, r. N. York, left ; Elijah Fuller, r. Lawrence ; v. Lucy, 
July 30, '97, m. Eleazer Ware, r. S ; vi. Nancy, Oct. 5, '99, m. Capt. Curtis 
GU)ulding, r. S. ; vii. Eliza, Jan. 27, 1802, m. Dea. Paul Daniels, of Med. ; 
VIII. Sarah L.^ Feb, 13, '08. m. Moses Gilmore, of S. boro'. 

19. 33. Thomas, m. Mary Death and inherited the ancient homestead, and had 

I. Rhoda, July 11, 1770, d. yg. ; ii. Eli, Apl. 6, '77, m. Abig'l Jennings, 
and d. without issue; iii. Betty, July 13, '80, m. Ira Pratt, of Westford; 
IV. Tho., June 1, '90, inherits the ancient homestead, m. Pede Sanger, 2d, 
Huldah (Jordan) Wood, had 2 dgs., both d. without issue; v. Mary, Feb. 

II, '94, d. yg.; vi. Lewis, bap. 20, '94, m. Sally Sanger, had 

I. Eugene, r. S,, ii. Eleanor Maria, m. And. J. Church, r. S. 

26. 34. Jonas, m. Judith Thayer, r. S. and rm. to W. part of Mass. ; i. Silas, 



bap. Oct. 24, 1784, and d. in Med. ; ii. Asahel, b. Feb. 20, '85 ; iii. Char- 
lotte, b. Oct. 22, '86 ; iv. Sally, bap. July 13, '88. 

21. 37. Elijah, m. Hannah Prentice, May 28, 1789, 2d, Mary Pratt, and had 
only r. Alpha, bap. Mar. 10, 1795, d. yg. 

27. 38. Jona., m. Polly Cleaveland, of Med., and had at M. i. Reuben, bap. Nov. 
15, 1801 ; II. Lucinda. Oct. 3, 1802. 

Capt. Moses Brewer, w. Elizabeth , had 1, Elizabeth, Jan. 6, 1761, at S. 

1 ■■■ I 

Mr. Benj. Briant, d. at s. Apr. 21, 1779. 

Thos. Briant, (pr. descendant fr. John B. of Scituate, 1639,) m. 1st Mehetabel 

, 2(1 Martha , m. after 1771 and r. where the late Reuben Cozzens 

did. I. Patty, Jly 13, 1770, red. to the chh, Oct. 17, '90 ; ii. Molle, Dec. 
11, '71; III. Tho. Dec. 14, '79; iv. Bonj.,Jly 21, '81 ; v. Nancy, Mar. 21, 
'83; VI. Sophia, Mar. 18, '85'; a Margaret B. ni. John Death, 1769. 


Benj. Bridges, w. Esther , had at H. i. Timothy; ii. Parker, Oct. 8, 

1765 ; III. Sarah, May 6, '68 ; iv. Nathan, Nov. 26, '72, m. Julia , and 

had Amos, June 28, '99, at H. ; v. Martin, Jan 27, 79. 

Hackaliah Bridges, w. Elizabeth Underwood, m. Nov. 29, 1764, had at H. i. Milla, 
Jly. 29, '65, m. James Holbrook, 1783 ; ii. Jona., May 15, 1767 ; in ; 
Jemima, Dec. 30, '68 ; iv. Betty, June 23, '70 ; v. Sampson, Jan. 12, 
72 ; VI. Ruth, Aug. 12, '73 ; vii. Elijah, Apr. 15, '75 ; viii. Ede, Jan. 
18, '77 ; IX. Ziba, Nov. 11, 78 ; x. tlraner, Apl. 4, '80 ; xi. Luther, 
Mar. 20, '82 ; xii. Calvin, Oct. 29, '83 ; xiii. Sarah, Dec. 9, '87. 

I m%»» 

.1. ThaddeUS Broad, w. Eunice , had I. Elisha, May 29, 1741, at S. 


1. Elijah Brown, Rev., b. May 31st, 1744; grad. Har. Coll. 1765; was 
ordained at Sherborn, Nov. 28, 1770, and died Oct. 24, 1816. ** He pos- 
sessed a strong mind, and at college was esteeifned as a genius and a great 
wit He was compelled to teach a select Classical and English School for most of 
his living; was a good teacher, fitted many students for college, and with him 
several studied divinity. His wit secures for him a long posthumous fame. His 
preaching in early life was Orthodox or Calviuistic, ftnd he was an active minister. 
But he became Arminian, afterwards Arian ; contracted a very strong dislike to his 
early sentiments, and became neglectful of the duties of his profession. In cold weather, 
he preached from ten to fifteen minutes. He was reputed a good and kind husband 
and father. He married (1st) Dec. 13, 1770, Susanna Bigelow, of Waltham. She 
died May 1st, 1807, and he afterwards m. Abigail, wid. of Gersham Flagg, of Lan- 
caster, a sister of his first wife, b. July 31st, 1760 ; d. Dec. 28, 1837, emphatically 
*an excellent woman ' To her children, by her first husband, he left his property. 
By his first wife he had two chil. 

I. Elijah, grad. Harv. University 1804, beloved for his amiable manners; began 
the study of divinity, and d. July 28, 1805, unm. 

II. Henry, grad. Harv. Univ. 1804 ; studied law ; was admitted to the Suf- 
folk bar, and died Aug. 5, 1810, aged 27, unm. ** He was unamiable in his 
manners, and involved his father by his extravagance." [See Bond's His. 
of Wat. families.] 


2. Wm. BrotTll, w. Rebecca, had at S.. 
4. 3. I. Wm. Apl. 9, 1697 ; ii. John, Apl. 9, '98 ; iii. Rebecca, May 30, 
1701 ; IV. Mary, Dee. 20, '03. 

3. 4. Wm. m. Mary. i. Mary, Aug. 10, 1733; ii. Abigail, Nov. 21, '36; ni. 
Rebecca, Nov. 27, '39. 

6. Asa Brown, w. Silence, had in S., i. David, 1, 1758; n. Elizabeth, Mar. 
22, '60 ; III. Silence, Aug. 6, '63 ; 
IV. Abel, Apl. 2, '66 ; v. Oliver, Dec. 6, '67 ; 
VI. Elijah, bp., Jly. 31, '72 ; vii. Keziah, Dec. 18, '74. 

Wm., m. Susanna Graves, Jan. 24, 1793, r. S. ; i. Calvin, Aug. 15, 1793, at 
Natick ; n.' Alfred, Jan. 4, '96 ; in. Harvey, b. also Jan. 4, '96. 

Joseph Brown, w. Katharine, 2d w. Hephzibath Leland, m. Oct. 11, 1733,^ad at H., 
16. 15. I. Joseph, Feb. 23, 1733 ; ii. Lydia, Aug. 29, '34, m. Joseph Bigelow; 

m. Mary, Aug. 29, '34 ; iv. Katharine, Apl. 9, '37, d. 1830, a. 93, m. 

Samuel Messenger, had a return of sight years before her death. . 

15. 16. Joseph Brown, w. Lydia Twitchell, ra. Nov. 4, 1756, r. HoU. ; i. Mary, 
Oct. 10, 1757 ; ii. Henry, Aug. 3, 1760 ; iii. Joseph, Jan. 31, '63 ; iv. 
Lydia, Jan. 24, '66 ; v. Katharine, Jly. 29, '68. 

19. Ezra Brown, ra. Rhoda Rockwood, Feb. 14, 1782, r. H. 

20. I. Amos, Jan. 10, 1783 ; ii. Ezra, Jly. 2, '90 { iii. Martin, June 26, '92; 
IV. Emily, Sept. 14, '96. 

ZctCliaxiall BucknxaiSter, by w. Hannah had Zachariah, 1665, at Boston. 
He came to S. from B., where in 1646 he had a father and a bro. Lawrence and sis, 
Elizabeth. He was in Shelborn 13 (3,) 1679, when he had a home lot of 14 acres 
assigned him at W. Sherborn, and built his house ab. 100 N. of Jacob Cushing's. 
where the cellar hole is still to be seen. He was alive in 1714. If he left any sons, 
they rm. to W. Chester Co., N. Y. 


1* SamilOl BuUeily Dea., the ancestor of a numerous race in New England, 
was an early settler and proprietor of Dedham, took the freeman's oath 
June 2, 1641, m. Mary Morse, dg. of Samuel, 1641, who d. Feb. 14, 1688. 
He d. at Medfield, Jan. 16, 1691, and red. the first head stone erected there. 
As a proprietor of Medfield, he drew lands in M., which by a division of the 
town fell, in 1713, into Med way; and particularly in 1659, a lot of 126 
acres, now in W. Med. He was a tenant on Capt. Hull's farm, and had 
land assigned him here W. of the common, and pr. built opposite the Brush 
Hill Road, before he returned to Med'd. 
I. Samuel, 19, (10) 1642, at' Dedh., d. 1727, at Medfield ; ii. Mary, 20, 

(5) '44 ; III. Elizabeth, 3, (12) '46. 
IV. Joseph, 1651, at Medfield, d. Jan. 1, 1703-4, w. Abigail Sabin, m. Mar. 
15, 1674, d. May 1, 1721. He became a member of the chh. in Medf., and 
took the freeman's oath May 23, '77, had no children recorded. 

8. 4. V. Ephraim, '53, at do., m. Grace and s. in Sherborn. vi. Mala- 

tiah, '55. 

20. 6. VII. Elisha, '57, d. Feb. 19, 1735, m. Hanh. Metcalf, r. Sh. and Medf. ; 
viii. Eleazer, Apl. 26, '62, d. May 3, '62 ; ix. Bethia, Aug. 1, 64. 

27. 7. X. John, d. Nov. 18, 1703, m. Judith Fisher, Jan 3, '83 ; 2d, Sarah Morse. 


4. 8. Epbraim, w. Grace , d. Aug. 11, 1680, in her 26th yr., r. Sherb. 

opposite the E. end of Brush Hill Eoad ; had i. Mary, Mar. 6, 1681 ; 
11. 9. II. Epbraim, Apl. 19, '85, m. Ruth Morse, r. Sh. 
15. 10. ni. John, Feb. 22, '86-7, m. Sarah ; iv. Grace, Aug. 7, '89. 

9. 11. Epbraim, w. Ruth Morse, b. 1688 ; had at S., i. Ruth, Aug. 7, 1712 ; 

11. Epbraim, Feb. 18, '13-4; in. Grace, Oct. 13, '15, d. Jan. 29, '96. m. 
James Morse, who s. on a part of her father's farm, now Galen BuUard's, 
rm. Brookfield, Vt., and d. at S. ; iv. Elizabeth, Nov. 2, '17 ; v. Epbraim, 
Jan. 31, '19-20 ; vi. Joseph, Feb. 26, '21-22 ; vii. Mary, Feb. 13, '23-24, 
m. Nathan Stratten, s. on her father's homestead ; yiii. Unity, Aug. 30, '26 ; 
IX. Abigail, Feb. 13, '33-34, m. Henry Morse, of Med., and d. without issue. 

10. 15. John, w. Sarah, 2d w. Mehetabel Fisher, m. July 20, 1715, d. June 3, 
'51 ; her bus. d. Mar. 28, '39-40 ; had i. Noah, Sep. 2, 1710, at Sh. ; 
n. Sarah, June 29, '11, at Sh. ; iii. John, Oct. 23, '13, at Medf.; 
vf! Mehetabel, July 7, '16, by 2d w. ; v. John, Jan. 11, '17-18, d. Aug. 
24, '18; VI. Timothy, July 11, '19, d. July 14, '19 ; vn. Keziah, Sep. 5, 
'20 ; VIII. Judith, Nov. 30, '23. 

6. 20. Elisha, w. Hannah Metcalf, d. Dec. 20, 1719, r. Med. ; 
24.\21. I. Elbha, Aug. 14, 1684, at Sh., m. Lydia Ellis; 

33. 22. II. Samuel, Nov. 24, '87, d. Apl. 4, 1749; m. Jona., Jan, 13, '94, d. 
Jan. 26, '94; iv. Hannah, June 28, '97; v. Miriam, Aug. 23, '02,- m. 
Ephm. Wheelock, and had i. Eleazer. 

21. 24, Elisha, w. Lydia Ellis, b. Oct. 4, 1689, m. Jan. 8, 1712-13, d. Apl. 28, 

'26, r. Med., 2d w. Abigail j d. Nov. 21, '27, 3d w. Ruth Ellis, m. 

July 1, 1737 ; i. Ebenr., July 23, 1714, d. July 24, '14 ; ii. Mary and 
Martha, b. and d. May 1, 1715 ; iv. Lydia, Mar. 19, '17 ; v. Elisha, Mar. 
16, '20, w. Mary, Boyden, Dec. 27, '50, had Gad, d. June 28, '56; vi. 
Ichabod, Nov. 21, '27, by 2d w., m. Prudence , who had Isaiah, Apl. 

12, '54 and d. Sep. 22, ^54. 

7. 27. John, w. Judith Fisher, m. Jan. 3, 1683, r. Med. ; i. Judith, Oct 23, 

1689 ; II. John, Jan. 31, '91, perhaps hem, Sarah Morse above ; ni. David, 

Jan. 14, '93-4, inherited land assigned hb grandfather, Sam'l, in W. Med., 

and*' late his in 1738"; 
37. 30. IV. Michael, Apl. 2, '96, d. Jan. 28, 1747, in his Slst year, m. Lydia , 

was pr. f. to Michael, who d. at Needb. Oct. 20, 1769 ; v. Mary, Feb. 26, 

'98-9; VI. Sflence, May 21, 1701, d. May 24, '01. 
32. 31. VII. Samuel, Aug. 20, '02, d. Aug. 13, ^36. 

81. 32. Samuel, w. Experience, d. Jan. 14, 1727. 

22. 33. Samuel, " bus. of Sarah, d. Apl. 4, '49," w. Sarah , r. Med., had i. 

Samuel, June 22, '1722, d. Oct. 25, '36; n. Sarah, Oct. 15, '26; m. 
Moses, May 25, '31, m. Caroline Plimpton, Mar. 9, 1758. 
52. 33^. IV. Samuel. 

34. BuUen David, ? w. Abigail Dana, m. Sep. 5, 1718, d. June 3, '36, 2d 
w.. Abigail Coming, m. Dec. 11, '37 ; i. Abigail, Aug. 14, 1719; ii. Ju- 
dah. May 3, '21 ; d. July 6, 1720 ; iii. Judah, May 6, '22 ; iv. Hannah, 
Apl. 12, '24 ; V. Patience, Mar. 8, '26, d. Mar. 9, '26 ; vi. Silence, Nov. 
3, '27, d. Nov. 9, '27 ; vii. Submit, Aug. 16, '31, d. Aug. 19, '31 ; vm. 
David, Mar. 10, '32 ; ix. Ebenr., May 13, '34, d. May 28, '34- 


30. 37. Michael Bullen, Ens., w. Lydia. d. Aug. 21, '48, had 

45. 38. II. Daniel, Oct. 27, '29; i. Elizabeth, Dec. 15, '27, d. Oct. 16, '34; iii. 

John, Sep. 8, '32 ; iv. Jabez. Aug. 4, '34 ; v. Mary, Oct. 8, '38 ; vi. 

Benoni, Sep. 22, '40. d. 1740 ; vii. Joseph, July 30, '44, d. Nov. 1, '45 ; 

vin. Michael, May 18, '46 ; ix. Jona., probably ? 

:12. 43. Jona. Bullen, w. Susannah Broad, A^l. 14, '86, d. July 30, 1806, a. 49; 
I. j\Iichacl, June 25, '87 ; ii. Lucy Bucknam, Dec. 4, '96 ; iii. Melinda, 
Nov. 1, 1800 ; IV. Daniel, d. Oct. 3, 1802. 

38, 45. Daniel, Ens., d. Oct. 28, 1801, w. Rachel Adams, m. Jan. 27, 1751 ; i. 
Sarah, Feb. 24, '55; ii. Silence, Oct. 15, '5;^, d. Oct. 15, '53; iii. Keziah, 
Dec. 24, '63; iv. Lydia, Nov. 29, '69, d. July 18, '80. 

46 Judathan Bullen,? m. Dolly Clark, July 2, '72, 2d w., Bathsheba 

Daniels, m. Nov. 9, '85 ; i. Elizabeth, Oct. 26, '72; ii. Mary, Qpt. 28, '74 ; 

m. Judathan, May 12, '77, d. Oct. 8, '78; iv. John, Mar. 21, '79; v. 

David, Mar. 24, '82 ; vi. Judathan, Feb. 7, '84 ; vii. Walter, Aug. 6, '87, 

d. Juno 14, '88 ; viii. Lowell, Oct. 8, '89 ; ix. Susanna, Sep. 7, '92 ; x. 

Asa, June 19, '91; xi. Betsey, Mar. 17, '95; xii. Lewis, m. Esther 

Grout, 2d w., Mary A. Mann. 
33J. 52. Opt. Sam'l do. w. Eliz'th, r. Med. village, kept a tavern ; 1. Rhoda, 

Jan. 30, '74, m. Remmington, 2d, LaKeman, and had a dg. 

m. Perkins, keeps boarding h., in Boston. 

66. 53. n. Moses, Aug. 31, '75, d. Feb. 15, 1850, m. China Ware, r. Med., 

Bos., and d. inS. ; iii. Sam'l, May 27, '78, d. in S. Cleaving a family ; 

IV. Eliz'th, May 6, '80, m. Cpt. Vials ; v. Nancy, Sep. 7, '82, m. Lawyer 

Gates, rs. New York ; vi. Cynthia, Jan. 26, '85, m. three hus. ; vii. Patty, 

Mar. 18, '92, m. Lawyer Rawson, of Mend. 

55. John Bullen, ? of Med., m. Eliz'th Adams, Dec. 21, '46 ; Comfort, do., ? m. 
Jona. Wheeler, Aug. 6, '42. 

58. 56. Moses m. China Ware, of S., r. Med., Bos., and S., and had i. Charlotte 
Bullen, m. Baruch Leland, r. Stannocks, S. W. part of S. 


John Burbank, w. Mary (pr. Emerson) had at H. i. Josiah, Apl. 28, 1774, 
n. John, Feb. 25, '76 ; iii. Daniel Emerson, Mar. 3, "78 ; iv. Samuel 
May 1, '83. 

Samuel Burbank, w. Eunice Kendall, m. 1773. i. Sullivan, Oct. 8, 1776, at S. 



Among the carlj planters of New England appear seven men of the name of 
Ballard. The traditions concerning them arc not reliable. That they were all 
brothers, is improbable, from indications of too great disparity of ages ; from their 
omission to name children for each other, and a common father, if not from the con- 
tinued use of a different orthography by the sama clerk in recording their different 

names. They were— \(w^ ^ A d>(>^^l ("^o//^ CrA.l\\\i^^'^^ 

1. Senjamin !3nUarb« wno drew land in Watertown 1637 arid '44.' (See Chap, i.) 

2. ^tOX%t BttUatb^ who was admitted to the Freeman's oath 1641, implying 

that he was a member of the church. He had land assigned him in Water- 
town, 1637, and died there, June, 1680, aged 81. (See Chap, ii.) 

3. jroI)n SuUatb, who took the Freeman's oath May 13, 1640, signed the social 

compact of Dedham 1 day, (6 month) 1636, where his wife Magdalen was 

rec'd to the chh. 1639, and d. 29d. (1 mo.) 1661. He had land assigned 

. him in Medfield, 1650 and '59, and d. there July 4, 1668. (See Chap, in.) 

( 4. Ssaac BttUatbf who signed the social compact of Dedham 1636, and where he, 

- or another of the same name, m. Sarah Jones, from Dorchester, 3, (11) 1654, 

and was admitted townsman 1655, and d. at D. 11, (3) 1676, leaving a 

widow, Ann. (See Chap, iv.) 

5. Natl)ani^l Bullatb, who was admitted townsman at Dedham 1655, and free- 

man May 15, 1690, and d. there 3, (11) 1681. (See Chap, v.) 

6. (Um. !!)ttUarb« who took the Freeman's oath May 13, 1640, signed the social 

compact of Dedham 18, (6) 1636, where his wife was received to the church 
in 1639, and he was chosen Selectman in 1643. 
[ 7/'Uabert BuUarb, who died at Watertown 24, (4) 1639, aged 40, leaving a 
1 widow, Anna. p rVVr.A-, ^^- ^J^)V^^vr, , 

I W it 


1. 8. Of the above list of Bullards, B^ttjdmitt is the only one whose entire race 
admit of being traced with certainty, and separated from all others bearing 
the name. The orthography of our early records, that is so variable, gener- 
ally preserves one mode of spelling his name ; yet, from the inspection of private 
papers, and the uniform substitution of e for a in the last syllable, and the omission 
of d final by one of the best informed clerks in the colony, arises the supposition that 
the name was originally identical with Bulwer ; and if so, then Bulwer may be a cor- 
ruption of Bullard. Our sires brought with them from England the following tradition 
of the origin of the name : '^ One called a Lard, in ancient times, when on a royal 
hunting excursion, outstripped his company in chase of a wild bull, and killed him — 
and ever after this feat was called the great Bull Lard. Hence his descendants were 
named Bullard."* The signature of Benjamin Bullard^ has not been preserved, and 

* This story may admit of neither -prooi nor refutation ; and ypt, is there nothing in its favor 
in the fact that the name, in Europe, is without a coat-of-arras, rare, and of narrow range ? But, 
however this may be, the authenticity of ttie tradition need not be doubted; for Mrs. Temper- 
ance D. Bullard, of Morristown, N. J., still living, (and long may she live to pray for the race 
and the world !) says that Mr. Jona. Bullard, a man of distinguished piety, who died 1824, aged 

B U L L A II D . 23 

very little can bo ascertained concerning him. He was undoubtedly from England, 
and probably among the first planters of Watertown, in 1G30. His name first occurs 
upon the records of that town in the oldest history of her inhabitants, and in the first 
division of her public lands in 1637. In 1644 more land was assigned him, and he 
became the proprietor of about 100 acres, and of a dwelling-house, on the W. side of 
Fresh Pond. How much longer he lived, or where he died, has not been discovered. 

The name of his wife was not improbably Sarah . , and he had but two children, 

who lived to heir his estate, viz. : ^ ^ 

10. 9. I. Benjamin,^ who inherited all his real estate at W., and ii. a daughter^ men- 
tioned as the sister of Benj., in 1672. ^ /3 > > '^ -^ , iVN To *«i i f\ 

9. 10. Benjamin,^ at the decease of his father, was probably a minor, and committed 
to the care of an uncle at Dedham, where ho appears about the time he is 
presumed to have attained his majority, and where he seems to have formed 
such connections as are usually preceded by a long and youthful acquaintance. He 
was admitted a townsman at Dedham 1, (11) 1655, which then iifaplied a previous 
probation, a good moral character, and the age of 21. His marriage is not on record ; 
but circumstances almost as conclusive show that he m. Martha Eairbank, the sister 
of George F., of Dedham, who was of a good family, and connected with George F., 
of Somerby, irf the vicarage of Halifax, Yorkshire. Benj. Bullard and George Fair- 
bank soon after embarked together in an undertaking that must have required cour- 
age, enterprise, and means above the possession of most young men of their commu- 
nity. To Capt. Eobert Eayne, of Boston, had been granted, in 1649, 1074 acres, 
at Pawsctt Hill, and which is now partly in Sherborn and partly in Medway. Cpt. 
Eayne d. Mar. 23, 1655-6. Of his executors, soon after, Bullard and Fairbank are 
presumed to have bought the south half or third of this tract ; and Hill and Breck, 
also brothers-in-law, from Dorchester, purchasing at the same time another part, 
bounding them upon the N. These constituted the second company who planted W.* 
of Charles River ; and they all located their dwellings with reference to natural 
security, and that which they soon provided. They settled here prior to Feb. 2, 
1658, when their first child was born. Benj. Bullard and his brother-in-law seem to 
have divided their part of the tract as was then common, so as to give each other 
scattered lots and secure sites for building near each other. Bullard took the N. and 
S. "W". parts, and located his dwelling on tho N. side of Bogistow Pond, near a copi- 
ous and still valuable spring. The situation was admirably chosen for the capture 
of game, the rearing of stock, and for security against surprise from hostile Indians. 
The scenery was such as a man of taste would have chosen. It is still both beautiful 
and sublime. From his door ke could survey the Broad Meadows, a wet prairie of 
five miles in extent, through which Charles River meanders, and which in vernal and 
autumnal seasons is converted into a lake. Hills beyond, covered with towering 
pines, then appeared mountains, while the soil beneath, lifted by roots two or three 
feet above its present level, concealed the hideous boulders which, in consequence of 
their decay, the absence of protecting humus and leaves, and the action of deeper and 
more frequent frosts, have since risen to the surface, and occasioned an inconsiderate 
impeachment of the judgment and taste of many an early planter. His land was then 
arable and rich. But his was a frontier location, cut off bj river and marsh, and a 

90, used often to relate it in her hearing as a tradition from his father, who professed to have 
received it from Bullards of the first generation, born in New England. He was born in 1706, 
was cotemporary with some of them, and his character is well endorsed on the records of three 
eharches. But it is no part of my object to derive our descent from a bull-hunting lord — though, 
as investigation proceeds, this, perchance, may yet be done — but from a higher stock, from one 
of the noble Puritans — men endowed of God with moral excellence and true dignity, compared 
with which the piles of the millionaire, and the glories of peers, primates and princes, are mean 
and contemptible. 

24 B U L L A K D . 

distance of four miles fronft the nearest settlement at Medfield. His prospects and 
life were in danger. He found Wood, Leland and Holbrook, settled from one to two 
miles N., and was soon joined by Bockwood and Daniels within one mile S., making, 
with Hill and Breck, one-third of a mile N., and Fairbank hard by on the S. W., a 
settlement of nine families, to be defended by themselves. They knew the Indian 
character and mode of warfare — that he never made his assault in the night, nor was 
he wont to cross open fields in his approach, or fail, if hungry, to publish it by killing 
a strayed ox. They accordingly selected for the site of their garrison the N. bank of 
Bogistow Pond, having long, wet prairies on the E. and N.W. The intervening neck 
was by fire and steel soon denuded on the N. and S., and a large vacuity secured. 
The waters of the pond in summer, and of Bullard's spring in winter, attracted their 
cattle, to report the missing and sound the alarm. Here they prepared to live, as 
all of them virtually did, the rest of their lives, in a state of warfare. They built 
for a garrison-house a spacious and regular fortress. It was superior to any similar 
structure on the then frontier. It was 65 or 70 feet long, two stories high, all of 
&ced stone, brought over ice from a quarry one mile distant at the N.W., and laid, in 
a workmanlike manner, in clay mortar. It bad a double row of port holes on all sides, 
lined with white oak plank, and flaring inward, so as to require no one to expose 
himself before them, while the besieged, by taking cross aims, could direct their fire 
to every point of the compass. This fortress was lighted and entered at the S. end, 
overlooking the pond, where the bank was so low that assailants from that quarter, 
in levelling at the high windows, would only lodge bullets in a plank chamber floor, 
or among the furniture of the garret. The upper story was appropriated to the 
women and children, and had a room partitioned off for the sick. To this place of 
security our ancestors, for more than two generations, were accustomed to flee in 
times of alarm, and here no small number of their children were born. In this fort 
they were onco besieged by a host of Philip's warriors, who, in despair of all other 
means, attempted to fire the building by running down the declivity above it a cart 
of burning flax. Arrested in its descent by a rock still to be seen, and an Indian 
who had run down to start it having been killed, a retreat was sounded, and the lives 
of our ancestors saved. Two months afterwards the enemy returned, when our fathers 
sallied forth and charged them with such execution that '* they never dared to show their 
faces there afterwards." The walls of this edifice were carefully preserved by the 
descendants of Benj. Bullard, until about 1785, when the proprietor sold out to a 
Vandal, who demolished them. Will the present proprietor, Horatio Mason, Esq., 
palisade the rock that scotched the cart, and saved the lives of five of his own ances- 
tors ? Benj. Bullard early united in the enterprise of adding a new town to the 
colony, and of enlarging the borders of Zion. In 1^62 ho signed the first petition 
for the incorporation of Sherborn. In 1673, Oct. 8, he sold for £40 his patrimonial 
estate, in Watertown, to Justinian Holden. In 1674 ho signed a second petition for 
the incorporation of Sherborn, when their prayer was granted, and he, by an Act of 
the General Court, with twelve other petitioners and twenty more of such as they 
might consent to receive as inhabitants, constituted a proprietor of lands, now compos- 
ing Sherborn, HoUiston, and large districts of £^ramingham and Ashland. After the 
incorporation of Sherborn, Beuj. Bullard was active in advancing her interests. In 
the petitions to the General Court, in the social compact of the town that he sub* 
scribed, he declared his high regard for the progress of the Gospel and the well-being 
of man. He was one of the six brethren to constitute the church at its formation. 
He served as Tythingman 1680, as Selectman, 1688 ; and was chosen to the very 
delicate oflice of seating the meeting when their house of worship was finished. 

The Indian claim to lands granted in S. prior to the incorporation of the town, not 
having been extinguished by the original grantees, Benj. B. united with nine other 
owners of these grants, and for £20, paid to seven natives ns principals, and cm- 


powered by '' the nataral descendants of the ancient inhabitants and proprietors of 
the lands in and about S./' procured, June 12, 1682, a quit-claim to 4000 acres. 
These included his farm of 150 do. ; and in 1686 he was rated with the forty pro- 
prietors and inhabitants of S. to raise an equal amount to extinguish the Indian claim 
to the remainder of 10,000 acres included in the township. He was rated among the 
highest, and this rate having been early adopted as the rule whereby the common 
lands should be proportioned, he and his heirs drew large shares, and became the 
owners of much land. He died intestate, Sept. 27, 1689, and administration was 
granted to his son Samuel, and Sarah Bullard? pr. his mother or sister. His per- 
sonal estate was appraised Nov. 28, 1689, by John Harding and Joseph Bullard, at 
£235 16s. ; and from another inventory, [Mid. Prob.] he seems, for his day, to have 
left a good property in > stock and lands. The ancient Bullard farm on Bogistow 
Brook, in Medway, the Bullard farms in the S. and W. of Sherbom, and in the N. 
and W. of HoUiston, were inherited from him, and drawn in his right. These have 
been enjoyed by many generations of his race, and well may his memory claim their 
gratitude and reverence. How can they show them ? He sleeps hard by the scene 
of his toils and perils. On the apex of one of Nature's pyramids, whose base is laved 
by Charles Eiver, repose his ashes, in company with those of the founders of Sher- 
bom. Over them are scattered the fragments of broken headstones, on their way to 
the river, whose gurgling waters seem to chant unheard the requiem of the dead, and 
whose bosom offers a more hospitable home to the tenants of their graves than their 
degenerate children are willing to provide, with law and justice to aid them. Editorg 
and travellers have cried " Shame ! *' in vain. Will the Bullards now interfere, 
redeem six feet, and mark it with a monument worthy of their great Puritan ancestor ? 
It can be readily and peaceably done. There is not a spirited female of the race 
who cannot, by her pen, accomplish it. Benj. Bullard^ m. 1st Martha Fairbanks, 
who d. Jan. 4, 1676-7. He m. 2d Elizabeth , 1677, and had 

I. Mary, Sept. 14, 1663, d. July 31, '66, at Bogistow ; 
15. 10. n. Samuel, Hn. and Capt., Dec. 26, 1667, m. Deborah Atherton ; 
18. 11. m. BfiBJ., Mar. 1, 1670, d. 1766, m. Tabitha ; iv. Hannah, Aug. 6, 

1672, m. Wm. Sheffield, of S., May 30, '92; 

V. Eleazer, Lt., June 27, 1676, m. wid. Sarah Leland, 1704, s. in Medfield; 

and d. without issue ; he had land in Black Swamp, and several lots in Holl. ; 
84. 12. VI. John, Mar. 7, 1678, m. Abigail Leland, dg. of Dea. Hopestill L. ; 

vii. Elizabeth, Jan. 31, 1681, pr. d. yg., being no further reported ; 
- — - vm. Mary, Feb. 20, 1683, m. Hopestill Leland, jun., of S.^ Feb. 24, 1701r2i 
87. 13. IX. Malachi, Mar. 8, 1685, m. Bathia Fisher ; 
92. 14. X. Isaac, July 25, 1688, d. 1742, m. Sarah Morse ; 

10. 15. Samuel,^ Capt. and Hon., inherited the homestead, and became the most 

prominent citizen in Sherborn, and left indubitable evidence of talents and 

integrity. For a series of years he commonly acted as Moderator of her town 

meetings ; served five years as Assessor ; nineteen years as Selectman ; represented 

her, 1708, '9, '23, '24 and '25, in the Great and Greneral Court, and was active in 

procoring for the town a grant of 4000 acres west of Mendon. He lived in an 

eventful period of her history, during which the administration of her affairs seemed 

to devolve mainly on him. He d. Dec. 11, 1727, a. 60. His will, dated Sep. 20, 

1726, and witnessed by Eleazer Bullard, John Breck, and Wm. Rider, and proved 

Jan. 8, '27, gave the use of all his estate, except farming utensils, to his wid. Deborah, 

while she remained his wid. ; and one third of the same if the should m. again ; and 

at her decease all should go to his son Benj., he paying £150 to the heirs of Martha 

Furbank, and £200 to his sister Deborah Bullard. Benj. and his mother Deb. 

were made joint ex'rs. His personal estate was inventoried May 13, 1728, and 


26 , BULLARD. 

appraised at £25G. He m. Deborah Atherton, June, 1G90, dau. of James AthertoD, 
previously of Lancaster, where she* was pr. b., and afterwards of Milton. Her father, 
pr. of the same family as Maj. Gen. Ham p. A., d. in S., Aug. 6, 1710, and his 
wid. Hanh. Dec. 29, 1713. [Mid. Prob. 19, p. 37.] Capt. Samuel B. had 

16. I. Samuel,^ Jan. 31, 1692, d. Oct. 14, 1714, um. ; n. Martha,* Feb. 11, 

1695, m. Eleazer Fairbank, of S., Dec. 25, 1712, and was the grandmother 

of Amos Twitchell, M. D., of Keen, N. H. 
21. 17. III. Benjamin,* Lt., Feb. 16, 1696-7, d. 1762; iv. Deborah, b. June 3, 

1704, d. Jly. 22, '05 ; v. Deborah,* Nov. 9, 17**, d. Feb. 10, '57, m. 

Eleazer Holbrook, Apl. 4, '28, r. Sh. 

11. 18. <£eQJ. Bullard, 3d, inherited land that had been assigned to his father S. 
W., of Brush Hill, and built his house on the road from Holliston to the W., 
about half a mile N. E. of Whitney's Quarry. As inheritor of his father's 
right in common lands, he in 1716 drew lands adjoining the N. E. corner of Mendon, 
now Milford ; and in 1715, 37 acres W. of Mendon, now Douglas. At the 2d 
division of lands at D., in 1730, there were 45 acres more drawn **tw Ids right^^ 
showing that he had disposed of his right in the grants at that place. He was chosen 
tythingman'in 1722 and '28, and repeatedly surveyor of hifl;hways, in the alteration 
and improvement of which he took uncommon interest. He occupied naturally the 
best land in the township, and seems to have quietly devoted his days to its cultiva- 
tion, until they were nearly numbered, and he and his wife in need of affectionate 
care from their children. Two of the four had settled in Holl., and his homo boy, 
born ab. 32 years before, was now of age, but unmarried ; and the father, ujader- 
Btanding that spinsters then, as well as now, were naturally averse to antiquities, and 
that his son either loved himself so that he could love nobody else, or that he had 
been kicked so often and hard that he would never more venture within the reach of a 
female blow, despaired of the arrival of any daughter-in-law, and removed in 1739-40 
to his son Benjamin's, in Holliston. Here he spent the remainder of his days, and 
settled his estate. To Benj. ho had given a deed of 60 acres as early as May 29, 
1727, and subsequently some other real estate in H. ; but on the 20th March, 1748, 
in consideration of his dutifulness in taking care of him and his wife, he conveyed to 
him all his right to common lands in S. and H., and to a tract in the cedar swamp 
in H. To Jona. he is presumed to l^ave left his beautiful farm in S. ; to Seth, other 
lands in H. and Douglas ; and to the old bachelor, at least, the privilege of grum- 
bling. He survived until about 1766, and d. intestate, aged ab. 90. He m. Ta- 

bitha , and had at S., 

26. 19. I. Benj.,* Mar. 4, 1702-3, d. 1766, m. 1st Judith Hill ; 2d, Kuth Hill ; 
151. 19^. II. Jona.,* Oct. 24, '06, d. at Barre, June 4, 1784, '*in his 78th year." 
33. 207 III. Seth,* Feb. 17. '08-9, d. 1775, m. Sarah Twitchell ; 2d, Lydia Haven ; 
IV, A son^ who lived and d. um., leaving no trace of his existence but traditions. 

17. 21. Benj., Lt., inherited the homestead, was constable in 1727, and served as 
selectman 15 years. He made his will Feb. 12, 1762, making ample pro- 
vision for his wid. Miriam, during her 1st widowhood, and magnanimously for 
her 2d do. should it occur. His farm of 185 acres he divided to his three 
sons, giving Benjamin the home lot, or E. division, who exchanged it for the 
S. W. do., given to Peter. To Samuel he gave the N. W. do. To Deb. 
Twitchell and Keziah Leland, each, he gave half his lands in Doug, and 
£80 ; and to Martha Leland £86 ; and the rest of his estate to be equally 
divided among his 3 sons, the eldest to be sole ex'r. He m. Miriam Morse, 
I. June 30, 1700, m. Dec. 20, 1721, dg. of Samuel, and grd. dg. of Daniel, 
ind gr. gd. dg. of Samuel Morse. She was long blind, and d. Dec. 9, 1^4. 

B U L L A R D. 27 

He had i, Adam, A. M., Jan. 8, 1722-3, grd. H. C, 1742, was assessor in 
S. 1747, and d. um. at Halifax, N. S. ; ii. Deborah, Oct 26, '25, m. Jona. 
Twitchell, of S., Mar. 1, '43-4 ; iii. Miriam, Nov. 27, '27, d. Aug. 4, '28; 
35. 23. IV. Samuel,'^ Col., Aug. 2. '29, s. ^ m. N. of Bogistow Pond ; 

V. Keziah,'^ Jan. 11, '31-2, m. Henry Leland, of Sh. ; 
41. 24. VI. Peter,'' Sep. 23, '34, s. at the homestead, N. of the Pond; 

VII. Martha,^ Sep. 15, '37, m. Simon Leland, of Sh. ; 
49. 25. VIII. Benjamin,* Cpt., Juno 30, '41, s. N. W. of the Pond, where H. 
Mason rs. 


19. 26. Benj.* settled in Holl. prior to 1727, and built his house ab. 30 rods E. 
of the N. E. corner of Milford. He m. Judith Hill, the mother of all his 
^ children, Nov. 9, 1727, dg. of ** old Mr. Ebenezer Hill," of S., whose lot of 
192 acres, in Douglas, ** falling well " at the drawing of shares in 1715, 
came forward after the town of S. had voted acceptance of a charge of £10 
for the survey, and " freely undertook to satisfy the committee and surveyor." 
Benj. m. 2d, Kuth Hill, Aug. 12, '62. He owned land in Holden, and 
with his brother Seth, Dec. 23, 1754, conveyed 75 acres to Samuel Bul- 
^ lard, [No. 23 and 35,] of Sherbom ; Benj. Bullard [No. 17] and Jason 

Haven witnessing the deed. He d. intestate, 1766. Administration was 
granted to his son Asa, cordwainer, Sept. 23, 1766, and his estate, was. in- 
ventoried at £636 Is. lid., consisting of the homestead, 130 acres at Rocky 
Hill, a lot on Deer Br., and another in Cedar Swamp ; all in H. To Asa 
all the real estate was assigned, and he appointed guardian of his brothers 
Ezekiel and Daniel, and sister Dinah, then in their minority. He had 

50. 27. I. Asa,* Jly. 10, 1730, d. 1804, to whom his real estate was assigned ; 

II. Judith,* Aug. 20, '33, m. Seth Thayer, Feb. 6, '52, and had Hannah, 
Apl. 10, '54, m. Abner Leland, of H., and d. ab. 1850, at Ashland; 
m. Tabitha,* Feb. 8, '34-5, m. Mordecai Day, of Mend, '66 ; 

63. 28. IV. Eleazer,* Mar. 11, '37, m. Hannah Rawson; v. Daniel,* Juno 11, '39, 
d. without issue after 1767 ; vi. David,* Aug. 11, '41, m, JSopestill Taft, 
of Mend., Nov. 27, 1766 ; vii. Mary,* June 6, '44, m. Michael Madden ; 
VIII. Dinah, named in the settlement of his estate, m. Steams. 

61. 31. IX. Nathan,* (not recorded,) m. Bathsheba Hill ; x. Lydia, named among 

the heirs of his estate, Dec. 16, 1767, m. Boynton. 

32. XI. Ezekiel,* Mar. 3, '48-9, settled in Maine. 

20. 33. Seth,* settled in Holl., m. Sarah Twitchell, Sop. 7, 1736, who was b. June 
1^, 1720, and d. Dec. 8, '51, dg. of Eben'r T., by. w. Sarah Pratt, and 
grd. dg. of Benj. T., of S., by w. Mary White, and pr. gr. grd. dg. of Joseph 
T. of Dorchester, who had land assigned him there 1635-6. Seth ra. 2d, 
Lydia Haven, Oct. 18, '52, b. 1715, dg. of Richard H., of Fram. Ho had 
63^^ I. Ebenezer,* Sep. 16, 1737, d. 1792 ; ii. Sarah,* April 1, '42, m. Solomon 
:• ^ ' Walker; in. Mary,* Jan. 4. '45-6, m. bamuel Claflin. 


23. 35. Samuel,* Col. , inherited one third of his father's farm, and built his house 
where the heirs of the late Elijah Hill reside. He was early invested with 
the honors of his fellow-citizens, and much confidence, through a long life, was 
placed in his judgment and integrity. He was received as C apt. B., a member of 
the Ancient Art. Co. 1755, chosen Selectman 1760, and served in that capacity nine 
years, and was Representative 1774. At the commencement, and during the Revo- 
lationary War, he was an active and efficient Whig ; served one campaign at Ben- 
DingtODy and was often on committees of correspondence and vigilance. He married 

ji*j ■.;/•■ 


MartbB Ferry, from Medfield, Dec. 12, '51, nbo died Jan. 8, '53, without Usoe ; 
and 2d, Jnly 10, 1754, Mary (Cooledge) Ware, wid. of Benj. W. (by whom she 
had no cbild), and dg. of Jamea Cooledge by w. FieeUtya Monk (dg. of Ellas and 
Hope Honk, &. Seekonk to SCoughton), and grd. dg. of John Cooledge of Sb., and 
gr. grd. dg. of Ena. John C, of Watertown, and gr. gr. grd. dg. of Hn, John C, of 
W. [Bond]. She was b. Jan. 7, 1731-2. and d. bis wid. Mar. 11, 1813. In.l763 
Col. Bullard bought of John Morse 30 acres, originally granted to Rev. Daniel 
Qookin, and once owned by James Cooiedee, his father-in-law, situated on the W. 
ride of the county road, at tbe bottom of the Meeting-honse Hill ; also' of Mosea Perry 
3 Bores, on tbe E. of the road, and 80 acres of rough woodland, S. of tbe road from 
tbe pliUD to tbe farm, and E. of tbe pbin. Tbe deeds may be found on record, and 
the slander-monger who Hever toma out for a grave except to tramp rongb-abod over 
it, can read them. In 1769 he bought land of Moses Perry for a malt-house. After 
tbe first puTchaae be moved to the plain, kept a boose of entertainment, and erected 
malt-works, which have been mccesafully carried on by hia descendants quite to tbe 
present time. He d. Mar. 5, 1807, with tbe dropsy. He had 
1. Mary,° Mar. 27,1755, who m. Eleazer Dowse ; 

71. 36. II. Adam," Oct. 27, '56 ; 

72. 87. m. Asa,^ Maj., April 27, '58, d. 1804-5, leaving no child, r. S. ; 

IV. Nabby," Sep. 11, '60, d. 1850, m. Nabum Wight, of W. ford; 

73. 38. T, James,'" Aug. 2:i, '62, i. June 30, 1828, with apoplexy ; 

VI. Mortba,''July 18, '04, in. Elisba Barber, of S.; 

VII. Julia," Aug. 24, '66, d. agd. about 19 ; 

74. 39. vin. Samuol," Apl, 14, '70, inherited " tbe French gun that had been hia 

gr. CTd- father Bullard's ; at. Nancy," Feb. 27, '68, m. Oliver Barber, of Sh. ; 

75. 40, X. Benj.,* May 14, '73 ; Xi. Betsey," June 16, '76, d. um. at Sherborn. 

24. 41. Peter,' settled on tbe ancient homestead, m. Patience Leland, dg. of Isaac 

L. by w. Abigail Mason, and b. Dec. 28, 1745, m. Mar. 11. '62, d. Feb. 27, 
'63. He m. 2d Elizabeth Ware, b. Aug. 22, '46, m. 1765, d. Feb. — , 
1814, dg. of John W. of Sb., and sis. of Eev. Dr. Henry W., sen., of H. TJ. 
He iftB' ofaosen Selectman 1770, but had little to do with public business 
beside affijrding pecuniary aid in the struggle for independence. He d. June 
11, 180^. He had i. Isaac,' Feb. 19, 1763, d. yg. ; n. Sarah, May 9, '66 ; 

76. 42. III. John,' Jan. 19, '68 ; iv. Elizabeth, Dec. 23, '69 ; 

77. 43. 7. Peter," Dec. 27, '70 ; vi. Betty, Feb. 27, '73 ; vii. Patience, Dec. 20, 

'74, d. yg. ; vin. Persis, Deo. 20, '74 ; ix. Patience, Mar. 14. '76 ; 

81. 44. X, Lewis," July, 92, '78 ; xi. Amos," Mar, 3, '81, d. um. ; xii. Mary,* 

Mar. 27, '83 ; 
83. 47. xin. Braton," June 14, '86 ; xiv. Leonard ; 

82. 48. XV. L^ard," Mar. 25, '92, m. Amy Breok. 

25. 49. Benj.,' Cpt/s. where Horalio Mason resides, then considered a part of 

Sherborn ; served at tbe age of 17 in the French war ; and at the commence- 
ment of the revolutionary struggle was at the head df a company at Lexmgton 
and Bunker Hill, and continued in the service until 1779. In 1780 he was 
chosen Selectman, bnt resigned before tbe end of the year, and removed to 
Newton, having in the meantime sold bis place to Abner Mason. He after- 
wards returned to S. In 1797 he removed to Hopk., where he became a 
Snsioner, and spent tbe remainder of bis life. He d. Feb, 16, 1834, a. 92. 
3 m. Beulah Pratt, dg. of Doct. P. of Med., and had i. Miriam," Nov. 4, 
1765, d. Deo. 18, 1848, m. Ehenr. Pratt, of S. ; ii. Charles," Feb. 21. '67, 
d. um. ; m. Ania, May 8, '68, d. um. ; it. Anna,* Juno 2, '70, d. in Yu, 


m. Malachi Babcock, of S. ; t. Arnold,^ May 5, '72, d. Sept. 8, 75 ; 
VI. Braton,^ Feb. 6, '74, d. Sep. 3, 75 ; vii. Beulah,^ Sep. 9, '75, r. um. 
in S. ; VIII. Arnold,^ Oct. 8, '77, m., s. and d. on Mohawk E. ; 
IX. Betty ,^ June 10, '80, at Needham ; x. Patience,* June 18, '83, d. um. ; 
XI. Julia,* Jan. 29, '86, rs. um. in S. 

27. 50. Asa,' inherited the homestead in the W. part of Holl., m. 1st, Hannah 

Jones (b. Aug. 6, 1734, d. Apl. 1762), dg. of Eli J., of H., by w. Marcy 
Underwood, and grd. dg. of Thos., of S. He m. 2d, Hannah Cook, daug. of 
Walter Cook, of Mendon, Nov. 1, 1762; made his will Dec. 17, 1802, and 
d. prior to June 12, 1804. He settled the homestead on his son Artemas, 
and appointed him executor, who transferred his right to his br. Walter, afler 
whose decease it passed out of the name, and became profaned as a railway- 
station. He had i. Asa,* Mar. 6, 1755, m. Lucy Harvey, June, '76, and d. 
at Sturbridge without issue. He was a soldier of the Ee volution ; 
52. II. Aaron,* Mar. 26, '57, m. Lovice Godfrey, of Milford, Sept. 21, 1780 ; 
80. 53. in. Joshua,* June 28, '59, d. May 13, '95 ; iv. Judith, June 24, '61, m. 
David Holbrook, of Holden ; V. Hannah,* Mar. 6, '64, by 2d w., m. Aaron 
Phips, of HqIU- 

78. 54. VI. Walter,* April 26, '65, m. Charlotte Harris ; vii. Eli, d. Sep. 22, '75; 

79. 55. vm. Artemas,* Doct., Dec. 8, '68, d. May 6, '42, at Sutton, r. Northbridge. 
149. 5Q. IX. Haziah,* Nov. 25, '70, d. , m. Keziah Leland ; x. Lydia,* 

Dec. 11, '72, d. Aug. 25, '75 j xi. Olive, June 16, '74, d. Aug. 30, '75 ; 
57. XII. Benj.,* Aug 9, '76, m. Thankful Leland, April 2, '98, and d., without 

issue, prior to Dec. 17, 1802, at Paxton ; xiii. Amos,* Aug. 23, '78, rs. Fr'k ; 
59. XIV. Jona.,* Sept. 14, *81, m. ^ Whiting, and d. at the West; 

XV. Polly, Oct. 6, '83, rm. Ellis, 2d Montague, r. Montague ; 

XVI. Joseph,* Sept. 18, '86, rs. at W. Med. 

31. 61. Nathan,* s. in HoUiston. He m. Bathsheba Hill, b. May 20, 1744, m. 

Apl. 13, '69, dg. of Joseph H., of S., by w. Huldah , and grd. dg. of 

Doct. Eleazer H., of S., and gr. grd. dg. of Eleazer H., of Medfield, and gr. 
gr. grd. dg. of John H., of Dorch. and Sh., and gr. gr. gr. grd^ dg. of pr. Mr. 
John Hill, of D., in 1633, who d. ** old," in 1664. He had i. Phoebe,* 
Apl. 2, '70 ; n. Huldah, Feb. 28, '72 ; in. Ezel., Feb. 24, '74, d. yg. ; 
62. IV. Daniel,* Mar. 13, '77 ; v. Lydia,Mar. 21, '79 ; vi. Huldah, Jly 12, '81 ; 
vn. Nathan,* Aug. 21, '85, d. yg. 

28. 63. Eleazer,* resided in Hoi., m. Hannah Eawson, fr. Mend., Apl. 3, 1759, and 

had I. Joel,* May 24, 1760 ; ii. Elijah,* May 17, '62 ; iii. Benj., Apl. 12, '64. 

34. 67. Ebenezer,* resided in H. and Fram., m. Betsey Haven, and had 

I. Betsey,* Apl. 9, 1759, m. Moses Fisk, of Fram. ; ii. Lydia,* m. Ezekiel 

Eice ; iii. Sally, m. John Parkhurst ; iv. Polly,* b. in Athol, m. Porter; 

68. V. Dainiel,* b. in Templeton, m. Wid. Nutt ; vi. Ebenezer,* b. in Petersham, 
d. yg. ; VII. Seth,* b. in Athol, m. Newton, of S.boro'. [Barry.] 

36. 71. Adam,* s. in S., became interested with his brother Asa in a forge in Hoi., 
and removed to Williamsburg. He m. Eebecca Miller, and had i. Eebecca,' 

Sept. 21, 1784, m. Wing, r. Savoy ; ii. James,'' Apl. 15, '87 ; 

in. Julia,' Nov. 4, '91, m. Wing ; iv. Samuel,' Jan 13, '93 ; 

V. Asa'; vi. Mary'; and others.' 

57* 72. Asa,* Maj., served as an officer in the Eevolutionary War ; m. Keziah Le- 

30 B U L L A R D . 

land, his cousin ; had Caroline/ and Harry/ both of whom d. yg. He sub- 
sequently lost his reason, and was taken care of by his brother James. 

38. 73. James,^ possessed his father's place on Edward's Plain, and carried oh the 

manufacture of malt. Ho m. Mary Harding, dg. of Simon H., of Medfield, 
by w. Mary Gardner,. fr. S., who m. 2d, Caleb Leland, of S., and d. in M. 
Mr. James B. m. 2d, Catherine Nason, fr. Walpole, Oct. 1796. He had 

I. Andrew,' Aug. 13, 1787, m. Beulah Coolidge (d.), a lady of great excel- 
lence of character, dg. of Daniel C, of S., by w. Beulah Smith, and grd. dg. 
of Joseph C. by w. Elizabeth Frost, and gr. grd. dg. of Isaac C, Esq., of S., 
by w. Hannah Morse, dg. of Hn. Joseph M., of S., and had 

t. James^ Jan. 20, 1813, who inherits the homestead in Sh. ; married 
Elizabeth M. Lathrop, b. Aug. 15, 1817, and has Edward B.,^ Agnes 
H.,» Marietta L.,9 Carrie I. ; » 

II. Daniel O.^ Dec. 27, 1814, m. Elizabeth Keyser, fr. Germantown, 
r. G. ; has Rufus K.,^ Charles,^ Miller,* Samuel,* and Eleanor ; * 

III. Edward,^ June 18, '18, d. a. ab. 21 ; 

IV. Rufiis,^ Sept. 27, '20, m. Mary Leighton, and d. Oct. 1, '49, in Cal. ; 
T. Eliza W.,^ Feb. 12, '24, m. Amasa H. Lathrop, r. S. ; 

VI. Lucy,* Apl., 1826, m. Benj. Kendall, A. M., r. Newburyport; 

VII. Justin,^ r. um. in New York ; 

II. Harry,'' b. Mar. 16, 1789, m. Mary BuUard ; inherited and carried on the 
ancient malt works, which he some time ago voluntarily demolished. They had 

I. George Henry ,» Aug. 12, 1833 ; 

II. Kufus Nason,» April 27, '38 ; 

in. Mary,' Jan. 4, 1796, resides, a maiden lady, at S. 

39. 74. Samuel,^ m. Hannah Plympton, fr. Medfield, and had only Almira,^ d. yg. 

40. 75. Benj.,« r. S.' m. Persis Babcock, Mar. 31, 1796, who d. Aug. 19, 1809.' 

He m. 2d, Nancy Dexter ; 3d, Harriet (Pond) Farrington ; 4th, wid. (Pierce 
— Daniels) Hines, '41, and had i. Otis,^ Aug. 6, 1797, m. Polly Pierce, r. 
Fram., had PoUy Maria,^ and Ira Otis,^ r. F. ; ii. Ede,^ Oct. 8, 1800, d. 
. um., a. 32 ; iii. Samuel Dexter,'^ May 1, 1814, d. a. 19 ; iv? Persis Ann,' 
m. Michael Guym, r. S.; v. Benj.,'' d. a. 5 ys. 

42. 76. John,® Esq., s. in S., m. Mary Whitney, dg. of Hon. Daniel W., Esq. ; was 
Selectman 8 years, and Eepresentative 1819, and had i. Sally,' Mar. 5, 1794, 
m. Martin Clark, of S., who d. at Savannah ; 2d, Wm. Stratten, of S., and 
had John B.,^ Mary W.,® Eliza M.,^ who m. And. Becker, and has 2 chd'n. ; • 

II. Mary W.,' Feb. 5, 1804, m. Harry BuUard ; 

III. Elizabeth,' May 16, '07, d. Dec. 5, '44, without issue; m. Richard 
Richardson, of Med. ; rv. John W.,' May 13, '09, d. yg. ; v. Daniel,' May 
13, '11, inherits the central division of the ancient Bullard Farm at Bogistow 
Pond, and occupies a house built 1822, ab. 60 rods W. of the site of the fijrst 
house. He m. Abigail Shumway, dg. of Capt. John S., of Dover ; 2d, Mary 
Ann H. Hixon, dg. of Isaac, orxAsa H., of Med., and has John S,,^ Ahhy 
A.,^ and by 2d w., JSlla M.^ and Frank? 

43. 77. Peter,® resided in S., Baire and Worcester, m. Ann Babcock, b. Mar. 11, 
1774, dg. of Malachi B., of S., by w. Mary Holbrook, and grd. dg. of Ebnr. 
B. by w. Abigail Leland, and gr. grd. dg. of Ebnr. B., fr. Milton to S., ab. 
1677. He had i. Horatio,' Sept. 26, 1794, d.yg.; ii. Almoran/ April 6, 
'96, d. in S. America ; iii. Harriet,' Feb. 17, '99, d. yg. ; iv. Horace,' Sept. 


7, 1800, m. Sopbia Smith, r. Worces. ; t. Dexter,' Apl. 26, 1803, 
w. consumption ; vi. Lyman,' d. w. do., agd. ab. 21 ; vii. Persis Ann,' m. 
Perrin Bliss, r. Worces. ; viii. Elizabeth,'^ Alfred Allen, and d. at Spfd. 

64. 78. Walter,^ m., 1787, Charlotte Harris, s. in the W. part of Holl.,on the old 
homestead, and had 

166. 78^. I. Eli,' Apl. 12, 1788; ii. Alpheus,' Mar. 19, '90; iii. Zebina,' April 4, 
1792, r. Bellingham, m. Polly Hixon, dg. of Asa H., of Med., by w. Polly 
Turner, a descendant of Elder Bre'wster, of Plym., and grd. dg. of Seth H., 
by w. Bethiah Partridge, dg. of James P. by w. Kez. BuUard, has Milton^ ; 
IV. Jasper,' July 7, '94; v. Nancy,' June 30, '96; vi. Meranda,' Dee. 28, 
'98; VII. Charlotte,' May 21, 1801 ; viii. Walter,' July 17, 1803; 
IX. Benj.,' April 28, '06 ; x. Irene,' Sept. 8, '08 ; xi. John;' xii. Mary.' 

55. 79. jDr. Artemas Bullard, of Sutton, was the second son of Asa BuUard, of 
HoUiston, by Hannah Cook, his second wife. He was the executor of his 
father's will, who was the administrator of the estate of his father, Benjamin 
Bullard, and thus a variety of papers came to his hands, relating to his ancestors, 
from which it appears that they early removed from the town of Sherborn to HoUis- 
ton. Of a family of five children by the first wife, and eleven by a second, Artemas 
was the only one professionally educated. About the time he became of age, he 
commenced the study of Medicine with Dr. John B. Kittredge, of Framingham, and 
completed his studies with Dr. Daniel Fiske, of Oxford. Ho was with Dr. Fiske 
about two years ; and the ancient people of Oxford recollect Dr. Bullard as a ** smart 
young physician," whom they were desirous of having settled with them. 

With an inventory of medicines costing twelve pounds, and under a debt of the 
like amount, he commenced practice in Northbridge, August 28, 1794, and con- 
tinued there till his removal to Sutton, April 8, 1805. While a Student of Medi- 
cine at Oxford, he became acquainted with his first wife, Maria Waters, eldest 
daughter of Ebenezer Waters, Esq., of Sutton, a relative of Dr. FisW, and they were 
married February 17,* 1796. She was a very worthy lady, but died, without issue, 
in about two years after her marriage, and now sleeps in the tomb of her father, in a 
private cemetery near West Sutton village. Upon this tomb is a monumental tablet, 
with many inscriptions, commemorative of the family of her father. 

On the 6th of December, 1798, Dr. Bullard married, as his second wife, Lucy 
White, the eldest daughter of Mr. Jesse White, of Northbridge, by whom he had 
three daughters and seven sons. She now survives him in the enjoyment of health, 
and the respect of all who know her. She was brought up and diucated in the Ana- 
baptist way ; but soon after tho birth of their, first child, she and her husband both 
became connected with the Congregational Church, under the pastoral care of the 
late Rev. Dr. John. Crane, for whom they always cherished the greatest regard. 

In Northbridge Dr. Bullard was mucb esteemed both as a citizen and physician, 
and his practice in that place and vicinity became extensive. But his father-in-law. 
Esquire Waters, being advanced in years, and having a large and beautiful farm in 
the westerly part of Sutton, induced him to jgurchase it ; and after that, his attention 
was divided between his profession and his failn. He, however, continued to practise 
as long as he lived. In 1805, when military honors were not so cheap as at present, 
he was appointed by Governor Strong surgeon of the regiment where he resided ; 
and in 1814 the Council of the Massachusetts Medical Society elected him as a Fel- 
low. Nothing was wanting to give him an eminent position in his profession, but 
exclusive devotion to it. 

Dr. Bullard belonged to the school of domestic economists, who regard industry 
and subordination as indispensable elements in a wise administration of family gov- 


ernment ; yet he was an indulgent father. In his desire for the preferment of his 
children, he always seemed to forget himself. They were all well educated ; — ^three 
of his sons were graduates, and entered the ministry ; one is a physician, in extensive 
practice, in Indianapolis ; and his three daughters all married professional men. 

In his person Dr. Bullard was somewhat ahove the ordinary stature ; of light florid 
complexion ; light blue eyes ; nose slightly aquiline ; and, in short, as his surviving 
contemporaries say, '* a fine-looking man." He possessed ardent feelings, and great 
energy of character, united with a sound judgment. His integrity was proverbial — 
always doing exact justice to others, and expecting the same from them. He thus 
secured the confidence and respect of all, while he failed to gain that personal popu- 
larity which often results from an indiscriminate indulgence of faults, under the name 
of charity. 

The residence of Dr. Bullard at West Sutton was upon a beautiful rise of land, 
about half a mile south-east of the village. In his family it will long be recollected 
and designated as ** Bullard Hill." The dwelling-house is a substantial two-story 
structure, erected some three-fourths of a century ago, but still looks as if it might 
serve several generations more. Four or fivo rods west of it is one of those magnifi- 
cent elms that characterize so many of the early New England homes. The farm is 
now owned and occupied by Joseph Bullard, the third son of the Dr. But one of 
the children has deceased, whilst the rest of them, with their families, are settled in 
several dififerent States in the Union. 

The death of Dr. Bullard was occasioned instantaneously, by a fall in his barn ; 
but for which he might have survived, in comfortable health, for several years. It 
occurred on the sixth day of May, 1842. His funeral was attended by a large con- 
course of relatives and friends, and the funeral services were performed by the Rev. 
Hiram Tracy, of Sutton, and the R«v. David Holman, of Douglas. He was buried 
in the West Sutton Cemetery. The lot in which he lies is enclosed by an iron 
fence, which, if it receives from his descendants the care that filial piety and respect 
owe to the monjipents of the dead, will resist the corrodings of the elements for many 
centuries. Wnnn this enclosure is erected a plain marble head-stone, with the fol- 
lowing inscription upon it : *' Dr. Artemas Bullard ; born at HoUiston, December 
8, 1768 ; died at Sutton, May 6, 1842, aged 73." 

By the side of his grave is the vacant but chosen resting-place of the much-cher- 
ished partner who still survives him. Long may it remain untenanted ! 

Worcester, Dec. 22, 1854. Com. by i. m. b. 

55. 79. Poet. Artemas Bullard m. 1st, Maria Waters, Feb. 17, 1796, dg. of Eben- 
ezer W. of Sutton, by w. Mary Adams, b. Aug. 6, 1769, and d. June 6, 
'98, without issue. He m. 2d, Lucy White, Dec. 6, '98, dg. of Jesse W. 
of Northbridge, by w. Anna Mason, and b. May 5, 1778, who still survives.* 
^They had 
5f>>jyiaria Waters, Jan. 25, 1800, Whs m. Nov. 11, 1823, at Sutton, by Kev. 
. Edmund Mills, to Hon. Ira Moore, Barton, b. at Oxford, Oct. 25, 1796, 
and named Ira ; but in testimony of respect for the memory of his ma- 
ternal grd. mother, and revered gr. grd. father Moore, the first magistrate 
in the ancient town of Oxford, he in 1838, by an act of the General Court, 
adopted the additional name of Moore. He grad. at Brown University, in 
1819, and at the Law School of Har. Univ. in 1822 ; practised law in his 
native town 1822-34, and represented her in 1830-1-2 in the House 
and the Co. of Worcester, in 1833-4 in the Senate of our Legislature. In 
1834, he removed to Worcester. In 1836, he was appointed Judge of Pro- 

* Her grd. father Mason died from a casualty at Thompson, Ct., aged upwards of 103 years. 


bato for Worce. Co., and in 1840, chosen Elector for President and Vice 
Pres. In 1844, he resigned his Judgeship, and in 1846, represented the 
city of Worcester. Since then, he has resided in W. in comparative retire- 
ment, holding only the honorahle and useful office of a Justice. His numer- 
ous friends, however, as though not satisfied with his enviable position in so- 
ciety, and convinced that he is the strongest man in the ranks of their conser- 
vative party, have sought to inflict on him a mission to Washington, but it is 
hoped that he and the entire race with which he is here incorporated, will main- 
tain integrity enough to keep them in these days, out of Congress as well as 
State Prison. He had * 

I. Wm. Sumner, Sep. 30, 1824, at Oxford, m. Anne Elizabeth Jenni- 
son, Apl. 4, 1849, at Worcester, had" Mary Barton, at W., Sep. 29, '43. 

II. Anna Maria, Apl. 21, 1826, at Oxf., m. Nov. 7, '49, at W., John 
Wm. Bigelow, had at Medford, Wm. Blake, Feb. 5, '52. 

III. Artemas BuUard, Aug. 12, 1828, d. June 21, '31, at Oxf. 

IV. Charles Henry, Apl. 10, '30, at 0., m. Isabella Edwards, June 
20, '53, at Greensburg, la., had at G., Maria Edwards, Apl. 8, '54. 

V. Artemas Bullard, Dec. 5, 1831, at Oxf.,d. Apl. 17, '37, atW. 

VI. Lucy Ann, Jly. 24, 1834, at Worcester. 

VII. Francis Augustus, Oct. 24, 1836, at W. 

VIII. Edmund Mills, Sep. 27, 1838, at W. 
s^ rx. George Edward, Jly. 30, 1841, at W. 

H. Artemas, Kev. D. D., June 3, 1802, at Northbridgc. 
Of his early history I have no knowledge. He grad. at Amherst Col. ; and 
studied divinity at Theo. Sem., Andover, where he^completed his course 
1827. Of his style and success as a preacher, of his vigilance and fidelity as 
a pastor, and of his labors and efficiency in the cause of general education 
and benevolence, I need not at present write. They are sure of preservation 
in the history of the Western country, and of the metropolis where he 
has latterly resided, and will constitute an instructive chapter in tho future 
history of the Bullard race. 

He m. June 2, 1829, Ann T. Jones, b. Jan. 31, 1808, dg. of Samuel J., Esq., of 
Acton, by w. Anna Tuthill, sis. to Miss Sarah T. sec'y to Fern. Teachers' Ass., 
Mass., and a descendant from the brother of Arch Bp. Leighton. He had 

I. Artemas Everett, Jly. 19, 1830, at Charlestown, Mass., d. Apl. 
13, '36. 

II. Ann Maria, Jly. 19, 1832, at Boston, d. Apl. 28, '33, at Walnut 
HiUs, 0. 

m. Tho. Green F., Mar. 25, 1834, at W. Hills, d. Nov. '38, at St. Louis. 

IV. Rob't Leighton, Mar. 21, 1837, at W. HiUs, d. Jan. 25, '48, at St. 

V. Henry, Sep. 23, 1839. 

vr. Anna Elizabeth, Sep. 29, 1842, d. Jan. 13, '48, at St. L. 
VII. Edward Payson, Jan. 19, 1845, d. Jan. 12, '48. Three of the 
K above deaths, were with the scarlet fever, in the space of only 13 days, 
m. Asa, Rev. A. M., b. Mar. 26, 1804, and like most men of his use- 
fulness, embraced the Gospel in his youth. It was in Feb., 1821, that he 
first indulged hopes in the pardoning mercy of God ; and on the 12th of 
Aug. of the same year, was received into the Congregational chh. ^t Sut. He 
prepared for col. at Amherst Academy, and grad. there in 1828 ; engaged for 
the next year in teaching at Augusta, Me. ; entered And. Theo. Sem. in the 
. Autumn of '29, but in Apl., '31, accepted an appointment as agent for the 
Maine Sabbath School Union, in which office he continued for three years, 



34 BULLARD. '^ 

daring which he superintended the establishment of at least 300 Sabbath 
Schools. On the 13th of Jan., 1832, he was ordained at Portland as an Evan- 
gelist. On Mar. 1, '34, he was called to the Secretaryship of the Mass. Sab- 
mith School Society, the duties of which office he has continued to discharge 
for 21 years, with a promptness and efficiency that command the gratitude of 
the public. Besides the other onerous duties of this office, he has edited 10 
vols, of the S. S. Visitor, and 11 do. of the Well Spring, and contributed to 
form the minds and hearts of hundreds of thousands, for time and eternity. 
^He m. Lucretia G. Dickinson, May 16, 1832, dg. of the excellent and long 
' to be remembered Samuel Fowler D. of Amherst, by w. Lucretia Gunn, 
from Montague, and had 

I. Catherine Dickinson, Aug 12, 1834, d. Aug. 17, '34. 

n. Louisa Dana, Nov. 7, 1835. 

m. Wm. Read, Sep. 7, 1837. 

IV. Mary Elizabeth, Feb. 17, 1840. 

V. Helen Knight, Sep. 27, 1845. 

TV. Joseph, Oct. 30, 1806, s. on the Homestead at Sutton, m. Apl. 3, 1834, 
Olivia P. Hill, and had at Sutton,, 

I. Eliza Ann, May 31, 1835. 

II. In Barton, May 26, 1837, at Holden. 
in. Henry Beecher, Apl. 9, 1839. 

IV. Agnes Olivia, Aug. 20, 1841, d. Nov. 5, '41, at Holden. 

V. Franklin Eugene, Dec. 13, 1842. 

\. Lucy Ann, Nov., 1809, m. May 19, '31, Rev. Lot Jones, b. at Bruns- 
wick, Me., Feb. 22, 1797, grad. at Bowdoin Col., was Sector of the Epis. 
ohh. at Olappville, but now of New York ; and had 

I. Wm. Henry, Mar. 14, 1832, d. Mar. 16, '38. 

n. Maria Louisa, Jly. 12, 1834, at New York. 

m. Emily, Nov. 27, 1835, d. Mar. 31, '36. 

IV. Lucy Ann, Mar. 23, 1837, d. Mar. 24, '37. 
N^ V. Henry Lawrence, May 30, 1839. 
VI. Ebenezer Waters, Rev. A. M., Nov. 9, 1809, prepared for Col. at the 
Academyin Amherst, and pursued his studies for three years at the Col. in that 
place. Here it was in 1831, during are vival of religion, that he first enter- 
tained Christian hopes, and had his heart turned to the ministry. The West- 
em Country presented a field for all his ardor and enterprise ; and as a measure 
preparatory to the greater usefulness in that field, he transferred his relation 
from Amherst Col. to Miami University at Oxford, 0., where he grad. 
Li 1834, he entered Lane Theo. Sem. at Walnut Hills, Oh.; returned in 
feeble health to Mass., '36; was licensed in ^ov. that year by the Harm'y 
Asso. ; ord. Pastor of the Calvinistic Congl. Fitchburg, Aug. 8, '38 ; 
dismissed -from his charge, Jly. 1, '52 ; reinstalled at Boyalston, Sep. 2, en- 
suing, where he now resides. He m. Aug. 8, 1838, Mary P. Smith, dg. of 
Oliver S., of Hadley, b. June 6, 1813, d. Dec. 2, '41. He m. 2d, Harriet 
N. Dickinson, Sep. 15, '43, dg. of Dea. Wm. D., of Hadley, and b. Mar. 5, 
1818. He had 

I. Harriet Marguerite, Nov. 28, '44. 

II. Caroline, Feb. 6, '47. 

in. Lucy Ann, Aug. 31, '49. 

IV. Wm. Ebenezer, Jan. 23, '52. 

V. Edmund Dickinson, Sep. 20, '53, at Boyalston. 

'Tii. Eunice White, Aug. 3, or 26, 1812, m. Eev. Henry Ward Beecher. 
-vin. Talbut, M. D., Aug. 16, 1815, m. Aug. 1, '39, Susan B. Gotten. •■ 


\s. Jesse Mason, Nov. 12, 1818, lost am. with the ship Alhert R. Harris, 
off the Bay of San Francisco, Feh. 3, 1851. 
— X. Oliver Crosby, Jan. 20, 1822, m. Sarah Jane Hartwell, at Sntton, Oct. 
19, '43, settled in Sutton ; and had 

I. Wm. Sumner, Sep. 11, '44. 

II. Lizue Jane, Jan. 11, '47. 
ni. Lucy Maria, Feb. 2, '50. 

lY. Isabella Henderson, b. and d. May 17, '54, at Lenox. 

53. 80. Joshua,* m. Bathiah Taft, 1782, s. in Milford and had i. Nathan,' May 17, 
1783 ; n. Josiah/ Oct 4. '86 ; in. Lewis,' Apl. 12, '92 ; iv. Lydia,' Dec. 
13, '94. 

44. 81. Lewis,* m. Eliza Fiak, dg. of John F. of S., r. Bos., had i. Hamet,' d. a. 18. 
II. Elizabeth,' d. yg. ; in. Elizabeth,' m. Joel Nurse of Bos. 

48. 82. Leonard,* m. Amy Breck, dg. of Daniel B., of S., by w. iPatty Learned, and 
grd. dg. of Elijah B^^ by w. Sarah Hill, and gr. grd. dg. of John B., by 
w. Mehetabel Morse (dg. of Hn. Cipt. Joseph Morse), and gr. gr. grd. dg. 
of Tho. B., of S., by w. Mary Hill, (dg. of tfohn H., of Dorchester,) and pr. 
gr* S^' gr- grd. dg. of Edwd. B., of Dorch. He has been a trader in Bos., but 
now r. in S. He had i. Harriet,' Aug. 2, 1827, r. Sh. ; ii Leonard,' Mar. 
18, '30, d. May 19, '33. in. Almira L.,' Aug. 10, '33, d. Sept. 23, '33. 

47. 83. Braton, w. Irene (Death) Ware, b. Ap. 7, 1789, wid. of Henry W. and dg. 
of Henry D., by w. Huldah Pennim^, and grd. dg. of Henry D., by w. 

Rachel Leland, and gr. grd. dg. of John D., Esq., by w. Waitstill , and 

gr. gr. grd. dg. of J(£n and Mary D., fr. Topsfield to Sb. in 1678, had at S., 
I. Elizabeth, Nov.* 10, 1816, d. yg. ; n. Henry Ware, Mar. 31,'18, m. Caro- 
line Babcock ; in. Irene, July 17, '20, m. Orrin J. Ranlett, r. Waltham ; 
IT. Elizabeth, Nov. 17. 21, m. Joseph Dowse, jun., r. S. ; y. ^mos, Jan. 4, 
'24, m. Mary Ann Chamberlain, r. S. ; yi. Lewis Fisk, Feb. 28, '26, died 
yg. ; vn. Sarah, Jan. 7, '28, r. S. ; viii. Joseph Ware, Ap. 2, '30, m. 
Mary Goulding, Dec. 10, '54, rs. S. 

12. 84. John* seems to have inherited apart of his father's farm which fell into the 
N. part of Medway, near the S. E. comer of Holl., and almost surrounded 
by Bogistow Brook. He m. Abig'l Leland,* b. Feb. 17, 1683, m. Jan. 7, 
1702, dg. of Hopestill L.,» by w. Abig'l HiU,* and §rd. dg. of Heniy W by 
w. Margaret Babcock, and gr. grd. dg. of Hopestill L./^ the Puritan, who 
came from Yorkshire, £bg., landed and settled at Weymouth, and d. at 
Medfield, ^' 1655, aged 75," the patriarch to whom belonged the honors 
that have been paid to the memory of his son Henry. John had at Med., 
I. Thankful,* m. John Harding, of Med., was gr. gd. mother to Rev. Sewell H. 

96. 85. n. John,* May 16, 1705, m. Sarah Daniels, Feb. 20, '33. Her nlatter, 
marked S. B., was presented to Mrs. Oalim BuUard, of S.; in. Ahigail 
Dec. 4, 1708, m. Tim. Clark, of Med., and was the gr. gr. grd. mother of 
Ror. Geo. Walker, of Holl.; iv. Hannah,* May 12, '14, d. ah. 1800, m. 
Henry Daniels, of Medway, 1733, who d. in his 99th yr. ; 
V. Mary,* Ap. 7, 1717, m. Moses Harding, of Medfield, and had Nathan, 
Henry, &c.; vr. Comfort,* Mar. 2, 1721, m. Jona. Wheeler, of Med., and 
was the gr. grd. mother of Bev. Mrs. Sewell Harding. 

99. 86. VI. Henry,* Oct. 1, 1723, d. Ap. 30, 1799, m. Jemima Pond, fr. Wren- 

36 ^ BULLARD. 

13. 87. Malachi,^ s. 1^, m. N. of Medway Village, where Mrs. Lois. BuUard now 

resides, m. Botbia Fisher, dg. of Josiah Fisher, and grd. dg. of Anthony, fir. 

Dedham. He had 
108. 88. 1. Malachi,* Ap. 27,1710, m. Rachael HUl, b. May 26, 1711, m.May 21,'31. 

n. KeziahS Dec 2, 1711, d. about 1802, m. James Partridge, of M. 
110. 90. III. Elisha,* Aug. 15 '1 4, m. Bathsheba Fisher, Aprl 9, 1736,was very stout. 

IV. Eleazer,* Sept. 17, '17, died June 12, 1726 ; v. Lydia,* June 25, '26, d. 

June 7, 1730. 

14. 92. Isaac,* s. in Sherbom, now N. part of H., drew, 1715 and '30, in Dgl., 70 acres. 
Hp made his will July 6, 1742, giving the improvement of his house and lands 

to his wife Sarah during the minority of his son, Isaac, after which Isaac should 
occupy one half until her decease, when an equal diviidon of what had been his 
home lands, including 70 acres previously given to his son Samuel, shd. be made to 
the two sons. He also mentioned his three daughters, all then living and married. 
Sarah and Samuel were made executors, and presented their account Sept., '43. His 
estate was appraised Sept. 15, 1742, but his will (see Mid. Prob.) seems not to have 
been proved. Sarah was appointed, Aug. 13, 1742, guardian to her son Isaac, then 
in his 16th year. 
Isaac,' m. Sarah Morse, dg. of Lt. Sam'l M., of Medfld, had i. MaryS Mar. 28, 

1711, m. John Haven, of Fram., Mar. 9, '31-2. 
119. 93. II. Samuel,* Capt., Jan. 11, '14-15, d. May 27, '93, m. Deborah Morse. 

III. Sarab,* Oct 3, '18, m. Ephm. Littlefield, of H., May 30, '35 ; 

IV. Eli2abeth,* Feb. 18, '20-1, m. Aaron Jones, of H., Mar. 17, '36-7. 
121. 95. Isaac,* Oct. 9, '26, d. Jan. 12, 1814, m. Beulah Leland. 

85. 96. John* s. on part of the homestead in Med. His w. was Sarah Daniels, b. 
May 1, 1707, dg. of Joseph D., and grd. dg. of Joseph D. of Medf d, who 
m. Mary Fiurbanks, Nov. 16, 1665. He had i. John,* Dec. 1, 
1733, d. yg. ; ii Sarab,* Jan. 1, '35-6, m. David Fisk, of Hoi., and was 
the mother of Time. Fisk, A. M., M. D., of H. 
125. 98. m. Tunothy,* Mar. 21, '40, d. Jan. 6, 1827, a. 87, at Med. ; 
IV. Nathan,* May 16, '48, pr. d. yg. 

86. 99. Henry,^ s. on the homestead in Med., m. Jemima Pond, Mar. 14, 1745-6, 
who d. May 19, '66. He m. 2. AbigaU Morse, dg. of Nath'l M., by w. 
Sarah Cooledee, and grd. dg. of Jos. M. by w. Pris. Golbume, and gr. grd. 
dg. of John M., and gr. gr. grd. dg. of Sam'l M., had i. Maiy,* Oct. 14, 
1746, d. Feb. 18, 1825, m. Time. Hill, '66, r. S. and H. ; 

130. 100. n. Henry,* Apl. 29, 1749, d. May 11, 1821, m. Rebecca Richardson ; 

131. 101. III. Adam,* Aug. 10, 1752. d. Mar. 8, 1843, m. Lois Richardson, her 


132. 102. IV. John,* A. M., Nov, 28, '56, m. Elizabeth Adams, dg. of Rev. Amos 

A,^of Roxbury ; 

133. 103. V. Eli,* Esq., A. M., Nov. 16, '58, d. May, 1824, m. Ruth Buckmins- 

ter, of Fram. ; 

134. 104. VI. Royal,* Apl. 21, '62, d. Mar. 25, 1785, m. Ruth P«iniman, of 

Med. ; 
'135. 105. VII. Samuel,* May 15, '66, d. Sep. 1830, m. Abig'l Bullard, dg. of Tim. 
B. By 2d w. Abigail, he had vni. Abigail,* Apl. 11, '73, d. Sep. 24, '76 ; 
IX. Marg't, Nov. 1, '75, d. Oct. 14, '76; 

136. 106. X. Liberty,* Nov. 11, '77, d. ab. 1848, m. Abig'l Learned, 2d 

Holbrook, fr. Bell ; 


137. 107. XI. Amos,* Feb. 25, '80, d. ab- 1818, m. Abigail Adams, dg. of Obadi- 
ah of Med. ; zii. Abigail,'^ Aug. 11, '83, m. Thomas Borbank, r. Warren. 

88. 108. Malacbi^ m. Bacbel Hill, dg. of Samuel H., of Med., by w. Rachel 
Adams,* and settled 1^ m. N. of Med. village on the homestead ; had only 
109. I. Isaac,* b. July 9, 1744, m. Mary Fisher, dg. of Dea. Sam'l Fisher, a 
desdt. of Lieut Joishua F., of Ded. 

90. 110. Elisha,* 8. 1-3 m. W. of his br. Malachi, where Seth Hixon resides, 
inheriting pr. one half of his Other's homestead, which he sold to Samuel 
Howard, and rm. He had by w. Bathsheba Fisher, b. May 4, 1714, dg. of 
Samuel F., by w. Mary Rocket, of Wrenth., i. Lydia,* Nov. 26, 1736 • 
If Miriam," Nov. 24, '39 ; 1|. Samuel,* Oct, 4, '41, all three of whom died 
Jan. '41-2 ; ii. Seth,* Feb. 1, '43 ; m. Abijah,* Jan. 3, '44-5 ; 
IV. Samuel,* Oct. 19, '46, d. Apl. 24, '54 ; v. Daniel,* Dec. 26, '48 : 
148. 114. VI. Elijah,* Jan. 11, '50-1, m. Milcah , and r. Holl. ; 

115. VII. Elisha,* Mar. 26, '52, m. Rachel Rockwood, b. Apl. 26, '56, dg. 
of Benj. R. of Wrenth., by w. Ruth Mann, he then of Franxlin; 
vm. Malachi,* May 6, '53, d. Oct. 1, '56 ; ix. John,* Sep. 12, '55 ; 

117. X. Abel,* Aug. 29, '57 ; xi. Baruch,* Deo. 16, ^58, m. Julitta 
Messinger, of H., Apl. 24, '78, and one other child not recorded. * 

93. 119. Samuel,^ Cpt., s. in the N. part of Hoi. on a part of his father's farm, 
m. Deborah Morse, dg. of James M., by w. Ruth Sawin, and grd. dg. of 
Capt. Joseph M., of §., by w. Hanh. Babcock, who was b. 1718, m. July 
12, '39, d. Nov. 25, 1801. He had 

141. 120. I. Samuel,* Esq., Sep. 5, '42, d. Jan 27, 1816; n. Deborah,* Nov. 23,. 
'47, m. Matthew Metcalf, of Hopk., had i. Fisher, ii. Matthew. 

95. 121. Isaac,* Cpt., m. Beulah Leland, b. Dec. 9, 1726, m. Mar. 27, '46, who 
d. Deo. 27, ^84, dg. of Henry L., of S., by wife Mary Morse ; and 2d, 
- Miriam Twitchell, Apl. 5, 1787. who d. July 13, 1801, a, 57, inherited the 
homestead in H., and had i. Anna, May 7, 1747, m. David Whiting, 
n. Isaac,'^Dec. 8; 1754, m. Martha Hill, May 22, '83, had no issue; 

140. 123. m. Eleazer,* Dec. 4, '64, m. Jemima Hill, and Ann M. Stodder ; 
IV. Mary,* '67; 

150. 124. V. Joel,* Apl. 10, '71, m. Lucretia Morton; vi. Martha,*; vn. Olive*. 

98. 125. V. Timothy,* s. in E. Medway. He m. Rhoda Richardson, b. Oct. 6, 1746, 
d. May 19, 1811, dg. of Moses R. (d. Ap. 6, 1797, a. 80) by w. Abig'l 
Allen (d. June 10, 1807, a. 90) , and grd. dg. of John R. (d. May 19,* 1759, a 

80) by w. Esther , who d. with a cancer, Aug. 17, 1774, in her 96tb 

year. She remembered having often been taken, in her childhood to Bui- 
lard's Fort for safety, and of fleeing thither with her children at alarms of 
Indian hostilities nearly fifty years after Philip's war. Her s. Samuel R. d. 
in Wrenth. 1811, aged 96 yrs. and 1 mo. Tunc. B. had 

147. 126. I. Galim,« June 17, 1765, d. in Sherbom, 1853, m. Sarah Daniels. 

129. n. Ralph,* Deo. 10, '66, m. Ama Penniman, s. in M., had John, who inherits 
his place ; in. Abigail,* Aug. 13, '68, m. Samuel Bullard ; 
IV. Rhoda,* Dec. 25, '70, m. Maj. Time. Whiting, of Med. 

100. 130. Henry,* s. in the S. E. part of Holl. He built the house now occupied 

* Ord. dg. of Samuel Hill, of Medfield, by w. Hannah Twitchell, and pr. gr. grd. dg. of John H., 
of Sherbom, and doubtless gr. gr. grd. dg. of John H., of Dorchester, 1633. 


by his grd. a. Henry B., m. Rebecca Bichardson, dster of Rhoda above, 
b. Ap. 3, 1751, and d. June 15, 1838. He had i. Henry,* Feb. 15, 1774, 
m. Hanh. Curtis, b. May 25, 75, dg. of Jos. C, of M., r. Holden, ^here he 
was found d. in his bed, Mar., 1831, leaving 4 childreil, viz: 

I. James P.,^ b. Nov. 19, 1800, m. Ann Smith, iBrom Worcester, had 
Maria Z.,« b. 1827 ; Ohs. P.,« 1829 ; Horace A.,^ '32 ; Levi C? '36. 

II. Henry,' b. Jan. 20, 1802, m. CaroKne Gilberts, r.W. Brookfield, had 
Emerson, GUman^ Martha A, (d.,) Emer. Jf., Jone8» 

m. Silas,' b. Jly. 29, 1806, m. Adaline J. Gihnore, fr. Franklin, r. 
F., had Mana F.,* Feb. 20, 1834 ; Mary O.^; ffelen M? ; Mt^Ui A.^ 

IV. Araasa C.,' bom July 21, 1812, r. W. Brookfield. 
u. Rebecca,* Aug. 22, 1777, m. Reuben^Hill, r. E. Med., had 

I. David,' '98, d. 1839. m. Sarah Crooks, had Sarah,^ KeziaJi?Sam%^ 

David? II. Keziab,' 1800, m. David Daniels, haol Francis,^ David^ 

m. Moses,® Sept. 20, 1779, r. Princeton, m. Elizabeth Clark, b. Nov. 16, 
1782, dg. of Samuel C, jun., of S., by w. Elizabeth Learned, and grd. dg. of 
Samuel C, sen., by w. Mary More, and gr. grd. dg. of Arthur C, of S., by 
w. Hannah Morse, gr. grd. dg. of Samuel M., of Medfield, and had 

I. Calvin,' Mar. or May 17, 1805, m. Mary Ann Gleason, r. Worces., 


Harriet B.,^ 1830, Ohas. H.,^ '32, Sarah O.,^ '35, Caroline u4.,« '37. 

u. Caroline,' Aug. 31, 1809, m. Erasmus D. Goodnow, of Princeton, 

had Emily G.,^ 1832, and Wm. Edw.,^ 1839. 

III. Charles,' Nov. 9, 1809, m. Elizabeth G. Gleason, had Ou., 1836, 
Frances C, 1839, Ame Ellen, 1844. 

lY. Harriet,' Ap. 7, 1812, m. Charles Smith, M. D., rs. Worcester, 
had Ohas. I>.,1S4:1. 

V. Elizabeth,' June 13, 1814, m. Aaron White, of Med., had Gfeo, A.^ 
1841, E. Mary and Emily, 

VI. Rebecca,' Aug. 26, 1816, m. Daniel How, of P., had Sarah M,^ 
1844, Wm. R., 1847. 

VII. Joanna,' Oct 20, 1818; vni. Mary, Aug. 9, 1821, d. 1844. 

IX. Emily,' July 7, '23, m. Gates, and d. '46; x. Samuel C, 

Feb. 15, '26 ; xi. Moses Henry, Jan. 31, '29. 

IV. Titus,® Mar. 15, 1783, d. Jan. 8, 1849, s. in Holl., m. Esther Whiting, 
b. Oct. 9, 1786, dg. Elias W., of Med, had 

I. Addme,' May 4, 1810, d. Dec. 7, '39, m. Time. Whiting, of Cin- 
cinnati, Oh., had Adrianah (d.), Adaline E. (d.), MarshaU (d.)^ 
Adaline E. (d.), Horatio^ Dec. 4, 1839. 

II. Joanna,' Nov. 4, 1812, d. Oct. 1, '44, m. Wm. Wight, of Holl., 
had Henry M. (d.), Jane Joanna, 1836, Winihrop, (d. J 

in. Henry,' Julv 13, 1815, m. Bethia S. Wheeler, r. H. had Lewis 
Henry, Nov. 8, '41 ; Alice Rebecca^ Mar. 29,'44 ; Albert W», July 27, 
'46, ; EUen Eliza, Deo. 8, '49 ; Frances Joanna, June 4, '53. 

IV. Rebecca,' Oct. 4, 1819, m. Nathaniel Whiting, rs. Watertown, had 
Adaline M., Jan. 25, '38, Wm. H., May, '43, Arthur N., May, '45. 

V. John A.,' Oct. 31, 1822, m. Frances I. R. Sargent, rs. Watertown. 

V. Joanna,^ Mar. 21, 1792, m. Elias Whitmg, r. Med. Vil., had only Geo.,' 
b. and d. 1822. 


101. 131. Adam,^ m. Lois Richardson, b. Feb. 1, 1749-50, dg. of Moses R. 
above, and m. 1777. Mr. B. remained in his native place, erected mills 
in the N. E. part of the town, purchased and built upon the place formerly 
Rev. Mr. Bucknam's, and was a very enterprising, efficient man, and much 
respected citizen. He had 

I. JPeggy,® July 27, 1778, m. Aaron Thayer, r. Hanover, Pa., had 

i.lDyru8 B.,' May 3, 1807, m. Abig'l Tildon, and d. May, 1840, at 
Havana, Cuba, having had Helmf'^n (d.), Sohm (7., Aug. 9, '28, 
Cyrus B., Jan. 18, '30, Clinton, '32, Amhrosey Dec 7, '34, Mary 
Jane, '37 (d.), Wm., '39, (d.) 

II. Amanda M.,^ Oct. 6, 1805, m. Asahel Carpenter, r. Yt., Canada 
and Pa., and d. in HI., Nov. 5, 1839, having had Jttdd, May 4, '23, 
Fred,y Jan. 2, '25,0^, Nov. 17, '30, John, June 8,'32 (d.), Aman- 
da, Nov., '37 (d.), Hmmet, Aug. 7, '39. 

in. Louisa,^ Dec. 17, 1809, in Yt, m. Preston Richardson, A. B., 
(d.), 2d Rev. Edward Allen, Presb., has had and lost 2 ohd., r. Pa. 

IV. Alma,' Jan. 16, 1810, in Canada, m. E Tifiany, r. Hartford, 

Pa., had Lueinda, '32, Alanzo, '34, Judaon, '37, Melvina, '39, Cyrusy 
'41, Mward, '47. 

V. Ira,' Dec. 29, 181-, d. Sept. 27, 1812. 

VI. Louisa,' July 13, 1812, d. Ap., 1837, m. Oeo. Blakeslee, had 
Amanda, '35, Mien Louisa, '37, (d.) 

VII. Davis,' Oct. 7, 1815, m. Catherine Orunt, had Levi, '42, Ann, 
'44, Aaron Everett, '45. 

vni. Margaret,' Deo. 15, 1817, m. Henry Fuller, '43, and d. '44. 
IX. Jemima,' June 8, 1820, m. Henry Fuller, '46, r. Jolinstown, Oh., 
had Frank, '47. 

II. Cyms,^ March 6, 1780, d. um., Ap. 18, 1806. This was a remarkable 
young man, the pride and ornament of his native town, as we can well re- 
member. It is not easy for the younger generation to estimate the evidence 
of his talents by modern comparisons* For a youth of such limited oppor- 
tunities, 55 years ago, to conceive the design of breaking away from the^ 
seclusion and monotony of rural Ufe, and of embarking in such adventurous 
enterprises, and to be able to satisfy cautious friends of his competency, was 
a very different thing from doing it now. He sailed from Providence, Dec. 
1, 1800, lor Chili, where he arrived July, 1801, and took up his residence 
at Conception. Here he devoted: some months to the acquisition of Spanish. 
Subsequently he gained employment as a linguist. During a portion of his 
time at C, he worked in gold and diamonds, and kept a store of jewelry. 
Sept. 3, 1803, he sailed fbr the Island of Masafuro. Here he remained 
from Sept. 11, until March 7, 1804, purchasing furs for the China market, 
with irhich he arrived at Canton in Sept. following. Having transacted his 
business here and recovered from dangerous sickness, he sailed in Nov. for 
America, and arrived at Nantucket, Ap. 7, 1805. Nov. following, he sailed 
from Boston as master and supercargo in the brig Littiller, for Guadaloupe, 
and after a prosperous voyage, returned to B., Feb. 11, 1806. Fifteen days 
after he sailed again, in the employ of the same house, for the same island, 
which he left on the 13th of Ap. for St. Thomas. Here he was arrested by 
a fever, with which he died Ap., 1806, a. 26. The news of his death threw a 

Eill over the entire community of Medway, and the watchful pastor, Rev. 
uther Wright, added his voice to that of Providence^ in a public discourse 
which by request was published, 
in. Jemima,^ Oct. 26, 1780, m. Wm. Lacroiz, inherits and occupies the 

40 ' BULLAAD. 

hospitable and venerated manmon of ber fiither, in E. Med., and bas kindly 
contributed mucb to ibis collection. 

IT. Adam,^ Jan. 27, 1788, drowned at sea, um., Oct., 7, 1809, on a return 
voyage from Eng. to New York. In bim terminated the name of Bullard 
in tbe line of bis fetber. 

V. Lois,« June 12, 1787, d. Feb. 11, 1825, m. Wm. Laoroix, r. Bed., bad 
I. Wm.,' Jan. 17, 1816, d. Ap., '40 ; n. Emily/ June 26, '17, d. Oct, ^19. 

III. Frederick,' May 7, '19. 

IV. Laura,' Nov. 1, '20. d. '44 ; v. Louis,' Ap. 7, '22, d. '44. 

VI. James,' Nov. 30, '23, m. Mary , bad Ueo.JJames^ Oct 18, '54. 

vn. Edmond,' Feb. 6, '25; m. Eliza, and bad Henry Leland, Oct. 3, 

'52, d. '53 ; Fred. WeUs, Ap. 20, '54. 
102. 132. Jobn,* Rev. A. M., Har. Col., 1776, studied divinity witb Rev. Dr. 
Prentice, of Medfield, was orduned and settled as tbe minister of Pepperell, 
Oct 18, 1779, wbere be d. Sep. 18, 1821, a. 68, an example of piety, and 
ministerial dignity and conciliation. ^ 

He m. Mizabetb Adams, eldest dg. of Rev. Amos Adams, of Roxb., by w. 
Elizb. Gbauncey, dg. of tbe Rev. Cbarles Cbauncey, D. D., of Boston, one 
of tbe most eminent ministers of bis times in N. Engd. Her fatber, Rev. 
Amos Adams, was b. at Medfield, Sep. 1, 1728, grad. at Har. Col. 1752, 
was ord. at Roxb. Sep. 12, 1753, wbere be d. Oct, 3 '75 ; a man of general 
learning and tbe autbor of valuable bistorical discourses* He was tbe son of 
Henry A., by w* Jemima Morse, dg. of Hon. Josbua M., of M., by w. Mary 
Paine, from Braintree, of tbe same family as Hon. Robert Treat P., signer 
of tbe Declaration. His fatber was tbe son of Henry A., by wife Prudence 
Frarie, a woman of distinguisbed family, and of eminent piety and talents, 
wbo ** lived to see the fiftb generation," and tbe grandson of Henry A., 
clerk of writs, and often representative of Medfield, wbo witb bis w. Eliza* 
betb Paine from Braintree, perished at tbe Indian massacre at M., Feb. 16, 
'75-6; and tbe gr. grd. son of Henry Adams, of Braintree, now Quincy. 
Rev. John Bullard, bad at Pepperell : 

I. Elizabeth,^ m. Henry Bass, mercbt of Boston; and bad 

I. Sarab Elizabeth,^ who m. Fred. A. Gray, mercbt.. Bos., and 
bad Henry Gay,® late of the Custom House, New York ; 

II. Henry Bass,' A. M.,Har. U., 1819, and M. D., d. um. 1826 ; 

III. John Bass,' d. 1827, at Prairie Bluff, Al. ; 

IV. Wm. Bass,' wbo resided witb bis family on Fox K, HL ; 

' V. Oeorge James,' wbo d. at Pepperell, a. 16 ys. ; vi. Lucreda Bass,' 
wbo d. a. 8 y. > vn. Amos Bass, wbo die^ at Natchitoches, La. ; 
vni. Mary H. Bass,' wbo m. Henry Hanford, of Clinton, La., and 
bas 4 children ; ix. Luctetia Bass,' wbo m. Wm. Winter, E;^., of Clin- 
ton, La., and d., leaving one son ; x. Charles,' wbo d. a. 5 years. 

II. Lucretia Bullard,^ d, June 22, 1827, m. Samuel Parker, mercbt 1817, and 
bad Elizabeth Lucretia,' wbo m. Wm. Henry Prince, A. M., M. D., of 
Salem, June 27, 1843, and bas 1. Louise,® and 2. Jobn,^; Mrs. Lucretia 
Bullard Parker m. 2d, Hon. Benj. M. Farley, Esq., of Hollis, N. H., where 
she now resides ; 

in. John Bullard,^ m. Sarab Parker, of Pepp., 1808, became a mercbt. in 
Alab., and bad 

I. John Parker,' A. M., Nov., 1809, wbo grad. 1829, at H. U., m. 

Lucy Brigbam, fr. Cambrdg. ; settled in Clinton, La., wbere be d. 

leaving a son Jobn,^ now r. with his mother in Boston. He was a man 

of active benevolence and great promise. When at CoL, be was among 



the first to espouse the cause of temperance ; and afterwards in seasons 
of great mortality, he was accustomed to leave his business and visit and 
pray with the sick and dying ; 

II. Sarah B./ Sep. 11, 1811, d. Dec. 10, '35, of consumpn. ; 

III. Mary L./ Jly. 15, 1813, d. Oct. 7, '44, at Pepp., m. John F. 
Williams, M. D., r. Natchitoches, had i. John James,^ Dec. 10, '42, 
II. Mary L. B.,« Sep. 7, '44 ; 

IV. Henry Adams Bullard,^ A. M. and S. H. S., b. Sep. 9, 1788, d. Apl., 
1851. The following obituary appeared in the New Orleans Crescent, soon 


^' A sense of duty, heightened by personal friendship, leads us to attempt a brief 
sketch of Henry Adams Bullard, whose death wc recorded yesterday. He was 
bom in Pepperell, Massachusetts — of which town his father was the minister — on 
September 9th, 1788. On the mother's side, he was closely connected with the 
distinguished family, whose name he bears. Ho was educated at Harvard Univer- 
sity, and graduated in the class of 1807, at the age of nineteen. At the time, 
French was the only modern language taught in that institution. But while he 
pursued his law studies, both in Boston and Philadelphia, he acquired the Spanish, 
Italian, and G-erman, all of which he critically understood and appreciated. It is 
only a few months since we found him and his son reading Mifflin's Tasso, with the 
original, and heard from his * unpremeditated talk,' an essay on the 'Jerusalem,' 
which would have furnished a professional lecturer with an evening's dissertation. 

In Philadelphia, the acquaintances formed through his knowledge of the Spanish, 
brought him in contact with Gen. Toledo, who was organizing an expedition to 
revolutionize New Mexico. Judge Bullard, then just admitted to the Bar, joined 
him as an Aid and Military Secretary, and proceeded with him to Nashville, where 
he passed the winter of 1812. The following spring he accompanied Gen. Toledo,' 
and the recruits, to Natchitoches, which was the starting point. They entered the 
Mexican territory and found the people already in arms, and the royal troops driven 
out of what now constitutes Texas, except the force in San" Antonio ; but these 
retired at the approach of the Republicans. Here they remained several weeks, 
until the Spanish General, having concentrated an ovei*whelming force, defeated the 
Republicans in a pitched battle, and scattered their forces in every direction. 
Judge Bullard was mounted, and with one or two companions, managed to reach the 
American settlements, after suffering severe hardships. When he entered Natchi- 
toches he was ragged, sick — ^broken down by fatigue and privation, and, worse than 
all, penniless. Here he opened an office, and commenced the practice of his profes- 
sion. Natchitoches, in point of age, is second to New Orleans, and at that time, 
was second in importance. It was the trading post for the Indians and Mexicans 
within an extensive circuit. The great raft prevented all intercourse by river above, 
and it was virtually the head of navigation on Red River. 

The removal of the raft, the purchase of the Indian lands, and the removal of the 
Indians — the introduction of steamboats, and the facility of communication with 
New Orleans, all have tended to the decline of the ancient town. All that period, 
a practising lawyer of the Western District was compelled to ride a circuit, 
embracing Opelouses, Avoyelles, Alexandria, Natchitoches, Ouachita and Concordia, 
a distance of three hundred miles. The practice was lucrative, and the bar num- 
bered more talent and learning, than at any subsequent period. The names of 
Wilson, Johnston, Brent, Porter, Bowen, Bronson, Thomas, and Bullard, would 
have done honor to any bar. Of these. General Isaac Thomas alone remains at the 



bar — ^himself and Mr. Bronson alono snrrivo. It was a life of great pfaysical hard- 
ahip, yet one of much enjoyment. 

Some years since, we rode from Natchez to Alexandria with Judge Ballard and 
Gen. . Thomas. It was a region over which, some thirty years before, they had 
travelled twice a year. Scarcely a spring or brook was passed, which did not call 
up some interesting reminiscence, and they lived over again the scenes of their 
active and adventurous youth: and the younger men, who accompanied tbem, 
almost regretted that they, too, had not lived in those days of freedom and manly 

In 1822, Judge Bullard went upon the District Court Bench, and performed its 
duties for several years, when he resigned ; but, after a year or two, returned. In 
1831, he was elected to Congress, from the Western District, and re-elected the 
next term. In 1884, he was elevated to the Supreme Bench, taking the place of 
Judge Porter, who went into the Senate of the United States. In Congress, Judge 
Bullard was not among the debaters. He spoke occasionally, on great questions, and 
after careful preparation. His most elaborate speech was on the Tariff bill, in 1832. 

He remained on the Supreme Bench from 1834 till 1846, with the exception of 
a few months in '39, when he filled the office of Secretary of State, and resumed 
the practice of his profession. Under the Constitution of '45, a new Judiciary was 
created, and not one of the members of the Supreme Court retained. He returned 
to his practice in this city, and was retained in much of the important litigation of 
the Bute. His decisions are models of judicial rhetoric ; brief, perspicuous and 
pointed. As a writer, Judge Bullard had few equals ; he wrote without effort, yet 
with a critical accuracy that defied correction. As a speaker, he had the advantage 
of a face of extreme beauty, which the ravages of excruciating disease for twenty- 
five years did not destroy, a speaking eye, and a musical voice. But his command 
of language was not copious, and though ho always used the aptest words, he 
sometimes hesitated in selecting them. When, however, excited, he spoke with 
feeling, force and eloquence. His last public speech in New Orleans, was at the 
Bar meeting, called together by the death of Mr. Prentiss. He then spoke with 
much emotion, and pronounced one of the most beautiful eulogies in the language. 
On that mournful occasion, he thus spoke of , himself : 

' Who would have thought that I, whose career is ended — that I, whoso sands are 
fast dropping away — that I, with my age and physical infirmities — I whose children 
no longer require a father's solicitude, should have survived to pay this feeble 
tribute to his memory ; while he, the young, the noble-hearted, the gifted — ^in the 
fulness of his fame and usefulness — sinks into an early grave, and leaves behind 'him 
a youthful and pious wife and four orphan children, to weep for his loss ? How 
inscrutable are the ways of Providence I 

Among the many noble traits of his character, on which his friends will love to 
dwell, was his interest in the younger members of the Bar. We remember well the 
embarrassment with which, as an unknown young lawyer, from the woods, we first 
appeared before that awful body, the Supreme Court, and we can never forget the 
kindness of his manner, the considerate attention which he bestowed on the obscure 
advocate, at once restoring confidence and winning gratitude. Such, too, was the 
remark of other young men, under the same trying circumstance ; and even when 
suffering the torments of the gout, we never knew him to show any ill feeling to the 
younger and humbler members of the Bar. He kept up to the last his habit of 
general reading, and was familiar with all the best authors, of all languages. • His 
conversation was that of a full man, without the slightest approach to pedantry. It 
may well be said of him, that 

^ * He was a scholar, and a wise and good one ; 

Exceeding wise, fair spoken, and peraoading.' 


He delivered many lectares and addresses before the literary societies of this city, 
which might be well compared with similar productions of men who make literatare 
a profession. In 1847, he was appointed Professor of the Civil Law, in the Law 
School of Louisiana, and delivered two courses of lectures. In 1850, he was 
elected to fill a vacancy in the State Legislature, and' a few we^ks^ after was elected 
to fill the vacancy in the Second Congressional District, occasioned' by the entrance 
of Mr. C. M. Conrad into the Cabinet. Judge BuUard thus returned to Congress, 
after an absence of sixteen years. He found but few of his old friends in either 
House. He did not speak during the short session, though we know it had been his 
wish to do so on the California Bills. His thorough knowledge of the Spanish laws, 
and their system of land titles, would have enabled him to give Congress much 
valuable information, which is now lost. During tho session, ho argued several 
cases in the Supreme Court, and was treated with marked attention by that talented 
and learned Bench. 

His health during tho winter was remarkably good, and the cold, dry climate 
braced his constitution. But he imprudently returned home by the Southern route, 
and the fatigue and exposure of the journey completely prostrated him. Ho 
lingered for three weeks, and died at last from the gout in the stomach. — His funeral 
was attended by a large number of the Bar, the Judges of the Supreme Court, and 
many of the most prominent citizens." 

Judge Bullard'm. Sarah Keasar ? and had 

I. Henry,'^ who d. 1852 ; ii. Charles,'' who rs. at San Francisco ; iii. Mary 
Ann' ; iv. Virginia' ; v. Julia.' 
. V. Royal,^ Rev. A. M., May, 1789, grad. 1810, at Yale Col. 

He m. Oct. 25, 1820, Miss Esther Lewis Murry, b. at Camden, S. C, Nov, 
5, 1800. After spending most of his years at the S., he in 1829, removed 
to Cincinnati, Ohio, and from thence to Lancaster, and next to Mount 
Oarmel ; employed most of the time as agent for the American Sund. School 
Union for Ohio. Urged by representations of the character and prospects 
of the Prairie Country, and by the desire to plant religious institutions there 
before opposition should become organized against them, he disposed of his 
place at Mt. C. in 1833, and removed to Hennipen; in N. 111., and the next 
year, as was then the custom of settlers, took measures to secure a claim 
on government land, 25 miles above the mouth of Fox E„ where he finally 
settled with his family, and spent the remainder of his days in superintend- 
ing the opening of his farm, collecting the settlers around as they arrived, 
and showing them the only way to a better country. Thus closed the life of 
another descendant of Prudence Frarie, in the exalted pursuit of doing good. 
He d. Dec. 13, 1846, at Millbrook Farm, Kendall Co., 111. He had 

I. Sarah Elizabeth,' Nov. 2, 1822, at Camden, d. Oct. 21, '24 ; 

II. John Royal,' Nov. 21, 1824, m. Catharine L. Corns, Mar. 3, 1853, 
and had i. Aurelia Hebecca,^ Jan. 27, '54, at Millbrook Farm ; 

in. Sarah Elizabeth,' 2d, Jan/26, 1827, at C, m. May 21, '47, Geo. 
Gale, r. Millford, 111., had i. Hoyid Lee^ June 19, '54 ; 

IV. James Murry,' Jan. 30, 1827, m. Mary Jane Corns, May 13, '51, 
r. Millbrook Farm, had Mary Esther, Feb. 27, '62 ; 

V. Henry Rudulph,' Feb. 6, 1832, at Mt. Carmel, Oh., d. Aug. 3, '32 ; 
VL Eachel Blanding,' Dec. 30, 1833, at Hennipen, 111., m. Peter S. 
Lett, Mar. 3, '53, r. New Newark, 111., had Sarah Miz.^ May.ll, '54 ; 
VII. Edward S.,' Jly. 20, 1836, on Fox R., r. Millbrook Farm ; 
vui. Mary Esther,' Nov. 3, 1839, on Fox R., r. Milford, Ken. Co., 111. 

VI. Sarah Ballard,** Apl. 1, 1791, m. Oct. 7, 1819, Joseph Breck,' b. Jly. 1, 


1794, 8. of Jona. B.« (b. May 12, 1762, d. 1826,) and grd. son of Edward 
B.*, (b. Juno 2, 1738, d. June 30, 1767,) and gr. grd. s. of Edwd. B.* (b. 
Feb. 24, 1699, d. 1788,) and gr. gr. grd. s. of Edwd. B.'^ (b. 1674, d. Sep. 
5, 1713,) and gr. gr. gr. grd. s. of John B.^ (b. Feb. 1650, d. Feb. 17, 
1690,) and gr. gr. gr. gr. grd. s. of Edward B./ of Dorchester, 1630, and 
d. Nov. 2, 1662. Mr. Breok keeps an extensive agricultural warehouse and 
seed store in N. Market st., Boston, and rs. in Brighton ; had 

I. Charles Henry B. Brock,' Aug. 23, 1821, m. Fanny Brown, of Br., 
♦ and has Charles Henry; 

II. Margaret B./ Feb. 22. '26, m. Wm. Strong, and has Ellen ; 

VII. Mary Adams Bullard,^ Apl. 21, 1794, m. Oct. 2, 1823, Shubael 
Blanding, M. D., of Columbia, S. C., b. Nov. 15, 1795, son of Shubael 
B., of Boyalston, Mass., and had only 

I. Elizabeth,'^ Jly. 1, 1824, m. Apl. 23, '46, John Wm. Powell, M. D., b. 
Apl. 25, '23, at Fairfield, S. C, and had i. Mary Frances,^ Mar. 15, '41 ; 

n. Wm. Elanding? Jly. 26, '48 ; iii. John Henry,^ Jly. 3, '50 ; iv. 
Lucius Bullard^ Nov. 18, '51 ; v. Elizaheth Carpenter,^ Apl. 17, 
'54, d. Oct. 3, '54. 

VIII. Charles Adams Bullard,^ Esq., A. M., grad. 1819, H. U., read law, 
s. at Camden, S. C, where he m. Mar. 31, '21, Margaret Douglas, fr. 
Scotland, who d. Aug. 1, '21, a. 21. He m. 2. Julia. Ann Bloodworth, 
Mar. 31, '29, had i. James Leonard'^ ; ii. Amie Ann';iii. Mary Eliza'; 
IV. Chs. Amos' ; v. Julia Adams'. He now resides at Natchitoches, La., 
retired from the Bar, has been a Dis. Judge, and 5 years a member of the 
Legislature, of La. 

103. 133. Eli, A. M., Esq., grad. at Yale Col. 1787 ; settled in Fram. where he 

taught an Academy, practised law, and for 8 yrs. served as Town Clerk. He m. 

Ruth Buckminster, 1794, dg. of Lawson B., by w. Mary , and b. Sep. 17, 

'76. He d. May, 1824. He had i. Chas.,^Jly. 4, '96, d. um. at sea. 

II. Nancy ,^ Dec. 20, '99, m. Otis Fairbanks, of Bos., had three children, 
only one of whom survives. 

III. Edward,^ d. yg. iv. Maria,^ m. Jones, of Bos., and has children. 

104. 134. Royal,* m. Ruth Penniman ; had i. Amey.^ 

105. 135. Samuel,* settled at Shrewsbury, and by w. Abigl. BuUard, had ' 

I. Ama,* June 18, 1787, d. June 3, 1848, m. John Morse, had 

I. Caroline,' Aug. 3, 1815, m. John P. Muzzy, r. Newark, N. J., has 
Marcus M, ; ii. Cyrus,' Jly. 8, '10, r. N. J., has Howard^ and John^ 
and Chas}', ni. Harrison K.,' Apl. 28, 1826, (see memorial of the 
Morses, p. 84.) 

II. Dolly ,^ Apl., 1794, m. Joseph Morse, of W. Boylston. 

III. Jason,* Jly. 1798, r. Shrewsbury, m. Sarah How ; had 

Geo. H.' Aug. 1823 ; Chs.' May, '25 ; John,' Oct. '27. ; Sarah M.' 
Nov. '29 ; Samuel,' June, '31 ; Elizabeth,' June, '33 ; Eli,' 1835 ; 
Harriet,' Dec, '37. 

IV. Frances,* Oct., 1808, m. Chauncey Bond, of Brookfield. 

106. 136. Liberty,* s. at New Salem, m. Abigail Learned, dg. of Edward L., of S. 

and Sturbridge, by w. Sarah Pratt, and grd. dg. of Capt. Edward L., of S. , 
by wife Sarah (Fuller) Pratt, and gr. grd. dg. of Dea. Benoni L., of S., by 
w. Sarah Fanning, and gr. gr. grd. dg. of Isaac L., of Chelmsford, by w. 
Mary Stearns, and gr. gr. gr. grd. dg. of Wm. Learned, of Charlestown, 


wbo took the freeman's oath, May 14, 1634, and who was so highly esteemed 
for his intelligence and virtue, that his fellow citizens 26 (2) 1638, associated 
him with Mr. Increase Nowell, Mr. John Harvard, and 3 others, to *^ con- 
sider of some things tending towards a body of laws." She d. Feb. 29, 1808. 

He m. 2d, Holbrook, from B., and had 

I. Edward,^ May, 1800; ii. James, d. yg. ; iii. James^ ; iv. Wm.^and 
by 2d w. he had ; v. Abigail^ ; vi. Gilford^ ; viii. Aaron® ; ix. Betsey® ; 
X. Hannah.® 

107. 137. Amos,^ settled in Holl., near the ancient homestead in Med., m. Abigail 
Adams, dg. of Obadiah A., of W. Med., by w. Abigail Harding, and gr.dg. 
of Nathan A. by w. Keziah Thomson, and gr. grd. dg. of Obadiah A., of 
Med., by w. Christian Sanford, fr. Mendon, and gr. gr. grd. dg. of John A. 

of Medfield, by. w. Deborah , and gr. gr. gr. grd. dg. of Edward A., of 

M., the son of Henry, of Braintree, (now Quincy) and who drew in 1659, 
the land on Chicken Brook, which was inherited and occupied by her 
father. Amos B. }iad 

I. Amos,® A. M., Kev., Jly. 13, 1807, d. ab. '50. He grd. at Amherst Col. 
1833 ; studied Theology at the Sem. at Andover ; was sometime Prin. of 
the Academy in Leicester ; and Oct. 26, 1843, was ordained Pastor of the 
Orthodox Congl. chh. in Barre, where he d. He was an accurate scholar, an 
able theologian, an accomplished writer, a kind friend and devoted minister. 
He m. Mary Ann Durant, fr. Exeter, N. H., Dec. 30, 1839, and had 

I. Elizabeth C.,^ Dec. 12, 1842 ;ii. Wm. D.,^ Sep. 29, '44; iii. Mary 
L.,' Aug. 17, '46. 

II. Mary,® Nov. 21, 1808, m. Stephen W. Kichardson, of Frank, 

in. Silvanus,^ Nov. 26, '10, m. Mary F. Morse, dg. of Andrew M., of Med.; 
had Fred. F.,^ Nov. 30, '36, d. Sep. 15, '38. 

IV. Cyrus,® Apl. 9, 1813, inherits the ancient seat of the family in Med., m. 
Ede Patridge, (see memorial of Morses, Note No. XL VII) and had 

I. Abigail A.,' Jly. 7, '30 ; ii. Rhoda P.,^ Jly. 12, '40 ; iii. Fred, F.,^ 
Sep. 15, '41, d. Feb. 2, '43 ; iv. Silvanus,^ Oct. 30, '43 ; v. Amos E.,' 
Oct. 4,'46 ; VI. Joanna E.,^ Sop. 12,'48. 

V. Eliza,® Jan. 7, 1816, m. Stephen W. Richardson, of Frank., and had 

I. Mary ,^ Feb. 28, 1836 (d.) ; ii. Mary,^ Aug. 8, '37, d. '39 ; iii. 
John W.,^ Sep. 8, '39 ; iv. Henry B.,^ May 21, '40 ; v. W. S.,^ Apl. 
12, '41. ? 

VI. Frederick,® Aug. 25, 1827. 

107 1-2. 138. Abigail,'' m. Tho. Burbank, of Warren, and had 

I. Geo.,® 1814, m. Charlotte Davis, had Geo, H,^ Chs, E. and Charlotte. 

II. Chs.,® 1816, m. Martha Davis ; had Martha JS.,^ and Charlotte. 

III. Wm.,® 1819, m. Elizabeth Davis ; had Nelson C/Wm. A.^ 

IV. Henry,® 1821, m. ' , and had Ahh/ Jane/ Adaline AnnJ 

V. John,® 1826. 

109. 139. Isaac,* inherited the farm of his father Malachi, 1 1-2 m. N. of Med. 
Village, m. Mary Fisher, pr. dg. of Dea. Samuel F., of Med, and b. 
Sep. 4, 1741. He had 

I. Silas,® Jan. 12, 1767, m. Thankful Adams ; s. at WendaM ; had Anna,^ 

Nov. 30, '93 ; Moses,^ Jly. 26, '96, at Med. 

II. Julia,6 May 2, '68, m. Elijah Clark, of Medfield. 

III. Malachi,® Esq., Aug. 13, '70, m. Polly Littlefield, b. Oct. 29, '74, dg. 



of John L. by w. Tabitba Adams, m. Jane 27, '54, and grd dg. of Ebenz. 
L., of Holl, by w. Abiab Morse, and gr. gr. grd. dg. Ebenz. L., of Newton, 

by w. Lydia , and gr. gr. grd. dg. of Jobn L. by w. Mary , wbo, 

late of Wrentbam, Apl. 1675, sold a bouse lot there to Henry Wight, and 

pr. gr. gr. gr. grd. dg. of John Littlefield, who d. at W. June, 13, 1674. 

Malachi B., Esq., s. in early life in the N. W. of Med., where he and his lady 

still live, sure of grateful remembrance when they are no more.* They had 

I. Elias,' A. M., Esq., of H., who grad. 1823, B. U., read law with 

Elijah Morse. Esq., of Boston, s. in H., where for 20 ys. he has been 

in practice, serving the town in all the offices in her gift. He m. Persis 

Daniels, of S., and had chil. ; 

ir. Malachi, Kev., A. M., who grad. 1841, D. C, studied divinity with 
Rev. Dr. Ide of Med., settled as pastor of a Cong'l ebb. at Wipchen- 
don, where he was much beloved and respected as a man aind minister, 
and useful for the time he remained. But his labors were destined to 
be short, He d. with a consumption ab. 1850, greatly lamented by his 
flock and numerous acquaintances, leaving a young wid. and one child ; 
III. Appleton, who rs. in H. ; iv. Hartwell, who pr. rs. in Westboro'. 

IV. Bachel,« June, 29, 1772, m. Eli Thurston, r. W. boro'. 

V. Mary,^ Dec. 17, 74, d. Aug. 22, 1802, unmarried. 

VI. Isaac,^ Deo. 26, '76, m. Peuab Fisher, and inherited the homestead, 
vn. Achsah,« Aug. 21, '78, m. Elihu White, of Franklin. 

IX. Elihu,^ Jan. 2, '82, d. 1847, leaving a s., Albert; r. Wendall. 

X. Elias,° May 15, '85. d. Feb. 8, 1798. 

XX. Nathan,^ May 191 '87, ni« Nancy Russel, dg. of Thos.'E.,of Oxford, s. 
1-2 m. N. W. of Med. village, and had 

I. Elizabeth,'^ Dec., 1816, m. Rev. Jobn Garnon, of Limington, N. H. ; 

II. Sabrina,' Mar. 25, '20, m. Rev. Malachi BuUard, (d.) of Winchen- 
/ don. ; HI. Elmira,'^ Sep. 16, 1822, m. Simeon Morse Cutler, of Holl., 

and has Edwd., Wm., Mary. 
XII. Vestee,? Dec. 21, 1789, and d. Nov. 14, 1791. 

123. 140. Eleazer,^' s. in N. of Holl, m. Jemima Hill, dg. of Timothy Hill, of S. 
and Holl., by w. Mary Bullard, and grd. dg. of Samuel Hill, of Med., by w. 
Mary, and gr. grd. dg. of Samuel H., of Medfield, hy w. Rachel Adams 
(m. Mar. 29, 1705), and gr. gr. grd. dg. of Samuel H. (fr. Dorchester to 
M,) by w. Hanh. Twitchell, (m. at Medfield, Nov. 4, 1679.) Eleazer B.« m. 
2d, Martha Parker, fr. Fram., b. Apl. 15, 1773, m. Sep. 21, '93, d. Jan. 
23, 1826 ; and had 

I. Henry ,^. Mar. 6, 1791 ; m. Eunice Barber, b. June 28, 1791, dg. of Ol- 
iver B. by w. Nancy Bullard, and grd. dg. of Elisha 13. by w. Silence, 
and gr. grd. dg. of Zachariah B., of Medfield, by w. Deborah, and gr. 
gr. grd. dg. of Zach. B. by w. Abiel Ellis, (dg. of Tho., of M.), and gr. 
gr. gr. grd. dg. of Geo. B. the Puritan of Ded. and Medfd., r. Sangervipe, 
Me., had 

I. Nelson, 1817, m. Susan M. Plummer, r. S., Me. ; ii. Angeline, 
1818, m. David Oilman, r. Levant, Me.; iii. Nancy I., '21, m. Henry 
L. Hawes, r. Franklin ; iv. Eunice, '24, r. Levant, Me. ; v. Timothy 

* Boston^ Apl., 1855. Since the preparation of this work, I have learned, with sorrow and re- 
gret, that Malachi B., Esq., and lady, have both deceased, and nearly at the same time. She was 
a most amiable woman, and a model neighbor and mother. He merits an extended obituary, 
having been one of the most upright, useful, pacific, and esteemed citizens of my native town 
during the last 60 years. His memory honors the name. 


H., '27, m. Lucinda Trundj, r. S., Me. ; vi. Henry, '29 ; vii. Julia 
Ann, '31. 

II. Charles/ Jly. 31, 1795, m. Apl. 25, 1827. Catherine Stoddet b. Feb. 
5, 1806, rs. N. Cambridge ; had 

1. Chs.,«jun., June, 22^'28, d. Oct 7, '28. 

2. Chs. Hijnry, Sep. 7, '29, rs. urn. a clerk in Bos* 

3. Catherine.^ Aug. 28, '32, d. Oct. 26, '32. 

III. Ruth,' Aug. 11, 1798, d. Oct. 23, 1845 ; iv. Luke,' Apl. 24, '02, d. 
Mar. 4, '03 ; v. Jemima,' Sept. 10, '04, m. James M. Cutler, Apl. 25, '26, rs. 
Hoi; VI. Parker,' Dec. 6, '06, d. Jly. 8, '09 ; vii. John,7 Sep. 13, '08, d. , 
Sep. 18, '08 ; viii. Josiah,' Nov. 8, '09, m. Jan. 1833, Lucy A. Greely, 
b. Sep. 8, '14, rs. Milford ; had 

1. Chas. Eugene? June 26, 1834 ; 2. Lucy M.,^ Sep. 15, '35 ; 
3. Susan 6?./ Jly. 26, '38, d. Apl 5, '40 ; 4. Josiah P.,^ Mar. 18, 
'40 ; 5. Susan /.,» Jan. 32, '42 ; 6. Adelbert Z.,^ Mar. 9, '44, d. Feb. 
19, '48 ; 7. Ada G ,^ Aug. 31, '46 ; 8. Adelbert X.,« Apl. 4, '49 ; 
9. Florence M.,^ June 26, '51. 

IX. Eleazer,', March 26, 1812, m. June 19, '33, Ann Maria Stodder, b. Aug. 
26, '12, rs. Boston ; had 

1. Maria S.,^ Sep. 30, '34 ; 2. Uleazer,^ j^., Jan. 1, '37 ; 3. Susan 
S.,^ Sep. 7, '42, d. Jly. 30, '47 ; 4. Emma E.,^ Feb. 21, '45, d. Aug. 
17, '48 ; 5. Ruth A.,^ Jan. 20, '47 ; 6. Susan E.,^M&r. 15, 1850. 

X. Martha,' Jly. 21, 1814, d. Aug. 15, 1814. 

XI. Joseph,' Oct. 4, 1816, m. Clarissa Ann Williams, b. Sep. 1, 1815, 
m. Apl. 25, '39, d. June 26, '39. He next m., June 14, '40, Sarah Ann 
Partridge, b. Dec. 3, 1818. rs. W. Med. ; had 

1. Geo, r.,« May 24, '41 ; 2. Cflara ^n»,« Mar. 31, '43 ; 3. Joel 
Partridgcy^ Oct. 18, '45 ; 4. Joseph Emerson,^ Oct. 20, '48 ; 5. Ed- 
mond,^ Oct. 27, '50 ; 6. Sarah EUa.? Feb. 13, '53. 

!0. 141. Samuel,'^ Esq., a distinguished mathematician, surveyor, and draftsman, 
inherited the homestead of his father in Holl, m. Lydia Partridge, of Med., 
dg. of James P. by w. Keziah Bullard, and grd. dg. of John P., Jun., 
of Medf Id, by w. Elizabeth B;Ocket, and pr. gr. grd, dg. of Johh P., to 
whom land was assigned in M. 1650. He had 

:5. 142. I. Aaron,* June 7, or 2, 1770, d. May 19, 1846, m. Jerusha Littlefield. 

5^. 143. II. Jotham,* May 11, 1773, d. Sept. 18, 1848, m. Anna Cutting, 
in. Joseph,* May 11, '73, d. yg. 

6. t44r-4^[4Samuel,* b. 1777, m. Persis Bailey ; 2d, Esther Force. 

2. 145. Aaron,* m. Ap. 4, 1793, Jerusha Littlefield, dg. of Ephraira L., Esq., of 
H., and s. in Fram., where he had i. Ephraim,' Sept. 21, 1792, who died 
the same day ; ii. Dana,' Jan. 4, 1796, m. Dec. 10, 1819, Betsey Good- 
now, who d. Jan. 28, '26, and 2d, Mary Ann Tarlton, fr. New Market, N. 
H., Jan. 18, '29, had 

I. Chs, Henry? June 24, '20, m. Elizabeth Potter, of Norwich, Ct., 
and had Ida,« Nov. 2. '48 ; and Albert,* Ap. 4, '50, at N. 

II. Emily Elizabeth? June 23, '23, m. Joseph F. Tappan, Nov. 25, 
'45, had Frank B.,« Mar. 16, '4i5 ; Edward S.,»July 22, '48; and 
Wilton H.,« Dec. 22, 50, at Newburyport. 

in. George Courtland? m. Caroline Gooch, of Waltham, '50, had 

Ella M.,9 Mar. 18, '51 ; and Emma,* Ap. 28, '53, at W. 

IV. Sarah Helen? Feb. 21, 1833, d. Nov. '36 ; v. Martha A.? Oct. 7, '34. 


III. George/ b. July 30, 1798, rs. in Fram., has been engaged as superii* 
tendent of machine shops, m. May 13, 1833, Mary Cutting BuUard, fr. I? 
Sud., now Wayland, had 

I. Alfred Rodolphus,^ May 20, '34, educated at Brown U., and now m 
student of medicine at Med. • 

II. Mary Ann? July 30, '36 ; iii. Cyrus Arthur,^ Feb. 22, '40. 

IV. Lowell Johnson,^ Aug. 16, '44 ; v. Emily Maria? Apr. 17, '47. 

IV. Cyrus, b. Ap. 22, 1801, m. Lucy Goodnow, of Fram., May 14, '37. 

V. Lydia Partridge,^ Dec. 4, 1803, m. HoUis Clayes, Dec. 5, '22, and had 

I. Ann Maria? Mar. 31, '24, m. Joseph Johnson, of Portland, Me., 
and had Helen Maria,^ Dec. 16, '63 ; ii. Frederic Hollis? Dec. 2, '30 ; 

III. Granville Howard? Nov. 22, '37. 

VI. Emeline,^ Nov. 4, 1811, m. Ap. 16, 1831, who d. Oct. 16, '41 ; she 

m. Henry Ware Coolidge ; 2d, John Broad, March 31, '47, r. HoU., 
had Henry Ware Coolidge,^ Ap. 4, '38. 

143. 145 J. Jothara,^ m. June 2, 1803, Anna Cutting, of E. Sud., s. there and had 

I. Joseph,^ March 26, 1804, m. Harriet Loker, b. March 26, 1804, had 

I. John C.,« July 12, '34; ii. Anna E.,« Nov. ^5, '35; iii. Willard 
A.,8 Dec. 14, '37 ; iv. Harriet A.,^ Ap. 17, '39 ; v. Joseph 0,? May 
20, '41 ; VI. Mary K.? Dec. 18, '42; vii. Eldora G.? Ap. 2, '49. 

II. Elvira Ann,^ Ap. 28, 1805, d. March 27, '41. 

III. Mary Cutting/ Dec. 18, 1812, m. George BuUard, of Fram. 

IV. Emily/ Oct. 29, 1818, m. March 29, '38, Ebenezer Johnson, of Boston, 
had Granville Ebenezer,^ Nov. 3, '34 ; and Geo. Jotham,® Oct. 29, '43. 

V. Joanna,^ July 13, 1823, m. Ap. 26, '49, Ira Perry, r. E. Weymouth 
and W. Medway, had Maria Elvira,^ March 31, '50 ; Albert,^ Ap. 3, '52, 
at W., d. Aug. 3, '52, at W. Med. ; and Helen Emeline,^ Oct. 14, '53. 

VI. Jotham/ also July 13, 1823, d. Nov. 13, '42. 

144. 146. Samuel,^ inherited the homestead in H., m. Persis Bay ley, who d. Aug., 

1815 ; and 2d, Esther H. Force or Ford, from Med., and had 
I. Otis Brigham,^ Aug. 18, 1815, m. Abigail Cutler, rs. in HolL, a Prof, 
of music, whose services have contributed much to the excellence :of the choir 
in the Cong'l chh. in H., but have latterly, in the cooler seasons of the year, 
been rendered at the South. He inherits much of the ancient BuUard &rm 
in the N. of H. ii. Persis,'^ also Aug. 18, 1815, d. young. * • 

III, Samuel H.,^ by 2d w., d. 1832, a. 1^ yr. 

IV. Esther Amelia/ Sept. 8, 1833, m.^Jan. 1, '52, George F. Walker, 
A. M., rs. Auburndale. 

126. 147. Galim,^ s. on a part of the ancient BuUin Farm, on the W. side of Brush 
Hill, in S., and by w. Sarah Daniels had i. Sally/ Sept. 10, 1795, m. 
Tim. Twitchell, rs. S. ; ii. Eichard/ Feb. 21, '98, m. Jemima Whitney; 
III. Hiram,^;EV. Lavina. 

114. 148. Elijah,'' r. HoU., had by w. Milcah, 

I. Abijah,^ June 2, 1775 ; ii. Betsey,^ March 3, '77. 

56. 149. Haziah,^ s. in the N. part of HoU., m. Keziah Leland, and had i. Alma/ 
m. Jonas Curtis, of H. ; ii. Benj./ (d.) ; iii. Asa/ who m., and had 
Maria? Martha S,? and Benj. H? ; iv. Hannah/ b. 1810, d. 1824. 

124. 150. Joel,* m. Lucretia Morton, 1795, inherited a part of his grd. father Isaac's 


place in H., and had Jool°, Harriet,® July 11, 1797, Levi,® Oct. 23, '99, 
and others. 

I9jr* 151. JoeUm^ was early admitted to full communion in the chh. in S., fr. 
whence he removed to Worcester, 1748; taking a letter of dismission and 
recommendation to the chh. there. He afterwards transferred his relation to 
the chh. in Holden. From H. he removed to Barre, where he d. in his 78th 
year. The piety that appeared among his children, indicates that he ordered 

hb household aright, and endears his memory. He m. Sarah , who d. 

at Sherborn, Ap. 3, 1739, and a 2d wife, and had at S., 
154. 162. I. iana./ Oct. 21, 1734, d. Sept. 30, 1824, a. 90, at Hancock, N. H., 

II. Sarah,* Mar. 14, 1738-9, at Sherborn. 

III. Samuel,* pr. at Worces., (by 2d wife) m. Sarah Barbour, fr. Worcest., 

was a memb. of the Congl. Chh., in Barre, and rm. to Hancock, had 
Lemuel"^ Nov. 9, 1766 ; Abigail,^ Aug. 23, '68 ; Susey,"^ Sep. 1, 70 ; 
Joel,^ Nov. 26, 72; Samuel,^ Nov. 10, 75 ; Dayiiel,^ May 15, 78 ; 
Lots,^ June 12, '80 ; Abel,^ June 18, '82, all at Barre. 

IV. John,* of Barre, m. Joanna , had i. Rachel, June 12, '67 ; 

II. Tryphena, Jly. 14, '68. Jona.* had pr. other sons,* b. at Worcester 
or Holden. 

152. 154* Jona.,* was 40 years a member and pillar in the Congl. Chh. in Barre, 
rm., to Hancock, N. H., where he became a Baptist, and in his extreme old 
age was wont to walk 8 ms. to Baptist meetings — would never ride 
anywhere in a wagon. *'Hewas a very ambitious and persevering man." 
He m. Polly Barbour, who d. Dec. 30, 1824 a. 86. They had 

I. Sarah,* Nov. 26, 1763, m. Ezekiel Shattuck, r. Barre, on her father's 
homestead, and took care of him until he rm. to Hancock, N. U. ; 

II. Asa,^ Jly. 8, 1766, m. and settled in Chautauque Co., N. Y. 

160. 156. III. Isaac,* Jan. 11, 1768, d. Jan. 17, 1835, having been m. three times. 

IV. Gardiner,* June 4, 1772, m. Mehetabel Miriam, s. at Saratoga Springs, 

became a pillar in the Baptist Chh., and d., leaving a good estate, and three 

children, the worse for their inheritance. 
168. IfiS. V. John-."* Aug. 29, 1776, m. Luby Buxton, r. Shrewsbury, Vt. 

VI. Nathan,* Oct. 5, 1779, settled at Ticonderoga, N. Y. 

vn. Polly,* m. 2 hus., both sons of Doct. Dickenson, and rs. Cambridge,Vt. 

VIII. Ephraim* ; ix. Samuel* ; and no farther reported. 

156. 160. Isaac,* settled in Hancock, N. H., and took care of hi? aged parents, 
m. Betsey Jackson, who was brought up by his parents, and d. 1813 ; and 
2d, Sally Davis, of Nelson, N. H., who d. 1819; and 3d, Mrs. Temperance 
D. Ballard, Feb. 3, 1820, still living in Morristown, N. J., and had 
I. SamueF ; ii. Arathusa'; iii. Mary'; iv. Eliza'; v. Warner B.'; vi. 
Gardner' ; vii. Curtis' ; viii. Wm. B.' ; ix. Abby A.' ; most of whom 
have d. with consumption, professors of the religion of their ancestors. 

78J. 166. Eli, rs. in S. Bridge, as a machinist, m. Brown, fr. Dud., by whom 

he had two dgs., m., and now living ; and 2d, Betsey Ellis, ab. 1824, dg. of 
Simeon E., of Med., by whom he had iii. Gep. E., b. Jly. 31, 1826, who 
read med. with L. W. Curtis, M. D., of S., grad. at Albany Med. Col., 
1853, is now in successful practice at Millville ; iv. Eliza Ann, m. Geo. 
P. Chapin, r. S. ; v. Maria C. ; vi. Willard E., r. Ware ; vii. Betsey 



.58. 168. John, rs. at Shrewsbury, Vt, m. Feb. 28, 1797, Lucy Buxton, b. No« 
13, 1775, at Barre, and d. Aug. 13, 1831 ; 2d, Melinda Mann, and had 

I. Polly, Nov. 26, '97, d. Ap. 30, 1849, m. Sewall Hemingway. 

II. Daniel B., Jly. 2, '99, d. Ap. 15, 1802 ; m. John, Sept. 8, 1800, d 
1854, r. Bockford, 111., m. Laura Eastman, hsidGeo,, Caroline, Marcia, Har- 
riet M., Emeline and Laura; IV. Lucy, Feb. 22, 1802, m. Amasa Pe^ 
kins, rs. Clarendon, Vt. ; v. Daniel, Ap. 19, 1803, d. Nov. 4, 1845, r. 
Shrew., m. Nancy Gates, and had MarceUus, 'Alien, Eliza, Emeline, Spencer, 
and Harrison ; vi. Gardner, Sep. 27, 1805, r. Hindsdale, N. Y., m. Diana 
Eansman ; vn. Joseph A., Rev., May 31, '07, educ. at Haml. Univer., N. 
Y., r. Penfield, N. Y., m. Cynthia Maynard, has Edwin, Josephine^ and 
James ; vni. Julia Ann, June 22, '09, r. Chittendon, Vt, m. Willard Os- 
good; IX. Emeline, Sep. id, 1811, r. Fairhaven, Vt., m. Benj. F. Gilbert; 
X. Edwin Buxton, Sept. 12, '13, d. Ap. 5, '47, at Maulmain, Burmah, 
m. Ellen Huntley, grad. at Haml. University, and at Thco. Sem., Newton, 
had EUm and Edwin; xi. AaW^fB., Ap. 11, '15, m. Ann Eliza 
Mehurin, rs. Shrew., had Mary Eliza and Merrett Almon ; xn. Geo. 
Whitfield, May 9, '17, m. Mary Ann Grossman, rs. Shrew., had Geo, A*, 
Oct 17, 1842; John C, Ap. 27, '46; Lovisa E., Ap. 26, '50; and 
Franklin G., Jly. 25, '52. 

t ■■■ I 


2. ®jeoirge ISnllarb, of Watertown, took the freeman's oath 1641, d. Jan. 14 
1688-9. He lived in the W. part of W., now Weston, and had by wifiE 
Beatrice, i. Mary,^ Feb. 12, 1639-40 ; ii. Jacob,^ Ap. 6, '42, was a soldier 
in Philip's war ; iii. Sarah,^ m. John Ball. 

4. 3. rv. Jona.,2 Jly. 12, '47 ; v. Johanna^^ m. ? Dennis Hedley, Mar. 22, '80-1- 

3. 4. Jona.,^ d. 1724, and administration was granted his s. Benj., Oct. 2, 
* 1724, m. Dec. 22, 1669, Hester Morse, dan. of Joseph M., of Water- 
town, and grd. dau. of Joseph, of Ipswich ; and 2d wid., Elizth. Barns, fr. 
Marlb., Mar. 23, 1721-2, and had at W., 
I. Hester,^ Aug. 13, 1671, d. um., Jly. 1, 1713-14. 

8. 5. II. Jona.,' Dec. 25, 1672, d. Sept. 14, 1719, m. Anna ; 

m. Hannah,^ Feb. 3, 1674-5 ; iv. Joseph,' the proprietor of mills in Wes., 

d. 1722. His estate apprd. at £752 (M. Prob.) He m. Elizabeth Upham, 

had Esther,* 1714, d. yg., and Abigail,* b. 1720, m. Abahm. Bigelow, '35-6. 

36. 7. V. Benj.,8 d. Nov. 18, 1740, m. Elizabeth Shepherd. 

39. 7^. VI. Nathaniel,' who was bondsman for the guardian of his niece, Abigail, 

1719 ; VII. Anna' ; vni. Elizabeth' ; xi. Mary' ; x. Moses,' ; xi. 

Elena'; xn. Kuth'. 

5. 8. Jona.,' s. in W., now Weston, d., and administration on his estate was 

granted his wid, Anna, Deo. 18, 1719, who. m. 2d, Edwd. Harrington, '31. 
I. Anna,* Oct 24, 1700, d. Feb. 18, 1701-2. 
12. 9. n. Jona.,* Jan. 24, 1701-2, m; Ruth Harrington. 

in. Samuel,* Mar. 11, 1704, m. Deborah , who d. a wid., and Samuel,^ 

of Billerica, May 6, 1756, became her admr. 

IV. Moses,* May 27, 1706, had Francis Pierce for his guardian, Feb. 4, 


'22-3, m. Elizabeth Livermore, 1780, and administration on bis estate was 
granted bis Br. Jona., Oct. 25. '31 ; v. Thankful,* May 14, 1708, d. yg. ' 
10. VI. Nathan'!* J vii. Abigail,* Jly. 28, 1711 ; 

vni. Anna,* bap. Dec. 6, 1713 ; ix. Thankful,* Deo. 2, 1715, m. Jona. 
Church, Aug., 21, '34. 
60. 11. X. Ebenezer,* Oct 14, 1719, d. May 11, 1768, at New Ips., N. H. He had 
his honored [step] father, Edw. Harrington, for his guardian, Ap. 30, 1733. 
[Mid. Prob.] 

9- 12. Jona.,* of Weston, m. Ruth Harrington, 1725-6, and had 
14. 13. I. Jona.* Mar. 29, 1727, m. Anna Harrington, 1745 ; ii. Ruth,* Sep. 12, 
'32, m. Isaac Whittemore, May 29, '50 ; ni. Sibil,* May 12, '37, m. Reuben 
Shed. Feb. 12, '71 ; iv. Abigail,* Apl. 5, '39, d. Mar. 10, '61 ; v. Sam'l,* 
Mar. 18, 1741, d. Jly. JO, '50; vi. Moses,* Dec. 13, '42, d. Jly. 10, '50 ; 
vn. Phineas,* Jly. 26, '45, d. Jly. 13, '50. 
vm. Isaiah,* Jly. 8, '60, m. Mary Pierce, Aug. 15, '71. 

13. 114. Jona.,* settled at Rutland (District) Worces. Co., and by w. Anna Har- 
rington, had I. Silas,® May 24, 1746, at Weston ; ii. Isaac,® Ap. 2, '49. 
23. 117. III. Jona.,® born at Rutland, d. Dec, 1854, aged 98 or 99, at Turner, Me. 

IV. Samuel,® added from the memory of Jona.® above, just before his death, 
and not deemed perfectly reliable. 

V. Phineas®; vi. Moses®; vii. Valentine®; viii. Ebenezer®; ix. Sibil®; 
X. Hannah®; xi. Anna®; xii. Dolly®; xiii. Ruth®. 

17. S3. Jona.,® m. Ruth Whittemore, from Spencer, who d. June 15, 1833, at 

Turner, Me. He r. in Oakham, and T. and had 
29. 24. I. Jona./ Sep. 18, 1800, in 0., r. Porecraft, Me. 

II. Isaac/ b. at Weston, d. in Oakham ; iii. Hypsy,' m. Chatbom, r. 

Stockbridge, Vt. ; iv. Ruth/ d. jg. ; v. Asa/ d. yg. ; vi. Ebenezer,' d. yg. 

vn. Ruth/ m. James Percy, of Paris, Me., and d. 1836; viii. Nathan./ 

d. in Buckfield, Me., 1828; ix. Joseph/ d. in do., 1821; x. Marshall/ 

d. in do. '21 ; xi. Lucy,' b. in Stockbridge, Vt, m. Amos Morse ; 

xu. Sally,' b. in Hebron, Me., d. Sep., 1821, at Buckfield, Me. 

24. 29. Jona./ m. Nancy Bradford, b. at Turner, Me., Ap. 7, 1806, and had 

I. Nathan,^ Ap. 22,1825, at Buckfield, d. June 11, 1850 ; ii. Cordelia,® Feb. 
17, '27, at Turner ; iii. Wm. B.,® Ap. 12, '29, at T., rs. Forecraft, Me. 
IV. Alanson B.,® Nov. 19, '31, r. California; v. Lucius M.,® Feb. 12, '34, 
r. F. ; VI. Aroline E.,® Ap. 3, '36, r. Taunton, Mass. ; vii. Ann M.,® Aug. 
21, '38, r. F. ; vm. Sewell F.,® Ap. 29, '42, at T. ; ix. Sarah M.,® Jly. 
31, '44, at F. ; x. Chs. C.® Dec. 29, '46; xi. and xii. Mary Emma,® and 
Martha Ella,® Jly. 12, '50. 

7- 3$. Benj.,® of Weston, w. Elizabeth. His will proved Mar. 9, 1740-1 gave 
all his real estate, appraised at £555, 14s. 6d. to his wid., E., and s., Isaac, a 
minor, binding him, when of age, to pay annually to the wid. £10, and to 
pay Abner, a younger son, when out of his minority, £300 ; and to the eldest 
dau. Mary, £100, and to Anna, the youngest, £100. He m. Aug. 20, 1728, 
Elizth. Shepherd, who by letter from the Chh., in Norton, was reed, by the 
Chh. in Weston, June 7, 1730. She m. for 2d hush., Ap. 14, 1742, Aaron 
Rice, of Rutland. 
65. 37. I. Isaac,* May 11, 1729 ; ii. A|^er,* Oct. 27, 1740, d. Jan. 1740-1 ; 
ra. Mary,* Ap. 9, 1731 ; iv. Anna,* Aug. 6, 1736. 


7 J. 39. Nathaniel,^ Ens., d. at Needham, June 17, 1754. His w. Dorothy d. 
June 8, '59, had at N. 

I. Nathaniel,* May 6, 1718, m. Abigail McWithee, Oct. 3, '46, and had 
Joseph, to ivhom Abigail Bullard, of Fram., pr. mother, is appointed 
guardian, Aug. 11, '67, he, having been without guardian or estate, was 
bound to Jos. Lock, of Leicester, by the selectmen of L. 

43. 41. II. Ephm.,* Aug. 22, '21 ; iii. Dorothy,* Sep. 3, '23. 

49. 42. IV. Moses,* Mar. 9, '33-4, m. Sarah Newell, May 4, '58, 5. Lucretia. 

41. 43. Ephm.,* m. Beulah , and had at Needham, 

I. Collins,^ b. Feb. 11, '45-6. 

51. '45. II. Ephm.,* Jly. 29, '47, m. Beulah Goodnow; in. Beulah,'* Dec. 17, '48, 
d. Deo. 8, '50 ; iv. Joseph,* Nov. 15, '50, d. Dec. 17, '54 ; v. Beulah,* 
Nov. 13, '52, d. Sep. 15, '54 ; vi. John,* Mar. 30, '55 ; vii. Rebecca,* 
Feb. 15, '57 ; viii. Timothy,* Aug. 24, '59. 

48. IX. Joseph,* Feb. 5, '61, m. Elizth. , had Joseph, Feb. 9, '85. 

X. Hannah,* Nov. 28, '65. 

42. 49. Moses,* m. Sarah Newell, May 4, '58, had at N. 

60. I. Nathaniel,* Mar. 11, 1759, m. Sarah Sanders ; ii. Sally,* Sep. 6, *61, m. 
Samuel Bracket, Oct. 7, '79. 

45. 51. Ephraim,* w. Beulah Goodnow, m. Nov. 21, 1771, had i. Becca,*Mar. 11, 
'72 ; II. Polly,« Oct. 3, 77 ; in. Timothy^ Mar. 16, '80. 

50. 58. Nathaniel,* w. Sarah Sanders, m. June 21, '81, r. Needh., and long served 

as Dep. Sheriff of Norf. Co., had i. Betsey,^ Sep. 15, 1782, m. Abbot, . 

rs. Andover; ii. Sarah,^ Nov. 3, '84, m. Robt Gilman, r. N. Y 

III. Clarissa,^ Feb. 8, '87, m. Thad. Allen, Editor and Teacher, rs. Bos. 
57. 54. IV. Nathaniel,^ May 1, '90; v. Moses Clark,« Jly. 24, '95, s. and d. at 

the South, had Nathaniel Needham,^ Aug., 24, '92 ; vi. Daniel Sanders,^ 

A. M., rs. Andover. 
54. 57. Nathl.,^ succeeded his father in the office of Dep. Sheriff, s. in N., m. Maria 

Mills, had i. Nathl.,^ m. Ruth Richardson, rs. Bos. 

II. Chs.,' d. yg. ; iii. Moses H.,' m. TJrsula M. Hope, rs. Natick, has 
Fred. H.,« Helen M.,« Fran. C.,« Eva A. J.,« Florence M.^; 

III. Clarissa M.,^ m. John L. Jewell, rs. Marlb. 

11. 60. Ebenezer,* w. — — , settled at New Ipswich, where he had i. Asa,* b. Dec. 7, 
1743, d. Sep. 12, '65 ; ii. Simeon,* b. Aug. 19, '45 ; iii. Keziah,* b. Ap. 
22, '47 ; IV. John,* b. June 10, '49 ; v. Ephrwm,* b. Ap. 13, '51, d. Dec. 
1, '52 ; VI. Mary,* b. Sep. 12, '53; vii. Ebenezer,* b. Ap. 1, '56 ; 
vin. Sarah,* b. May 28, '58 ; ix. Susannah,* b. Feb. 13, '61, d. Mar. 18, 
'65 ; X. Asa,* b. Ap. 18, '65. 

37. 65. Isaac,* settled at Barre, m. Lucy , and had i. Benj.,* Sep. 4, 1753, d. 

Aug. 24, '56 ; ii. Lucy, June 10, '55 ; in. Mary, Dec. 4, '56 ; 

IV. Isaac,* Jan. 15, '60, m. Martha , and had Justus,^ Jan. 27, 1784. 

V. Lemuel,* Mar. 5, '62. 

I *•■ I 



3v lDl)n i3ttUar&,^ w. Magdalene , d. 29, (1) 1661. He m. 2d, El- 

len Diokerman, wid. of Thos. D.; of Dorcficster, and with her sold land at 
Dor. 29, (4) 1665, He resided at Dedham and Medfield, and had i. Mag- 
dalene,^ m. John Partridge, 18, (10) 1655, at Medf. ; n. Jobn,^; who had 
Benj., d. 1713, at Dedh. ; iii. MichaeP; iv. Ahigail,2 8, (8) 1641, at D. 

7. 6. V. Joseph,^ 26, (2) 1643, m. Sarah ; vi. Hannah,^ (12) 1664, atD. 

6. 7. Joseph,^ w. Sarah , had at Medfield, i. Joseph,® Sep. 12, 1665,. d. 

yg. ; II. Sarah,'^ Nov. 21, 1667, 
11. 8. III. Joseph,® Mar. 28, 1 670, m. Margaret ; iv. Samuel,® Sep. 15,1672; 

V. BAchel,® Nov. 15, 1674, m. Sep. 28, 1701, Benoni Morse, of Medfd., 
and had Abial, Jan. 28, 1703-4, maternal gr. grd. mother of the author ; 

VI. Solomon,® Jly. 13, 1679. d. 79. 

13. 10. VII. Ebenezer,® d. 1765, m. Susann^ , d. 1763 ; viii. Hannah.® 

8. 11. Joseph,® w. Margaret , 2d, w. Abigail ; had at Medfd., i. Su- 

sanna,* 1694 ; II. Joanna,* 1696, d. yg. ; iii. Jemima,* Jly. 14, 1698 ; 
IV. Margaret,* Aug. 25, 1700. 

32. 12. V. Solomon,1 Aug. 22, 1702, d. Oct., 23, '68. m. Jemima ; 

VI. John,* May 16, 1705 ; vii. Tryall,* Aug. 4, 1709, d. yg. (by wf. 
Margaret) ; vin. Submit,* Apl. 2, 1711. 

10. 13. Ebenezer,® w. Susanna ; had at Medfd, 

19. 14. I. Joshua,* Nov. 25, 1716, d. 1792, to. pr. three wives ; ii. Asa,* 
d. 1765 ; III. Sarah,* b. and d. 1721 ; iv. Susanna,* Oct. 28, 1722. 

33. 16. V. Joseph,* Jan. 16, 1719, s. at New Ipswich, and d. Mar. 3, 1792, at 

Mason, N. H., a. " 73 yrs." ; vi. Nathan,* Dec. 3, 1724 ; vii. Sarah,* Mar. 
12, 1728 ; IX. Keziah,* b. and d. 1730 ; x. Rachel,* 1732. 
28. 18. vm. Hezekiah,* June 27, 1730 ; 

14. 19. Joshua,* m. Judith , who d. Jan. 20, 1743-4, 2d, Olive , 

who d. Mar, 17. 1746-7 ; and 3d, Ann , who d. Nov. 15, 1811, 

a. 87 ; i. Job,* Dec. 26, 1743, d. yg. ; ii. Rhoda.* Oct. 22, '45, d. yg. ; 
20. ni. Silas,* Mar. 3, '47, m. ? Mary Fumess, 1770, at Barre ; iv. Judith,* 
Sep. 7, '49. 
24. 21. V. Nathan,* June 15, '54, by 2d w.; vi. Ann,* Feb. 23, '5Q; vii. John,* 

Sep. 30, '58. m. ? Thankful , who d. Jan. 21, '84, and had at Medfd., 

mijak,^ Feb. 25, 1780 ; OZiVc,® June 3, '82 ; Thankful,^ Jan. 11, '84 ; 
VIII. Olive,* Sep. 13, '61, d. '79 ; ix. Abijah,* Mar. 16, '64 ; x. Keziah,* 
Oct. 25, '66 ; xi. Abigail,* , d. 1787 ; xii. ZUla,* Feb. 5, '70. 

21. 24. Nathan,* s. 1-2 m. S. of Winthrop's Lake in Med., where Doct. Aaron 
Wight afterwards lived ; sold, and rm. to Shrewsbury ; m. Ede Partridge, 
1750, who was b. Dec. 4, 1727, dg. of Jona. P., of Med. and Barre, by w. 
• Elizabeth Learned, fr. Fram., and grd. dau. of John P., jun., of Medfd. by 

w. Elizabeth Rocket, dau. of Nicholas R., by w. Margaret Holbrook, and 
grd. dau. of Richard '* Rockwood," of Braintree. Nathan had in Med., 
I. Elizabeth,® Nov. 3, 1750, m. 1769, James Morse, of Fitzwilliam, and was 
the mother of the Hon. Nathan Morse, of Northfield, Yt. ; ii. Ede,® Mar. 
18, 1752, m. David Johnson, jun., of Hell., and Chester, Vt., Nov. 3, '72, 


and 2(1, Amos Eicbardson, of Med. ; in. Khoda,^ June 16, '54, m. Zedekiah 
Johnson, of HoU. ; iv. Joel,« Feb. 23, '56 ; v. Chloe,« Nov. 19, '58, m. 
Rev. Mr. McCauly, of Rockingham, Vt. ; vi. Nathan,^ Sep. 17, '61 ; 
vii. Reuben,^ who reed, three wounds in the battle of Bunker Hill, one ball 
passing through the stomach. He d. 14 yrs. after with bilious colic. 

18. 28. Hezekiah,* m. Sarah ; 2d, Susanna Wheaton, had i. Elizabeth,* 

1754, at Wrentham ; ii. Keziah,* Jan. 2, 1756 ; iii. Joshua,* Apl. 14, 
1758 ; IV. Hezekiah,* Nov. 11, 1770, by 2d w. ; v, Benj.« June 16, '72 ; 
VI. Joseph,* Mar. 27, '74. 

12. 32. Solomon,* s. in Walpole, m. Jemima , and had ; i. Solomon,* 

Feb. 11, 1733-4 ; ii. Seth,* Jan., 1786, m. Joanna , and had 

at W., Elizabeth,^ Aug. 28, '62 ; Mary, Oct. 30, '64 ; Catherine, Jan. 
22, '67. 

16. 33. Joseph,* s. at New Ipswich, N. H., but shortly before his death, he re- 
moved to Mason, where a neat headstone marks his grave. He. m. Mar. 
22, 1754, Sarah Proctor, of Westford, Mass., who was born Feb. 25, 1729, 
and d. Nov. 5, 1820. They had 

38. 34. I. Silas,* Apl. 2, 1755. m. Avis Keyes, and d. May 15, 1835 ; 

35. II. Peter,* b. Apl. 23, 1760, r. Wyoming, Pa., and rm. to Marietta, Oh. ; 

36. in. Eleazer,* rm. to Cincinnati, Oh., and no further reported ; iv. Isaac,* 
b. June 29, 1757, d. Mar. 10, 1760. 

34. 38. Silas,* s. at Mason, N. H., m. Avis Keyes, fir. Ashford, Ct., Dec. 30, 

1763, who d. Mar. 23, 1836, and had at M., 
51. 3^9. I. Joseph,^ Apl. 2, 1783, d. June 9, 1843; 
57. 40. II. Sampson,^ Oct. 24, 1784 ; 
61. 41. m. Silas,« Sept. 5, 1786, d. Feb. 5, 1835 ; rv. Amasa,« July 22, 1788, 

d. Aug. 25, 1808 ; 
66. 43. V. Isaac ^ Nov. 1 1790' 
7l! 44! VI. Sally,« Feb. '2I, 1793 ; vn. Eleazer,^ Nov. 9, 1794, d. July 28, 

1825 ; VIII. Jesse,« Nov. 3, 1796, d. July, 21, 1797 ; ix. John,« May 20, 

1798, d. May 20, 1798 ; 
79. 46. x; Caleb Emerson,® Aug. 29, 1799; xi. Charles Keyes,® Feb. 22, 1801; 
83. 48. XII. Clarissa Page,® May 26, 1802 ; 
90. 49. XIII. Abigail Brooks,® Dec. 20, 1804 ; xiv. George,® Oct 26, 1806, 

d. May 5, 1807 ; 
98. 50. XV. Hamet Keyes,® Dec. 22, 1808, m. John M. Maynard. 

39. 51. Joseph,® r. Eindge, N. H;, m. Oct. 23, 1809, Lucy (Felt) Cragin, of 

Temple, N. H., and b. Nov. 26. 1780, had 

I. Lucy,' July 20, 1810; 11. Amasa,' May 2, 1812; iii. Elvira,' Sept 19, 

1815 ; IV. -SUas,' Aug. 29, 1817 ; v. Stephen Felt,' June 8, 1823. 

40. 57. Sampson,® r. Boston, Concord, and Littleton, N. H., m. Nov. 8, 1818, 

Ivah Patterson, b. June 5, 1798, d. Jly. 16, 1854, dg. of Enoch P., of 
Bos., by w. Mary Adams, (b. June, 17i80, at Newton.) They had 

I. Enoch Patterson,' Sept. 16, 1819, at Boston, where he rs. um., a banker ; 

II. Caroline Ivah,' at Concord, N. H., Apl. 9, 1821 ; in. George Henry,' 
Sept. 6, 1823, d. May 17, 1840. 

41. 61. Silas,® r. Boston, m. May 2, 1820, Mary Ann Barrett, of New Ipswich, 

who was b. Nov. 12, 1802. They had 


I. Mary/ at Boston, Nov- 6, 1821 ; ii. Charles Barrett/ at New Ipswich, 
N. H., Nov. 22, 1823 ; in. Martha Ann/ at Bos., Dec. 26, 1825 ; 
IV. Sarah Jane/ at B., Sept. 11, 1828 ; 

43. 66. Isaac,® r. Mason, N. H., m. Sept. 10, 1816, Nancy Fay, who d. Feb. 24, 

1827. They had 

I. Charles Augustus/ Jany. 9, 1818, d. Nov. 4, 1850; ii. Mary Ann/ 

March 26, 1820 ; iii. George C.,' Sept. 25, 1822, d. Dec. 24, 1826 ; 

IV. George F.,' Jany. 7, 1827. 

44. 71. Sally,® m. Feb. 27, 1812, John Felt, who was bom at Temple, N. H., 

Apl. 20, 1789, r. Wilton, had 

I. Diana Keyes/ at W., May 26, 1813 ; ii. John,' March 18, 1815 ; 

III. Louisa,' at Rindge, N. H., Deo. 20, 1817 ; iv. George Bullard', Nov. 3, 

1819 ; V. Mary Ames/ at New Ipswich, Dec. 1, 1821 ; vi. Emily Mandi- 

vilie® Apl. 24, 1823 ; vii. Sarah Maria,' at Mason, Dec. 13, 1825. 

16. 79. Caleb Emerson,® r. Mason, N. H., m. June 2, 1821, Sophronia Kimball, of 
Nelson, N. H., who was b. Aug. 10, 1801. He had 
I. Benjamin Franklin,' at Mason, Jany. 22, 1826, d. Aug. 18, 1829 ; 
n. Abigail Amarilla,' Oct. 19, 1828 ; in. Franklin Kimball,' Jany. 20, 
1834; IV. Louisa Simmons/ June 27, 1837, d. May 5, 1842; v. Mary 
Caroline,' Jany. 3, 1841. 

48. 83. Clarissa Page,® m. Feb. 5, 1819, Chas. Granger, b. at Suffield, Conn., 

June 8, 1799, r. Mason, had 

I. Catharine A./ May 13, 1821 ; ii. Charles H./ March 31, 1823; 
in. James W./ Sept. 31, 1825 ; iv. Mary Ann/ Feby. 10, 1829 ; v. Mar- 
tha M./ Oct. 3, 1833 ; vi. Caroline E.,' Sept. 7, 1840 ; 

49. 90. Abigail Brooks,® m. Elias Taylor, of Jeffrey, N. H., b. at J., Dec. 7, 

1797, r. J., had 

I. Mary Ann/ at J^rey, Deo. 23, 1831 ;h. Ellen M./ July 22,1834; 


V. George H. B./ March 21, 1842 ; vi. Frances,' May 3, 1845; vn. Em- 
ma Isabel/ April 25, 1847. 

0. 98. Harriet Keyes,® m. Nov. 2, 1828, John M. Maynard,b. in Jeff., May 12, 
1801, had 

I. Edward/ Nov. 22, 1829; ii. Julia A./ June 21, 1832 ; iii. Ellen A.,' 
Feby. 2, 1834; iv. George P./ April 29, 1838; v. Harriet A./ March 

28, 1846. 


4. JfjSaac l3ttUat&/ of Dedham, d. Jly. 4, 1668, w. Ann , had 

I. Hannah,^ 24, (12) 1655 ; n. Sarah,^ 23, (11) '57 ; 

5. m. SamueV 20, (10) 59; iv. Judah,^ 10, (3), '62. 

6. V. Ephraim,2 June 20, '64 ; vi. AnDi,^ Ap. 17, '66. 

7. vn. John,^ June 26, '68, a John B., pr. his s., was of Stough., 1730. 


8. vin. Wm.,^ 19, (3), '73, pr. settled at Stougb., where a Wm. B., jun., had 
Hanh. hap. Ap. 5, 1724, at S. 

9. John, w. Rebecca , who was reed, to fall communion at Stougbton, Oct. 

26, 1730. They had i. John, baptized, Nov. 8, 1730 ; ii. Josiah, bap., do. 
III. Samuel, bap., do.; iy. Eebecca, bap., do.; t. Hannah, bap., do. 
VI. Mary, bap.. May 14, 1731 ; vn. Henry, born Jan. 11, , 1732. 
viii. Anne, b. Oct. 29, '33 ; ix. Ezra, b. July 6, '35. 

I •■* I 



5. Nati)aniiel BnllatV of Dedbam, in 1665, was a soldier in Philip's war, 
and d. 3, (11) 1681, at D., a husbandman, bequeathing his estate to his 
wid. M^ry, two daughters and one grandson. He had i. Mary,^ 1659, d. 
before her father ; ii. Judith,^ Aug. 5, 1667, r. um., at D., in 1710 ; 
III. Martha,^ Aug. 6, 1670, r. um. at D. in 1710 ; iv. Sarah,* m. Eleazer 
Mayes, and had only Eleazer. 

* mtm I 


6. torn. BttUari,^ a respected, prominent citizen of Dedham in 1643, is pre- 
sumed to have deceased there, not long after, though no record of his death or 

4 the settlement of his estate has been discovered. He left sons who inherited 
his place at D., and transmitted it to their descendants, who now point out 
the location of his first habitation. The former and latter generations of 
BuUards in D. and some of the adjacent towns are no doubt his descendants, 
and by family records capable of being traced fropa him. Town and county 
records fail to afford proof of such descent, while they show the continuance 
of the Patriarchal name, and the respectability and prominent standing of the 
Dedham Bullards. 

7. Nathaniel Bullard, admitted freeman, May 15, 1690, is supposed to have 
been the son of Wm.^ ; also, 

8. Josiah Bullard, of Dedh., another presumed descendant of Wm.,^ yet possi- 
bly of Isaac,^ m. Abigail Lewis, who d. ab. 1835, a. 97. These were pr, the 
grd, parents of "Wm. and John B., extensive merchants of New York, and of 
Lewis B., of Bed., and merch. of Boston. 

9. Ebenezer, b. in Bed., the brother of Josiah above, and d. in Sharon, ab. 1798. 

10. Benj., another brother of Josiah above, and b. in Bed. or Walp. ab. 1730, 
served in the war of the Revolution, and d. at Sharon, 1778, a. 48 ; m. Judith 
Lewis, fr. Bed., sis. to Abigail L. above, who d. at S., Aug., 1810, a. 69. 
He had 

14. 11. I. Benj., Oct. 9, 1758, d. Apl. 4, 1838, m. Hannah Holmes; ii. Judith, 
b. Nov. 28, 1760, and d. 1819-20, m. Edward French, of Canton, ab. 
1781-2, and r. in Stough., now Sharon; ni. Oliver, b. pr. in Bed., Sep. 15, 
1763, d. Aug. 13, 1839, m. Abigail Gay, of Shar., ab. 1782, r. Francw- 

^ddJ^'-y -'^ ■^^^-^^- 1. V.V^.^ ^cia-.-.: /^ic^.-^f fC/iicle^^'f^* 


town and Bethel, Vt., had 12 children; iv. Zipporah, Nov. 11, 1765, d. 
Sept. 24, 1854, a. 89, m. Israel Smith ab. 1789, r. Sharon, had 13 children. 
13. V. Lewis, b. 1768, m. Polly Leonard, of Foxboro', rm. to Francistown, N. 
H , ab. 1798-9, and returned to Foxb., where they d. ab. 1850. They had 
10 children, 5 of whom d. in infancy. Tamer, the eldest, m. Bradish Sum- 
ner, of Foxb.* VI. Irene, b. ab. 1776, at Sharon, d. 1815, a. 45, m. Wm. 
Capen, 1802, rs, S. 

11. 14. Benj., a soldier of the Revolution, and pensioner in 1832, m. Jan. 7, 1783, 
Hannah Holmes, of Sharon, b. Oct. 17, 1760, d. Jan. 10, 1849, a. 88, s. in 
S., and had i. Hannah, June, 19, 1783, d. Aug., 1827, at Easton, m. Obed 
Heaton, 1810, r. Plm. ; ii. Nancy, Sep., 1784, d. Nov., 1727, m. Ira 
Draper, '10, r. Ded. ; m. Mary, Sep. 26, '87, d. Nov. 4, 1821, m., Jan. 21, 
1816, Addison Barstow, of MedGeld ; iv. Betsey, Sept. 1790, d. Dec, 1822, 
m. Zephaniah Randall, of Easton ; v. Enoch, Sep. 5, 1792, m., Dec. 12, 
1819, Olive Gilbert, of Medf'd, rs. Sharon, had 

I. Helen M., Jan. 5, 1820, at Medfield, m. Albert Richards, Apl. 29, 

'49, rs. S. ; II. Francis M., m., 1842, Oliver Whittemore, rs. S., has 4 

chd. ; III. Lucy Ida, m. Chester E. Morse, had a son, Jan. 6, '55, rs. 

S. ; IV. Sally Ann, m., Nov., '52, Geo. Richards, had a son^ '54, (d.,) 

rs. S. ; V. Daniel Webster, m.. May, '52, Martha Curtis, rs. Roxb., had 

2 chd. ; VI. John Marshall, b. at Roxb., is um. 

VI. Sally, Sep. 26, 1795, (d.,) m. Hobbs Johnson, (d.,) r. Shar., had 2 

child. ; VII. Benj., Aug. 27, '98, m. Mary Dixon ; 2d, Maria Leonard, rs. 

S. ; VIII. Joseph, Aug. 27, '98, d. yg. ; ix. Lucy, Sep., 1802, d. 1820. 



Ch. I. 22. Adam Bullard, 1742, Harv. Col. 
I. 132. John Bullard, 1776, H. C, d. 1821. 
I. 132. Henry Adams Bullard, 1807, Harv.. Univ.', d. 1851. 

Asa Bullard, 1793 A. B., 1811, M. D., Dar. Col., a. H.U., 1809, d. '26. 
I. 132. Charles Adams Bullard, 1819, H. U. 
I. 132. John Parker Bullard, 1829, H. U., d. 1845. 
I. 133. Eli Bullard, 1787, Yale Col, d. 1824. • 
I. Ie32. Royal Bullard, 1810, do., d. 1846. 

Carolus H. Bullard, 1747, do. 
n. 54. Daniel S. BuUard, 1817, Brown Univ. 
I. 139. Eliaa Bullard, 1823, do. 

Ward Bullard, 1833, Middle Col. 
Cullen Bullard, 1829, M. D., Ver. Univ. 
[. 139. Malachi Bullard. 1841, Dart. Col., d. 
79. Artemas Bullard, 1826, Amherst Col. 
79. Asa Bullard, 1828, do. 
[. 137. Amos Bullard, 1833, do. 

79. Ebenezer Waters Bullard, 1834, Miami Univ., O. 
I. 166. George E. Bullard, 1853. M. D., Alb. Med. Col., N. Y. 
[. 168. Edwin Buxton Bullard, Hamil. Univ., N. Y., d. 1847. 



I. Thomas Butler, w. Martha , came 1745 fr. Ipswicb, and s. m Hopk. 

His will of '64, proved Mar. 6, 1766, mentions cbiL, i. Tbo.; n. Stephen; 
ui. Abigail ; iv. Wm. ; v. Daniel ; ti. Hannah ; tii. Sarah ; vni. Martha ; 

6. 5. IX, Jeremiah ; x. Elizabeth ; xi. Ruhama ; xii. Hiphsdbah ; xiu. Aaron. 

5. 6. Jeremiah, Execntor of his father's will, m, Martba Morse, May 22, 1755, 
had at Hopk., i. Polly, m. Jesse Miller, son of Maj. M., of Holl. 
II. Martha, m. Isaac Jones, of H'pk., had Rev. Isaac J. A. M., of Derry. 
9. 7. ni. Aaron, m. Sarah Jones, grd. dg. of Col. John, of Hop. 

ly. Joel, m. Deborah Adams ; 2d, Lydia Chamberlain, r. Winchendon. 

7. 9. Aaron, by w. Sarah Jones, had at Hopk., i. Hannah, m. Joseph Hunt, of 

Upton ; II. Aaron, m. Mehetabel Greenwood, 2d, Abigail Johnson. 
12. 11. III. Jeremiah, Esq., Jan. 19, 1789, m. Emily Pratt. 

IV. Ruhama, m. Nathan Johnson, fr. Holl., r. Dudley or Southboro'. 

II. 12. Jeremiah Butler, Esq., served his time, 1812-14, at S., as an ap- 

prentice at carriage-making, and in the autumn of 1815, s. in S., where he 
has ever since resided. He served as Coroner from Feb. 19, 1824, to '45, 
and has been an acting Justice ever since Feb. 8, '43, to the present time, 
'55. He m.. Nov. 5, 1818, Emily Pratt, fr. Fram., and had 

I. Harriet, June 1, '21, d. Feb. 7, '51, m. Geo. Daniels, had Emma A,; 

II. Olive, Aug. 10, '26, d. Oct. 4, '26. 

in. Mary Rosaline, June 22, '28, m. Vorestus Ware, of S., had Edgar 
BuMer, drowned Ap. 29, '49, Arthur B., Joseph W., Mary E. B,, 
Edgar V,, Clarence Henry, 

I ■■*> 

Thomas ChaddOCk, w. Margaret , had Zcruiah, Nov. 16, 1734, at H. 

<*■• » 

Cliainberlaill* The name of Chamberlain occurred early at Concord. ^ 

1. Wm. a proprietor of Billerica, 1658 ; Wm., jun., and John, of do., '79. 

2. The. admitted freeman, 1644, of Wobum, 1651, and Chemsford, 1658. 

3. Henry was of Hingham, 1635-40 ; 

4. Richard, of Braintree, had Richard, born 1642. 

5. Edmund, of Haverhill, admitted freeman, 1665. 

6. Moses Chamberlain,^fr. Dedham to Sherbom, ah. 1800, had i. Charlotte, 
and II. Jabez Dexter, both d. yg. He bought of Moses Perry, 3d, and 
erected tanning works, now Dea. Fisk's. 

7. James Chamberlain, w. Hannah, had at S., Cyrus, Jan. 15, 1769. 

8. Samuel Chamberlain, of Holl., m. Margaret Bullard, of Mend., May 13, 
1755, and had at H;., i. Elizabeth, Oct. 10, 1756 ; ii. Jemima, Nov. 1, '58. 

III. Rhoda, Nov. 27, '60. 

9. Enoch Chamberlain, w. Elizabeth ; i. Abigail, Nov. 18, 1758, d. Feb. 9, 
'66 ; II. Olive. Sept. 3, '60, d. Nov. 8. '73; in. Wm.. June 21, '62. 

IV. Enoch, Sept. 28, '64, d. Jan. 6, '73 ; v. Elijah, Feb. 1, '67, d. Sept. 
12, '73 ; VI. Eliphalet, Jan. 6, '69, d. Dec. 27, '72. 

10. vn. Calvin, June 27, '71; viii. Elizabeth, Jly. 2, '74. 

11. IX. Enoch, Ap. 3, '78; x. Luther, Mar. 10, '81. 


13. Jason Chamberlain, b. Feb. 26, 1701, s. of Jacob C, of Newton, m. 

Hannah Clark, had i. John, Sept. 6, 1728, at Newton. 

19. 14. II. Staples, Sept. 1, 1730, at H., to whom and Br. John, Dea. John Staples 

bequeathed £100 when of age ; iij. Jason, Lt., Mar. 8, '32, d. '70. 

16. m. Samuel Jly. 18, '34, m. Margaret BuUard; iv. Enoch, Nov. 18, '37; 

V. Elizabeth, Feb. 26, '39-40, d. Mar. 13, '39-40 ; vi. Eben., Aug. 9, '41. 

14. 19. Staples Chamberlain, Cpt., d. May 25, 1796, w. Abigail, had at H. 
26. 20. I. Jason, May 31, 1758 ; n. EUphalet, Mar. 27, '63, d. June 19, '66. 

21. John Chamberlain, w. Sarah, had at H., i. Sarah, May 8, 1756, m. Samuel 
Phipps, 72 ; ii. Mary, Nov. 18, '57 ; Barsheba, Nov. 17, '60 ; iv. Anna, Mar. 
18,' 64, d. Deo. 23, '65 ; v. Moses, Oct. 26, '66^ vi. Ebenezer, Sep. 6, '70. 

24. Wm. Chamberlain, w. Betsey, had at H., i. Elijah, Ap. 13, 1783. 

II. Sarah, June 1, '84 ; iii. Betsey, June 1, '84 ; iv. Olive, Jan. 12, '86. 
V. Clarissa, Feb. 5, '88 ; vi. Polly, Jan. 7, '90. 

20. 26. Col. Jason Chamberlain, m. Abigail, inherited the homestead, was a man of 
more than common education, and long a leading citizen of H., representing 
her in the convention that adopted the Fed. Constitution, and often in the 
Gen. Court. Ho entered warmly into the political questions of his day, ever 
acting with the parties opposed to the Constitution and the administration of 
John Adams. 
27. 1. Jason Rev. Prof., A. M., Feb. 9, 1784, grad. at B. U., s. as a pastor in 
Vt., was chaplain to the Leg. of Vt, Prof, of languages in V. University, 
and Land Agent in the Western Country where he was drowned, um. 
II. Eliphalet, d. without issue ; iii. Mary, Jan. 10, '87 ; iv. Nathan, Oet. 
9. '88, d. Jan. 20, '89; v. Abigail, Dec. 21, '89; vi. Calvin, d. Mar. 14, 
'92; VII. Tim., b. Jan. 25, '93; viii. Staples, May 25, '96; ix. Nath'l 
Whiting, Jan. 13, '98. 

I ■■• I 

Jona. Church, w. Thankful, had at S., i. Bebecca, Sept. 4, 1753. 

1. Caleb Claflin, m. Huldah Fisk, May 19, 1763, at H. ; 

2. John Claflin, fr. Hopk., the s. of Ebenezer C, whose ancestors were fr. Scot- 
land, m. 1770, Mary Sheffield, dg. of Isaac S., the former proprietor of Doct. 
Fisk's farm, and s. half m. N. E. of N. E. comer of Milfd., and had 
I. Amaziah, Jly. 5, '73; ii. John, June 24, '75, s. in Milfd., f. of Horace 
B., of New York; iii. Polly, Aug. 13, '79; iv. Luther, Oct. 30, '81; 
V. Martin, Mar. 24, '84 ; vi. Calvin, Nov. 17, '86; vii. Moses, Feb. 27, '89. 

9. Wm. Claflin, s. or neph. of John above, m. Sabery , had i. Wm., Aug. 

3, 1797 ; II. Erepta, Sept. 3, '99. 


1. JonasClark. early of Cambridge, is supposed to have had i. Samuel, 
who removed to Concord, 1686, and there died 1730. His wife, Euth, d. 
1722. Samuel had i. John; ii. Wm., who m. and had Wm,, jun., Jan. 20, 
1717, at C; iii. Benj., who m. Bebecca Flagg, and bad Benj,^ who d. Feb. 
11, 1809, a. 91. 
7. 6. IV. Arthur*; v. Susanna; vi. Hannah. 

60 CLARK. 

6. 7. Arthur Clark carae from Concord to S.-, 1715-18, m. Oct. 20, 1719, Han- 
nah Morse, dg. of Daniel M., by w. Elizth. Barbour, and grd. dg. of Daniel, 
and gr. grd. dg. of Samuel M., of Medfd., s. on her patrimonial estate, on 
the E. side of farm Lake, shared in the grants at Doug., 1730, and was six 

years selectman. He m. for his last w. Mrs. Sarah , fr. Concord, who 

d. June 2, 1799, a. 99, and had by 1st wife, i. Sarah, Oct. 1, 1720, m. Benj. 
Morse, '52. 

11. 8. II. Samuel,* oune 11. '22, d. Mar. 14, 1795; m. Asa,* Mar. 14,^23-4, Frank., and had issue; iv. John,* Oct. 7, '25, d. Nov. 16, '26. 
17. 10. V. Daniel,* Dec. 3, '27, d. Aug. 16, 1805. 

8. 11. Samuel,* m. 1746, Mary More, from Sud.,and2d, Sarah Harrington, '53-7, 
was selectman 1773 and '83, inherited E. half of the homestead, and had 
I. Molly,* Oct. 13, '47, in. Jonah Clark, and s. at Petersham. 

19. 12. II. Samuel,* Aug. 7, '49, m. Elizabeth Learned ; iii. Arthur,* Jly. 24, '51, 
a soldier of the revolution, burnt to death at Jeflfery, N. H., Mar., '85, um. 

21. 13. IV. Wm.,* Dea., Oct. 21, '53, d. Ap. 15. 1846, m. Elizabeth Whitney. 

V. Joseph,* May 6, '58, d. Jan. 20, 1837, m. and settled at Gardner. 

VI. Josiah,* Ap. 27, '60, d. '79, um., in the army. 

VII. Benj.,* May 30, '62, d. Nov. 28, 1827, m. and settled at Gardner. 
23. 16. VIII. Asa,* Nov. 20, '63, d. 1846; ix. Eunice, May 14, 1765, m. Stephen 

Purlin, of Petersham ; x. Lois,* Mar. 24, '67, d. Dec. 24, '91, m. Mr. 
Pierce; xi. Esther,* May 25, '69, d. um., a '19; xii. Timothy,* Aug. 6, 
'71, d. um., Dec. 29, 1800. 

10. 17. Daniel,* m. Joanna, , inherited the homestead, and had 

25. 18. 1. John,* Nov. 22, 1750, m. Silence Barbour, June 17, '84 ; n. Hannah, 

Aug. 13, '61, m^ June 19, '88, Enoch Draper, of Dover ; iii. Olive, Sept. 

9, '64, d. yg. ; iv. Olive, Mar. 19, '72, m. Geo. Colburn, of Ded., Jan. 1, 

1804; V. Daniel, bp. Jly. 9, '75. 

12. 19. Samuel,* m. Elizabeth Learned, b. Dec. 26, 1756, dg. of Capt. Edward 

L., by w. Sarah Pratt, fr. Newton, and grd. dg. of Dea. Benoni L., of S., 
by w. Mary Fanning, s. on the West Sberborn road, Ij m. W. of the Com- 
mon, where Eev. Amos Clark resides. He was a soldier in the revolution,' 
and had 
31. 20. I. Amos,^ Kev. A. M., Ap. 23, 1779, m. Pamelia Poor; ii. Elizabeth,* 
Nov. 16, '82, d. Mar., 1852, m. Moses Bullard, r. Princeton. 

13. 21. Wm.,* Dea, long a leading and honored citizen of S., early imbibed the 

spirit of '76 ; entered the army in the commencement of the conflict, served 
5 years as a soldier, was in the battle of Bunker Hill and at the surrender of 
Burgoyne, became a member of the chh., served her as deacon and the Town 
as selectman, kept a store and tavern upon the plain where his son Alpheus 
rs., was much employed in settling estates, and sustained through a long life a 
high character for responsibility, soundness of judgment and integrity. He 
married Elizabeth Whitney, June 24, 1784, dg. of Hon. Daniel Whitney, who 
d. Feb. 27, 1835. He died Ap. 15, 1846, a. 92, 6m. He had 
22. I. Alpheus,^ Esq., Mar. 29, 1785 ; ii. Polly, Jan. 20, '89, d. yg. 
III. Polly ,^ Jan. 18, '92, ra. Samuel Leland, of S. 

16. 23. Asa,* m. Mehetabel Esty, inherited the homestead at the Farm, and had 

I. Nathan,^ Ap. 9, 1794, d. Mar. 14, '95 ; ii. Sally ,« June 21, '95, m. 
Walter Barbour ; iii. Nelly ,^ Dec. 27, '96, rs. at the homestead ; iv. Samuel," 

CLARK. 61 

Junel, '99, d. Nov. 27, '99; v. Elijah,*^ also June 1, '99, m. Parmelia 
Haven, r. H. ; vr. Asa,« Feb. 6, 1801, d. yg. ; vii. Lydia,« Ap. 26, '03, d. 
yg. ; VIII. Asa E.,^ Dec. 9, '04, d. ab. 1838, m. Clarissa Whiting, had no 
issue; ix. Lydia G.,« Nov. 16, '06, d. Oct. 23, '08; x. Dexter, Mar. 19, 
'10, d. a. 15 yrs. ; xi. Mehetabel E., Jly. 20, '13, d. a. 19 yrs. 

8. 25. John, m. Silence Barbour, and inherited the homestead and had 

I. Prudence, Mar. 1, 1788, m. Hopestill Lovell, of Med., Oct. 1109. 

II. Caroline, Mar. 2, '90 ; iii. Daniel, June 7, '92 ; iv. Lewis, Jly. 1, '94. 
V. John, Nov 5, '96 ; vi. Arthur, Sept. 6, 1800 ; vn. Silence, Mar. 22, 
'07 ; VIII. Cyrus, Mar. 23, '07, d. yg. 

0. 31. Amos, Rev., A. M., prepared for Col. under the instruction of Rev. Elijah 
Brown, of S., grad. with honor at H. U., 1804, studied theology with Rev. 
Pres. Bates, then pastor at Dedham, with whom he subsequently became 
closely connected by marriage. In 1806 he was licensed to preach by the 
Ded. Asso. But being of too slender health for the peculiar labors of the 
pulpit^ he engaged in the calling of a classical instructor, preaching only 
occasionally, and dividing his time between Ded., Boston, Salem and Sher- 
born, and spending about 5 years in each place. Many of his former pupils 
whose minds and hearts he contributed to form, have risen to great eminence^ 
in the different professions, who by their inquiries, still evince an interest in 
Lis welfare honorable to all parties, proving him to be rich in friends. 
In 1828 Mr. C. became stated supply to the only pulpit in his native town, 
and on May 20, 1830, was here ordained and settled as the 7th minister of a 
parish 155 years old. This office he sustained until 1842, when the feeble- 
ness of his health called for his resignation. But his usefulness did not 
cease; and he has continued to watch over the interests of learning in S., 
and occasionally resume the desk which he had resigned. He represented 
S. in the Leg. of Mass., in 1845. He m. Pamelia Poor, dg. of the excellent 
Dea Daniel P., of Andover, the brother of Gen P., of Revolutionary fame, 
and the grd. dg. of Col. Fry, of French and Indian war celebrity, and had 

I. Elizabeth, Jan. 26, 1808, m. Rev. Philander Bates, A. M., r. Virgil, N. Y., 

II. Samuel, Esq., A. M., Sept. 15, 1809, m. Elizabeth Fisher, r. N. boro'. 

III. Daniel, M. D., Ap. 10, 1811, m. Mary E. Flint, dg. of Rev. Jacob F., 
of Cohasset, r. Flint, Mich. ; iv. Amos, Feb. 2, 1832, r. unm. in Flint. 

V. Nathaniel Fry, Jan. 8, 1815, m. Eleanor Leland, r. S. ; 

VI. Edward, Mar. 10, 1817, m. Cornelia Monro, r. Flint. 

VII. Henry B., Nov. 12, 1818, m. Martha Battiste, r. Chs'town, S. C. 
vin. Hannah P., Nov. 4, '20, d. Aug. 2, '21 ; ix. John B., Nov. 28, 1822, 
student of medicine, r. Flint, m. Cornelia Miles, May, '54 ; x. Hannah P., 
Oct 20, 1824, d: Oct. 15, '25 ; xi. Anna B., Dec. 6, 1826, d. Oct. 9, '30 ; 
xn. Anna P., Jan. 28, 1829^ m. Cadis B. Boyce, '52, r. Boston. 

Uriah Clark, w. Ruth, had at S., i. Gideon, May 15, 1757. 

38. Michael Clark, b. June 14, 1761, and d. Dec. 12, 1829, was fr. Needh. to 
S., m. Lucy Allen, who d. Aug. 25, 1808, a. 46. He m. 2d Susanna 
Perry, Jan. 1, 1809, who d. Aug. 11, 1815, and 3d Abigail Fisk ; and had 
at S. I. Charles, June 14, 1790, 8. in Charleston, S. C. ; ii. Henry, Aug. 
10, '91, r. Dorchester ; in. Martin, Feb. 22, '93, m. Sally BuUard, and d. 
at Savanna, Ga., without issue ; iv. Geo., Jan. 10, '95, r. S. boro. 
V. Lucy, Mar- 31, '96, m. Henry Pratt, r. Roxb. ; vi. Mary, Jan. 21, '98, 
d. Ap. 12, 1800 ; vn. John, Ap. 17, 1801, r. Keen, N. H., m. Clarissa 


Daniels ; viii. Mary Allen, Sept. 30, '09, m. Nathaniel Dowse ; nc. Anna, 
Feb. 1, '12, r. S., um. ; x. Joseph P., Dec. 29, '14, r. 8., um. 

45. Theopbilus Clark, b. Ap. 19, 1722, the son of Theoph., of Med.,pr. d& 
scended from Joseph C, of Medfield, d. Nov. 24, 1760, w. Experience 
y r. Holl. ; I. Jotham, d. Dec. 6, 1760. 

46. Nathl. Clark, w. Sarah, r. Holl.; i. Esther, May 25, 1765 ; ii. Saml., Jane 
20, '67; III. Sarah, Sept. 26, '69; iv. Joseph, Sept. 18, '73. 

47. Samuel Clark, pr. s. of Nathl., w. Julia , had at H., i. Joanna, Nov. 

23, 1795 ; n. Simeon, Aug. 16, '97 ; 

49. Benj. Clark, w. Lydia ; i. Warren, Aug. 3, 1781. 

51. Nahum Clark, pr. s. of Theopbilus, 2d, w. Mary, had at H. i. Jotham, Jan. 
13, 1773; II. Beulah, Jan. 12, '75; iii. Abijah, Sep. 1, '76, m. Lydia, 
and had Elie, Dec. 24, '98 ; iv. Cynthia, Jly. 1, '78; v. Theopbilus, Feb. 
16, '84; VI. Nahum, Nov. 27, '86; vii. Lucinda, Ap. 2, '90. 

I ••• I 

Joseph Cleale, b. May 12, 1794, at Ipswich, MasSe, s. of Jos. C. (fr. Horton, 
Somersetshire, Eng.,) by w. Mille Mann, fr. Walpole, Mass., s. in W. S., 
ab. 1816, m. Susan Wood; 2d Grace (Chamberlain) Hewens ; 3d, Betsey 
R. Tisdale, has i. Alfred, by Ist w., m. Mary Snelling, rs. H. ; ii. Lydia Ann ; 
ni. Susan A., m. James Bobertson Whitney, ; iv. Joseph A., d. a. 17. 
V. Alonzo, d. a. 15 ; vi. Albort ; vii. Augustus ; viii. Artemas. 
IX. Edwin ; x. Isabella ; xi. Jos. A., by 2d w. ; xii. Mary A. 


Amos Cobb. Sarah Fairbanks had i. Amos, at S. 

Stephen Cobb, w. Abigail, had at H., i. Abigail, Mar. 12, 1744-5 ; 

II. Stephen, Apl. 12. '46, d. Jan. 18, '54 ; iii. Lydia, Dec. 7, '48, d. Jan 

11, '54; IV. Abigail, Dec. 10, '50; v. Ebenezer, Jly. 4, '54. 

Samuel Cobb, m. Rboda Partridge, Aug. 11, 1763, had at H., i. Hannah, 
Dec. 28, 1763, d. May 17, '64 ; n. Japhet, Mar. 28, '66 ; in. Amos, Sep. 
25, '68 ; IV. Luther, Mar. 19, '72. 

Seth Cobb, w. Kate, had i. Lydia, Sept. 20, 1770, at H. 

« *•• » 

OniSSimuS Cole, m. Jemima Leland, had at S., i. Olive, Ap. 6, 1772. 

II. Thaddeus, Dec. 4, '73 ; iii. John, June 2, '76 ; iv. Samuel, May 3 
'78 ; v. Sally, Sept. 7, '80 ; vi. Joseph C, Aug. 29, '84 ; vii. Mima Cobb 
Oct. 2, '92. 

»m*m * 

FMneaS Collar, w. Hannah, had at S., L Eliz'th., Mar. 30, 1731. 


1. John Coolidge^, (a soldier in Philip's war, and by trade a carpenter,) cam* 
from Watertown, about 1680-5, and was rated for the Indian title, 1686 
and drew landyvl696, s. in the N. part of S., where Daniel C. now resides 


He was tbe s. of Ens. John C, of W., and the grd. s. of John C, who 
emigrated pr. in 1630, from Cambridgeshire, and settled in W., which town 
he served as selectman, and in 1658 represented. [Bond.] 'The Cooledge 
family in England, according to Mr. Somerby, are of great antiquity, and 
early had their representatives among the gentry. 
John,^ served S. 10 years as selectman, and 5 years as Town Clerk. He m. 

Mary , who, as his wid., drew land in Doug., 1715, and d. Sep. 13, 

1724. He d. Jan. 18, 1713-14, a. 51 or 57, 11 mo. He had 
6.. 2. 1. Isaac, Esq., Apl. 21, 1685, d. June 2, 1761; ii. Daniel, Jan. 6, 1687, 
d. May 20, 1707 ; iii. John, Aug. 31, 1689, d. Jan. 23, 1711-12. 
IV. Hannah^ Jan. 8, '92, m. Jona. Fairbanks, June 2, 1726 ; v. Sarah, Oct. 
13, '94, m. Nathaniel Morse, of Medfd. 
82. 3. VI. James, Oct. 17, '96, d. 1761 ; vii. Mary, May 13, 1701, m. Jona. 
Russell, Jly. 13, 1727 ; viii. Peter, Feb. 17, '02-3, m. Abigail Wheelook, 
Apl. 12, '23, 2d, Margt. Ellis, Jan. 2, '28-29, r. Medfield. 
IX. Amos, Cpt.^May 16, '05, d. Sep. 27, '82, m. Mary Leland, Deo. 25, 
'28, hat Sarah, b. and d. 1741. He m. 2d, Zerviah Brown, Feb. 25, '68. 

2. 6. Isaac, Esq., m. Hannah Morse, dg. of Capt. Joseph M., inherited the home- 
stead, was maj. in the militia, served S. 3 years as selectman, and 5 years 
as representative ; i. Hannah, Mar. 18, 1710-11, m. The. Russell. 

10. 7. II. John, June 21, '14 ; iii. Grace, Mar. 18, '16-7, m. Ezra Holbrook, Nov. 
30, '38 ; IV. Lucy, May 3, '19, d. Mar. 27, '91, m. Joseph Crackbone, 
Oct. 10, '50. 

15. 8. V. Joseph, Apl. 22, '26; vi. Isaac, (according to Bond.) 

7. 10. John, m. Anne, r. S. and Natick ; i. Anne, May 5, 1741 ; ii. Mary, Jly. 28, 
'42 ; III. Elizabeth, Dec. 17, '44 ; iv. Isaac, Aug. 29, '47 ; v. Abigail, Jly. 
10, '49. 
22. 12. VI. John, Ap. 22, '52 ; vii. Samuel, 1753 ; viii. Tho., 1755. 

IX. Elizabeth, 1756, d. '57 ; x. Elizabeth, 1758, m. Ebenr. Eames, of Fram. 

8. 15. -Joseph, m. Elizabeth Frost, Jan. 26. 1746; i. Joseph, Mar. 31, 1747, d. 
Mar. 31, '47 ; ii. Grace, Oct. 14, '48, d. Dec. 10, '60 ; ni. James, Apl. 11, 
'51, s. in Oardner, where he d. aged above 90. 

26. 17. IV. Daniel, Mar. 13, '53, m. Beulah Smith, from Need. 
V. Grace, May 27, '55, m. Joseph Ware, Esq. 

28. 18. VI. Joseph, Jan. 16, '57, m. Martha Daniels; vn. Joel, Opt., Jly. 19, '59, 
m. Martha Ware, Oct. 11, '81, had Chs., Jan. 30, '82; viii. Hannah, 
Nov. 18, '61, m. John Phipps, r. S. ; ix. Abraham, Jan. 1, '64, m. Sarah 
Hemmingway, Jan. 1, '89, r. Marlboro', N. H. ; x. Hezekiah, Feb. 13, '66, 
m. Esther Cleaveland, Aug. 12, 90, r. Marlb. ; xi. Sarah, Jan. 25, '69, 
m. Luther Haven, rs. in Milford, had two sons, 
xn. Asher, May 28, 1771, d. yg. 

12. 22. John, m. Eunice Eames, 1780, and had at Natick, 

V. Samuel, Aug. 28, 1790, advantageously known as the publisher, at Bos., 
of the Massachusetts Teacher, who m. Mary Bktes, Ap. 23, 1815, had 
I. Samuel B., Sep. 18, 1815, d. Dec. 3, '41 ; 
25. 24. II. George, Aug. 7, 1817, m. Hepsy Ann Seaver ; 

m. Mary, Nov. 23, 1820, m. Geo. Hager, rs. Boston. 


24. 25. Georgo, rs, at Ded., conducts business in Bos. as printer and publisher ; is 
the author of several published articles of merit, and particularly of a poem 
on '* The Joys of Toil," delivered at the anniversary of the Bos. Mech. 
Appren. Lib. Asso., Feb., 1850, which alone entitles him to rank among 
literary men. His acrostical stanza to his infant son is a curiosity well 
worthy of a place in Goold Brown's standard work, '* The Grammar of Eng- 
lish Grammars," where, as I learn from Mr. B., it would have found a place 
had he earlier met with it. The reader will notice that the initial letters of 
all the words in the stanza form the name. To secure its preservation for 
some work like Mr. Brown's, showing the flexibility of our language, I here 
introduce it : 

Go Ever Onward, Righteous Glories Earning, 
As Understanding Struggles Through Its Night, — 

Creative Omnipresence Only Learning, — 
In Duty's Garland-pathway Erudite. 

Mr. C. m. Hepsy Ann Seaver, Aug. 29, 1843, Jiad i. George Austin, 
Apl. 12, '45, to whom the above lines refer; ii. Anna Louiia, Jan. 8, '47 ; 
III. Ellen Frances, Feb. 8, '49 ; iv. Samuel Horace, Aug. 29, '52. 

17. 26. Daniel m. Beulah Smith, May 11, 1780, inherited the ancient homestead in 

S., was selectman 5 years and an ornament to religion. He d. Sept. 10, 
1840. His wid. d. ab. 1845, one of the excellent of the earth. They had 
I. Charlotte, Nov. 27, 1781, m. Hez. Fuller, of Needhara ; ii. Clarissa, Ap. 
21, 1783, m. Dea. Danforth Colburne, of Bed. ; iii. Calvin, Mar. 19, '85, 
m. Patty Hyde, r. Fitz Wm. ;- iv. Beulah, Aug. 27, '87, m. Andrew 
Bullard, pf S. ; v. Daniel, June 24, '89, m. Hannah Frost, fr. N. Marlb., 
r. S. ; VI. Lucy, Sep. 1, '91, d. unra., Sep. 11, 1851, exhibiting in a won- 
derful degree the power of divine grace ; vii. Aaron, Dea., Oct 7, '93, 
m. Catherine Hill, had i. Emily ^ ^' yg- > ii« Eliza, m. Wm. Dowse. 

III. Aaron S. ; iv. Amos IT., A, M. ; v. Horatio ^ d. yg; vni. Elizabeth, 
Feb. 5, '96, d. unm., a. 26 ; ix. Cally, June 27, '98, m. Horatio Cooledge, 
r. S., X. Curtis, Jan. 21, 1802, m. Orinda Cooledge, r. 8. ; xi. Harriot, 
Aug. 27, 1804, m. Wm. Phipps, of Frank. 

18. 28. Joseph, m. Martha Daniels, r. S. part of S , had i. Lemuel, Feb. 2, 1782, 

m. Clarissa Leland, r. Rutland ; ii. Lowell, Nov. 10, '84, m. Elizabeth 
Eichardson, from Med., r. S., had 

I. 6rco. / II. 'Orinda; in. Martha; iv. Lowell* v. Lowell, m. Julia 

Ann Church, b. Jan. 24, '26, m. '47, d. Apl. 8, '54, leaving Emma 

E. and Julia Ann. 
in. Horatio, June 20, '95, m. Cally Cooledge, and had 

I. Elizabeth, (d.) ; ii. Joseph D,, m. Jan. 11, '51, Sarah A. Clark, 

r. S., has Elizth. F. ; in. Nelson; 

IV. Martha, Aug. 19, 1800, d. ag. 12. 

' ^■^.^^^^_^^_^^_^_ 

8. 32. James m. Freelove Monk, settled on the Gookin Farm, now James Bullard's, 
where he kept a tavern, was selectman, 1744-5, had i. Freedove, d. yg. 
n. H««ekiah, Jly. 18, 1729, grad. H. Col., '50, d. at Crownpoint, Deo., 
1761, an Ensign in the army ; ni. James, Nov. 8, '30, d. yg. ; iv. James * 
d. June 23, 1757; v. Mary, Jan. 7, '31-2, d. Mar. 11, 1813, m. Benj. 
Ware, 2d, Col. Samuel Bullard ; vi. Abigail, Jly. 3, '35, m. Joseph Faii^ 
banks, d. without issue. 

I * f i 


1* Nathaniel Corbett, w. Huldab, had at n., i. Cbyron, Sep. 10, 1787. 

n. Lucy, Mar. 24, '89 ; in. Nath'l, Dec. 23, '92 ; iv. Julima, Nov. 24, '95, 
V. Ruth, Nov. 24, '99. 


1* Edmond. Cousins, of Pulling Point, one of the first of the name in 
N. Eng., m. 1656 or 7, Margaret Bird, an Irish maid servant to John 
Orover or Glover, of Rumney Marsh. Traditions of Irish blood in the 
Cozzens certainly existed among the aged 100 years ago. 

2. Isaac Cousins^ of Boston, locksmith, whose wife, in 1656, was Elizabeth. He 
m. 1657, wid. Ann Hunt, formerly the wife of John Edwards. In 1658 
be sold out at B. to Edward Clark. An Isaac C, pr. the same, was of 

Haverhill, 1653 and 59. Isaad Cousins, of Boston, by w. Rebecca , had 

I. Rebecca, b. Ap. 2, 1660, and 
5. 4. II. Abraham, probably. 

4. 5. Abraham Couons, who had served as a soldier in Philip's war, was in 
Sherbom, 1678, m. Mary Eames, at Woburn, dg. of Tho. E., and late a 
captive among the Indians, drew land in S., Jan. 7, 1683, and settled 
between Chestnut and Bopping Brooks where Jesse Kingsbury rs., drew 
land in Douglas, 1715, was rated in S. for the Indian title, 1686, and d. 
Feb. 28, 1728-9, the year that his grand dg. Rebecca, my grandmother, was 
bom, by whose perfect recollection my youthful mind was stored with facts 
and reliable traditions which have justified assertions in these sheets, not 
substantiated by any record. He had 

13. 6. 1. Abraham, Aug. 22, 1685, m. 1709, Abigail Wilkinson, of Ch'stown. 

15. 7. n. Isaac, June 2, 1688, d. Jan. 20, 1739-40. 

18. 8. m. Jacob, Aug. 13, 1692- 

20. 9. IV. Joseph, also Aug. 13, '92, d. 1759, m. first, at the age of 50. 
V. Mary, May 10, '95. 

10. Samuel Cousins, pr. a brother of Abraham, r. and had in S., by w. Deborah, 

11. I. Samuel, Jan. 31, 1692; ii. Benj., Feb. 16, 1696-7. 

6. 13. Abraham m. Abigail Wilkinson, of Charlestown, who d. Dec. 21, 1754, 
and with his father and brothers drew 204 acres in Doug., and was one of 
a Committee to build the first meeting house in Holliston, in 1726, and 
d. 1726-30. He had 

I. Abraham, drew 42 acres in D., 1730, pr. aged 21, an only son, who m. 
Phebe Fairbanks, of Med., 1759, had no child, recorded, 
n. Unis, Oct 16, 1716, d. Apl. 5, '18; in. Abigail, Feb. 20, 1718. 
IV. Ruth, Jan. 12, '23-4. 

7- 15. Isaac, m. Martha? (Haven) Wessan, who d. Oct. 21, 1746, at H., was 
constable in S., 1721, s. 1 m. S., of Washacum Pond, in Ashland, and had 
I. Isaac, May 13, 1716, d. unm. ; n. Martha, Dec. 2, '17, d. unm., Mar. 
12, '37-8; in. Elizabeth, Nov. 25. '20, m. Daniel Jenning, of H., Jly. 11, 
'39, and had i. Daniel^ and ii. Isaac, both of whom s. on the homestead. 
IV. Sarah, Nov. 22, '23, m. George Whitney, of Hoi. 
24. 17. V. Joseph, Feb. 2, '26, d. Dec. 27, 1787, a. 61 ; vi. Rebecca, Mar. 24, 
'28-29, d. Nov. 19, 1807, m. Ezekiel Morse, of Med. 
VII. Meroy, Aug. 24, '^2, d. Oct. 26, 1770, m. Joseph Johnson, of H. 


8. 18. Jacob, m. Mary Wallis, pr. dg. of John W., by w. Mary, of S., had 

I. Josboa, Mar. 21, 1728-4, and removed to B. I. 

9. 20. Joseph, m. Rebecca Hill, Nov. 8, 1742, dg. of Docfc. Elcazer H., of S. 
r. S., had i. John, Oct. 14, 1748, d. yg. ; ii. Mercy, May 8, '45, m. 

Bider; iii. B-ebecca, Nov. 25, '46, m. Samael Lamb, r. Phillipstown. 

IV. Ruth, May 27, '50. 

28. 22. T. Asa, Oct. 17, '52, m. Lob Cousins, and d. Jly. 25, 1825. 

VI. Malady, Dec. 11, '54, m. Theophilus Candy, r. N. Y. 
84. 23. VII. Isaac, June 7, '57, m. Susanna. 

17. 24. Joseph m. Susanna Eames, who d. Dec. 18, '59 ; 2d, Abigail Jones, dg. of 
Col. Jones, of Hopk., and who d. May 25, 1806, a. 80. Joseph inherited the 
homestead in HolL, now Ashland, aifd had i. Martha, Apl. 18, 1747, m. 
Robt. Muzzy, r. Dublin ; ii. Joseph, May 24, '49, killed in the war of the 
revolution ; in. Susanna, m. Isaac Cousins, of S. 

27. 26. IV. Isaac, Aug. 29, '62, d. Aug. 28, 1843, m. Sarah Morse, his cous. 

V. Abigail, Mar. 28, '68, d. Mar. 25, 1853, m. Isaac Jennings, of H., her 
cousin, who d. Apl. 27, 1821 ; vi. Lois, m. Asa Cousins, the cousin of her 

26. 27. Isaac inherited the homestead of his father, grd. and gr. grd. father. 

I. Rebecca, Nov. 22, 1785, m. Reuben Cozzens of S. ; ii. Nabby, Nov. 14, 

'87; d. Nov. 13, 1806; in. Jesse, Nov. 29, '89, m.. Nancy Dowse; 

IT. Isaac, Feb. 14, '92, m. Mary Fay^ has Mary, m. Milton Bullard, of 

Bell. ; V. Anna, Ap. 19, '94, m. Jona. Eames. 

vi. Sally, Dec. 30, '97, d. yg. ; vii. Myra, Oct. 2, '99, m. Henry Babcock. 

vni. Deztier, Sep. 21, 1807, m. Caroline Eames, from Hopk., rs. near 

Pawsett Hill, of which he is proprietor, in the S. part of S. 

22. 28. Asa inherited the ancient place of the family in S., m. Lois Cousins. 

1. Asa, Jan. 2, 1777, d. jg..\ ii. Joseph, Jly. 30, '79, d. in H., m. Rut^ 
Stratton, r. Hopk., and Jeffery; in. John, Ap. 30, '81, m. Ruth Cheney, r. 
HolL, now Ashland, had Henry and John y (d.); iv. Reuben, Felf. 23, '83, m. 
Rebecca Cozzens, his covsin, r. 1 m. s. of the W., and was killed, Sept. 14, 
1853 ; V. Levi, Aug. 7, '88, r. unm. in Ashd. ; vi. Lois, Mar. 5, '88, m. 
Asa C., her cousin, and 2d; Joseph Eames ; vii. Polly, May 17, '91, m. 
Ebenezer Twitchell, r. Jackson, Me. ; viii. Julia, July 17, '93, m. Joshua 
Twitchell, r. Jackson, Me. 

23. 34. Isaac, a blacksmith, m. Susanna Cousins, 1779, r. opposite his brothers. 

I. Asa, Feb. 8, 1781, m. Lois Cousins, had no issue. She m. 2d, Joseph 
Eames, of Ashland ; ii. Susanna, Nov. 13, '84, d. unm. ; in. Isaac, Oct. 
13, '87, d. unm. 


1. Joseph Crackbone, w. Lucy Cooledge, had at S. i. Lucy, Ap. 14, 1752. 

II. Hannah, Dec. 19, '53, m. Sylvester Bedlam, '92, r. Asbford, Ct. 
in. Mary, Aug. 14, '56 ; iv. Joseph, Sept. 4, '58. 
3. 2. V. Joseph, Oct. 20, '59. 

2. 3. Joseph, m. Abigail Clapp, Jan. 1, 1782, and had at S. i. Lemuel, Mar. 27, 

1783, d. Sept. 16, '86 ; n. Polly, Dec. 6, '84 ; in. Lemuel, Oct. 18, '86. 
; IV. Sukey, Aug. 12, '88; v. Nancy, Mar. 9, '91; vi. Lydia, Mar. 20, 
'&3 ; vn. Hannah, Mar. 19, '95 ; vni. Jose^ Oct. 22, '97- 
IX. Charles, Nov. 22, '99. 


Crdigrin, w. Kesdab, bad i. Hannah, June 25, 1777.^ 


James CrOSSman, w. Mary, bad i. Eunice, Mar. 16, 1772. 


Ebenezer Curtis, m. Martba Hollowall, Jan. 25, 1749-50, bad at HoU. ^pz, 
I. James, Mar. 12, 1752, m. Abigail ^^^^^^^^nd bad i. Jason ; ii. Elijab, ^ * 
Mar. 27, '96 ; ii. Ebenezer, June 20, '56 ; in. Sarah, May 3, '58. 
IV. Elizabeth, June 27, '60 ; v. Adesab, Jan. 9, '63 ; vi. John, Feb. 26, 

i^ f 

WiUiams Cushing, s. of Eev. Jacob Cushing, B. D., of Waltbam, and grd. 
son df Eev. Job 0., of Shrewsbury, was born Dec. 6, 1756, m. Sarah 
Bigelow, Ap. 12, 1781, and took up his residence in S. about 1800, and 
was the father of Jacob C^, who settled on the road to W. Sherbom, about 
60 rods W. of the long meadow, m. Eliza Wight and had i. Francis E., m. 
Augusta M. Ware ; ii. Frederick ; in. Isabella. 


Jonathan Cutler, s. of Jona. C, of Eeading, said to have been from England, ? 
s. W. of Chicken Brook, on Abraham's plain and 100 rods W. of the R. R. 
deep cut. He purchased the lot of 147 acres adjacent to him in Med., which 
in 1659 had been assigned by Medfield to their minister, Eev. Mr. Wilson, 
and prior to 1753, built a saw mill on Chicken Br., N. E. of the W. depot 
in H. He was a prominent citizen and acted as moderator of T. meetings. 
He m. Abigail Clark. In 1761, Apl. 27th, he comple^^ the settlement of 
his estate, deeding to bis son Simeon, when of age, the E. half of his original 
lot, on which he then lived, containing 80 acres^ and valued at £133, 
bounded E. by Tim. Patridge and Ezekl. Morse, N. by John Goulding, W. 
by Jona. Cutler, jun., and S. by said Cutler's land, reserving to his wid. 
the improvement of the same, during the minority of S. He gave to Holl., 
175*3, the right of way through the centre of his farm in exchange for land 
reserved on the N. side of it, for a road between Medway (former) line^nd 
John Goulding's land, but retained the prinlege of flowing across it as 
hiigh as his dam. He had i. Wm., Mar. 24, 1726, at Bellingham ; 

II. Mary, b. pr.. 1728-32, m. Eames, of Holl. ; in. Abigail, Ap. 15, 

1734, d. May 21, '36, at H. 
' IV. Jona., Nov. 6, '35, m. Jeruaba Blake, s. 80 rods N. E. of the upper 
Depot in H., had Calvin, who inherited his homestead and had i. PauTand 
Amosy f. of Rev. C. (d.) of Newton; v. Abigail, Nov. 14, '37, m. Eben- 
ezer Leland, of H. 
8. 4. VI. Moses, Feb 11, '39-40, m. Lydia Blake; vii. David, Jly. 17, '42, m. 
Lydia Bizbee, r. Hopk. 

11. 6. vin. Ebenezer, Nov. 24, !46, m. Esther Bacon, from Wrenth., '72. 

13. 7. IX. Simeon, Col., Jly. 9, '49, d. Jly. 13, '99. 

z. Lydia, Jly. 1, '51, m. Joseph Johnson, Jan. 1, 1772, r. Hopk. 

4. 8. Moses settled in H., | m. W. of bis father's, where Eeuben Fairbanks after- 
wards resided, became a separate and occasionally preached. He had 

I. Moses, Sep. 24, 1767 ; ii. Aaron, Feb. 9, '70. 


6. 11. Ebenezer, s. ab. 1 m. N. W> of the homestead, became a separate, occa- 
sionally preached, though in oppo^tion to the advice of the friends of re- 


ligion. He ^as an upright, ^ell meaning, and hopofolly pious man. He 
had by w. Esther Bacon, i. Esther, Feb. 5, 1775, d. unm., a very devoted 
Christian, whose biography was published. 
12. II. Jona , Dec. 27, 1780, an efficient memb. of the Methodist Chh. in Holl. 

7. 13. Col. Simeon, m. Elizabeth Eockwood, a woman of much energy and 
moral worth, who was b. Dec. 23, 1753, and d. May 1, 1849, dg. of G^mothy 
R., senr., by w. Elizabeth Penr, dg. of James P., by w. Elizabeth Death, 
and grd. dg. of Joseph P., of S., by w. Martha Lovet, and gr. grd. dg. of 
John Perry, of S., by w. Bethia Morse, dg. of Daniel, and grd. dg. of 
Samuel Morse the Puritan. Col. Cutler kept a tavern during the war of 
the revolution, and was a leading citizen of Holl. He had 
18. 14. I. Elihu, Esq., May 25, 1771, m. Levina Newton, 1798 ; 

II. Martin, Dec. 28, '73, m. Elizabeth Mellen, 2d, Sophia (Bockwood.) 
Holbrook, inherited the homestead, had 

I. James Mellen, Aug. 1, 1800, rs. H., m. Jemima Ballard, has 

James N.j Henry E.^ Albert M.^ EUen J. 

II. John Milton ; ni. Simeon ; iv. Betsey ; v. Abner H. ; vi. Josephus 
W. ; by 2d w., vii. Martin L., rs. Albany, N. Y. ; viii. Timothy K., rs. A. 

16. III. Uriel, Oct. 27, '76, m. Nabby Morse, had S. Morse, rs. on a part of 

his gr. grd. father Cutler's homestead, (see Memorial of Morses). 

IV. Ursula, Aug. 29, '79, m. James Mellen, and d. leaving a son. 

V. Sally, Mar. 4, '82, d. unm., an amiable accomplished young la^y* 

17. VI. James, Dec. 9, '85, an early and great contributor to the growth of H., 

m. Nancy Leland, dg. of Dea. Asaph L., of H., had 

I. George, A. M. and M. D., rs. Charlestown ; ii. Francis, rs. H ; 

III. Boswell, M. D., rs. Bos. ; iv. James, jun., rs. Bos. ; v. Addison, 
(d.) ; VI. Willard, rs. B. ; vn. And. J. (d.) ; viii. Chs. rs. B. 

14. 18. Hon. Elihu Cutler, as a conspicuous citizen of H. in the last century and the 
early part of the present, is included with those whom it was the original deogn 
sign of this work particularly to notice ; and though the whole of his history 
caiftiot be now given, yet, considering his very great age, and the improbability of his 
surviving the publication of this work, I make no further apology for adding an epitome 
of his lifo. He was bom of respected parents. His father was a farmer and innr 
holder, and held the commission of Col. in the militia, to which great honor was 
then attached. His mother was a woman of natural refinement, uncommon energy, 
and high moral worth — truly an excellent woman. From them he inherited no 
fortune. But they taught him to govern his passions, to be under a subordination 
now obsolete, and to apply himself diligently to business ; and thereby contributed 
more to his future happiness and success than the largest fortune could have done 
without them. He passed his minority in assisting his father upon the farm and in 
the tavern, and in learning the trade of a wheelwright, attending, for short terms, 
such district schools as H., in her poverty, could then provide. Yet his mind, 
naturally strong and active, somehow acquired a good common education, and even 
mastered treatises upon metaphysics. 

The information he acquired, and his ability to impart it, rendered his society 
attracting and profitable. Mental culture, often acquired by the study of business 
as well as books, early marked his countenance and gave dignity to his manners.' 
These, coupled with a good measure of common sense, rendered him. the fiirst young 
man in H. This occurred at an age when seniority gave precedence, and before men 
guilty of grey hairs were found unfit for council and the selection of their public ser- 
vanta ; in an age when young men learned manners from God's word, rose up before 


the fathers and modestly waited for a call to posts of distinction. Thus did young 
Elihu Cutler. But he did not wait long ; not longer than ignorance and impudence 
are now forced to wait after a self-nomination or the results of a conclave of political 
hlac^legs. His first appearance in a puhlic capacity that I can remember was that of 
marshal on the great and mournful occasion of the funeral of Washington ; and well 
do I remember the grief which sat on all countenances, and the solemn order in which 
he led the procession, and the laudatory remarks of aged mourners on his part of the 
solemnities. From about that time, for nearly 40 years he was connected with the 
public measures and transactions of H.j and if not the projector of all, what one, it 
might be asked, was ever brought to an advantageous conclusion without him ? No 
portion of the influence he exerted, or of the good he accomplished, is to be measured 
by the offices he filled. Honest and frank iii his political views as a federalist, he 
was soon after the origin of the opposing party thrown into a minority. But he 
was not the man to change his coat or anticipate the modem fashion of making him- 
self one of patched work, showing the colors of all parties. He stood by his prin- 
ciples and remained in the minority, until libels on Hartford Convention proved 
more efficient than truth, and the federal party were slandered into dissolution. But 
for that circumstance, his name had been 20 years earlier connected with the history 
of -Mass. legislation. In 1820 he was chosen a member of the convention to amend 
the State Constitution, and in 1827-8 to represent H. in the House, and subse- 
quently the county of Middlesex, in the Senate of Mass., and was the first State 
senator ever chosen from H. Long prior to this he had been appointed a magistrate. 
But it is as a man of a symmetrical character, faithful and true in the various relations 
of life, as an upright^ high-minded and honorable gent., and particularly as the con- 
stant friend and benefactor of H., that he commands our respect, and merits a grate- 
ful remembrance. Years after he came upon the stage^ dwellings in H. were no 
thicker than farms. On the main street from the E. to the W. Depot, a dis- 
tance of 3 m., there were only 18 houses (3 once painted), 3 blacksmith and 2 
wheelwright shops, and one for mendingploughs, employing 12 or 14 hands a part 
of the time. No shoe-shop, big as a Hessian tobacco box, was there to be seen. 
One tavern, One, store j and his little corn-mill, accommodated tlie farmers. The 
ancient Ibrge and trip-hammer had completed their dotage ; the soil was exhausted 
and science had found no remedy. AU was stagnation. The young and enterpris- 
ing were removing, never to return. But he did not despair. He rebuilt his mill ; 
oalarged his shop; erected a tannery and established a point of business, such as had 
not before existed in the town, creating at the same time in an honorable way, much 
of the capital invested. He saw that H. might be redeemed and built up by manu- 
£BUStories« But prejudices against them were universal, and in instances, violent. 
These were to be overcome. He collected information, conversed with his neighbors, 
and at length exhibited a feasible plan of a mill. He did not wish to furnish operatives 
or secure the agency ; and he could make investments elsewhere with equal or better 
prospects of gain. But this would give no impulse to his beloved H. He therefore 
lormed a company of his townsmen, who erected the first mill in H., about 1814. 
Smbarrassed as the enterprise became by a change of times, still it gave an impulse in 
the right direction that never stopped. Attraction, aided by his tact and powers of per- 
suasion, now began to overcome repulsion. Tradesmen and mechanics were induced 
to stop ; and that more might be accommodated as well as private interest advanced, 
he and his brother, Mr. James Cutier, purchased the farm S. of the Common, which 
Judge Sewell, in his penitence for sending witches to the gallows, gave '^ for her 
fbst minister. This they divided into house lots, disposing of ^^ome and building 

ym others* And now H. had a centre ; soon a village, with room for every branch 
business : so that young men who had sought it in vain at S. for shoe manufac- 
tories, found here a welcome and accommodations. One accession brought another, 

70 C U T L E 11 . 

and Esq. C lived to see the village of wbich be was a father, attain the size of a 
borough. Yet he did not accomplish all. Others of equal capital and enterprise 
may have done more ;* still, but for his foresight, tact and enterprise, they had done 
the same somewhere else, and H. might have remained like her mother to this day, 
without a village or any centre of business. For 100 ys. after the incorporation of 
n. the township was of an ugly and inconvenient form, extending from Bellin^am 
comer nearly to Framingham Depot, yet less than 1 m. wide in the centre, compar- 
able to a crooked-necked squash, growing to the N. bank of Charles K., or to a pair of 
fioddle-bags hanging on the N. VT, corner of Medway, with the N. E. bag stuffed and 
the S. W. empty. Every attempt to effect an exchange of territory with Med. had 
failed. But as soon as he was placed in the legislature his influence vanquished op- 
position, the needed exchange was effected, my birth-place transferred to another 
town and Co., and all the inhabitants of H. relieved from living in deformity. 

To him the parish of H., now the orthodox soc., are vastly indebted. 30 years ago, 
in the vacancy of the parish, two parties arose under the leadership of men known 
to me as of opposite religious feelings and views, under one of whom there was 
every prospect of the introduction of a preacher of the liberal school ; and of the 
ultimate and permanent division of the Parish. Sach a result Esquire C. could have 
hastened, and secured a minister with views more congenial with his own, and 
probably, a large majority of the parish. But this would have been inconsistent wA 
his regard for the peace and prosperity of H. He stood aloof and watched ; and 
when the morning of the very first day for action dawned, he was in motion ; and 
before resting he got the leaders and chief members of both parties committed for the 
settlement of the best orthodox candidate in the field, concealing, as he went, from 
each the pledges obtained from the other. Notices were soon posted, and the paridi 
assembled with all legal speed (for opposition of course), and the vote early called ; 
when lo I each party was surprised and diverted to learn that the other had blun- 
dered into a unanimous vote for Josephus Wheaton for minister. Hostilities now 
ceased for want of excuse for oarrying on the war. This wise and magnanimous act, 
perfectly consistent with liberal professions, has, in my view, saved a generation from 
the curse of religious discord, and contributed to the perpetuity and extended enjoy- 
ment of privileges the most precious. Such were some of his services. Such and 
more was Elihu Cutler — a model citizen afber whom may others pattern. 

He m. Lavinia Newton, dg. *of Simeon N. of H., by w. Jerusha Marsh, setded 
upon the place previously her father's, ^ m. N. of the Common. After her decease, 
he m. 2cl, Persis Phipps in 1843, and had 

I. Simeon N., Sep. 28, 1797, rs. Ashland, and her late representative, m. 
Mary Fitts, fr. Seekonk, had i. EUen (d.); ii. Edward (m.); iii. Henr^ 

(m.) ; IV. Lavinia (d.); v. Martha ; vi. Gomelitts ; vn. Wm» ; 


II. Betsey, b. Aug. 22, 1801, resides with her father ; 

III. Sally, Nov. 13, 1803, d. May, 1^49, m. Jas. B. Wilson, r. Med., hsa^ 
I. Jane L. (m.); ii. Joa. R. (d.); in. E, Outler ; iv. Helen, (d.) 

V. Chs, (d.); VI. Isabella ; vii. Jason E. 

IV. Elihu, Hon., Dec. 7, 1806, d.,Apl. 19, 1855, a gent, of strong power""** 
of mind, liberal information, and extensive influence, the 2d State Senato^^^ 
fr. H., m. B«becca Temple, and had i. Elbridge J. Outler, A. B., Prindpa.-^ 
^ of Mt. HoUis Sem. in H. ; ii. Jason T. (d.); in. Arthur 0. (d.)^ 

IV. Elihu (d.); v. Helen F. (d.); vi. Arthur H. 


* Mr. James Cutler built th^ Winthrop House, and more than 40 others, diBposing of 
most when finished, at small or no advance on the cost. Col. Hawes and Messrs. Batch- 
elder built largely in the centre ; and Col. Bragg might bragg of braggish improTements in 
Braggyille. 4 


V. Charles, M. D., d. Dec, 1839, r. QraftoD, m. Mary A. G. Stiickknd, 
had Caroline (d.) 

David Cutler m. Mehitabel Whitney, Jan. 26, 1846, at H. 

I ■■*> 

Nathaniel Dana, w. Elizabeth, had i. Colville, Feb. 28, 1770, at 11. 


1. Robert Daniel, previously of Medfield, 8. in Sherb. prior to 1715, 
E. of the Clark Tavern, and on the N. side of the new road fr. Fram. U> 
the Farm bridge, where Obadiah Morse afterwards lived. He was pr. 
-the son of Samuel D., and grd. s. of Eobert J)., of Cambridge, who m. Ehena 
Andrew for a 2d w. in 1654, and made his will in 1655, nainmg Eliza- 
beth, the wife of Tho. Fanning, Samuel, Joseph, Sarah, and Mary Daniel. 
Eobert of S., had by w. Esther, i. Eobert, prob. who was first allowed ta 
draw land in Doug., 1730 ; ii. Hester, Feb. 7, 1695-6 ; iii. Lydia, Oct 
5.1698; IV. Deborah. Apl. 1, 1700, d. Apl. 3, 1700; v. Hanh., Apl. 6, 
48. 2. VI. Samuel, Jan. 16, '04-5, m. Lydia Hill, Jan. 15, 1729-30, r. Holl. 
VII. Ephraim, Mar. 25, '07 ; viii. Joshua, Feb. 1, '09-10. 

3. John Daniell, w. Sarah, pr. brother of Eobt., sold 1711. to Hope Lealand, 
150 acres, in W. Med., had at S., 

I. Sarah, Aug. 28, 1701 ; n. John, Apl. 8, '03 ; m. Samuel, ApL 
3, '08 ; IV. Jerusha, Feb. 13, '10. 

4. Joseph Daniel, m. Mary Fairbanks, Nov. 16, 1665, dg. of Geo. F., of S., 
and s. in Med., near Bogistow Brook, S. E. of Bichardson's mills, where 
Paul Daniels resides. On his premises a man was killed by Indians in 
Philip's war. He had 

6. 6. I. Joseph, 23 (7), 1666; ii. Mary, 4 ^5), 1669, whose son, Henry 
Daniels, of Med., lived to the age of 99 ; ni. Samuel, 20 (8) 71. 
IV. Mehetabel, Jly. 10, '74. 
20. 5J. V. Bbenezer, Apl. 24, '77 ; vi. Elizabeth, Mar. 9, '79 ; vii. Jeremiah, 
Mar. 17, '80, d. June, 1680 ; vm. Eleazer, Mar. 9, '81. 

5. 6. Joseph, jun., m. Rachel Patridge, dg. of John P., of Medfd., 2d, Bethia, had 
12. '7. il Jeremiah, Nov. 5, 1684, by 1st w. ; ii. Rachel, Oct. 7, '86. 

n^. Zachariah, Apl. 9, '89, d. yg. 
26. 8. m. Samuel, Dec. 25, 1693, by 2d w. 

38. 9. IV. Joseph, Dec. 15, '95 ; v. David, Feb. 21, '98-9, m. Magdalen , 

had Seth, 1737, at Med. ; vi. Hannah, Sep. 30, 1701. 
76. 11. vn. Ezra, Mar. 10, '03 ; vm. Sarah, May I, '07, m. John Bullard, '33. 
Abigail, d. yg. ; x. Tamer, 1717. 

7, 12. Jeremiah, m. Hannah Partridge, M^ 7, 1713, dg. of John P., by wife 
Elizabeth Rocket, and 2d, Mehetabel Wilson, Jan. 7, 1754, i. Rachel, Oct. 
30, 1714, m. Elisha Adams. 

Hl3. n. Jeremiah, Sep. 30, 1754; in. Hannah, 1756, m. Amos Lawrence, of 
Union, Me. 

IB. 14. Jeremiah, Hon., m. Pearly Richardson, 1785, dg. of Moses R., by w. 
Abigail Allen, of Med., and had at M. i^ 

'72 * DANIEL. 

63. 15. I. Timothy, Nov. 7, 1785, m. Ruth Death, and s. in S. ; 

II. Eleazer, Cpt., Jan. 30, '88, m. Charlotte Richardson, and had i. JUihon, 

June 9, 1816, r. Med., n. Anson ; 

III. Paul, Dea., Jly. 17, '89, m. Eliza Breck, and owns the ancient home- 
stead in Med., and had i. Perlee, m. John Bullard, of Med. ; ii. Martha, 

m. Wm. Daniels, of Med.; in. Eliza; iv. Joseph L. ; v. Elijah; 
Yi. Charlotte L. 

5^. 20. Ebenezer, m. Elizabeth Partridge, Dec. 22, 1701, who d. Apl. 25, 1706. 
He m. 2d, Mary, who d. 1724-5, dg. of John P., of Med., s. on a part of 
the homestead at M., had i. Elizabeth, Jan. 19, 1702-3 ; ii. Tryphena, 
June 12, '04 ; m. Mary, Apl. 13, '06 ; iv. Phebe, Sep. 5, '09 ; v. Me- 
hetabel, Sep. 5, '09; vi. Ebenezer, Jly. 6, '11 ; vii. Thankful, 1715. 

24. 22. viii. Jeremiah, Hon., 1720, d. a. 86; ix. 'Moses, 1725. 

22. 24. Jeremiah, Hon., m. Mercy Clark, Dec. 22,1742, who. d. aged 93, dg. of 
Tim. C, of M., and had i. Lydia, 1743, m. Henry Ellis. 

83. 25. II. Isaiah, m. Abigail Hill, r. Med. ; ni. Mary, m. Francis Hammond. 

lY. Marcy, Dec. 16, 1755, d. Mar. 2, 1854, m. Abijah Richardson, M. D. ; 
Y. Abigail, m. Moses Richardson, of Med. 

8. 26. Samuel, m. Experience Adams, dg. of Dea. Peter A., of Med., 2d, Sarah 
Phipps, grd. niece of Sir Wm. P. ; i. Abijah. 

II. Samuel, 1720, m. Hannah Bill, from Douglas, and s. at Keene, N. H. 
35. 28. III. Timothy, 1722, d. 1802, m. Ruth Leland. 
88. 29. IV. Nathan, 1725, s. in Franklin. 
85.? 35. Y. John, 1728 ; yi. Simeon, 1730-1, s. in Frank. 

Yii. Reuben, 1733 ; yiii. Sarah, '35 ; ix. Mary, '36 ; x. Japhet, '38, s. 
in HoU. ; xi. Abijah, '40,. s. in Milfd., m. Hanh. Dix, '74, had 
I. Diana, '76, at H., ii. Wamery '78 ; ni. Lydia, '84. 

28. 35. Timothy Daniels, w. Ruth Loland ; i. Rachel, Apl. 29, 1754, m. Whitney 
Hill, of Holl.« Aug. 5, '73, and d. 1850, having in '49, a good recollection 
of the past; ii. Timothy, Dec. 21, '57, d. Sept. 7, '78; in. Benoni and 
Lona, Aug. 29, '60, both d. yg. ; iv. Martha, Sep. 12, '62, d. Nov. 13, 
1847, m. Joseph Cooledge, of S., '81 ; v. Isaac, Oct. 20, '65, d. yg. 
YI. OUve, Oct. 3, '68, d. Sep. 20, '72 or 5. 
36. YII. Joseph, Sep. 11, '70, m. Persis Mason, dg. of Abner M., of M., had 
I. Olive, Mar. 30, 1800, m. Amory Leland, and 2d, Col. Joseph PaikSt 
of H. ; II. Salvia, Jly. 6, 1802, m. Amos Cutler Leland, ofH. 
III. JRtUk, 1804, m. Nathan Grout, of S., had Alfred, A. M. 
lY. Timothy, Dea., Aug. ID, 1806, m. Emily Perry, 2d, Harriet 
M. Harding, r. H. ; v. Phebcy Feb. 18, 1810, d. yg. ; vi. Persis, Ap^- 
6, 1812, m. Elias Bullard, Esq., of H. 

9. 38. Joseph m. Elizabeth Ghroce, 1725, r. Med., had 

I. A^, Dea., 1726; m. Bathsheba Fairbanks, 2d, Lydia Daniels, had 

I. Asa, Dea., 1753, d. 1840, without children, leaving a legacy of ov^^ 
$8000 to the 1st chh. in Med. ; n. David, A. M., M. D., 1757, ^ 
Danvers, the f. of Hon. Robert Daniels, of Salem ; in. Jesse, 1760, m 
Hanh. Holbrook, fr. Wrenth., r. Med., had 

I. JTanh, m. Elijah H. Pratt 2d, Zibeon Hooker; ii, Mary 
III. Sally; iv. ChJntMu. 


IV. Bathsbeba, 1760, m. Jed. Bullen of Med. ; v. Levi, d. a. 46, at 
ir. Joseph, Gpt., 1735, m. Deborah , r. Med., had 

I. Joseph, 1757, m. Thankful Penniman, and had 

I. Calvin, 1786 ; ii. Joseph, Nov. 19. '89 ; 

II. Lemuel, 1759, m. Tilly Penniman ; iii. Israel, 1768, m. Anna Parker, 
2d, Lavina Daniels; iv. Noah, 1770,- m. Abigail Allen, fr. Medfd. 

III. Daniel, 1743, perhaps ra. Mary Atwood, and had in HoU., i. Elisha, Sep. 
22, 1770 ; ii. Jesse, May 25, '73, or these were the grd. sons of Robert D., 

IV. Jemima, m. Wm. Leland, No. 1. 

2. 48. Samuel, m. Lydia Hill, 2d, Hanh. Gardner, and had in Holl., i. Moses, 
Dec.. 18, '35; ii. Lydia, Jly. 17, '39; in. Hanh., June 17, '41, m. Dea. 
James Morse, of Med. ; iv. Amariah, Sep. 27, '46 ; v. Sarah, who m. 
Tim. Force, Jan. 25, '58 ? ; vi. John, m. Miriam Perry, Feb. 4, '67, had 
Julitta, May 3, '67; Ohed, Dec. 27, '68; /oAn, Jan. 14, '75; Perry, 
May 10, '76. 
VII. Experience, Oct. 6, 1748, by 2d w.; vm. Addington, May 18, '51. 
IX. Peter, Oct. 27, '56 ; x. Lois, Ap. 6. '59. 

57. Japheth, pr. a grd. s. of Eobert D., (No. 1.) m. Melatiah, and had at H. 
I. Cynthia, May 17, 1765; ii. Osimus, Dec. 28, '68; in. Amariah, Nov. 
28, '70, m. Olive Rider, '94, r. Palmyra, Portage CoC, 0., had i. Yespatian, 
Nov. 14, '99, at H. ; iv. Sabra, Sep. 10, '72 ; v. Japheth, Aug 14, '77, m. 
Betsey Rider, 1800 ; vi. Melatiah, Nov. 2, '79. 

60. John, (not traceable, perhaps No. 30,) m. Abigail , and had 

I. Abigail, 1752, at Med. ; ii. Zebulon, Aug. 24, 1758, at H. C 

61. Asa, (do.) m. Mary Rider, '58, had i. Ephraim, '58. 


62. Samuel, w. Elizabeth, had Elizth., '52 ; Hannah, '53 ; Elisha, Ap. 10, 
1755, at H. 

15. 63. Timothy, w. Ruth Death, had at Sh., 

I. David, May 5, 1809, m. Sybel Hooker, r. S., had 

I. Lewis; ii. Edward^ nndi iii. Edwin; iv. Henry; \, Mary Ann; 
VI. Alma Maria ; vii. Harriet ; viii. Daniel W. ; ix. Sarah Agnes. 

II. Moses, May 5, '09 ; iii. Alvira, Aug. 19, '13, m. Geo. Cooledge. 
IV. Geo., Apl. 3, '18, m. Harriet Butler. , 

67. Henry, grd. s. of Joseph, No. 4, m. Hannah Bullard, Dec. 31, 1733, r. on 
W. side of Black Swamp and was the most ancient man to whom the author 
ever listened. He had i. Abigail, 1734; ii. Rachel, '38, m. Joseph Curtis, 
had Jeremiah E., f. of Jo., of Med. ; ni. Henry, '40, m. Elizth. Harding, had 
I. Patience, '68, m. Silas Adams, of Med. ; n. Elizabeth, '70, m. 
Zabina Kingsbury ; iii. Sabin, '74, who m. Hanh. Ellice, and had 
at Med. Henry, 1799 ; Marinda, 1801 ; Cyrus, '03, (m. Louisa, had 
I. Hannah, 1829; if. Henry, m. '30) ; Harding; Elizabeth^; Ellice. 
IV. Jesse, 1741 ; v. Elijah, '45 ; vi. Jeremiah, '47, scalded to death '53. 
VII. Abigail, '51 ; viii. Hannah, '55. 

11. 75. Ezra, w. Martha Death; i. Aaron, 1728-9, m. Keziah Holbrook, who 
had only Keziah, who m. Jona. Hill ; ii. Moses, 1737» m. Abigail Adams, 
r. Med., had i. Abigail, 1768, m. Silas 'Richardson ; u. Sarah, '77» m. Israel 


' Daniels, 2d, Ezra Richardson ; in. Amos, m. Ist, Sally Bay, 2d, Anna 
Daniels, 3d, Sally Pierce, had Leonard, of Hartford, Ct., by lat w. 
Hiram, Rev., by 3d w., b. 1815 ; 

IV. Elias, 1775, m. Betsey Derby, r. Med. ; v. Ohed, '78, m. Sarah 
Metcalf, r. Frank. ; ti. Ezroy '80, m. Esther Richardson, 2d, Mary 
Richardson, r. Med. ; Yii. Moses, '82, m. Mary Harding, r. Warwick ; 
VIII. Gate, '84, m. Michael Lovell, r. Med. ; ix. Olive, '87, jm. The. 
Lawrence, r. Leominster. 

26. 83. Isaiah, m. Abigail Hill, dg. of John and Ruth Hill, had i. Julia, 1769, 
m. Nathan Fisk, of Hoi. ; ii. Ursula, '71, m. Tisdell Puffer; iii. Tryphena, 
73 ; rv. Abigail, '75, m. Moses Felt, of Med. ; v. Jeremiah ; vi. Rhoda, 
m. Timothy Fisk, M. D., of Hoi. 

80.? 85. John, m. Elizabeth Keith, 1753, and had at HoU. i. Rhoda, '54. 
86. II. John, '5(5 ; in. James, '61. 

29. 88. Nathan, m. Mary , had at Med. i. Nepthali, 1747 ; ii. Nathan, '48. 

Zephaniah, '50 ; iv. Silas, '52 ; v. Benoni, '55 ; vi. Adams, '57. 
VII. Seth, '60 ; viii. Mary, '61 ; ix. Silence, '66. 

EBsha Daniels, w. Phebe , had Hastings, Aug. 6, '99, at H. 

John D., w." Sarah , had Clark, June 16, '93, at H. 

Jesse D., w. Prude , had Luther, Jan. 17, '93, at H. 

HH » I 

GllS* D&Vi'S, s. of Eliakim D., of Rutland, m. Fanny Morse, fr. Natick, s. in 
S., 1825, had i. Angelina, m. Ouvra Taylor, and with him was murdered, 
Sep. 17, 1852; ii. Angenette, (d.) ; iii. Sarah E. ; iv. <}eo. W. 


Nathan Day, w. Sarah, had I. Lydia, Oct. 30, 1790, at H. 


1. John Death, was received tq Sherbom, Jan. 1, 1677-8, he having 
previously settled within the limits of Natick. He had by w. Mary 
8. 2. 1. John,2 Esq., Jan. 2, 1676-7, at Topsfield Barry, d. at S., Dec. 14, 1754, 
in his 78th year ; ii. Hepsibath, June 5, 1680, at S., nu David How ; 
ni. Lydia, Mar. 26, '82, m. Jona. Lamb, of Fram. ; iv. Samuel,^ Sep. 12, 
'84 ; V. Ruth, Jly. 20, '88, m. Samuel How, Nov. 23, 1715. / 
4. VI. Oliver,' ? d. Mar. 3, 1704-5, at Fram., m. Martha Fairbanks, lTO7, who 
d. Apl. 3, '54, had i. Oliver,* '98 ; ii. Caleb, Jan. 7, 1699-10, d. Mar. 
14, 1711 ; III. John,' May 30, 1702, m. Hanh. Morse, May 15, '29, had 

I. Jotham,^ May 13, '1730, at S., m. Marcy , had Benj.,* 

Doc. 23, 1751, at Holl. ; ii. Jokn,^ Ap. 3, '82 ; in. Martha, 
May 27, '38. 

2. 8. John,' Esq., m. Elizth. Barber, '98-9, pr. s. where Reuben Guzzens lived. 

2d w. Waitstill , m. before 1714, 3d w. Mrs. Martha Perry, '50, had 

I. Elizabeth, Dec. 27, 1796 ; i^. John,* b. and d. 1710. at Fram. 
10. 9. II. Henry, Sept. 22, 1714, by 2d w. at S., m. Rachel Leland; 

HI. Mary, Oct. 10, 1716, m. Daniel Leland, '37 ; rv. John, Dec. 4, '18, 


d. Jly. 15. '21 ; v. Rutb, Apl. 20, '21, in. John Wesson, of Fram., '40. 
VI. Abigail, Oct. 3, 1723, m. Wm. Greenwood, of S., '46 ; vii. John, May 
27, '26, d. Ap. 29, 1797, aged 71, inherited the homestead in S., had John, 
d. unm. ; vni. Waitstill, Oct. 27, '28, m. Caleb Greenwood, '49. 
IX. Hepsebatb, 1731, m. Moses Adams, of Sh., 51. 

9. 10. Henry, w. Rachel Leland, m. 1736, d. his wid. Sep. 14, '97, a. 81. He 
resided where the late Reuben Couzzens did, and had 
I. Benoni, Oct. 23, 1737, s. in Holl., m. and d. without issue. 
13. 12. n. Henry, June 6, '41 ; iii. Elizabeth, Sep. 24, '43, m. Ebenezer Fair- 
banks, '61 ; IV. John, June 27, '46, d. Feb. 1, '46-7 ; v. Rachel, May 8, 
'48, m. Moses Holbrook; vi. Mary, Ap. 13, '50, m. Tho. Brick, '70. 

12. 13. Henry, purchased of Jona. Hill and w. Esther, of Med., the farm at Death's 
Bridge, m. Ruth Thayer, and 2d, wid. Huldah Penniraani had at S. 

I. John, March 6, 1776, d. ab. 1850, w. Mehetabel Eames, who. d. 1833, 
r. Hoi. and Ashland, had i. Ezra^ r. Fram., ro. Catherine Hartshorn, and 

John^ m.. Mary Frost. 

II. Tho., Mar. 26, '77, m. and s. in Templeton, and rm. to Brimfietd. 
m. Henry, Jly. 13, '78, d. at sea, unm. 

18. 17. IV. Ezra, Feb. 5, '80 ; v. Philena, Nov. 28, '81, m. — - Cloueh, r. 
Newton ; vi. Rachel, Mar. 18, '83, d. yg. ; vii. Ruth, Jly. 13, 1787, by 2d 
w., m. Tim. Daniels, r. S. ; viii. Rhone, April 7, 'b9, m. Hen^ Ware^ 
2d, Brayton Bullard ; ix. Leonard, Oct. 30, '91, s. in Sangerville, Me., has 
a family ; x. Mercy, Sep. 10, *93, m. Hadley*, r. Mendon. 

17. 18. Ezra, inherited the homestead at Death's Bridge, m. Rebecca How, from N. 
boro', and had i. Henry, d. yg. ; ii. Chs. Austin How, Mar. 27, 1810, 
whose surname and that of his br. and their children was legally changed to 
How, in 1855, and the former ancient nam^ has by a similar course become 
nearly or quito extinct in N. Eng. Mr. Chs. A. How inherits the homestead, 
and by w. Eliza Wetherbee had i. Elizaheth If., m. Wm. Morse, 1854, 
r. Brighton ; ii. Chs. H. How, iii. Frank Irving How ; iv. Albert Augus- 
tus Howe. 

m. Sarah H., m. Tho. Brickford; iv. Almira R., m. Horace Carley, r. 
Cambridge ; v. Henry How, m. Hanh. Maria Phipps, fr. Hopk., r. S., has 

I. Caroline Maria How ; ii. Henry Waldo How. 
Ti. Rebecca H., m. Sanford Drake, r. Hoi. ; vii. Ruthy Ann, m. Lorens> 
Carley, r. S. 

19. Caleb Death, w, Abigail, had at S. i. Polly, Aug. 8, 1772 ; 
[. Ebenr. Messenger, d. Nov. 8, 1780. 



1. Jona. Dewing, m. Tabitha Learned, Jan. 5, 1721, had at S. i. Daniel, 
Mar. 16, 1720-1 ; ii. Keziah, Mar. 8, '28-9 ; iii. Sarah, July 3, '26. 


Rev. Timothy Dickenson, b. June 25, 1761, ord. at H. 1789, d. Jly. 

6, 1818, at the height of his influence and usefulness, a model of ministerial 

dignity and consistency, and endowed with every Christian virtue. 

** Mr. Dickinson was born of respectable and pious parents, at Amherst. The traits 

of character which, more than any other, marked the opening period of his ezistenee, 

wei0 the mUdaess and amiableness of his natural disposition. He was also noted in 


early cbildbood for a great fondness for literary pursuits. So tbat, ^ altbongb his 
constitution was naturally slender, and bis bealtb feeble and interrupted,' a very 
considerable portion of the bours, wbicb were not employed in manual labor, were 
devoted to study. ' He lived witb bis parents, and labored upon a farm until six- 
teen years of age ; ' wben, bebolding bis country engaged in a common and dubious 
struggle for independence, tbe deep interest excited in bis bosom for ber welfare 
roused bis youtbful ardor, and would not suffer bim to bo dissuaded from espoucdng 
ber cause, and enlisting, as a private soldier, in tbe militia. In tbis capacity he con- 
tinued to serve in the army about fifteen months. Upon leaving this post of suffer- 
ing and danger, bis bealtb having been enfeebled by the exposures and hardships to 
which he was unaccustomed, he commenced fitting for College, under tbe tuition of 
the Bev. Dr. Dwigbt, late President of Yale College, who was then engaged in the 
instruction of a private school at Northampton. ^ It is believed, on good authority, 
that Mr. Dickinson was principally induced to seek a liberal education in consequence 
of his witnessing so much depravity and wickedness in tbe army. This depravity 
and licentiousness which he found to be more or less acted out by mankind generally, 
he felt determined to combat; and that he might do it tbe more effectually, he 
sought the aid of a public education.* Having completed the preparatory course of 
study, he was admitted at tbe age of about eighteen, a member of Dartmouth Col- 
lege, During the first year of bis collegiate life, tbe Institution and vicinity were 
visited witb a ^special and remarkable revival of religion,' in which be became a 
hopeful subject of renewing grace ; and subsequently made a public profession of 
the religion of tbe gospel. * While at College, Mr. Dickinson was diligent and 
persevering in the prc^ecution of bis studies ; appeared to advantage at recitations 
and all the literary exhibitions of bis class; and acquired the reputation of. a correct, 
classical scholar.' He grad. in 1785 ; and was immediately after appointed Pre- 
ceptor of Moore's Charity School, connected with the College. In tbe instruction of 
this school, be continued one year ; when, for tbe more advantageous prosecution of 
his theological studies, be put himself under tbe private instruction of tbe Rev. Dr. 
Tappan, then minister of Newbury, Mass. — and afterwards Professor of Divinity in 
Harvard University. Previous to bis settlement in this place, he preached at Exeter 
and Hopkinton in N. H., and in several vacant parishes in the northern part of this 
State. * As a preacher,' says the discriminating Dr. Emmons in bis funeral Ser- 
mon, ^ he was plain, faithful, and affectionate. And as he firmly believed in those 
doctrines, which are usually denominated the doctrines of grace, be felt it his duty 
often, plainly and affectionately to state und illustrate them. The native and total 
depravity of sinners ; the necessity of regeneration by tbe special operations of tbe 
Holy Spirit ; the doctrine of personal election ; tbe necessity of disinterested and 
holy affections towards God and men, in order to become interested in tbe atonement 
of tbe Saviour ; tbe Deity of Christ, and the doctrine of a Trinity of persons in the 
Godhead, together with those doctrines, which naturally grow out of the preceding, 
are sentiments which he firmly believed, and which be considered as of the greatest 
importance. No considerations of popularity or sdf-interest could deter bim from a 
plain and frequent exhibition of those truths which are so offensive to the carnal 
mind.' * He was very apparently,' is the language of Dr. Emmons, a man of 
God, who exhibited tbe reality and beauty of religion in bis private conversation, as 
well as in bis more public and official conduct. He gave convincing evidence, that 
he loved those doctrines which be* taught to others, and taught them in love to their 
souls. The whole tenor of his preaching plainly indicated, that be sought to please 
God, rather than men ; for he did not shun to exhibit the most essential, tbe most 
humiliating, and tbe most heart-searching truths, in terms too plain for any to mis- 
understand. He had a clear, strong, and pleasant voice, which enabled bim to speak 
witb peculiar propriety and energy ; and as he aimed to draw the attention of his 

D I X . ' 77 

bearers to bis subject, ratber tban to bimself, so he seldom failed of deeply impress- 
iDg tbeir hearts and consciences. He loved to converge upon religious subjects, and 
greatly excelled in private discourses witb his |>eople. He vas' among the most 
zealous ministers and Christians to spread the gospel, and to extend the kingdom of 
Christ through the world.' * 

" Mr. Dickinson's ministry was attended with some peculiar and great trials. At 
one period of it, there was much uneasiness, animosity, and disturbance, which con- 
tinued, in a greater or less degree, through several years ; so that the parish twice 
refused to grant his salary. But in each of these instances the people were wise 
enough to discover their mistake, and rescind their votes. The origin and occasion 
of the difficulties which existed do not appear from any record either of the town, or 
tbe Church ; but are commonly understood to be found in the offensiveness of the 
doctrines upon whicb he insisted, t They, however, resulted in the calling of a 
Council by the Church, June 4th, 1804 ; which advised to tbe dissolution of the 
pastoral connection subsisting between bim and the people of his charge, in the 
August following, should not an amicable adjustment of difficulties previously take 
place X Happily those difficulties were so far settled, that, on the 25th of tbe same 
month in which tbe Council sat, the parish passed a resolution in favor of the continu- 
ance of the connection. For about nine years subsequently, Mr. Dickinson continued, 
in peace and quietness, to exercise the office of a gospel minister in H., and, after a 
lingering and painful sickness, calmly and peacefully expired." [Fitch's Cent. Ser.] 
He m. Margaret Prentice, Nov. 26, 1789, dg. of Rev. Joshua P., his predecessor, 
a lady of great amiability, meekness and prudence, whose examples, through a long 
life, were irreproachable, and especially commendable to her sex and the wives of 
clergymen of any age or station. She d. in peace, ab. 1836. They had 
I. Nancy, Oct. 14, 1790, d. agd. ab. 18 ; 

n. Joshua Prentice, A. M., M. D., Aug. 21, 1792, rs. at Bangor, Me. ; 
m. Tho., June 24, 1794, inherited the homestead, was P. M. and trader, a 
devoted Christian, and invaluable citizen, d. a. ab. 50, leaving only dgs. ; 
. TV. Edwards, Apl. 22, '96, A. M., M. D., a respectable scholar, and most 
amiable man, whose life was marked with unusual and painful vicissitudes, 
which wrougbt their designed effect of preparing him for the mansions of the 
blessed. Ho fell in the morning of his UFcfulness, leaving a son and dg. ; 

V. Irene, Dec. 28, '97, m. , and rs. Barre ; 

VI. John, Feb. 11, 1801, d. in infancy; vn. Esther, Oct. 2, 1803, rs. H. 

■ ^»<»> 

James DiX, by w. Mary, had at H., Benj. Alexr., Oct. 30, 1790. 

* Mr. Dickinson was one of the most zealous founders of the Massachusetts Missionary 
Societj; was repeatedly elected a member of its Board of Trustees; and in 1811 delivered its 
AnniTersary Sermoq, which was published. 

•f* If Mr. D. had only springled robin-shot in the aisles, instead of throwin{< bombs at the 
pews, he would have been to the opposition unexceptionable. But that he was right, and they 
wron^, was evident from confessions to him when on his death-bed. 

X The question submitted to the Council was simply, <*In existing circumstances, is it duty, 
that my pastoral relation to this Church should be continued ? " It is, perhaps, due to the 
character of Mr. Dickinson, that the following para^^raph, extracted from its declared result, 
should be here inserted. ** The Council are deeply affected with the calamitous situation of this 
Church, and the divisions which subsist in this town. They tenderly reflect on the trying situa- 
tion in which the Pastor, a brother honored in the Churches^ and affectionatelv rejected by i hem- 
selves, is placed. The merits of the Controversy have not been smmitted to this Council. They, 
therefore, will not undertake to approve or condemn ; but recommend it, with great solicitude for 
tiie present comfort, and highest spiritual interests of the Pastor, the Church, and the People, 
that they reapectively cultivate that unoffending and conciliating spirit ; that attachment to ^ruth 
and virtue; and that love to one another, which reason so powerfully dictates; and the gospel^ 
under so many motives, eiyoins" 


Nathl. DoanOi w. Elizabeth, had at S., Nancy, Aug. 7, 1768. 


1. Lodwiok Dowse was in Sherborn as early as 1683, and had a lot of 30 
acres assigned him, May 27, 1684. He did not long remain. No connexion 
has been discovered between him and the ancestors of those of this name, who 
now reside in S. He had at S., i. Mary, Sep. 8, 1683 ; ii. Stephen, Mar. 
4, '86 ; III. Martha, Jly. 18, '88 ; iv. Samuel, Apl. 29, '96. 

4. Eleazer Dowse, a leather-dresser, came to S. from Charlestown, immediately 
after the destruction of that town in 1775. He is presumed to have been a 
descendant of Lawrence D., by w. Margery, who had Benj., b. Jly. 4, 1656, 
at C, wh)» m. Mary Huin, at Eoxb., Apl. 7, 1680, and who enjoyed the 
peculiar esteem and confidence of some of the roost eminent and excellent 
men of his day, in the colony. Eleazer Dowse, according to tradition, was a 
man of natural refinement and much moral worth. He m. Eunice Dana, 
and 2d, Mehitabel Brentnall, who d. Mar. 6, 1809, a. 78. He d. June 25, 
1807, a. 80. He had 
8. 5. I. Eleazer, who d. Jan. 12, 1826, a. 75, m. Mary Bullard ; 

II. Eunice, who d. 1838, a. 82, m. Henry Morse of Nat. ; 

III. Benj., who died without issue, at Holl. 
11. 6. IV. Joseph, Dea., b. of 1st w., m. Deb. Perry; 

V. John, d. um, at Roxb. ; 
15. 7. VI. James, by 2d w., m. Rebecca Leland ; 

VII. Tho., who rs. um. at Cambridge, devoted to science. 

5. 8. Eleazer, s. as a leather-dresser, on the plain where Ebenr. Mann rs., served 
as a soldier in the Revolution, and was great y beloved in the army, and 
much esteemed as a citizen and neighbor. He m. Mary Bullard, who sur- 
vived him 17 yrs., d. Nov. 16, 1843, a. 88. They had i. Dana, Dec. 26, 
1785, m. Mary Sanderson, s. and d. in Brighton, tho f. of Doct. D. of 
Harvard ; ii. Polly, Aug. 26. '87, m. Ebenr. Mann, Feb. 8, 1810 ; 
III. Nancy, June 7, '89, m. Jesse Cousins, of Hoi. 
19. 10. IV. Samuel, June 28, '97, d. Sep. 14, 1844. 

6. 11. Joseph, Dea., who followed the trade of his father, was a very discreet, 
amiable man, and devoted Christian ; often visited and conversed with the 
sick and dying; m. Deborah Perry, Sep. 4, 1783, who d. Sep. 30, 1822, a. 
63, dg. of Moses P., by w. Susanna Childs, and grd. dg. of Nathl. P., by w. 

Abigl. , and gr. grd. dg. of John P. of S., 1665, by w. Bethia Morse,' 

dg. of Danl.2 and grd. dg. of Saml. M.^ He d. Mar. 29, 1839, a. 79, bad 

18. 12. I. Benj., Jly. 22, 1784, tn. Thankful Chamberlain ; ii. Eunice, June 20, 

'87, m. Joseph Crafts, of Watertown, Feb. 14, 1813 ; ra. Betsey, Mar. 12, 
'90, m. Jno. Ryan, of Charlton, Apl. 20, 1812. 

19. 13. IV. Joseph, Jan. 4, '94, m. Martha Chamberlain, b. Mar. 4, 1800, r. 8.; 

V. Nathl., Jly. 26. 1801, d. Aug. 9, '01. 

20. 14. VI. Nathl, Sep. 7, 1802, m. Hephzibah Daniels, 2d, Mary A. Clark. 

7. 15. James, who d. iii middle life, m. Rebecca Leland, Dec. 24, 1791, dg. of Adam 
L., by w. Prudence Leland, dg. of Caleb L., by w. Judith Morse. He had 

16. I. Adam, Nov. 9, 1792, m. Maria Lundy, r. N. Y. ; ii. Rebecoay Ap. 4, 
1796, m. Amory Babcpck of S. 

17. lu. Tho., bap. June 8, 1802, d. 1830, at New York, m. Henrietta Knapp; 
IV. Eliza, bap. June 8, 1802, m. Fred. D. Valentine, r. 8. Natick. 

[?3r«'. EroKi'iiMim pdwse. 





12. 18. Benj., a manufacturer of whips, rs. S., m. Thankful Chamberlain, b. Mar. 
6, 1792, dg. of Elisha C, of Keeue, N. H., originally fr. Newton, by w. 
Susanna Brown, from Brighton, and had 

I. Edmund, Kcv., A. M., b. Sept. 17, 1813, united with tho chh. at S., in 
his youth, prepared for Col. under the instruction of Key. Amos Clark, grad. 
at Amherst Col, 1836, studied Theology with Rev. Dr. Ide, of Med., was 
ord. Oct. 10, '38, pastor of the same chh., in which he had been brought 
up, and for 17 years has continued their vigilant and successful minister. 
He m. Elizabeth K. Leland, dg. of Dea. Daniel L., 1838, whp d. June 16, 
'42, and 2d, Elizabeth Bowditch, Dec. 18, 1843, and had 

I. Elizabeth K. L., June 12, '42 ; ii. Priscilla, B., (d.); iii. Debprah 
Dowse ; iv. Sarah, (d.) ; v. William Bradford. 

II. Wm., Sept. 2, '15, m. 1st, , 2d, E. Coolidge, rs. S., has two chd. ; 

ni. Joseph rerrj, Aug. 15, '20, d. ab. '46 ; 

IV. Deborah, Jan. 28, '24, m. Jones Leland, had Sarah; 

V. Benj., Ap. 1, '30, rs. at Weymouth, unm. 

10. 19. Samuel s. as a merchant and manufacturer, at Oxford, m. Casendiana, 
Shumway, June 3, 1824, and had i. Mary Bullard, Ap. 1, '25, m. 06t 7, 
'45, Henry G. Davis, r. Pittsfield, had i. Elizabeth D., Oct. 10, '46; 

II. Mary G., Oct. 11, '48 ; iii. a son, b. Apl. 19, and d. May 10, ^bl. 
n. Elizabeth Diana, Dec. 2, '28, m. Nov. 2, '53, Jabez L. Peck, of P. 

III. Tho., May 10, '33, rs. unm. at Chicago, IlL 

IV. Martha S., May 10, '40, rs. with her mother at Oxford. 

13. 19. Joseph, w. Mar: ha Chamberlain, m. June 12, 1819, r. Sh., had i. Martha 
Ann, June 27, 1820, d. Dec. 22, '42, unm. ; ii. Joseph, Apl. 10, '22, m. 
Elizabeth Bullard*; in. Rebecca, Dec. 25, '25, d. Jan. 28, '26. 
IV. Rebecca P., Feb. 22, '29; v. Chs. D., Feb. 13, '33; vi. Emily A., 
May 26, '36. 

14. 20. Nathaniel, w. Hephzibah Daniels, b. Nov. 28, 1798, m. Dec. 4, 1823, d. 
June 8, 1837, 2d w. Mary A. Clark, b. Sep. 30,^1809, m. Ap. 12, 1838, 
r. a manufacturer of shoes on the paternal home, in S., had i. Lucy D., 
Nov. 27, 1824 ; ii. Eunice Maria, June 14, '29, d. May 15, '53, m. Chs. 
W. Church, '50; in. Nathaniel Henry, May 11, '33, m. Anna P. Sanger, 
Aug, 23, '54 ; iv. Geo. T., Oct. 9, '36, d. Jly. 26, '37 ; v. Mary E., Feb. 
3, '42, by 2d w. ; vi. Martha Ann, Oct. 9, '44; vii. Marion C, Sep. 13, 
'47; vm. Chs. H., Sep. 12, '53. 

■ ■■»! 

Edward Durant, by w. Mary, had I. Edward, Ap. 19, 1766, at S.; n. Tho., 
June 5, '68, at Hoi. ; iii. Jackson, Mar. 20, '70 ; iv. Samuel, Mar. 13, 
'72 ; v. Mary, Dec. 8, '74. 


!• Tho. XSaHXes,^ from Ded., s. in the N. part of S., now Fram., was reed, an 
inhabitant of S., Jan. 4, 1674-5, was selectman, '78, and one of a commit- 
tee to build the first meeting house, for which land was granted him. The 
first planters appear to have been very anxious to retain him in their commu* 
' nity. His house was burnt by Indians, Feb. 1, '76-7, his wife and several 
children murdered and others taken captive. [Barry.] He d. Jan. 15, 

'80. He had i. John,^ b. at Ded., Oct. 6, 1642. m. Mary , d. Apl. 

8,' '81, and 2d, Elizabeth Eames, '82, had i. Margaret, 1666, d. yg. at 

80 EAMES. 

Watertown; it. Anna, m. Flagg; in. Mariha, Feb. 28, '78, m. 

Smith ; iv. Priscilla, Feb. 2, '82, at S. ; v. Elizabeth, Apl. 11, '85. 

Ti. John, Jan. 10. '87 ; vii. Tho., Jly. 22, '94 ; viii. Mary, Jan. 4, '96-7 ; 

IX. Henry, Apl. 28. '98 ; x. Abigail, Mar. 9, 1705. 
II. Nathaniel,^ br. of John above, and b. Dec. 30, 1668. m. Anna, had 

I. Lydia, Dec. 10, 1694, m. Benj. Muzzy, of Lex. ; ii. Rebecca, Jly. 25, 

'97, m. Daniel Bigelow; iii. Wm., m. Sarah Perry, 1733, of HoL, had 
I. Sarah, '34; ii. Hanh., '37, d. '37. 
in. Samuel,* br. of John, b. Jan. 15, '04-5, had by w. Patience Twitchell, at S., 

I. Gcrshom, Dec. 29, 1698, d. Dec. 9, 1762, m. Susanna Whitney, dg. 
of Jona. W., of S., who d. '39. He m. 2d, Mary (Hunt) Leland, 1741, 
(wid. of Isaac L.) and had i. Susanna, Feb. 16, 1725, m. Joseph Cozzens. 

II. Patience, May 5, '28 ; in. Gershom, June 20, '30 ; vi. Martha, Jly. 
20, '32, m. Tho. Drury ; v. Lois, Aug. 28, '34 ; vi. Lydia, Aug. 19, '36 ; 
TH. Mary, Ap. 22, '39, d. May 6, '39. 

13. 11. vni. Reuben, Lt., Apl. 10, 1743, m. Elizabeth Whipple. 

17. 12. IX. Ezra, Capt., d. 1833, a. 87, m. Sarah Jones, 1768; x. Mary, '47-8. 

11. 13. Reuben, Lt., s. on the farm lately owned by Jesse Cozzens. in S. part of 
Ashland, m. Elizabeth Whipple, d. Feb. 6, 1768, 2d, Jane Kendall, of Sh., 
Sep., '68, and had i. Elizabeth, Apl. 7, 1766; ii. Sarah, Oct. 25, '69, m. 
Isaac Foster, '89 ; iii. Martha, Jan. 10. '71 ; iv. Hannah, Jan. 24, '74. 
V. AVarren, An. 7, '76, d. Jan. 12, '81 ; vi. Wm., Apl. 21, '78. 
Tii. Eli, Apt 15, '82 ; viii. Joseph, Mar. 22, '87, m. Lois (coufflns) 
Cousins, and rs. in Ashland. 

12. 17. Ezra, Capt., s. in the North part of H., now Ashland, m. Sarah Jones, 

1768, and 2d, Twitchell, and had i. Simeon, Oct. 10, 1768. 

II. Gershom, Dec. 25, '69; m. Mary, Aug. 29, '71 ; iv. Isaac, Jly. 4, 
'73 ; T. John, May 4, '76 ; vi. Martin. June 14, '78 ; vii. Hester, Apl. 
10, '80 ; vin. Suca, Nov. 21, '85 ; ix. Julia, Mar. 3, '88. 

23. Daniel,^ b. Mar. 20, 1711-12, at Fram., the s. of Nathl.,^ and grd. s. of 
Tho., (No. 1), m. Silence Loland, Sept. 21, 1738, and had 
I. Daniel, Mar. 28, 1740, m. Mary Cutler, '61 ; ii. Hopestill, d. yg. ; 

III. Hopestill, June 28, '42, d. Ap. 5, 1821, m. Mary Leland, dg. of David 
L., of H., '68, and had in Hopk. and HoU. 

I. David,* Dec. 5, '69, d. Jly. 14, 1843, m. Mercy Morse, dg. of Ezek., 
Med., and had 

I. Aaron^ Dec. 10, '94. ; n. Camilla, Feb. 19, 1800, d. June 1, 1806 ; 
in. Appleton, Jan. 4, 1803, d. Jan. 3, '44, unm. ; iv. David^ Jane 
20, '08, m. Dickenson, r. Hopk., has Abner Morse' and David.' 
V. JDorinda, Oct, 25, '10, m. Elihu P. Warfield, (d.), has 2 sonsl 

II. Anna,'' m. Rowland Jacobs, of Tho'town, Me. ; iij. Wm., m. Sally 
Parker; in. John, May 2, 1779, m. Anna Whiting; iv. Mary, Jan. 7, 
'81, m. Martin Eames; v. Peter,* Aug. 11. '83, m. Martha Jones, of 
Hopk. ; VI. Lavinia, Nov. 9, '85, m. Jonah Holbrook, of S. ; vii. Hope- 
still, May 7, '88, d. Aug. 5, '91 ; vm. Nathan, Feb. 18, '92, m. 
Cynthia Hay ward ; 

IV. Lydia, 1746, d. June 5, 1814, m. Joshua Underwood of H. 

V. Anna, m. Col. John Gleason, of Fram. ; vi. Wm. m. Lois Fisk, and 2d, 
'-, and d. in Boylston. ' 

35. vn. Aaron, Cpt., 1753, d. Feb. 11, 1827, m. Sarah Leland, dg. of David L., 

(n)lI¥Em 3B¥3El,;iSH,A..HI.ffi.l. 


of H., and 24, wid. Polly Fisk, 1826. Had i. Aaron, Nov. 12, 1784, d. 
yg. Ho left 810,000 to the Ist Chh. and Parish in Hoi., which has not yet 
accomplished their min. 

36. Daniel, jun., pr. s. of Daniel, (No. 24), m. Molly Wight, dg. of Doct. 
Aaron W., of Med., and had in H. i. Kitteridgo, June 30, 1781). 
II. Daniel, Dec. 26, '90 ; in. Mima, June 23, '92. 
He afterwards rem. to Black R., N. Y. 

39. Moses Eames, w. Elizaheth, had at H. i. Moses, Jan. 5, 1787; ii. Jona., 
Jan. 29, '89 ; iii. Betsey, Aug. 8, '91 ; iv. Ruth, Aug. 8, '93 : v. Clary, 
Nov. 11, '95 ; VI. Reuben, Oct 3, '97. 

43. Jesse Eames. w. Anna, had i. Amara, Nov. 29, 1795, at H. : ii. Anna. 
Mar. 20, '98. 

Abigail, w. of Jona. Eames, died in Hoi., Apl. 20, 1742. 

• m»m I 

Daniel Edward, w. Deborah, had Betsey, Dec. 23, '71, at H. 

»*■> I 

Daniel Emerson, d. in H., 1765, owned the land near, and pr. r. where late 
Nathl. Johnson, Esq., lived. James Emerson, m. Jerusha Newton, Dec. 
24, 1784. 

I ■■■ • 

Elijah Esty, w. Lydia, had at S. i. Reuben, Sep. 2, 1763, s. at Watertown. 
n. Elijah, May 16, '66, s. at Natick; m. Mehetabel, 1770, m, Asa Clark. 
IV. Ebenr., m. and r. Lincoln ; v. Sarah, 1777, d. unm. ; vi. Rhoda, d. yg . 

I ••■ I 

Elijah EsterbrOOk, w. Hanh. , had at S. I. Hannah, Sep. 29, 1734. 

II. Joseph, Aug. 10, '36 ; m. Samuel, Nov. 27, '38 : iv. Aaron, Mar. 
, 20, '40-1. 


Jona. Evens, w. Elizabeth, had Wm., Oct. 24, 1757, at H. 


Oliver Everett, A. M. and M. D., b. at Dedh., a lineal descendant of Richard 
Evered, of D., 1637, grad. 1821 at Brown Univ., and subsequently received 
M. D. at Dart. Col. He s. in S. ab. 1824, where he spent his days, and 
d. aged ab. 50, worn out by professional labors. To do any justice to his 
character as a man, a citizen, or a physician, would exceed my ability and 
limits. Suffice it to say, his worth became ineffaceably stamped upon the minds 
and hearts of the entire communitv, and no man of his generation ever fell in 
S. whose death was so universally and deeply lamented. His character 
seems to call for a more extended obituary than has appeared ; and I cannot 
but hope that his successor, or some cotemporary practitioner, will supply it 
for embodiment with the history of the physicians of Midd. Co. It is due 
to merit, and might be a valuable legacy to medical students, at least in 
guarding them against self sacrifice, and pointing out the way to an honoi^ 
able and enduring reputation. He m. Maria Sanger, dg. of Joseph S., of 
S., by w. Sally Phips, and had i. Edward H. (d.) ; ii. Rufus S, m. Rosilla 
G. Bickford ; iii. Helen M. ; rv. Mary C. ; v. Abby S. ; vi. Francis Oliver. 


1. Richard Fairbanks took the freeman's oath, May 14, 16S4| and the 
name occurs on the records of Boston, 1638-51. Several of the early set- 
tlers of Dedham were of this name, viz. : 

2. John Fairbank, senr., whose dg. Mary m. Michael Metcalf, Apl. 12, 1644. 

3. Jona., Mr., who appears to have been the cousin of Geo. of Somerby, in 
the yicarap;e of Halifax, Yorkshire, who willed to him as such, 20s., 1650. 
Mr. Jona F.'s wife was Deborah, and children, i. Deborah, b. 3 (4), 1654; 

II. Grace, '56 ; iii. Sarah, '58 ; iv. Edward, 10 (11), '60 ; v. David, 28 
(11), '62; VI. Mary, 1667; vii. A. Jona. pr. his son took the freeman's 
oath. May 15, 1690. Mr. Jona. F. d. Dec. 5, 1668. His widow, Deb., d. 
Sep. 7, 1705. 

4. John Fairbank, who d. Nov. 13, 1684, and whose w. Sarah, the mother of 
his children, d. 26 (9), 1683. He had at Dedham, i. Joshua, 26 (3), 
1642 ; II. John, 7 (12), 1643, who m. Hanh. and had John, 1677,. at D., 
rm. Wrenth; iii. Sarah, 9 (10), '45; iv. Jona., 10 (9), '48, (a. Jona. 
d. 1661-2) ; V. Mary, '50 ; vi. Martha, '50, d. '50 ; vn. Joseph, 10 
(3), '56, took the freeman's oath, May 8, 1678; (another Joseph, of Ded. 
took do., Feb. 13, 1683-4) ; viii. Benj. 17 (12), '61, who m. Mary, and 
had Benj. 1695, at D. 

5. Jonas Fairbank, early of Essex Co., who, not being worth £200, was fined 
for wearing great boots. 

6. George Fairbank, pr. brother of the above Jonas, John and Jona., had £5 
willed to him, May 28, 1650, by Geo. F., clothier, of Somerby, Yorkshire, 
resided in Ded. until about 1657, when he removed, and. s. in the S. part of 
Sherbom, now Med,, having purchased of Robt. Kaino, or his executors, a 
part of the grant made to him, 1649. Here he signed petitions for S., 
1662 and '74, was selectman, 1678, drew land in 1681, and seems to have 

been an orderly and esteemed citizen. He m. Mary , and died Jan. 

10, 1682. His wid. d. ab. 1703. ■ ^ 

I. Mary, 10 (9), 1647; 
15. 10. II. George, 26 (3), '50; 

III. Samuel, 28 (8), '52, d. Nov. 20, 1676; 
18. 12. IV. Eliezer, 8 (4), '55 ; 

V. Jonas, 23 (12), '56, at Ded., d. Nov. 28, 1676 ; 

20. 14. VI. Jona., May 1, '62, recorded at Medfd., and d. Dec. 18, 1719 ; 
VII. Margaret, June 27, '64, record, at Do. 

10. 15. George inherited the homestead in the S. part of S., drew lands in S., and 
in 1715 and '30 he drew 100 acres in Doug., m. Rachel, who d. May 12, 

1678 ; and 2d, Susanna, and 3d, Sarah -, in 1686 or '87, and had 

I. Rachel, Sep. 29, 1672; ii. Marie, 5 (1), 1675; iii. Susanna, Mar. 24, 
1680, by 2d w. ; iv. Susanna, Mar. 17, 1682 ; v. Dorotha, Nov. 6, 1683 ; 

VI. Margaret, Jan. 5, 1685 ; vii. Jonas, Feb. 15, 1687-8, d. Nov. 10, '90, 
by 3d w. ; viii. Sarah, Nov. 16, 1690 ; 

27. 16. IX. George, Oct. 2, 1694 ; x. John, Oct. 9, 1697. 

12. l8. Eleazer drew a home lot in 1679 of 18 acres on the main St. in S., adjoin- 
ing Peters' Hill, was selectman, 1703. He m. Martha, dg. of Capt. Samuel 
BuUard, and had 


I. Mary, Oct. 31. 1678; n. Martha, Jan. 22, 1C80, m. Oliver Death, Apl. 
17, '97, who d. Mar. 3, 1704-5 ; -2(1, Ebenr. Leland, jun., of S., Jan. 19, 
1708; HI. Lydia, Mar. 8, 1682 ; iv. Margaret, Dec. 9, 1684, d. 1698 ; v. 
Mercy, Oct. 18, 1688, m. Joshua Underwood, 1707-8 ; 
32. 19. VI. Eleazer, Dec. 29, 1690, " d. Sep. 19, 1741, in his Slst y." 

'i 14. 20. Jona. was the first physician who settled in Sh. He is supposed to have 
lived N. of Bogestow Pond, in the old stone house, and was drowned by 
falling through the ice, in crossing fi;om Medfield in the night. He was an 
important man in his day ; was selectman, 1 695-'98, '99, 1700, and '01 ; 
Town Clerk, 1699, 1700, and '01. He drew 107i acres in Doug, in 1715, 

and in 1730, 54 acres were assigned to his estate. He m. Sarah , who 

d. Jly. 9, 1713. 

39. 21. I George, Apl. 14, 1685. 

44. 22. II. Jona., Mar. 21, 1689, d. Nov. 26, 1754; iii. Comfort, Oct. 30, '90; 
IV. Joseph, Apl. 25, '92. 
- 53. 25. V. Samuel, Feb. 27, '93; vi. Jonas, June 9, '97. 

16. 2T, Gteorge, who s. in Med. on part of the old homestead, ra. Sarah , had 

I. John, d. Dec. 14, 1714 ; ii. Phebe, May 16, '16, m. Abraham Cousins, 
of Hoi., 1759; iii. John, Feb. 5, '18-19; 

68. 29. IV. Jonas, Oct. 20, '20 ; 

.60. 30. V. George, Deo. 12. '22, d. Sep. 29, 1795 ; vi. " Barshab," Oct. 7. '24, 
m. Dea. Asa Daniels, senr. of Med. ; vii. Silence, Feb. 26, '27, m. Elisha 
Barber; viii. Elijah, Apl. 29, '29, d. Oct. 1, '46 ; ix. David, Jly. 10, '31, 
d. Oct. 8, '46 ; x. John, Oct. 27, '38, was insane, d. um. ; xi. Joseph, 
Dec. 8, '35, m. Abigail Coolidge, and d. without issue ; xii. Sarah, b. 1737, 
d. Oct. 13, '37 ; xiii. Elizabeth, Dec. 29, '40, d. Aug. 20, '44. 

•19. 32. Meazer, Capt., m. Martha Bullard, r. S., had, i. Eleazer, Jly. 23, 1716, 
rm. Plainfield, Ct. m. Prudence , and had Prudence, May 20, '47, at Sh. ; 

II. Joseph, Sep. 17, '18, rm. Halifax, N. S. ; iii. Deborah, Nov. 12, '19, 
m. Joseph Twitchell, Esq. ; iv. Moses, Aug. 14, '21 ; v.- Sarah, Sep. 25, 
'22 ; VI. Martha, Aug. 2, '24, m. Benj. Mason ; 2d, John Phips, '43, and 
rm. to Brookfield ; vii. Abel, Nov. 28, '26 ; viii. Abigail, Aug. 18, '28 ; 
IX. David, Feb. 2, '30-31 ; x. Abigl., May 5, '32. 

92. 38^ ^^ Ebenezer, June 1, '34 ; xii. Mary, m. Capt. Saml. Sanger, and d. 
without issue. 

21- ^9. George, m. Lydia Gay, of Wrenth, Deo. 24, 1707 ; 2d, Eachel Drury ; 3d, 

Sarah , who d. Jan. 26, 1748, a. 62, settled in H., N. W. part, and 

had, I. G^o., Dec. 2, 1708, m. Deborah Sawin, 1735, and had Keuben of 
H., June 1, '39 ; n. Lydia, Nov. 13, 1710. , 

^9- 41. in. Jabesh, Oct. 4, 1713; iv. Sarah, May 26, '16/ v. Joseph, May 1, 
'20, by w. Rachel; vi. Eachel, Dec. 31, '21. d. Jan. 6, 1729; vn. 
Abigail, Oct. 10, '23, d. Jan. 14, '29; viii. Submit, Sept. 18, '29, in 
Holl, m. Daniel Fairbank ; ix. Mary, Sep. 28, '30, m. Micha Morse, Nov. 
5 '52. 
^^- 4:3. X. Drury, May 1, '33, d. June 19, 1786 ; xi. Rachel, Nov. 14, '35, d. 
Dec. 9, '44. 

^ 22, 44. Jona., Doct.', m. Lydia Holbrook; 2d, Hanh. Cooledge, b. Jan. 8, 1692, 
m. June 2, 1726, r. S., had, i. Jona., Feb. 18, 1714; ii. Benj., Aug. 16, 


'15, d. young; in. Mary, Fob, 5, '16-17; iv. Lydia, Oct. 1, '18; v. 
Comfort, Feb. 8, '19-20, a dg. ; vi. Moeee, Mar. 1, '22. 
73. 49. VII. Daniel, Nov. 6, '23 ; vm. Joshua, Apl. 5, '27, by 2d w. 
< 88. 51. IX. John, Aug. 12, '29; x. Hannah, Jly. 3, '31 ; xi. Grac^, June 16, 
'34 ; XII. Abner, Mar. 28, '36, m. Elizabeth Hill, Jly. 6, 1759, who d. 
Feb. 2, '64, had, 

1 John, d. Dec. 3, '63 ; 2 Sarah, Apl. 30, 1762 ; SMizabeth, Feb. 2, 
'64, at S. 

25. 53. Samuel, m. Susanna , r. S., had, i. Jonas, Sep. 19, 1718 ; 11. 

Samuel, Jly. 21, '20; iii. Rebecca, Apl. 26, '23; iv. Sarah, Oct. 19, '24; 
V. Benj., Sep. 10, '26 ; vi. Jemima, Aug. 29, '29 ; vii. Levi, Feb. 6, '33-4. 


29. 58. Jonas, w. Experience Leland, b. June 21, 1725, m. 1745, r. Med., had, 

I. Miriam, Mar. 9, 1745-6, d. Oct. 21, '79, the grd. mother of Rev. Daniel 
Wight, of Scituate ; 11. Deborah, June, 2, '47, m. Job Patridge, of Bell., 
Nov. 29, '69, and was the mother of Rev. Moses P. ; iii. Sarah, Jan. 

4, '48-9 ; IV. Mary, June 4, '51.; v. Elijah, Mar. 21, '53, d. um. in the 
army; vi. Experience, Apl. 19, '55, m. Jabez Whitney, *of Med.; vii. 
Hopestill, Mar. 4, '57 ; vin. Rufiis, Dec. 8, '58, perished at sea ; ix. 
Joseph, Feb. 22, '61, d. Jan. 5, 1835, m. Mary, dg. of Judge Stephen 
Metcalf, of Bell, and settled in Bell. 

30. 60. George was bowed in person, m. Jerusha , who d. Jan. 9, '96, and 

inherited the ancient seat of the family in Med. 
77. 61. I. Abijah, Jan. 21, 1746-6, m. Mary Clark, rm. Me. 
79. 62. II. Joel, Jan. 26, '47 ; ni. Elizabeth, Aug. 11, '49. 

86. 63. IV. George, Doct., Jly. 12, '51, r. in Wrenth. 

87. 65. V. Siks. Sep. 29, '53. 

83. 66. VI. Jotham, Apl. 6, '57 ; vii. Asahel, June 2, '61 ; viii. Adam, Dec. 1, '68. 

41. 69. Jabez, v. Susanna Coming, m. Nov. 23, 1738, r. H., had i. Lydia, Sep. 20, 
1739 ; II. Joseph, June 3, '41 ; in. Joshua, Aug. 2, '43 ; iv. Abigail, 
Jan. 11, '47 ; v. Susanna, Jane 20, '52 ; vi. Jerusha, Apl. 21, 57. 
vn. George, Apl. 12, '62. 

49. 78. Daniel, w. Submit Fairbanks r. H. ; i. Rachel^ May 13, 1748, m. Jethro 
Peters, '69 ; 11. Comfort, Jly. 4, '50 ; in. George, Jly. 30, '52, d. Jly. 18, 
'59 ; IV. Jona., Mar. 29, '65 ; v. Drury, Aug. 6, '5? ; vi. Submit, Nor. 

5, '69. 

61. 77. Abijah, w. Mary Clark, r. Med. ; i. Olive, Sep. 5, 1769, m. Patridga, 

rm. Me. ; 11. Mary, June 20, '78, d. A|d. 12, '78 ; m. Asa, Jan. 2, '79. 

62. 79. Joel, w. Mary, r. Med.; i. David, Jan. 30, 1774; n. Alexayider, May 

24, '72, at Oxford ; m. Cynthia, Aug. 2, '76 ; iv. Joel, May 8, '78. 

66. 83. Jotham, w. Beulah Daniels, r. Med. ; i. Jotham, Oct 19, 1778 ; 
II. Leonard, rs. Med. 

63. 86. George, Doct., w. Cally Boyden, r. Med; i. Cally, Sep. 8, 1779; 

II. Lucy, Oct. 3, '86 ; m. Olive, Sep. 1, '93. 


65. 87. Silas, w. Mary Day, r. on the ancient Fairbank's homestead, S. W. of 
Bogistow Pond, where Jason Daniels resides and had at Medway ; 
I. Polly, Mar. 14, '86, m. Moses Pond ; ii. Charles, Sep. 30, '87, r. W. 
Med. ; iii. Silas, m. Mille Plimpton, and was the last occupant by the name 
of F. of the ancient homestead ; it. James ; v. Betsey, m. Baruch Perry ; 
VI. Nancy, m. Moses Pond, of W. Med. ; vii. Charlotte, r. in Med., unm. 

51. 88. Join, m. Hannah, i. Martha, Jly. 28, 1755 ; ii. Levi, Sep. 28, '57 ; 
III. Hannah, July 13, '59. 


43. 89. Drury, m. Deborah Leland, of Hoi., r. H. and had 

91. 90. 1. John, Mar. 15, 1759, m. Mary Whitbg; ii. Perley, Aug. 22, '61, m. 
Tabitha Littlefield, dg. of John Stedman, and s. in Wardsbury, Yt. 
III. Joseph, jyiar. 4, '64 ; iv. Khoda, Jan. 7, '66, m. Eli Perry, Mar. 10, 
'85; V. Elyah, June 30, '70 ; vi. Drury, Bev., Oct. 13, '72, m. Lucretia 
Bockwood, May 25, 1800, s. at Plymouth, N. H., had John Milton, Aman- 
da, Mary, Timothy B., Lucretia, Drury ; vii. Deborah, June 7, '75, ni. Caleb 
Perry; viii. Mary, Feb. 7, '81. 

90. 91. John, w. Mary Whiting, from Med., m. June 24, 1784, r. Holl. ; 

I. Martha, March 26, 1785 ; ii. John, Sep. 14, '86; m. Nathan, Nov. 27, 
'88 ; IV. Calvin, Oct. 2, '91 ; v. Drury, Mar. 31, '96 ; vi. Otis, Jan. 25, '94, 

38. 92. Ebenezer, m. Elizabeth ; i. Asa, Mar. 4, 1762 ; ii. Joseph, Nov. 1, '63 ; 
III. Betty, Aug. 23, '66; iv. Ebenezer, Dec. 15, '68; v. Henry, Dec. 
31, '70, bp., '71 ; vi. Thaddeus, Mar. 13, '73; vii. Elizabeth, Jan. 3, '75. 
at H. ; vm. Levi, Aug. 24, 1778, at S. 

Beuben, of Holl., m. Mary Grant, at H. 


Asa Fassett, w. Margaret, had at S., Benj., Sep. 7, 1707. 


Lewis Fisher, w. Hanh., had at H., Hephzebab Albe, Mar. 24, '99. 


Simeon Fisher, w. Hephzibah, had at H. I. Lems, Feb. 15, 1771. 


1. Nathaniel Fisk, b. June 9, 1678, at Watertown, the s. of Nathl. and erd. 
8. of Nathan F., of W., 1642, free May 10, '43, and selectman '73, (see 
Bond) came to S. and m. Jan. 16, 1706, Hannah Adams, dg. of Moses A. 
He had i. Natbaniel, Nov. 11, 1706, at S. ; ii. Asa, b. at W., Feb. 22, 1708, 
m. Jan. 30, 1735, Lois Leland, dg. of Dea. Tim. L., and had at H. 

I. Lydia, Nov. 12, '38, m. Burbank, d. without issue ; 

n. Huldah, Mar. 13, '41, m. Caleb Claflin, of Hopk. ; m. Abel, Mar. 

14, '44, d. in Hopk., aged 80, had no ohd. ; iv. Asa, Sep. 3, '46, m. 

Mercy Jones, dg.of Eli J., had Lydia, '72 ; Bank., '73 ; Mijah, '74 ; 

Asa, '79 ; Aaron and Manfy '80 ; v. Aaron, March 20, '49, d. aged 

88, 8. in Chesterfield ; vi. Lois, May 6, '51, m. Amariah Marsh, and d. 

at Pawtucket, aged above 90 ; vn. Abner, Mar. 27, '54, m. Grout, 

r. N. Y., had Fanny, '78 ; Betsey, '83 ; Anna, '86 ; Lois, '90, at H. 
ra. Hanh., Sept. 9, 1710 ; rv. Moses, Jan. 29, '13, d. in Natick, m. Mehe- 
tabel; v. Lydia, Apl. 24, '15; vi. Lydia, Oct. 5, '18. 

86 FISK. 

7. John Fisk, the Br. of Nathl. (No. 1,) and grd. s. of Nathan, ra. Lydia 
Adams, Jly. 31, 1706, dg. of Moses A., and had at H. 
11. 8. I. John, May 8, 1709, m. Abigail (Leland) Babcock,of Sh. 

II. Lydia, Jan. 14, '11--12'; in. Isaac, Aug. 24, '14 ; iv. Lydia, Aug. 4, 
'20 ; V. Peter, Mar. 12. '22-3; vi. Abigail, Jly. 24, '27, d. '27. 
vn. Nathl, Mar. 31, '30. d. '56. 

8. 11. John, m. Abigail Leland, ^id. of Ebenr. Babcock, and seems to have lived 
on or near the farm of her late husband at W. Sherbom, and had 

I. David, Apl. 16, 1732, m. Sarah Bullard, dg. of John Bullard; of E. 

Med., and had i, John, Mar. 16, 1760, m. Abigail Albee, r. H., 

II. Nathan, May 3, 1761, m. Jemima Leland, '86, 2d, Julia Daniels, 

and had Jemima^ '88 ; Isaiah Daniels^ '91 ; and HoraiiOy '94 ; 
ni. David, Apl. 19. '63, m. Hannah Eames; 

IV. irevi, Feb. 23, 65, m. Jemima Underwood, had at H. ; i. Lewis, 

Feb. 25, '93 ; ii. Sally, Sep. 2, '94 ; iii. Martin, Oct. 23, '96 ; 
IV. Anna, Dec. 24, '98. 

V. Nathaniel, March 9, '67, m. Allen ; vi. Amos, Nov. 23, '69, 

d. Nov. 6, '76 ; vii. Sally, Dec. 17, '71. m. Simeon Newton, r. Tem- 
pleton; vni. Gad, Jan. 31, '74, d. Oct 26, '76; ix. Keren, Jly. 
24, '76, d. Sep. 17, '78. 

28. 17. X. Timothy, A. M., M. D., Nov. 3, '78 ; xi. Aner, Sept. 20, '80, m. 
Martha Fairbanks ; 

II. Hannah, Jan. 24, 1733-4, m. Fairbanks, 2d, Caleb Hill. 

24. 19. III. Amos, Mar. 5, '36-6, m. Anne Briant. 

23. 20. IV. John, Mar. 16, '37-8, m. Sarah Hill; v. Joel, Apl. 22, '40, m. Kuth 

Eeed, and s. in Camb'dge. 
26. 22. VI. Jonas, Dec. 4, *42, m. Mary Hill ; vii. Martha, Jan. 5, '48-9, d. yg. 

20. 23. John, s. \ m. E. of school house No. 6, in S., m. Abigail, and had 

I. Abigail, June 29, 1766, ih. Opt. Samuel Learned ; ii. Sarah, Jly. 8, '72, 
m. Tapley Wyeth, A. M., M. D., of S. ; iii. Ede, m. Aaron Whitney, of S ; 
IV. Elizabeth, Feb. 3, '76, m. Lewis Bullard ; v. John, Dec. 2, '78, [a 
John had Horace, Jly. 11, 1800?]; vi. Sukey, Feb. 26, '81; vii. Sally, 
Jan. 19, '83. 

19. 24. Amos, w. Anne Briant, had at S. i. Peggy, Jly. 16, 1771 ; ii. Hannab, 
Nov. 4, '73 ; iii. Polly, Nov. 17, '76; iv. John H., Oct. 23, '77. 

22. 26. Jonas, m. Mary Hill, s. where James Hill rs , and had at S., i. Jonas, Feb. 
4, '79 ; II. Mary, Nov. 11, '81. . 

27. Samuel,? w. Abigail, had at S., i. Samuel, Feb. 8, 1762 ; ii. Hepsibath, Mar. 
18, '66. 

17. 28. Tunothy Fisk, A. M., M. D., and M. M. S. S., grad. 1801, at H. U., sub- 
sequently studied medicine, s. in his native town, and was her first regularV^ 
educated physician. His course from the first was marked with that modest^^ 
and gentlemanly bearing which cultivation insures and which are equally 
removed from the swaggering pretensions of empiricism and the low and vL^^ 
arts of rude and jealous rivalry. His skill was soon appreciated and 1e^ 
conduct rewarded in a wide practice. This he retained, to the great adva^^ 
tage of the public, for a series of years, seldom attained by a laborious ph^^ 
sician. He has long held a high reputation abroad ; shared largely in th ^ 


:i% A.W..,^ a. 

ti[,m. -iiY i'llKS a.d.K.a 

88 FITCH. 

oonriBtenoy of character, ardor of piety, kiodness of feeling, diligence and fidelity in 
discharging the various duties to which ho was called, had but few superiors." [Bev. 
0. Durfee.] Subseauently to his resignation of the presidency of W. Col., he was 12 
years pastor of the Congl. Chh. at W. Bloomfield. N. Y., where he became one of 
the projectors, founders and patrons of Aubume Theo. Sem., and where his ashes 
repose without any such mark of respect as the gratitude of the Trustees and alumni 
of W. Col. must prompt them ere long to show. He m. Mary (Backus) Coggswell, 
dg. of Ebenezer B., of Windham, a lady distinguished for intelligence, amiability 
and piety, who d. at Cleaveland, O., Nov. 21, 1834. They had, besides other 
children, Charles Fitch,« Kev., A. M.. b. June 26, 1799. 

Bev. Charles Fitch entered Williams Col. at the age of 15, grad in 1819, entered 
the Theo. Sem. at Princeton, the same year, where he grad. 1821, having previously 
received licensure from the Presbytery of N. Bruns., before the age of 21 . The first 
of his labors were in the then frontier and sparsely settled Cos. of Erie and Catter- 
augus, N. Y., in the employ of the Young Men's Miss. Soc, New York. Aug. 22, 
1822, he was ordained and installed by Cooperstown Presbytery over the Presb. 
Chh., of Cherry Valley, formerly the charge of Bev. Dr. Nott, and then embracing 
men of high attainments and standing, from whom no call could have been obtained 
for any young man of common address, acquirements or promise. On this occasion, 
Bev. John Smith, of C, preached, and his venerable father gave the charge ; and 
the solemnities must have reminded more than one of the consecration of Cotton 
Mather, or that of Jona. Mayhew, receiving the charge and mantle of his apostolic 
father. Here he continued for a longer period than is common in N. Y. In 1825 he 
obtuned a dismission, and being urged by several distinguished dergjmen from 
Mass., to accept letters of introduction to a vacant congregation in one of the larger 
towns in this state, he came to Boston. Here, being informed that the vacancy was 
filled, he engaged as city missionary, and supplied, for some weeks, the pulpit of 
Charter st. Chapel. In the mean time he was invited to H., where he was installed, 
Jan., 1826, Bev. Dr. Wisner, of Boston, preaching on the occasion. Here he con- 
tinued 6 years, laboring witb much fidelity; and though no general revival of re- 
ligion ensued, yet for the period, his labors seemed to have been blessed beyond those 
of any of his predecessors, and long will he be held here in grateful remembrance. 
While at H. he published a centennial discourse from which copious extracts have 
been taken in the preparation of this work. 

In 1832 he resigned his charge in H. ; became a stated supply for the two years 
ensuing, to the Presb. Chh. at Batavia, N. Y. In 1834 he removed to BiiMo, 
opened a High School, but was, with his family, visited the next year, by that dread- 
ful malady, the ophthalmia. In 1837, having but partially ^covered, and hoping 
that a change of climate might prove remedial, he removed to Trenton, N. J., to 
assist Mr. James Hamilton in T. Academy. In 1838 he removed to Columbus, C, 
and for the two following years performed the duties of chaplain in the Ohio Peniten- 
tiary. In 1840 he was appointed travelling agent for the American Bible Society; 
and so successful were his labors that he was induced to continue them for nearly 
8 years, during which he travelled in Oh., Kt., and Ind., as nearly as could be 
calculated, a distance of once and a half the circumference of the globe, his family 
during the time remaining at C, and Bising Sun, Ind. In 1850 ho s. at Mt. YemoUf 
Ind., and was installed by the Presbytery of Vincennes, Ap. 14, '51, as the firs* 
pastor of the Presbyterian Chh. in that place where he now resides. The man 
changes through which Mr. F. has passed imply no want of stability of purpose c 
lack of any ministerial qualification. They are the natural fruits of the spirit o^ 
the age, and the character and condition of the chhs. His history is that of a larg*^ 
proportion of the most talented and devoted ministers in the Middle and Westers^ 
States. He m.. May 15, 1822, Sarah Hamilton^ dg. of J. H., of Princeton, a gentr^#^ 



AA«»<i;.4^nAv of ch«r*/»tnr ?rdor of i)iety. kindness of feeling, dili^nce and fidelity in 

' . \ 

= .»■ . '.:i 

I . 

• ■■'.■■• 

. ' 1- ■ . ,1. 

.4 ■S -1 .■■.■' 

• i ■ . ', . 

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. 'r-x ■■ ■ 

■ 1- 

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1 1 

I ■•.!. - 

ffi)E'Y.a:-;iS,SLES fetsk; I.I 


of Scotch descent, who was Lt. and Commissary in the army of the Kevolution, an 
Elder in the Presb. Chh., and a prominent citizen of P. It is related on good 
authority that while the army was quartered at P., Lt. H. and lady opened their house 
for week-day worship; during which, on their door-steps, Ueneral Washington 
and lady were known to have seated themselves as listeners, unwilling to dis- 
turb the assembled congregation by taking higher seats. Mrs. F. had 3 sisters, m. 
to clergymen, and 1 to a lawyer, and two brothers, both graduates of N. H., one of 
whom was Prof, of Math, and Nat. Phil, in Nash. Univ., Tenn, where he and three 
of her sisters d. with cholera, in June, 1849. Mr. F. had 

I. Sarah Maria, June 4, 1826, at Holliston, m. Nov. 30, '51, Peter S. 
Dusonchet, of Mt. Vernon, Ind., has 2 child. 

II. Charles Ebenezer H., Feb. 11, '28, at H., rs. an engineer in Calif. 

III. James Henry, Feb. 3, 1833, rs. at Mt. Vernon. 

» *»• 

Tunothy Force, m. Sarah Daniels, Mar. 2, 1768, had at H., i. Amariah, June 
11, '58, m. Sarah Marshall, and had Sally M., Jly. 1, '89, and by w. Kezia, 
Wm., June 15, '93; ii. Abigail, Sep. 28, '60, m. Joel Morse, Mar. 6, 
1783 ; III. Margaret, Jly. 12, '62. 

■^•^ ^ 

1. John Foristall, w. Elizabeth , had at H., i. Mary, Jly. 5, 1730, m. 

Jona. Gibson, Nov. 25, '48 ; ii. Ezra, Sep. 14, '36. 

3. John,^. Thankful Jones, m., Feb. 6, 1756, had at H., i. Joseph, Mar. 
23, '58 ; II. John, Apl. 6, '62 ; in. Mary, June 20, '64 ; iv. Mary, Feb. 
20, '68 ? m. Jona. Goddard, May 26, '83 ; v. Thankful, Sep. 2, '6- ; vi. 
Hannah, Dec. 14, '71 ; vii. Amariah, Sep. 6, '74. 


I' Isaac Fostor was rated in S. for 4 polls, 1721, and drew land in Doug., 
1730, built the house in which Hon. Elihu Cutler, senr., resides, and a mill, 
40 rods above the site of Cutler's, sold both to Hemminway. He also built 
a mill ljm= N. of it, and had, by w. Abiel, at S., i. Abiel, Apl. 4, 1721 ; 
II. Abigail, Oct. 1, '24. 

'/. Benj. Foster, w. Sarah*—, had at H., i. Judith, Mar. 20, 1728; ii. 
Ezekiel,Nov. 13, '31 ; iii. Elizabeth, Jan. 14, '36 ; iv. Benj., Sep. 8, '37. 

3. Jacob Foster, w., Mary Sheffield , had, i. Mary, Nov. 3, 1729, m. 

Moses Twitchell; ii. Jacob, Mar. 10, '32; iii. Wm., Apl. 29, '34; iv. 
Sheffield, Oct. 10, '38, d, Sep. 23, '44 ; v. Hannah, May 14, '40 or '47 ; 
vr. Isaac, Sep. 27, '41, d. Dec. 30, '41 ; vii. Isaac, Mar. 18, '43-4 ; viii. 
Abigail, Feb. 5, '49-50 ; ix. Rebecca, Dec. 7, '53. 

4. Jona. Foster, d. Dec. 19, '53, m. Mary Golding, June 13, 1744, and had, 
I. John, Apl. 10, 1745, d. Nov. 22, '45; ii. Mary, Jan. 9, '46-7; iii. 
Sarah, Feb. 7, '48-9, d. Dec. 28, '53 ; iv. Beulah, Aug. 16, '53. 

5. Stephen Foster, who m. Rachel Pike, May 10, 1764, had i. Isaac, Jan. 
26, '65 ; II. Stephen, June 7, '72. 

6. Capt. Isaac Foster, m. Sarah Eames, Dec. 24, 1789, had, i. Simeon, Jly. 
19, 1790 ; II. Anna, May 25, '95 ; iii. Emelia, Aug. 18, '97. 



Gtoorge H. Francis, from Newton, Keeper of the Wintbrop House in H., 
since ab. 1850, m. Susan R. Crancb, wbo d. 1843 ; and 2d. Electa M. 
Parker, bad, i. Caroline, (d.) ; ii. Susan A., (d.) ; in. Geo. A.; iv. 
EHzabetb Maria. 


Joseph Frost, from Cfaarlestown, to S., bad, 

5. £ I. Jona., bom pr. at Cbarlestown; ii. Josepb Frost, jun., m. Deborab, bad 
at S., I. John, Jan. 3, 1754. 

2. 5. Jona., w. Martha Leland, dg. of Jona. L., were dismissed from the ebb. in 
S. to the ebb. in New Marlboro/ bad at S., i. Hannah, Apl. 9, 1761 ; ii. 
Joseph, Mar. 10, '63 ; in. Joseph, Feb. 7, '65 ; iv. Benj., Apl. 6, '67 ; v. 
Martha, June 5, '69 ; vi. Elijah, Sep. 6, '71 ; vii. Asa, Jly. 22, '74. 

6. Peter Frost, w. Sarah , had, Benj. Edes, Jly. 6, 1781, at H. 

(^rku-A-. C 1. Joshua Gardner, w. Sarah, had, I. Caleb, May 2, 1749, at S. 

^ L- , / 2. Addington Gardner, Br. of Josh., and pr. descended from a niece of Hon. 

rvi^i^^ldu^oats. Isaac Addington, Assistant Sec, and sup.. Judge, Mass., m.*'^^^^^'^^Allin, d. 

J l- ^ Mar. 31, 1789, a. 90, sister of Rev^^^^toAllin, of Brookline, came to 

' Sherborn about 1730, w&s selectman, '63, an^esided in the S. W. part of 

the town, where Horatio G. now rs. He had, ^ • *7yir ^ 

ti. Aaron, Capt., Apl. 1, 1741, at B., m. Azubah Partridge, fr. Med., in- 
herited the homestead in S., was selectman, 1788, and had, i. Stephen 
Partridge, Nov. 24, '66 ; ii. Sarah, Jan. 8, '69 ; in. Aaron, bap. Jly. 
14, '71 ; IV. James Allen, Aug. 20, '74; v. Jona., Jly. 27, '80; vi. 
Horatio, Mar. 18, '85, m. Patty Ware, Jan. 19, 1811, and had, 
I. Delta, m. Alfred Leland ; ii. Parmelia W,, d. um; ni. Mary 
(t., m. Saml. Small, of Portland; iv. Horatio W,^ m. Harriot A. 
Fisk; V. Agzine Min&rva, May 19, 1834, d. um., Apl. 8, '53. 
n. Joshua, who d. in S. (Ku^ot «t4i^ AjjU Uc^t<V \1S^ 

"i-iii. Addington, d. June 24, 1797, w., Mary, bad, at S., MolUy Nov. 3, 

I . ^Uk vv '^^» ^' Townsend ; Betty, Apl. 13, '62, m. Amos Badcock, Oct 

i\^o-^^^. 2, '83. b'^G7-c. 

* 3 IV. Peter, Sep. 15, 1735, d. um. in the last French war. 

I , V. Caleb, Feb. 16, 1732-3, at S.. d. June 21, '77, at S. ; vi. Elizabeth, 
Mar. 9, 1737-8. 

I ••» 

ArchelauS GaSSett, s. of Elisb G., of Hopk^ was b. Aug. 19, 1804, 8. in 
H., '36, m. Caroline Eames, Apl. 7, '36, and has Geo. W. ; Lizza C. ; John 
E. ; Lucilla G, ; Otis W. ; Mary A. 

■ ^•* i 

Joseph GibbS, w. Elizabeth, had, at H., i. Betbiah, Aug. 10, 1762 ; ii. 
Abigail, Dec. 30, '64. 


1. ThO. GleaSOIli bad land assigned him in S., 1682, m., 1st, Sarah ; 

2dw., Mary , r. N. part of S., bad, i. Mary, June 19, 1680 ; ii. The, 

.Feb. 26, 1696-7, by w. Mary; iii. Richard, Jan. 31, '98-9; iv. Jonas, 

GODARD, golden! 91 

Nov. 6, 1700 , V. Elijah, Oct. 18, '02 ; vr. Moses, Dec. 22, '04 ; vii. 
Uriah, Dec. 28, '06 ; viii. Mary, Feb. 19, '08-9. 

2. Isaac Gleason, w. Deborah, had, at S., i. Isaac, May 17, 1706 ; ii. 
Prudence, Oct. 3, '08. , 

3. John Gleason, w. Abigail, had Ebenr., Sep. 1, 1703. 

STm. Godard, s. of Wm., of Watertown, (Bond, p. 237), m. Leah 
Fisher, was rated at Sherborn for the Indian title, 1686, haa a home lot 
assigned him, 13 (3), 1679, of 19 acres, on the Plain where Mrs. Jas. 
Bigelow resides. His wid. Leah drew land at Dong., 1715; had at S., 
I. Elizabeth, Aug. 23, 1687 ; ii. Wm., Aug. 18, '89, d. 1703; ni. Sarah, 
Nov. 24, '93 ; iv. Abigail, Dee. 2, '96, d. Mar. 6, 1716-17, m. Saml. 

i^>» * 

2. Jolm Gtoldon, Capt., a man of wealth, and herculean size and strength, 
purchased Winthrop's grant of 600 acres, bounding the N. and E. sides of 
Winthrop's Lake, to which, by purchase, and the division of common lands, he 
made largo additions on the W., extending nearly, or quite, to the cedar 
swamp. Ho s. in S. ab. 1705, built a large and elegant house on the S. E. 
side of the hill, N. E. of the Lake, from wl)ich he and family, by alarms of 
Indians in the dead of night, were repeatedly driven to the garrison that 
stood near John Leland, Esq.'s, in S. He was early and through the rest of 
his life, treated with great respect, and his memory long reverenced in H. 
During her first 25 years he was her '* principal inhabitant," and public ser- 
vant A tradition among his descendants exists that he was b. in Eng., and 
had been a mariner. Several circumstances, however, favor the belief that 
he was the son of Peter Gt)ulding, senr., and more probably b. in Bos. 
He d. Jan. 19, 1750-1, m. Abigail Curtis, pr. of Roxb., who d. Jan. 16, 
1766 ; and had at S., now H. 

I. John, Sep. 21, 1707, died in infancy, in Sherb., now Holl. 
3. II. Curtis, Aug. 3, '10, d. Mar. 25, '74, m. Zipporah, dg. of Capt. Joseph 
Ware, by w. Hanh.Wood, dg. of Eleazer Wood, by w. Dorotha, pr. Baboock, 
and grd. dg. of Nicholas Wood, the first planter of Sherborn, by w. Mary, 
pr. Williams, and eldest dg. of Dea. Robt. W. of Roxbury. 

III. John, Aug. 21, '13^ d. an aged bachelor at the Homestead; 

IV. Peter, May 12, '15, d. June 29, '42, um. ; v. Abi^il, Aug. 18, '17, m. 
Jona. Eames, Feb. 18, '41-2; vi. Mary, Jly. 27, 'lo, m. Jona. Foster, 
June 13, '44 ; vii. James ', d. Dec. 27, '63, m. Bethia Plimpton, May 
23, '50, had Abigail, Apl. 14, '63, m. Rev. Alexr. Thayer, Aug. 18, '73, 
then of Paxton, inherited and s. on the homestead, had i. John G., A. M. ; 

II. Alexander, M. D., r. Mend., and 3 dgs., one of whom m. Lem. 
Adams, and s. on the N. part of the homestead. 

3. 4. Curtis, w. Zipporah, b. Nov. 22, '12, m. Apl. 30, '43, d. Dec. 21, '93, 
I. Mary, Oct. 21, '46, m. Capt. Henry Leland, Apl. 15, '90, no chd. 

8- 5. II. Joseph, Jly. 13, '47, m. Keziah Parker, Sep. 23, '73 ; ni. Hannah, 
June 24, '49, m. Aaron Rider, rm. to N. Y. ; iv. Zipporah, Jan. 10, '50-1, 
m. Jona. Bacon, of Nat. ; 

13. 6. V. John, Oct. 30, '52, d. 1818, m. Elizabeth Twitchell, r. S. 

16. 7. VI. Eleazer, Apl. 30, '57, d. Aug. 13, '26, m. Jemima Bacon, June 28, '81. 


5. 8. Joseph, w. Keziah Parker, r. H., and rm. to Eaton, N. Y., had, i. Julia, 

Jly. 25, '74 ; ii. Curtis, Aug. 10, 76 ; in. Hannah, June 12, 78 ; 

IV. Persis, Apl. 30, '80 ; v. Timothy, Dec. 16, '82 ; vi. Luther, Apl. 18, 

'85 ; VII. Otis, Jly. 14, '90. 

6. 13. John, Capt., w., Elizabeth Twitchell, m. May 23, '76, d. Feb. 21, 1847. 

I. Elizabeth, Mar.- 27, '77. d. yg. ; ii. Matilda, Feb. 4, '79, bp. at her 
father's house, (sick) Oct. 4, 1801, d. Oct. 5, '01. 

19. 14. III. John, Maj., Apl. 2, '81, m. Betsey Bigelow. 

15. IV. Dalton, Esq., Oct. 19, '90, was early in life a teacher ; has long acted 
as surveyor, draftsman, and justice ; served S. 7 yrs. as selectman, 7 do. as 
t. clerk and treasr. ; was a member of the convention in 1853 to amend the 
State constitution, and representative 1854. For ab. 20 yrs. he has com- 
monly acted as moderator of town and parish meetings, and devoted much 
time freely to the service of the public. He m. Martha Ware, dg. of Henry 
W., who died Jly. 7, 1849, had i. Elizabeth, Apl. 29, 1830; ii. MatUda, 
Jan. 2, '32, m. Jas.W. Spinney, r. S. ; in. efoseph Ware, Apl. 12, '35. 

7. 16. Eleazer, w. Jemima Bacon, dg. of Oliver B., of Nat., r. N. and S., had, 
24. 17. I. ZiUah, June 10, '82, d. Jly. 2, '49, m. June 9, '02, Daniel Wight of N. 

II. Mary, Aug. 28, '84, d. June 11, 1815, m., Nov. 17, 1806, Calvin San- 
ger, jun., of S. X 

22. 18. ni. Curtis, Capt. Jan. 6, '87, m. Nancy Breck, May 13, '27, r. Sh., had 
Eleazer, Oct. 14, '28 ; Mai-y, Nov. 29, '30, m. Joseph W. Bullard. 
IV. Ede, Mar. 27, '95, d. Dec. 25, '02. 

14. 19. John, Maj., m. Betsey Bigelow, May, 27, 1807, occupies the N. E. divi- 
sion of Parker's grant. ; has served S. 10 ys. as selectman, and by the culti- 
vation of choice fruit trees, contributed much to increase ber staple ; had 
I. John Adams, Apl. 2, 1808, r. um. at S. ; ii. Sumner Gore, Apt 2, '09, 
m. Martha (Burr) Cutler, r. Natick ; in. Oren, May 10, '11, d. Yg. : 
IV. Henry, Nov. 25, '13, m, Emeline Edwards, r. Dover; v. Oren, Jan. 
26, '16, m. Ellen Holbrook, and d., leaving a son. 

17. 24. Zillah, bus. Daniel Wight, r. at Natick, had i. Eleazer Goulding, Dec. 
16, 1803, m. Phebe Carter, r. N. ; ii. Ede Goulding, Sep. 6, '05, m. Wil- 
lard Childs, of N. ; m. Daniel, Rev., A. M., Sep. 18, ^08, gd. Har. U., 
'37, and And. Theo. Sem., '40 ; ord. at Scituate, Sep. 28, '42, m. Lucy 
Flint, Sep. 26, '42, d. Aug. 5, '46 ; 2d, Julia Russell, m. Sep. 7, '47, 
d. Aug. 8, '49 ; 3d, Mary Anna, dg. of Rev. Jonas Perkins, of Brain- 
tree, m. Apl. 28, '51, d. Oct. 26, '53, had, i. Lucy JSUen, b. Jly. 25, 
'43 ; II. Banl P., Oct. 26, d. 27, '53. 

IV. Miriam F., Aug^ 3, '11, m. James J. Sawin, of Nat., Apl. 9, '34; 

V. Mary, May 26, '14, d. June 21, '15 ; vi. Willard Amory, Apl, 21, '16, 
m. Lucy B. Morse, Nov. 30, '41, r. N. ; vn. Mary Matilda, Oct. 3, '18, r. 
Nat. ; viii. Eleanor Curtis, June 27, '21, m. Geo. Howe, Nov. 30, '43. 


Wm. GoodhU, w., Marcy, had Wm., Sep. 29, 1747, at H. 


Bev. Daniel Gookin. s. of Maj. Gen. G., of Cambdg., grad. 1669, at H. 
Gpl. red. A. M., 1673 ; was chosen fellow of H. C, '73, became assistant to the 
apostle Elliot, in the Indian Mission at Natick, who, in a letter to Hon. Robert 

GOULD. 93 

Bojle, dated Apl. 22, 1684, says of him, '* He is a pious and learned yoang man, 
about thirty-three years old, hath been eight years a fellow of the College ; he hath 
taught- and trained up two classes of young scholars unto their commencement ; he is 
a man, whose abilities are above exception, though not above envy. His father, with 
his inclination, advised him to Sherbom. 

^' Mr. Gooking holdeth a lecture in Natick Meeting-house once a month, which 
many English, especially of Sherbom, do frequent. He first preaches in English to 
the Engl^h audience, and then the same matter is delivered to the Indians, by an in- 
terpreter, whom, with much pains, Mr. Gooking had fore-prepared." 

In April, 1681, ^* The inhabitants of Sherbom being desirous (if God permit) to 
have one amongst us, to break the bread of life to us and ours, and, especially, the 
Bev. Mr. Daniel Gooking," apnlied to him '* to be the settled minister of Sher- 
bom." He was not orduned until March 26, 1685. 

Judge Sewall ** went to ye Gathering of ye chh., at Sherborn, and ordaining Mr. 
Daniel Gooking their Pastor." He says "but six brethren — and 3 of the names 
Mors. — Mr. Wilson, [of Medfield,] Mr. Adams, [of Dedh.,] and Mr. Nathaniel 
Gk)oking, of Cambridge, managed the work." Mr. Nathl. Gooking ye younger, in- 
troduced ye Elder, a happy type of ye calling of ye Jews. 

Mr. Torrey [Weym.], Brinsmade [Dorchester], Fisk [Braintree], Esterbrooks 
[Lexington], Man [Wrenth.], Moody [Bos.], Hubbard (alias Hobart,) Neh. [New- 
ton], Sherman [Watertown], Woodrop, or Woodruff, [Lancaster], Bawson [Mend.], 
W^son, jr., [Medfield] — ^these, and Fellows of the College. Only Major Gen,, and 
self, of the Magistrates. 

Mr. G. made his will, June 12, 1706, and d. Jan. 8, 1717-18, in hb 68th yr. 

The following obituary, pr. fr. his colleague (Mr. Baker), dated Jan. 9, 1717-18, 
is taken from the Boston News Letter : — 

** The Rev. Mr. Daniel Gooking, the first pastor of this Church, died yesterday, in 
the 68th year of his age. He was the eldest son of Honorable Daniel Gooking, Esq., 
a good scholar and solid Divine ; was many years a fellow of Harvard College, and a 
Tutor. From his ordination, he continued our minister about 34 years, being dili- 
gent in his study, tender of his flock, and exemplary in his life. The vicinity of 
Natick gave him the opportunity of preaching lectures to the Indians there, and, 
although by great pain and indisposition of body, he was taken off from his work, 
for some considerable time, (about 7 years) , he died lamented." 

He m. Elizabeth Quincey ; and 2d, Bethiah CoUicut, Jly. 21, 1692. 

I. Daniel, Jly. 7, 1682 ; ii. Mary, Oct. 16, '86, m. Tho. Pain, of Newcastle, 

N. H., June6, 1712; 

in. Edmund, Mar. 31, '88, m. Sarah , had at S., Elizabeth^ Nov. 

23, 1716; Mary, Mar. 1, '18-19, and Daniel, Mar. 11, '20-1; 
IV. Elizabeth, May 20, '90 ; v. Bethia, Oct. 7, '93, d. Mar. 1, '94; 

VI. [Nathaniel, June 5, '95, d. Aug. 9, '95 ; 

VII. Kichard, Jly. 12, '96, m. Feb. 19, 1716-17, Margaret Morse, had 
Bethiah, Jan. 14, '17-18; Hanh., Dec. 24, '22; Daniel, Jan. 13, 
'25-6, and Richyrd also, Jan. 13, '25-6. 

The descendants of Rev. Mr. G. have been traced by Mr. Thornton, of Bos., 
to Dcd., Haverhill, and Claremount, N. H., Rutland, Yt., and Ohio. 


1. Benjamin Gould, w. Elizabeth, had, at H., i. Daniel, Jan 10, 
1737-8 ; n. John, Mar. 12, '45-6. 

2. Paul Gould, m. Christian Hill, Dec 20, 1770, d. Aug. 10, '76; 2d w., 
Sarah Pike, Feb. 20, '77, and had at H., i. Pruda, Nov 12, '71, m. Jesse 


Daniels, Oct. 25, '92; ii. Olive, J ly. 27, 73; in. Isaiah, Nov. 21, '74; 
IV. Ruth, Juno 17, '76. 

3. Tho. Gould, w.i Huldah, had Dorcas, Oct. 3, 1751 or '7, d. yg., at H. 

I ■>> I 

1. "PetOV CrQUl(Ullg9 w. Jane , had Pj3(;er, b. 1665, at Boston. 

Win. Grant, s. of Joshua G. of Watertown, by w. Ann Nevinson, and grd. g. 
of Joseph, and gr. grd. p. of Christopher G., b. 1608, and an early settler of 
W. [Bond]; ra. Elizth. Marshall, '41 ; had at H. i. Anna. Mar. 7, 1741-2; 
IT. Neverson, Nov. 28, '43, d. Oct. 31, '45'; iii. Sarah, Nov. 17, '45, who, 
or a 2d Sarah, m. Ephm. Lcttlefield, Esq., of H. ; iv. Nevenson, m. Sarah, 
had Sally, Oct. 1, 1788, at H., r. Stratton, Yt. 

^m»m- f 

1. Dea. Wm. Greenwood, fr. Newton, settled in S., i m. S.W. of the 
Common, where Nathan Grout lives. About 1730 lie -received the first po- 
tatoes brought to S., and in testing their esculent qualities, declared that 
** after freezing and thawing a few times, they would be good." He drew 
land in Doug. 1730 ; was 24 years Town Clerk ; 6 years selectman, and 

representative in 1747. He m. Abigail , and had, i. Abigail; June 2, 

1716; II. Dorcas, Jly. 17, '17. 

12. 2. III. Wm., Esq., Nov. 4, '21. 
8. 3. IV. Caleb, Sep. 9, 24, d. Feb. 4, 1800. 

22. 3i. V. Jonas, Apt. 25, 27, d. May 28, 1802; vi. Samuel, Mar. 21, '29; vii. 
John, Dec 16, '30 ; viii. Daniel, Jly. 22, '32 ; 

18. 7. IX. Joseph, June 10, '34 ; x. Abigail; Aug. 10, '37. 

3. 8. Caleb, m. Waitstill — •. — ; 2d, Jemima (Daniels) Leland. 
27. 9. I. Tho., Dec. 7, '50 ; ii. Moses, June 9, '53 ; iii. Aaron, Nov. 10, '66, 
m. Anna Learned, '85 ; iv. Ruth, Mar. 13, '57 ; v. Waitstill, June 11, '62 ; 
VI. W'm., Aug. 24, '66, d. Oct. 12, '74. 

2. 12. Wm., Esq., jun., w., Abigail, d. Sep. 9, 1775, r. S., and rm. to Dublin, 
where he was town clerk, treasr., repres. , schoolmaster, and her first Justice ; 
was a carpenter, and built the 1st meeting house in D. i. Waitstill, Nov. 17, 
1745, at S. ; ii. John Death, Sep. 24, '47; in. Daniel, Oct. 1, '49, m. 
Rebecca Church, of S.. May 28, '72, and s. in Dublin ; iv. EU, Sep. 30, '51 ; 
V. Elizabeth, Apl. 8, '54, m. Moses Greenwood, '72, fr. Newton, and s. in 
Dub.; VI. Joshua, Oct. 11, '55; vii. Wm., June 25, '58; viii. Wm., 
Nov. 6, '60 ; 

7- 18. Joseph, w., Sarah Greenwood, fr. Newton, m. 1759, r. S., and Dublin, and 
rm. to Me. i. Ebenezer, Mar. 4, 1759, d. Jan. 30, 1780, at Dub. ; ii. 
John, Dec. 24, '60 ; iii. Nathl., Nov. 6, '61, at S. 

3^. 22. Jonas, w. Sarah, i. Jona., Nov. 12, 1755, m. Sybil -rr- — , had Alvan, 

Apl. 3, '81 ; Sybil, bap. Jan. 2, '85, at S. 

II. Mary, March 16, '58; in. Bele, Apl. 4, '60, m. Mary Babcock, Jly. 

10, '83 ; IV. Betty, Jan. 23, '65 ; v. Betty, Aug. 4, -'67, m. Ebenr. 

Greeawood, Aug. 30, '98 ; vi. Jleuben, Jan. 9, '70, m. Cate, had i. Betsey, 


Dec. 12, '96; n. Senica, Jly. 16, '99; m. Bela, bp. Sep. 6^ l«01 ; 

IV. Elihu, bp. Sep. 6, '07 ; v. Catherine, bp. Sep. 9, '10 ; 
vn. Susanna, June 4, '72 ; vin. Jonas, Jly. 19, '75, m. Polly Stratton, 

had, Aaron, b. Oct. 30, '99; Salli/ StraUon, bp. Oct. 13, '11. 
IX. Achsab, Dec. 16, '78. 

9. 27. Tho. ni.Deborah Barbour, Apl. 17, 1777. i. Jobn, bp. Oct. 22, 1786; 
II. OKvor, b. Dec. 21, '81 ; m. Deborah, Mar. 16, '85; iv. Tho., Apl. 
27, '87. 

^^ _ t 

28. James Greenwood, m. Patience Leland, dg. of Isaac L., Nov. 13, 1740, 
and had at H., i. James, June 5, 1741-2, d. Jan. 16,'41~2 ; n. Thankful, 
May 15, '4- ; iii. Patience, June 7, '48 ; iv. James, Dec. 23, '5~ ; 
V. Keziah, Jly. 3, '53. 

1. John Grout, fr. Sudbury to S., m. Sarah, who d. Aug. 12, 1775 ; and 
2d, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Dec. 9, '79. He d. with the dropsy, Mar. 7, 
'96, a. 78, had, i. Olive, Aug. 28, 1761 ; n. Royal, Apl. 8, '63 ; in. Bela, 
Jly. 29, '65, d. Deo. 19, 1800. 

2. Elias Grouts, w., Esther, d. Aug. 5, 1795, a. 23; 2d w., Rhoda; had, 
I. Sophia, Aug. 14, '91 ; ii. Jobn, Apl. 10, '93 ; in. Esther, Jly. 27, '95; 
IV. Mary, Nov. 9, '99, by w. Rhoda, and pr. v. Nathan. 

Abol Guy, m. Rachel Boyden, Aug. 18, 1779, and had at H. i. Alpheus, Nov. 
4, '79 ; II. Rocity, Aug. 51, '81 ; iii. Sarab, Apl. 24, '84 ; iv. Haanab, 
Apl. 24, '87. _^ 

Samuel Hall, m. Sarah Johnson, 1766, bad at H., i. Abel, Aug. 10, '55 ; 
II. Sarab, Ap. 10, '59 ; in. Richard, Sep. 18, '63. 


1. Cpt. Bdb&rt Harding, of Boston, was admitted freeman, May 18, 
1631, a merchant much employed in the public f^^rsof the town and cofony ; 
and in 1650 returned to London. 

2. John Harding was of Dunboro', able to bea^r arms in 1643. 

3. John Harding took the freeman's diath, May 13, 1640, and was acting as a 
tsommoner in Weymouth in 1643, d. 1682. Estate inventoried at £167. 

4. Joseph Harding, was of Eastham in 1657, whoso descendants I have exten- 
sively traced. He probably went from Plymouth or vicinity that year, and 
m. Bethiah Cook, at E., Apl. 4, 1660. There is such an identity of names 
among his descendants, with those of the Hardings, of Plym. and Norf. Cos., 
as indicates a descent from tbe same ancestors. 

5. Nehemiah Harding, of Braintree, m. Hanh. Neals, 1678 ; had no children 

8. 6. John Hardine, of Bndntree, 1679. 
24. 7. Abraham Harding, *' glover," previously of Braintree, became proprietor of 
Medfield, 1649~'50, and sold 2, (1) 1653 to Tho. Holbrooke his house, 
bam and 53 acres at B. — Suf. Prob., L. 5, p. 512. It is highly probable 
tbat the 1st and 2d John above were the same man, and^that Joseph, of East- 
ham, and Nebemiah, John and Abraham, of Braintree^ were his sons. 


6. 8. John, of Braintreo, by w. HanDali, had, i. Susanna, Nov. 28, 1679 ; 

13. 9. n. John, June 1, 1681 ; iii. Lydia Dec. 22, '84 ; iv. Peter, May 29, '87; 

V. Abigail, May 26, '89 ; vi. Nathaniel, Jan. 9, '92 ; 
VII. Samuel, Feb. 27, '98. 

9. 18. John, m. Mary Littlefield, 1703''4, at B., settled in Abington, and had, 

I. Mary, July 25, 1706, m. Isaac Hobart, Apl. 9, '24 ; ii. Sarab, Apl. 9, 
1707 ; m. Joan, Nov. 19, 1709, m. Ebenz. Spear, Dec. 29, '31 ; 

IV. Rebecca, Jan. 27, 1715-16, m. Samuel Noyes, March 3, '36-7 ; 

V. Lydia, Aug. 4, '20 ; 
15. 14. VI. Jobn, Sept. 3, '23. 

14. 15. John, m. Anna , s. in Abington, and had, i. Anna, Dec. 14, 1754 ; 

II. John, Feb. 12, '57 ; in. Samuel, March 19, '64 ; 

18. IV. Setb, Aug. 29, '69. 

19. Seth Harden, pr. the s. of John, (No. 13,) m. Mehetabol , and a 2d 

w. and had at Abington, i. Polly, Sept. 8, 1779; n. Jacob, July 25, '82; 

III. Nancy, Apl. 2, '85 ; iv. Gushing, now rs. in A. ; 
V. James S., by 2d w. ; vi. Prescott A., by do. 

7. 24. Abraham, r. Braintree, Dedham and Medfield, is presumed to have been 

the father of 
27. 25. I. Abraham, who settled in Medfield. 
68. 26. II. John, who s. do., and d. March 4, 1719-20. 

26. 27. Abraham, d. May 22, 1655, at M. leaving a wid. Elizabeth Adams, who 
m. John Frary, 1656, had, i. Mary, May 1, 1653 ; and 

29. 28. II. Abraham, Aug. 18, 1656, whom Mr. Frarie brought up and remembered 

in his will with his 2 children by her, one of whom was the excellent Prudence 
Frary, the grandmother of Mrs. Joseph Lovell,. of Med. 

28. 29, Abraham, m. 1st, Marie , and 2d, Sarah , ab. 1695, settled 

on the ofd Hartford road, in the S. E. part of Medway, and had, 

I. Marie, Apl. 25, 1687 ; ii. Elizabeth, Jan. 1, '89, d. Apl. 15, 1708. 

36. 30. ni. Tho., Dec. 7, 1692 ; 

40. 31. IV. John, April 6, '94; v. Sarah, Feb. 22, '96-6; vi. Samuel, May 15, 
'98; vn. Lydia, Dec. 14, 1701 ; viii. Isaac, Feb. 16, 1705-6; 
IX. Elizabeth, July 25, 1708 ; x. Joseph, March 22, 1710-11, of 2d parish, 
Wrent., 1769 ; xi. ? Abraham, who Aug. 20, 1764, gave half his house and 
land in Med. to his son Abraham. Ho had a s. Job, then d. 

30. 36. Tho. m., settled in E. Medway, and had , 
76. 37. 1. Joshua, who m. Clark, and s. in Sturbridge ; 

83. 38. n. Elijah, who settled at Sturbridge ; 

39. III. Tho., who. m. Susannah Cummings, and s. in Med. and probably others. 

31. 40. John, m. Thankful BuUard, dg. of John B. of Med. by w. Abigail Leland, 

dg. of Hopestill L., by w. Abigail HOI, and grd. dg. of Henry L., by w. 

Margaret Babcock, and gr. grd. dg. of Hopestill L. .of Weymouth, b. 1680 ; 

r. E. Med., had 
42. 41. 1. John, Jan. 20, 1723-4, d. Sept. 7, 1809, m. Kezia Pond; ii Abigail, 

Sept. 22, 1726, m. Nathan Fiske, of Med., Feb. 7, '44-45 ; in. Thankful, 


Dec. 17, 1735, m. James Boyden, Dec. 3, '55 ; iv. Mercy, Dec. 9, 1735 ; 
m. Seth Patridge, of Wrenth , Oct. 9, '60. 

41. 42. John, left the ancient homestead in E. Med. and settled on the W. side of 
Chicken Brook, in W. Med., ab. 1-3 m. S. of the upper depot in HoU., m. 
Kezia Pond from Wrenth. and had, i. Kezia ; ii. Hannah, m. David Leland. 

45. 43. III. Abijah, Capt., d. Feb. 17, 1826 ; iv. Mary, m. Jeremiah Leland, of H. 

52. 44. V. John, Capt., d. March 11, 1833 ; vi. Alpheus, pr., d. young. 

43. 45. Abijah, m. Sybil Adams, of Med.,' who d. Feb. 6, 1813, a. 60. He m. 2d, 
Mary Smith, March 3, 1814. He settled in Barre, and was a substantial 
and respected citizen. He had, i. Keziah, Feb. 10, 1771, at Med., m. Luke 
Adams, and 2d, Josiah Allen, '94 ; ii. Sybil, m. Joseph Broad ; 
46. m. Alpheus, Rev. A. M., Jan. 19, 1780, m. Sarah Bridge, Oct. 10, 1808, 
settled as pastor of the Congl. Chh. in New Salem, where he has for a long 
period sustained this relation and shared the high esteem of his people, and 
that of an extensive acquaintance abroad. He had 

I. Martha S,, July 1, 1813, m. Rev. Azarelah Morse Bridge, of 
Norton, July 31, '38, and d. May 21, '41, leaving Fred. H., b. Sept. 

1, '39 ; II. Josiah Bridge, July 11, 1816, m. Sarah S. Proctor, Aug. 
12, '39, r. Como, 111., had 1. Chs. P., Sept. 12, 1840, at N. Salem; 

2. Geo. W., May 2, '42, at do. ; 3. Alpheus, July 25, '44, at Como ; 
4. Arthur A., July 9, '47; iii. Alpheus, Jan. 12, '18, d. yg. 

IV. Rhoda, who m. Hubbard Parker ; v. Abijah, who m. Mary Shattuck, 
March 19, 1807; vi. Oliver, b. 1774, d. Oct. 22, 1843, m. Elizabeth 
Browning, and had Sybil, who m. Luke Adams, '38, had Austin F., '40 ; 
60. VII. John, who settled in Vt. ; viii. Silas, who m. Polly Barrett, and d. at 
N. Salem. He had i. Miza B., March 29, 1821 ; m. Gustavus Atwood, 

and has Eliza J., and Chs. F. ; 

II. Mary Ann^ Jan. 12, 1825, m. Hugh Henry, '44; 
IX. Tho., who was deformed, and d. unm. 

44. 52. John, Capt., m. Beulah Metcalf, b. March 26, 1762, d. March 20, 1839, 
dg. of Judge Stcph. M., of Bell., inherited his father's farm in Med. He 
was a very amiable man, a good neighbor, an upright and useful citizen. 
He had, i. Hephzibah, March 7, 1785, m. Alexr. Leland, of Hoi. 
63. n. Alpheus, Apl. 20,'89, m. Abigl.Ghamberlain, had only Hephzibah L., 1813. 
^ni. Beulah, July 23, '90, m. Lemuel Littlefield, of H. ; 
rv. Sewall, Rev., A. M., b. March 20, '93, grad. at Union Col. 1818, 
studied Theology with Rev. Dr. Emmons and Rev. Dr. Ide, was ord. Jan. 
17, 1821 as 1st pastor of the Orthodox Congl. Chh. in Waltham, of which 
he is to be regarded as the father. In Nov., 1837, he was dismissed from 
this charge and installed over the 1st Chh. in his native town. After a suc- 
cessful ministry here of 13 ys., he was appointed secretary of the Cong'l 
Board of Publication, in the establishment of which he had been a prominent 
and efficient agent. This organization is wisely calculated to preserve the 
ancient landmarks of the churches, and promote the '* faith once delivered 
to the saints." I^rom this station, Mr. H., through the publications of the 
Board, is now speaking to the churches, not only in America, but in foreign 
lands, and will do so to coming generations. To him has been granted the 
privilege of consecrating children of his household to public service in that of 
the Lord. May he abide to reap an abundant reward from a knowledge of 




tbeir usefulness. He m. Eliza Wheeler, dg. of Capt. Lewis and Betsey 
(Richardson) W. of Med., and had 

I. John W., Rev., A. M., Oct. 12, 1821, grad. at Yale Col. 1845, 
and at Theo. Sem., Ando., 1848 ; ord. pas. of the ancient Cong'l chh. 
at Longmeadow, Jan. 1, 1850, with every prospect of an efficient min- 
istry. He m. Mehetabel Lane, has Wm. (7., b. '54. 

II. Sewall B., Dec. 25, 1823. d. Sept. 19, '34; m. Eliza Mercy, Dec. 
24, 1826, m. Rev. Augustus Walker, A. M., rs. as a miss'y at Diarbekir, 
W. Asia, has Sewall H. Among other heavy trials since her arrival in 
Asia, Mrs. W. and husband have been in perils among robbers, un- 
equalled in the history of modem missions. Of her cheerful endurance 
and entire consecration ; of her presence of mind, disinterested affection, 
and more than heroic fortitude, see Puritan Recorder for July 13, 1854. 
IV. George L., Jan. 9, '30 ; v. Wm. Greenough, Aug. 5, '34 ; 

VI. Harriot B., Sept. 15, '36. 

26. 58. John, Dea., m. Nov. 26, 1665, Hannah Wood, dg. of Nicholas W., of 
Bogistow, now Sherbom, who d. Feb. 23, 1667-8. He m. 2d Elizabeth 
Adams, b. 11, (9) 1649, m.Dec. 16, 1668, dg. of Lt. Henry A. of Medf., 
and had at M., i. Hannah, Feb. 13, 1666-7, d. 26, (3) '67 ; 
n. Abraham, Feb. 6, 1667-8, d. Apl. 5, '70; m. John, Sept. 11, 1669, 
d. May 16, '70; iv. John, Feb. 21, '70-1, d. 8, (4), '72; 

62. 59. V. Henrie, June 7, '73 ; 

63. 60. VI. Ichabod, Nov. 23, '75, d. Feb. 2, 1729-30 ; vn. Elizabeth, Dec. 2, , 

'78 : vm. Marie, June 22, '81, d. Jan. 12, '82 ; 
66. 61. IX. Abraham, Dec. 27, 1683, d. May 4, 1741; x. Hannah, Oct. 16, '86, 
d. Jan. 13, 1717-18 ; xi. John, Sept. 23, '91, d. Jan. 16, '92-3 ; 

59. 62. Henrie, m. Marie AUen, of Medfd., July 7, 1698, who d. Aug. 18, 1723. 
He had at M., i. John, Nov. 14, 1699, d. Dec. 4, '99 ; 
II. Mary, May 11, 1701, d. June 11, '13; m. Abigail, d. June 13, 1713. 

60/63. Ichabod, m. Abigail Barbour, fr. Milton, 1699, and had at Medfield, 

I. John, d. Jan. 10, 1703 ; ii. John, 1704 ; in. Benoni, Apl. 25, 1707. 

61. 66. Abraham, jun., Capt, m. Mary Smith, 1706, who d. Jan. 22, 1748-9. 

He had, 
73. 67. I. Moses, Dec. 23, 1707 ; ii. Mary ; ni. Elisha, Apl. 11, 1711 ; 

IV. John, April 19, 1713 ; v. Caleb, Nov. 26, '14 ; vi. Stephen, May 26. 

'17, d. July 29, '17 ; vii. Simon, Apl. 11, '19, m. Patience, who d. '51, 2d 

Mary Gardner, '52 ; viii. Olive, Sept. 4, '22 ; ix. Jabez, June 28, '26, d. 

Feb., 1800, m. 1754, Miriam Wells, b. May 4, 1735, d. 1820-5, and 

settled at Sturbridge, where he had 

I. Stephen ; ii. Jabez ; in. Amy, wbo m. Ebenr. Morse, of Sturb. 

67. 73. Moses, m. Mary Bullard, dg. of John'B., by w. Abigail Lelatjd, settled in 
Medfd., and had i. Abigail, April 4, 1736 ; ii. Nathan, May 1,' '38 ; 
in. Henry, June 5, '40. 

37. 36. Josiah, m. Clark, and 2d, Jemima Corbin, from Woodstock, Ct., and 

had at Sturbridge, i. Hannah, who m. Hemingway ; ii. Sarah, m. 

Shumway ; in. Joshua, m. Jemima Fiske ; iv. Joda, m. Timothy 



Chamberlain ; v. Tryphena, m. Reuben Marsh ; vi. Jemima, by 2d w., m. 
Moses Clark ; vn. Tiyphosa, m. Doct. Abel Howard ; 
79. 78. vni. Ralph, m. Azuba Goodell, 2d Nancy Goodell, r. Sturb. ; 
IX. Louis d. yg. 

78. 79. Ralph, by w. Azuba (Joodell, had at S., i. Calvin, Feb. 19, 1798, m. Lydia 
Jackson ; ii. Palmer, Dec. 23, '99, m. Bathsheba Wood, r. St. 
in. Nancy, Oct. 4, 1801 ; iv. Stillman, Nov. 26, 1803, drowned Aug. 9, 

'19 ; V. Dwight, Apl. 27, '07, m. Holbrook, and rm. with the 


37. 83. Elijah had at Sturbridge, i. Sarah ; ii. Deborah ; iii. Elijah, who d. at tbe 

S. ; IV. Ljrman, a distinguished lawyer, d. at Natchez'; v. Nathan, m. 

Marsh, had Newell, Deb., &c. 

Seth Harding, pr. s. of Abraham, the br. of Job. and oous. of Capt. John, 

m. Mary Learned, r. Bent st., Med., had, i. Mary Ann, d. um. ; 

n. Abigail, m. Wm. Patridge, 2d Clark P. ; in. Mary, m. Clark P. ; 

IV. Sarah A., m. Edw. Eaton ; v. Abraham S., rs. Med., m. Harriet L. 

Clark ; vi. Adaliza^ m. Francis W. Clark ; vn. Edw. L., rs. Raleigh, N. C. 

vm. Harriet M., m. Dea. Tim. Daniels, of H., 1853. 


Joshua Harrington, w. Mary, had at H., I. Hanh., July 9, 1756; 
II. Noah, Feb. 1, '60. 

I •»> I 

Wm. Hart, fr. Dedham, w. Mary, d. May 15, 1802, a. 59, had at S., 

I. Fisher, Nov. 6, 1783 ; n. Wm., jun., pr. who m. Miriam Breck, Ap. 
22, '92, and had Betsey, June 1, '93. 

Willard Hart, m. Deborah Sanger, Nov. 7, 1793, had Ede, June 3, '94, at S. 

I Mt^ I 

ErastUS Harris, w. Rebecca, had at H., Hanh., Ap. 7, 1754. 

1. John Haven, w. Mary, had at H., i. Anna, Oct. 1, 1737. 
3. 2. n. Jesse, Feb. 20, '44-5 ; m. Sarah, Dec. 17, '50. 

2. 3. Jesse Haven, Dea., was an excellent citizen, chosen Dea., May 1, 1789, 
was T. clerk 1 y. and selectman 6 yrs., m. Catherine Marsh, June 3, 1767 ; 
I. Anna, Feb. 17, '68, at H, ; ii. John, Mar. 9, '74 ; ni. Mary, June 6, 
76 ; IV. Jesse, May 1, '79 ; v. Blisha, Ap. 16, '82. 

4. Wm. Haven, m. Miriam Hemenway, March 31, 1774, and had at H. 

I. Joseph. 

5. Luther Haven, w. Experience, had at H., Clarissa, Feb. 25, '98. 

I •>• I 

ZaclieilS Hawes, w. Mary, had at S., Ichabod, July 22, 1767i 


Benj. Hawes, m: Sarah Leland, had at S., i. Olive, Ap. 29, '80; 
u. Saiab^ Oct. 28, '83 ; ui. Amos, June 16, '94. 


Daniel Hawes, w. Jemima, had at S., i. Carlos, Oct. 10, 1796 ; 
II. Jemima, Feb. 25, '98 ; iii. Silas Metcalf Mann, May 27, '99. 

Jeremiah R. Hawes, b. 1808, s. of Samuel H. (b. 1775, at Dorchr.) by w. 
Hannah Straiten, dg. of Daniel S., of Natick, m. Nancy Whiting, b. 1815, 
dg. of Nathaniel, of Amherst, N. H., and had at S. 

I. Alfred; ii. Asa Clark; ni. Edw, ; iv. Willard, 

I ■»> I 

Elisha Hayes*, w. Sarah, had Sophia Gardner, June 4, 1799, at S. 

Nathan Hajrward, or Howard, (p. fr. Med.,) m. Cynthia Daniels, 1782, 
and hadat H., i. Phebe, Sep. 13, 1782; ii. Zeanas, Jan. 27, '84; 
III. Hannah and Huldah, Sep. 16, '85 ; rv. Cephas, May 9, '87. 

Ezekiel Hayward, w. Hanh., had at H., Joel, Dec. 22, 1779. 

I^» X 

1. Joshua Hemenway, m. Anna Twitchell, Feb. 28, 1749, had at H., 

I. Miriam, Dec. 24, 1749 ; ii. John, March 10, '52 ; m. Anne, Jan. 25, 

'54, d. '59 ; iv. Joshua, Dec. 22, '55 ; v. Hanh., June 11, '58 ; 

VI. Anna, March 6, '60; vii. Khoda, June 15, '62; vin. Joseph, June 

8, '64 ; IX. Lydia, June 20, 1766 ; x. Asa, Aug. 27, '68 ; 

XI. Ezra, June 24, '74. 

2. Josiah Hemenway, w. Zerviah Mellen, 2d w. Mary, had at H., i. Abigail^ 

Sep. 18, 1761, d. '66 ; ii. Josiah, May 16, '68 ; in. Sarah, Nov. 26, '65- 
IV. AbigaU, March 7, 1767 ; v. Daniel, Opt. 27, '68, m. Marv , had 

I. Nathan^ Dec. 8, '95 ; ii. Lovety May 28, '97 ; iil JDaniely Noy- 

15, '98. 
vj. Wm. Mellen, Jan. 25, '71 ; vi. Mary, Jan. 25, '73 ; vii. James, Sep* 
16, '74 ; viii. Eliphalet, Feb. 6, '76 ; ix. Zerviah. Dec. 18, '77 ; 
X. Elihu, Jan. 1, '79 ; xi. Josiah, March 15, '80 ; xii. Zerviah, Nov. 8^ 
'82 ; xni. Sarah, (by w. Mary,) May 5, '86 ; xiv. James, Nov. 17, '89. 

I •■■ » 

John Hero, w. Hannah , had Aaron, Aug. 11, 1794, at H. 

I ■«• I 

So many of this name early settled in N. Eng. as to make every part 
of it a Hilly country. 

1. John Hill, a blacksmith, seems to have been one of the early settlers of 
Plymouth Colony, for in 1632 he was named among those to whom Gov. 
Bradford offered to give a dismission. He was in Dorchester in 1683, be- 
came a member of the Boston Artillery Co., and d. 1664. His wife was 

Frances , and his children 

6. 2. 1. John, d. at Sherborn, Jan. 23, 1717-18, leaving a wid., Elizabeth, who 

d. Dec. 1, 1719 ; ii. Frances, who m. Austin, and rm. to Taunton,. 

1675 ; III. Jona., who removed to Bridgewater; iv. Mary, who m. Tho. 
Breck, 12 (12), 1656, and rm. to Sherborn ; v. Samuel, b. 1640, at Doi^ 

Chester ; vi. Hannah, b. 1641, m. Fisher, and in 1671 rm. to Taunton. 

VII. Mercy, b. 1642, and probably ; vin. Ebenezer^^who sold land in Dorch., 

HILL. 101 

2. 6. John, m. Hannali' , s. in S. part of Sherborn, on W. bank of Charles 

E., about half a mile N. of Bogistow pond, and between his brother-in-law, 
Breck, and Tho. Holbrook, signed petitions for the incorporation of S., in 
1662 and 1674, and was assessed the highest among the proprietors of S. to 
extinguish Indian claims, in 1686. He drew many lots of the public lands 
in S. and Douglas, gave his children a deed of his proprietary in S., Sep. 16, 
1715, yet drew 32^ acres in Doug., pr. Oct. 1715, and d. prior to March 
20, 1717-18. He had by w. Hannah , who d. Nov., 1690 ; 

11. 7. I. Samuel, b. pr. at Dorchester, who m. Hannah Twitchell, and s. in Med. . 
II. Abigail, Feb. 2, 1658, m--Jaa,.M^?i2«=t87'Jam^^ - t<^f^c^l>^ 

15. 8. III. John, Feb. 2, 1661, d. May 23, 1738, leaving a wid., Rebecca, who d. L rh^^ 
Feb. 17, 1738-9 ; iv. Maria, Oct. 28, '62, d. yg. 

19. 9. V. Bleazer, June 29, '64, drew land in S., 1696, and d. prior to 1730. 

22. 10. VI. Ebenezer, but not recorded. # 

7. 11. Samuel, w. Hanh. Twitchell, m. Nov. 4, 1679, dg. pr. of Benj. T., of 

Medf'ld, r. Medfield, now Med., near S.W. comer of Sherborn, and had, 

I. Samuel, Nov. 18, 1680, at S., d. Dec. 30, '80. 
29. 12. n. Samuel, March 29, 1682, m. Rachel Adams, March 29, 1705 ; 

in. Sarah, March 7, 84. 
39. 13. IV. Ephraim, Nov. 5, '88, the first planter of Douglas. 
41. 14. V. Jona., Nov. 6, '91 ; vi. Maria, July 15, '96; vii. Hanh., 21 (1), ** ; 

vin. Dorothy, Jly. 18, '98 ; ix. Lydia, May 8, 1701 ; x. Rachel, Dec. 12, '03. 

8. 15. John, as jun., drew 36^ acres at Doug., 1715, and 58 do. in 1730, which 

his son Samuel sold to Ralph Shepard, of Stoughton, 1754 ; m. Hannah 
. Rocket, who d. Feb. 7, 1729-30, dg. of Dea. Samuel R., of Medfd., in- 
herited the homestead of his ^Either in S., had, 

^3. 16. I. John, m. Ruth ; ii. Aaron, settled in Wrentham, a blacksmith, 

sold 58 acres in DouglaSj to Samuel Hill, 1744-5 ; in. Hannah, Aug. 9, 
1702, m. Wm. Mann, of Wrenth. ; iv. Sarah, Nov. 11, 1705, m. Samuel 
Morse, of W., a blacksmith. 

43. 18. V. Samuel, Aug. 11, 1710, d. prior to 1771. 

VI. James, March 3, '11-12, d. yg., May 11, '29. 

9. 19. Eleazer, first assessed, 1684, at S., drew lands in Doug., 1715, and in 

1730, 43 acres were drawn there in his right, m. Sarah , d. July 6, 

1699, r. S., had, 

44. 20. 1. Eleazer, Jan. 1, 1688 ; ii. Sarah, Nov. 30, '90. 
49. 21. in. Solomon, Dec. 27, '91. 

10. 22. Ebenezer, w. Mary , 2dw., Sarah . s. in S., was rated for the 

Indian title with his father, 1686, and early drew lands in S. In 1715, 

he drew 192 J acres in Doug., and after the proprietors of 4000 acres at I)^,*. 

had voted to accept a charge of £10 for the survey of the same, ** Old Mr; 

Ebenr. Hill appeared, his Tot falling well, and freely undertook to satisfy the 

Committee and Surveyor." He had at S., 
51. 23. 1. Ebenr., March 2, 1692, drew land in Douglas, as E., jun., 1715 and 

55. 24. n. Nathl., Dec. 25, '93, drew 46J acres at D., and d. at S., Mar. 10, '74. 
57. 25. m. David, June 1, '94, drew 42 do., in 1730 at D. 
60. 26. IV. Mcfees, Mar. 30, '99, by 2d w., drew 36, do., at D., in 1730, in the 

right of Tho. Jonel, 46 do. more. 
€2. 27. V. Joseph, Apl. 1, 1701.' 

102 HILL. 

63. 28. VI. Mac, Feb. 28, '03-4 ; vn. Lydia, Nov. 30, '06 ; 

• vm. Judith, June 3, '10, m. Benj. BuUard, of S., 1727. 

12. 29. Samuel, w. Kachel Adams, r. Med. 

64. 30. I. Samuel, Jan. 12, 1706-7. 

69. 31. II. Joshua, Feb. 27, '08-9 ; ni. Rachel, March 26, '11, m. Malachi Bul- 

lard, 1731 ; iv. Experience, Oct. 7, '13. 
74. 32. V. Ebenezer, Nov. 3, 16. 

16. 33. John, w. Ruth . 

79. 34. I. James, Aug. 13, 1734, d. Jan. 9, 1810, m. Grace Jones, from Acton. 

84. 35. II. Caleb, Aug. 17, '36 ; m. Ruth, Ap. 22, '39, m. Cheney, had 

Ruth; IV. Hanh., Oct. 16, '41, m. Asa P. Richardson, of Med ; 

V. JEbenr., July 8, '44, removed to Dulin, N. H. ; 

VI. Abigail, Feb. 4, '46, m. Isaiah Daniels, of Med. 

89. 37. VII. John, Apl. 28, '50, d. Dec. 15, 1811, in N. part of S. ; 
vni. pr. Solomon. 

13. 39. Ephraim, drew 20 acres in Douglas, in 1730, in consideration of his being 

the 1st settled inhabitant, m. Hannah Sheffield, June 15, 1715, r. Med. 
and Douglas; i. Caleb, May 23, 1716 ; n. Elizabeth, June 10, '19; . 
m. Hannah, Feb. 4, 1725, at Holl. 

14. 41. Jona., w. Hannah, r. Medway ; 

93. 42. 1. Jona., Deo. 7, 1723 ; n. Sarah, May 27, '28 ; in. Loas, May 17, '31. 

18. 43. Samuel, w. Elizabeth, who m. 2d Joseph Daniels, of Needham, Nov. 27, 
1771. Samuel settled in S. as a housewright, and had, i. Elizabeth, Oct 
13, 1739 ; II. Sarah, Aug. 24, '41 ; iii. Mary,''May 7, '44 ; iv. Ede, Feb. 
22, '47-8 ; v. Hannah, Nov. 23, '52 ; vi. Martha, Jan. 1, '55, m. Isaac 
Bullard, of Holl, May 22, 1783. 

20. 44. Eleazer, ** Dr.," w. Rebecca Richardson, m. Aug. 18, 1172. He as E., jun., 

drew 53 acres in Douglas in 1715 and '30, r. S. had 
98. 45. 1. Asa, Feb. 20, 1712-13. ? 
101. 46. n. Wm., June 23, '15 ; nL Joseph, Aug. 23, '18 ; iv. Rebecca, Mar. 6, 

'21-22, m. Joseph Cousins, of H., and 2d Patrick Shays, Oct. 30, 1765, 

the father of Daniel, the Rebel; v. Elizabeth, Jan. 30, '23-24; 

VI. Ruth, Feb. 26, '26^7 ; vn. Daniel, Feb. 22, '32-3, d. Sept. 16, ? '35. 

21. 49. Solomon, w. Mary. He drew 33 acres in Doug., 1715 and '30, r. S. had 

I. Sarah, July 3, 1715 ; ii. Joanna, Nov. 13, '20 ; 
130. 50. m. Jona., Dec. 25, '25 ; iv. Mary, July 8, '29 ; v. Kezia, Apl. 18, '32 ; 
VL Zervia, April 13, '32. 

23. 51. Ebenezer, w. Mary, r. S. had, i. Hannah, Oct. 13, 1712; n. Asa, Feb. 

20, '12-13?; in. Seth, Feb. 28, '16-17 ; iv. Ebenezer. 

24. 55. Nathaniel, w. Elizabeth Phips, m. May 20, 1719, d. Oct. 5, '73, 2d w. 

Hannah Haven, m. Mar. 13, 1766, and had at S., i. Abigail, Aug. 26, '26; 
d. Dec. 12, ? '26 ; 
109. 56. n. Moses, Apl. 26, '28. 

25. 57. David, w. Sarah, r. Holl., had 

104. 58. I. John Sept. 16, 1717 ; ii. Isaac, Aug* 11, '20 ; m. Mary, July 12, 
'24 ; IV. Huldah, Sept. 13, '27. * 

HILL 103 

26. 60. Moses, w. Hannah HUl, m. June 27, 1729, r. HolL, had 
106. 61. I. Moses, May, 19, 1730 ; ii. Mary, Feb. 14, '83. 

27. 62.^ Joseph, w. Huldah — ^ , s. near BelFh'm, established a tavern on the old 

Hartford road, and a blacksmith's shop where the late Job Partridge r., then 
H., now Med., and had, i. Bathsheba, May 24, 1744, m. Nathan Ballard, 
'69, of Holl. ; n. Huldah, Oct. 7, '48 ; ni. Hannah, Oct.7, '48. A Joseph, 
by w. Phebe, had David, March 29, '62, and by w. Elizabeth, had Phebe, 
Feb. 27, '66, at H., and by w. Hannah, had Aaron, Apl. 27, '52, at S. 

28. 63. Isaac, w. Lydia Whitney, r. N. E. part of Holl., had 

125. 68|. I. Jona., March 8, 1745, m. Kesda Daniels, who inherited the farm at 
Deaths' Bridge, and sold to Henry Death, and rm. N. Y. ; ii. Isaac, d. yg. ; 

117. 68 J. m. Whitney, May 18, '48, s. near E. Holl. depot; iv. Dorotha, Oct. 

18, '49,' d. um. ; v. Lydia, m. ■ ■ Fisher, of Dub. ; vi. Susanna, m. 

James Whitney, of S. 

30. 64. Samuel, w. Mary, r. Med., had, i. Mary, Feb. 15, 1733-4 ; 

n. Samuel, May 10, '36, m. Abiga^il , had Samuel, Dec. 5, 1767, 

in Med. ; ni. Simon, July 17, '38, m. Prudence , had 1. Simon, 

Aug. 6, '62 ; 2. Prudence, Feb. 5, '74 ; 
115. 67. IV. Timothy, Dec. 16, '40 ; v. Keziah, Feb. 3, '42-3 ; 
VI. Miriam, Feb. 27, '45-6 ; vii. Moses, Jan. 25, '48. 

31. 69. Joshua, w. Mary, r. Holl., had, i. Nathan, March 31, 1737 ; ii. Lois, Nov. 

17, '39 ; m. Silas, June 15, '41 ; iv. Joshua, June 13, '43 ; 
V. Mary, March 21, '48, m. John Fisk ; vi. Simon, Sept. 8, '50. 

32. 74. Ebenezer, w. Bethia ; i. Eber., b. 1744, d. 1834, m. Esther Pratt, 

June 19, '1771, r. S., had 1. Asahel, March 22, '72, at S., rm. to Dublin; 
u. Moses, Apl. 18, '46 ; ni. Aaron, Apl., 18, '46 ; 

IV. Elijah, May 22, ? '45 ; v. Josos or Jasor, May 24, '48. 

34. 79. James, w. Grace Jones, fr. Acton, m. July 5, 1758, r.'S., had 

I. Lois, Feb. 9, 1761, m. Amos Fisher, of Fram. ; 

118. 80. n. Samuel, June 24, '63 ; m. Eunice, Dec. 17, '65 ; 

119. 81. IV. James, March 1, '68, m. Abial Nason, 2d, Patty Adams ; 

V. Grace, March 25, '70 ; vi. Josiah, May 23, '72, m. 2d, Morey, 

r. Walpole, and had Lydia and Catherine ; vn. Hannah, Apl. 28, '74 ; 
vm Al&ptha * 

91. 83. IX. EUjah. May 12, '77, m. Jan. 17, 1810, Catherine Sawyer, 2d 


35. 84. Caleb, w. Hannah (Fisk) Fairbank, m. March 17, 1762, r. S., had 

I. Khoda, Jan. 23, 1763, m. Simeon Leland, Sept. 27, '81 ; n, David, July 
13, '65, d. in Medfd; ni. Aaron, Apl. 11, '67, s. in Worces. Co.; 

IV. Abigail, Apl. 26, '69 ; v. John, Nov. 21, '71, bap. Nov. 24, '71, rm. 
Ohio ; VI. Lavinia, Oct. 8, '73 ; vn. Elijah, May 10, '75, pr. d. yg. ; 
vni. Timothy, March 3, '78, rm. to N. Wrentham. 

37. 89. John was a serg. in the revolutionary army at W. Point, 1778, resided 9 ys. 
with Rev. Mr. Bucknum, of Med., w. Caturah Smith, fr. Walpole, s. on the 
S. side of Ohestnut Brook, 80 rods fr. Natick line on a farm bought of Isacc 
Russell, and had i. Cate, May 15, '1794, m. Dea. Aaron Coolidge, of S. ; 

II. John, Dec, 23, '95, m. Rebecca Rugg, fr. Leominster, r. Sangerville, Me. 

104 HILL. 

lu. Amos, Capt., Apl. 16, '98, m. Abigul Bowker, fr. Hopk., b. June 19, 
1805, m. '30, inherits the homestead, has 

I. Isaac i\r., m. Abby Ramsdell; ii. Mary E. 

83. 91. Elijah, m. Catherine Sawyer, 2cl, Carley, had at S. ; 

I. Jones; n. Addison, m. Hannah H. Wentworth, dg. of Isaac W., fr. 
Canton, via Newton, by w. Mary Hunting, and had at S. 
I. Lucy Mason ; ii. Mary Elizabeth; iii. Anne. 

42. 93. Jona., w. Rebecca , r. Med., had, i. Moses, Oct. 28, 1746-7 ; 

n. Theodore, Aug. 27, '48 ; in. Lois, Sept. 9, '50 ; iv. Sarah, July 6, '53; 
V. Aaron, Nov. 1, '55 ; vi. Jesse, May 26, '58. 

45. 98. Asa, w. Sarah, r. Sh., had i. Sarah, Aug. 21, 1786, d. Sep. 2, 1740 ; 
II. Asa, Sep. 3, '37 ; in. Olive, June 8, '39 ; iv. Sarah, Jan. 29, 
'40-41 ; V. Martha, Apl. 29, '42 ; vl Daniel, Apl. 19, '44 ; vii. Sarah, 
May 6, '49, d. Nov. 8, '44 ; viii. Tabitha, May 8, '51. 

46. 101. Wm. w. Joanna Sawin, m. Feb. 19, 1740, r. S., had i. Susanna^ Jan. 26, 
1741-2, d. yg. ; ii. Miriam, Feb. 14, '43-4 ; in. Zedakiah, Oct 4, '46; 

IV. Jesse, Nov. 15, 49; rv^. Susanna, b. ab. 1756, m. James Whitney 
of S., 1780. She of H. ; v. Joanna, Jly. 17, '5-. 

58. 104. John, w. Thankful, r. Holl, had i. David, May 19, 1745 ; ii. Sarah, 
Mar. 6, '46-7 ; iii. David, Apl. 27, '49 ; iv. Mercy, Feb. 29, '53. 

6r. 106. Moses, w. Christian, r. Holl, had i. Jemima, Jly. 8, 1755 ; n. Chris- 
tian, Jan. 22, '53 ; iii. Moses, Jly. 9, '57 ; iv. Abner, Mar. 25, '60, d. 
'61 ; V. Uriah, Oct. 27, '62. 

66. 109. Moses, w. Abigail, r. S., had i. Mary, Sep. 15, 1749; n. Elizabeth, 

Mar. 26, '51, m. Caleb Leland, jun., May 19, '74; iii. Mercy, Oct. 29, 
'53 ; IV. Moaes, Aug. 24, '55, had Elizabeth Clark, bap. May 10. '78; 

V. Jesse, Aug. 17, '57, m. Keziah Brick, May 14, '78, had Keziah, Sop. 
8, '79, and rm. to Gardner ; vi. Nathl., Jly. 3, '60 ; vn. Bezeleel, Sep. 
17, '63 ; VIII. Silvanus, Jly. 10, '65. 

67. 115. Timothy, w. Mary BuUard, dg. of Henry B., of Med., r. S. and E 

I. JCimothy, July 24, 1767; ii. Jemima, Feb. 15, 1772; ni. Mary, 
.Jan. 4, '75; iv. Henry, Jan. 26, '85, d. Feb. 8, '86; v. Clary, Nov. 
13, '89, bp. Jan. 3, '90. 

63i. 117. Whitney, w. Rachel Daniels, b. Apl. 29, 1754, m. Aug. 5, 1773, andd. 
Sep. 7, 1850, retaining a good recollection. She was the daughter of 
Tim. D., of S., by w. Euth Leland, and grd. dg. of Saml. D., by^- 
Expe. Adams, and gr. grd. dg. of Joseph, of Medfd., and gr. gr. grd. dg- 
of Jo., of M., by w. Mary Fairbanks, i. Hannah, May 22, 1774, ^' 
Nathan Penneman, of BelL, Oct. 18, '98; ii. Lena, June 20, '76, ^' 
John Clemens, of Hopk. ; in. Arnold, Sep. 4, 78, m. Lavina Smith, ^\ 

' Bell., r. Hubbardton, Vt. ; iv. Kachel, bp. Aug. 19, '81, m. Elij**^ 

Thayer, of Mend. ; v. Daniels, May 19, '84, m. Mary Leland; vi. Bets^J' 
Oct. 25, '86, m. James Leland, of H. ; vii. Calvin, Mar. 14, '92, ^' 
Elona Wiswell. 


80. 118. Samuel, w. Mary Patridge, m. May 15, 1791 ; 2d w. Lydia Pratt, m. 

Apl. 8, 1802. I. Anne, Dec. 29, 1792, m. Amos Nichols, of Me. ; 
II. Chs., Sep. 27, '96, m. Nancy Jones, dg. of Simson J., of Med., by 
w. Abigail Hammond, and inherits the ancient homestead ; in. Patridge, 
bp. Oct. 9, 1803, m. Phebe Whitney, had i. Chs., m. Martha Cooledge, 
r. Newton; ii. Lydia P., m. Elbridge M. Bickford. 

81. 119. James, m. Sep. 5, 1792, Abial Nason, purchajied Jonas Pisk's farm, 

2d w., Patty Adams, m. Nov. 21, 1811, dg. of Wm. A., of Sh., and b. 
Dec. 26, '84, r. S., had 
120. 1. Lewis, bapd. Dec. 12, 1795, d. yg. ; 

129. 122. II. James Nason, Oct. 25, 1812, m. Jane Whitney ; ni. Persia, ApL 7, 
1820, who m. Moses Babcock, of Sh. 

116. 123. Timothy, w. Olive Mason, r. S. and Holl, i. Cretia, Nov. 8, 1794, m. 
Preston Mctcalf, of Frank. ; ii. Harris, Apl. 25, '97 ; 

124. ni. Henry, Apl. 27, '99, and others at Holl. 

63^. 125. Jona., m. Keziah Daniels, fr. Med., r. where late John Death did,' in 
Ashl., and sold the S. half of the ancient Holbrook Farm, at Death's 
Bridge, in S., which had been assigned to her as the heir of Sam. Holbrook, 
by whom she had been brought up. i. Isaac, June 23, 1774; ii. Chas., 

Feb. 19, '77 ; iii. Lydia, Jly. 17, '79, m. Clayes, fr. Fram. ; 

IV. Chloe, Dec. 7, '81 ; v. Lemuel, Nov. 10, '84 ; vi. Kezia. 

122. 129. James inherits the homestead, a part of the original Hill Farm, and by w. 
Jane Whitney, m. 1835, has G eorge A ., James Whitney and Elizabeth. 

50.? 130. Jona., by w. Mercy, had at Med., Silence, Jan. 16, 1752. 

131. Jona., perhaps id. as 125, m. Kezia -^ — , and had at Med., Beuben, 
who m. Eebecca, and had at H., David, Oct. 11, 1798. 

f f » 

Moses HiSCOCk, m. Mary Hemingway, 1789, and had in H. i. Abigail, Oct. 
24, '89 ; II. Polly, Feb. 21, '97. 


Zibeon Hooker, (b. in Medfield, son of Wm. H.), w. Sarah Barbour, r. S., 
" had, I. Zibeon, m. Mary Stearns, d, Feb. 26, 1832, fr. Hopk., had, 
I. Hiram, 1805, f. Cambridgeport ; ii. Mary Ann, 1806, m. Jacob 
Pratt; iii. Geo. B., b. Apl. 17, 1808, m. Hanh. Kimball, r. S. ; 
IV. Laura, 1809, m. Tho. Gould, r. Nat.; v. Sybil, 1811, m. David 
Daniels, r. S. ; vi. Harrison G. 0., 1812, m. Mira Whitney, r. H. ; 
VII. Zibeon, 1814, d. um. '30; viii. Oliver B., 1816, r. New York; 
IX. David Stearns, 1818; x. Hannah T. 1819, m. Aaron Weeks, 
r. 111.; XI. Harlow, 1824, m. Sophronia Travis; xii. Thankful W., 
1826, d. um. ; xiii. Sarah E., 18^, m. Lucius Cook, r. Frank. 
II. Etsey, m. Chs. Bemis; in. Adolphus, r. Canada; iv. Brayton, d. in 
Newton, um. ; v. Harlow, r. Milton, d. without issue ; vi. Sarah, m. Wm.* 
Heard, r. Newton and Fram. ; vii. Geo., m. and r. Newton and Bridge- 
water, and Newark, N. J. ; viii. Charlotte, m. Silas Warren, rs. Boston ; 
IX. Adeline, m. Oliver Hill, r. Newton ; x. Laura, d. um. 



Wm. Hooker, m. Sarah Holbrook, had at S., i. Alone, Aug. 17, 1786. 

Zibeon Hooker, m. Sarah Barbour, 1779, had at S., i. Zibeon, Ap. 6, '80 ; 
II. Henrietta, Nov. 29, '81 ; Adolphus, Ap. 3, '84. 

Benj. Houghton, w. Elizabeth, had at S., i. Benj., May 4, 1783; n. Wm. 
Boden, Feb. 23, '85; ni. Betsey, Sep. 12, '86; iv. Sally, Nov. 20, '88; 
V. Asaph, about '90 ; vi. Polly, do. '92 ; vn. Lucy, Jan. 10, '96. 

i^ f i 

1. Abida Hunt, m. Phebe Pratt, July 26, 1739, had at H., 

I. Willard, May 7, 1741 ; ii. Daniel, Sep. 17, 43 ; in. Abigail, Aug. 28, 
*45; IV. Lewis, Jan. 10, '47-8 ; v. Margery, March 4, '52 

2. Jona. Hunt, r. a shoemaker on the N. road to Hoi., and E. of the Brush 
Hill road, in a bouse pr. built by Dea. BuUen, w. Sarah , had at S., 

T. Sarah, Oct. 2, 1769 ; ii. Nabby, July 22, 70 ; iii. Miriam, March 2, 
72 ; IV. Jona., June 26, 74 ; v. John Vining, March 25, 76. 

8. Ebenezer Hunt, m. Dorothy 'yVhitney, May 9, 1734, ^2d w.. Deliverance, 
had at H., i. Ebenezer, Ap. 15) 1735 ; ii. Tho., Aug. 23, '37, d. March 5, 
'44-5 ; ni. Tho., May 8, '56, by w. Deliverance ; rv. Joseph, Nov. 22, '67. 

4. Henry Hunt, w. Elizabeth, had at H., i. Elizabeth, July 22, 1786 ; 

II. B«uben, Dec. 11, '37. 

5. Tho. Hunt, formerly merch. in Boston, s. in S., on the ancient Pratt farm, 
1845. He was b. at Sud., the s. of Wm. H., m. Olive Puffer, and 2d, 
Miranda (Smith) Holbrgok, has i. Harvey, and by 2d w., n. Andrew; 
ni. Thomas. 


Joseph Hunting, w. Hanh., had at S., i. Sarah, March 5, 1764 ; ii. Elizdi. 
June 4, '66. 


The name of Holbrooke is ancient and distinguisbed ; and in tbe Englisb world 
it has long since attained a wide range. It does not bowever occur in Doom's Book 
or Bbeimer's Foedera, yet as early as tbe reign of Eicbard II, one of tbe name was ad- 
vanced to tbe order of Knigbtbood, and ** a cbev. between tbree martlets assigned as 
bis coat of arms. Otbers witb equal claims to distinction, or averse to tbe monopoly, 
eitber attained to tbe same bonor or assumed- the badge of having done so: for in 
books of Heraldry I find tbe name of Holbrooke distinguisbed by nine other coats of 

arms, viz., Holbroake Gu. a cbev. betw. ten crosses crosslet gu. Holbrokes. 

Or. a fess. between six crosslets, gu. Holbrook (Suflfolk) Ar. a cbev., betw. 

ten crosses crosslet, gu. Holbrooke, the same arms. Crest A lion 

pass, guard, tail extended ppr. — ^HoIbrook. Or a cbev. between ten crosses crosslet 
gu. — Holbrooke (Newington, Co. Kent). Az.a cross, or fretty of tbe first between 
four mullets of the second. — Holbrooke (Suffolk) Or. a cbev. gu., surmounted 
with a cross formee fitchee at tbe foot of tbe second. Crest — A lion's head erased, 
charged with a t^hev. or, as in the arras. — Holbrooke (Suffolk) Or, crusily gu. a 
bend of the second. — Holbrooke (Suffolk) Ar. a cbev. between tbree crosses crosslet 
gu." ' These badges of vanity, so little esteemed by tbe Puritans and their republican 
descendants, have their use in a historical point of view, as indicating tbe original . 
and' early seats of the race, and may guide some future explorer of the ancestry of 
our Holbrooks in tbe mother country where they must have been men of character and 
consideration. Of tbe origin of tbe name I find nothing. Camden does not mention 
it, though common in his day. This omission may be accounted for, if it was so 
obyiously of local origin as to be included witb names of this class : and imagination 
suggests that in a former age of belief in holy waters, there was some Holy Brooke 
from which tbe name was borrowed, the tradition^ of which might have lingered in 
his day. But I would not originate a tradition. Too long have the Holbrooks fol- 
lowed this jack-o'-lantern, believing, like other races, in their descent from three 
brothers, a story suggested, it has been thought, by nothing better, if so good, than 
the following analogy. Shem, Ham, and Japbeth were religious men, so were our 
ancestors ; they came from an old world to a new one, and came by water, so did 
our fathers ; there was just tbree of them that came, from whom tbe human race have 
descended ; therefore there was tbe sacred orthodox number of tbree from Old to 
New Eng., from whom each race of a common name have sprung. But the stale 
tradition that formerlj^ concealed ignorance now exposes it; and the Holbrooks, 
better posted than some other races, may now correct legends of their ancestry ; and 
on truthful history found their claim to a more respectable origin than false tradition 
lias attempted to give. 

Many Holbrooks were early in New Eng. Hitherto all attempts to trace and 
irednce them to one family have resulted in despair, with the exception of those of 
the lamented Wm. T. Harris, A. M. He had thoroughly mastered tbe 5 first gen- 
erations, of one branch, while I, without knowing it, was attempting tbe same ; and 
liaving, through tbe kindness of his bereaved father, tbe Librarian of Har. Univ., 
1)600 favored witb tbe perusal of his MSS., I have become confirmed in the correct- 
ness of my arrangement, and added names and references which bis sharper eye and 
more thorough hand had detected and recorded. Thanks to bis memory. He was 
of the third generation of the same family to whom I am indebted for kindred help. 
The other families of the name of Holbrook, not descended from Tho., and cd- 
lected from what were remote parts of New Eng., I have, at the end of eight years 


of frequent investigation, succeeded, in my own view more from circumstantial than 
documentary evidence, in reducing to the descendents of a common father, whose 
name was probahlj John, and he the brother and companion of Tho. No date of 
their embarkation or arrival is presumed to exist. The name first occurs at Wey- 
mouth, in 1640, and under circumstances showing that they could not then have been 
new comers. The settlement of Weymouth was attempted in 1622 ; and in 1624 
a colony of substantial settlers , arrived from Weymouth in Dorsetshire, and gave 
name to the place, and in 1635 another company with a minister, and no doubt from 
the same place. With one of the latter companies probably came Tho. and John 
Holbrook, and more likely with the former. If so, Tho. must then have had one or 
two children ; and if with the latter, they might have had an embarrassing number. 
They were probably from Weymouth, 8 miles from Dorchester, from whence came 
the planters of our Dorchester; and not remote from these towns was a place, ^' a small 
fimn," long afterward and perhaps still called '* Holbrook.*' Who of the race will 
undertake investigations in that quarter, or pledge to a correspondent the means of 
his doing so ? 

Thomas Holbrooke, and no doubt John, settled in that part of Weymouth called 
Old Bpftin. It was chosen, for its harbor and peninsular form, for confining theff 
datile. As early as 1643 the stock of the planters had so increased as to render a 
removal necessary. Seekonk Prairie had been discovered, and it was resolved i^ 
as many as chose might remove, and that if a majority were in favor of removing, 
Mr. Newman their minister should attend them. Thomas and John Holbrook ap- 
peared in the affirmative, and in order *' that the land of Behoboth might be divided 
according to person and estate," each of them gave in their property at predsely 
£186. This indicates that they were partners. Were they Thomas and John, sen's, 
or jun's? The former might be presumed if there was not so much evidence that 
the Holbrooks of the second generation began life in good circumstances, showing that 
their fathers for their day must have been rich. Home lots at Behoboth were 
assigned them 31, (4), 1644. But as John, jun.'s, wife died, leaving one or two 
children, Jan. 24, 1643-4, pr. after they had pledged themselves to remove and given 
in their property ; and as Thomas, jun., was then young and unmarried, they had 
reasons, which Thomas and John, sen's, might not have had, for altering their purposes 
and forfeiting these lots, as they did 10 (11), 1644, by not taking possession. The 
records of Weym. chh. perished in 1644, with the removal of Mr. Newman ; and 
while subsequent records refer to Thomas, sen., as one of the principal inhabitants, 
they make no mention of his brother John. Still circumstances, not easily resisted, 
point to a brother probably of that name, as an early inhabitwt of W., and the 
fither of a numerous family, who might have died before 1644. I have, therefore, 
in these sheets arranged the New Eng. Holbrooks as the descendants of two brothers, 

3. 1. Thomas Holbrooke.^ (See Part I.) 
2. John ? Holbrooke.^ (See Part II.) 


1. 3. Tho. Holbrooke,^ was advanced in years when the records of W. began and 
then had talented sons to render public service. 

In 1641, immediately after the earliest preserved records begin, he was chosen 

the second member of a board of selectmen called townsmen, and served as such in 

^1646} '46, '51, '62, '54, having his brother or eldest son, John, after '47, assodatei 


with him for a portion of tho time. As a citizen of standing and long acquainted 
"with the country, the Gen. Court in 1649 appointed him the &st memher of a com- 
mittee to lay out a county highway from Weyra. to Dorchester. The following is a 
copy verbatim ad literatim of his will from Suffolk Prob. 

In the name of God, Amen. 

Anno Domino, Deo. 31, 1668, Thomas Holbrook, of Weymouth, in New England, 
being sick and weak in body, but of good and perfect memory, thanks be to the 
Lord, and minding the uncertain estate of this transitory life, and desiring to settle that 
estate that God hath blessed me with all, do make this my last will and testament 
in manner and form following, committing my soul to Almighty God through Christ 
my Saviour and Redeemer, and my body to decent burial, and for the settling of my 
temporal estate I do order, give and dispose tho same in manner and form following. 
That is to say, first, I will that my debts and funeral expenses be truly paid out of 
my estate. 

Item, I give and bequeathe unto Jane, my beloved wife, during her life, my whole 
estate, of what quality and quantity soever the same be, at her dispose for her neces- 
sary and comfortable maintenance, and do request my son John Holbrooke and my 
8on Wm. Holbrooke, and my son Tho. Holbrooke to be helpful to my wife in assisting 
of her in what she may have occasion to dispose of for her subsistence and comforta- 
ble maintenance during her life, and give their mother the best advice, as she is 
ancient and weak of body, suitable to her necessity without being burthensome to any. 

Item, I give and bequeathe unto my endeared children all my estate, of whatever 
quality and quantity soever the same shall be, that shall remain at my wife Jane's 
decease, there being six of them, three sons and throe daughters, to be equally divided 
between them, always provided that my eldest son, John Holbrooke, shall have a 
doubleportion, and the rest of my estate to be equally divided, viz., unto my son, 
Tho. Holbrook, my son Wm. Holbrook, unto my daughter Anne Eennolds, unto 
my daughter Elizabeth Hatch, and unto my daughter Jane Drake, to be equally 
divided amongst them as near as may be ; and in case any or either of my sons or 
daughters should decease before my wife Jane, then the share of the deceased to 
lemmn to their respective children and my grandchildren. 

Item, I -give unto my grandchild John Holbrooke the eldest, my sword. 

Item, I give unto my grandchild Peter Holbrooke my gun and my gray mare 
eolt Item, I give unto my grandchild Wm. Holbrook my musket. Item, I give 
and bequeathe unto all my grandchildren that shall be living at my wife Jane's de- 
cease, two shillings apiece. Item, I do hereby make and ordain my loving wife, 
ihe above said Jane Holbrooke, executrix during her life, and at her decease, I do 
nppoint, make and ordain executor of this my last will and testament, my loving son 
John Holbrooke, whom I do order and entreat to perform this my will, and pay the 
legacies out of my whole estate of what shall remain at my wife's decease. 

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal tho day and year above 
written, as on the other side. 

The mark of Thomas [T. H.] Holbrooke. 

Published, ^gned and sealed in presence of 
Bebecca E. R Burrell, 
Wm. Chase. 

Whereas Peter Holbrooke my grandchild hath been as a servant, and hath been 

Wpful to mo Tho. Holbrooke and my wife Jane in our old age, for the space of 

iboat eight years before the date of these presents, and still remains with us as a 

^BJdfdl child, I, Tho. Holbrooke, senr., this 31st of Dec, 1673, do will and bequeathe 

luito my beloved grandchild Peter Holbrooke, his heirs ^nd assignees, my dwelling 


house and about tbree acres of orchard and arable land, situate and being in Wey- 
mouth, bounded with Edward Kingman's land, and the River Northerly and East- 
erly,- and the highway Southerly, and the River Westerly, or the creek descending 
from the River, as the said Peter Holbrooke's proper estate of inheritance. To 
have and to hold after the decease of me, Tho. Holbrooke and Jane my wife, and not 
before. And I, Tho. Holbrooke, do hereby declare not to alter in any particular 
form my aforesaid will dated tljis day was five years since, but in this respect as 
aforewritten concerning my beloved son and grandchild, Peter Holbrooke, which 
accordingly I do desire my son John Holbrooke as Executor in all points to fulfil. 
Dated Dec. 31, 1673. Published, signed and sealed in the presence of Tho. White, 
Wm. Chase. T. H. 

Tho. Holbrooke, d. 1674-6. His wid. Joanna, d. before April 24, 1677, 
when administration was granted his son John. He had 
10. 4. I. John,2 Capt., b. 1617, **d. Nov. 23, 1699, aged about 82 years," [G. S.], 
m. 1st Sarah , 2d Elizabeth , 3d Mary . See Ch. i. 

5. II. Tho./ d. 1697, who m. Joanna , and r. at Scituate,Weymouth and 

Braintree. See Ch. ii. 

6. in. Wm..2 Capt. and Dea., d. 1699; *«his wid." , d. 1701, r. Sdt- 

uate. See Ch. iii. 

7. IV. Ann,^ who m. Renolds ; v. Elizabeth,^ who m. Walter Hatdi, 

1650 ; VI. Jane,^ who m. Drake. 



4. 10. John,^ Capt., was a man of much consideration in his day, and in him the 
the public reposed great confidence. His independence, courage, enterprise 
and wealth are abundantly proved by records. He resided at Old Spain, in 
Weymouth, and seems to have inherited the homestead. Having previously been 
received to the church, he in 1640 took the freeman's oath. In 1648 he -first served 
as selectman. In 1651 ho represented W. in the Gen. Court, and was of tiw 
minority of 13, who May 7 of that year refused their assent to the book of ecclesi- 
astical discipline, made out by a committee and the elders of the churches. He 
was also representative in 1664, '69, 71, '72, 73. In 1668, he with two 
associates bought a tract of land 9 miles long and | m. wide, situated on the road 
between Weymouth and Middleboro'. In 1678, he purchased John Saffan's whole 
farm in Scituate, which he bought of John Hoar, then of Concord. He loaned 
money to John Williams, of Boston, (the same who had witnessed a deed for bis 
reputed cousin John Holbrooke, of Roxb.), and large sums from time to time tootber 
tradesmen and merchants in B., taking mortgages on houses, warehouses, &c. He 
was a great operator for those times, and so continued until the close of life. He 
sold a corn-mill in W., Jan. 20, 1698-9, the year he died. ' In the time of Philips' 
war he rendered signal service. He not only defended W., but with his company 
carried the war into the enemies country. On the 22d of June, 1676, he arrived i^ 
Concord, with 30 men from Norfolk, an extinct county, then embracing the settle- 
ments on Merrimack and Piscatequa Rivers, whom he had been sent to defend. As 
commander he drew pay for 24 men from the publiQ treasury in June, Auff. and 
Sept. of that year; and £16 for his own services. He seems to have been much hon- 
ored, and the early age for his time at which he was called to the public service, 
indicates the standing of his family. 


Capt. John, m. 1st Sarah , who d, 14, (11) 1643 ; and 2d Elizabeth 

, whod. June 25, 1688, aged 64, [G. S.], and 3d wid. Sarah Loriqg, 

who survived him. He had 

19. 11. I. John,^ who m. Abigail Pierce, and s. on his father's land in Scituate ; 
12. II. Abiezer,^ who d. um. 1671-2. His father made oath Jan. 29, 1672, to 
the appraisal of his estate at £40. His wardrobe must have been extrava- 
gant had he no property in reversion ; 

28. 13. III. Samuel, housewright, b. prior to Jan. 24, 1644, d. Aug. or Sept. 1695, 

m. Lydia ; iv. Hannah,^ who m. Pierce, and is no further 

reported ; v. Lois,* a twin, b. 12, (3) 1668, probably m. Nash ; 

16. VI. Eunice,»b. also 12, (3) 1658, m. Ludden; 

17. VII. Experience,* May 23, 1661, m. Edson ; 

36. 18. vni. Ichabod,* May 20, 1662, d. Dec. 14, 1718. 


I, John Holbrook, of the Town of Weymouth, in New England, being weak of body, 
but of a competent understanding and memory, do make this my last Will and Testa- 
ment, hereby revoking and annulling all former wills by me made. Firstly, com- 
mitting my soul to God in hope of eternal salvation, through the merits of Christ, 
iny Saviour, and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my 
executors ; and for my worldly estate I do will and dispose of ^s folio weth, my just 
debts and funeral charges being paid. 

Imprimis, I give and bequeathe to my beloved wife, Mary Holbrook, fifty pounds 
in money, to be at her disposing, provided she accept of it in full of all demands from 
my estate, otherwise my contract with her before marriage to be made good to her in 
every respect ; and also, I give her ten pounds in money, provided she give five 
poands thereof to her daughter, Loring. 

I give and bequeathe unto my son, John Holbrook, all my housing and lands in the 
Township of Scituate, which I purchased of Mr. John Saffin, to be to the use and 
improvement of him, the said John Holbrook, for and during his natural life, and 
after his decease the moiety or one-half of the said houses and lands to be to the only 
proper use and improvement of his now wife Abigail, during the time she shall 
remain his widow, and no longer. The other half of the housing and land I give and 
bequeathe to the use and improvement of my grandson, John Holbrook, the son of 
my siud son, John Holbrook ; and, after the decease of my said son and the widow- 
liood of his wife Abigail, I do give and bequeathe all the aforesaid housing and lands 
to my aforessud grandson, John Holbrook, to have and to hold to him and his heirs 
fbreyer ; always provided, that when my said grandson shall come to possess and 
enjoy the whole of the said farm, that he shall well and truly pay forty pounds sterling 
in equal proportions to the six daughters of my said son, John Holbrook ; and if any 
of inem shall decease before they receive their part, then the said forty pounds to be 
paid equally to such as shall survive, viz., if any of them decease before marriage. 
I also ^ve and bequeathe unto my son, John Holbrook, all my wearing apparel, and 
my best feather bed, my best rug and furnitures belonging to the said bed, and my 
alver tankard. AIsq, I give unto my granddaughter, Elizabeth, the wife of James 
Smith, five pounds sterling ; also, I give unto my granddaughter, Abigail Porter, 
ten poands sterling, to be paid by my executors within one year after my decease. 

I give and bequeathe unto my daughter-in-law, Lydia Holbrook, widow of my son 
Samuel Holbrook, deceased, for "the bringing up of the children of my said son, 
Samuel Holbrook, the use and improvement of the uplands adjoining to her dwelling 
house, in the neck called Kingman's Neck, and two acres of salt meadow that I 


purchased of John Kingman, and also my three acres of salt marsh near Burying 
I^and, and also one-half of three acres of salt marsh in Braintree, lying on the £. 
side of the Creek, going to Spheer's Farm ; also, 40 acres of land on the Westerly 
side of my land, near the Physical Spring in Weymouth ; also, the one-half of ny 
land in Brantry, adjoining to We3rmouth line, called hy the name of Execution Land ; 
also, the one-half of my dwelling house in Boston. All which housing and lands as 
is before expressed, I give the use and improvement thereof, unto the said Lydia 
Holbrook, for her maintenance and the bringing up of the children of my said son, 
Samuel Holbrook, until my grandson, Joseph Holbrook, son of my said son, 
Samuel Holbrook, do, or might attain to the age of one-and -twenty years, and no 
longer. Also, I give unto my said daughter, Lydia Holbrook, £120, to be paid by 
my executors in one-fourth part of my household stuff and cattle, and the remainder 
in money, to make up the said £120 : always provided, that the said Lydia Holbrook 
do pay to her three daughthers, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah Holbrook, daughters of 
said son, Samuel Holbrook, each of them £40 when they shall attain to the age of one- 
and-twenty years, or marriage, which shall first happen. 

P^I give and bequeathe unto my grandsons, Samuel Holbrook, John Holbrook and 
Joseph Holbrook, sons of my said son, Samuel Holbrook, all the aforesaid lands and 
meadows in Weymouth and Brantrey, (left for the use and improvement of the siid 
Lydia Holbrook aforesaid), to be divided into equal parts or shares to my said three 
grandsons, when my said grandson, Joseph Holbrook shall, or might attain to tbe 
age of one-and-twenty years. The said Samuel, John and Joseph, paying to thdr 
mother, Lydia Holbrook, each of them SOs. per annum, during her natural life. 

I give and bequeathe to my grandson, Abiah Holbrook, son of my son, Samud 
Holbrook, the one-half or moiety of my house and land in Boston, when he shall 
attain to the age of one-and-twenty years, he paying to his mother, Lydia Holbrook, 
SOs. per annum, during her natural life. I also give and bequeathe unto my said 
daughter, Lydia Holbrook, half an acre of salt meadow, lying in the neck called 
Kingman's Neck, that was formerly my father, Thomas Holbrooke's, to her and her 
heirs forever. And further it is my will, that if my said daughter Lydia shall dis- 
pose of herself in marriage, that there shall be no strip nor waste made upon any of 
the aforesaid lands any more than what may be needful for her own firing or reparar 
tion of her own housing, or fencing of the said lands. 

I give unto my son-in-law, Simon Whitmarsh, £20 in money. 

I give unto my grandson, Simon Whitmarsh, £20 in money. , 

I give unto my granddaughter, Ruth Darby, £15 in money. I give unto my 
granddaughter, Mary Jackson, £15 in money. 

All the aforesaid sams to be paid by my executors within one year afber my 

I give to my daughter, Hannah Pierce, £50 in money, to be at her disposal as sbo 
shall see cause. Also, I give unto my grandson, Azarikum Pierce, £15 in money. 
Also, I give to Ephraim Pierce, jun, £15 in money. I give to my granddaugbter, 
Bachel Peck, £5 in money. All which legacies are to be paid by my exeontors 
within one year after my decease, which shall be in part payment of a bond under tibe 
bands and seals of Ephraim Pierce and Azarikum Pierce, bearing date June 14, 1697* 

I give unto my grandson, Joseph Nash, £50 in money. Also, I give unto my 
granddaughter, Elizabeth Nash, £25 in money, to be paid in one year after my 

I give unto my grandson, Benjamin Ludden, £10 in money. I give to my 
grandson, John Ludden, £10 in money. I give to my grandson, Joseph Ludden, 
£10 in money. All tbe aforesaid legacies given to the Luddens, to be paid by my 
executors, as they shall attain to the age of one-and-twenty years. I give unto my 
grandson, James Ludden, one acre of salt meadow, lying on the Eastern neck which 


was formerly his grandfather's, James Ludden's. I give unto my granddaughter, 
Eunice Ludden, £15, at her day of marriage^ or when she shall attain the age of 18 
years, which shall first happen. 

I give unto my grandson, Joseph Edson, £15 in money. To my grandson, 
Josiah Edson, £15 in money. To my granddaughter, Experience Edson, £40 in 
money. All which legacies given to the Edsons, to be paid by my executors, as 
they shall attain to the age of one-and-twenty years, the sons, and the daughters, 
eighteen years. 

I give and bequeathe unto my son, Ichabod, my dwelling house in Weymouth, 
that I now live in, with all the out-housing, orchard, and lands adjoining, by estima- 
tion between 40 and 50 acres, and also, all my salt marsh, lying in the neck, called 
Kingman's Neck, not before given ; also, all the remainder of my lands near the 
Physical Spring, not before given, also, all the 4 acres of salt marsh lying on the 
East side of the back river, in Weymouth. All which houses and lands I give unto 
my son, Ichabod, during his natural life, and to his wife, Sarah, as long as she 
remains his widow ; and after his decease and his wife's widow's estate, I give and 
bequeathe the said housing, orchard and lands adjoining, with the salt marsh, in the 
neck called Kingman's Neck, unto my grandson, Abiezer Holb^ook, son of my son, 
Ichabod Holbrook, to him and his heirs forever. 

I give unto my grandson, David Holbrook, son of my son, Ichabod Holbrook, the 
aforesaid salt meadow, lying Easterly of the back river, and the aforesaid land near 
the Physical Spring, after the decease of my son, Ichabod Holbrook and his wife's 
indow's estate, to be to him and his heirs forever. I give to my son, Ichabod, the 
one-half of my house and land in Boston, during his natural life, and to his wife as 
long as she shall remain his widow ; and after his decease and his wife Sarah's widow's 
estate, I give the said half of the house and land at Boston, unto his son, Elisha Hol- 
brook, and his heirs forever. 

I give unto the reverend Mr. Samuel Torry, Pastor of the Church df Weymouth, 
£5 in money. And further it is my will, that if any of the grandchildren shall 
decease before they receive their portions, that then the portion of the deceased shall 
be equally divided amongst the surviving brothers and sisters of the same parents. 

And it is my will, that if my Indian servant, Anthony, doth behave himself well, 
that be have his freedom in 12 years after my decease. And further it is my will, 
that if my wife see cause not to live in my house, she shall have what provisions she 
shall have occasion for her own use, for three months after my decease. All the 
remainder of my estate, whether real or personal, wheresoever it may be found that 
is not before given by this my last Will, I give and bequeathe unto my son, Ichabod 
Holbrook, and his heirs forever. And do hereby ordain and constitute my son, John 
Holbrook, and my son, Ichabod Holbrook, with Ephraim Hunt, Esq., to be my 
executors to this my last Will and Testament. And I do hereby give unto the said 
Ephraim Hunt, £5. And I do desire my loving friends, John Eogers and Joseph 
Dyer, and my brother, Stephen French, to be overseers to see to the performance of 
this my last Will and Testatment, and do give to each of them 20s., in remem- 
brance of my love. 

In witness that this is my last Will and Testament, I do hereby make void and 
null all former wills by me made whatsoever, and do sign, seal, declare and publish 
ibis to be my last Will and Testament, the 12th day of July, 1699. 

The mark S of John Holbrook, and a seal. 

Signed, sealed and published, in presence of John Pratt, Ephm. Burrell, Joseph 
Drake. [Suff. Prob., xiv, in.] 

11. 19. John,^ s. in Scituate on the ancient Hoar farm, bequeathed by his father ; 
m. Abigail Pierce, dan. of Capt. Michael P., who was slain at Attleboro', 


I Gore [Cumberland] in his desperate fight with the Indians in Philip's war, 
had I. Tho.,* b. Jan. 15, 1671, at Wey., d. prior to 1699; ii. Elizabeth,* 
Feb. 2, 1672. at Scituate, and alive 1699; iii. Abigail,* May 11, 1676, 
and alive 1699 ; iv. Experience,* Feb. 22, 1677, and alive 1699 ; 
24. V. Hannah/ Jan. 11, 1679, m. Josiah Turner, 1700 ; vi. Sarah,* July 11, 
1680, and alive 1699 ; vii. Deborah,* Aug. 22, 1683, m. Joseph Briggs, 
42. ^27. VIII. John,* Nov. 19, 1686, m. Sarah Chrittenden, May 3, 1709. 

13. 28. Samuel,^ sergt., was admitted to the freeman's oath, Oct. 12, 1681, — 
enjoyed the confidence of his kinsmen — was appointed by his uncle Tho., 
July 25, 1695, to see to the execution of his will — d. intestate before Oct. 3, 
of the same year, when administration was granted to his wid. Lydia. [Suf. 
Prob., vol. 11, p. 168 and vol. 17, p. 284.] He pr. settled near or with 

his father, Capt. John, and had by wife Lydia , at Weym. 

29. I. Elizabeth,* Sep. 30, 1684, m. Wales ; ii. Mary,* Nov. 18, 1686, 

d. yg. ; III. Sarah,* m. Wm. Hunt, 1713. 

53. 32. IV. Samuel,* Feb. 19, 1688, m. Hannah Adams, aunt to Gov. Adams. 

57. 33. V. John,* Dea., Apl. 29, 1690, *' d. Jan. 28, 1762, in his 72d yr." 
34. VI. Joseph,* Jan. 26, 1694, d. prior to July 11, 1711. 

65. 35. VII. Abiah,* who inheHted half of his grd. father's house and land in Boston. 

18. 36. Ichabod,^ inherited the homestead of Capt. Holbrook, at Old Spain, m. 

Sarah Turner, who d. a widow, Dec. 20, 1739. He had, 
71. 37. I. Abiezer,* May 7, 1689, d. Feb. 17, 1761, m. Ruth Vinson. 
80. 38. II. David,* Sep., 1690, m. Marcy Pittey, 1716; in. Sarah,* Jan. 13, 

1694, d. Oct. 10, 1725 ; iv. Elisha,* inherited half his grd. father's house 

and land in Boston. . 
86. 41. V. John,* Nov. 28, 1699, five days after the death of Capt. John his grd. 


27. 42. John,* m. Sarah Chrittenden, May 3, 1709, and inherited . the estate in , 

Scituate, bequeathed to him by his grd. father, Capt. John, and had, 
43. 1. John,^ June 13, 1710, and removed to Maine; ii. Tho.,^Apl. 7, 1712, 

died May 1, 1712, at S. 
91. 45. III. Tho.,^ June 24, 1713, d. 1761, m. Margaret Doane. 

173. 46. IV. Elisha,^ Dea., May 25, 1716, m. Sarah , 1742 ; r. Wellfleet. 

99. 47. V. Abiezer,^ Sep. 16, 1719 ; vi. Martha,^ Nov. 11, 1721 ; vii. Abigail,^ 

Apl. 7, 1724, m. Jeremiah Bickford, Sep. IrO, '48. 
105. 50. VIII. Ezekiel,^ May 29, 1727, m. Martha Mayo ; ix. Lucy,« Jan. 15, 1729, 

m. Elisha Bickford, Sep. 19, '48. 
110. 52. X. Naaman,^ Hn. 

32. 53. Samuel,* settled in Boston, as a cordwainer, m. Aug. 1710, Hannah Adams, 
b. Jan. 24, 1685, dau. of Capt. John Adams, and aunt to Gov. Samuel A. 
He d. intestate ; and administration was granted his wid., Hannah, Dec. 4, 
1721, [Suflf. Prob., 22, 149.] He had 

I. Hannah,^ May 19, 1712, bap. at Weym., June 23, '12 ; ii. Samuel,* 
A. M., b. ab. 1714, who had Samuel Adams, of Boston, appointed his 
guardian. May 12, 1726, [Suff. Prob., 24, 248] grad. at H. Col., 1734, 
was a member of the Fire Society in Boston, 1738, and d. a ** gent," 
intestate, and administration on his estate was granted Abijah Adams, 
Oct. 24, 1766. He left only classical books and plate appraised at 
£38 ; was pr. unm., [Suff. Prob, 65. 200] ; in. Joseph,* b. ab. '19, d. yg. 


57. Jobn,* Dea., was received a member of 2d Chh., in Braintree, March 26, 
1721, who elected him Dea., Oct. 13, 1742, and whom he served in this 
oflBce with "good acceptance" 20 years. He made his will, Feb. 24, 1761, 
which was proved, Apl. 12, '62, and administration granted his wid. Sarah, 
and sons, John and Samuel. The land on which he lived he bought of 
Benj. Ludden. His estate appraised at £131. 
L 58. I. John,* Dea., Dec. 20, 1715 ; ii. Sarah,^ Oct. 15, 1718, buried May 7, 
1720 ; III. Samuel,* July 15, 1720, and baptized the same day, d. Aug., 1730 ; 

IV. Joseph,* Apl. 14, 1722, d. Aug. 29, 1730 ; v. Sarah,* March 4, 1724, 
m. Josiah White, of Boston, 1744 ; vi. Mary,* Mar. 5, 1725-6, d. Aug. 11, 
1730 ; VII. Timothy,* May 12, 1728, his intention of marriage to Hannah 
White e^tered, Feb. 1, 1753, rm. pr. to Ct. ; viii. Elizabeth,* July 2, 1730, 
m. Samuel Ward, 1752 ; ix. Samuel,* Dea., June 4, 1732, m. Elizabeth 
Niles, dau. of Hon. Samuel N., r. Lebanon, Ct. Judge Niles and lady d; 
at his house in L., at extremely advanced ages. Deacon Samuel had no 
child. ; X. Molly,* May 28, 1734. She or Lucy m. Josiah Lincoln. 

XI. Hannah,* Apl. 11, 1736, d. May 15, 1736; 
64. XII. Lucy,* Nov. 28, 1739, baptized Dec. 2, '39. 

. 65. Abiah,* m. , and settled in Boston, where he inherited a bequest 

from his honored grd. father, and had, i. Abiah,* who m. Rebecca Ingalls,? 
Mar. 20, 1745, and d. 1769, without issue. He was a schoolmaster and 
ingenious penman and taught last in the S. District in Bos. He made his 
will. May 14, 1768, giving his estate, appraised July 7, 1769, at £1227, 148. 
8d. to his wid. Rebecca, she to pay £20 per annum for the support of each 
of his parents during their lives ; and on her death or 2d marriage, he 
ordered his estate to be equally divided to his surviving brothers and 
sisters, and nephew Abiah Holbrook, s. of his br. Elisha, late of Kittery, Me. 
His wid. Rebecca, by her will, probated Jan. 14, 1794, gave to her br. (in- 
law) Samuel Holbrook's children, Samuel, Elizabeth, Amelia, Mary and 
Sally, £25 each ; to her husband's sister, ** Mary " Storer, £75 ; tq his sister 
" Mary" [Elizabeth?] Adams, £75 ; to her cousins, Geo., Mary and Josiah 
Burroughs, £25 each ; and to her cousin (husband's nephew) Abiah Hol- 
brook, £50 ; her apparel, plate, &c., to her adopted dau., Rebecca Gray, and 
on conditions to descend to her niece, Elizth. Perry ; and to Har^ Col. an 
alphabetical piece of penmanship, called knot- work, wiitten in all the hands 
of Gr. Britain, by her husband, on which he was 7 years engaged in seasons 
of leisure, and which he valued at £100 and ordered her to give, or in case 
of necessity, offer for sale ; and first to Mr. John Hancock. 

^7. II. Elisha,* who d. at Kittery, prior to 1768, leaving a s. Abiah.^ 

€8. III. Samuel,* who r. in Boston, m. Elizabeth Williams, of Roxb. Sep. 1, 
1755, had, Ahiah,^ Jan. 22, '64, pr. d.yg.; ii. Samuel^ in, Elizabeth,^ 
IV. Amelia^ v. Mary,^ vi. Sally.^ 

C9. IV. Mary,* who m. Storer ; v. Elizabeth,* who m. John Adams, jun., 

Feb. 15, 1759, of Bos. 

71. Abiezer,* a weaver, settled in Weymouth, m. Ruth Vinson, Apl. 23, 1715, 
who d. Oct. 8, 1751. He made his will Jan. 3, 1753, which was proved 
Mar. 27, 1761. He had, i. Ruth,* July 15, 1715, m. Doct. Nathaniel 
White, Apl. 15, 1742 ; ii. Hannah,* July 12, 1717 ; in. Deborah, Sep. 15, 
1718, d. yg. ; iv. Elisha,* Mar. 27, 1722, an E. by Ruth Turner, had 
Elisha, Oct. 1, 1761; 

V. Sarah,* May 4, 1720 ; vi. Ann,* Jan. 4, 1724, m. Gilbert Brooks. 


119. 77. vn. Abiezer,* Oct. 15, 1725, m. Hanh. Trask and Sarah Chapman. 

123. 78. VIII. Josiah,'' Sep. 2, 1727, m. Sarah Porter. 

79. IX. Mercy i* Feb. 24, 1731, m. John Bargery, 1750. 

38. 80. David,* m. 1716, Marcy Pittey, settled in Weymouth, and removed to 

Braintree, and had, 
129. 81. 1. David,* June 26, 1717, m. Mary Hayden, and 2d, wid. Mary Jones. 
140.82. n. Ichabod,*Mar. 12, 1719, m. Hannah Hayden. 
147. 88. III. Nehemiah,'^ May 16, 1722, d. Apl. 4, '52, m. Christian Thayer. 

84. IV. Mary,* Nov. 21, 1726, m. Zeb. Howard, r. Randolph ; 

85. V. Ruth,* bap., Dec. 13, 1730, m. pr. Tower, r. B. 

41. 86. John,* Dea., inherited, it is presumed, the ancient seat of the family at Old 
Spain in Weymouth, m. Jan. 6, 1725-6, Sarah Hunt. Did she d. as his 
wid., 1783? See Ch. III. No. 39. He made his will Mar. 1, 1767, giv- 
ing his wid. 2 cows, 2 feather beds, all his household movables, and authority 

* to sell parts of his 4ands if the produce of the estate assigned her was not 

adequate to her comfortable maintenance. His entire estate he gave to be 
equally divided to four children. John, Nathaniel and Jirah were appointed 
Execrs. He had, i. Sarah,* Nov. 8, 1726, d. yg. ; ii. Sylvanus,* Aug. 27, 
1728. d. yg. 

151. 87. III. John,* June 7, 1730, m. Sibyl Lane, of Hing., 1760 ; iv. Joanna,* 
Mar. 1, 1732, unm. in 1767 ; v. Lydia,* Sep. 3, 1734, d. prior to '67, m. 
Capt. Sol. Lovell, and bad Lydia, brought up by her grd. father, John H. 

153. 89. VI. Jirah,* Oct. 23, 1737, d. March 10, 1812, m. Hannah Gray, and s. in 
Boston ; VII. Daniel,* bap. Feb. 22, 1740, pr. died young. 

156. 90. VIII. Nathaniel,* Feb. 20, 1741, m. Susanna Howard, from Braintree. 

45. 91. Tho.,* settled in Eastham, now Wellfleet, m.. Jan. 2, 1734-5, Margaret 
Doane, who survived to the age of ab. 95, and d. ab. 1808. He had, 

I. Margaret,^ Dec. 1, 1735; ii. Jerusha Doane,^ Jan. 18, 1737-8. 

159. 94. m. Tho.,^ Jan. 30, 1739-40, d. 1806, m. Hannah Harding; iv. Isaiah,* 
May 23, 1742, m. Price Hatch and was drowned ; v. Abial,^ a dau.. May 
10, 1745 ; VI. John,^ Oct. 18, 1748, m. Ruth Hamlin, '71, rm. to Me. 
VII. Isaac Doane,* Feb. 18, 1751, d. yg. 

47. 99. Abiezer,* m. Hannah , r. at Eastham, and had, i. Abiezer,* Aug. 20, 

" 1741; II. Jesse,* July 24, 1743 ; m. Jona.,* July 21, 1745, m. Mercy Cove], 
'79, and had Daniel; iv. Elizabeth,* Oct. 14, 1748 ; v. Lucy,* Dec. 4, 1750. 

50. 105. Ezekiel,* m. Oct. 10, 1751, Martha Mayo, and was town clerk and 
treasurer of Wellfleet, 1774-1800, and had i. Sarah,* Apl. 5, 1752 ; 

II. Marcy,* Oct. 1, 1753 ; iii. Martha,* Apl. 20, 1757 ; 
IV. Samuel,* Feb. 24, 1759, and pr. others. 

52. 110. Naaman* was a gent, of education, and well informed in the political ques- 
tions of his day. He was delegated by the whigs of Wellfleet to the first 
Provisional Congress that met at Salem, Oct. 5, 1774, and repeatedly repre- 
sented his fellow citizens in the Gen. Court. He is reported to have left de- 
scendants, but not recorded in W. or vicinity, i. Naaman,* jun., whose 
marriage with Mary Cobb, of Barnstable, was entered Aug. 9, 1779, is 
supposed to have been his son ; n. Eliphalet,* whose do. with Mary Govel 
was do. at W., Oct. 31, 1771, might have been another son ; iii. John*, of 
W., who m. Ruth Smith, 1778, was perhaps another son, or John, No. 97:1 


58. 114. Jobn,^ the 2d Dea. of tbi^ name in the 2d Chh. of Braintree, was chosen 
to this office Feb. 8, 1761, a few months before the death of his father. He 
and his brother, Dea. Samuel, sold 14 acres on the road fr. B. to Bridge- 
water, May 20, lV65. He m. June 7, 1741, Mary Hunt ; had at B., 

I. Joseph,^ Oct. 30, 1741, d. Feb. 22, 1741-2 ; 

II. Hannah,^ b. and bap. Mar. 20, 1742, m. Urbeh Bates, of Weym. 
322. 115. III. John,« Col., June 20, 1745, d. Oct. 13, 1802, m. Anna WUd ; - 

IV. Betty,« Feb. 15, 1747-8, pr. d. '48-9 ; v. Sarah,« b. 1749, bap. Apl. 
'50, d. um. ; vi. Mary,^ 1753, m. Opt. James Pratt, of Weym., for 2d w., 
and bad 2 children. 

77. llg. Abiezer,* m. Hannah Trask, June 28, 1751, who d. Jly. 1, 73, a. 43; 

and 2d, Sariah Chapman, in 1777, and had at Weym. 
177. 120. I. Elisha,^ Nov. 4, 1752, m. Sarah Burrell ; ii. SUvanus,^ Nov. 14, 

1755, d. yg. ; iii. Ruth,^ Aug. 22, 1758. 
184. 122. IV. Silvanus,^ Aug. 15, 1760, m. Lucy Ripley. 

78. 123. Josiah,* m. Sarah Porter, 1762, and had at Weymouth, i. Sarah,^ Dec. 

14, 1762; II. Hannah,^ Jan. 19, 1765; in. Eliphalet,* C*Lifeo,") Feb. 
15, 1768, m. Susannah Harding, Apl. 18, 1811, rm. West ; iv. John,^ June 
6, 1772; kept a shoe store in Bos., and rm. West; v. Molly ,^ Sep. 13, 
^ 1776, m. Ford, and rm. West. 

81. 129. David,* was received as jun., to the 2d chh. in Braintree, Jan. 2, 1757, 
m. Mary Hayden, Nov. 19, 1741, who was b. June 9, 1722, and reed, to 
the same chh. Dec. 29, 1745, d. Sep. 23, 1756. He m. 2d w., Mary Jones, 
and as D. jun. bought land in B., 1766-67, made his will Sep. 1, '77, which 
was proved Mar. 19, '82. He, ** gent.," gave his wid. Mary the third of his 
estate, and the rest to bo equally divided to his five sons, and they to pay in 
one year after his decease, £100 to each of his six daughters. His estate 
was appraised at £3,297, 7s. 8d. He had i. Mary,^ Dec. 25, 1742, m. 

Abiezer Packard ; ii. Hannah,^ May 31, 1744, m. Shepard ; ni. Sarah,^ 

Jan. 11, 1745, m. Stephen Penniman, Esq. 
133. IV. David,« Feb. 1, 1747-8, m. Mehitabel Soper, r. B., had a family not 

yet reported ; v. Lydia,^ Dec. 21, 1749, m. Tho. HoUis, r. B. 
135. VI. Jona,^ Nov. 1, 1751, m. Esther Hollis, r. B., had only Esther. 

851. 136. VII. James,^ Esq., Sep. 25, 1753, m. Rhoda Vinton, r. B. ; viii. Hittee,* 
Aug. 12, 1755, m. Joseph Allen, r. B. ; x. Ruth,^ bap. Oct. 16, 1757, d. 
yg. ; XI. Ruth,^bap. Nov. 11, 1759, d. um. ; xii. Moses,® bap. Nov. 8, 1761, 
d. um. ; XIII. Caleb,® d. um., a. 27, and his estate, May 31, 1790, was ap- 
praised at £284, his brother David being administrator. 

82. 140. Ichabod,^*was with his wife, Hannah Hayden, received to the 2d chh. in 

Braintree, 1756, and had i. Hannah,® Oct. 19, 1746, pr. d. 1749. 

337. 141. II. Ichabod,® May 26. 1748, m. Elizabeth (Mann) Niles. 

344. 142. III. Ebenezer,® Mar. 25, 1749-50, m. Betsey Hayden, r. B. ; iv. Han- 
nah,® Dec. 5, 1751, m. Gideon Stetson, r. Randolph. 

347. 143. V. Tho.,® Oct. 7. 1754, m. Sarah Tower; vi. Nathaniel,® bap. Oct. 8, 
1758, r. in B. 1796, d. in Rand., had i. Nathl ; ii. Benj, ; in. son ; 
VII. Abel,® bap. Oct. 18, 1761, r. in B. 1799, m. Betsey, had i. Calvin; 
II. Wm,; III. Aheh 

83. 147. Nehemiah,* m. Christian Thayer, May 10, 1744, and 1745 was received, 

with her, into the 2d chh. in Braintree ; d. intestate, and administration 



was granted bis md., Christian, May 15, 1752 ; and James Penniman, 

Mar. 6, '53, was appointed guardian of his three children. She m. 2d, 

French, of Sto. He had 
^09. 148. I. Nehemiah,^ May 6, 1745, reed, of his grd. father, David, Apl. 30, 

1763, a deed of half his house and 5 acres in B. , 

318. 149. II. Wm.,» ApL 2, 1747, d. Apl. 26, 1808, at Stoughton ; iii. Elizabeth,^ 

Dec. 25, 1749, d. urn. 

87. 151. John,* m. Sybil Lane, of Hingham, 1760, and had at Weym. 

I. John,^ Jly. 10, 1761, bap. Nov. 28, 1762 ; and, perhaps ii. A son, bap. 
at Stough., Sep. 6, 78. 

89. 153. Jirah,* Yeoman, m. May 28, 1767, Hannah Gray, of Boston, where he 
settled, and held the offices of hay inspector and constable for many years, 
and was in office at the time of his decease. Mar. 10, 1812. In 1796 he was, 
with Amos Lewis, mercht., and Moses Bayers, appointed guardian of Mary 
Gray. He had i. Hannah,^ Aug. 1, 1768 ; ii. John,^ Oct. 27, '69, d.; 

III. John,« b. 1770, d. Jly. 31, 1822, a. 52, m. PriscUla Kittel. Oct. 7, 
1792, d. Sep. 20, 1820, a. 47. He was much of his life in the service 
of Boston Banks, and had i. Anna/ Mar. 24, 1794, d. Dec. 3, 1794; 

II. John,^ Nov. 19, 1795, d. um. ; iii. Mary,' Jan. 4, 1798, m. David Ab- 
bot of Concord, N. H., had Mary P.,^ James M.^ (d.), Joseph M.f Elm 
heth M.^ ; iv. Asa Payson,'' Jly. 15, 1818, d. um. ; v. Hannah,' Jly- 
16, 1802, m. Tho. Palmer, rs. Bos., has Elizabeth G.,^ Tho. H.,^ Fm. 
/r.,« Benj.,^ and Geo. P.«; vi. James K.,' June 25, 1804, d. Sep. 20, 
1805 ; VII. Elizabeth K.,' June 30, 1806, d. um. ; viii. Sarah M., 
Nov. 6, 1808, d. Oct. 18, 1809 ; ix. James, ' Jly. 15, 1810, m. MarJ 
Tyler, rs. at Brooklyn, Ct., has James, ^ Marx^ \ x. Sarah K.,' Apl. 9? 
1812, d. Jan. 4, 1832 ; xi. Ann Gray,' Feb. 22, 1814, m. Marth* 
Haward, had John Hard? 

IV. Edward,^ Dec. 11, 1772, d. Feb. 28, 1847, a. 74. He setUed in Bo^ 
ton as a merchant, and for upwards of 50 years conducted business on Lon^ 
and T Wharves, in which he was engaged at the time of his death. His charai?^ 
ter as a business man is still appreciated by surviving acquaintances, and ma^ 
be inferred from records that will be consulted by those of another age. H^ 
m., Jan. 1, 1797, Hannah Lillie, dg. of Daniel L., of Bos., shipbuilder, who. d* 
May 23, 1804, a. 25 ; and 2d, Hephsibah Goodrich, June 7, 1809, dg. of 
Ezekiel G. of Lunenburgh, and had i. Edwd.,' Nov. 14, 1800, d. Apl. 23, '02; 

II. Edward,'^ Apl. 5, 1804, who succeeds hia father in business on L.Wf.; 
. III. Emily,' Mar. 28, 1810, m. Nathan W. Baker, of Brooklyn, Ct; 

IV. George,'^ Oct. 18, 1811, m. Jan. 15, 1837, Elizabeth Shannon, rs. 
Boston, had 1. Sarah Elizabeth,^ Oct. 15, 1837 ; '2. Frances Louisa^ 

Sep. 19, '40, d Nov. 6, '40 ; 3. Helm Louisa,^ Nov. 15, '42, d. 
Jan. 6, '43 ; 4. Maria Lomsa? Apl. 17, '44 ; 5. Mary Shan- 
non^ also Apl. 17, '44, d. May 29, '44 ; 6. James Shannon? 
Dec. 31, '46 ; 7. Georgianna? Aug. 31, '48 ; 8. Chs. Edward} 
Sep. 7, '51, d. Jan. 9, '52 ; 9. Mary Shannon^, Apl. 22, '54. 

V. Eliza Ann,^ Feb. 27, 1813 ; vi. Louisa,^ May 7, 1814 ; vii. Charles 
Lowell,^ Col., May 5, 1816, rs. a banker at Bos., m. Oct. 14, 1847, 
Mary P. Robinson, b. Oct. 14, 1826, dg. of Wm. K, of New York, by 
w. Julia Ann Locee, and had Henry Warner, Sept. 17, '48 : 

viii. Henry Ware,' Mar. 18, 1818, d. at N. Orleans, Sep.' 17, 1841. 
His remains were forwarded, and now repose in the family burial place 
at Mt. Auburn. 


V. Sarah,o Nov. 16, 1774 ; ti. Elizabeth,^ Feb. 27, 17, d. Nov. 4, '78 ; 

VII. Elizabeth,^ Jan. 9, 79, d. ab. 1822; viii. Marj,« and Frances,^ Dec. 
124, '81. Both died soon after birth. 

156. Nathaniel/ m. md. Susanna Howard, 1777, fr. Braintree, r. Woym.; had 

I. John,« Nov. 24, 1777. Did he s. in Bos. ? See Part i. Ch. iii., No. 45. 

A John, of Wejm., m. Hannah , and had i. Harriet, 1796, at 

Bos. ; II. John, Apl. 18, 1801. 

Another John m. Sarah, pr. Peterson, ? and had i. Elizabeth, Oct. 17, 

1801, at Wejm. ; ii. Evin, Feb. 14, '04. 

II. Susanna,^ bap. Dec. 17, 1779 ; iii. Betsey,® bap. Apl. 20, 1783. 


•»— • .— ^^— 

159. Tho.,® m. Hannah Harding, who d. June 4, 1806, a. 64 ; and 2d, 
Jerusha Sweet, Oct. 19, 1806, r. at Wellfleet, and had i. Lucy,' Apl. 12, 
1762, m. Lem. Newcomb; ii. Hannah,' Sep. 25, 1764, m. Samuel Baker, 

162. III. .^esse,' Cpt., Oct. 28, 1766, d. Aug. 28, 1836, m. Temperance 
Higgins ; 

16^. IV. Tho.,' Mar. 2, 1769. and alive 1854, m. Thankful Atwood ; 

164. V. Joseph,' Aug. 6, 1771, d. 1852, m. Polly Jenkins, fr. Barnst ; 

165. VI. Anthony,' Aug. 1, 1773. d. Jly. 6, 1810, m. Mary Eaton ; 

166. VII. Solomon,' June 20, 1776, d. May 20, 1807, m. Thankful Rich; 

VIII. Huldah,' June 10, 1779, m. Freeman Bacon ; ix. Eunice,' Nov. 11, 
1781, m. Cpt. Robert Higgins, r. Wellfleet ; x. Sally/ Oct. 24, 1784. d. 
Mar. 18, 1855, m. Stephen Atwood, r. Maiden; xi. Allen,' Oct. 8, 1788, 
d. Jan. 12, 1800. 

170. John,® m. -, and is reported to have been the father of i. Isaiah,' who 

m. in 1771, Tabitha Chapman, and had at W. Tabithajjyea. 31, 1772, and 
Betsey^ in 1777 ; ii. John,' who m. Ruth Hamlin in 1771, and pr. Ruth 
Smith, in 1778. 

173. Elisha,^ Dea., m. Sarih , 1742, and is re]EK)rted to have been the 

father of i. Elisha,^ who m. Priscilla Newcomb, b. Nov. 19, 1771, and pr. 
2d, Ann Green, 1776, at Wellfleet. 

175. II. Joseph,^ jun., who m. Abigail Bacon ; 

176. III. David,^ b. Mar. 30, 1750-51, m. Hannah Hopkins. 

177. Elisha,^ m. 1775, Sarah Burrell, fr. Hingh., r. at Weym., had i. Elisha,' 
Jly. 31, 1777 ; ii. Samuel,' Aug. 26, 1779 ; iii. Sally,' Nov. 4, 1781 ; 
IV. Hannah,' bap. Jly. 11, 1784; v. Sophia,' b Apl. 30, 1787 ; vi. Abiezer,' 
Dec. 8, 1791. 

184. Silvanus.^ ra. Lucy Ripley, Jan. 9, 1783, r. Weym., had i. Silvanus,' 
June 14, 1785 ; ii. Lemuel,' Sep. 10, 1791; m. Dan.,' Apl. 4, 1796, m. 
Lydia Clapp, June 18, 1818; and 2d, wid. Hannah Knights, rs. Weym., 

had I. Lydia, ^ Feb. 7, 1819 ; ii. James Harvey,^ Oct. 8, '20 ; 

III. Elizabeth? Sep. 4, '23 ; iv. Richard M.,^ Jan. 20, '28 ; v. Charles 

F.,' Jan. 4, '30. 

. 188. Jesse,' Cpt., was a strong, athletic man, whose weight at one time was 
350 lbs. In early life he belonged to *' the Seed Corn Gang of Whalers," 
and on one voyage killed 52 sperm whales. His skill obtained him employ 
roent by a London company, to teach them the art, and he sailed foi; six ys. 


from L. in tbeir employ. After bis return in 1794, he s. at Hampden, Me., 
Inhere be built tbe ship Hampden, sailed in ber as master for Amsterdam, 
and was engaged by the French government to convey troops to Louisiana. 
. After receiving 300 men on board, he, with 15 other convoys, was blockaded 
by an English fleet, and frozen in for tbe winter. In the mean time, the 
government of France sold La. to U. S., and in the spring ordered the troops 
to debark ; and neither paid him for their maintenance while on board, nor 
for the losses that resulted from the non-performance of the contract. Is it 
too late for bis heirs to prefer a claim ? Capt. Jesse returned in the follow- 
ing summer, and removed his family back to W., where he d. a member of 
the Methodist chh., a. 70. He m. Temperance Higgins, and had at Wellfleet, 
I. Nancy ,^ Oct. 23, 1788, m. Freeman Snow ; and 2d, Rev. Joshua Hall, 
and rs. at Frankfort, Me.; ii. Jesse,^ Apl. 2, 1791, who died young; 
III. Hannah H.,8 Mar. 31, 1795, m. Hon. Richard Libby, r. at E. Boston; 

240. 191. IV. Joseph,^ Col., Aug. 21. 1797, m. Mary Rich; 

244. 192. V. Robert Higgins,^ May 24, 1799, m. Lurana Higgins ; vi. Paulina, 
Apl. 23, 1801, m. Martin Dill, (d.) ; vii. Sophrona,^ Aug. 5, 1805, m. 
Calvin Snow, r. Hampden, Me. ; viii. Jemima,^ Oct. 31, 1808 (d.), m. 
Eldad Hopkins, r. H., Me. 

163. 197. Tho.,'' m. Thankful Atwood, rs. at Wellfleet, and had 

I. Lucy,^ Oct. 24, 1794, m. Joseph Lewis. 
253. 199. II. Anthony,^ Sep. 16, 1796 ; iii. Eunice,^ Nov. 4, 1798 ; iv. Thank- 

ful,« Apl. 24, 1801 ; v. Temperance,^ May 18, 1803; 
258. 203. VI. Henry Allen,« Nov. 16, 1805 ; vii. Polly Jenkins,^ Aug. 30, 1810 ; 

viii. Nancy,« Nov. 28, 1812. 

164. 205. Joseph,' m. 1793, Polly Jenkins, fr. Barnstable, and had 
261. 206. I. Tho.,« Esq., Dec. 8, 1794, at Wellfleet; 

II. Hannah,® Jly. 19, 1797, m. David Dyer, rs. Boston ; 
272. 208. III. Joseph,8Sep.9, 1799; iv. Sally,«Feb.l2, 1802 ; v. Mary J.,« Nov. 

8, 1804 ; VI. Jerusha,® Nov. 25, 1807 ; 
278. 212. VII. Samuel Waterman.® Feb. 26, 1810 ; 
281. 213. VIII. Jesse,® Apl. 12, 1813, m. Mary Witherell ; ix. Chloe,® 1815, d. 

yg. ; X. Wm. A.,® 1818, d. yg. 

165. 214. Anthonj;' m. Mary Eaton, b. May 1, 1779, r. W., and had 

I. Hannah,® Mar. 31, 1799 ; ii. Allen,® May 1, 1801 ; in. Mary,® Sep. 22, 
1802; IV. Joseph,® Oct. 24, 1804, rs. Salem ; v. Jerusha,® Nov. 26, 1807, 
d. Dec. 9, '07. 

166. 219. Solomon,' m. Thankful Rich, who d. June 9, 1804; and 2d, Priscilla 

Newcomb, 1805, r. Wellfleet, and had 
290. 220. I. Anthony,® Oct. 13, 1797, m. Hannah Smith , ii. Huldah,® Jly. 13, 

1800 ; III. Lydia C,® June 7, 1802 ; 
304. 223. IV. Solomon,® who m. Sally Atwood. 

176. 224. David,« m. 1776, Hannah Hopkins, b. Aug. 11, '56, resided in Wellfleet, 

and had i. Giles,' Nov. 5, 1777 ; 
296. 226. II. Benj.,'Feb. 25, 1780, m. Ruth Atkins; iii. Abigail/ Sep. 8, 1782 ; 

IV. David,' Oct. 8, 1784, m. Nancy Rider, bad Betsey, 1812; v. Betsey,' 

May 24, 1787 ; vi. Elisha,' Jly. 14, 1791. 



175. 231. Josepb,^ m. Abigail Bacon, r. Wellfleet, and had i. Nabby/ Jan. 4, 

1797 ; II. Eliza/ May 29, 1799 ; 
300. 234. III. Ezekiel, Nov. 21, ; iv. Sally Davis,' Mar. 14, 1805; 

V. Myranda,' Nov. 11, 1806; vi. Joseph,' Mar. 16, 1809; vn. Elisha,' 

Jly. 10, 1812 ; vm. David Bacon,' Nov. 2, 1816. 

191. 240. Joseph,^ Col., has been so distinguished for a love of military adventure, 

that, had he lived in the 11th cent., he might have figured in the history of 
knight-errantry. He was at Lisbon during the Peninsular war ; and in the 
war of 1812, served on board of privateers. He first settled in W.fleet. 
In 1822 he was commissioned Capt., and in 1825 Col. of militia; chosen 
representative of W. in 1830, '31, '32. In 1834 he removed to Bos., was 
received a member of the A. and H. Artillery Co., and becatne one of the 
original members of the Co. of National Lancers. During the K. I. troubles 
Col. H.'s sympathies were unfortunately so enlisted on the -side of Dorr and 
confederates as to hurry him into their service ; and he was among the 136 
prisoners taken at Chepatchet, and tBe man first selected by the State's 
attorney for examinations, during the pendency of which he succeeded in 
making his escape. He now resides in Concord, which town he has repre- 
sented in the Legislature of Mass. He m. Mary Eich, grd. dau. of Dea. Jo- 
siah E., of Truro, and had i. Maria,^ Mar. 21, 1818, d. 1843, m. A. P. 
Stevens, of Waterville, Me. ; ii. Temperance H.,^ Apl. 30, 1820, d. 1849, 
m. Samuel Atherton, of Stoughton ; in. Tho. Newcomb,^ Sep. 5, 1822, d. 
1845, um. ; iv. Charles A.,^ b. 1826, a pioneer to Calif., Jan. 3, 1849, m., 
1847, Maria T. Smith, of Concord. 

192. 244. Robert Higgins,® m. Lurana Higgins, dau. of Opt. Eleazer H., of Well- 

fleet, keeper of the Lighthouse, had at W. i. John Wesley,^ Jly. 17, 1821 ; 

II. Albert Woodman,^ June 20, 1824 ; in. Edwin Warren,^ May 25, 1826 ; 
IV. Mary Rich,» Mar. % 1829; v. Penelope W.,^ Apl. 17, 1831; 
VI. Marcellus^ ; vn. Ellen B.,« Sep. 26, 1837 ; viii. Jesse,^ Dec. 17, 1839. 

199. 253. Anthony,^ rs. in Boston as a dealer in fish. He m. Mercy W. Brown ; 
and 2d, Charlotte J. Brown, Oct. 5, 1851, and had i. Mary Waterman,^ Aug. 
19, 1820, m. Earle W. 'Johnson, of Bos. ; ii. Lucy Lewis,» June 9, 1822 ; 

III. Eunice,^ Jan. 19, 1823 ; iv. Mercy Lunette,^ Apl. 13, 1853. 

203. 258. Henry AUen,^ m. Eunice Atwood, rs. Boston, had i. Franklin Augustus,^ 
Aug. 1829, d. Sep. 9, 1830 ; ii. Caroline,^ Jan. 25, 1832 ; m. Matilda^; 
iv. Albert; v. Henry; vi. Augusta; vn. Ella. 

206. 261. Tho.,® Esq., advantageously known for 20 ys. as Commissioner of wrecks, 
still holds this office, and those of notary public and commissioner to qualify 
civil officers. He was formerly representative to the Gen. Court, from Well- 
fleet, where he now rs. He m. Mary Smith, dau. of James S., of New Bed- 
ford, and had i. Wm. Allen,^ May 2, 1820; n. Tho. Franklin,^ June 12, 
1822; III. Tamsin H.,» May 10,. 1824; iv. Sarah A.,^ Oct. 9, 1825; 
v. George H.,» Mar. 16, 1828 ; vi. Mary S.,^ Feb. 18, 1830, d. Aug. 21, 
'31 ; vn. James Smith,^ Jan. 13,1832; vm. Nicholas H.,^ Oct. 13,1833; 
IX. Mary P.,» June 8, 1836; x. Lydia Ann C,® Jan. 25, 1839; 
XI. Charles Henry ,» Sep. 14, 1841. 

208. 272. Joseph,^ the 4th, m. Temperance Holbrook, rs. Wellfleet, had 

I. PollyJ.,^Apl.ll, 1822; ii. Anthony ,« Oct. LI 824; in. Hannah,»ApK 



27, 1827, d. 1842 ; iv. Josiah Quincey,'^ Feb. 9,1829; v. NancyWarreD,' 
June 19, 1831 ; vi. Frederick Marshall,'^ June 7, 1833. 

212. 278. Samuel Waterman,^ rs. Wellfleet, m. Sally Lothrop, who d. Feb. 2, 

1837 ; 2d, Betsey Eobinson, 1837; and 3d, Hannah A. Hill, and had 
I. Henrietta,^ Aug. 30, 1830, d. Jly. 4, 1835 ; n. Sarah F.,» Jan. 9, 1833, 

d. Jly. 29, 1841 ; m. Mary,® ; iv. Henrietta,® Oct. 13, 1835, d. Jly. 

30, 1841 ; V. Henry W.,® Dec. 16, 1839 (d.) ; vi. Prince ».,« Aug. 7, 
1841, d. Jly. 18, 1841 ; vii. Francis H.,» May 5, 1843. 

213. 281. Jesse,® m. Mary Witherell, rs. Boston, had i. Joseph®; ii. Catherine*; 

HI. MaryY.®; iv. Sally D.*; v. Flora,'; vi. Alabama'; vii. Chs. Benj.^ ; 
vni. Frances H.® 

220. 290. Anthony,® m. Hannah Smith, had at Wellfleet i. Isaac South,® Nov. 11, 
1819; II. Rosetta,' Jan. 6, 1822, d. Sep. 25, '22; in. Anthony Perry.® 
Jan. 4, 1824; iv. Hannah,' Apl. 7, 1826; v. Mary Ann,' Sep.512, 1828. 

226. 296. Benj.,^ m. Buth Atkins, who d. 1813, and had at W. i. Ruth Atkins,^ 
Map 19, 1804 : 11. Benj.,® June, 1809, d. Feb. 4, 1810 ; in. Benj.,® Dec. 
17, 1810, m. Eachel H. Smith, Jly. 14, '38 ; 

808. 299. IV. Giles,® Mar. 4, 1813. 

284. 800. Ezekiel,^ m. Sally Newcomb, r. Wellfleet, had i. John Orry®; n. Isaac 
Browne® ; in. Emily Ann® ; iv. Ezekiel,® Apl. 10, 1835. 

223. 304. Solomon,® m. Sally Atwood ; 2d, Thankful Hawes, r. Wellfleet, had 

I. Hannah Smith,' Feb. 17, 1828 ; 11. Lot H.,' Feb. 5, 1880, d. Sep. 25, 
1837 ; III. SaUy A.,' May 12, 1883 ; iv. Mary Hawes,' Sep. 15, 1844. 

299. 308. Giles,® m. Mary Hall ; and 2d, Lucy P. Tilton, r. Wellfleet, had 

I. David,' Jly. 27, 1835 ; 11. Giles Benj.,' Mar. 5, 1839, d. Sep. 23, '39 ; 
in. Giles Whitman,' Sep. 27, 1842. 

148. 809. Nehemiah,® m. pr. Elizabeth Hubbard, and settled in S. Bndntree, and had 
330. 310. I. Nehemiah/ m. Sarah Wild, r. S. Br. ; n. Caleb,^ m. Susanna Hoi- 

brook r. S. Br. * 
313. 312. III. Joshua,^' Oct. 14, 1773, d. Sep. 14, 1829, m. Marv Read ; 

IV. Rebecca,' m. Nathl. Whiting, r. Canton ; v. Mary, m. John Tower, for 

2d wife ; vi. , m. Leml. Whiting, fr. C, r. Abington ; 

VII. Olive,' (d.), m. Luther Thayer, r Braintree* 

312. 313. Joshua,' settled first at BraintreC; and rm. to S. Weym. He m. Mary 
Read, who was b. May 13, 1778, and still survives, and had i. Mary,® Mar. 
1, 1797, m. Jacob Shaw, r. N. Weymouth ; 11. Joshua,® May 11, '99, w., 
Nancy B. Bates, b. June 2, 1804,- m. June 3, 1823, rs. N. Weym., had 

Nancy ^.,' Nov. 20, '25, d. June 6, '26 ; Harriet N.^ Aug. 18, *27 ; 

Almira^ Nov. 16, '32 ; 

III. Elizabeth,® Aug. 26, 1802, m. Eiley Hayford, rs. Dorchester; 

IV. Sarah R,® Aug. 10, '04, m. Roswell Trufant ; v. Nathaniel T.,® Mar. 

3, '07, m. 1831, Ann Whitmarsh, rs. Neponsett, has Ann Augustc^ ; 

VI. John,® Mar. 9, '09, m. Mary Elizabeth B. Pratt, r. Old Spain, 

Weym., has John Adams,^ b. May 27, '37 ; Lizza Ma,^ Nov. 6, '62 ; 


VII. Elmiry,* Mar. 1, 1811, died unmarried, Feb. 27, 1829 ; viii. Catherine,^ 
Sep. 6, '13, m. Samuel Barrell; ix. Kebecca,^ June 28, '15, m. James 
Bates; x. Wm.,® Apl. 7, '18, m. Maria Bicknell, rs. N. Weym., has 

Margaret^ and Nathan^ ; 
XI. Prisdlla,® Nov. 14, '20, m. Quinoey Pool. 

149. 318. Wm.,« m. Melatiah Swan, s. in Stoughton, bad i. Jason,' Feb. 15, 1772, 
d. Mar. 1847, m. Cyntbia Horton, r. S., had i. Stephen^ rs. S. ; ii. Jason 

(d.) ; m. Benrf/j rs. S. ; iv. Letvisy r. Randolph ; 
II. Melatiah,' Feb. 16, '76, m. Ames Thayer; 2d, Leonard, Do., r. Band. ; 
* lu. John,' Apl. 19, '78, m. Polly Howard ; 2d, Patty Prentice, rs. Sto., bad 

I. Silence K, Jdne 17, 3802; ii. John, Jly. 17, '05, m. Hanb. F. 

Hplmes, rs. S. ; iii. Albert, Apl. 28, '07, m. Betsey Howard, rs. S. ; 

IV. Harrison, Nov. 26, '13, rs. um. S ; v. Jona, B., May 5, '16, m. 

Mary W. Carey, rs. S. ; vi. Polly ff., Aug. 7, '19, m. Tho. Macna- 

mary, rs. ; vii. Ann P., Sep. 25, '25, m. Elijah P. Whitman, 

rs. Buckfield, Me. ; viii. Jane K,, Deo. 24, '27, m. James 0. Daniels, 

rs. ; IX. Wm. P., Apl. , '38 (d ) ; 

IV. Eobert Swan,' Mar. 18, '80, m. Silence Howard, r. N. Bridgowater, had 

I. Daniel H? (d.) ; ii. Wm.,» rs. N. B. ; in. Robert® (d.) ; 
IV. Hiram*; 

V. Melinda,' June 29, '82, m. Francis Keith, r. Easton ; vi. Elizabeth,' May 
5, '84, m. Isaac Beals, had Eliza, who m. Nathl. Morton, rs. S. ; 
VII. Wm.,' Apl. 1, '86, d. um. at S. 

115. 322. John,^ Col., r. on tho road fr. S. Braintree to Randolph, in a house not 
less than 140 ys. old, and pr. built by Ludden or the elder Dea., John. He 
had by w. Anna Wild, i. Anna,' m. Caleb Thayer, of B.; ii. John,' d. 
um. ; ni. Susanna,' m. Caleb Holbrook ; 

326. 323. IV. Elisha,' Dea., b. Aug. 21, 1775, m. Sarah Thayer; v. Mary,' Mar. 
2, '78, m., for 2d w., Caleb Thayer; vi. Joseph,' Mar. 2, '78, m. Ruth 
Linfield, rs. Randolph, had i. Samuel L,f m. Susan Adams, had Susan^ ; 
Chs.® ; Elihu® ; Ann Augusta** ; 

II. Mary^ m. Ezra Penniman, of B. ; iii. Anna B,^ m. Harvey 
Alden; 2d, Alvin Snell, rs. R., has Abby Ann,^ Eugene,^ Jeanette®; 

VII. Sarah,' m. Samuel Dyer, r. R. ; viii. Abiah,' Jan. 17, 1785, m. Mary 
Thayer, r. B., had 19 children, viz., i. Mary A.^ ; ii. Charlotte®; 

III. Olive® ; iv. Olive® ; v. Abigail® ; vi. Geo. W.® ; vii. Abiah® ; 
VIII. Chs.® ; IX. Infant® ; x. Henry® ; xi. Geo. W.® ; xn. Anna® ; 
XIII. Wm. C.®; XIV. Infant®; xv. Elizabeth®; xvi. Chs. H.®; 
xyii. Justin Edwards® ; xviii. Lucinda® ; xix. Elisha Abiah,® rs. R., 
m. Jane Gibbs (d.) has Chs. H.^ ; 

IX. Charlotte,' m, James Adams, r. Milton ; x. Clarissa,' m. Barnabas 
Lothrop, r. R. 

223; 326. Elisha,' Dea., inherited the homestead in B., m. early in life, applied 
himself with energy, industry and system to business, and was prospered ; 
boeame a pillar in .the chh, and 35 ys. ago, one of her Deacons ; has well 
sustained the good name and standing of each generation of his New Eng- 
land ancestors ; and in a green old age able to anticipate in his line the re- 
covery of the relative position of his sires. He m. Sarah Thayer, b. Sop. 
24, 1776, d. Oct. 27, 1849, and had i. Anna,® Jly. 2, 1793, m. Calvin 
French, of Randolph; ii. Sally S.,® Dec. 26, '94, m. David Blanchard, of 


R. ; III. Abigail,^ Jan. 17, '96, m. Jona. White, of R. ; iv. Jotn,® Sep. 6, 

'97, m. Casendana White, r. R., had i. Wash. Lafayette,^ Aug. 24, 1824, d. 

yg. ; II. John Wash.,^ Aug. 8, '26, d. '36 ; in. FarringUm,^ Oct. 12, 

'28, m. Mariah Dyer ; iv. Aaron,^ May 25, '30, m. Betsey J. Brett ; 

V. Elisha,^ June 18, '33 ; vi. Abraham C? Jly. 5, '35 ; vn. Cas- 
endana? Apl. 2, '37, d. a. 10 ; 

T. Elisha Niles,^ Oct. 31, 1800, rs, R., an extensive manufacturer and trader, 

m. Relief Linfield, Dec. 4, '31, had i. Relief Z.,» Sep. 13, 1824; 

II. Mary W.? Apl. 9, '29 ; in. Elisha,^ Apl. 29, '85 ; 

Yi. Caleb Strong,^ Apl. 10, 1804, rs. R., an extensive shoe manufacturer 

and trader, the proprietor of a splendid and useful garden and fruitery ; and 

distinguished for kind attentions to strangers and liberality to his employees, 

m. Prudence G. Durfee,fr. Fall River, b. Oct. 3,1806, m. Jan. 5, '26, had 

I. EUen Maria? Jan. 81, 27, m. Rev J. W. Willman, of Deny, 

N. H. ; n. Anna E.? Mar. 25, '30 ; ni. Caleb B,? Jan. 31, '36, d. 

yg ; IV. SarcJi J.? Aug. 29, '37. 

310. 330. Nehemiah,^ m. Sarah Wild, r. Braintree, had i. Nehemiah R.,^ rs. B.; 
II. Ludovicus W.,® rs. B. ; in. Sarah F./ m. Jer. Snell; 2d, Silas Snow, 
rs. N. Bridgewater; iv. Caleb J.? m. Mary Whiting, rs. Do.; v, Levi 
Wild,^ m. iSther Curtis, rs. N. York ; vi. Jerusha Thayer,* m. Bmmonfl 
Thayer; vn. Asa W.,« b. Apl. 17, 1812, m. Harriet N. Litdefield, rs. 
Stough., had i. Asa W.? Aug. 19, '34; n. RandaU X? Oct. 13, '87; 

in. Wm. If.? May 29, '41 ; 
vin. Wm. P.® m. Caroline Johnson ; 2d, Fan. Richards, rs. Me. 

141. 337. Ichabod,^ Maj., s. in Randolph, had, by w. Elizabeth (Mann) 

Niles, I. Ichabod, r. R. ; ii. Elizabeth ; in. Peter, r. R. and B. ; 

IV. Samuel, r. R. ; v. Jason, rs. R. ; vi. Elisha' ; vn. Daniel,' r. N. 
Bridgewater; viii. Elizabeth'; ix. Hannah'; x. Relief.' 

142. 344. Ebcnezer,^ m. Betsey Hayden, r. pr. B., had 

I. Zadock'; n. Ebenezer'; in. Betsey'; rv. Charlotte'; v. Olive.' 

143. 847. Tho.,^ m. Sarah Tower, r. B., had i. Tho.,' m. Clark, and rm. to 

Me., had i. Francis,^ who rs. at Albany, N. Y., has two dgs.,® teachers; 

II. John,' m. Billings ; in. Abiezer,' m. Anna Taunt ; rv. Isaac,' d. 

um. ; V. Azubah,' m. John Littlefield; vi. Hannah,' m. Neh. Hayden) 
VII. Sarah,' d. um. ; vin. Rebecca,' m. Wm. Hollis ; ix. Polly,' 1. um. 

136. 351. James,® Esq., m. Rhoda Vinton, r. S. Braintree, had i. Rhoda,' 01* 
Wm. Stetson, r. Randolph ; ii. Lucy, m. Joshua Sampson, r. B. ^ 

III. James,' m. Lydia Read, r. B. ; rv. David,' Esq., Aug. 16, 1782, m-^ 
Beulah Thayer, rs. B., had i. Adaline T,? Aug. 19, 1809 (d.), m. Oti^ 

Ells; II. David A,? Mar. 11, 18 — , m.. Maria Pierce, rs. B. ^ 
• III. Joel E., Nov. 21, 1811, m. Susan Arnold, rs. B., a manufacturetT 
and dealer in shoes ; iv. Elizabeth,^ Jan. 22, '14, m. Elbridge Hayden, 
rs. Quincy ; v. Eunice? June 10, '16, m. David Tirrell, rs. Weym. ; 

VI. Lavina? Jly. 28, '18, m. Francis Tirrell, rs. W. ; vn. Beulah M.f 
Jan. 16, '22, m, Horace Faxon, rs. Q. ; vin. Mary L.? Jly. 13, '25, 
m. Wm. Moor, rs. B. ; ix. Sman F.? Jly. 24, '30, m. Steph. Brad- 
ford, rs. B. ; X. Rosabella? Dec. 16, '35. 

V. Nancy,' m. Caleb Hunt, r. B. ; vi. Samuel,' m. Hah. Vinton, rs. B., had 
only dgs.; vn. Susan,' m. Tho. Leach: 2d, Caleb Hunt; viii. Eunice,7 


m. Lewis French, r. B. ; j\ Ellas/ d. um. ; x. Caleb/ m. Silence Thayer, 
r. R.; 

XI. Moses/ m. Amanda White, r. B. ; xii. Hephabath/ m. Ludovicus 
Holbrook, r. B. *' ♦ 



5. Thomas Holbrooke,^ resided at Scituate, Weymouth and Braintree : and 
was a man of enterprise and wealth. In 1653, 2d, Imo., he bought of Abra- 
ham Harding, a farm at Braintree, of 53 acres, with house and bam ; and 
Nov. 11, 1662, a tract (supposed to be now in Q.) left by Wm. Tyng to his heirs, 
Tho. Brattle, Tho. Shepard, Robert Wharton and Samuel Bradstreet, husbands of 
Tyng's 4 daus. Mar. 1, 1663, he purchased more land in Braintree, and like his 
brothers became the owner of much real estate. He last resided where Minot 

Thayer now lives, in B. or Q. He m. Joanna , who survived him. He made 

biswillJuly 25, 1695, giving to his son Peter, '^ all that estate of lands and 
meadows in Mendon, which he formerly purchased of his brother Wm. He named 
also THo. as his eldest, and no other son. It is possible that the Samuel, No. 6, 
of n. Part and Chapt. lY . was his son and had died previous to the father's making 
his will. A more careful examination of the settlement of his estate in 1696, may 
verify the conjecture and make certain what I have put down as doubtful. In his 
will he requests his cousin [nephew] Samuel Holbrooke, of Braintree, to see to tho 
execution of it, but this nephew having in the meantime deceased, he, March 26, 
1696, requested John Allen to act in his place with Nathaniel Wales, Capt. John 
witnessing it. Administration on his estate, Aug. 19, 1697, was granted his wid., 
Joanna, alias Jone, and his eldest son Tho. [Sun. Prob., xi. 325-7.] He had, 
10. 4. I. Tho.,* who " d. the aged and was buried at B., Dec- 20, 1728," m. De- 
borah Damon, and 2d, Mary , who " was buried, Feb. 14, 1737-8 ; " 

II. Mary,* mentioned in her father's will, m. Colbume ; 

6. III. John,* 15, (8), 1653, at B., d. Dec. 25, 1678, pr. unm. ; 

18. 7. IV. Peter,* Dea., 6, (7), 1655, d. May 3, 1712, m. Alice , and settled 

at Mendon; v. Joanna,* 30, (8), 1656, m. pr. Uriah Clark; vi. Susanna,* 
m. Andrew Willet, of Boston; vii. Joseph,* 10, (12), 1660, d. young. 

4. 10. Tho.,* was received to the 2d Church in B., Mar. 26, 1721, and appears to 
have inherited the homestead at B., m. Deborah Damon, 1666, and 2d, 

Mary , who with her husband at B., 1694-5, consented to the marriage 

of their dau. Sarah, with Trustam Davis, of Hingham. He made his will, 
Oct 16, 1728, which was proved, Jan. 9, '28-9, and administration granted 
his wid. Mary, who d. 1737-8. [Suff. Prob., 27, 8.] 

13. 11. I. Tho.,* who d. prior to 1729, m. Mary ; 

II. Sarah,* who m. Trustam Davis. 

11. 13. Tho.,* m. Mary — , who d. as his wid., and administration on her estate 
was granted, 1729, to her daughter Hannah. They had, 
14. 1. Tho.,* Mar. 13, 1692-3, m. 1718, Ruth Ford, of Weym., and had, 

Sirah,^ bap., Oct. 23, 1738. Tho. Holbrook d. at B., intestate, and 
administration on his estate was granted to Col. Ebenr. Thayer, Hon., 
1763, who came into possession of his place, now Esq. Minot Thayer's. 
II. Mary,* Oct. 20, 1700, m. Seth Copeland, Dec. 12, 1722 ; in. Hannah,* 



Nov. 20, 1702, m. Nathaniel Belcher, l{ov. 18, '31 ; iv. Susanna,* d. Feb. 
23, 1712-13 ; V. Samuel,* b. Apl 29, 1711, v^ho pr. was buried, Sep. 2, 
'28 ; VI. Abigail,* b. Sep. 8, 1715. Records aflford no further guide to any 
descendant of Tho.,^ and the name in his lino seems to have become extinct 
in B. and vicinity. 

7. 18. Peter,^ Dea., m. Alice , who d. Apl. 29, 1705 ; and 2d, Elizabeth 

Pool, who, after his decease, m. Robert Ware, of Wrenth., and d. 1724, 
[Suff. Prob., 23, 202-3.] Dea. Peter, made his will, Jan. 16, 1711-12, 
which was proved. May 29, 1713, and administration granted to his sone, 
John, Peter and Joseph [Suff. Prob., 17, 463-4.] The lands which he left 
to his sons were moat of them subsequently included in Bellingham. 
He was an important man for his day, and laid the foundation of great good 
toliis race, many of whom are still enjoying it within the circle of his former 
influence and possessions. He resided a short distance S. E. of the village 
of Mendon. He had, 

29. 19. I. John,* Sep. 24, 1679, at Braintrce, d. May 11, 1766, at Belling.," in his 
86th year." 

36. 20. II. Peter,* Oct. 16, 1681, at Mendon, d. Dec. 24, 1728, at Bellingham. 

43. 21. ni. Joseph,* May 8, 1683, d. Apl. 25, 1750, at Bell., « in his 67th year." 

52. 22. IV. Silvanus,* Aug. 15, 1685, a housewright, d. at Uxbridge, 1740.. 

V. Joanah,* Mar. 7, 1686-7, and no further reported. . 
56. 24. IV. Richard,* May 30, 1690, whose funeral charges, £1 19s., were paid 

ab. 1770. [Wore. Prob.] 
63. 25. VII. EHphalet,* Jan. 27, 1691-2, d. Oct. 19, 1775, at Bell., "in his 84th yr." 

vm. Wm.,* Mar. 28, 1693-4, m. Hopestill Read, Apl. 9, 1722. 
71. 27; IX. Samuel,* Feb. 27, 1695-6, m. Hannah Albee ; x. Thomas,* d. August 

15, 1702, at " Mendham ; " 

XI. Mary,* bom Oct. 14, 1702, and no further reported. 

19. 29. John,* Comet, m. Hannah , who d. at Belling., Apl. 12, 1770, ** in 

her 86th year." He, ** yeoman," made his will, June, 8, 1757, which was 
proved, June 7, 1765, and administration granted hiswid., Hannah and sons, 
Luke and Aaron. His estate was appraised at £904. [Wore. Prob.] He 
had, I. Tho.,* Mar. 13, 1706-7, d. prior to June, 1757, leaving a son, 

Mi^ to whom his grd. father John, gave all his lands in Brimfleld. 
II. Hannah.* May 4, 1707; iii. Lydia,* Apl. 22, 1711. 

271. 31. IV. Joaah,* Jan. 17, 1714-15, d. Feb. 4, 1783, m. Margt. Ives, 2d, Mary 

Moffet ; V. Moses,* Apl. 23, 1717, m. , and had at Upton, 

Moses^ born July 20, 1762. 

VI. John,* Sep. 24, 1721, at Bell., m. Apl'. 7, '47, Patience Fisher, from 

75. 34. vii. Luke,* Mar. 20, 1724, d. Nov. 3, 1775, in his 52d year, m. Mercy 

Pond, at Medfd. 
83. 35. vni. Aaron,* Aug. 31, 1730, m. Hannah Patridge. 

20. 36. Peter,* " a weaver," w. Hannah Pool, m. Mar. 23, 1713, who m. 2d, The. 

Thayer, July 16, '29, r. M. and Bell. He d. intestate, and adm. was 

granted to his wid., Hannah, Feb. 12, 1728. [Suff. Prob., xxvii. 34.] 
90. 37. I. Peter,* Nov. 26, 1713, at Mendon, chose his uncle John, of BeU., Sep. 

15, 1729, to be his guardian ; ii. Isaac,* Oct. 8, 1715, d. Nov. 29, 'l6. 
97. 39. III. Daniel,* Apl. 8, '17, at Mendon, d. 1765 ; iv. Elizabeth, b. and d. 

Mar. 26, '20, at Bell. ; v. Abigail,* b. and d. May 7, '22; vi. Elizabeth,* 


May 3, '23 ; vij, Isaao. ? His estate at Uxb. inventoried at £70, 16s., 
Jan. 26, 1757, Sam. Read, admr. ; vii. Oliver,'^ Jan. 7, '26-7. 
42. VIII. Abigail,^ May 1, '28. 

21. 43. Joseph,* Husbandman, w. Mary Cook, m. Dec. 29, 1710, r. Bell. His es- 

tate wa^ inventoried May 29,1750. [Suff. Prob. xliv. 122.] 

I. Alice,* Feb. 14, 1710-11, at Mendon; ii. Joanna,^ Dec 21, '12. 
101. 46. m. Joseph,' Dea., Nov. 24, '14, ** d. July 14, 1718, in his 7lst year." 

IV. Rachel,* Jan. 16, '16-17- 
109. 48. V. Asahel,' Jan. 3, '18-19; vi. David,* Mar. 15, '21, at Bell., d. May 29, 

'73, unm. ; vii. Itoy,* Oct. 13, '23 ; viii. Martha,* Dec. 28, '26, d. Jan. 

29 '31. 
117. 51. IX. Jesse,* July 21, '29, d. Apl. 18, 1815, a. « 85 yrs. 9 mo." 

X. Martha,* May 4, '32, d. Jan. 29, '31. 

22. 52. Sylvanus,* carpenter, w. Nancy Cook, m. Mar. 6, 1712-13, r. Mend., sold 

60 acres, and a 5 acre right deeded to him by his father Peter, to his br., 
Eliph., Mar. 19, '15-16 ; who sold him at the same time 65 acres ; had pr. 
I. Sylvanus, ? who m. Thankful Thayer, Oct. 25, '48 ; ii. Ruth,* May 13, 
1715, at Mendon ; iii. John,* Aug. 1, '17, administered with his mother, 
Naomi, on his father's estate, 1740. 

24. 56. Richard,* w. Abial Abby, m. July 18, 1722. 

120. 57. 1. Benj.,* Feb. 14, 1722-3, at Mendon ; ii. Abial,* June 30, '24. 
272. 59. III. Richard,* Feb. 7, '26-7, rm. to Wiscasset, Me., then Pownalboro'; 

IV. Susanna,* d. Jan. 15, '30 ; v. Thankful,* Oct. 24, '31 ; 
VI. Peter,* Jan. 23, '34-5. 

25. 63. Eliphalet,* yeoman, w. Hanh., alias Johanah, Rockwood, b. Aug. 15, 1692, 

m. Nov. ,7, 1716. 
128. 64.1. Ebenezer,* June 3, 1717, at Mendon: n. Seth,* Feb. 26, 1721, at 

Bell., d. Sep. 26, '47. 
143. 66. m. Elipfcalet,* Oct. 25, '25, d. Apl. 28, '76 ; iv. Noah,* Dec. 6, '27. 

V. Caleb,* Jan. 14, '31 ; vi. Elijah,* May 6, '36, d. May 2, '40 ; 
vn. Johonna,* July 21, '38. 

27. 71. Samuel,* w. Hannah Albee, m. Aug. 2, 1721, r. pr. Ux. ; i. Abigail,* Oct.* 

17, 1722, at Mendon; ii. Keziah,* Sep. 27, '24. 
265. 74. m. Samuel,* Dec. 27, '26, m. Lydia Staples. 

34. 75. Luke,*^w. Mercy Pond, m. Jan. 23, 1750-1, r. Bell. He d. intestate, and 

administration was granted to his wid., Mercy, Apl. 1, 76. [Suff. Prob.] 
270. 76. 1. Amos,« M. D., Jan. 23, 1754, d. June 17, 1842, a. 88, m. Melatiah 
Howard, ff. Med., r. Milton;^ ii. Dinah,^ May 1, '57, m. Seth Holbrook, 
(No. 323.) III. Jerusha,^ May 16, '59, d. July 2, 1833, m. Richard Leth- 
bridge ; iv. Lucy,^ May 25, '63, m. Joel Jenks, of Wrenth., 1783 ; 
V. Rachel,^ July 13, '65, d. Nov. 7, '75; vi. Mercy,«Nov. 11, '67, m. 

David HUl, of Bell., '85, and 2d, Jones. 

VII. Sena,^ Jan. 4, '71, m. Joseph P^nniman, of Mend.' 

35. 83. Aaron,* Lt., inherited the homestead in Bell., was member of Provincial 

Congress, 1775; m. Hannah Partridge, of Mend., June 3, 1762, and 2d, 
Elizth. Daniels, Sep. 1, 1813, a wid., fr. Sh., r. Bell., had. 


151. 84. 1. Amzi,* Mar. 4, 1763 ; ii. Abi,« Dec. 16, '64 ; in. Lert,« Feb. 2, '67. 

IV. Phebe,« Jan. 2p, '69 ; v. Benajah,« Apl. 15, 71, d. Jan. 30, '72 ; 

VI. Benajah,* Nov. 19, 72, d. Feb. 1, 1855, m. Judith Badger, b. Sep. 24, 

1779, dg. of Henry B., m. May 4, 1800, and d. Feb. 13, 1844, rm. , 


I. Judith,' Jan. 13, 1801; n. Benajah,' Jan., '05; m. Henry B.,' 
Jan. 4, '07 ; iv. Mary,' Aug. 7, '09 ; v. Chs.,' Aug. 16, '11 ; 
VI. Boxa,' Dec. 4, '13 ; tii. Milton,' Jan. 4, '17, d. '52 ; 
vin. Dewitt,' Aug. 22, '19 ; ix. Ursula,' Jan. 4, '22. 
vii. Hannah,^ Oct. 16, '75. 

37. 90. Peter '^ w. Sarah r. Bell. 

157. 91. Stephen.® Apl. 30, 1737 ; ii. Sarah," " 27 day,"— 1739; m. Sarah,* July 
24, '40, d. May 23. '53 ; iv. Peter,« July 22, '42, d. 1780 ; v. Simeon,^ 
Oct. 10, '44, d. July 20, 1814, unm. at Upton, where he owned a farm 
and mills, which he bequeathed partly to his nephew, Capt. Daniel Hol- 
brook ; vi. Elizabeth,® Apl. 28, '46 ; vii. Jemima,® Oct. 8, '47 ; 
VIII. Timothy,® Oct. 3, '51. 

39. 97. Daniel,^ w. Catherine, r. Mendon, his estate inventoried, Apl. 16, 1765, 
at £951, 10s., but when completely settled in '72, amounted to £219, IBs. 

3d. He owned a forge with Yates, at Uxb. and much land in the E. 

part of Mendon and Bell. His wid.. Kath., administered ; 

I. Peter,® March 1, 1745-6 ; ii. Silas,® Oct. 11, '62, m. Betsey Bridges, of M.; 

III. Daniel,® Feb. 7, '65. 

46. 101. Joseph,'^ Dea. in 2d chh. in Med way, and a substantial citizen of Bell., 

w. Grace , d. May 13, 1791, in her 76th yr. He was a blacksmith, 

and sold, for £49, 16 acres at B., Dec. 30, 1743, to Elnathan Wight His 
will, proved Aug. 130, 1785, gave to his wid.. Grace, the use of his real 
estate, 2 cows and a horse, and at her death his land and his farm tools to 
be equally diirided among his three sons, and the remainder of his estate 
among his 4 daugs., and Joseph to be sole executor : Amariah, Jesse and 
Stephen Holbrook were witnesses. [Suff. Prob., 84, 267.] i. Esther,® Apl. 1, 

1739, m. Thayer ; ii. Bethia,® Apl. 13, '41, m. Hay ward ; 

ra. Phebe,® Nov. 28, '43, m. Amos Richardson, of W. Med. 

fi60. 105. IV. Jona.,® Lt, May 31, '46, m. Anna Patridge. 

168. 106. V. Joseph.® Oct. 15, '48, m. Meletiah Fisher; 

136. 107. VI. Seth,® Nov. 24, '51, d. Nov. 13, 1839, m. Dinah Holbrook, 1775; 

VII. Melatiah,® Feb, 28, '55, m. Nathan Partridge, of Med., 2d, Capt. Tho. 
Adams, of Barre. 

48. 109. Asahel,'^ w. Anna , d. Dec. 22, 1777, r. Bell. ; i. Nathan,® Lt., Feb. 

14, 1743-4, m. Lydia , had James, Jan. 1, '81 ; ii. Mary,® July 15, 

'45 ; III. Anna,® May 24, '47. 
177. 113. IV. Ezekiel,® March 26, '49, s. in N.*H., and become a Shaker; 

V. Habijah,® June 29, '52, m. Freelove Pond, at Wrenth., Aug. 12,72, 

had Anna/ Feb. 20, '74, rm. Torrington, Ct, and d. there. 

VI. Elijah,® Jan. 18, '55, d. at Alstead, N. H., f.of Frances, of Surry. N.H. 
181. 116. VII. Asa.® Mar. 26, '57, d. Mar. 27, '92; viii. Esther,® Feb. 7, '64, d. 

Nov.* 19, '64; IX. Moses,® Feb. 10, '66, d. March 14, '66. 

51. 117. Jesse,^ w. Abigail Thayer, d. June 18, 1805, in her 76th year, r. B.; i- 
Hannah,® Oct. 26, 175~, d. Mar. 9, '76; ii. Huldah,® Sep. 17, 1754, d. 
Sep. 2, '75. 


185. 118. III. Ainariab,^ June 6, '56, d. Sep. 7, '97; iv. Jesse,^ Aug. 7, '64, 
m. Clarissa Hixon, had 8 did., r. Palermo, N. Y. 
V. Lucretia,^ July 18, '66, d. Jan. 29, '90. 

57. 120. Benj.,* w. Abigail Benson, m. 1747 ; 2d, w. Jenisha Fletcher, m. Sep. 4, 

'60, r. M. ; i. Son,« Oct., ; ii. Abigail,^ Aug. 15, '49 ; 

III. Abial,« (dg.), Mar. 4, '52; iv. Iteuben,® July 18, '54, m. Bachael 
Darluig, Mar. 27, '77 ; v. Margery,^ June 25, '61, by 2d w. Jerusha, and 
d. yg. ; VI. Sarah,« May 16. '63.* 

251. 127. vn. Peter,« July 12, '65*; vni. Molly,« Aug. 24, '67, d. yg. 

64. 128. Ebenezer,* w. Keziah White, m. Apl. 26, 1748, 2d w., Abigail Adams, 
fr. Wrenth., m. Sep. 27, '57, r. Mendon ; i. Abigail,^ May 22, '49; 

II. Elioenai,^ (dg.), June 29, '50 ; in. Ziba,« Aug. 8, '52. 

243. 132. IV. Darius,^ Jan. 8, '54 ; v. Ebenezer,^ Apl. 7, '55, d. Aug. 30, '64 ; 

VI. Khoda,^ Aug. 25, '58 ; vii. Keziah," Mar. 17, '60 ; viii. Ebenezer,® Oct. 
24, '62, d. Jan. 6, '67 ; ix. Calvin,^ Jan. 6, '65, m. Sabra Patridge, 
Dec. 18, '92, at B. ; x. Abigail," Oct. 21, '66. 

107. 136. Seth,^ a soldier of the revolution, drew a pension, w. Dinah Holbrook, 
(No. 329), r. Bell..; i. Eachel," Jan. 17, 1777 ; ii. Clary," Jan. 22, '79 ; 

III. Esther," Nov. 5, '80 ; iv. Roxanna,^ July 24, '82 ; v. Luke," July 12, 
'84, rm. N. Y. 

264. 139. VI. Sabin," Oct. 19, '86, d. 1833, r. Dorch. and Bell. ; vii. Seth," July 29, 
1789, r. B. ; viii. Persis," Oct. 14, '91 ; ix. Merinda," Sep. 3, '94, d. Oct. 
24, '95 ; X. Valentine Eathbum," Dec. 14, 1800, r. Bell. 

66. 143. Eliphalet,* w. Abigail Wight, m. Nov. 26, 1753, d. Sep. 3, 1808, r. B. 
He d. intestate, and administration was granted his son Henry, Apl. 10, 
1778, on whom the homestead was settled ; i. Olive," Apl. 4, '54. 

196. 144. n. Henry," Aug. 27, '56, d. Oct. 1, 1833 ; in. Martha," Oct. 11, '58 ; 

IV. Caleb," Nov. 1, '60. 

201. 147. V. Peter," Nov. 23, '62, d. Dec. 3, 1837, m. Mary Bates, fr. Mend. , b. Feb. 
10, '67 ; VI. Seth," July 17, '65, m. Hanh. Bates, Jan. 21, '98, r. B. ; 
vn. Nathan," July 24, '68, m. Sally Bates, May 29, '93, had at M., 

I. Arba^ May 23, '95 ; ii. Diana^ Aug. 25, '97 ; in. JDenmsJ 
vin. Peruda," Mar. 24, '70 ; ix. Eliab," JFeb. 20, 72, d. Oct. 16, '75 ; 

X. Eliphalet," Feb. 9, '74, d. Oct. 15, '75. 

XI. Abigail," June 9, '76, d. aged 6 weeks ; xii. Abigail. 

84. 151. Amzi," w. Sarah, r. Bell; i. Rhoda/ Apl. 8, 1791; ii. Aaron,^ July 25, 
'93, rm. Hardwick, and m. Margery Ware, of Wrenth., Mar. 2, 1806; 
in. Betsey,' Aug. 31, '95 ; iv. Patty,' Aug. 9, '99 ; 

V. Sarah,''^Mar. 15, 1802. 

91. 157. Stei^en," w. Rachel Cook, dg. of Walter C, of Mend., r. Bell. ; 

I. Sarah,' Jan. 15, 1765. 
261.? 159. II. Stephen,' Sep. 29, '67. 
211. 160. III. Amasa,' Dec. 31, '69, d. May 28, 1815 ; iv. Simeon," Sep. 1, '72 ; 

V. Peter,' ? pr, who was killed by a tree in Upton. 

* None but Sarah and Peter are mentioned bj Jerusha, administratrix of Benj.'s estate in 
1768. Another BeDJ. and John Holbrook r. then m or near Mend. 



162. Peter,« w. Huldah Wood ; 
217. 163. I. David/ d. at Grantham, N. H. ; 

u. Margery/ Oct. 31, 1769, m. Winter; 

221. 166. in. Nathan/ Apl. 12, 72, m. Lydia Hayward ; 

228. 166. IV. Daniel,' Cpt, Aug. 21, 77, d. Jly. 1826 ; v. Jemima,' Jan. 15, 

'81, m. Joseph Hunt, had 13 chd. ' 

106. 168. Joseph,® w. Melatiah Fisher, m. Nov. 7, 70, r. Wrenth., BelL and Wor., 

I. Phineas/ Sep. 15, 1771, m. Polly Wales, of Fr'k., Nov. 4, '95, r.Worces.; 

II. Hepsibath,'^ Nov. 7, 73, at WrentL. ; m. LemsJ Oct 6, 75, s. in Wor.; 

IV. Melatiah/ Aug. 23, '80; v. Julia,' Sep. 15, '84; vi. Edena/ Dec. 
25, '86, m. Sewall Sanford, of Med. ; vii. Julia/ May 7, *90; vin. Silva/ 
Aug. 6, '92. 

H3. 177. Ezekiel,* w. Sarah Sumner, m. Mar. 10, 1773, r. B. and N. H. 

t I. Martin,' Jly. 11, '73, at B. ; ii. Sumner/ Jan. 28, '77 ; in. Otis/ Apl 

80, '78. 

116. 181. Asa,® w. Melatiah Bockwood, who was appointed adminz. on his estate^ 
Aug. 7, 1792, r. Bell. i. Silvanus/ Mar. 8, 1781 ; ii. Deborah/ Sep. 30, 
'83 ; III. Cephas,' Nov. 16, '87, r. Woonsocket ; it. Anna,' Nov. 23, '90, 
d. June 15, ^92. 

118. 185. Amariah,® w., Molly Wright, fr. Frank., r. Bell. i. Tryphena/ Jan. 
17, 1779, m. Levi Rockwood ; ii. Abigail,' May 12, and d. June 24, '80 ; 

III. Nahum/ Apl. 2, '81, m. Susan Rockwood ; iv. Amos/ Apl. 27, '83, m. 
Lucretia, dg. of Elisha Burr, of Bell. ; v. Amariah,' Jan. 23, '85, m. Tina 
Holbrook, Mar. 6, 1806, r. Sandy Hill, N. Y. ; vi. Joel/ Feb. 2, '87, m. 
Elpear Stratton, r. Glens Falls, N. Y. ; vii. Abigail,' June 2, '89, m. 
Amos Adams, r. B. ; vm. Asa,' May 18, '92, m. Mercy New ; 2d, Anna 
Smith, r. Dudley ; ix. Nathan,' Apl. 8, '94, m. Ruth Albee, r. Banre, (no 
chd.) ; X. Lyman,', m. Hepsibath Freeman, r. Bell. 

144. 196. Henry,« w. Elizabeth Cook, b. Jly. 16, 1758, d. May 2, 1809; 2d, 
w. Eunice Badger, b. June 17, '69, d. Mar. 10, 1818, r. Bell ; 
197. 1. Eliphalet,' Apl. 13, '82, was a gunsmith, r. Holl. ; 

246. 198. II. Eliab/ May 6, '84, m. Betsey Ide, had Eliab, and r. Bell. ; 
in. Anna/ Mar. 29, '86, r. um. in Bell. ; 

248. 200. IV. Henry,' Jly. 31, '90, m. Sarah Trask, r. Oakham. 

147. 201. Peter,® w. Mary Bates, d. Apl. 19, 1850, a. 83, r. Swanzey, N. H. ; 

I. Elkanah,' Jan. 21, 1788. at Bell. ; ii. Julia/ Nov. 21, '89, d. Jly. Id, 
1845; III. Isaac Bates/ Jan. 21, '92 ; iv. Clark Bates/ Apl. 11, '94 > 

V. Mary/ Feb. 24, '97, d. Sep. 23, 1854; vi. Peter/ Jly. 28, '99, d. Jly- 
30, 1819; VII. Olive/ Jan. 26; 1804, at Swanzey, d. Apl. 7, 1849 ; 

263. 209. VIII. Helen/ Aug. 27, 1807 ; ix. Sophia/ May 12, 1812. 

160. 211. Amasa/ w, Sabra Ellis, m. Apl. 3, '94, r.' Bell. i. Ellis,« May 9^ 
1795, m. Eliza Allen, r. Frank. ; ii. Lewis,^ Nov. 15, '96, d. Sep. 29, '97 ^ 
ni. Pliny ,^ Dec. 14, '98, m. Martha Perkins, r. Worcester; iv. SabraV-^ 
and V. Babrina,^ Aug. 6 and 7, 1800 ; each m. Peter Joice ; vi. Hannah,' 
Oct. 13, 1811, r. um., Worcester. 

163. 217. David/ w. Anna Ward, d. June 4, 1804, r. Up. and Croydon, had 


I. Peter,^ Sep. 9, 1791, m. Betsey Holbrook, his cousin, and had 

I. Leander^ Esq., r. Milford; ii. Nathan^ d. at do. ab. 1850; 

II. Anna,^ Feb. 11, '96, m. Doct. Jennings, of Croydon ; m. Bathsheba,® 
Feb, 25, 1804, m, , r. Lenox. 

165. 221. Nathan,' w., Lydia Hay ward, r. Upton, had i. Margery,® m. Asa Lockey, 
r. U. ; II. Betsey,® m. Peter Holbrook, her cousin; ni. Lydia,® m. Otis C. 
Farrer ; iv. Nathan,® m. Keziah Dodd or Dodge, r. Up. ; v. Mahala,® m. 

, r. Guilford, Vt., rm. West ; vi. Serepta,® m. , r. (Juilford, Vt., and 

rm. West. 

166. 228. Daniel,' w. Sabrinah Ward, d. Feb. 1827, r. Upton; 

239. 229. I. Simeon,® Apl. 15, 1798, d. 1852, m. OhlotUda Farrer ; 

242. 230. II. Nahum W.,® Hn., Dec. 21, 1800, m. SaUy Perry ; in. Huldah,® Sep. 

1, 1802 (d.), m. Stacy Bosworth, r. U. ; iv. Ann,® June 11, '04, m. 

Andrew A. Wheeler, r. N. Y. ; v. Sarah,® Feb. 12, '07, d. Nov. 4, '07 ; 
233. VI. Jona. D.,® Nov. 11, '08, m. Lydia Whitney ; 2d, liucy Hutchenson; 

vn. Melita,® Apl. 1, '11, d. aged ab. 18 yrs. ; vni. Julianna,® Jly. 18, 

'13, m. David Bosworth, r. U. ; ix. Daniel,® Oct, 7, '15, m. Hayward; 

2d, Anna DeWolf, r. U.; x. Ezra W.,« Aug. 18, '18, d. Feb. 18, '20 ; 
262. 238. XI. Ezra W.,* Sep. 6, '20, m. Polly Hatch, r. U. 

229. 239. Simeon,® w., Ghlotilda Farrer ; 2d, Nancy Shepard Gore, r. Upton; 

I. Benj.,^ June 8, 1824, m. Lydia M. Lackey, r., a trader in U., had 

Edgar A.,^^ June 14, 1853 ; 
n. Ezra,^ m. Mary Clark, r. Slilfd. ; in. Jane E.,^ m. Augustus Fisk, r. U. ; 
IV. Geo.,* r. U. ; v. Chloe,* ; and by 2d w. vi. Mary E.® ; and 
VII. Josephine.® 

230. 242. Nahum,® a prominent citizen of Upton, and her late representative in the 

Leg. of Mass., is the proprietor of mills, 1 m. S. of the centre of U. He m. 
1st, Sally Perry ; and 2d, in 1840, Mary Ann Forbush, and had 
I. Andrew W., ® May 12, 1829, gone to Australia; n. Sarah M.,^ Apl. 11, 
'30 ; m. Chs. E.,* Mar. 22, '33, m. Julia J. Bradford, r. Toledo, 0. ; 
IV. James,® Jan. 17, '35 ; v. David,» Mar. 4, '39 ; vi. Wm. H.,* Apl. 6, 
'41; VII. Melita A.,' June 14, '42; viii. Harriet E.,® Aug. 11, '43; 
IX. Helen F.,® Jly. 21, '45; x. Daniel W.,® Jly. 5, '47 ; xi. Nahum A.»® 
June 22, '49 ; xn. Mary S.,® June 2, '51, d. Sep. 15, '52; xiii. Heniy 
C,® Jan. 28, '53. 

132. 243. Darius,® w., Olive, r. Bell, had i. Keziah,^ Dec. 1, 1784, d. Dec. 28, 
'92 ; II. Flavins,^ Jly. 28, '95. 

245. Eliphalet,' w., Julia Dewing, m. Nov. 26, 1812, r. B. i. Harlow W.,® 
May 22, 1814 ; ii. Clarissa Lethbridge,® Apl. 20, '16 ; in. Gilbert,® Feb. 
8, '18; IV. Joseph W.,® Jan. 18,^20; v. Julia Ann,® Nov. 13, '21; 
VI. EUphalet,® Mar. 31, '24 ; vii. Elisha D.,® Sep. 1, '26 ; viii. Henry,® 
Nov. 18, '29. 

198. 246. Eliab,'w., Betsey Hyde, had i. Elizabeth,® June 25, 1811 ; n.Lurania,® 
Oct. 31, '15 ; III. Eliab,® Oct. 8, '17. 

200. 248. Henry,' w., Sarah Trask, r. Oakham, had i. Mary B.,® m. Asahel C. 
Boyd, r. ; ii. Jaraes T.,® Dec. 25, 1820, m. Electa B. Morse, r. Oak- 
ham ; in. Sarah A.,® June 11, 23, m. John N. Morse, r. Dorchester. 


127. 251. Peter,« w., PoUy , r. Mendon, had i. Henry/ Sep. 1, 1786 ; 

258. 253. II. George/ June 14, '88 ; 

259. 254. III. Benj./ Jly. 24, '90 ; iv. Seth/ Apl. 24, '93 ; y. Qenet^ (a son) s 

Oct. 8, '95, d. Nov. 21, 1826, a grocer in Bos., was a member of AmericaO' 
Artillery Co., *' to whose festivities he added much, by the taste and purity of 
his songs." [His. of A. Co.] ; vi. Betsey T./ Sep. 3, 1805. 

251. 258. George/ w., Mary, r. Mend. i. Elsworth C.,* Mar. 17, 1815^ 
II. Mary §.,» May 14, '17 ; iii. Geo. R.,« Juno 9, '19 ; iv. John S.,« Jly- 
21, '21. 

254. 259. Benj./ w., Polly, r. Mend. i. Sewall,« Jan. 5, 1812 ;.ii. Chs.,« Dec. 
15, '17; III. Benj.,«Mar. 20, '20; iv. Mellen,« Dec. 2, '22; v. Delia,* 
Sep. 20, '25 ; vi. Albert,^ Sep. 23, '28 ; vn. Henry ,» June 10, '33. 

105. 260. Jona.,° Lt., w., Anna Patridge, who was appointed to administer on his 
estate, Apl. 2, 1793, r. Medway. i. Molly,^ Feb. 9, 1772 ; m. Jacob Cutler, r. 
Wendall ; ii. Patridge/ Dec. 5, '74 ; iii. Abner' ; iv. David/ d. in Bos.,uin. 

159. ? 261. Stephen,^ w., Mary Penniman; 2d, w. Chloe, r. Uxb. and Sutton. 
I. Chloe ; II. Rachel ; iii. Martha ; rv. Hannah ; v. Henry,' m. Sarah 
Wadsworth, r. Barre Plains, has Joseph U.,^ rs. Bos. ; vi. Silvanus ; 
vn. Wilder; viii. EUery; ix. Willardj'^A. M., Rev., at Uxb. ; fitted for 
Col. at Leicest. Acad. ; grad. at B., U., 1814, and at And. Theo. Sem., 
1817 ; ord. at Rowley., Jly. 22, 1818; honorably dismissed, May 12, 'i^\ 
installed at Blackstone, Aug. 18, '4i, and dismissed Feb. 19, '50, and re- 
turned to Rowley, where he now resides, supplying neighboring pulpits. He 
m. Margaret, dg. of John Crocker, by w. Margaret Choat, aunt to Hon. 
Rufas C., and had i. Amory,^ grad. at Bowdoin Col., 1841 ; read law with 

Hon. Rufus C. ; and is Dis. Attorney for Oregon; n. John C.,^d. 

1829 ; III. Willard R.,« rs. New York. 

238. 262. Ezra W.,» w. Polly Hatch, rs. Upton, has i. Melissa Adeliza/^ b. Nov- 
30, 1840 ; 11. Wm. Henry,i^ Oct. 17, '42 ; in. Sewall B.^° ; rv. Louisa^** ^ 
V, Son,i« b. 1854. 

209. 263. Helen/ m. Harriet M. ? King, b. Dec. 26, 1821, dg. of Geo. K., of 
New Salem ; and r. Orange, and had i. Harriet M.,^ May 22, 1844, d. Sep' 
8, '44, at O. ; ii. Ann Elizabeth H.,« Feb. 19, '46, at 0. ; in. Maria W.^ 
May 10, '51, at Erving. 

139. 264. Sabin,« w., Mary , b. Mar. 27, 1787, d. 1824-5, r. Dorchester anc^ 

Bell. I. Sabin/jun., Sep. 18, 1813; ii. Mary/ Nov. 5, 1815, m. Benj^ 
F. Johnson ; in. Joseph Warren,'^ Jan. 18, 1817 ; iv. Amanda,'^ June 2^ 
1819, m. Nathan Upham ; v. Supply Twyng,' Sep. 7, 1821, resides at> 
Norwich, Ct., a Professor of music. 

74. 265. Samuel,^ s. in Uxbridge, where he died, 1768, leaving a will, dated Sep. 
24, '67, directing his estate to be divided to his two sons and four daughters, 
and the sons to have three times as much as the daughters. His estate was 
inventoried, Sep. 23, '68, at £361 lis. Moses Famum, executor. He m. 
Lydia Staples, and had i. Jonathan,^ m. Abigail Benson, fr. Mend. ; 
267. 266. II. Daniel,^ m. Joanna Benson; in. Lydia^; iv. Abigail^; v. Han- 
nah^; VI. Deborah.^ 


3. 267. Daniel,® m. Joanna Benson, fr. Mendon, settled in Chesterfield, N. H., 

was a soldier of the Revolution, and had i. Abigail/ b. ab. 1783, m. 

Crouch, and rs. Chesterfield ; ii. Theresa,' b. ab. 1786, d, yg. ; iii. Henry 
Benson,' b. ab. 1788, m. Deborah Foster, and r. Grovemeur, N. Y., has two 
sons,^ lawyers; and several dj^«.,^m. clergymen; iv. Marcus,' b. ab. 1791, 
m. Abigail Wilds, and r. Lima, 111., has Ghs,,^ M. D., ; Albert (d.), 

lawyer ; and others^ ; 
V. Lydia,' b. ab. 1793, m. Daniel Thayer, and r. Chesterfield, and Win- 
chester, N. H. ; 

►- 268. VI. Daniel,' jun., b. 1796, m. Malinda Holden, fr. Lunenburg; 
viT. Susan,' b. ab. 1798, m. Lyman Parker, r. Swanzey ; viii. Rufus,' b. 
ab. 1801, m. Mary Wyman, fr. Keen, r. Ch'stown ; ix. Almira,' b. ab. 
1803, m. Joseph Dwinnel, fr. K., r. Glover, Vt. ; x. Abraham Staples,' b. 
ab. 1806, m. Sarah Dearborn, fr. Canda, N. H., r. Lowell; xi. Millins,' 
b. ab. 1808, m. Laura Temple, of S., and r. Swanzey. 

. 269. Daniel,' settled in Bos. i. Chs. Henry Benson,^ Mar. 9, 1822, d. Ap. 
15, '35 ; II. Harriet Caroline,^ Sep. 17, '23, m. John P. Flagg, r. Cam- 
bridge ; m. Greo. Edward,^ Mar. 30, '26, m. Eliza Miller, of Bos., r. Mel- 
rose ; IV. Josephine Malinda,^ Dec. 20, '29, m. Alfred Augustus Stocker, 
M. D., r. Charlestown, has Alfred ; v. Andrew Jackson,^ Aug. 16, '33, rs., 
a clerk in Bos. ; vi. Daniel,® jun., Jan. 20, '37, a member of Jl. University ; 
VII. Mary Frances,® Dec. 30, '39; viii. Susan Emma,® Aug. 1, '43. 

270. Amos,® M. D., had his residence in Milton, at first in the village, after- 
wards upon Milton Hill, and was one of the most eminent medical men in the 
county during the whole period in which he lived. He had not the advan- 
tage of a collegiate education ; but this infelicity was more than compensated 
by the experience he acquired in the service of his country as army surgeon, 
and by his subsequent residence for several months in France, where his time 
was profitably occupied in witnessing the practice of the hbspitals, and thus 
adding to his stores of practical knowledge. Endowed by nature with an 
elegant person, he added to it a courteousness of address and suavity of man- 
ners which won him favor in whatever circle he moved. He was beloved as 
a physician and citizen, and sustained his popularity undiminished to the 
close of a long life. For many years he engrossed the principal medical 
business of Dorch. as well as Milton. A very just sketch of his character, by 
his friend and pupil. Dr. Thaddeus W. Harris, was published in the Boston 
Courier soon after his death, and thence copied into the Boston Medical and 
Surgical Journal of Jly. 13, 1842, and subsequently by Dr. Williams into 
his Medical Biography. [Dr. Alden.] Dr. H. d. June 17, 1842, a. 88. 
He m. Melatiah Howard, of Medway, in 1773, who d. Feb. 1, 1782, a. 31, 
and 2d, Patience Vose, of Milton, b. Aug. 14, 1763, d. Mar, 17, '88, a. 
24, and 3d, Jerusha Robinson, of Dorchester, b. Mar. 11, '64, d. Nov. 21, 
1838, a. 73, s. in Milton, and had 

I. Samuel,' Cpt., Aug. 15, 1773, m. June 8, 1800, Sarah (Mears) Robinson, 
who d. Mar. 29, 1801, r. Dorchr., sailed fr. Providence in the employ of the 
De Wolfs, for N. W. Coast, Jly. 31, 1800 ; was lost on the return voyage, ab. 
Feb. 22, 1802. He had i. Geo. !r/^07na«,®b. Mar. 14,1801, d. Aug. 30, 1810; 

II. Polly,' May 6, 1775 ; iii. Betsey Allen,' Dec. 26, 1778, m. Amasa 
Fuller, of D., Feb. 12, 1814 ; iv. Charles Harvey,' Aug. 9, '81, d. May, '82 ; 
V. Clarissa,' Aug. 23, '84, by 2d wife, and who m. Mar. 20, 1810, Dr. 
Henry Grardner, of Dorchester, and had 


I. Clarissa HMrook Gardner,^ Feb. 10, 1811, d. Jly. 11, '36 ; 

II. Henry Joseph Oardnxb,^ Juno 14, 1818, jd. Nov. 21, 1843, Helen 
Elizabeth Cobb ; was chosen Gov. of Mass., for 1855, has Heniy G. f 
m. Matilda Susanna,^ Aug. 16, 1822, d. Aug. 28, '41 ; 

VI. Wm.,' Sep. 22, 1790, d. Aug. 27, '94 ; vn. Sarah Perkins,' JIj. 14, 
1794, m. Nov. 20, 1816, Wm. EUery Vincent, of Dorch. and Bos., had 

I. Wm. K? Aug. 14, 1818; ii. Sarah Btten,^ Apl. 24, '20; 

ni. Geo. ir.,8 Oct. 12, '26 ; 
viii. Wm.,' May 27, 1795. d. Feb. 12, 1812; ix. Catherine,' Jly. 6, 
1799, d. Jan. 29, 1801 ; x. George,' Jan. 6, 1802, d. Jan. 29, 1806; 
XI. Catherine,' May 31, 1804, m. Thaddeus W. Harris, A. M., M. D., 
son of Eev. Thaddeus Mason Harris, D. D., formerly of Dorch., who is the 
Librarian of Harvard University, and the American Entomologist, and had 

I. Wm. Thaddeus,^ Jan. 25, 1826, A. M., LL. B., d. Oct. 19, '54. 
For the history of this amiable and eminent young man, to whose 
labors I am much indebted, see Genealogical Register, Vol. ix. p. 99 ; 

II. Sarah Gatherine? Nov. 7, 1827, d. Sep. 10, '28; m. Harrid 
Gardner,^ Jan. 2, '29 ; iv. Emm<i Forhe9,^iee. 16, '80 ; v. Charles,^ 
Oct 2, '32 ; VI. Catherine,^ Oct. 2, '32 ; vii. Amos Holbrook,^ JI7. 
9, '34 ; VIII. Clarendon? Mar. 24, '86 ; ix. Edward IhuhUday? 
Sep. 20, '39 ; x. Tho, Robinson,^ Jan. 15, '42 ; xi. Mary EUzabeih? 
Nov. 1, '44. 

31. 271. Josiah,^ a soldier in two French wars, r. at Sturbridge; and 2d, at 
Adams ; and 3d, at Pompey, N. Y., where he d. He m. Peggy lyes; 
and 2d, Mary Moffett, and had i. Josiah,^ who m. Bachel Wright, r. 
Pompey, N. Y., and had i. Sila£ ; 11. Festui ; in. Jonah Gate/; 

IV. Adolplm/ ; v. Samuel W? ; vi. AingaiV ; vn. Rachel^ ; 

vin. Electa^ ; 1x4 AmandcH ; x. Martha! ; 

II. Silas,^ who m. Terza or Thirsa Taylor, in Vt., r. Sipio, N. Y., and had 

I. Silas Armi ^ Judge), r. Coldwater, Mich. ; and six others ; 

III. David,« Doct., b. Jly. 28, 1760, d. Nov. 29, 18^2. He was a soldier 
of the Bevolution, and received a wound in the battle of Bennington. He 
settled in Lafayette, N. Y., as a physician, m. Mehetabel Wells, fr. Goshan, 
N. Y., who d. at L., aged 58 yrs. They had i. Oharles A,J Jly. 28, 

1782, m. Lois Holcomb, r. Salina, had Emily^ (d.) ; Mary, Albert, 
Meniy, Emeline, 

II. Bavid! Feb. 14, 1786 (d.) ; ni. George Fl,' Sep. 20, 1790, m. 
Sally CadwpU, Mar. 4, 1817, r. Fleming, N. Y., had Mehetabel,® Apl 

11, 1818 ; Sally,« Apl. 23, '19 ; David C.,« Oct. 16, '20 ; Eliza,' 
Oct. 5, '21 ; Clarena,® Jan. 8, '23 ; Geo. E.,« Jly. 19, '24; Map 
garet L.,« Sep. 15, '25 ; Marcy C.,« Jly. 14, '27 ; Emily C," Sep. 

23, '28 ; Henry W..« Nov. 17, '29 ; Alina,« 1831 (d.) ; 

IV. HenryJ Feb. 28, 1798, m. Mary Cornell, r. Turkeyfoot, Somerset 
Co., Pa., had Chs. H. ; Eggleton W. ; David B. ; Hiram M., &;c.; 

V. Hiram? Aug.- 2, 1803, m. Mary Ives, b. Jan. 1, 1806, m. Jan. 18, 
'27, and had Cornelia, m. Pulp,skiKing ; Nancy A., m. Landon CBoee; 

VI. Emily? June 19, 1806, m. Conrad Hotalin, b. Aug. 31, 1800, r. 
Lafayette, N. Y., had Garrett,^ Nov. 30, '26 ; Nancy,® Dec. 3, '27, d. 

yg. ; David H.,® Aug. 25, '29 ; Cornelia,® Sep. 1. '32; Geo. W.,« 
Aug. 2, '34 ; Ellen A.,® Apl. 22, '36 ; Hiram M.,® May 7, '38; 
Albert T.,® Dec. 26, '40; Wm. D.,» Dec. 6, '42; Chs. E.,« Aug. 

24, '44 ; Guy T.,® Oct. 14, '46 ; 


IV. Walter,* who d. nm. in Steuben Co., N. Y. ,• v. Margaret," m. Hazel 
Gates, r. Springfield ; vi. Baruck,* m. Diada Duguid, r. Columbas, 0., bad 

I. Manf ; n. Albert ; iii. Eunice^ ; iv. Artesmesic! ; v. JozepW ; and 
six others ; 

Yii. Lake," ivho m. Ellen Duguid, r. Pompey, and had i. Socraiei ; 

II. George'; in. Wm/; iv. Harvey'; v. Altamira'; vr. Emily.' 

59. 272. B.ichard,'' went from '^ Mendham," now Mendon to Wiscasset, Me., m. 

^ and had i. Peter,® who settled in Starks, Somerset Co., Me. ; 

n. Joseph,® master of a vessel, s. at Baltimore, Md. ; iii. Benj.,® master of 
do., d. ab. 1852, at Starks, Me. ; iv. John,® who s. in Jefferson, Me. ; 

V. Bichard,® master of a vessel, r. Wiscasset ; 

281. 278. VI. Solomon,® a farmer, r. Wiscasset; vir. Betsey,® m. Cpt. Richard 
Nutter ; viii. Susan,® m. Amasa Soule, of Palermo, Me. ; ix. Sarah,® who 
m. Cpt. John Decker ; x. Other children,® not reported. 

278. 281. Solomon,® m. Abigail Nason, and had at W. i. John,' who d. at Cuba, 

um. ; II. Sarah H., m. Stephen Elliot ; in. Samuel,' b. Jly. 25, 1801, m. 

Lucy K. Parsons, rs. at Boston, as Water Clerk, had i. Edwin Jf.,® m. 

Nancy Gilbert, and rs. at Ogdensburgh, N. Y. ; ii. Lucy K, P.® / 

III. Annie E,^ d. a. 17; iv. Margaret P.®; v. Maria Louise? ; 

VI. SeweW; 

IV. Abigail,' um. ; v. Joseph,' who m. Nutting, rs. at Cambridge ; 

VI. Solomon,' who m. Mary Nutting, and rs. at Waltham ; vii. Betsey,' 
um. ; VIII. Abraham N.,' who m. Kittle, and d. at Wiscasset ; 

IX. Bradford Y.,' who m. Susan Greenleaf ; 2d, Head, r. W. ; 

X. Maria M.,' who m. Wadlugh, rs. in N. H. ; xi. Helen S.,' d. um. ; 

XII. Mary,' who m. Adams, rs. at Watham. 



4. William Holbrooke,^ Capt. and Dea., purchased in 1660, land in Coni- ^ 
hasset, but did not, as Itev. Mr. Deane supposes, settle early upon it. He 
remained at Weym. In 1662, he was one of 10 citizens of W., who were 
accepted to allotments of land in Mendon, by the original grantee of that township, 
and was with associates to be settled there by 7mo., 1663. He there had a house lot 
of 40 acres assigned him, which with his interest in the common lands he must have 
secured by taking possession. This lot he sold, Dec. 2, 1679, to his nephew Peter ; 
and other lands which he, as a proprietor of Mendon, drew, he sold to his brothers, 
John and Tho. In 1670, he bought of Moses Paine 40 acres E. of Mendon village. 
His propriety was inherited by his heirs, who as late as 1729 driew in his right 165 
acres W. of Great River [Uxbridge]. He was, no doubt, an inhabitant of M. at 
the beginning of Philip's war, and must have shared with others in the burning of 
the town, and the perils of Indian warfare. In 1676, he is supposed to have retreated 
with his family to W., and to have afterwards been a steady resident at Scituate. 
He lived near the road from Cohasset to Scituate, ** ^m. W. of Capt. Pierce's." 
[Dean's His. of Scit.] I have met with no account of any settlement of his estate. 
He m. Elizabeth , who d. his wid. at Scit., 1701. He had, . 


12. 5. 1. Wm.,8 Ens., b. 23, (4), 1657, at Weym., d. Nov. 19, 1710, at Mend. 

13. 6. II. Coraeliu8,8 19, (9), 1662, at W., m. Margery . 

20. 7. III. Samuel,^ b. pr. at Mendon, d. Oct. 27, 1719 ; iv. John,^ b. pr. at 

Mendon, d. May 3, 1721 ; v. Millecent,'^ who m. Sprague, 2d, 

Peck ; VI. Persis,® who m. John Farrow, 1696 ; vii. Experience,' who m. 
Albee, 2d, Hyd^ ; and two other daughters. 

5. 12. Wm.,^ Ens., m. Margaret Fairbank, at Sherbom, whose father was near 
neighbor to his father's reputed cousin, Tho. Holbrook, and not on the route 
from Weymouth to Mendon. He settled at Mendon, on lands drawn in his 
father's right, and was one of the aristocracy of the village. He was rich. 
He ** gent.," and pr. a merchant, made his will, Nov. 15, 1714, which was 
proved, Deo. 16, 1714 ; and administration granted his wid., Margaret, B«t. 
Grendall Eawson, Tho. Sanford, and his kinsman, Samuel Eead, jun. In 
his will he mentions no child or grandchild. [Suff. Prob., 18, 204.] He had, 
I. Mary, Dec. 18, 1684, d. Jan. 22, 1684 ; ii. Margaret, July 28, 1687, 
d. Nov. 28, 1687 ; iii. Wm., Mar. 28, 1693-4, pr. d. yg. 

6. 13. Cornelius,^ m. Margery , 2d, Experience , who d. Jan. 19, 1742, 

s. in S. Weym., pr. on land left him by his father. He made his will, Feb. 
4, 1741, which was proved, Dec. 24, 1742, and administration gnmted his son 
Wm. [Suff. Prob., 36, 119.] He had, i. Mehetabel,* Mar. 10, 1687, m. 
— Corbet; ii. Margaret,* d. unm., 1764, and her ** only brother, Wm.," 
June 14, '65, appointed to admin, on her estate. [Suff. Prob.] ; 
III. Experience,* who m. Timothy Thayer, Apl. 24, 1725 ; iv. Elizabeth,* 
May 23, 1695, m. Samuel Jackson, of Abington, Jan. 17, 1715-16 ; 

V. Abigail,* Aug. 19, 1697, m. Jones ; vi. Mary,* m. Ebenr. Bick- 

nell, Jan. 30, 1726-7. 
25. 19. vii. Wm.,* July 4, 1709, m. Margaret Torry ; 
VIII. Hannah,* Feb. 9, 1711, d. yg. 

7. 20. Samuel,' settled with his father in Scituate, where he was constable, 1685. 

His wid., Mary, d. Apl. 26, 1735 ; i. Bethia,* Apl. 2, 1681 ; ii. Elizabeth,* 
1684 ; III. Mary,* Nov. 2, 1686, m. Eleazer Daniell, 1709. 
31. 24. IV. Samuel,* Feb. 9, 1688, m. Jane Clapp, Dec. 15, 1708. 

19. 25. Wm.,* settled at Weym., inheriting probably and occupying the land in S. 
Weym., originally his grd. father Wm.'s.^ He m. Feb. 20, 1733-4, Mar- 
garet Torry, who d. July 29, '36 ; and 2d, Elizabeth Pool, whose intention of 
m. was entered, Jan. 15, 1738, and he m. '* May 11, '39 ; " made his m\\ 
Nov. 23, '64, giving to his daughter Mary, his Negro girl, £13, and the 
goods which he had by his last wife. Also, one fifth of his estate to Elizabeth, 
Hannah, Samuel and Silas Holbrook, the children of his son, Samuel, de- 
ceased. To his sons, Abner, Nathaniel, Adam, and Wm., he bequeathed 
the residue of his property, making the two first executors. His lands were 
not assigned to his heirs, until July 6, 1784. He had, i. Wm.,* Oct. 20, 
1734, who d. July 21, '36. 

40. 26. II. Samuel,^ Dec. 2, 1735, m. Elizabeth Sh^w, and d. prior to Nov. 23, '64; 
III. Wm.,^ Mar. 16, 1739~4, by w. Elizabeth, d. a soldier, at Lake George. 

44. 27. IV. Abner,^ Mar. 9, 1741, d. May 31, 1788; v. Cornelius,* d. Dec. 14, '42. 

54. 28. VI. Nathaniel,* Mar. 7, 1744, m. Hannah Torrey ; vii. Margaret,* b. Feb. 
16, and died June 31, 1747 ; viii. Adam,* Aug. 4, 1750, d. a. 82, was 
non compos, had been under the guardianship of bro. Abnor, 13 yrs. in 'S^^ 


wben Wm.. was appointed; iz. Margaret,^ Apl. 18, 1754, d. unm., after 
July 12, 1790 ; x, Mary,* m. Johnf Hunt, rm. to Cammington. 
57. 30. XI. Wm.,« was 21 in 1784. He settled in E. Abington, d. Sep., 1832. 

24. 81. Samuel,^ m. Jane Clapp, Dec. 15, 1708, r. in Scituate, and had, 

I. Hannah,* Oct. 23, 1710; n. Mary,' July 22, 1712, m. Jacob Lincoln; 

III. Bethiah,* Apl. 28, 1716 ; iv. Jane,* Jan. 8, 1719 ; v. Lydia,' June 13, 
1722 ; VI. Priscilla,* Apl. 18, 1724 ; vn. Desire,* Dec. 28, 1726. 

39. yni. Samuel,* Feb. 1, 1729, whose m.with Sarah Fierce was entered, Aug. 

30, 1751. A widow, Sarah Holbrook ? d. at Weym., whose estate, Apl. 9, 

1783, was divided to Benj. Farrow, Mary Cothall, cfoseph and Tamdr Carriell, 

Samuel and Mary Hatch, Amos and Abigail Damon, David and Christian 

•Foster and Leah Farrow. . Whose wid., was she ? 

IX. William,* Dec 21, 1733, d. Jan. 27, 1737. 

26. 40. Samuel,* m. Elizabeth Shaw, Apl. 11, 1754, (who m. 2d, Joshua Bayley, 

and rm. to Me.,) r.Weym., and had, i. Samuel,^ who died unm. in the army. 

II. Silas,® Apl. 6, 1757, m. Sarah Stockbridge, 1777, had 1. Susannah,' Feb. 
20, 1779, at Weym., 2. Silas, who d. in the navy in the war of 1812 ; 

m. Elizabeth,® went with her mother to Freeport, Me. 

IV. Hannah,* m. Col. Tho. Vincent, r. S. Weym. 

27. 44. Abner,* m. Jerusha Vining, 1763, r. at Weym., d. intestate, May 29, 

1788, and administration was granted to his wid., Jemsha, and £40 of his 
estate decreed to her. He had i. Betty,® Apl. 29, 1764, d. unm., '89. i 

64. 45. n. John,® Oct. 25, 1765, m. Sally Burrell, r. S. Weym. ; in. Abner,® Dec. 
26, 1767, d. yg. ; iv. Sarah,® Jan. 22, 1770, d. unm., Aug. 15, 1843. 

69. 47. V. Abner,® Jan. 21, 1772, m. Mehetabel Beak, 1796, r. S. Weym. ; 

75. 48. VI. David,® Jan. 30, 1774, d. Aug. 19, 1844, m. Hannah Holbrook, dau. 
of Nathl., rs. S. Weym. ; vii. Jerusha,® May 30, 1776, m. Reuben Pack- 
ard, rm. to Me. 

79. 50. vm. James,® Oct. 16, 1779, m. Hannah Bates, r. S. Weym. 

87. 51. IX. Jacob,® Oct. 20, 1782, m. Nov. 6, 1807, Dolly Blanchard, rs. S. Wey. 

X. Lydia,® Feb. 16, 1784, m. Lemuel Payn, r. S. Weym. 

91. 53. XI. Daniel,® Apl. 3, 1787, m. Deb. Shaw, 2d, Lyd. (Vining) Holbrook. 

28. 54. Nathaniel,* m. Hannah Torry, Nov. 24, 1768, r. Weym., had, 
100. 55. 1. Nathaniel,® Feb. 26, 1770, m. Mehetabel Torrey, Dec. 17, 1792 ; 
n. Benj,,® m. Huldah Pratt, Sep. 11, 1794, who left no children, 
in. Polly,® Jan. 14, 1776, m: John Dyer, Dec. 25, '94 ; iv. Abigail,® m. 
Micah Pool, rs. E. Ab. ; v. Hannah,® m. David Holbrook ; vi. Euth, m. 
Tho. White, r. S. Weym. ; vn. Susanna,® Dec. 15, 1780, m. Noah Terrell, 
jun., July 8, 1807. 

30. 57. Wna.,* m. Olive Blanchard, Jan. 10, 1782, r. E. Abington ; i. Wm.,® Apl. 

3, 1785, at Abington, m. Polly Jenkins, r. K Ab. ; n. Reuben,® m. Betsey 

Lovell, r. E. Abington ; m. Josiah,® Sep. 23, 1788, m. Hannah Smith, r. E. 

* Ab. ; IV. Richard,® m. Anna Read, rs. E. Abington ; v. Zenas,® m. Manr Pool, 

rs. E. Ab. ; vi. Olive,® m. Melvin Gurney, rs. E. Ab. ; vii. Betsey,® d. yg. 

45. 64. John,® m. Sally Burrell, pub. Apl. 11, '95, r. S. Weym., had i. John,^ m. 
Polly Lovell, 1815, rm. to Chicago ; ii. Silas,'^ Mar. 6, 1796, rs. unm. at S. 
Weym.; iii. Arvin,^ m. Sarah Keen, r. E. Bridgewater; iv. Eliza,^ m. 
1822, John Curtis, rs. E. Abington. 



47. 69. Abner,« m. Mehetabel Beales, 1796, r. S. Weym. ; i. Asa/ Mar. 1, 179^, 

m. Lucetta Trufant, Nov. 30, 1826, r. S. Weym., 2d, Deb. F. Torrey, Mar^ 
22, *36, and 3d, Caroline (Cropsey) Trufant, Mar. 6, '54, rs. a manufr^ 
at S. Weym. and hss Lydia B,^ and Asa P.®; 

II. Ira,' Mar. 22, 1805, m. Mary L. Pratt, June 21, 1830, rs. S. W., has, 

Mehetabel,^ Ansel,^ Susan C.,^J. Qu%ncyA.,^FanandaA.j^ HenryF^ 
in. Abner/ Mar. 11, 1811, m. Abigail Cusbing, 1831, 2d, Lydia Lovell, 
Mar. 22, '43-51, rs. S. Weym., bas Alansan,^ Mebnna F.,^ AJmer,^ Jo.W,^ 

IV. AnseV Nov. 9, 1812, d. yg. 

V. Benj./ Jan. 31, '17, m. Pyrena Young, rs. S. Weym., and bas, SamtuT' 

M.? Henry 6'.,« WaUer C.^ 

VI. Thais/ June 13, '15, m. Cbs. Totman, has Anthony Z., who rs S. W> 

48. 75. David,« m. Oct 26, 1800, Hannah Holbrook, •* bis cous.," 2d, Chbe Pratfcr 

1814, was a very judicious and efficient man and devout Christian, and d. Av^g- 
19, '44, greatly lamented, r. S. Weym. ; i. Lucy,' Nov. 2, 1801, d. May" 
S9, 1827, unm. ; ii. Laura,' Dec. 28, 1803, died young; in. Mary/ Oct- 
24, 1807, d. Feb. 24, 1825 ; iv. Jason/ May 30, 1810, m. Caroline White^ 
Nov. 29, 1832, r. W., had Jason 5.,« JIanh, T.,* Geo.,^ FrtdH? 

50. 79. James,® m. Hannah Bates, 1803, r. S. Weym. ; i. Orin/ July 23, 180*. 
m. Oct. 14, 1824, Lydia T. Vining, had Charles Everett and Geo, A,; 
n. Minot/ Nov. 22, 1805, jn. Sep. 30, 1829, Lavinia Littlefield, r. do. 

III. Edmond,' Nov. 8, 1808, d. unm., at W. ; iv. Louisa, Nov. 14, 1812 

V. James/ Jan. 31, 1815 or 16, m. Eliz. Jane Terrell, j. S. Wey. ; 

VI. Hannah, Mar. 27, 1817, m. Alanson Cusbing, Aug. 14, 1834 ; 
vii. Wm./ Mar. 20, 1820, m. July 18, 1839, Lucy B. Sampson, r. do. ; 
vin. Jeremiah/ Deo. 15, 1821, m. Elizabeth Hunt, r. do. Lu^ Ann, Ma;_ 
15, 1827 ; IX. Cornelius/ Jan. 9, 1822, gone to California ; x. Belinda, Pel»^ — 
14, 1825; XI. Lucy Ann, May 15, 1827. 

51. 87. Jacob,*» m. Dolly Blanchard, r. S. Weym. ; i. Ruth/ Nov, 24, 1811, m — 
Luther Dyer, and d. without issue; ii. Tho./ July 22, 1813^ m. Mary A -^ 
Read, rs. E. Weym., has, Tho, F.^ and Ruth.^ 
III. Jacob/ Dec. 13, 1818, m. Betsey Jane Torrey, rs. S. Weym., has, 
Orin P.,® and ,Ohs. Sumner^ 

53. 91. Daniel,^ m. Deborah Shaw ; 2d, Lydia T. (Vining) Holbrook, rs. E. Ab^ 
I. Daniel Alden,^ d. unm. ; ii Osbert,^ m. Catherine Holbrook, bis cous.^ 
r. do. ; III. David/ rs. unm., at do. ; iv. Quincy,' m. Saiab Leavett, r. do- 
V. John,^ rs. unm., at do. ; vi. Wm.,^ rs. do. do. ; vii. Elissa Ann,' m. Ad^ — 
dison Pratt, rs. E. Bridgewater ; vin. Sarah,' m. Ja^ Gardner, rs. E. Ab- 

55. 100. Nathaniel,^ m. Mehetabel Torrey, Deo. 17, 1792, r. Weym., had, 

I. Cyrus,' Oct. 6, 1793, rs. unm., S. Weym. ; ii. Betsey,' Feb. 14, 1796^ 
ra. Tho. Whitman, rs. S. Weymouth, has Benj. W. 

III. David,' Sep. 26, 1799, m. Ann Rice, Oct. 4, 1821, rs. S. Weym., bas^ 
I. Betsey, m. Joshua C. Sprague ; ii. Ann M., m. Joseph Yining. 

IV. Ludovicus,' Sep. 4, 1805, m. Jane V. Tirrell, Jan. 19, 1825. 

I. Richmond A.,^ July 17, 1826, m. Emeline W. Terrell, rs. S. Wey-» 

has, Emma F.^ 

II. Ludovicus, July 11, '33, d. Dec. 17, '45 ; in.' ISarahJ., Mar. !• ' 
'35, d. Oct. 7, '42; iv. Nalhl E,, Nov. 7, '44, d. Sep. p, '45; 

V. Leonard 0., Jan. 25, '46, r. S. Wey. 



»hii ? Holbrook,^ is presumed to have been early of Weymouth, and the brother 
of Tho.,^ of W. [see p. 108], and the father of the following children, whom 
numerous circumstances indicate to have been brothers. If he was not one 
of the two, he had either deceased prior to the declining of a The. and John 
Holbrook to remove to Rehoboth, in 1644, or removed with his sons to 
Dorchester, now Milton, or perhaps to the N. part of Stoughton, where the 
necessity for a removal would have been answered in a wide range for their 
cattle, and in wet prairies for hay. 

^. 2. I. Tho.,» b. pr. ab. 1627, at Wey., d. Ap. 11, 1705, r. Dorch., 1646-'52, 
and Sherbom, 1652—1705. [See Ch i.] 

II. Bichard,' who with Wm. Daniel, of Dorch., took the freeman's oath, May 
10, 1648, pr. removed to Huntington, Long Island, [Farmer.] fie seems 
to have been induced to purchase a house lot at Sherbom, where he was 
ratod 8^. in 1686, but never r. there. 

in. Margaret,^ who m., as his 2d w., in 1656, Nicholas Bocket, of Medfield, 
neighbor to Tho. Holbrook,^ then of Bogistow, afterwards Sherborn, was pr. 
the sis. of Tho.,' or his sis.-in-law, the wid. of his late brother Nathaniel.' 

IV. John,' a tanner, was of Bozb., 1667, and of Dorchr., 1671, d. at Boxb., 

Dec. 25, 1678, m. Elizabeth , who by her 2d hus., had her last child, 

Jan. 16, 1682-3. He also became the owner of a house lot at Sherbom 
where he or his estate was also rated 8^, 1686. He never r. at S. [See 
Ch. 11.] 

V. Daniel,' *' Brother of John, of Boxb.," d- 1673, m. Miriam , r. Ded., 

Boxb., Dorchr. [See Ch. in.] 

VI,? Samuel,' senr., of W., m. Mary , named a^dau. Hopestill, as if in 

aflfeetionato remembrance of a deceased dau. of his supposed brother Tho.,' 
of Sherbom, who was unm. in 1696. According to Judge Mitehell's His. of 
Bridgewater, Samuel, ** late of Weym.," d. about 1696, leaving 7 children and 
three daugs. married. £[e left no son, grd. son or nephew bearing his name ; 
bat the first grandchild of Tho.,' of Sherbom, b. after hisftdeath, and whose 
name, according to almost invariable usage, should have been Tho., was 
called Samuel : and the amount of intercourse kept up by the Holbrooks of 
Sherbom, with those of Weym., would indicate that the seat of the family 
continued at Weym., and that their nearest and most confidential and helpfid 
relatives resided there. Further than this, I have discovered no reason for 
arranging his name as I have done. The names given to his children were 
nearly identical with those of the other Weym. Holbrooks. If Judge 
Mitehell has made no mistake, he could not have been Samuel, No. 13, 
Ch. I., Part I., who d. 1695, at Weymouth, leaving also 7 children, and 3 
of them dans. The, senr.'s will renders it improbable that this Samuel was 
his son. [See Ch. iv.] 

vn. Nathaniel, pr., who pr. died without issue, for whom Tho.,' at Sherbom, 
named his oldest son. 




2. 8. Thomas Holbrook,^ in company with Geo. Allen & Anthony Fisher, of Dor- 
chester, was admitted to the freeman's oath, May, 1645, implying that be 
was already a member of the Chh. and of age. In 1648; he purchased of 
Elizabeth, wid. of Col. Israel Stoughton, 30 acres of land in Dorch. This was tbe 
first real estate in D. discovered to have been owned by one of the name On 
8, (3mo.) 1652, he with Nicholas Wood and Andrew Pitcher, of D. [now Milton] 
purchased of Richard Parker, of Bos., to whom it had been granted by the Oen. 
Court, in 1649, 535 acres in the woods, on the W. side of Charles R., now in tbe 
S. R part of Sherbom, including the lower meadows on Sewall's Br. This they so 
divided as to give him building sites where Dexter Amsden resides, and at Death's 
Bridge. He built his first house at the latter place, whore the trace is still to be 
seen, and where he raised an extensive orchard, with the produce of which he prac- 
tised such hospitality as secured his buildings from the torch of the enemy while 
those of his nearest neighbor on the other side of the stream were laid in ashes. In 
1657 he petitioned for the high rocky point E. of Parker's grant, now called tbe 
Neck, and the Gen. Court granted him 50 acres, he purchasing 43 acres more of tbe 
government, including the entire tract between their first purchase and the R. In 
1662 and "74 he «gned petitions for the incorporation of S., and became one of the 
proprietors of this extensive township. In 1666, he had erected a new dwelling 
house where Dexter Amsden resides, and that year deeded 80 acres of his first 
purchase of Parker, to his brother-in-law, Henry Leland, who had already occupied 
it 12 years. In 1682, he owned 300 acres of the early grants, and with the nine 
other owners extinguished the Indian claims. In 1682 and '84, he drew 112 acres 
of the common lands of S., and in 1686 he out of 40 freeholders, was rated the 4t]i 
in amount to satisfy the Indian claims to these lands. He served as selectman in 
1690, and was one of the six brethren to constitute the Chh. in S., at its formation, 
in 1685. He d. Apl. 11, 1705. 

Tho. Holbrook,^ senr., of Sherbom, made his will May, 1704, giving his home- 
stead to his son, Eleazer; and all his neck of liyd in S., except a piece of 
meadow, to his SQp, Tho. To his son, Nathaniel, he gave his little lot (| acre) near 
[S. W. of] the Meeting-house, also a lot S. of Brown's meadow, and the piece of 
meadow above excepted. To his son, John, he gave 20 acres of his let dividend 
land, next to Abraham Cousins'; To his dau.. Experience Mcintosh, £10, and 18 
acres, another part of his first division of common lands, near Cousins'. To 
his dau., Hannah Battle, £10, and 5 acres of his first dividend land, near 
C's. To Patience Leland, £10, and 15 acres (the Hope-field), near do., and 
2 acres and 40 rods, near her husband's house ; and to i^usanna Morse, irife 
of Daniel M., he made similar bequests. To his grandchildren, Edmund, 
Margaret and Elizabeth Morse, children of his dau., Bethia Morse, £8, viz-i 
**£5 to the boy, and 20s. apiece to the girls, when of age." ISeazer wa» 
exr.; and Ebenr., Jeremiah and Joseph Daniell, senr., witnesses. Will* 

Srobated Apl. 23,1705. [Mid. Prob.] He m. 1st, Experience ? LelanA* 
au. of Hopestill L., by w. Experience, ? of Weymouth, and sis. of Henry 
L., of S.; and 2d, Hannah Shepard, 28 (3), 1656, at Medfd., and pr- 
fr. Weym., who d. Aug. 28, 1668 ; and 3d, Margaret Bouker, fir. Weym- ^ 
dau. of a Swede, Jan. 26, 1668-9, who d.-Apl. 9, 1690; and 4th, Mar:^ 
Rogers, of Weym., Oct. 31, 1693. His partiality to the females of W^* 
indicates that he had been reared among them. He had 

I. Experience,^ m. Wm. Mcintosh, r. Dedham ; n. Abigail,* baptiwd m^'^ 

HO L BROOK. 141 

Dorchester, May 22, 1648, pr. d. yg. ; in. Hannah,^ m. Jobn Battle, of 
Dedham, in 1678 ; iv. Nathaniel,^ Mar. 6, 1658, d. Nov. 6, 1676, killed 
by a tree ; 

J3. 9. V. Tho.,« Sep. 2, 1659 ; d. 1717-18, m. Mary Bouker ; 2d, Mary , 

J ' both fr. Weym. ; 
Ji5. 10. VI. Eleazer,^ Dec. 20, 1660, d. Feb. 28, 1725-6, m. Sarah Pond, fr. 
Ded. ; vii. Patience,* Jan. 27, 1669-70, d. Oct. 5, 1740, m. Hopestill 
Leland ; vni. Hopestill,* a dau., 2 (5), 1671, d. yg. This was a female 
name in the race of John^ ; 
18.' 11. IX. John,* d. Feb. 28, 1740, m. ab. 1694, Silence Wood, b. Feb. 
, ^.- 1675-6 ; x..Bethia,* d. prior to May, 1704, m. Samuel Morse, b. Aug. 10, 
1676 ; XI. Susanna,* d. 1717, m. 1696, Daniel Morse, who was b. Jly. 10, 
1672 ; 
23. 12. xn. Nathaniel*; 2(3, June 20, 1677, d. Oct. 14, 1716, m. for his last wife, 
Elizabeth Sheffield, Jan. 18, 1714-15. 

9* 13. Tho.,* inherited tho homestead at Death's Bridge, served as a constable, 
1694 ; surveyor, '95 and '98 ; tythingman, 1702, commissioner of assess- 
ments, '06 and '09, and selectman, 1710. He made his will, May 23, 
1713, giving to his widow, Mary, the improvement of all his estate, until bis 
8. Samuel should become of age, when ho should possess one-half of his 
homestead, and all his meadow in Medfd., and she the whole of his estate at 
Weym., in lands that came by her. After her decease, Sam. should inherit 
all his lands. To his dau., Lydia, he gave £5, and to Thankful, when of age, 
£60. To his grd. s„ Eleazer Perry, he gave £20. Mary was sole exr. 
Will proved. Mar. 13, 1717-18. Edmd. Gookin and Wm, Rider, witns- 
He m. Mary Bowker, Jan. 20, 1684, who d. Dec. 1692 ; and 2d, Mary, fr. 
Weym., whose will, proved Nov. 18, 1737^ gave £3 to the chh., and consid- 
erable sums to dau. Thankful and '* her 11 grd. children." He had 
I. Mary, Feb. 26, 1685, m. Eleazer Perry, 1705 ; ii. Lydia, Sep. 6, 
1694, d. 1723-6, m. Doct. Jona. Fairbanks, of S. ; 
25 14. m. Samuel,^ Aug. 23, 1699, m. Kesda Morse ; iv. Thankful,^ June 21, 
1705, m. Wm. Barron, for 2d w., and had Wm. 

10. 15. Eleazer,* Hn., inherited the N. part of the homestead, and resided where 

Dexter Amsden does. He served as commissioner, 6 years, selectman, 4 

years ; representative, 1711 and '20. He drew in 1715, in Doug., 77 acres, 

and d. intestate, 1725-6, the proprietor of 300 acres, in HolL, and his esta.te 

was inventoried at £2,084 13. 6d. 
27. 16. I. Daniel,* May 8, 1699, m. Elizabeth Clark, fr. Medfd. ; ii. Abigail,* 

Mar. 1701-2, m. Joseph Perry, of S., and inherited £174 ; 
82. 17. III. Eleazer,* Feb. 26, 1704-5, m. Deborah Bullard, dg. of Opt. Sam. ; 

IV. Sarah,* Oct. 20, 1707, d. yg. ; v. Anne,* who was in her 15th year, May 3, 

1726, had her br., Eleazer, for her guardian. 

11. 18. John,*m. Silence Wood, b. Feb. 22, 1675-6, whose father, Jona. W., 

was massacred by Indians the day before, and her mother expired soon after. 
She d. intestate, May 11, 1756. Her husband had d. intestate about 15 ys. 
previous ; and £!zra, their son, was now, June 3, '56, appointed admr. to 
settle such of their estates as the heirs had not already settled. John served 
as constable, 1697 ; sealer of leather, 1705-32 ; commissioner of assess- 
ments, 1715 ; tythingman, '04; selectman, 6 ys. ; and representative, 1772. '^ 
He settled, where Jona. Holbrook, one of his descendants, resides, on Tiis '* 
wife's estate, inherited from her father. He had 


35. 19. I. John,^ Man 22, 1694-6, m. Rath ffill, and d. at Mendon, 175|5 
ir. BlizabetV Jly. 22, 1696, d. 1782, m. Joseph Twitchill, Mar. 27, 1718 
and 2d, Dea. James Whitney, and was the mother of the Hon. Danie 
Whitney, of S., and the gr. grd. mother of Amos Twitchell, M. D., o 
Keene, N. H. ; 

39. 20. m. Jona.,* Dec. 21, 1699, d. 1754, m. Ahigail Breck; iv. Joseph,"^ 
May 1. 1702. d. Mar. 13. '25-6, nm. ; 

41. 21. V. Ezra,* Eos., May 16, '09, d. Nov. 10, '86, m. Gractf Oooledge; 
22. Yi. Joshua,* Aug. 22, '14, d. Nov. 1, 1740, am., and intestate. 

12. 23. Nathaniel,^ Ist Mary Morse, daughter of Jona., by w. Elizabeth Barbour ^ 
and 2d, Elizabeth Sheffield ; bat by the latter had no issue. He drew laa^ 
in Doug., 1715, and d. intestate, 1716. At his funeral, £6 were expended 
for gloves. Administration was granted, Nqv. 20, 1716, to his wid., Eli^a^ 
both, who m. 2d, Geo. Blanchard. of Killingly, Ct., from whence she aod 
husband, 11 years after, petitioned for allowance, and gave in an account of 
her administration, *' so &r as she had proceeded." Nathaniel was pr. & 
cordwiuner, and settled on*the lot b^qaeathed him, S. W. of the Meeting' 
house common ; 

45* 24. I. Nathaniel,* Sep. 13, 1701, d. June 8. 1774, was left to be brought up 
by his grandfather, Jona. Morse, who gave him a deed of his farm, on the If" 
side of the Lake, on which is now kept a house of entertainment. He de* 
Sarah Sanger. 

14. 25. Samuel,* inherited the ancient homestead at Death's Bridge, drew 21 
acres at Doug., 1730. He served as surveyor, 1725 ; assessor, '29 ; con— 
stable, '30 ; and selectman, 7 ys. He m. Kezia Morse, Sep. 4, 1718, dau^ 
* of Cpt Joseph M., who d. Feb. 18, '54 ; and 2d, Elizabeth, pr. wid. o^ 

Joseph Daniels, of Med., and had i. Hannah.' Sep. 11, 1720, m. Ephm. 
Perry, 1742, and d. 1744, without issue ; n. Tho.,* Apl. 21, '23, d. yg. ; 
26. III. Asa,' Jan. 17, '25-6, d. Jly. 28, '73, m. Mary Rider, Mar. 30, '56; 

IV. Kezia,' Aug. 23, '29, m. Aaron Daniels, of Med., had only KeziaJ^ who 

m. Jona. Hill, of Med,, and inherited all her grd. &ther H.'s estate ; 

V. Lydia,' Aug. 12, '34 ; and no further reported* 

Samuel* seems to have survived all his children ; or the division of his estate 
was postponed until after the decease of his son, Asa ; for, I find that bis- 
farm of 195 acres, at Death's Bridge, D«c. 7, 1773, '* was ordered and- 
assigned to his grd. dau., Kezia, the wife of Jona. Hill ; provided, that £ 
any other lawful heirs or heir shall appear, then she or her heirs shall refund 
to them their proportional part of the value of the same." Elizabeth, wid. oE 
Samuel, at the same time relinquished to Hill, for £40, her right of dower ; ao<9 
Kezia and her husband afterwso^ sold the place to Henry Death, and thitf i^ 
passed out of the race of the Holbrooks, and is now owned and occupied If 
Mr. Charles A. How. 

16. 27. Daniel,* removed to Wrentham ab. 1722; drew 82 acres in Dougf 

1715, and '30, m. Elizabeth Clark, fr. Medfd., and had 

I. Miriam,' Jly. 16, 1723, m. Daniel Kingsbury, Esq., of Walpole ; 
53. 28. II. David,' Dea., June 10, '26, m. Lydia Bragg; 2d, Abigl. Blake; ' 
59. 29. III. Daniel,' Apl. 5, '29, d. Jan. 17, 1807, ** a worthy example and loflS 

to the chh. ; " 
61. 30. IV. James,' Apl. 11, '31, d. Feb. 1, 1815, m. Hannah Fisher; 2d, 

Mary Morse ; 

HOLBROOK. ' 143 

31. V. Amos,^ Mar. 12, '34-5, m. Lydia Kingsbury, Dec, 1766, settled at 
Worcester, and was killed by a fall from a hayloft, leaving two children. 

17. 32. Eleazer,^ inherited the N. half of the ancient homestead in S., and r., 
where Amsden does, was selectman, 1745, m. Deborah Bullard, b. Nov. 9, 
17—, m. Apl. 4, '28, d. Feb. 10, '54, daughter of Cpt, Samuel B., by w. 
Deb. Atherton. 

79. 33. I. Eleazer,** Oct. 2, 1729, m. Kezia Leland; ii. Benj.,* Jan. 16, '30-1, 
d. Apl. 2, '31 ; III, Sarah/ June 6, '32 ; 

81. 34. IV. Abel,« Aug. 12, '34, m. Lydia Leland ; v. Deborah,* Jly. 26, '37, d. 
Aug. 15, '44 ; vi. Anne, Nov. 16, '39, d. Aug. 15, '44 ; vii, Samuel,* Apl. 
30, '36, d. May 11, '36; viii. Mary, Apl. 29, '41, d. June 18, '41. 

19. 35. John,^ is presumed to have settled first on the homestead, by Holbrook's 

Mills, and to have sold to his bit>thers, Jona. and Joshua, who held the place 
in common, until both had deceased,, which was the occasion of much trouble 
to heirs, administrators and guardians. He m. Ruth Hill, Mar. 13, 1718-19, 
drew 37 acres in Doug., 1730, and about 1733, removed to Mendon. He had 

36. I. Wm.,* May 24, 1719; ii. Silence, Mar. 23, '23-4, m. Goodale; 

III. Ruth,* Deo. 28, '26, m. Eames ; iv. Elizabeth,* June 6, '30, urn. 

in ^56; 

37. V. John,* Aug. 28, '33 ; vi. Sarah»* b. pr. at Mendon ; 

38. vii. Moses,* b. pr. do., had Ephm. Sherman for his guardian. John,^ 
their father, was three times married. Bis will, proved Apl. 27, 1756, gave 
John* half of all his la^ds in Grafton and Douglas, and Moses the other 
half. To Wm.'s portion he added 3 acres of intervale, near Cpt. Leland's, 
now Leland station, in Grafton. [Worces. Prob.] 

20. 39. Jona.,* m. Abigail Breck, Nov. 5, 1730, who. d. Mar. 30, '75, a. 70. 

He inherited the homestead, (now occupied by Jona. Holbrook, his gr. grd. 
s.,) in common with his brother Joshua ; was selectman of S., 1749-66, and 
d. intestate. Administration was granted to his wid., Abigail, and inven- 
tories of his estate (appraised at £3,113 16s.), presented. May 20, 1754, and 
she appointed guardian of the three youngest cnildren, but did not succeed 
in tlie execution of the trust to the satisfaction of all parties concerned or of 
her neighbors. They had i. Abigail,* May 8, 1732, m. Joshua Morse ; 
II. Mehetabel,* Mar. 7, '33-4, d. Jan. 18, '54 ; m. Joseph,* Dec. 26, '37, 
d. Dec. 19, '40; iv. Silence,* Nov. 7, '41, d. Aug. 15, '75, m. Micah 
Holbrook ; 
50. 40. V.' Jona.,* June 30, '43, d. Nov. 2, '76, from a wound at the Battle at 
White Plains; vi. Hannah,* Dec. 15, '45. 

21. 41. Ezra,^ settled upon the farm and built the house now owned and occupied 

by Dalton Goulding, Esq., of S., served 4 ys. as selectman, m. Grace 
Cooledge, Nov. 30, 1738, dau. of Isaac C, Esq., who d. Apl. 5, 1780. He 
d. Nov. 10, '86 ; and his homestead was settled upon his s., Joshua. 
I. Elizabeth,* Se^. 8, 1739 ; ii. Mary, Jan. 19, Ul-2, d. Dec. 3, '42 ; 

106. 42. ni. Joshua,* Oct. 31, '43, m. Experience Dana, Jan. 4, '87 ; 
52. 43. IV. Joseph,* Nov. 3, '45, m. Mary Parker ; 

140. 44. V. Tho.,* Feb. 1, '47-8, a gunsmith, m. Sally Dana, Jan. 18, '81 ; 
VI. Mary,* Jly. 5, '50, d. Mar. 2, '54. 

24. 45. Nathaniel,^ settled N. E. of the Lake ; the W. part of whose farm has 
become an attractive watering place. He was a very shrewd man ; served 


S. 4 ys., as selectman, m. Aug. 20, 1728, Sarah Sanger, dan. of Bichd. S., 
by w. Elizabeth Morse, and aunt to Rev. Dr. Sanger, formerly of Bridge- 
water. His will, dated Jan. 18, 1773, and probated, June 14, '74, gave 
his homestead to his son, Moses, reqoiring him to keep 2 cows and a horse 
for his wid> Sarah, and pay her one-fourth of the produce of the land ; and 
to take care of a helpless dau., Azuba. To s., Micha, he gave £23, and half 
his lands in Doug., and to s. James, the other half. To dau., Mary Babcock, 
Hannah Whitney and Mercy Twitchell, he gave 50s. each. To his 8., 
Nathaniel, whom he had already settled on the W. half of his farm, he gave 
5s., charging him to see to the execution of his will. His wid. is said to have 
attained almost to her 100th year, and to have d. at Templeton. Nathaniel,^ had 
66. 46. I. James,* Aug. 3, '29. d. Sep. 2, 74, m. Sibilla Clark, r: S. -, 
69. 47. n. Micah,* Feb. 14, '31-2 ; iii. Mary,* Oct. 31, '83, m. MaL Baboock, 
r. S.; 

76. 48. IV. Nathaniel," Dec. 9,'36, d. June 3, 74 ; t. Azubah, May 31, '39 ; 
VI. Hannah," June 3, '41, m. John Whitney ; vii.' Mercy,* Oct. 4, '43, m. 
Jos. Twitchell, of Dub. ; 

77. 49. vni. Moses,* Nov. 21, '45, m. Bachel Death, r. S. and Templeton. 

40. 50. Jona.,* w. Mary Ware, m. Dec. 6, 1770, d. Apl. 7, 74 ; 2d, Sarah 
Bedlow, m. May 9, '76, r. Sh., had i. Mehetable,' Oct. 6, 71, d. Dec. 26. 
'80 ; II. Mary,« Feb. 6, '74, d. Mar. 1. '74. 

82. 51. nr. Jona.,« Jly. 19, '76, d, Sep. 10, 1848. 

43. 52. Joseph,* w., Mary Parker, m. Jly. 1, 1779, d. Mar. 17, '97. He was a 
blacksmith ; sold, in 1802, the farm on which Capt. Jacob Pratt, rs., and 
was then of Weston ; had i. Polly ,• Oct. 3, '81 ; ii. Nancy,* Jan. 15, '98, 
at S., Joseph, '80, Ezra, '83, John, '90. 

28. 53. David,* weaver, w., Lydia Bragg, m. Jan. 22, 1746-7, d. Sep. 8, '67 ; 

2d w., Abigail Blake, m. Jan. 8, 1770. His will, probated June 4, 1798, 

settled the homestead upon his s., David, and divided a library to 10 chil- 
dren ; r. Wrentham, had 
89. 54. I. David,* Feb. 10, 1747-8 ; 

II. Chloe, Nov. 8, '49, m. Farrington ; 

55. III. Adan,* Apl. 22, '52 ; iv. Lydia, Jan. 10, '54, m. Crooks ; 

V. Olive, May 25, '56 ; vi. Lois, June 10, '56 ; vii. Luther,® Mar. 22, '61, 

d. Sep. 20, '72 ; 
86. 56. viii. Darius,® Dec. 6, '70, r. Bos. and Dor., and had Darius B., of New 

York ; ix. Susanna, Nov. 11, '72, d. yg. ; 

57. X. Amos,® Apl. 20, '77, d. in N. J. ; 

58. XI. Luther,® Mar. 16, '80, rs. Chicago ; xii. Calvin,® named 2d in his 

father's will, with 9 other children. 

29. 59. Daniel,* w. Esther Hall, m. May 29, 1751, d. Dec. 22, 1806, had at 
Wrentham, i Jacob,® Jan. 21, 1752, d. Apl. 24, '81, without issue; 

II. Molly,® Apl. 11, '53, m. Isaac Newton, r. Wore., had 11 children; 

III. Abigail,® Oct. 23, '55, d. of consumption, 77, um. ; 

92. 60. IV. Daniel,® Feb. 14, '57, d. Apl. 17, 1839. He was a soldier of the 
Revolution ; m. Mary (Edwards) Holbrook, Oct. 9, 1800. i. Eliza E..' 
Nov. 11, 1802, at W. ; ii. Mary B..^ Jan. 13, 1804, m. Silas J. Hol- 
brook; III. (ho. E.,' Opt., Sep. 13, 1806, m. Clarissa Turner, r. 
N. Wrenth., had i. Silas P.,« '37 ; ii. Geo. E.,^ '39 ; in. Mary £,» '44 ; 


V. Esther,* Feb. 4, 1761, d. Nov. 10, 1808, m. Dea. Joseph Ware, of W. ; 

VI. Josiah,® Rev., A. M., Jan. 19, '65, grad. at B. U.^ '88, s. as a clergy- 
man at Beaufort, S. C, d. 1798, with the stranger's fever ; vii. George,® b. 
1768, d. 1846, was a distinguished musician, and extensively known as a 
bell founder, r. Brookfield and Med way, m., had i. George,^ Col., m. Louisa 
Harding, nu E. Medway, and carries on the Bell Foundry, and the 
manufactory of organs, has i. Edwin L,f m. Abby D. Hills ; 

II. S, Evalinaf m. John Baker, of Ded. ; 

VIII. Paul,® Rev., Nov. 9, 1768, d. Oct. 3, 1824, m. Lucy Snow, b. 1778, 
d. Sep. 15, 1803. Rev. Paul m. 2d, Nancy Hamet, b. Mar. 11, 1786 ; s. 
at MontpeUer, Yt., and about 1800, was ordained among the Freewill Bap- 
tists, and much beloved and respected for his active benevolence and purity 
of life. He had i. Sarah S.,^ i798 ; m. Junius B. Davis, r. Plainfield, 

Vt. ; II. Silas J.,' June 7, 1802, m. Oct. 29, 1835, Mary B. Hol- 
brook, and had Daniel J.^ June 30, '39. He rs. at N. Wrenth, and is 
the author of a little vol. of useful Hymns. 

III. Mary E.,^ Oct. 1, 1808, m. Hiram H. Hart, rs. Montpelier ; 
TV. Lucy E.,'^ Dec. 3, 1811, m. Amasa Cummings, rs. M. ; 

IX. Silas,® b. 1768, d. at W., Mar. 3, 1800, was prepared to enter the 
senior class at B. U., and became a teacher at Beaufort, S. C, m. Mary 
Edwards, and had i. John E.,^ Dec. 30, 1794, grad. B. U., 1815 ; studied 

medicine with Dr. Ingalls, of Bos. ; m. Harriet P. Rutledge, and rs. at 
at Charleston, S. C. ; ii. Silas P.,'^ b. Juno 1, 1796, grad. at B. U., 
1815; studied law with Wm. Sullivan, of Boston ; m. Esther Gourdin, 
r. Bos. and Medfield, wrote much for the Boston Courier and other 
papers, and was the author of a popular journal, entitled. Spectacles. 
He was naturally of an amiable disposition, led an irreproachable life, 
and showed the highest regard for religion. He d. atPineville, S. C, 
May 26, 1835. 

30. 61. James,* w., Hanh. Fisher, m. Nov. 26, 1753, d. Aug. 21, ^55, a. 22 ; 
2d w., Mary Morse, dg. of Henry M., of Attleboro', [see p. 78, of my 
memorial of the Morses], b. May 4, 1732, m. May 13, '56, r. W., had 
95. 62. I. James,® Jly. 24, '54, d. Nov. 30, 1843, m. Olive Smith, fr. Medfd, 

and hid OUve,^ May 4, 1789 ; 
98. 63. n. Henry,® May 2, '57, d. a. 66, m. Martha Perry, fr. Medfd., r. Medfd.; 
64. III. Elihu,® Jly. 3, '60, m. Polly Bugbee, s. in Keen, had i. Henry,' 
who rs. in Bos. ; ii. John F. ; iii. Fanny ; iv. Mary ; 
lY. Hannah, Oct. 8, '63, m. Jesse Daniels, r. Medfd. ; 
93. 65. V. Samuel,® Sep. 27, '68, m. Lois Fisher ; 2d, Mary Fisher, Jly. 3, 1798. 

46. 66. James,* w., Sibilla Clark, m. Feb. 11, 1756, m. 2d, Jas. Marshall, '86, 

r. S. I. Sarah,® Jly. 16, '56 ; ii. Mary,® May 2, '58, m. Doct. Jona. Tay, 

of S., Jan. 5, '75 ; in. Sybil,® May 21, '60, m. Jona. Greenwood, May 4, '80. 

. 142. 67. IV. James,® Dec. 16, '62, d. Apl. 4, 1829 ; v. Marcy,® Nov. 5, '67; 

VI. Elizabeth, Oct. 13, '72 ; vii. ? Moses,® pr. 

47, 69. Micah,* s. 1 m. W. of the Common in S., m. Silence Holbrook, who 
was b. in S. [not ** in Weymouth," see No. 39 back], and d. Aug. 15, '75 ; 
2d w., Lydia Kendall, m. Mar. 28, '76. 
J09. 70. I. David,® May 17, '58, d. Jly 21, 1828; ii. Daniel, Apl. 26, '61, d. 
May 5, '63 ; 



118. 71. III. Amos,^ Gen. and Hn., Mar. 4, '64, served, a soldier in Opt. Josli. 

Leland's Co., Col. Abner Perry's Regt., 1780, at R. I. ; 
121. 72. IV. Daniel,^ Apl. 14, '67, d. Jan. 18, 1841 ; 
126. 72^. V. Asa,« Apl. 29, '70, d. Jan. 30, 1818 ; 
129. 73. VI. Cyru8,« Mar. 29, '75, d. Oct. 6, 1819 ; 
131. 74. VII. Elliot,« Jan. 3, '73, d. Nov. 19, 1829, m. Sally Broad, of Natick, 

Apl. 11, 1799 ; 

75. VIII. Royal,^ Aug. 2, '77, lived to manhood ; ix. -Eunice,® bap. May 6, 

'81, m. John Whipple, 1806; x. Silence,® bap., May 18, '83, m. John 

Whitney, of Boston, 1811. 

48. 76. Nathaniel,^ w., Asenath Kendall, d. Oct. 5, '73, a. 33 ys., r. S., where 
Opt. Mears lives, had i. Rebecca,® May 4, '64, d. Aug. 28, '74; ii. Anna,® 
Jly. 15, '66, d. Sep. 8, '74 ; iii. Asenath,® Sep. 11, ^68, m. Henry Pratt, 
June 1, '86 ; iv. Eunice,* Aug. 6, '70, d. Aug. 25? '74 ; v. Olive,® bap., 
May 7, '80 ; vi. Rebecca,* Jan. 15, '82. 

49 77. Moses,* w., Rachel Death, r. S., was selectman, 1780*81, had i. Levi,* 
June 27, 1768, d. Aug. 26, '74 ; ii. Patty,® d. Aug, 19, '74, a. 4 y. 8d. ; 
III. Hanh., d. Aug. 17, '74, a. 1 y. 10 mo. ; iv. Rachel, May 25, '76, bap. 
May 28, '75; 
78. V. Moses,® May 23, '77, bap. May 25, '77, d. June 10, '77 ; vi. Cynthia,® 
Jly. 22, '81, m. Daniel Brown, of Ring. ; 
115. 78^. VII. AaroD,® a twin, d. at sea, Jly. 6, 1840, m. Susan Miles ; viii. Moses,® 
lived to manhood ; ix. Rufus,® lived to manhood. 

33. 79. Eleazer,* w., Kedah Leland, m. Oct. 28, '55, r. S., had 
80. I. Benj.,® June 14, 1757 ; ii. Deborah,* Mar. 28, '59. 

34. 81. Abel,* served as a teamster in the Revolution, lost his oxen by famine, and 
• was discharged at Peekskill, Nov. 24, '81, w., Lydia Leland, r. S., had 

I. Saml.,® b. Jly. 8, d.^ Dec. 10, '63 ; ii. Anne,® Feb. 7, '65. 

51 82. Jona.,® w., Betsey Leland, b. Jan. 22, 1780, d. Jly. 25, 1820 ; 2d w., 
Sally (Sawin) Morse, d. Oct. 19, 1826, a. 37 ; 3d w., Lavina Eames, r. S. 
I. Avery,^ Dec. 22. 1802, bap., May 22, '03, d. Nov. 24, '37 ; 
83. II. Wm. 7 Aug. 20, '04 ; iii. Leland, Aug. 17, '06, d. Jan. 8, '08 ; 
108. 84. IV. Jona.,' Feb. 16, '09, bap.. May 21, '09, r. S. ; v. Mary L., Oct. 
31, '11 ; VI. Sarah B.,' Nov. 2, ^13 ; vii. Betsey Harding, Jly. 16, '16, 
d. Jan. 17, '18 ; 
85. VIII. Henry,' Sep. 2d, '22, by w. Sally. 

56. 86. Darius,® m. Elizabeth Miller, and settled in Bos. i. John Miller,' who 
d. um. ; II. Darius Blake,' m. Elizabeth Ligraham, fr. Portland, Me., rs. 
New York ; in. Charles Augustus,' m , r. Dorchester ; rv. Samuel 

, Ridgeway M.,' m. Frances Lodge, r. D. ; v. Wm. Read,' who rs. at Cincin- 
nati, Ohio ; VI. Elizabeth,' who rs. Dor. ; vii. Edward/ who m. Frances 
Doane, rs. Bos. 


54. 89. David,® Esq., was Lt. in the army of the Revolution, and drew pay, 1780, 

(a pension amounting to a fortune is due to his heirs,) Wt, Margaret , 

had at Wrentham, i. ? John,' pr. was a teacher in New York, where he d. um. ; 

90. II. Chandler,' Jan. 2, 1787, r. in Newark, N. J., 1826, had a dg.; 

91. III. David Lyman,' Jan. 2, '95, rm. S. 


60. 92. Daniel," w., Mrs. Mary (Edwards) Holbrook, wid. of Silas, his br., m. 
Oct. 9, 1800, r. W.9 where he was D. Jan., and witnessed a deed to Silas 
HolbroQk, 1799. i. Eliza Edwards,rNov. 7, 1801 ; ii. Mary/ 

65. 93. Samuel,* w. Lois Fisher, d. Dec. 18, '96 ; 2d w., Mary Fisher, m. Jly. 3, 
'98, b. Jan. .6, '69, d. Feb. 1, 1804 ; 3d w., Hannah Ware, r. W., and had 
94. I. Nathan Fisher,' Dec. 12, '96, at Wrentham ; n. Lois Fisher/ Aug. 
7, '99 ; III. Nabby,' m, Doct. Metcalf, of Mend. ; iv. Samuel E.,' by 3d w., 
and d. Jly. 30, 1850; v. Hannah W.,' d. Feb. 8, '46; vi. Caleb W.'; 
Yn. Mary A.' 

62. 95. James," w., Olive Smith, r. W.,and Sturb. and W., had i. Elisha Smith/ 
Sep. 7, 1780, d., um., Jly. 27, 1807 ; 

96. n. James,' Nov. 29, 1782, d., um., Sep. 7, 1809 ; 

97. ni. Pliny,' Mar. 30, '85, rs. um. in W. ; iv. Olive,' May 4, 1789, m. Ezra 
Shaw, fr. Sturb., rs. on the ancient H. homestead in W., has Olivia,^ James H,^ 

63. 98. Henry," w., Martha Perry, d. at Wrenth., a. ab. 90, r. Medfd. and W. 
99. I. Henry,' d. yg. ; ii. Wm.,' d. yg., unmarried ; 

100. m. Henry,' m. Prisoilla Sumner ; 2d, wid. Sally (Farrington) Walcot, 
r. Bos., and Cleveland, 0., had i. Henry <&," Aug. 8, 1818, and Joseph P,,^ 

Nov. 1822, both r. Cleveland ; 

101. IV. Joseph Perry,' m. Asenath Williams, r. N. Wrenth., had Susan^ d. 

um. ; Louisa? m. Geo. Ide, r. Ohio ; 
104. 102. V. Horatio,' Feb. 10, 1790, read med. with Doct. Danl. Fisk, of Oxford, 
m. Arcena Eichardson ; 2d, Almira Drake, fr. Wrenth., and s. in Thompson, 
Connecticut ; 
103. VI. Lowell,' m. Angeline Nelson, dg. of Dr. Tho. N., of Bristol, R. I., 
r. Brookline, N. T. ; vii. Jesse Daniels,' d. agd. 8 ys. 

102. 104. Horatio,' M. D., w., Asenath Eichardson, d., 1846, had i. Laura Fisk," 
Sep. 5, 1816, m. Benj. F. Hutchins, r. Thomp. ; 
105. n. Lowell," M. D., Oct. 6, '18, m. Mary E. Fisher, r. T. ; 
m. Martha Perry," Jly. 28, '21, m. Wm. H. Jacobs, r. Worcester ; 
rv. Mary," r. um., at T. ; v. Elvira A.," r. T. 

42. 106. Joshua,^ s. in Sherborn, where Dalton Golden, Esq., resides, served as a 
soldier in Cpt Josh. Leland's Co., 1780, at R. L, and d. aged 75, leaving only 
107. Lewis," Mar. 7, '96, who m. Hannah Phips, and r. in S., W. of Little 
Pond. I. Chs.,' r. Milford; ii. Joshua,' Sep. 20, 1819, m. Julia S. War- 
ner, r. S., had Rufus P.," Nov. 25, 1849, Joshua E.," Aug. 5, '52 ; 
m. Rufus,' Oct. 9, '22, m. Mary Bond, r. S. ; iv. Ellen,' Dec. 19, '24, (d.) 
m. Orin Golden ; v. Geo. Lewis,' Apl. 20, '27. 

84. 108. Jona.,' w., Catherine B. Mann, b. Aug. 16, 1810, m. May 10, '33, r. 
Sherborn, had i. Mary E.," May 12, '35, d. Oct. 14, '36; ii. Wm. H.," 
Jly. 4, '38 ; in. Georgianna E.," Feb. 7, '41 ; iv. Ebenr. Mann," Apl. 29, 
V5 '4a; V. Jona..F.," Nov. 17, '48 ; vi. Mary Agnes," Nov. -8, '54. 

70. 109. David." m. Judith Bullard, dg. of AsaB., of Hoi., r. Princeton, 1788-95, 
and Holden, 1795, until his death. He had 
133. 110. I. James,' Mar. 29, 1780, d. May 31, 1829, m. Sarah Wheeler; and 
a 2d wf. ; 
111. II. Aaron,' Doct, Dec. 23, '82, d. Dec. 18, 1825, m. Margaret Jones ; 


112. in. Levi/ June 9, '85, m. Eliza Grout, rs. Danyille, Ya., as a physician, 
and has Levi,® jun. ; rv. Hannah/ Dec. 20, '87, d, Deo. 31, 1836 ; 

V. Betsey/ Sep. 2, '91, m. Theodore Winn, r. Winchendon ; 
137. 113. VI. Micah,^Aug. 15, '94, m. Boxanna Richardson, r. Eolden ; 

VII. Amos/ Mar. 24, '97, d. Aug. 26, '98 ; viii. Mary,^ Sep. 15, 1800, m. 
John Briggs, r. S. Orange ; ix. Asa/ Jan. 15, 1805, m. Sarah Nye, r. Hoi- 
den, had i. Daniel G. ; n. Marion JE., and Mary E. ; 

X. David/ Aug. 8, 1807, d. um., June 8, '38. 

78 J. 115. Aaron,^ followed the seas, d. fr. home, and was interred at Key West 
had, by w., Susan Miles, fr. New Salem, and 2d, Mary Wellington, fr 
Waltham, i. Aaron/ master of a vessel, m. Ann Finch, fr. Bos. 
n. Susan/ m. Wm. H. Smith, of E. Lexington, and rs. there, has Oeo. E.® 
in. Henry C./ r. Georgia ; iv. Eufus W./ r. Bos. ; v. Edwin W./ r. Bos. 

VI. Mary A.,' r. with her mother, at E. Lexington. 

71. 118. Amos,^ Gen., 1 st, Mary ? Badger ; 2d, Lydia Owen, dg. of Gov. Owen, of 

Gloucester, E. L, b. May 27, 1764, d. Dec. 15, 1820, r. Gummington, had 
148. 119. I. Amos,^ May 22, 1782, m. Betsey Craft, fr.Watertown, rs. W. Roxb.; 

II. Mercy,' Feb. 27, 1784, by 2d lady, d. Jly. 24, 1815, m.Wm. Hubbard, 
of Gummington, and had Laura 0.,® Wm. 0., r. Oswego, N.Y., Samuel P., 

Francis E, ; 
in. Owen,' Apl. 22, '86, d. Oct. 4, '90 ; 

IV. Hannah,' Apl. 19, '88, d. Aug. 16, 1826, m. Daniel Coman, of 

Gheshire; v. Olive/ Aug. 18, '90, m. Capt. Joseph Warner, of Gumming.; 

120. VI. Daniel/ Aug. 19, '92, m. Mary Ann Dutton, rs. Attica, N. Y., had 

I. Edwin A,^^ rs. Buffalo, N. Y. ; ii. Lydia S,^ m. Leonidas Doty, 
rs. Attica, N. Y. ; in. Wm, 0.,^ rs. B. j iv. Henry J".,® rs. B. ; 

VII. Lydia,' Aug. 21, '94, m. Alexander Dom ; 2d, E. Weller ; 3d, Ezra 
Whitman, rs. Windsor ; 

vni. Sarah/ June 19, '96, m. Wm. Hubbard ; ix. Gzarina,' Nov. 22, '98, 
m. Dea. Alpheus Brown, of Dalton; x. Sumner/ Feb. 5, 1801, m. Olivia 
Davis ; 2d, Laurina Parks, rs. Ghester Mills, had i. Harriet,^ m. Billings 

Palmer, Esq., of Sheffield ; ii. Laura^ m. Newell Bliss, rs. N. York; 

III. Owen^ ; iv. David S.^ ; 

XI. Fidelia,' Dec. 4, 1803, m. Ghs. 0. Fanning, r. Amherst, Me. ; 
xn. Laura/ Aug. 15, 1807. d. Jly. 23, 1808. 

72. 121. Daniel,^ w., Molly Bowman, b. Sep. 20, 1765, r. , had 

I. Polly/ Feb. 14, 1791, d. Nov. 16, 1826 ; 
122. n. Daniel,' Sep. 28, '92, d. Oct. 17, 1835, m. Susan Grout, and had 
Chs. A,8 Sep. 8, 1821, d. June 35, 1850 ; 

III. Lowell/ Oct. 14, '94, rs. N.boro', m. Sarah Hastings, d. Apl. 29, 
1837 ; and 2d, Lucy Barns, had i. Sophia^ m. Francis L. Gould, rs. Bos. ; 

II. -Bew/.,^ (d.) ; III. Dexter^; iv. Cyruf; v. Sarah^ ; vi. Benj\ 
L? (d.) ; viii. Lac^ ; viii. Lucy^ '42 ; 

IV. Gyrus,' Feb. 28, '97, m. Ann B. Davis, fr. N.boro', r. Sterling ; 

V. Dexter/ Mar. 24, '99, d. Aug. 6, 1826 ; vi. Silence,' Jan. 1, 1801, m. 
Lirael P. Sibley, rs. Templeton, had Sophia S.,^ and Israel Dexter,^ of T. ; 
vn. Sophia/ Sep. 1, 1802, d. Sep. 7, 1821. 

72i 126. Asa,^ m. Sarah Winship, who d. Oct. 1, 1842, r. Boston, had 

I. Gharles/ Oct. 10, 1794, d. 1836 ; ii. Edward/ Feb. 24, '98, d. Oct. 5, 

^ HOLBEOOK. - 149 

1800 ; in. Charlotte/ Feb. 24, 1800, m. T. V. Wiesenthal, M. D., r. Bos., had 

Sarah E.,^ Charlotte M,? Glark? Elizabeth? Charlotte,^ Andrew,^ 

Tho. W.? Theodore F.^• 
IT. Lucy W.j'^Mar. 11, 1802, d. Aug. 2, 1814 ; v. Mary A.,' Feb. 10, '04, 
d. Feb. 28, '18 ; vi. Edward H.,' Apl. 26, '07, m. Dorothea W. Smith, fr. 
Hadley : and 2d, Adaline Johnson, fr. Brooklyn, N. Y., rs. Boston, had 

Edwd. K,^ Jan. 12, '35 ; Sarah M.,^ Mar. 12, '37 ; Wm. A.? Oct. 

31, '39 ; 
VII. Wm. A.,^ June 6, '10, d. 1839; viii. Theodore,' Nov. 29, '11, m. 
Rachel B. Smith (d.), rs. Chicago, 111., has Julia T,? T, Lewis? Henry E.? 

(d.), Maria L.? Dora?Emih^; 
IX. Lucy M.,' Apl. 10, '16, m. Rev. D. C. Millet, r. Portsmouth, R. I. 

73. 129. Cyrus,^ m. Mary Winship, of Brighton, rs., a druggist, in Boston, had 

I. Mary B.,' June 17, 1802, d. May 3, 1841, m. Francis J. Williams, of 
Bos., had Chs, F,? Rev., A. M., Nov. 2, 1824, rs. as Pastor of 1st. chh., 

Andover ; 
n. Charles W.,' Aug. 4, 1804, m. Delia A. Gardner. 

74. 131. Elliot,^ w., Sally Broad, inherited the homstead 1 m. W. of S. Common, 

and had i. Eliza,'^ Feb. 3, 1800, m. John Bacon, r. New York, had 
John E,? who m. Charlotte A. Reynolds, r. N. York, has Alphonso 
E.,? John W.,» Eliza A.»; 

II. Edward,' Mar. 14, 1803, m. Lois B. Combs, inherits the homestead, has 

Fred. T.? Sarah E.? Oharhtte M.? EUen S.? Mcah Edward? 

Lydia B,? Mary E? ; 
ni. Tho. B.,' Dec. 30, 1807, d. Jly. 5, 1808 ; iv. Tho. B.,' Apl. 18, 1811, 
d. May 14, 1827 ; v. Mary F.,' Dec. 7, 1816, rs. New York, um. 

110. 133. James,' r. W. Boylston, had, by w. Sarah Wheeler, i. Clarissa,^ Sep. 
25, 1805, m. Tho. Sargent, r. W. Boylst. ; ii. Hannah,^ May 25, 1807, m. 
Percival Taylor, rs. Sutton; in. Eli W.,«Dec 22, 1809, m. Adaline Wor- 
cester, rs. W. Boyl., has Susan 0.? Emeline M? ; 

IV. Levi,® Apl. 16, 1815, m. Rebecca Emerson, r. E. Boyl. ; 

V. Reuben W,? May 10, 1818, m. Clarissa A. Fairbanks, r. Clinton, has 

Chs. E.? Harriet U ; - 

VI. Clara,® Aug. 4, 1829, by 2d w. ; 

VII. Eliza,® Dec. 4, '31 ; viii. Sarah,® Nov. 4, '33. 

113. 137. Micah,' r. Holden, and by w., Roxanna Richardson, had* i. Caroline,® 
May 16, 1824, m. Rev. A. P. Marvin, rs. Wincheudon, had Caroline? 

Apl. 20, '46 ; Mary A,? Jly. 17, '49 ; 
II. Charles W.,® May 10, 1828, kte a memb. of Wms. Col., where he col- 
lected and published a catalogue of most' of his gr. grd. father's descendants ; 
in. Wm. D.,® Nov. 1, '30, rs. Worcester. 

44. 140. Tho.,^ a gunsmith, r. where Curtis Cooledge rs., served S. as selectman, 
and rm. to S. Natick. He had at S., by w. Sally Dana, i.' Grace,® Nov. 

11, 1781, m. John W. Adams, of Medfd. ; ii. Sally,' Oct. 11, '85, m. 

Morrill, rs. Lexington ; iii. Betsey,® Sep. 14, '87, r. N., um. ; 
"IV. Tho.,® b. pr. at N.; v. Sylvia,® r. um. Nat. 

67. 142. James,® r. ab. 40 rods S. W. of the new S. Burying ground in S., was a 
blacksmith ; and by w., Mille Bridges, had i. Moses,' A. M., M. D., who 

160 HOLBEOOK. ,^ 

s. at the S. ; ii. Sybil' ; iii. James/ d. at Batavia, N. Y. ; iv. Sylvias/ 
Jly. 12, 1791, d. at Natick; v. Clark,' June 4, '98, d. at Lowell; 
VI. Walter/ Aug. 12, '96, rs. Pelham ; vn. Mille/ Sep. 3, 1801 ; 
Yin. Elizabeth,' Sep. 27, '03 ; ix. Benj.,' m. Louisa PhippSf; x. Sarah 
Ann/ Feb. 3, '07 ; xi. Maria/ Dec. 6, '08. 

119. 148. Amos,' m. Betsey Crafts, dg. of Cpt. Abner C, of Watertown, by w. Han- 
nah Child, rs.W. Eoxb., had i. Hephzibah/Nov. 6, 1807, d. Sep. 22, '52, m. 
Ebenr. Ehodes, r. Eoxb., had Ebenr.^ John S., Henry, Frank, and Sarah. 

11. Amos,* June 80, 1809, rs. a manufr at Watertown, m. Sophia Waite, b. 
Aug. 16, 1806, dg. of John W., of Brookfield, and had Amos,^ June 20, '35 ; 

John 6?., Feb. 9, '38; Wm. H,, Nov. 11, '40, d. Dec. 26, '44; 
Frank, Aug. 21, '43, d. Jan. 9, '45 ; Elizabeth, Dec. 1, '45 ; Frank, 
Oct. 9, '48 ; 
m. Elizabeth,* Oct. 30, '11, d. July 13, '27 ; iv. Parker Craft, Sep. 7, '12, 
d. Sep. 25, '14 ; v. John George Holbrooke,** Feb. 14, '14, rs. New York, 
m. ^ly. 2, 1844, Marian Marshall, dg. of Josiah M., of Bos., and had i. Char- 
lotte Marshall,^ Apl. 11, '45 ; n. Stephen, Aug.. 7, '46; in. Margaret 
Meredith Read, June 19, '49; d. Sep. 17, '52; iv. George Otii, 
Aug. 20. '50. 
VI. Harriet,* Dec. 15, '15, d. Jan. 21, '16; vii. Charles Crafts,* Oct. 17, 
'17, m. Zebiah Smith, dg. of John S., of Bos., and has (Maries, Fanny C, 

FUa, Margaret, and infant, • 

viii. Stephen Child,* June 14, '19, drowned in Boston harbor, um., Dec. 

12, '44, on a return voyage fr. Calcutta ; ix. Wm. Henry.,* July 17, '21, rs. 
Calif, um.; X. Daniel P.,* May 11, '23, rs.W. Roxb. ; xi. Ellen Mary,* 
June 23, '26, um., rs. B. 



5. John,^ a tanner, settled at Roxbury, and d. there, Dec. 25, 1678, leaving 
an estate appraised at £474. His will, dated Dec. 16, 1678, gave half his 
estate to his son John, when of age, he to pay £40 to each of his two sisters, 
when of age or married, and £10 apiece for money bequeathed to them by 
Jane Burge, of Dorch., then in the testator's hands ; and his son Daniel to 
have one-third of his lands and to pay one-third of the legacies. Elizabeth, his 
wife, to be sole executor and to have the entire income of his estate in case 
John was not kind and helpful to her in bringing, up the younger children. 
Ralph Bradhurst and Samuel Williams, senr., appointed overseers in trust 
for'the performance of his will. His wid., Elizabeth, m. 2d, Richard Hall, 
of Roxb., May 22, 1679, and had, Martha, Sep. 6, '80, and Richard, Jan. 
1, '82-3, both d. yg. 
8. 6. I. John,* Mr., bap. 30, (2), 1671, d. Sep. 26, 1735, m. Mary Cheiny, 
Sep. 24, 1684; n. Elizabeth,* b. Apl. 6, 1670, m. Joseph Mayo, Mar. 10, 
1691-2 ; III. Abigail,* b. Aug. 27, 1674, and no further reported. 
32. 7. IV. Daniel,* b. Mar. 15, 1676, m. Elizabeth Seaver, May 29, '96. 

6. 8. John,* *' Mr.," settled at Roxbury, took the freeman's oath, Apl. 16, 1690. 
He m. Mary Cheiny, of Roxbury, presumed to have been of the same family as 

* Mr. John G. Holbrooke returned years ago to the original spelling of the name. 


Doct. C. of that place, who was cousin to an Irish lord of the same family 

name. He m. 2a, ** Mrs." Sarah Ruggles, Aug. 19, 1714, and covenanted, 

Oct. 23, 1738. He had, 
12. 9. I. John,* Opt., 20, (6), 1692, d. at Woodstock, Ct., Nov. 22, 1774, " in 

his 83d year," [G. S.], m. Mary Palmer ; ii. Elizabeth,* d. Feb. 5, 1715-16 ; 

III. Mary,* d. Sep. 7, 1712 ; iv. Hannah,* m. June 25, 1724, m. Daniel 

Williams, of Rox., who was b. 1695; v. Ebenezer,* Dea., who settled at 

Pomfret, Ct., and had one son and 8 daus. ; vi. Mehetabel,* b. 1701, m. 

Nehemiah May, of Woodstock, Nov. 30, 1726 ; vii. Martha,* b. 1703, d. 

unm. at Woodstock ; viii. Sarah,* Sep. 17, 1704 ; ix. Margaret,* Apl. 9, 

1706, d. unm., at Eoxb. 
18. 11. X. Ralph,* Capt., Oct. 1, 1708, m. Dorothy Williams, Jan. 9, '39-40. 

9. 12. John,* Capt., executed a deed, June 21, 1747, for 76 acres, in Stoughton, 
he being then of Roxb., his wife Mary, and sister Margaret witnessing the 
deed. Apl. 17, 1747, he for £700 sold his Br. Ralph 7 acres in Roxb., 
bounded S. and E. by Gov. Shirley; John Williams and Elizabeth Cheney 
witnessed the deed, but he did not acknowledge it until Jan. 28, 1764. He 
m, Mary Palmer, dau. of Rev. P., of Middleboro', who d. Sep. 9, 1768, in her 
55th year [G. S.] He s. at Woodstock, pr. ab. 1747. He had, i, Abigail.^ 
22. 13. II. John,*^ Capt., b. 1738, m. Susan Cabot. 

24. 14. III. Tho.,* b. May 4, 1740, d. at Thompson, Ct., June 2, '96.? 

15. IV. Ralph,'' July 19, 1741, and also, v. Dorothy, July 19, 1741 ; 

16. VI. Daniel,* Feb. 6, 1743-4, m. Polly Perrin, and d. without issue, at 
Roxb., Oct. 7, 1827, aged 83. 

25. 17. VII. Job.,* b. pr. at Woodstock, m. Irene Morse, and d. at Fairlee, Vt. ; 

VIII. Sarah,* who m. Abel Morse, of Woodstock, 1770. (See Memo, of 
Morses, p. 113.) 

11. 18. Ralph,* Capt., covenanted with his wife, July 19, 1741, at Roxb., sold to 
Moses White, May 15, 1767, all his lands at Roxb., for £1333, 6s., he being 
then of Andover. His wife was reed, to full communion in the Chh. in R., 
Aug. 11, 1751, and dismissed to the Chh. in Andover, July 24, '68. He 
had by wife Dorothy Williams, i. Mary,* July 31, 1741, at Roxb. ; 
n. Ralph,* Feb. 14, 1743-4 ; in. Ralph.* Aug. 20, 1748 ; 
IV. Elizabeth,* May 1, 1751 ; v. Ebenezer,* Aug. 28, 1754. 
21. VI. John,* b. Mar. 20, and bap. 26, 1758 ; vii. Dorothy, b. Jly. 24, and 
bap. 27, 1760. 

13. 22. John,* Capt., m. Susan Cabot, dau. of Rev. Cabot, of Thompson, 

Ct., settled in T, or vicinity, and had i. John,^ who rm. from Ct. to N. Y., 

and had sons, Cahof and MarsiorH ; ii. Susan,® who m. Mr. Goodell, of 


14. 24. Tho.,* m. Abigail Adams, had Abigail, m. Houghton. 

17. 25. Job,* m. Irene Morse, 1768, dau. of Parker Morse, A. M., M, D., of 
W., who d. 1831, s. in Ellingly, and rm. to Fairlee, Vt., had, 
I. Sarah.® Feb. 11, 1769, at Killingly; ii. Mary,® Mar. 8, '70; 
III. Hannah,® May 20, '71 ; iv. Irene,® b. pr. at Fairlee ; v. Parker,® s. at 
Potsdam, N. Y. ; vi. Job,® s. in Genesee Co., N. Y. ; vn. Daniel,® Hon., 
r. N. part of Vt. ; viii. Tho.® r. do. ; ix. Wm.,® rm, to Western States. 
31. X. John,® rm. to do. 


7. 32. Daniel," first styled Smith, and in 1712 Farmer, resided at Eoxbury, where 
he perhaps d. or more probably removed with his sons t6 Lebanon, Ct. He 
m. Elizabeth Seaver, May 29, 1696, and had at B., i. DanieV June 28, 
1696-7, d. July 12, 1697 ; ii. Elizabeth,* Apl. 1, 1698-9 ; ni. Daniel,* 
Oct. 25, 1701, d. yg.; iv. Nathaniel,* July 31, 1703, «d. at Lebanon, 
Jan. 25, 1787, aged 84 ; " v. Daniel,* Jan. 12, 1704. A Daniel of 
Stoughton, aged about 19 years in 1723, chose Samuel Paul, of Dorchester, 
to be his guardian. 

Lt. Daniel, of Sto., pr. the same, was surveyer, 1747-8, '54, '58, '62, m. 
Mary Stone, 1758, and d. Dec. 24, 1762, intestate, and administration was 
granted his wid., Mary, Jan. 28, 1763, [Suff. Prob.,61, 169.] She d. Sep. 
29, 1775. 

John, of Sto., pr. his s. by a former wife, and b. while Sto. was a part of 
Dorchr., had a son bap. Sep. 6, '78. 
A Daniel* had at New Haven, 

I. Lydia, Dec. 25, 1729 ; ii. Mabel, Oct. 22, '31 ; in. Isahd, Sep. 

10, '34 ; IV. Abigail June 2, '37 ; v. David, Dec. 15, '39 ; 

VI. Daniel, Nov. 12, '42 ; vii. Hannah, June 23, '44-5. 
VI. Abel* June 28, 1705 ; vii. Abel,* Feb. 16, 1706-7, resided in Leb- 
anon, 1742 ; VIII. Elizabeth,* Dec. 23, 1709 ; ix. Samuel,* Dec. 13^ 1712, 
d. July 25, 1714 ; x. Sarah, May 31, 1713, d. Sep. 12, 1714; 
XI. Nicholas,* Dec. 17, 1714, resided at Lebanon ; 
40. 39. XII. Pelatiah,* Mar. 14, 1717, resided in Lebanon. 

39. 40. Pelatiah,* appears to have s. in Lebanon, and to have been the father of 

I. Pelatiah,* b. Aug. 25, 1743, who m. Mary Clark, r. Leb., and had, 

I. Pelatiah,^ Aug. 1, 1769, d. Oct. 13, '75; n. Mary ,« Aug. 7, '71, 
d. ab. 1820 ; iii. Eliphalet,^ Feb. 15, '73, m. Hannah Wilson, r. Pots- 
dam, N. Y. ; IV. Nathaniel,* Oct. 18, '78 ; v. Wm.,« Aug. 23, '81, 
rs. Painsville, Oh. ; vi. David,® June 9, '85. 

II. Sarah,* Aug. 17, 1758, d. Oct. 25, 1757 ; in. Daniel* 

I ■>*! 


6. Daniel,^ w. Miriam , resided at Dedham, Roxb. and Dorchr. He 

''late of Dorch.," d. intestate, ab. 1673. Administration first granted his 
wid. Miriam, and by her renounced, was granted, Nov. 7, 1673, to ** his 
brother," John Holbrook, of Roxb., and Tho. Harris, ** the greatest credi- 
tor," who, Sep. 1, 1673, had made oath to an inventory of his estate, "he 
late of Roxb." [Suff. Prob., xxiii. 7.] He had, i. Daniel,^ Aug. 18, 
1667, at Dedham ; ii. AbigaU,^ May 13, 1669. 

10. 7. III. Daniel,^ Nov. 13, 1671, m. Abigail Craft. 

11. 8. IV.? Eleazer,® probably who m. Elizabeth. 
15. 9. v.? Nathaniel,^ pr. the eldest if his child.? 

7. 10. Daniel,^ m. Abigail Craft, at Roxb., May 29, 1698, who d. Nov. 5, 1702, 
He d. July 31, 1719. For inventory of his estate, [see Suff. Prob., 21, 
281.] He had, i. Rebecca,* Feb. 9, 1699; ii. Abigail,* Aug. 13, 1700. 
He not improbably had another family. 

* Perhaps the grd. s. of Bichard, of Huntington, Long Island. See p. 139. 


8. 11. Eleazer,^ seems to have been drawn to Medfield by bis uncle Tbo., and to 
bave been intimate witb bis sons. He by w. Elizabeth , at Medf Id, had 

■rf x^ ^ ^% A mA 0^ ^\. ^ ir « A mA 0% ^« t0 ^ "« % m V .1 A ^ y* ^v y^ A A 

U? 15. Nathaniel,^* bad by wife Lydia , at Medfield; i. Lydia,* 1687; 

II. Nathaniel* 1689 ; in. Elisha,* 1691 ; iv. Deborah,* 1694 ; v. Sarah,* 
1698; VI. Ephraim,* 1701-2; vn. Josiah,* 1706 ; viii. Ann,* July 21, 
1708 ; IX. Edward,* Sep. 14, 10 ; x. Nathaniel,* Oct. 22, '15. 

* ■•» I 


7. Samuel,^ senr., of Weym., (p. 139), appears from his will, reported in 
Mitchell's His. of Bridgewater, to have left an estate, 1696, to bis children. 

8. I. Cornelius,^ II. Wm.^; in. Elizabeth,^ b. at Scituatc, Dec. 14, 1676? 
the w. of John Buck ; iv. Mehetabel,^ w. of Jona, Sprague ; v. Jane,* the 

wife of Balcom ; *' vi.V Persis,« b. Oct. 11, 1676? by wife Mary ; " 

Tii. Hopestill,* a dau. unm. 1696, named pr. for a dau. his bro. Tho., of 
8herborn, had lost. 

I m9» » 


1. Abner Holbrook, of Townsend, Vt, where the name is common, m. Sarah 

Lee, and bad i. Harriot, m. Sapi. Stevens ; ii. Adin, b. 1802, m. Mary 
Hallet, rs. New York ; ni. Harvey, rs. T. ; iv. Chester ; v. Horton ; 
VI. Sarah ; vii. Benj. 

2. John, doubtless the grd. s. of Wm.,^ and pr. son of John,* of p. 136, m. Deb- 

orah Thayer at Mend., Dec. 19, 1716. She d. Jly. 24, 1750, at M. 

3. John, of Uxb., m. Zilpah Thayer, of Mend., Mar. 11, 1732. 

4. John, of Uxb., a Quaker, m. Jan. 13, 1762, Lydia Holbrook, of Bellingh., left 

an estate inventoried, Sep. 12, 1774, at £696, to be divided between his wid. 
Lydia and children Micba, Amoriah, John, and Ehoda : viz., to Micab, his 
right to common lands in Mend, and tho N. part of his homestead in U. ; to 
Amoriah, land near the pond in M. ; to John, the homestead and care of wid. 

5. John, m. Martha Wilson, Sep. 6, 1757, at Mendon. 

6. John, of Uxb., m. Rboda Thayer, of M., Dec. 6, 1770. 

7. Peter, of Uxb., m. Lydia Darling, of Mend.. May 27, 1761. 

8. Peter, of Mend., ra. Mary Taft, June, 1786. 

9. Deborah, m. Jos. Torrey, Sep. 6, 1752, at M. [See recs. of Uxb. and Sturb.] 

10. Amariah, w. Keziah, bad Otis, Nov. 24, 1783, at Mend. 

11. John, Esq., [pr. s. of Dea. Ebenr., p. 151,] m. Anna Field, r. Pomfret. 

12. Silas, [pr. Pt. i, Ch. iii,No. 25,] who, July 1, 1717, drew pay as surgeon's mate. 

13. John, Esq., of Sturb., bad Phebe, m. Dwight Harding, [b. 1807.] 

14. Chloe, of Oxford, m. Preserved Pierce, of Brookline,,Ct., Sep. 9, 1821. 

* Nathaniel, whom I have doubly queried, should be classed with estrays — might have been 
the son of Nathaniel of Pt. II, No. VII. 




Daniel Holbrook, ? Harv. Col., 1719, A. B. 
Pt. I. Ch. I. 53. Samuel Holbrook, do., 1734, A. B. 
Pt II. Ch. I. 59. Josias Holbrook, Brown U., 1788, A. B. 

Josephus Holbrook,? Brown U., 1791, A. B. 

Abiel Holbrook, ? Har. Col., 1800. 

Samuel Holbrook,? Yale Col., 1801. 
Pt. II. Ch. 1. 142. Moses Holbrook, Har. U., 1808. 

' Josias Holbrook, ? Yale Col., 1810. 
Pt. i.*Ch. n. 270. Amos Holbrook, Dart. Col.; 1807, M. D. 

Clarendon G. Holbrook, ? Harv. U., 1837, M. D. 

Levi Holbrook, ? Ver. U., 1811, A. B. 
Pt. I. Ch. II. 261. Willard Holbrook, Brown U., 1814, A. B. 
Pt II. Ch. I. 59. JohnE. Holbrook, do., 1815, A. B. 
Pt. II. Ch. I. 59. SUas P. H<?lbrook, do., 1815, A. B. 

John Holbrook,? Mid. Col., 1828, A. B. 

Stephen E. Holbrook,? Amh. Col., 1839, A. B. 
Pt. I. Ch. n. 261. Amory Holbrook, Bod. Col., 1841. 



Gent. : Since the foreoging was in type I have received assurance of such aid T^:^ 
the eicamination of records in England as may enable me or the inheritor of my MSI^^' 
to render this work more certain, complete, and available. Being descended on bot-^ 
sides from ancestors in common with thousands of Holbrooks, a circumstance that le^ 
to this production, I shall be most happy to receive and impart more of their history / 
and if this humble offering should prove acceptable, a supplement may follow it, coa-^ 
taining information expected from England, notes and obituaries of many only her^ 
named, and the history of branches not yet fully traced. To accumulate materials for 
such an addition and improvement will require delay and the aid of others. In the 
mean time let any of the race who have records and notes to communicate, direct the 
same to me at Boston, to the cai'e of Mr. Charles C. Holbrook, No. 305 Washing- 
ton si, pointing out any error in this work, however trivial, that can be detected ; and 
bearing firmly in mind that it is only by concentrating the correspondence and 
patronage in the hands of one man, and he not merely desirous of the undertaking, 
but by situation and long experience rendered competent to it, that the ^desired im- 
provement can be made and issued. Direct your letters, then, as here requested ; 
and if I fail to arrange a supplement, I will pass them to some Holbrook, high- 
minded, honorable, and competent, tender of reputation, and alive to the honor of the 
name, who shall consent to receive our MSS., and act in my place. Antiquarians 
desire emulation, but they all deprecate and despise competition. The former assists, 
the latter defeats the labors of all. 

Yours vfery affectionately, 


N. B. Each purchaser of a copy of this book is requested to leave or forward his 


1. Daniel Jennings, m. Elizabeth CozEens, Jaly 11, 1739, had at H., 
I. Isaao, Jan. 24, 1739-40, d. Oct 21, '43 ; ii. Susanna, Dec. 20, '41, d. 
Oct. 19, '48; m. Susanna, Dec. 30, '43, d. Oct. 18, '56; iv. Elizabeth, 
Mar. 16, '45-6; v. Martha, Aug. 15, '48; vi. Patience, Mar. 15, '53, 
m. Simeon Miller, '74. 
5. 2. Yii. Daniel ; viii. Susanna, Apl. 3, '61, m» and r. Dublin ; 
IX. Abigwl, Sep. 22, '63. 

3. Jesse Jennings, w. Hannah, r. H., had, i. Selecte, Mar. 18, '97 ; 
n. Horns, A^ 8, '88. 

2. 5. Daniel, m. Lydia , and inherited the homestead in N. E. comer of 

H., now Ashland, and had, i. Isaac, Mar. 15, 1777 ; ii. Lydia, Dec. 18, 
'72; in. Micah, July 25, '79. 

6. Isaac, pr. s. of Daniel, senr., m. Abigail, and had at H. i. Nabba, 
Feb. 1, 1782 ; n. Calvin, Nov. 21, '86. 


h Natlianiel Johnson, bom at Boxbunr, Mar. 21, 1669, had a lot 
asfflgned him in S., Mar. 8, 1696, and either a. or rm. soon after. His w. 
was \lifgafr"*''^'T m^ and he was pr. the father of, 
5. 2. I. Joseph, who remained at S. and H. and inherited his lands and rights, and 
d. Mar. 25, 1744-5 ; n. Nathaniel, who m. Mary Haven, Nov. 23, 1708, 
and had Jona,, Jan. 30, 1709-10 ; ni. Wm., who nu Mary Morse, and had 
at S., Sarah, Mar. 20, 1716; rv. Mary, who m. Noah Morse, 1705; 

V. Martha, Feb. 19, 1696-7 ; vi. Mehetabel, Oct. 15, 1699. 

2. 5. Joseph, m. Lydia , drew land in Doug., 1715, and r^ where Jonas 

* Curds rs. in H., and had, i. Lydia, July 27, 1709. 
16. 6. II. Moses, Nov. 18, 1711. 

20. 7. in. Isaac, Mar. 28, 1714 ; rv. David, July 8, 1719. 
28. 8. V. Elisha, Nov. 20, '20. 

24. 9. VI. David, Aug. 28, '23 ; vii. Sarah, July 18, '27 ; viii. Joseph, '29. 
11. 10. iz. Joseph, Jan. 30, '31. 

10. 11. Joseph, m. Marcy Cousins, May 1, 1755, who d. '70. He m.? 2d, 

Keziah , who d. July 26, '78, and had at H., i. Mercy, May 19, 1758. 

II. Joseph, Apl. 26, '60. 

46. 13. m. Silvanus, Dec. 18, '61, m. Marcy ; iv. Zuba, Sep. 27, '63, d. 

num. ; y. Bhoda, June 10, '65, m. July 27, '82, Samuel Bockwood ; 

VI. Lois, June 3, '67, m. Moses Eockwood, of Med. ; 

VII. Eneas, May 10, '69, m. and had a family, and d. in H. about 1808. 

6. 15. Moses, m. Sabilla Plimpton, of S., May 18, 1732, had at H. 

89. 16. I. Simeon, June 22, 1733 ; ii. Sabilla, Oct. 4, '34 ; iii. Moses, Oct. 5, 
'38; IV. Lydia, Sep. 15, '42; v. Zedakiah, Dec. 5, '40, d. July 5, '45; 
VI. Mary, Feb. 24, '44-5; vii. Ithamer, Jan. 10, '52; 

7. 20. Isaac, m. Abigail Leland, of H., Feb. 15, 1736-7, who d. Aug. 23, '45, 

2d, Elizabeth Jones, Sep. 21, '49. 
35. 21. I. Abner, Sep. 10, 1737, at H.; ii. Isaac, May 8, '39; ni. Hannah, 

Feb. 7, '41 ; iv. Abigail, May 26, '43, d. July 29, '45. 
38. 23. V. Iteuben, Apl. 12, '45. 

156 JONES. ' 

9. 24. David, m. Sarah Foster, May 25, 1749, 2d, Keziah Parker, Dec. 13, '66. 
r. in N. part of H. had, i. David, May 25, '50, m. Ede Bullard, Nov. 3, 
'72, r. Chester, Vt., and was killed by a tree ; ii. Samuel, June 12, '52, 
d. Aug. 27, '95 ; iii. Sarah, Sep. 29, '57, by 2d w., and m. James Perry, 
'82; IV. Timothy, Mar. 21, '59. 
41. 28. V. Nathaniel, Esq., Mar. 6, '61. 

8. 28. Elisha, m. Mary Guy, of H.. Oct. 1. 1741, had at H., i. Perry, Mar. 24, 
'41-2; II. Levi, Feb. 1, '44-5; iii. Aaron, Dec. 26, '47; iv. Elisha, 
Apl. 6, '49, m. Hephabah Adams, '76; v. Zedakiah, Apl. 19, '51, m. 
Rhoda Bullard, '72, 2d, Ruth Perry ; vi. Mary, Sep. 26, '54 ; vii. James, 
Deo. 25, '57 ; viii. Anne, Sep. 8, '60, m. Silas Pratt, '72. 

21. 35. Abner, m. Miriam Jones, Mar. 19, 1761, and had in H., i. Abigail, June 
15, 1762; II. Milla, d. July 14, '64; iii. Eli, Feb. 13, '67; iv. Jerusha, 
June 12, '69 ; v. Miriam, May 9, '74 ; vi. Abner, Esq., Deo. 28, '76. 

23. 38. Reuben, m. Lydia , and had Amos, Dec. 30, 1763. 

16. 39. Simeon, m. Elizabeth Gardner, Aug. 19, 1756. 

40. 1. Moses, Mar. 4, 1757 ; ii. Eliza., Apl. 7,. '60 ; m. Charlotte, Nov. 22, '66. 

28. 41. Nathaniel, Esq., s. Jm. S. W. of Hoi. Common, was an efficient business 
man, and a citizen of influence. He m. Persis Gibbs, of Hopk., pub., De<5. 
30, 1784, a woman of great value to the chh. and world, and had, i. Ann.^» 
June 28, 1786; ii. Nathan, May 26, '88, r. S.boro.; m. Aseneth, Ma^* 
22, '91, d. yg. ; iv. Calvin, Sep. 1, '93 ; v. David, Apl. 7, '96 ; 
VI. Nathaniel ; vii. Persis, m. and rs. on the homestead. 

13, 46. Silvanus, w. Mercy, had i. Joseph, Mar. 10, 1792 ; ii. Malinda, June "7"^ 
'94, m. Willard C}ark, of Med. ; iii. Pamelia, Dec. 1, '95, and others. 

Laban Johnson ? w. Penelope, luid Laban, May 4, 1772, at H., who n» ^ 
Lucy , and had Bhoena, Feb. 2, '97. 

Joseph Johnson ? w. Keziah; i. Phebe, Jan. 1, 1782; ii. Jesse, Sep. ^^ 
'84 ; III. Eleazer, Apl. 22, '87. 

Nathan Johnson ? m. Hannah Leland, of S., 1778, and had at S., i. Susanna^ 
Nov. 22, '78, m. David Sanger, of S., '98 ; ii. Artemas, Nov. 18, '80, 
A. M., M. D., 8. and d. at Pawtucket, without issue; iii. Herman, 
Nov. 25, '85 ; iv. Nathan, Jan 21, '88; v. Herman, Nov. 22, '90, r. S. 
VI. Hannah, Sep. 4, '93 ; vii, Plympton, Sep. 20, '96. 

> ^■» I 

1. TllO. Jones, was rated in Sherborn, in 1721, higher than any other 
citizen. He d. 1729, and land was drawn in his right at Doug., 1730. By 
wife Elizabeth, he had, 
6. 2. I. Jona., Dec. 13, 1701. ^ 

9. 3. II. EH, Dec. 5, 1704, m. Mary , had Mi, Apl. 24, '56 ; in. Tho., 

May 27, '06, d. June 23, 1734. He had only Tho., jun., b. 1725, m. 
1745, Mary Morse, had Phebe, Oct. 29, '45, and perished a prisoner among 
Indians; iv. Elizabeth, May 27, '11. 
15. 5. V. Aaron, Apl 11, '13, d. July 30, '42. 


2. 6. Jona., w. Hannab, bad at H., i. Hannab» d. Sep., 1729 ; ii. Ezekiel, May 

19, '29 ; III. Jona., July 12, '31 ; iv. Elizabeth, Oct. 1, '40. 

3. 9. Eli, m. Marcy Underwood, May 15, 1729, and had i. David, Feb. 17, '31./,^ 5- 

ir. Eli ; in. Hannah, Aug. G, '34, m. Benj. Bullard, of H. ; iv. Thankful, 
Apl. 6, '38, m. John Foristall ; v. Miriam, June 1, '41, m. Abner John- 
son ; VI. Mercy, Sep. 18, '46. 

12. Benj. ? w. Ruth , had, i. Ruth, Mar. 9, 1731-2 ; 11. Elizabeth, Apl. 

25, '34; III. Stephen, Dec. 4, '42; iv. Anna, June 21, '45; 
V. Elias, Mar. 17, '47-8. 

5. 15. Aaron, m. Elizabeth Bullard, Mar. 17, 1736-7, had at H., 

16. I. Jesse, June 28, '38, d. Nov. 17, '55. 
20. 17. II. Samuel, June 15, '40 ; in. Elizabeth, Nov. 22, '40. 

17. 20. Samuel, w. Hannah , had Azubah, June 22, 1762. 

m*m t 

1* Bonj* Eondall, was the s. of Tho. K., of Lexu3gton, by w., Sarah 
Cheever, dg. of Rev. Tho. C, of Chelsea, and grd. s. of Tho. K., of 
Woburn, and gr. grd. s. of Francis K., of W., by w., Mary Tidd, who took 
the freeman's oath. May 26, 1647, and d. 1707, agd. ab. 87. Benj. was 
dismissed from the chh. in Lex., Sep. 26, 1734, to the chh. in S., and s. in 
the N. part of S., where Timothy K., one of his descendants, now resides. 
He served as selectman, 1768, '70, '78, and d., aged 96. He m. Keziah 
Leland, dg. of Ens. Henry L., 1733 ; and 2d, Eunice Leland; 1736, dg. of 
Dea. Timothy L., of H., and had 

I. Benj., who d. with his mother, '36 ; 

II. Keziah, Aug. 7, '37, m. Wm. Boden, '57 ; 

ra. Asenath, Mar. 29, '40, d., Oct. 6, 6, '73, m. Nathl. Holbrook, of S., '63 ; 
TV. Lydia, Nov. 26, '42, m. Micah Holbrook, of S., '76; 

4. 2. V. Benj., Mar. 18, '45, m. Keziah Twitchell, Apl. 1, '68 ; vi. Asaph, 
Oct. 3, '47, d. aged 15 ys. ; vii. Eunice, Apl. 28, '50, m. Saml. Bur- 
bank, of H., '73 ; vm. Rebecca, Nov. 12, '52 ; ix. Elizabeth, Aug. 23, 
'55, m. Benj. Houghton, of S., '82 ; 

8. 3. X. Timothy, Dec. 9, '57, d. Nov. 5, 1829. 

2. 4. Benj., by w., Keziah Twitchel, r. S. and Gardner; 

11. 5. I. Asaph, Mar. 23, 1769, r. Haverhill, and rs. Portland, Me. ; 

II. Rebecca, June 2, '71, d. Oct. 31, '74; 
17. 6. in. Jona., Apl. 24, '73, r. at Gardner and Hubbardston; 

IV. Rebecca, Oct. 17, '75, m. Hubbard Dunster, r. Gardner ; 
7. V. Martin, Sep. 8, '78, m. Prudence Kendall, r. Jamaica, Vt. ; vi. Anna, 

June 20, '81, m. Marshall Stoiard, r. Hingham; vii. Miriam, b. pr. at 

Gkirdner, m. Bartlett Stodard, r. G. ; viii. Keziah, b. pr. at G., m. Simon 

Stone, r. G. 

3. 8. Timothy, m. Lucy Rice, d. 1839, inherited the homestead in S., which he 

left to his only son ; 
9. I. Timothy, b. Feb. 4, 1787, m. Polly Flagg, dg. of Jona. F., of Fram., 
by w., Hepzibah Greenwood, and had 
10. I. Luci/ i?., Jly. 18, 1815, m. Col. Seth Hawes, of Fram. ; n. Benj., 
^ A. M., Oct. 15, 1817, m. Lucy Bullard, and r., a teacher, at New- 


buryport ; iii. Mary A., Feb. 7, '20, m. Geo. ChamberlaiD, r. Fram ; 
iv. Frances^ Aug. 3, '22, m. Adam LittJefield, r. Fram. ; v. Ghs. B., 
Dec. 20, '25, r. Dover, Me. 

5. 11. Asapb, m. Eunice Case, of Haverhill; and 2d, Hanh. Batobelder, of H., 
and s. in Portland, Me. Hb had 

12. I. Wm., 1795, m. Eliza. Greenough, and r. Boston ; 

13. II. Benj., m. Betsey Clark, and resides in Fitchburg ; 

14. lu. Asaph, m., and had a son ; iv. Mary, d. um. ; 

15. v. James, m., and s. in Ipswich ; 

VI. Timothy, d. yg. ; vii. Bathiah, m. in Me. ; 

16. VIII. Daniel, s. in Danvers; ix. G«o., by 2d w., d. in Portland, a. 30.; 
X. Jane, m., and r. in P. 

6. 17. Jona., m. Mary Nichols, rs. Hubbardston, had 

18. I. Asaph, Sep. 3, 1794, m. Charity Snow, r. Alexanderville, Oh. ; 

19. ir. Hubbard, Apl. 18, '96, m. Rhoda Sawin, r. Gardner ; 

20. III. Moses, m. Balinda Gates ; 2d, Esther Bullock, of Bichmond, N. H. ; 
IV. Eunice, m. Lafayette Colman, r. Gardner ; 

21. V. Orison, r., um., at G. ; 

22. VI. Edmund, m. Mary Bennett, r., a landlord, at G. ; 

23. VII. Crusoe (d.), m. Minerva Gates, r. Hub'n; viii. Bebeoca, m. David 
N. Bishop, of H. ; ix. Mary, m. Sylvester Gilson, r. Templeton ; 

X. Fanny, m. Harrison How, r. Gard. ; xi. Harrison, d. yg. 

Elisha Kendall, ? w., Buth, had i. Samuel at S. pr., ab. 1740. 

I »■» i 

James Kenny, w., Margt., had Jane, Oct. 30, 1730, at H. 


1. Henry Kibbe/ a tailor, joined the ehh. in Dorchester, 4 (9), 1639, and 
the Boston Artillery Co, 1644 ; took the freeman's oath. May 18, 1642. Baohel 
K., supposed to be his wife, d. at D., 16 (5) 1657. Ho was m. by Gov. 

Bcllingham, 5 (9) 1657, to Grizel , by whom he had Sherebiah, bp. at 

D., 8 (10) 1659, on a thanksgiving day, and so named, '* because his father 
prevailed with God by prayer for him." The father d. 10 (6) 1661, at D. 
Sherebiah, cordwainer, was of Cambridge, 1682, and ** owned land on Jones 
Hill." [Bond.] ** Henry Kidby " and Lewis Kidby^, had land assigned 
them by Boston, at Mt. WooUiston (Quincy) 1639. 

2. Edward Keyby,^ a sawyer, had, by the authorities of Boston, John Bery 
apprenticed to him in 1645. He was of Boxbury in 1654. He had 

I. Deborah,^ bap. at Old South chh., in Bos. ; 

II. Mary,^ bap. 1645 at Dorchester ; 

3. III. James,^ bap. 1645 at D., d. 1732, m. Hannah, and had at Cambridge 

I. Mary,^ 1668 ; ii. Anna,^ 1670 ; 

4. III. James ^ 1674, who m. Sarah , and resided for a time at Sherbom; 

IV. Elizabeth? 1681, who d. um., Dec. 20, 1715, at Sherbom ; 

5. IV. Elisha,^ bap. 1645 at Dorchester ; 

7. 6. V. Joshua,^ probably ; vi. Elizabeth, by w. Mary, 27 (11) 1654, at Muddy 
Biver ; vii. Bebecca, May 1, 1657, at do. ; viii. Edward,^ pr. who r. at 
Enfield, and Oct. 4, 1722, m. wid. Rebecca Cooley, of Springfield ; 
IX. Hannah, ? whose hus. was drowned in public service, petitioned for his 
pay, Sep. 5, 1723. 


6. 7. Joshua,^ m. Mary Corny, at Woburn, May 24, 1688, s. in W. Sherborn, ab. 
1710, drew 103 acres in Douglas in 1715 and '30, and in 1721, was, out of 
59 citizens, rated the highest in S., exc^t three. He d. 1731. His wife d. 
Jly. 9, 1712. They had i. Joshua,^ June 2, 1712, at S., who settled at 
the S. end of the Morse meadow, in Med., was a carpenter, owned a saw-mill 
on Chicken Brook, drew land in Doug., 1730, m. Abigail Dowse, of S., 
June 7,. 1733, but had no issue. From a malformation, he could never 
- articulate sounds. He d. Jan. 29, 1754. His estate, inventoried at 
£1,118, (old tenor), he gave to be equally divided to his wid. Abigail, and 
his br. Edward, [Suff. Prob.] ; 

II. Sarah,3 b. 1708, d. Nov. 17, 1762, m. Henry Morse, 1725, and s. J m. E. 
of her br. Joshua, and where wid. Uriel Cutler lives, while bears were thick, 
against which she, with a blazing fire-brand, was wont to defend her swine ; 

9. III. Edward,^ m. Abi. Morse, 1724, dg. of Jona. M., of S., who. d. about 
1792. He, with his br. Joshua, Mar. 26, 1726, bought of Sam. BuUen, for 
£250, a tract of 126 acres in Med. He s. ^ m. S. E. of the upper depot, in 
H., and on the E. of Chicken Brk., 100 rods S. E. of Ellis Daniel's house, 
and owned a saw-mill 100 do. N. W., had 

I. Joshua, Apl. 20, 1731, d. Oct. 15, '32 ; 

II. James, JJIay 8, '32, d. Aug. 22, '32 ; 

12. 10. III. Isaac, Aug. 12, '46, or '47, d. Mar. 1, 1834 ; 

11. IV. Edward, Oct. 27, '51, m. '67, Mary Goudy, of Hopk., rm. to Peru ; 

and 2d, to Western part of N. Y. ; v. Betty, m. , Maxwell, and 

rm. S. of Seneca Lake, N. Y. ; vi. Abigail, m. Tim. Madden ; 

vn. Lydia, m. Wm. Watkins ; 

vin. A dau., m. Nathan Watkins, rm. to Genesee, pr. Naples. 

10. 12. Isaac, m. Phebe Whitney, May 28, 1765, inherited the homestead of his 
father, lived where the W. depot is in H., and left it to his s. Isaac, who sold 
it to a E. E. Co., ab. 1849. He had i. Asa, Sep. 14,' 1766; [an Asa 
(pr. another), s. at Somers, Ct., and rm. to Frankfort, Herk. Co., N. Y,, m. 
Jerusha Kibbe, and had i. Asa, of Mexico, N. Y., f. of Geo, ; ii. Walter j 

of Winfield, N. Y. ; iii. Martin, of Galena, 111.] ; 
n. Keziab, Mar. 28, '68 ; 

III. James, Nov. 16, '70, d. agd. 38, m. and s. in N. Y. ; 

IV. Eli, Mar. 25, '72 ; v. Joseph, Jly. 12, '75 ; vi. Isaac, m. Sally Bragg ; 
and 2d, Keziah (Adams) Miller, rs. Hoi., has i. Sally ; ii. Lyman M., m. 
Elizabeth Kingsbury, rs. H. ; 

VII. Phebe, m. Jeremiah Hartwell, of Bos. ; viii. Joshua, s. in Boston ; 

IX. Hannah^ m. David Claflin, of Bos., had David J9., of B. ; 

X. Whitney, b. Jan. 5, 1791, rs. H., m. Eliz'th (Hall) Sawim 

Walter Babbe, a lawyer, and Gen. Amariah K., of Somers, Ct.,are supposed 
to be from the same stock ; also the Kibbles of Galway, Oppenheim and Strat- 
ford, N. Y. 

I ■■• I 

Jona. Eilton, w. Margaret, had at H., i. Jona., Feb. 6, 1756 ; ii. Luke, Feb. 
4, '60; III. Mary, Dec. 10, '61; iv. Tho., Oct. 30, '63; v. Benj., Dec. 
3, '65, at S. ; vi. James, Mar. 23, '68, at S. 

Tho. KimbalL s. of Richd. K., of Nat, w., Hannah Fuller, fr. Ded.,had at S. 
I. David, Mar. 25, 1791, m. Rebecca Pratt, fir. Me., r. and d. 111. ; 


II. Ebenezer, Sep. 3, '92, m. Eliza Eobbios, fr. BrigbtoD, r. Cambridge ; 
in. Abigsul, Mar. 5, '94, m. Albert Ellis^ r. Asbland ; iv. Catberine, Apl. 
1, '96, m. Wm. Davis, r. Milton ; v. Betsey, June 9, *98, m. Jobn Straiten, 
r. Nat. ; vi. Rebecca, Nov. 12, 1800, d. Aug. 1, '02 ; vii. Tho. J., pr. d. 
um. ; VIII. Sally, Mar. 28, 1809, m. .Malacbi Babcock; ix. Hannah, Sep. 
30, 1811, m. Geo. Hooker. 


Jesse F. EingSbXiry, b. Oct. 4, 1813, s. of Jesse, of Ncedbam and grd. s. 
of Jesse K., of N., m. Mary 0. Stevens, settled in S., 1847, on the ancient 
seat of the Cozzens family, has Sarah Helen, Chs, E. 

Daniel KnOWltOn, w. Abigail, had Mary, July, 1750. 

John Knowlton, m. Martha Jennings, Apl. 20, 1769, and had at H., 
I. Martha, Apl. 16, '69. 

Nathan Knowlton, m. Patience Miller, Aug. 20, 1781, had at H., 

I. Micab, Jan. 8, 1782 ; ii. Susanna, May 11, '84 ; iii. Becca, March 21, 
'86 ; IV. Phila, May 20, '88 ; v. Sophia, Oct. 6, '96. 

Elias Knowlton, w. Elizabeth , 2d w., Lydia Fisk, m. Aug. 2, '89, bad 

at H., I. Elias, May 14, 1769, m. Lydia , had i. SaUy, Feb. 26, '95; 

n. Lucinda, June 3, '98. 

II. Elizabeth, Apl. 19, '76 ; iii. Gilbert, Mar. 6, 78 ; 

IV. Simeon, Oct. 31, '89, by w. Lydia; v. James, June 6, '91. 

Wm. Knowlton, w. Bachel, had at S., i. Kate, Nov. 30, 1773; 
II. Oliver, July 8, '79. 

* ••■ » 

Ephraim Lane, w. Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, Aug. 21, 1763, at S. 


John Lawrence, w. Susanna, had at S., i. Sarah, Oct. 21, 1698 ; ii. Mercy, 
Mar. 20, 1707 ; iii. Samuel, Jan. 29, 1711-12, at Natick. 

I ■§» I 

1. Hopestill Lay land, the common ancestor of the New England Lelands, • 
was from Yorkshire^ Eng. He landed and settled at Weymouth, probably 
as early as 1624. When the removal of Eev. Mr. Newman and the 
majority of the planters of W., to Eehoboth, occurred in 1644, he seems to have 
removed with the family of John ? Holbrook, to that part of Dorchester which 
became Milton. Here his son Henry, the child of his old age, as it would seem, and 
bom no doubt at Weymouth, grew up, formed the acquaintance of Nicholas Wood 
and Tho. Holbrook, both residents of the same part of Dorchester, and in company 
with them began the first settlement cf Sherborn, 1652-4. Hopestill L. is believed 
to have had daughters married to some of the first planters in Medfield and Bogis- 
tow, many of whom were from Weymouth, Brain tree and Dorchester, viz., one mar- 
ried to LovoU, from whom descended Hopestill and Nathaniel L., of Med., 

another, Experience, the first wife of Tho. Holbrook, of Sherborn. When upwards 
of 70 years old he seems to have removed to Bogistow to reside with his children* 
Here the patriarch slept with his fathers in 1655, '' aged 75." The manner in 
which his death is recorded indicates distinction. He was one of the most ancient 


men, if not tho most ancient, who ever settled ia Now England. HolIistoD, more 
than half of whose inhabitants are his descendants, can have his bones but little de- 
cayed with evidence of their identity, if they will give him a protected grave and 
headstone. No monumental inscription in New England but bis will date back to 

2. Henry Layland m. Margaret Badcock, tho sister of Eobt. B.) of Dorch., 
now Milton, and no doubt the grd. dg. of James B., who was born 158-, in Essex 
Co., England, removed with tho Pilgrims to Holland and came in the ship Anne to 
Plymouth, in 1623. Henry L. was reed, to the chh. in D., 22, (3), 1653; and 
the next year came to Bogistow, as the S. R quarter of S. was then called, and 
lived on land owned by Tho. Holbrook, for the ensuing 12 years ; working perhaps ' 
still at his trade, as he continued to be styled tailor. In 1660, Mar. 3, he gavo his * 
» bond for £40 to Henry Lane, of Boston, for 200 acres of }and, formerly Gapt. 
Keayne's, which he bought of Kichard Brown, the grantee. This ho discharged 
f. three years after, yet did not obtain a deed until 1667, when Sec'y Eawson and 
Gov. Danforth made oath to the purchase and payment. This tract included a 
[ meadow, still called Brown's meadow, and extended from the W. line of Parker's 
I grant, which separated it from Charles R., almost or quite to Holl. line ; and formed 
[the nucleus of the great Leland farm. In 1666, he reed, a deed of Tho. Holbrook 
for 80 acres in three lots, which H. had previously bought of Andrew Pitcher, who 
had purchased it of Parker, the original grantee. The first lot consisted of 20 acres 
lying unto the new dwelling house of Tho. Holbrook, bounded N. by Pitcher, W. 
by Holbrook, abutting on a brook, E. fSewell's] and on a highway W., 2^ acres of 
the same being meadow. This includes the site of his first habitation, which was 
burnt in his absence, leaving his wife and then only child without shelter, food or 
effects. A 2d lot of 20 acres on a plain, bounded S. by Wood, N. by Pitcher, and 
E. and W. by common land ; and a third lot of 39 acres was to be laid out upon tho 
same plain, to include 5 acres of meadow, to bo bounded precisely like the .2d lot. 
The first lot is now owned by David Daniels. He left the " old field " of 11 acres near 
Brush Hill, which Eleazer L. sold to his brother, Hopestill, for £46, whoso descend- 
ants inherited it with his other lands, until the present century. He did not sur- 
vive to draw much of the public land, but liis right being, inherited, secured 
his descendants extensive tracts and most of the farms in S. and H. which they still 
occupy. *^> < *-^t£i 

Henry L. signed both petitions for the incorporation of S. He was chosen on a ,^ '\ , 
committee to provide' a minister for S., and was associated with the selectmen "to -^ ^ 
grant toWn lots to those that were known among the inhabitants ; " and trddition has 
brought down a high character of him for piety and kindness to the Indians. He d. «>n v \ 
Apl. 4, 1680, a. pr. about 50, and was interred about 100 rods S. E. of his dwelling. ^. . 
His wid.TjSlargaret, d. at her s. Hopestill's, 21, (3), 1705, a. pr. ab. 75, having "' ' 
that year conveyed her property to him for having taken care of her, and for her ^i 
future support. They had, I ^ 

5. 3. I. Hopestill, 15, (9), 1653, at Dorchester; ii. Margaret, b. 1655, at 

Bogistow; III. Experience, 16, (3), 1656, m. John Colburne, of Medfd., 

June 5, '74, and pr. 2d, Mr. Adams, of do. 
14. 4. IV. Ebenezer, 2, (11), 1657, d. June 30, 1742, at Hqlliston; 

V. Eleazer, 13, (5), 1660, m. Sarah , and d. Dec. 5, 1703, at Medfd., 

without issue. E. was a tailor, and at the age of 17 lived at Milton. 

3. 5. Hopestill, Dea., occupied the homestead which his father purchased of Tho. 
Holbrook, the E. part of Brown's grant and other lands adjacent ; was rated 
for the Indian title, 1686, drew land in S., in '82, and subsequently, 166 
acres in Doug. He served 10 years as selectman, m. Abigail Hill, Nov. 5, 



1678, who d. Oct. 5, 1689 ; and 2d, Patience Holbrook, his cousin, who 

Oct. 5, 1740. He d. Aug. 19, 1729. He had, 
20.. 6. I. Henry, Feb. 22, 1679, d. 1732, ra. Mary Morse; 
23. 7. II. Hopestill, Aug. 4, '81, d. June 7, 1760, m. Mary BuUard ; 

III. Abigail, Feb. 17, '83, m. John Bullard, Jan. 7, 1702. 
25. 8. IV. John, Oct. 11, '87, d. Jan. 7, 1759, m. Abigail Badcock. 
28. 9. T. Wm., Dea., Feb. 11, '92, d. Mar. 18, '43, m. Mehetabel Brack. 
10. Ti. Eleazer, Apl. 8, '95. d. 1717, m. Abigail Clapp, from Ded. 

32. 11. VII. Joseph, May 9, '98, m. Esther Whitney. 

33. 12. vm. Isaac, June 2, 1701, d. after 1760, m. Abigail Mason. 

34. 13. IX. Joshua, May 5, '05, d., m. Kuth Morse ; x. Margaret, Dec. 25, '08, m. 

John Carpenter of H., and was the grd. mother of Moses Pond, of W. Med. 

4. 14. Ebenezer, s. 2 m. S. W. of Sherborn common, where the late "Wm. 
Leland lived ; was rated for the Indian title, 1686, selectman 4 yrs., drew 
122 acres in Doug., engaged for a time in keeping sheep on Seekonk plain, 

m. Deborah , 2d, Patience Sabine, fr. Eehoboth, who d. June 1, 1720, 

and 3d, Mary Hu nt, fr. Sud. He resided in advanced life with his son, 
Dea. TimT L., of H.~ aiiirto bim and Capt. John Gouldihg, were assigned, 
when the meeting house was finished, the two most honorable pews, viz., the 
2d on the right and left of the pulpit, which their descendants occupied for 
nearly 100 years. He had, i. Deborah, Aug. 16, 1679, m. Isaac Gleason. 

38. 15. II. Ebenezer, Jan. 14, '81, d. 1746, m. Martha (Fairbank) Death. 

40. 16. III. Timothy, Dea., Feb. 22, '84, d. Apl. 1, 1748, m. Elizabeth Learned. 

17. IV. James, Capt., Sep. 22, '87, d. Feb. 13, 1768, m. Hannah Learned, 
removecT loTGrrafton ; v. Susanna, b. '89, m. John Page, of Fram., 1712. 

VI. Patience, '95, by 2d w., m. Elkanah Haven; vii. Martha, Sep. 8, '99. 
44. 18. VIII. Isaac, Apl. 19, 1702, d. prior to '41, m. Mary Hunt| fr. Sud. ; 

IX. Sybil, 1708, m. Francis Dudley, of Sutton,' '3^2 ; 

18. X. Amariah, Dec. 11, 1710, m. IJrsula Lovet, g. with bis father in S., 
rm. and d. at Mt. Desert, Me. 

6. 20. Henry, Ens., s. in the N. part of S., where Mrs. Luther Leland rs. on ?^ , 

farm of about 500 acres, drew 228 acres in Doug., was 6 yrs. selectman ao^ 
representative in 1726, m. Mary Morse, dg. of Jeremiah, of Medfd., who d- 
Oct. 16, '60, aged 75, and had, 
46. 21. I. Jona., Apl. 11, 1706, m. Deborah Leland; ii. Mary, Sep. 13, '08,tf»- 
Amos Cooledge, '28 ; in. Sarah, Aug. 15, '10, d. Mar. 17, '35-6, m. Cap*- 
Edward Learned ; iv. Keziah, July 9, '1^, m. Benj. Kendall, Jan. 24; 
'32-3, B. where Tim. K. rs. ; v. Hephzibah, Sep. 22, *14, m. Dea. Joseph 
Brown, of H. ; vi. Thankful, July 17, '16, m. David Leland of H. ; 

VII. Anna, Mar. 26, '18, m. Aaron Morse, of Hoi. ; viii. Jeremiah, Feb. 
2, '19-20, d. June 23, '42, unm. ; ix. Ezekiel, June 11, '22, d. unm. 

X. Mercy, Feb. 6, '25, m. Nathl. Winship, of H. and S. ; 

XI. Beulah, Dec. 9, '26, m. Isaac Bullard, '46, of H. ; 

63. 22. XII. Henry, Capt., Apl. 11, '29, m. Keziah Bullard, dg. of Benj., and 2d, 
Mary Goulding. 

7. 23. Hopestill inherited the middle division of the Leland farm, r. S. of Sewell's* 

Meadow, drew 95 acres in Doug., engaged in the rearing of hemp and the 
manufacturing of ropes and halters which he annually ' carried to Ehode 
Island and exchanged for wool ; m. Mary Bullard, who d. May 8, 1758. He 
had, I. Daniel, Apl. 24, 1702, d. yg.; 


II. Abigail, May 3, '04, m. Ebenezer Badcock. 

68. 24. III. Daniel, Oct. 14, '07, m. Mary Death ; iv. Rutb, Sep. 12, '12, m. 
Samuel Perry; v. Eachel, May 28, '15, m. Henry Death; vi. Esther, 
June 2, '17, m. Phineas Adams? of Med., '40; vii. Mary, May 7, 
'20, m. Joseph Marshall; 

VIII. Silence, May 31, '22, m. Daniel Eames; 

IX. Experience, June 21, '25, m. Jonas Fairbanks, of Med. ; 

X. Sarah, Aug. 19, '28, m. John Carpenter, of H. 

8. 25. John, s. in the N. part of H., and after public wp. was established in H., 
became clerk and read the hymns, drew 75 acres in Doug., m. Abigail Bad- 
cock, who d. June 28, 1740 ; and 2d, Sarah (Morse) BuUard, wid. of Isaac, 
July 12, '44, and had, , 

81. 26. I. Samuel, May 3, 1711, m. Dinah White ; 

84. 27. II. John, jun., June 10, *13, m. Lydia Leland ; 

III. Abigail, Mar. 28, '16, m. Isaac Johnson. 

D. 28. Wm., Dea ., s. in the S. W. part of S., where Lemuel L. rs., was 8 years 

selecfman, town clerk 5 yrs., and representative in 1735, drew 67 acres in 

Doug., m. Mehetabel Breck, and had, 
100. 29. I. Eleazer, Dec. 18, 1717, m. Mary Lovet; 

n. Asa, Nov. 1, '19, d. Nov. 26, '36. 
103. 30. III. Wm., Jan. 3, '25, d. Jan. 30, '62, m. Jemima Daniels, who m. 2d, 

Caleb Gree3i;<vood. 
105. 31. IV. Simlon, Aug. 21, '30, d. '90, m. Hannah Partridge, Mar. 7, '50-1, 

and 2d, Martha BuUard, Dec. 6, '56. 

V. Abigail, Apl. 7, '34, d. Dec. 4, '36 ; vi. Abigail, Sep. 24, '37, d. unm. 

aged 70. 

11. 32. Joseph, drew 17 acres at Doug., in 1730, was selectman in '37 and '39, 

m. Esther Thurston, who m. 2d, Richardson, and lived to be aged. 

Ho lived in S. where S. and H. and Ashland now comer, and gave his 
extensive farm to his grd. son, James Whitney. He had, i. Patience, May 
26,1722, m. James Whitney; ii. Esther, July 31, '28, m. Benj. Whitney, 
of S. ; III. Abigail, 1734, m. Ezekiel Wood, of Uxb.; 

IV. Rhoda, Dec. 31, '35, d. '57, unm. 

12. 33. Isaac, received of his father Hopestill, in 1722, a deed of one half of the 

buildings and farm of 400 acres, on which he lived, including the ancient 
homestead. He s. E. of the road to E. Med., had by w., Abigail Mason, 
only a dg. that survived, viz., i. Patience, b. Dec. 28, 1745, m. Peter Bul- 
lard, May 11, 1762, and d. Feb.^27, '63, leaving no issue, and the father 
having no descendants, gave his place to his brother Joshua's s.. Col. Joshua. 

13. 34. Joshua inherited half of his father Hopestill's farm, and lived on the W. 
side of the road, and S. of the new S. burying ground. He had by 
w. Ruth Morse, dg. of James M., by w. Ruth Sawin, and grd. dg. of Capt. 
Joseph M.' 

45. 35. I. Hopestill, Sep. 29, 1733, m. Mary Russell ; n. Ruth, Dec. 27, '35, 
m. Timothy Daniels ; iii. Rhoda, '36, d. yg. ; iv. Joshua, Col. and Judge, 
b. Aug. '41, m. Waitstill Greenwood, 2d, Phebe Howard, was selectman in 
S. 9 years, and a man of rare energy in the cause of freedom. He received 
from his uncle Isaac, the E. part of the old homestead, and on removing to 

164 lAYLAND. 

Eaton, N. Y., sold it to Joseph Oooledge, who conveyed it to Tim. Daniels,^ 
Yfhose son David now occupies it, including the site of Henry Leland's first i 
house ; v. Joseph, Sep. 5, '44, m. Abigail Howard, inherited the S. part of his ] 
father's half of his grd. father's farm, had, 

I. Achsahf Oct. 13, 1771, m. Simeon Whitney, 2d, Asa Leland ; 

II. Joshua, Feb. 27, '77, d. 1827, m. Rachel Phillips, of Med., who 
survives, and had Joseph and Jedediah, who occupy this part of the 
consecrated homestead, and also Henry, rs. S. unm. 

15. 38. Ebenezer, feettled on the W. part of his father's farm, and pr. planted the 

magnificent elms now 25 feet in girth, whose ago may be reckoned from bis 
marriage in 1708. to /Mrs. Martha (Fairbanks) Death. Ho drew 97 acres 
in Doug., and had, i. Deborah, Apl. 25, 1710, d. Jan. 1, '84, m. Jona. 
Lelaigid, of S. 
119. 39. II. Caleb, Capt., Nov. 1712, d. Aug. 25, '80, m. Judith Morse. 

III. Lydia, Aug. 20, '16, m. John Leland, of H. 

16. 40. Timothy, Dea., was a man of great worth, and for his day, of considerable 

distinction. Prior to the division of the town ho served S. as constable and 
selectman. He was 13 years selectman of H., and above 20 years town 
treasurer, and often moderator of town meetings. He settled 1 m. N. of tbe 
common, where Wm. Levering rs., opened his house for public worship on the 
Sabbath, while the first meeting house in H. was being erected, and here tbe 
chh. of H. was organized Nov. 20, 1728. Ho was chosen Dea., Dec. 25, 
1728, in which ofi&ce ho served 20 years. He drew 88 acres in Doug., and 
cave each of his sons spacious farms. He m. Elizabeth Learned, dg. of Dea. 
Benoni L., of S., and had, 
123. 41. I. David, June 23, 1711, m. Thankful Leland; ii. Lois, Sep. 2, 1714, 
m. Asa Fisk, of H. ; iii. Eunice, July 14, '17, m. Benj. Kendall, of S. ; 

IV. Elizabeth, Nov. 22, '19, d. Dec. 11. '57, unm. ; 

V. Jemima, Aug. 22, '22, m. Joseph Underwood, and 2d, Tim. Kockwood; 
130. 42. VI. Timothy, Nov. 20, '25, d. May 22, '86 ; vii. Asaph," Lt, Feb. 7, 

'30, d. Aug. 7, 1812, a member of the chh. and a most affectionate and 
conscientious man. He m. Beulah Littlefield, and had, 

I. Beulah, May 17, '54, d. 1837, m. Luke Johnson, of Leominster; 

II. Anna, July 9, '57, d. May 5, 1838, m. James R. Park, and was 
the- mother of Col. Joseph Park, of H. ; iii. Mille, July 2, '61, d. 
Mar. 15, 1821, m. Abner Morse, Esq., of Medway, and was the amiajble 
and honored mother of the author; iv. Asaph, Dea., Dec. 4, '63, d. 
Feb. 7, 1827, one of the excellent of the earth, was chosen Dea., Feb. 
27, 1816, of the chh. in H. He was the. father of Mrs. Cynthia 
Hawes, Mrs. James Cutler, Mr. Amory, (d.), and Capt. Amos C. Le- 
land, who inherits the homestead. 

18. 44. Isaac, s. in tlfe N. E. part of H., now Ashland, m. Mary Hunt, who m. 
2d, Gershom Emes, '41, and had at H., i. Mary, June 13, 1723, m. Sam'I 
Levering, Nov. 8, '39; ii. Patience, Nov. 18, '24, m. James Greenwood, 
Nov. 13, '40 ; iii. Beulah, Aug. 21, '26 ; iv.^ Keziah, '28, m. John Shef- 
field; V. Isaac, Aug. 29, '30, r. H. and Nat, was slain in battle, near 
Ticonderoga ; vi. Abiah, July 20, '32 ; vii. Hannah. 

35. 45. Hopestill, Lt., inherited the N. W. part of his father's half of his grand 
father, Dea. Hopestill's farm, built where Zibeon Hooker rs., m. Mary Eu&sell, 
who d. 1826, aged 92, and had, i. Sarah, Sep. 13, 1759, m. Benj. Hawes, 


of Leominster; n. Amos, Capt./'62, m. Keziah Cole, inherited his father's 
place, and d. without issue ; iii. Hopestill, Aug. 19, '65, d. Sep. 6, 1854, 
ra. Betsey Tay, s. on the place of her father, Doct. Jona. T., originally James 
Morse's, and bad, Mary A. ^ Horace, Sylvia^ Alfred A., Amos, m. Nancy 
Brown, and inherits the same place; iv. Mary, '68, r. unm. at Nat. or 
Fram. ; v. Euth, '77, m. Jonas Phelps, r. Leominster. 

21. 46. Jona. inherited the E. part of his father's farm, and lived where Daniel 
Leland, jun., rs., and had, by w. Deborah Leland, i. Keziah, May 1, 1732, 
m. Eleazer Holbrook ; ii. Jona., Sep. 26, '34, d. Feb. 21, '35 ; iii. Lydia, 
Feb. 18, '36, m. Abel Holbrook ; iv. Martha, Nov. 18, '38, m. Jona. Frost ; 

49. 47. V. Micah, Aug. 19, '41, m. Betty Mason ; 2d, Anna Pratt ; vi. Jeremiah, 
Mar. 3, '44, d. Oct. 28, '51 ; 

61. 48. VII. Jona., Apl. 4, '47, d. Dec, 1827, m. Mary Leland ; viii. Deborah, 
Feb. 9, '51, m. Dea. Aaron Leland. 

47. 49. Micah, s. upon the homestead of his grandfather, was a selectman, 1782 

and '84, m. Betty Mason ; and 2d, Anna Pratt, and had i. Jeremiah, June 
11, 1764, m. Abigail Haven, and had i. Martin, Mar. 8, '93; ii. Walter, 

Feb. 27, '96, and rm. to Sullivan, N. Y. ; 
n. Patty, May 2, '67, d. '71 ; 

III. Betty, Oct. 12, '70 ; iv. Patty, May 15, '72, d. Sep. 22, '78 ; 

V. Anna, Apl. 30, '74, d. Sep. 22, '78 ; vi. Persis,Nov. 3, '76, d. Sep. 21, '78; 
54. 51. vn. Micah, Dea., Jly. 9, '79, d. Sep., 1847, m. Lois Leland ; 

viii. Anna, Dec. 11, '81, m. Draper Smith, rs. Dover ; 
59. 52. IX. Calvin, Dea., Jly. 9, '84, m. Nabby Perry, rs. Natick; 

X. Luther, 1786, inherited the homestead, m. Eebecca Babcock ; 2d, 
Daphne Stone, and d. 1842, leaving a wid., but no children, who survived ; 

XI. Levi, 1789, m. Belief Sawin, had JSzra, Edwd,, Levi, 

51. 54. Micah, Dea., s. at W. Sherborn on S. part of the farm first occupied by 

Joseph Morse 2d ; was a very public spirited and amiable man, 8 years 
selectman, and representative in 1832, and had, by w. Lois Leland, 

I. Orlando, Jan. 7, 1807, m. Ursula Cutler, rs. N. H., has Isabella G!, 

Lewis A, ; 

II. Augustine, Nov. 9, '08, grad. at B. U., '34, d. Oct. 18, '36, at S. C, 
m. Lucy Ann Brown, and had Lucy Ann ; 

in. Micah, Jan. 17, '11, m. Tryphena Bennett, rs. Fram. ; 

IV. Emlyn, Apl. 29, '13, m. Irene Knowlton, rs. homestead ; 

V. Harrison, Feb. 27, '15, m. Eunice S. Hancock, rs. a teacher at Newton ; 

VI. Harriet, Jly. 6, '17, m. Alonzo Whipple, rs. S.boro'. 

52. 59. Calvin, Dea., w., Abigail Perry, rs. Natick, had 

I. Calvin, 1817, m. Mary E. Wolcott, r. N. ; 

II. Joseph P., 1812, d. '34, a mem. of Amherst Col., a yottng man of great 
promise; m. Mary P., 1815, m. Benj. W. Fletcher, and d. 1844, 
leaving Jos, P, . 

48. 61. Jona., s. where Daniel L., jun., rs., served 3 years as selectman, and 

had, by w. Mary Leland, i. Daniel, 1769, d. yg. ; 
n. Julia, Jan. 25, '72, m. Obadiah Burrage, of Dover; iii. Lydia, d. '78 ; 
/ IV. Lydia, 1774, m. Joel Tainter, of Framingham ; 

V. Mary, '76, m. Samuel Nichols, r. S.boro'. ; 

VI. Persis, '78, m. Simon Mann, of Dover ; 

62. VII. Daniel, jun., Aug. 18, '83, m. Rachel Partridge, fr. Med., served 11 

166 LAYLfAND. 

ys. as selectman, is tbe fatber of Mrs. Lyman Whitney, of S., Mrs. Natbl. 
Clark, and of Samuel N. Leland, who rs. with him, and of Mrs. HenVy 
Partridge, of Medfd. ; 
VIII. Lucinda, Mar. 20, '86, m. Calvin Richards, of Dover. 

22. 63. Henry, Cpt., m. Keziah BuUard, who d. 1787 ; and 2d, Mary Goulding, 
was selectman, 1766, r. S., and had i. Mary, 1753, m. Samuel Leland, of S. ; 
II. Jeremiah, '54, m. Elizabeth Dean ; iii. Keziah, '58, m. Asa Bullard, of S. ; 

IV. Henry, '61, d-. June 26, 1834, m. Sarah Phipps, had Walter, '85, rs. 

Sangerville, Me. ; Keziahj '87 ; Lowell^ '90 ; Harrys '92 ; Jedediah 
P., '95 ; Sarah, '97 ; Lucy K., 1801 ; Mary, '04 ; 

V. Miriam, '64, d. '64 ; vi. James, '65, killed by a cart wheel ; 

VII. Benj., '67, m. Phebe Gates, r. Reading, Vt. ; viii. Jonas, m. Olive Cole. 

24. 68. Daniel, inherited his father's place, S. W. of Sewell's meadow, m. Mary 
Death, dg. of John D., Esq., by w , Waitstill , and had 

I. Rachel, Feb. 26, 1737-8, d. Jly. 16, 1826, m. Cpt. Moses Adams, of Med.; 

II. Miriam, Sep. 1, '40, m. Hon. Daniel Whitney, of S. ; 

III. Daniel, Jan. 8, '4^, d. Dec. 14, 1835, m. Sibbillah Eames; was a 
soldier of the Revolution, r. Hoi., had 

I. Rhoda, Feb. 27, '68 ; ii. Mary, '69, d. um ; 

III. Sibbel, '71, ra. Simeon Thompson, of Peru ; 2d, David Tuttle ; 

IV. Moses, '73, m. Betsey Shattuck, '96, r. H. and Peru, had 

I. Leonard, '97, d. um. ; ii. Ede, '99; in. Ezra^ 1801; 

IV. Mary, '03 ; v. Garissa, '05 ; vi. Emeline, '07 ; vir. Moses, 
'09, r. Hinsdale ; 

V. Daniel, '75, d. Jly. 20, 1822, had at H. i. Lucy, May 16, '% 

ra. Tho. J. Morse, Esq., of S. ; ii. Wm., '99; Alice, 1801; 
Barney, '04 ; Daniel /., '06 ; Lemuel, '08 ; Eleanor, '09; 
Edward, '13 ; Fanny, '15 ; x. ITephzibah, '18 ; xi. Hannah tX, 'i!0; 

VI. Lavina, '78, d. 1807, um. ; 

VII. Lemuel, June 6, '80, m. Clarissa Perry, r. H. ; 

VIII. Louisa, '82, m. Daniel Stowell, rm. to 111. ; 

IX. John, '87, m. Sylvia Leland, dg. of Oliver L., r. Pa. 

IV. Adam, Apl. 10, 1745, d. Mar. 10, 1827, m. Prudence Leland, dg. o^ 
Caleb L., by w., Judith Morse, s. on the old road to Nat., 100 rods E. of tbe 
Plain Burying-ground, was selectman, '86, '89, and had i. Betsey, 1771' 

m. Col. Moses Babcock ; and 2d, Hez.Rockwood, of Upton ; ii. Rebec^^' 
'73, m. James Dowse, of S. ; iii. Judith, '75, jn. Alpheus Mason, ^^ 
Med. ; iv. Hannah, '78, d. '78 ; v. Hannah, '81, m. Wm. Perry, of Nat' ) 
VI. Leonard, m. Chloe Rice, had Lorinda, Lewis A,, Lester ; 

V. Hephzibah, Mar. 12, 1747, m. Rev. John Leland, of Peru ; 

VI. Mary, Oct. 10, 1748, m. Jona. Leland, of S. ; 

VII. Aaron, Dea., Jly. 18, 1751, d. 1846, m. Deborah Leland, who d. 178T/ 
and 2d, Keturah Perry, who d. 1834, inherited the W. half of his father'^ 
farm, was of an inventive and enterprising genius, and through his long lifet 
generally and highly esteemed. He desired no official distinction, yet served 
the public much in a private capacity, and especially the chh. He had 

I. Lewis, Apl. 24, 1775, m. Patty Smith, s. in New York, had 
I. Aaro7i Augustus; ii. Lewis; iii. Emeline; iv. Francis; 

V. Martha ; vi. Sophrona ; vii. Mary B, ) viii. Chs. ; 
IX. Louisa A. ; x. Herman L. ; 

IT. Aaron, Dec. 6, 1776, d. '92 ; iii. Lydia, Jly. 19, '79, m. Hon. John 


Lcland, of Amherst; iv. Larkin,Dec. 15, '82, d. yg. ; v. Deborah, Nov. 
15, '85, m. Otis Drury of Lo Roy, N. Y. ; vi. Joseph Perry, Cpt., Nov. 3, 
'89, ra. Tryphena Richardson, and had i. Aaron Z., A. M., M. D., of 

Detroit; ii. Francis, A. M., M. D., rs. Milford ; iii. Ahijah i?., m. 

Mary Ann Sawyer, fr. Shrewsbury, rs. with his parents, and has 

Lewis A. and Mercy D. ; iv. Eliza T*, m. Rev. John H. M. 

Leland, from Amherst ; 
VIII. Moses, Jly. 18, 1751, inherited the E. half of his father's farm, lived 
on the most affectionate and intimate terms with his twin brother, Aaron, his 
next door neighbor, ever manifesting the strictest regard to moral virtue. He 
m. Mercy Twitchell, and had i. Eli, 1775. d. 1847, m. Rebecca Sanger, and 

had I. Dexter, A. M., Apl. 6, 1779, r. S. C. ; ii. Sally, Apl. 1, 

1808, m. John Cozzens ; and 2d, Henry Leland : iii. Joanna D., 

Oct. 30, 1811, m. Albert P. Ware; iv. Artemas J., Oct. 13, 

'18, m. Eliza Snelling, r. S. ; 
II. Betsey, 1777, m. Simeon Mason, of Med ; in. Lois, '79, ra. Dea. 
Micah Leland; iv. Daniel, Col., '81, m. Elizabeth Heard, who d. 1847 ; 
and 2d, Mary (Greenbatch) Felt, inherited his father's farm ; served 
8 ys. as selectman, and 4 ys. as town clerk and treasurer, and has long 
been conspicuous in managing the municipal and religious interests of the 
town. He had 

I. Augustus H., Feb. 15, 1807, d '07 ; ii. Augustus H., Nov. 

18, '09, m. Lois Whitney, has Geo. A., and Abba M. ; 

m. Elizabeth H., June 18, '10, d. 1842, m. Rev. Edmd. Dowse ; 

IV. Frederick, Aug. 30, '13, m. Mary Ann Rattelle, inherits the 
homestead, and has Emma E, and Almeda S, ; 

V. Daniel, Jly. 17, '15, m. Julia Ann Bigelow, r. Cambridge ; 

VI. Samuel R., May 12, '17, m. Mary Draper, r. Worcester ; 
, VII. Mercy, Mar. 18, '19, m. Newell Clark, r. Framingham ; 

VIII. Sophona, Nov. 25, '22, a teacher of music, rs. Framingham ; 

V. Moses, 1784, m. Patience Babcock, r. Templeton, which town he 
has repeatedly represented in the G. C. He had i. Leander, 1808, m. 

Elizth. S; Wellington, r. T. ; ii. Wm. E., '11, m. Sarah Follet, r. T. ; 
III. Larkin M., '11, m. Aurelia M. Sawyer; 2d, Eliza Ann Gale ; 
and r. Augusta, Me. ; iv. Moses, '13, m. Sarah Brooks, r. T. ; 
V. Chs., '15, m. Julia F. Sawyer, r. T. ; vi. Rhoda W., '17, m. 
Elisha Mathews, r. T. ; vii. Henry, '20, d. '22 ; viii. Henry, '23, 
d. um., 1846 ; ix. Frederick, '26 ; x. Geo. Handel, '28 ; 

VI. Lemuel, Apl. 4, '86, s. as a gunsmith in S., was eminently skilful in 
the business, fair and honorable in all his dealings ; true and kind in all 
his relations in life. Ho served 11 ys. as selectman, and his ability as a 

• juror, was highly valued. He m. 1st, Polly Clark, who d. Nov. 8,1814 ; 

and 2d, Chloe Morse, Nov. 30, 1815, and had i. Wm. C, Nov. 4, 
1810, d. 1815; ii. Edwin, Feb. 8, '13, d. Jly. 20, 1852, m. 
Emily Morse ; iii. Wm., Jly. 30, '17, m. Ama Eames, rs. on tho 
ancient Babcock place ; iv. Chs. G., Nov. 15, '20 ; v. AbnerlMorse, 
Oct. 16, '22, r. Providence ; vi. Lemuel Nelson, Apl. 30, '25 ; vii. 
Francis, Nov. 14, '27; viii. Erastus, Apl. 18, '30, m. Ellen Pratt, 
rs. S. ; IX. Moses F.,Mar. 27, '35, rs. New York ; 

VII. Nancy, m. Alpheus Clark, Esq., of S. 

!6. 81. Samuel, m. Dinah White, who d. 1792, a. 78, and had at H. 
I. Mathias, Dec. 25, 1737, d. Jan. 5, '37-8 ; 

168 ^LAYLAND. 

88. 82. II. Asa, Jan. 28, '39, d. Sep. 22, 1822, m. Lois Marshall; 

III. Abigail, Jly. '41, m. Jobn Partridge; 
92. 83. IV. Abner, Feb. 16, '44, d. 1819, m. Hannah Thayer, fr. Mendon; 

V. Pinah, Aug. 10, '46; vi. Anna, Oct. 22, '48; vii. Ruth, m. Theoder 

Rider, Oct. 7, '84. 

27. 84. John, m, Ljdia Leland, inherited the homestead in the N. part of H., and 
had I. Ebenezer, Feb. 5, 1738, d. 1806, at Hinsdale, m. Abigail Cutler; 
II. Deborah, Mar. 6, '39, m. Drury Fairbanks ; iii. John, Cpt. and iUvv 
Jan. 12, '45, d. 1826, at Peru, m. Hephzibah Leland, of S. ; iv. Caleb, 
Cpt., Dec. 8, '47, d. Jan. 16, 1824, r. Leominster ; v. Lydia, Mar. 28, '50, 
d. 1816, m. Asa Perry, of H., r. Fitchburg; vi. Martha, Jly. 8, '63, m. 
Henry Leland, of Warwick. 

82. 88. Asa, w., Lois Marshall, who d. Nov. 3, 1815, a. 72, had atE, 

I. Aaron, Rev., and Lt. Gov. of Vt., b. May 28, 1761, m. 1783, Joanna 
Alden, dg. of Rev. Noah Alden, of Bell., r. Chester, Vt..; ii. Abigail, m. 
Cyrus Cumstock, r. Wrenth. ; in. Miriam, Apl. 4, '68, m. Nathan Whiting, 
r. C; IV. Asa, Feb. 15, '70, d. 1832, m. Ama Norcross, had^ 

I. Moses Rev., 1796; ii. Ama^ d. '97; iii. Asa, '98; iv. Alien; 
V. Cephas i?., Esq.; vi. Marshall R, Rev., A. M. ; vii. Wm.S.; 
VIII. Dexter, M. D. ; 

V. Nathan, Cpt., Jly. 26, 78, m. Polly Pratt, fr. S. ; and 2d, Ruth Parker, 

and had i. Aaron, 1805 ; ii. Alden, 1807, m. Anna Temple, r. E, 
and has three times represented her in the Gen. Court ; in. Laurin, '11 ; 
IV. Betsey, '13 ; v. Lydia P. ; vi. Nathan C, and vii. John, '22, by 
2d w. ; VIII. Leander, '26 ; ix. Erastus, '29 ; x. Polly L., '32 ; 

VI. Elizabeth, Jly. 3, '80, ra. Church ; 2d, Wiswall, r. Milfd. ; 

VII. Alexander, Jan. SO, '84, m. Hephzibah Harding ; viii. Simeon, Jly. 
16, '86, d. Feb. 15, 1847, m. S> via Pond, and r. Chester, Vt. 

83. 92. Abuer, by w., Hannah Thayer, had i. Elijah, 1775, d. 1827, m. Nancy 

Wakefield, r. Mendon, N. Y., had Amos, Nov. 20, '97 ; 

II. Amasa, Oct. 25, '76, d. Apl. 19, 1838, m. Rebecca Adams; 

III. Jonathan, '79, m. Fanny Perry ; iv. Luther, Rev., A. M., Oct. 30, 
'81,8. at Derby, Vt. ; v. Eliab, Oct. 30, '81, m. PerJy Adams, r. Milfd.; 
VI. Samuel, Dea., '84, m. Achsa Mason, 1806, r. Ashld. ; vii. Abner, and 
viii. Adam, '89. A«)'rJ^ 

29. 100. Eleazer, by w. , Mary^IiOV^C had at S. 1 7 H - H ^ / 

101. I., Asa, Nov. 11, 1743; ii. Hannah, May 19, '46, d. Oct. 7, '56; 
^. Vv III. Mehetabel, Jly. 2, '48, d. Oct. 13, '56 ; 
\^ ^ ^ 102. IV. Eleazer, May 22, '50 ; v. Mary, '52, d. Oct. 18, '56 ; 
' r VI. Margaret, '55, d. Oct. 22, '56 ; vii. Mary, '57; 

t">^^i ™^' Mehetabel, '60, d. 1846, m. Benj. Ware. 

30, 103. Wm., settled where Barach Leland rs., in the S. W. part of S., and had 

by w., Jemima Daniels, i. Jemima, May 17, 1751, m. Onissimus Cole; 
II. Deborah, '53, m. Tim. Sparrowk ; 
113. 104. III. Baruck, '56, d. Dec. 8, 1833, m. Sarah Prentice; 2d, Julia Fisk; 

IV. Rhoda, '58, ra. Eli Twitchcll ; v. Oliver, Aug. 6, '60, m. Abigail Perry, 

had I. Henry, 1787, d. yg. ; ii. Sylvia, m. John Leland ; iii. Chs. ; 
IV. Geo. ; v. Amos, Mar. 29, '98, in H. ; vi. Ambrose. 

LB LAND. 169 

31. 105^. Simon, m. Hanb. Partridge, 1751 ; 2d, Martha BuUard, '56, and had 
116. 106. I. Samuel, 1752, jn. Mary Leland ; ii. Hannah, '58, m. Nathan 
Johnson ; iii. Simeon, Esq., '59, m. Rhoda Hill, r. Gardener; iv. Martha, 
'62, m. Henry Ary, has Henry, rs. Catskill ; 

V. Patience, '63, d. '65; vi. Wm., '65, d. Oct. 17, 1853, m. Mercy Ellis, 
fr. Med., r. whore his gr. grd« uncle, Ebenezer L., settled, and had 

I. Simon, 1794, d. ab. 1835, m. Cynthia Daniels, had Jesse D. ; 

II. Henry, d. 1848, m, Bullard, had Henry ; iii.Wm., um., r. S.; 

IV. Charles, m. Sarah How, has Chs. H. and Geo. W., r. S. 

104. 113. Baruok, m. Sarah Prentice, who d. Jly. 5, 1812 ; and 2d, Julia (Daniel) 
Fisk, who d. Oct. 20, 1833, s. where Baruck L. rs. i. Wm., 1779, d. 
Feb. 21, 1812, um. ; ii. Lemuel, 1783, m. Mary Ware, had 

I. Mehetabel ; ii. China W., m. Ira Harris, had Mien A,, m. Wm. 
Drummond ; in. Wm. •W.,,m. Clary H. Kiohardson. and has 
Ada L.f Frank i?., Willie E, ; 

IV. Benj. W., m. Sarah G. Town, has Eloise A. ; 

V. Lemuel Prentice, m. Sarah Anna Allen, had 

I. Edgar P. (d.) ; ii. Ida Estelle, rs. S. ; 

III. Walter, 1787, d. May 20, 1831, m. Hannah Johnson, inherited the 
homestead, and had Baruck, m. Charlotte Bullen, rs. on the homestead in 
the S. W. part of S. , has Charlotte Josephine, Mary Emma, Walter W. 

106. 116. Samuel, by w., Mary Leland, had in S. i. Hannah, June 23, 1776, 
d. '77 ; II. Hannah, '78, m. Elisha B^ckwood ; in. Janies, '80, m. Mary 
Daniels, has i. James H,^ m. Justina M. Freeman, rs. on the homestead ; 

IV. Polly, Jly. 19, '84, m. Adm Partridge ; v. Samuel. May 27, '86. m. 
Sibbeller S chool, haa SJylvn Arta^ and rs. on the homestead ; 

VI. Clarissa, Nov. 30, '87, d. yg., fr. a scald. 

T119t Caleb, Capt., was the proprietor of 700 acres of the best land in S., 
resided, in middle life, where the late Dea. Micah Leland did, served 6 ys. 
as selectman, and was active in church matters ; m. Dec. 24, 1741, Judith 
Morse, who d. Oct. 26, 1774 ; and 2d, Mary Harding, fr. Medfd., had 
I. Caleb, Nov. 5, 1742, d. '46; ii. John, Aug. 27, '44, d. Sep. 29, '45 ; 
III. Anne, Jly. 6, '46, m. John Sanger ; iv. Prudence, Oct. 12, '48, m. 
Adam Leland; v. Bebecca, June 10, '51, m. Ephm. Dana; vi. Caleb, 
May 28, '53, d. 76^ in the army, at Ticonderoga, m. Elizabeth Hill, and had 
Caleb, d. yg. ; 

VII. Judith, Apl. 14, '55, m. Jacob Sparrowk ; viii. H%nnah, May 17, 
'57, m. John Ware; ix. John, June 1, '60, m. Caroline Jones, inherited 
the place where his grandfather lived, and had 

I Caleb, 1784, who left no chd. ; 
122. 121. II. John, Esq., 1784. m. Sally Bickford; 
III. Carissa, '88, m. Lemuel Cooledge. 

121. 122. John, Esq., inherited the homestead, served 5, years as selectman, and 
represented S. in 1843-4, and had, by w., Sally Bickford, dg. of Capt. 
James B., of S., i. Caroline, 1810, d. 1814; ii. Clarissa, 1813, d. 1832; 

III. John Jones, 1814, m. Deborah Dowse (d.), and has only Sarah, and 
is engaged as principal of a High School ; 

IV. Caroline J., 1818, m. Brigham of W.boro'. 

41. 123. David, settled f m. E. of HoUiston Common, m. Thankful Leland, his 



2d cousin, and had i. Brazilla, 1740, pr. d. yg. ; ii. Mary, May 4, '42 ; 
124. III. David, Apl. 10, '44, d. 1826, m. Hanh. Harding, inherited his 
Other's place, and had 

I. Brazilla, Nov. 24, 1767, m. Lucy Wood, and had Mary, SaUy, 

and iMcy M, ; 

II. Abijah, Jan. 1, '69, d. '71 ; jii. Keziah, Jan. 1, '72, m. Hadah 
Bullard, of H. ; iv. Hannah^ Sep. 2, '74, d. um. ; v. Thankful^ 
May 5, '77, d. Sep. 22, 1840; vi. Unice, Jly. 2, '79; vii. Mercy, 

. Aug. 1, '81 ; VIII. David, Aug. 12, '82, d. Aug. 18, 1838. m. Phcbe 
Dospeau, and had Henry, of S., d. 1847; 

IX. Sally, Feb. 22, '85, d. 1806, um. ; x. Jemima, Jan. 7, '88, rs. 

um. at the homestead ; xi. Henry, Apl. 22, '91, m, Ede Bowker. rs. Hopk. 

IV. Mary, Mar. 2, 1747, m. HopestiU Eames ; v. Henry, Sep. 3, '50, d. 

Sep. 9, 1826, at Warwick, m. Martha Leland, and had Perley, Apl 2, '72, 

d. Jly. 15, 1847, at W., m. Hanh. Harding, of Med, '94; 

135. 129. VI. Jeremiah, Aug. 22, '52, d. Oct. .5, 1808, m. Mary Harding; 

VII. Thankful, Feb. 27. '55, m. Wm. Freeland, 78, r. Hopk. ; 

VIII. Sarah, Aug. 17, '57, m. Opt. Aaron Eames. 

42. 130. Timothy, settled on the W. half of his father's farm, \ m. W. of Wm. 
Lovering's, in H., m. Hannah Twitchell, Jan. 5, 1748--9, dg. of Eph.. T., 
who d. Jan. 2, 1764 ; and 2d, Abigail How, who d. Jan. 12, ^66 ; and 3d, 
Beulah Foster, who d. '97, and had at H. i. Hannah, Apl. 4, 1750 ; 

II. Timothy, Jan. 7, '52, m. Mercy Johnson, and had at H., 

I. Nathan, 1780, m. Merribah Gay, had Susan and Eliza A. ; 

II. James, Apl. 25, '83, d. Jly. 16, 1754, m. Betsey Hill, had 

I. Mary, m. Edwd. C. Parker, has James E. and Joseph S, ; and 

II. James, m. Fran's S. Thompson, and d. Feb. 23, '54, w. o. issue ; 

III. Mary, '86, m. Daniels Hill ; 

III. Eli, Aug. 13, '54, m. Mehetabel Miller, r. Upton; iv. Bathsheba, 
Sep. 2, '56, d. um., 1823 ; v. James, June 18, '59, d. Dec. 15. '61 ; 
VI. Jemima, Jan. 5, '62, m. Nathan Fisk, '86 ; vii. Jotham. Jan. 27, 
'71, d. Oct 2, '77, by 3d w. ; viii. Nathan. Jly. 6, '73, d. Oct. 8, '77; 

IX. Mary, Jly. 18, '75, d. Oct. 5, '77. 

129. 135. Jeremiah, settled a few rods S. of Holl. Central Depot, m. Mary Hard- 
ing, 1775 ; and 2d, Mrs. Sarah Hawes, fr. Franklin, and had 

I. Thankful. 1777, (a. T. m. Benjamin Bullard, of H. and Pax;) 

II. Polly, '78, m. Perry Daniels, r. Hopk. ; iii. Betsey, '80, m. Jona. 
Holbrook, of S. ; iv. Unice, '84, m. N. Richardson, of Hopk. ; v. Herman, 
June 22, '98, m. Sarah Barret, and had Granville T, and Akthina M., and 

inherits the homestead ; 
VI. Alethina, 1800, d yg. ; vii. Almira, 1801, m. Lovet Walker, rs. H. 

I *■• » 

1. Benoni Learned, Dea., (s. of Isaac L., of Wobum, by w. Mary 
Steams, and grd. s. of Wm, L., of Chs. town, free 1034, and member of 
chh., 1632, and much respected for his sound judgment) s. in S., where the 
late Doct. Wythe r., had lots assigned him 1679, was rated, 1686, for the 
Indian title, served as committee to divide common lands ; was 12 years 
selectman, and one year representative, drew 138 acres in JDoug. He was 
bom Dec. 4, 1656, and d. Apl. 10, 1738. He m. Mary Fanning, of Water- 
town, June 18, 1680, who d. Oct. 14, '88, dg. of Tho. F., by wf. Elizabeth 
Daniel, dg. of Robert D., of Cambridge ; and 2d, Sarah More, of Sud., 


who was reed, to tbe ebh. '90, and d. Jan. 25, 1736-7. He m. 3d, Sarah 

, who survived him. He had, i. Tho., Feb. 11, 1681-2, who d. at 

Watertown, 1729; ii. Bepj., Aug. 15, 1685, d. 1712, m. Hannah Badcock, 
1710, no issue; in. Mary, Oct. 10, '88, m. Wm. Bond; iv. Hannah, Sep. 
10, '90, m. James Leland ; v. Sarah, May 31, '92, m. Isaac Kendall ; 
VI. Elizabeth, Apl: 2^ '94, m. Dea. Timothy Leland ; vii. John, May 2, 
'96, drew 33 acres in Doug., 1730, and no further reported ; 
VIII. Tabitha, Mar. 19, '97-8, m. Jona. Dewing, of S. ; ix. Abigail, July 
4, 1700, m. John Woodbury, of Sud. ; 
X. Thankful, Aug. 1, '02, m. Joseph Hovey, of Mansfield. 
6. 5. XI. Edward, Capt., Dec. 2, '05, m. Sarah Leland ; 

XII. Bathsheba, May 3, '08, m. Josiah Hendee, of Ashford. 

^ 6. Edward, Capt., inherited the homestead, was 3 years selectman, m. 1st, 
Sarah Leland, dg. of Ens. Henry L., who d. May 17, '36; 2d, Abigail 
More, of Sud., '37, who d. Sep. 22, '45 ; and 3d, Sarah (Fuller), Pratt, 
of Newton, Aug. 25, '48, who d. Jan. 11, '83. He d. Sep. 9, 1775, had 
at S., I. Mary, Sep. 18, 1729, m. Abijah Stratton ; ii. Sarah, Jan. 18, 
'31-2, m. Jedediah Phipps ; iii. Daniel, Apl. 30, '34, d. Oct. 11, '52 ; 
IV. John, Mar. 30, '38, d. Nov. 10, 1832, m. Mary White, r. Swansea, 
. N. H., and Alleghany Co., N Y., (Bond); v. Abigail, Sep. 28, '39, d. 
yg. ; VI. Benj., July 23, '41, s. at Dublin, m. Apl. 11, '65, Elizabeth 
Wilson, of S. ; vii. Abigail, Sep. 22, '45, reed, to this chh., '64, and rm. to 

II. 9. VIII. Ewd., June 18, '49, by 2d w., m. Sarah Pratt, May 13, '73, d. at Stur- 
bridge ; ix. Esther, May 26, 1751, m. Edward West Perry ; x. Jona., Apl. 
21, '53, pr. d. yg. ; xi. Daniel, Mar. 16, '55, pr. d. yg. ; xii. Elizabeth, 
bap., Dec. 26, '56, m. Samuel Clark, of S. ; 
xiii. Anna, b. Jan. 14. '59, m. Aaron Greenwood, of S. ; 

13. 10. XIV. Samuel, Dec. 12, '60, d. Aug. 7, 1838, m. Abigail Fisk; 

XV. Patty, Oct. 7, '62, m. Daniel Breck ; 

XVI. Amos, Apl. 3, '64, d. unm. at Havanna. 

• ««^— ^»^.^^— 1^ 

9. 11. Edward, jun., by w. Sarah Pratt, had at S., i. Sarah, July 5, 1776, m. 
Calvin Perry, of S. and Oxfd. ; ii. Abigail, m. Liberty BuUard, of Med. 

III. Polly, m. Seth Harding, 2d, Comfort Walker, both of Med. ; 

IV. Gershom, m. Nabby , and s. in Natick. 

10. 13. Samuel, s. in the S. part of S., and by w. Abigail Fisk, had, i. Nabby, 
Feb. 2, 1790 ; ii. Amanda, Mar. 11, '92 ; in. Myra, Jan. 20, '96 ; 
IV. Sally, Jan. 30, 1802; v.Ede, Nov. 11, '06. 

^a Lincoln, w. Esther Miller, had at H., i. Ira, Nov. 15, 1794. . 


jlttlofield. Several of this name appear upon our early records, without indi- 
cations of any connesion. Francis and Tho. were rated at Dover, N. H., 
1648. Edward Littlefield was of Exeter^ 1651, and Edmond and Caleb 
were of Braintree, 1691. 

1. John Littlefield was an early settler of Dedham, and rm. to Wrentham, 
where he sold a house lot, Apl., 1675. His wife Mary was reed, to the chh. 


in Ded., 19, (6), 166G, and d. at W., June 13, 1674. They had at D., 

I. Experience, 7. (10), 1659; ii. John, Oct. 5, 1664. 

4. 3. III. Ebenezer, Oct. 13, 1669, d. Apl. 9, 1727. 

3. 4. Ebenezer, w. Lydia, d. Oct. 12, 1717, r. Newton, bad, i. Jemima, Aug. 

19, 1697; II. Ezra, Mar. '99, d. Aug. 15, 1703. 
9. 5. III. Ebenezer, May 2, 1701, d. 1798. 

12. 6. IV. Pelatiab, Oct. 12, '03; v. Lydia, Feb. 15. '06; vi. Jerusba, Apl. 15, 

'08, m. John Taylor, '30, at Newton ; vii. Praisever, Mar. 5, '10. 
16. 8. vm. Ephraim, Nov. 21, '12, d. 1778 ; ix. Susanna, Nov. 21, '12 ; 
X. Sybil, Nov. 1, '14, m. James Cheney, '40, at Newton. 

5. 9. Ebenezer, m. Abiah Morse, dg. of Benoni M., of Medfd., by w. Rachel 
^r Bullard, m. at Boxb., Sep. 28, 1702, s. in H., and became a prominent 

citizen. He had, i. Simeon, Oct. 29, 1728, m. Dinah Marshall, '56 ; 

II. Beulah, Oct. 31, '31, d. '98, m. Lt. Asaph Leland. 
19.? 11. III. John. May 25, '37. 

6. 12. Pelatiab, m. Alice Hobbs, at Ipswich, Apl. 4, 1732. He had at H., 

I. Ebenezer, June 23, 1735. 
22. 13. II. Jeremiah, July 13, '36 ; in. Lydia, Aug. 14, '37 ; iv. Elizabeth, 
Mar. 16, '33-4; v. Huldah, Mar. 28, '39 ; vi. Alice, Sep. 6, '41 ; 

VII. Ebenezer, Capt., Mar. 16, '47, d. '98, m. 1st, Rebecca Ware, Dec, 
1785, 2d, Alice Ware of Hopk, '93, and had, Warren, June 29, '93 ; 

VIII. Elizabeth, Oct. 12, '52. 

8. 15. Ephraim, m. Sarah Bullard, May 3, 1735, dg. of Isaac, of H. 

I. Elizabeth, Jan. 30, 1735-6 ; ii. Sarah, Feb. 15, '39, m. James Perry ; 

III. Eleazer, Mar. 6, '41, d. yg. ; iv. Sibbilla, May 15, '43, m. Asa Rock- 
wood ; V. Elizabeth, Apl. 6, '47, m. Thaddeus Levering, of H. 

25. 16. VI. Ephraim,Esq.,May 1, '49, d. 1828; vii. Isaac, s. in Milford, m. Eliza- 
beth Levering, Dec. 16, '73, had Ephraim, of Milfd., who m. Rhoda Par- 
tridge, of Bell., Mar. 5, 1805 ; viii. Asa, 1757, m. Mary Adams, of H. ; 

IX. Adne, m. Pelatiab Gibbs. 

11.? 19. John, m. Tabitha Adams, June 27, 1754, r. H., had, i. Jotham, June 
26, 1761, m. Chloe Mann, Oct. 4, '99; ii. Tabitha, Dec. 15, '63, m. Hn. 
Perley Fairbanks, r. Wardsbury, Vt. ; in. Ruth, d. Oct. 26, 1835, m. Calvin 
Cutler, of Med., May 8, '88.; iv. John, Jan. 22, '69, m. Bathsheba Clark, 
Aug. '93, had i. Olarh, Aug. 21, '94, rs. H.; ii. Bmra, Mar. 13, '96; 

III. Joanna, May 5, '97. 
V. Sally, m. Jotham Adams, of Med ; vi. Polly, Oct. 29, '74, m. Malachi 
Bullard, Esq., of Med / vii. Hannah. 

13. 22. Jeremiah, m. Elizabeth Barbour, Jan. 14, 1786, and 2d, Elizabeth 

Everett, Apl. 20, '80, who rm. to Hopk. He purchased of Wheaton, 

a farm on the S. side of Winthrop's Lake, on the E. side of the Pond Road, 
which he long occupied, and which was afterwards sold to Samuel Gleaveland, 
and had in Med., i. Pelatiab, Sep. 18, '68, r. Hopk., m. Abigail Crooks, 
Feb. 28, '93 ; ii. Amos, Feb. 9, '70 ; iii. Sarah, Mar. 12, '72 ; iv. Abigail, 
July 12, '74 ; v. Levina, Mar. 14, '76 ; vi. Elizabeth, Apl. 16, '78. 

16. 25. Ephraim, Esq.^ a mirthful man and citizen of influence, inherited the 
aoeient homestead on the Milford Road, 2 ms. S. W. of the common in H., 


kept a tavern, served the town in various offices, and the Co. of Middlesex 
27 years as dep. sheriff. He m. Sarah Grant, pr. dg. of Wm, G., of H., 
and had, i. Jerusha, m. Aaron BuUard, of Fram. ; ii. Elial, who succeeded 
his father in the service of H., m. Sophia Mellon, and has a family, 
in. Loammi, long a teacher, m. Beulah Harding, and two other ladies, rs. on 
or near the homestead ; iv. Sally, m. John Eames, Jan., of Fram. 

■ ^ f 

V» Samuel Lock, the 4th pastor of the chh. in S., was from Lancaster, 
(see Book of the Locks, a very labored and available work, by John Good- 
win Lock) grad. Harv. Col., 1755, studied divinity with Rev. Mr. Harring- 
ton, D. D., of Lan., was ord. Nov. 7, '59, inaugurated Pres. of H. C, March 21 , 
'70, resigned the presidency, Dec. 1, 73 ; returned to S., opened a classical 
school, which was patronized by the best families in Boston and vicinity ; 
transferred his relation from the chh. in Cambridge to the chh. in Medfield, 
d. in an *' apoplectic fit," or rather from the rupture of a blood vessel, by 
running, Jan. 5, 1778, aged 47. During his ministry in S., he was 
very recluse and studious, and he lefib no monuments of remarkable suc- 
cess as a preacher or pastor. But after his return, he laid aside the prudence 
which had marked his previous course, in relatio.n to resistance, and became 
a good whig, and co-operated in urging his fellow citizens to fight for inde- 
pendence. He m. Mary Porter, Jan. 2, '60, dg. of Rev. Samuel P., his 
predecessor in S., who d. as his wid., Feb. 1, 1788, a. 60. They had, 

I. Samuel, Jan. 22, '61, d. Aug. 31, '88, was a physician at S., m. Mary 
Cowden, had i. Hannah^ m. Sawyer ; ii. Charlotte, m. John Whitcomb ; 

III. Keziah Btdlard, '87, m. JoiJa. Haskell ; iv. Eunice Newell, '87, 
d. yg. 

II. Mary, Jan. 23, '63, d. single, at S., 1796, aged 33 ; 

III. John, Oct. 10, '65, d. unm., 1800, at N. Hampton, a dissipated man. 

tm f m 

1' Bobert Loverain, presumed to have been the common ancestor of 
the N. Engd. Lovorings, and pr. grd. son of Wm. L., of Aldham, Sufii)lk 
Co., Eng., m. AUis Craft, at Koxb., Jan. 3, 1704-6, who was b. 1678, and 
d. at the house of her grd. son, Joseph L., in H., ab. 1784, in her 105th 
year, and '' in her 5th widowhood, having m. 2d, Ephm. Lyon, July 4, 1723, 
' at Roxb. ; and 3d, Mr. John Greenwood, of Newton, July 24, 1729 ; and 
4th, Mr. Shedd ; and 5th, Mr. Winchester. She survived to see several of 
her gr. gr. grd. children, to whom she gave mementos." 
Their children, bom at Roxb., were, i. Elizabeth, May 19, 1708, m. John 
Eaton, 1729 ; ii. Robert, Sep. 26, 1710, m. Rebecca Gardner, 1735 ; 
m. Wm., Mar. 1, 1713. 

. 4. IV. Samuel, Dec. 5, 1715, when his father r. in Boston. 

, 5. V. Joseph, b. pr. in Boston, and perhaps others. 

. €. Samuel Levering, m. Mary Leland, Nov. 8, 1739, dg. of Isaac L., of H., 

by w. Mary Hunt, and b. June 13, 1723, and had, 
. 7. I. Samuel, Aug. 13, 1741 ; ii. Mary, Mar. 13, '44. 
. 8. III. Jesse, Mar. 27, '46 ; iv. Abigail, Oct. 30, '48, m. Tho. Carr, '68. 
, 9. V. Joseph, Dec. 10, '50. 
. 10. yi. Isaac, June 10, '53 ; vii. Henry, Mar. 9, '58 ; viii. Rufus, July 7, '64. 

. Samuel, m. Phebe Smith, Apl. 7, '63, had at H., 



19. 14. I. Isaac, Aug. 20, 1763, m. Martha Tamerkin, '85 ; ii. Anna, Mar. 7, 
'65; III. Samuel. Nov. 15, '67; iv. David, May 22, '70; 
V. John, Oct. Ilf72; vi. Aaron, May 7, 75. 

5. 15. Joseph, m. Hannah , 2d, Mercy , had at H., i. Mary, June 10, 

1739, d. June 22, '39 ; ii. Mary, Jan. 7, '42 ; iii. Elizabeth. Oct. 23, 
'50 ; IV. Mercy, May 19, '68 ; v. Joseph, Apl. 26, '60 ; a Jo. d. at Bos., 
June 13, 1848, in his 90th year?; vi. Silvanus, Dec. 18, '61 ; 
VII. Rhoda, June 10, '65. 

17. Craft Lovering, (pr. son of Wm., No. 3.) w. Unis , had at H., 

I. Sarah, Sep. 13, 1765 ; ii. Elias. June 2, '68. 

10. 19. Isaac, by w. Martha Tamerlain, had at H., Henry, Oct. 3, 1789. 

9. 20. Joseph, w. Keziah, had at H., Jonas, Feb. 10, 1775. His grd. mother, 
Winchester, d. at his house. 

21. Thaddeus Lovering, (pr. son of Wm., No. 3,) w. Elizabeth , had at 

H., I. Thaddeus, July 28, '66, s in Medway, and d. ab. 1852 ; ii. Anne, 
Oct. 13, '70 ; III. Amos, June 6, '72, s. in Med., and was the father of 
Warren L., Esq., A. M., of M. ; iv. Wm., Jan. 16, '75, rs. in H.. 
V. Gilbert, May 16, '87. 

26. Daniel Lovering ? w. Lydia , had Lawson. 

^ 27. Jesse Lovering, m. Mercy Jennings, Apl. 30, 1^72, and had at H„ 

I. Jesse, Mar. 11, '73 ; ii. Levi, Dec. 22, '76 ; iii. Lawson, Aug. 15, '78. 
IV. Marcy, Mar. 1, '81. 


James MaCCane, w., Margaret, had John, Mar. 2, 1733-4, at H. 

Kf I 

Michael Madden, w. , Mary, had David, Jly. 14, 1763, at H. 

i» f 

James Man, w , Abigail, had I. Mary, Jan. 13, 1744--5, at H. 


Alexander Marsh, pr. grd. s. of Lt. Alexr. M., who d. at Braintree, Mar. 
7, 1698, a. ab. 70, came fr. B. ab. 1750, s. on Winthrop's Grant, on the 
N. side of Winthrop's Lake, in H., had, i. Jerusha, who m. Simeon 
Newton, of H. ; 

II. Amariah, m. Lois Fisk. and had, i. Seneca, Jly. 14, '69 ; 

II. Martin, Apl. 27, 71; iii. Amariah, May 30, '73; 
IV. Betsey^ m. Mr. Peck, of Mend. ; v. Sylvia, lives single ; vi. John, 
d. yg. ; vii. Nancy, d. um., a. 21 ; viii. Lois, m. Isaac Wilkinson, 
of Pawtucket, and had Nancy and Mary, one of whom m. B«v. Mr. 
Fezzendon, fr. Sandwich, and rs. in P. 

III. Esek, Dea., inherited the homestead, was naturally of a very fiicetious 
turn of mind, industrious, frugal, cautious and non-committal, much devoted 
to reading, and well informed on general subjects. He was chosen Dea., 
June 3, 1793, and d. at a very advanced age, having served as Dea., ab. 40 


VS. He m. Sophia Adams, of Medfield, dg. of Henry A., by w., Jemima 
Morse, and grd. dg. of the excellent Prudence Fearie, and had in H., 

I. Esek, who s. at Charlton ; 

II. Amelia Sophia, Mar. 10, 1776; ni. Lucinda, Dec. 26, '78; 

IV. Alexander, Jan. 3, '82 ; v. Charles, Oct. 30, '85 ; vi. Elizabeth^ 
Aug. 15, '92 ; vii. Amos, and pr. others, not recorded in H. ; 
IV. Beuben, the father of Mrs. Calvin Sparrowk, of S.,who rm. and d. near 
Black River, New York. 

^seph Marsh, w. Sarah, had at S., i. Kezia, Sep. 3, 1720; n. Seth, Jan. 
18, '22-3. 


1. ThO. Marshall, Dea. (see Barry), m. Esther , in Newton ; and 

2d, Abigail, wid. of Jona. Cutler, 1762 ; served as selectman of H. 18 
ys., as Dea. 38 ys., and d. Apl. 3, 1766, a. 75, had 
*7. 2. I. The, who m. Beriah Grant, at H., '44, and d. in Temple, N. H. ; 
13. 3. II. Joseph, m. Mary Leland ; iii. Ebenezer, Sep. 18, 1721, m. Mehetabcl 
Haven, '48 ; iv. John, Nov. 21, 1723, at H. ; v. Dinah, Dec. 26, '25 ; 
VI. Ezra, Sep. 1, '29, d. May 7, '32 ; vir. Nahum, Oct. 3, '32; Har. Col., 
'55, m. Martha Lord, and d. at Somerswortb, N. H. 

2. 7. Tho. Marshall, m. Bariah Grant, Apl. 19, 1744 ; and 2d, Abigail Cobb. 

Sap. 12, '54; and 3d, Mary , in H., and had, l Keziah, Mar 2, 

'44-5 ; II. Tho., Jan. 24, '46 ; iii. Aaron, Nov. 8, '47 ; iv. David, Dec. 
13, '50 ; v. Jona., Oct. 26, '52 ; vi. Jona., Jan. 24, '57, by w. Mary. 

3. 13. Joseph, m. Mary Leland, of S., Feb. 2, 1736-7, and had at H., i. Esther, 
Aug. 3, 1738 ; ii. Ezra, June 30, '40 ; iii. Ichabod, Aug. 10, '42 ; 
IV. Joseph. This family removed to Milford. 

17. Ebenezer ? m. Elizabeth Jones, Jan. 15, 1729-30, i. Abigail, Jly. 26, 
'34, d. Oct. 12, '36; ii. Dinah, Aug. 7, '37, m. Simeon Littlefield, '56; 
III. Elizabeth, Aug. 20, '42. 

18. Benj. Marshall, fr. Marblehead, m. Sibbilla Johnson, Sep. 28, 1756, and 
had in H., i. Elizabeth, Oct. 20, 176- ; ii. Sarah, Apl. 17, '63, m. Amariah 
Force; in. Mary, Oct. 10, '65 ; iv. Annis, Feb. 12, '68; v. Sibbel, Feb. 
15, '70 ; VI. Moses, Dec. 15, '75. 

5. 20. John, w., Mary, i. Kebecca, Jan. 18, 1749-50; ii. Farnsworth, Mar. 2, '52. 


' 1. Benj. Mason, w., Martha, s. at Dublin, 1763, had at S., i. Thaddeus, 
Jly. 4, 1746 ; ii. Abigail, Apl. 8, 1752 ; iii. Benj., May 28, '60. 

4. Moses Mason, pr. s. of Benj., from Dover, w., Lydia (pr. Thayer). He 
removed to Walpole, N. H., had at S., i. Mary, Mar. 22, 1760 ; ii. Hannah, 
May 4, '62 ; iii. Betty, Jly. 18, '64. 

5. Moses Mason, w., Olive, had at S., i. Gregory, Sep. 12, 1784; 
II. Henry, Feb. 14, '87. 

8. Abner Mason, who purchased in S. (now in Med.), a part of the original 


Bullard farm of Opt. Benj. B., about 1778, was b. Apl. 26, 1740, the 
youngest son of Eben. M., of Medfield, by w., Dorotha Morse, (b. 1695), 

and the grd. son of Ebenr. M., of M., by w., Hannah . Ho m. Phebe 

Harding, pr. dg. of Simon H., of Med., and had, i. Alpheus, Nov. 27, 
] 772 ; II. Simon Harding ; iii. Olive, Dec. 24, 76, at Med. ; iv. Perins, 
Mar. 9, 1779, m. Joseph Daniels, May 29, 1799 ; v. Walter, Nov. 6, '81 ; 
VI. Horatio, Jan. 4, '84 ; vii. Abner, Apl. 24, '86 ; 


James Maverick, w., Mary, had Sarah, Aug. 13, 1718, at S. 


Alexander Maxwell, w., Elizabeth, had at S., i. Sarah, Apl. 4, 1722 ; 
II. Anne, Jan. 14, '24-5 ; iii. Elizabeth, Nov. 18, '28 ; iv. Bobert, May 
25, '31, m. Marcy Travis, Dec. 6, '53, and had ^^ft^cca, Aug. 1, '54, who m. 

Jona. Knowlton, Mar. 4, '73 ; 
V. Bachel. May 4, '88. 

• ^•^ > 

6. Joseph Mellen, Lt., m. Mary Parker, May 12, 1768, at H., i. Hannah, 

Aug. 23, '64; n. Wm., Jly. 11, ^QQ, m. Lydia , and had Joseph, Jly. 

10, '93 ; Deborah, Oct. 26, '96 ; MariaJi, Oct. 23, '98 ; 
HI. Henry, Dec. 23, '69 ; iv. Mary, May 2, '74 ; v. Sophia, May 9, '79 ; 
VI. Joseph, Mar. 2, '86 ; vii. Joanna, Mar. 2, '86. 

9. Daniel Mellen, w., Hannah, had, i. Hannah, Mar. 5, 1751, at H. ; 
15. 10. II. James, May 1, '53. 

11. Henry Mellen, w., Abigail, had Dexter, Aug. 2, 1792, at H. 

12. Kobert Mellen, ra.^Sarah Holbrook, Nov. 19, 1761, and had at H., 

iQ J3 1. Joel, Apl. 2, 1764 ; ii. John, Feb. 23, '66 ; iii. Sarah, Jan. 27, '68. 

10. 15. James Mellen, Esq., was a man of solid sense and personal dignity, 
represented H. 5 ys. ; was T. clerk 7 ys., and selectman 4 ys. ; m. 
Deborah Rockwood ; ' . )■■ . , May 29, '77. i. Timothy, Apl. 

29, 1780 ; ii. Elizabeth, Apl. 29, '80, m. Martin Cutler ; m. Deborah, 
Apl. 19, '85 ; IV. James, Apl. 23, '89. 

|3 18. John Mellen, Col., m. Mary Bullard, Apl. 15, 1790, had in H,, i. Ezoa, 
* Oct. 5, '90 ; II. Sarah, Jly. 24, '92 ; iii. Mary, June 18, '95 ; iv. John, Jan. 
26, '99. 

1. Asaph Merrifield, w. Mercy, i. Arnold Jly. 25, 1778; ii. Lewis, 
Sep. 3, '80 ; iii. Sarah, Sep. 28, '82. 

4. Timothy Merrifield, w., Mercy, had at S., i. Caroline, Dec. 16, 1775; 

II. Chloe, Oct. 8. '77 ; iii. Alpheus, Nov. 12, '79. 

6. Joseph Merrifield, m. Hanh. Hill, Sep. 15, 1736, had in H., 
I. Hannah, Mar. 16, 1737 ; ii. Aaron, Oct. 28, '38, m. Elizth. Robinson, 
fr. Mend., and had Abner, Dec. 13, '66 ; 

III. Joseph, Jan. 1, '40-1 ; iv. Abigail, June 9, '44; v. Sarah, iMay 1, 
'46 r VI. Lydia, Jan. 8, '47-8 ; vii. John, Aug. 13, '49 ; 


10. John Merrifield, w., Molly , had at H., i. Marcus, Nov. 6, 1781; 

XL Jemima, May 8, '84; in. Preston, June 29, '86; iv. Julia, May 24, 
1793; V. Jemima, Sep. 10, 1804; vi. Parker, Dec. 6, 1806; vn. John, 
Sep. 13, 1808 ; vni. Joseph, Nov. 8, 1809. 


1. Samuel Messenger, a descendant of Rev. Henry M., H. Col., 1717, 
the 2d minister of Wrenth., and originally fr. Boston, came fr. W. to H., m. 
Katherine Brown, June 23, 1757, s. on the Milford road in the W. of H., and 
had, I. Joel, May 26, 1760 ; ii. Julitta, May 9, '62, m. Barak BuUard, 

Apl. 24, '80 ; iii. Henry, Dec. 17, '65, m. Polly , had i. Ripleyj 

June 1, '99; ii. James, Sep. 11, '96; 
. IV. Joseph, Jan. 23, '67 ; v. Laban, Oct. 2, '69 ; vi. Samuel, Jly. 25, 
'72, who inherited the homestead; vii. Roswell, Rev., A. M., Mar. 9, '75, 
ord. at York, Me., and early became blind, published a vol. on Resignation ; 
vni. Charles, Jan. 18, '78, a carpenter, and man of intelligence, d. um. 


John Metcalf, w.. Tamer , had at H., i. Ezra, Mar. 15, 1747 ; 

II. Eli, Mar. 19, '49-50. 

Mathew Metcalf, w., Deborah Bullard, had Fisher, Mar. 8, 1768, at H., 
and r. Hopk. 


Jacob Miller, Maj., bom in Holland, came in his youth to New England, s. 
1st where Warren Miller rs., in H., and 2d, on the Milford road, \ m. W. 
of the upper depot, became a officer in the army of the Revolution, and had 
the command of the castle after the evacuation of Boston. He. m. Jerusha 

, and had, besides others, i. Jesse, 'Sep. 20, 175§ ; ii. Jemima, m. 

Seth Lincob, fr. Western, '79 ; lu. Lvdia, d. um. at H., at a great age ; 
IV. Esther, Oct. 7, '67 ; v. Obadiah, Oct. 9, 72, who inherited the home- 
stead in H., m. Miriam, and had Warren, Feb. 15, '97. 


1. ThO. MillinS, w., Elizabeth, had at S., i. Tho., Aug. 12, 1693; 
n. Lydia, April 12, 1695. 

3. Simon Millins, b. Sep. 25, 1665, the son of Simon, of Winessimit, d. Aug. 
30, 1717, (see Barry), had at S., i. Simon, May 16, 1690 ; 
n. Henry, Aug. 12, '91 ; iii. Mary, June 4, '94. 

■ ^••» 

John Mills, w., Keziah , had at S., i. Abigail, Apl. 1, 1766 ; ii. Betty, 

Jan. 10, '68 ; in. Ede, Apl. 24, '74. 


Tho. Moor, w., Catherine , had at S., i. Sarah, June 29, 1738; 

II. Martha, Aug. 9, '39 ; in. Deborah, Mar. 15, '40-1 ; 
IV. Francis, Mar. 3, '42-3 ; v. Tho., Feb. 16, '44-5, 


178 MORSE. 

!• Daniel Morse, s. of Samuel, of Ded. and Mefd., ab. 1656, purchased 
in the E. part of S. 800 acres of Simon Bradstreet, the grantee, and imme- 
diately settled upon it, \vhere Leonard Morse rs. This part of S. bas ever con- 
tinued to be called the Farm. It originally included the meadow E. of the 
common. He was evidently a man of rank ; and acted as leader in tbe en- 
terprise of adding a new town to tbe colony. In all public meetings and 
elections in S. precedence was uniformly yielded to him as long as he lived. 
He had by wife Lydia Fisher, 

I. Obadiah, Dea., 8, (6), 1639, was the first town clerk and rep., and 
schoolmaster in S., and d. without issue, r. Farm ; 
7. 3. n. Daniel, 31, (11,) 1640, d. Sep. 29, 1702, m; Elizabeth Barbour; 

10. 4. III. Jona., Lt., 8, (1), '43, d. Aug. 30, 1727, m. Mary Barbour; 
^ IV. Lydia, bap. 1645, m. Ephm. Wight, of Medfd. ; v. Bethia, 24, (1), . 
'48, m. John Perry ; vi. Mary, 7mo., '50, m. Edwd. West, s. where Harry 
Bullard rs., and d. without issue, Nov. 10, 1736, leaving her estate to 
Edwd. West Perry ; 
VII. Bathsheba, 20, (5), '53, d. Jan. 4, 1736^7, m. Benj.Fisk, of Medfd.; 

14. 5. VIII. Nath'l, Dea., 20, (11), '56-7, d. Oct. 17, 1728, m. Mary. — ; 

18. 6. IX. Samuel, 12, (3>, '61, d. Mar. 2, 1704, m. Deborah . 

8. 7. Daniel, inherited land E. of the farm Pond, and had, i. Elizabeth, Aug., 
1670,pr.d. yg. ; 

21. 8. n. Daniel, July 10, 72, d. Apl. 4, 1719, m. Susanna Holbrook; 

III. Esther, May 21, '74 ; iv. Elizabeth, Oct. 29, '77, m. Richard Sanger, 
1697 ; V. John, Apl. 27, '79, d. Feb. 17, 1718, leaving his property to his 
brothers ; 

24. 9. VI. Noah, Apl. 20, '81, d. 1818, m. Mary Johnson; vn. Margaret, Sep. 
30, '83, m. Ezra Clark, of Medfd. ; viii. Hannah, Dec. 15, '85, m. Arthur 
Clark, s. where Nelly C. rs. ; ix. Mary, Jan. 23, '87, was drowned in 
Mary's Pond, 30 rods E. of Leonard Morse's house ; x. Sarah, June 6, '89, 
m. John Robinson, r. Weston ; xi. David, Dec. 10, '92, d. yg. 

4. 10. Jona., s. on the N. side of Farm Pond, where the Public House now is, uw, i 
26. 11. I. Jona., July 11, 1667, m. Jane Whitney ; ii. Mary, Au^. '70j^,^\hj^ 

ni. Nathan, Jan. 3, '72, d. Feb. 5, 1718, unm., giving nis estate to hi« 
father ; 
28. 12. IV. Samuel, Aug. 10, '76, m. Bathia Holbrook; v. Lydia, May 9, '82, 
m. David Stanford ; vi. Elizabeth, Dec. 10, '84, d. Jan. 19, 1700 ; 
13. VII. Ebenezer, Sep. 26, '89, m. Eachel, was warned out of Attleboro', 17S0; 

5. 14. Nathaniel, Dea., settled on the Plain where Elijah Leland rs., m. Mary 

, and had, 

32. 15. I. Nathaniel, 1682, d. May 23, 1756, m. Mary Lovet ; ii. Joseph, 1683, 

d. 1759, pr. unm. ; in. Benj., 1684, pr. d. yg. ; 

33. 16. IV. Aaron, Mar. 5, '85-6, d. Feb. 14, 1749-50, m. Abigtdl Dimton; 

V. Mary, Apl. 2, '87, m. Wm. Johnson ; vi. Rachel, Apl. 2, '87, m. Joaeph 
Hartshorn, of Ded. ; vn. Ruth, Oct. 21, '88, m. Ephm. BuUen; 
vni. Dorotha, 1695, m. Ebenr. Mason, of Medfd. ; 
17. IX. Obadiah, 1698, d. July 21, 1776, rm. to Walpole. 

6. 18. Samuel, inherited the homestead at the farm, had, i. Samuel, June ^i 
1687, d. Apl. 5, 1736, m. Mary Cook, of Watertown, sold, Apl. 19, 1729, 

MOKSE. 179 

to Dea., Jona Eassell, that part of the farm on which John Russell resides, 
and removed to Needham ; 
36. 20. II. Eleazer, Oct. 22, '88, d. Feb. 20, 1764, m. Abigail Clapp, fr. Ded. ; 
III. Miriam, June 30, 1700, m. Benj. BuUard, and 6 other dgs., who m. out 
of S. or d. yg. ^ 

8. 21. Daqiel, inherited his uncle Obadiah's share of the farm, and by w. Susanna 

Holbrook, had, i. Susanna, Aug. 14, 1696 ; ii. Bathia, do., do., d. 1740, 
unm. ; iii. Daniel, Nov. 22, '99, d. 1734, at Walpole ; 
41. 23. IV. Obadiah, Aug. 16, 1704, d. 1753, m. Mercy Walker; 
V. Patience, Nov. 19, 1707; vi. Ann, May 2, '10, d. yg. 

9. 24. Noah, inherited his father's part of the farm, and by w., Mary Johnson, 

had, I. Hephzibah, 1708 ; ii. Experience, '10, m. Joseph Morse, r. Sturb. ; 
25. ni. Cyprian, 1712, rm. to Killingly and to Stafford, and 5 others who d.yg. 

11. 26. Jona., s. N. W. of the farm pond, was so devoted to fishing that the town, 

in derision, voted him the privilege of fishing there constantly. He after- 
wards r. at the Plain. He had, i. Abigail, 1695 ; 

II. Isaac, jun.. Mar. 27, '98, pr. d. uom. ; 

48. 27. m. Paul, Feb. 14, 1700-1, m. Sarah Sheffield ; iv. Jane, '03 ; 
V. Eunice, '06, m. Joseph Partridge, r. H. and Bell. ; 
. VI. Abi, '10-11, m. Edward Kibby. 

12. 28. Samuel, s. on the N. side of the farm road, | m- E. of a brook, where Mr. 

Webb rs., and left his place to his son Andrew, after whom it passed out of 
the name. He m. Bathiah Holbrook, and had i. Edmond, 1795, m. Bachel 
Sheffield, r. Mendon ; ii. Margaret, '99, m. Bichard Qt)okin ; u^. Elizth. 

III. Andrew, Oct. 23, 1713, m. 3 wives, and had only Andrew, who rs. in 
Med. ; iv. Abijah, '18, m. Lydia Fairbanks, rm. to Uxb. ; v. Nathan, '20, 
m. Mary Lawrence, r. U. and Gray, Me. ; vi. Mary, '25, m. Tho. Jones ; 
yn. Jona., '29, called the builder, r. N. of Little Pond, and rm. to Uxb., 
m. 3 wives and d. without issue. 

15. 32. Nathaniel, s. in Mifrord as a cooper, gave in his will £1, 6s. 8d. to pro- 

vide utensils for the Lord's Table, had by w. Mary Lovet, i. Joanna, m. 
Peter Noroross ; n. Mary, m. Eleazer Wight, but no son that had issue. 

16. 83. Aaron, (Plain), m. 1729-30, Abigail Dunten, s. ^ m. S. W. of HoU. 

Common, where Eli Phipps rs. prior to 1722-3, had, i. Nathl., Apl. 6, 1731, 
said to have entered the army ; n. Abigail, May 19, '34, m. Samuel Pike ; 
in. Aaron, Mar. 10, '39, d* 1835, at Warwick, and 1 or 2 moro dgs. 

20. 36. Eleazer, inherited the N. E. quarter of the farm, imsluding the ancient 
homestead, m. Abigail Clapp, who d. Mar. 10, '52, and 2d, Mary Clark, 
Oct. 11, '53, had, 

51. 37. I. Benj., 1720, m. Sarah Clark, '52, his 2d cousin. 

68. 38. II. Eleaaer, '22, Dec. 26, '53 ; 

67. 59. III. Joshua, '24, d. Apl. 1, 1787, inherited the N. pdrt of his father's 
farm, and built where the late HezeUafa Morse r. ; 
rv. Abigail, '27, m. Tho. Sawin ; v. Moses, '29, d. '54, unm. ; 
VI. David, '31, d. '92, inherited the E. third of do.; vn. Jesse, '34, 
inherited die ancient homestead ; vni. Keziah, '36, m. Abel Peny, r. Nat 

180 MOUSE. 

23. 41. Obadiah, inherited tbe homestead of his father, E. of Farm Pond, and 
had by wife Mercy Walker, i. Daniel, 1729, m. Hannah Eames, s. in Natick, 
where Amory Morse rs. ; 

II. Abner, 1734, ro. Anna Church, and s. at Annapolis, N. S. ; 

75. 44. III. Obadiah, Mar. 20, '32-3, d. Jan. 7, 1800 ; iv. Mercy, '35. m. Ezra 
Whitney, r. Doug.; v. Benaiah, '37, d. '71, killed by a cart, at D. ; 

VI. Samuel, '39, m. Church, s. at Annapolis, N. S. ; vii. Sarah, '41, 

m. Ezra Cook,r. Warwick ; viii. John, '43, d. ab. 1825, m. Eunice , 

r. D. and S. ; ix. Hannah, '45, m. Ezra Taylor, r. S.boro'; 
X. Mary, '47, m. Asahel Newton, r. Warwick. 

27. 48. Patil, r. HolL, and by w. Sarah Sheffield, had, i. Martha, 1727, m. 
Jeremiah Butler, of Hopk. ; Micah, 1729, perished in the war of '76 ; 

III. Sarah, '33, m. and hadchd. ; iv. Daniel, '35, d. 1808, m. Euth Morse, 
r. Dublin ; v. Hannah, '38, d. '41 ; vi. Wm., '38, d. 1827, m. Mary 3ur- 
bank, r. Athol. ; vii. David, '43, d. 1808, m. Esther Sanger, r. Fram. 


. 51. Benj., s. in H. in the N. W. part, on the road to the S. part of 
Hopk., and by w. Sarah Clark, had, i. Hannah, '54, m. Benj. Prentice, of 
S., '77 ; II. Sarah, '56, m. Doct. Joshua Bichardson ; iii. John, '60, s. in 

38. 53. Eleazer, s. in H., and had by w. Abigail Foster, who d. 2 weeks after her 

husband, both with the great sickness in '53 and '54 ; i. Eleazer, Jan. 9, 

1750, d. Sep. 3, '75, in the army, unm. ; 

54. II. Isaac, Jan. 1, '63, 8 days before the death of his mother, and d. 1823, 

m. Betty Morse, had, i. Eleazer, Oct. 9, 1780, m. Polly Adams, from But., 

and had at H., Martha, Calvin^ Eleazer^ Sarah ; 

II. Betsey, '85, m. John Holmes ; ni. Isaac, '88, m. Abigail Lincoln, 

and had at H., Banaiah, Elbridge, Izanna, Emeline, Mary Ann,Bussel, 

Abigail, Betsey, Isaac ) 
IV. Abigail, '92, m. Moses Adams, r. Milfd. ; v. Caroline, m. Lyman, 
Harris, r. Shrewsb. ; vi. Calvin, d. yg. 

89. 57. Joshua, 1724, m. Abigail Holbrook. dg. of Jona. H., by w. Abigl. Breck, 

^ who d. June 22, 1762, and 2d, Unity , from Wrenth., had, i. Abigail, 

'59; II. Joshua, Feb. 3, '61, lost at sea, unm., '86; in. Hez^kiah, Sep. 
25, '68, d. Feb. 26, 1854, m. Sarah Bigelow, inherited his father's part 
of the farm, and had, i. Leonard, 1791, d. Mar. 1, 1849, m. Clarissa Battelle, 
8. on the original homestead of his ancestor, Daniel Morse, left this 
consecrated place to his son Leonard T., the present occupant ; had, 
I. Clarissa^ m. James Salsbury ; ii. Leonard Townsendy m. and 
has a chd. ; in. Augusta ; iv. Jona. G.; v. BUen ; 
II. Joshua, 1793, d. 1838, m. Sarah Tileston, r. Bos. ; in. Sarah, '99, 
m. John Houghton, (d.) and occupies her father's homestead ; 
IV. Mary B., m. Moses Sawin, of S.boro'. 
• IV. Abigail, 1727, m. Tho. Sawin, r. Natick ; v. Moses, 172p, d. Jan. 6, 
'54, unm. ; vi. David, 1731, d. Nov. 26, '92, m. Mary Church, inherited 
the E. part of his father's division of the farm, had, i. Mary, 1757, m. 
Eliphalet Kingsbury, r. Needh. ; ii. Abigail, Mar. 27, '57, m. Zedakiah 

Hill, and 2d, Lindsley, of Ded. ; ni. Moses, '59, m. Lavina 

Pratt, r.'S., had no chd.; iv. David, Esq., '60, m. Azubah Robbins, 
r. Livermore, He. ; v. Jona., Gpt, '71, m. Anna Levering, and s. in 
Me. ; VI. Elijah, '76, s. in Me ; vi^ Anna, '77, m. Mr. Briant, r. Me., 
and 5 others who d. yg. 

MORSE. 181 

Yii. Jesso, 1734, inherited the part of the farm on which his ancestor, Daniel 

' M., first made improvements, m. 1st, Abigail Pratt, who d. 1768 ; and 2d, 

Tabitha Bobbins, who d. '75 ; and 3d, Elizabeth Twitchell, who d. '98, had, 

I. Jesse, Oct. 1, 1760, m. Hephzibah Haven, r. Nat. ; ii. Samnel, '62, 

m. Thankful Wheeler, r. Upton ; iii. Esther, '66, at Dublin, d. '74 ; 

iv: Seth, *69, m. Bridget Fisk, r. Livermore, Me. ; v. Jason, '70, d. 

1844, m. Sarah Bead, r. Vt. ; vi. Luther, 75, d. 1828, m. Mary Bul- 

len, r. Needh. ; vii. Eleazer, '77, s. as baker in Boston, had John ; 

vni. Vina, '79, m. Caleb Wight, r. Dover ; 

IX. Aaron, '81, m. , r.Bos., had Aaron, of Boxb. 

44. 75. Obadiah, s. near the new road from Fram., to Medfield, about 100 rods E. 
of Dea. Fisk's, on a place previously owned by Bobert Daniels. He m. 
Grace Fairbanks, who d. May 30, 1772 ; and 2d, Abigail Death, fr. Fram., 
and had, i. Mercy, May 7, 1756, m. Asaph Merrifield, r. Holden; 
II. Hannah, Feb. 7, '58, m. Josiah Ward, of S.boro' ; ni. Adam, Dec. 9, 
'59, d. '79, fr. an injury in the army ; iv. Levi, Jan. 5, '62, d. 1814, m. 
Mary G. Bradford, r.Union, Me. ; v. Grace, Mar. 16, '64, m. Beuben Esty, 
2d, Samuel Whitney ; vi. Obadiah, Dec. 11, '65, m. Sally Palmer; 2d, 
Phebe B. Camel; vii. Mary, Jan. 18, '68, m. Phares Sawin, r. Natick ; 

VIII. Samuel, Jan. 3, '70, m. Sally Dix, and 2d, Elizabeth Bernard, r. Bos. ; 

IX. Persis, Apl. 20, '72, d. Feb. 5, 1847, m. Jona. Sibley, M. D., Union, 
Me., and was the mother of Jona. L. Sibley, Esq., assis. librarian of Har. 
Univ., author of His. of Union, &c. ; x. Daniel, Nov. 26, '76, removed W. 
and was never heard from ; 

XI. Judith, July 3, '78, d. '79; xii. Ezra, Sep. 1, '79, d. 1842, m. Betsey 
Stratten, 2d, wid. Morse, from W. Boylston* s. in N. W. part of S., had, 

I. Chs,^ r. Ashland ; ii. Ahner ; iii. Geo. ; iv. Walter ; v. Jona. ; 

VI. Sarah, 
xni. Anne, June 17, *82, d. unm. aged 18 ; xiv. Moses, June 8, '84, m. 
Hannah Prentice; xv. Asa, June 14, '87, m. Susanna MoFarland, r. 
Bridgewater; xvi. Experience, Sep. 15, '90, r. unm., at S. 

Joseph Morse, Capt., son of Joseph, of Medfield, and nephew of Col. M., 
of Cromwell's army, m. Oct. 17, 1671, Mehetabel Wood, b. July 22, 1655, 
dg. of Nicholas W., the first Anglo- American born in S. She d. Nov. 12, 
1681, and he m. 2d, Hannah Badcock, from Milton, Apl. 11, '83, who d. 
Nov. 9, 1711 ; and 3d, Mrs. Hannah, wid. of Capt. Joseph Dyer, of Wey- 
mouth, May 17, 1713, who d. Sep. 4, 1727, aged 67. He settled on land 
inherited from the father of his first w., and built his house about 35 rods 
S. of Holbrook's mills, where he spent his days. He inherited in his father's 
right, with brothers and sisters, the land on which W. Medway village stands. 
He drew lands at W. Sherborn, that now constitutes the farms of Albert P. 
Ware, Artemas J. Leland, and Mrs. Micah Leland,- and sons, and Amos 
Leland, which he divided between his two eldest sons. He drew lots in the 
W* part of HolL, and 80 acres in Doug., purchased of Moses Adams land, 
pr. now in H., on which he settled his son Isaac. He, in company with Capt. 
Ware, built the first mill on Sewell's Brook, and soon after sold out to W. 
He subscribed the second petition for the incorporation of S. ; contributed 
towards effecting an exchange of S. lands with the Naticks ; was rated, 1686, 
to extinguish the Indian title ; served 16 years as selectman, represented S* 
in the Gen. Court, 1715 ; very often acted as moderator in town meetings, 
and took a leading part for a series of years in all the public afifairs of the 

182 MORSE. 

town. He was a good scribe, and was employed in writing convejances. At 
his hoase public worship was first set up in S. He d. Feb. 19, 1717-18, in 
a time of greater mcfrtalitj, considering the number of inhabitants, than that 
of 1753-4. His remains, with those of his first wife and third son and 
wife, in a state of ahnost perfect preservation, have lately been exhumed 
and deposited at the head of the Morse Lot in the central burying ground in 
Holl., containing the graves of 6 generations of the race. Will posterity, 
whose ancestors he periled his life to defend against barbarians, protect the 
2d place of his repose. He had, i. M^hetabel, Apl. 25, 1673, d. 16 — ; 

11, Joseph, Apl. 3. '76, d. June 12, 76; iii. Elisha, Dec 12, 77, d. yg. 
7. 2. IV. Joseph, Mar. 25, 79, d. Apl. 18, 1754, with the great sickness ; 

y. Mehetabel, Nov. 2, '81, m. John Breck. 
23. 3. VI. James, July 1, '86, d. June 5, 1725, m. Kuth Sawin ; vii. Hannah, 
Apl. 5, '89, d. Dec. 11, 1774, m. Isaac Cooledge, Esq. : vni. Sarah, Apl. 

12, '92, m. Wm. Barron; ix. David, Capt, Dec. 31, '94, d. Jan. 7, 1773, 
m. Sarah Dyer, r. Natick, where his only descendants of the name are John 
and Hamilton Morse ; x. Isaac, Sep. 14, '97, d. 1749-50, at Worcester, m. 
Elizabeth Drury, and 2d, Jane ; xi. Keziah, June 30, 1700, d. Feb. 

18, '54, m. Samuel Holbrook; 

6. XII. Asa, Aug. 24, 1703, d. Oct. 7, 1770, m. Mary Eider, r. Natick, where 
he has no descendants remaining. 

2. 7. Joseph, s. about 60 rods E. of Albert Ware's, at W. Sherbom, m. Prudence 

Adams, b. Apl. 10, 1683, d. Feb. 23, 1772, dg. of Henry A., of Medfield, 

by w. Prudence Frary, who d. aged 88, and grd. dg. of Lt. Henry A., of 

do., by w. Elizabeth Paine, and gr. grd. dg. of Henry A., of Bndntree ; had 

12. 8. I. Henry, June 14, 1703, d. Apl. 5, '66, m. Sarah Kibby, r. Med. ; 

9. II. Joseph, Nov. 15, 1705, d. 1780, m. Experience Morse, r. Sturb. ; 

10. III. Seth, Sep. 12, 1708, m. Abigail Battle, r. Hopk. ; iv. Elisha, Apl. 

13, 1715, d. unm, at the homestead ; v. Jacob, Sep. 12, 1717, d. Mar. 30, 
1800, m. Mary Merrifield, r. Doug. ; vi. Judith, Oct 13, 1720, d. Oct. 26, 
'74, m. Capt. Caleb Leland, of S. ; vn. John, Dec. 31, 1724, d. '25. 

8. 12. Henry, settled J m. S. W. of Winthrop's Lake, on a lot of 177 acres, 
assigned by the proprietors of Medfield, in 1659, to John Frary, his great 
grandfather. He built his house where Mrs. Abigail Morse Cutler resides. 
When he commenced improvements here in 1727, his nearest neighbors were 
John Goulding, 1-^ ms. N. E. ; Malachi BuUard, 2^ ms. S. E., Samuel Rocket 
1 m. E., Joshua IJnderwood, 1 m. N. W., and Edward Kibby ^ m. W. He 
had, I. Abigail, ApL, 1726, at S., d.Dec. 18, '59, at Med. 

15. 13. II. Ezekiel, Oct. 1, 1727, carried by the father on foot to E. Med., for bap- 
tism, and d. from the kick of horse, Mar. 24, 1778, m. Eebecca Cozzens ; 
III. Sarah, Dec. 1729, d. 1804, m. Joseph Rider, of H. ; iv. Hannah, Mar. 
. 3, 1732, d. Nov. 20, 1817, m. Wm. Andrews, of Hopk. ; v. Henry, Lt., 
Dec. 2, '34, d. June 23, 1807, m. Abigail Bullen, inherited the N. part of 
his father's farm, and d. without issue ; vi. Lydia, June 13, 173 G, d. yg. ; 
VII. Thankful, June 19, '40, d. Mar. 19, 1810. m. Andrew Watkins, of H.; 

20. 14. VIII. James, Dea., Sep. 5, '42, d. July 19, 1808, m. Hannah Daniels, s. 
1st on W. part of his father's farm, and removed to Milford ; ix. Obadiab, 
Mar. 9, '45, d. yg. ; x. Abner, Feb. 13, '47, d. Sep., '56. 

13. 15. Ezekiel inherited the homestead, and by w. Rebecca Cozzens, who d. Nov. 

19, 1807, a. 78 yrs. 8 mo., he had, i. Lydia, ApL 4, 1751, d. Oct 1, '56 ; 

MORSE. 183 

II. Elizabeth, Oct. 8, '53, d. Dec. '31, 1833, m. Elijah Adams, r. Hubbard- 
ston; III. Waitstill, Mar. 6, '55, d. Mar. 8, 1825, m. Joel Partridge, of 
Med. ; iv. Lydia, Sep. 12, '57, d. Mar. 18, '73. 
17. 16. V. Abner, Esq., Oct. 11, '69, d. Mar. 11, 1821, m. Mille Leland; 

VI. Sarah, Dec. 21, '61, d. July 31, 1839, m. Isaac Cozzens, of H. ; 

VII. Abigail, June 16, '65, d. Mar. 18, '73; viii. Mercy, Dec. 26, '72, d. 
July 6, 1845, m. David Eames, r. Hopk. 

16. 17. Abner, Esq., inherited the homestead, was much employed in transacting 
public business ; served Medway 14 years as selectman, and 3 do. as repre- 
sentative ; was a Justice of the peace for about 12 years, and much employed 
in settling estates, &c. He had, i. Nabby, Aug. 13, 1783, m. Uriel Cutler, 
rs. on the homestead of her father, now annexed to H. ; ii. Elijah, A. M., 
Esq., Sep. 10, '85, d. Aug. 23, 1831, m. Mary Jackson, r. Bos. ; iii. Mille, 
June 23, '89, d. Nov. 16, 1851, m. Alexr. H. Jones, r. Fram. ; iv. Chloe, 
July 24, '91, m. Lemuel Leland, r. S.; v. Abner, Rev., A. M., m. i. Sarah 
Ann Voorbces, who d. Sep. 27, 1833 ; and 2d, Hannah Peck, Oct. 15, 
1836, who d. Aug. 29, '42, and had, i. Lucretia, Sep, 18, '33, d. Sep. 24, 
'33s at Boundbrook, N. J. ; ii. Abner Leland, Oct. 3 , 1838, at South 
Bend, Ind. ; ni. Elijah AdamSy May 25, '41, at do. ; iv. Albert Field, 
Aug. 1, '42, at Onondaga Valley, N. Y. ; 
VI. Betsey, Nov. 12, 1796, d. July 15, 1853, m. Seneca Wight, r. Bell. ; 
vn. Tho. J., Esq., May 27, 1801, m. Lucy Leland, came to S. 1828, was 
appointed a magistrate, 1849, and subsequently became a trader ; 

VIII. Lucretia, Aug. 17, 1804, d. unm. Dec 28, '28. 

14. 20. James, Dea., s. E. of the Morse meadow, ^ m. S. of the E. E. deep- 
cut ; was a leading citizen of Med., and early chosen Dea. of the 2d chh., of 
which he was a bright ornament He had, by w. Hannah Daniels, 
I. Obadiah, 1761, d. '66, at Med., now H. ; n. John, Eev. A. M., Mar. 
24, '63, d. Jan. 3, 1844, m. Clanssa Sanford, r. Oteco, N. Y. ; 
22. III. Henry, Dea., Apl. 25, '66, d. about 1851, at Faxton ; iv. Euth, '68, 
d. also Jan. 3, 1844, m. Joel Howard, r. Milfd. ; v. Ehoda, '68 ; vi. Polly, 
'79, In. Daniel Elliot, of Sutton ; vii. Catherine, m. Nathl. Fletcher, of 

3. 23. James, s. on land given him by his father, at W. Sherborn, built his house 
near the junction of the Holl. road, with the way to the W., on a^spot marked 
by an ancient elm, and drew land in Doug, 1715, and had by w. Euth Sawin, 

I. Thomas, Dec. 5, 1709, m. Mary Treadway. inherited the homestead, and 
had at S., prior to removing yto Dublin, N. H., i. Mary, '37-8 ; n. RtUh^ 

'39; Tfi. jKcmJcw, Dea., and Esq., '42; iv. Rachel, '44; v. Silence^ 
'45; VI. ^%ai7,»'46; vn. Tho., '48; vin. Sarah, '60; nc. Ezra, 
'52 ; X. John, May, '54 ; xi. Jona., '56 ; xii. Hannah, '58 ; 
xin. Amos, '60 ; 

II. Euth, 1713, m. Joshua Leland, had Josh., Col. and Judge ; in. Deborah, 
'18, m. Capt. Samuel Bullard, of Holl., had Samuel, Esq., a mathemati- 
cian ; IV. James, 1720, d. 1812, m. Grace Bullen, s. on her father's farm, in 
S., now occupied by Isaac Cozzens, had, i. James, 1745-6, m. Betsey Bul- 
lard, and was the father of Judge Nathan M., of N.field, Yt. ; 

II. Susanna, '48 ; ni. Deborah, '50, m. Benj. Guy, of Dov. ; 
IV. Elizth. ; v. Joseph, *57, m. Hanh. Miller, r. Templeton ; 
VI. Abner, Dea., 1761, r. Eandolph, Vt. ; 
V. Abraham, 1720, d. yg. [See my Memorial of the Morses.] 


1* Tho. Muzzy, m. Abigail Cozzens, Feb. 12, 1785-6, and bad at HJ 
I. Ebenezer, Aug. 19, '37, d. Sep. 25, '37 ; ii. Tho., June 16, '50. 

3. Robert Muzzy, w., Martha, had at H., i. Robert, Jly. 16, 1769. 

Andrew Newell, previously master of a vessel, bought of Mr. Amory, of 
Boston, the lot originally assigned to Nathaniel Morse, upon the plain (now 
DanL Leland's), settled in S. about 1767, was selectman 1771-72, Justice 
of the Peace, and Commissary for the army in the time of the Revolution. 
He m. Elizabeth i^^^, who d. June 21, 1808, a. 78. He d. Jan. 1, 1798, 
a. 68. They had, i. Andrew, who followed the seas; n. The, d. at 
Fram., Jly. 19, 1819, a. 53, m. Polly Phips, dg. of Jedediah, and had 
T. Joseph, May 4, 1790 ; ii. Geo., Aug. 18, '91 ; in. Andrew, Apl. 
16, '93*j IV. Tho.; v. Richard ; vi. Austin, bap. May 15, 1803; 
^^vfi^in. Jona. jfmjry, bap. Feb. 17, 1771; iv. Eunice, b. 1769, d. Apl. 8, 
•"^'96, a. 27 ; v. Rebecca, d. June 29, 1799, a. 25. 


Simeon Newton, m. Jemsha Marsh, 'and had, i. Simeon, jun., d. Feb. 24^ 
1801, m. Sally Fisk, Feb. 21, 1792, had Amos, Sep. 3, '92 ; 
IL Hannah, Dec. 13, '62, m. Ichabod Perry, Jan. 24, '82 ; iij. Jerusba, 
Mar. 15, '66, d. yg. ; in. Jerusha, July 13, '73, d. Sep. 23, 1835, m. 
James Fames, May 29, '85 ; 

IV. Haven, Oct. 29, '68 ; v. Sarah, Jan. 12, '76, d. Dec. 18, 1808, um.; 
VI. Elizabeth, Jly. 10, '78, m. Nahum Rockwood ; vii. Levina, m. Hon. 
Elihu Cutler. 
A Jerusha N. m. James Emerson, Dec. 24, 1784, at H. 


ZachafTiall Nichols, w., Rebecca, had at S., I. Rebecca, Aug. 1, 1744; 
II. Sarah, 1745 ; in. Lydia, May 7, '47. 

Samuel Nichols, w., Polly, had Otis, May 2, 1798, at S. 

I *•>! 

Asa NorcrOSS, w., Elizabeth, had at H., i. Anna, Jly. 10, 1776; 
n. Sibbel, Apl. 6, '79 ; iii. Moses, Aug. 23, '84. 


Ebenezer Nurse, w., Mary Haven, had at S., I. Ebenezer, Oct. 3, 1720. 


Wm. W. Otis, b. Aug. 21, 18'21, s. of Wm. 0., of Exeter, N. H. m. Sarah 
D. Maddox, fr. Me., s. in S. ab. 1850, has Chs. F. 


Joseph Palmer, m. Jerusha Johnson, Oct. 18, 1787, i. Wm., May 22, '88, 
at H. ; II. Sarah, Nov. 24, '89 ; in. Jerusha, Jly. 2, '91 ; 
IV. Hannah, Apl. '93. 

« mm» I 

1. Solomon Park, son of Tho. P., of Newton,jand grd. s. of Richard P., 
who, according to tradition, came fr* Scotland, and s. 2 mis. above Newton 
Comer, on the bank of Ohs. R. ; located ab. 1732, in the N. part of H., near 


Hopk. (now Asblaod), and soon became a leading citizen of H., and served 
7 js. as selectman, and 10 js. as town clerk. He m. Lydia, and had, 
I. Solomon^ b. pr. at N. ; grad. at Har^ Univ., 1753, and d. at H. urn. ; 
S. 2. n. Samuel, Esq., b. Apl. 23, 1734, d. ab. 1807, at Berlin ; 
ni* Keziab, who. d. at H., Apl. 19, 1742 ; iv. Elizabeth, d. yg. 

2. 3* Samuel, Esq., inherited the homestead ; lost an arm, from its being caught 
and crushed in a cider mill. He was chosen representative of H., in 1787-89 
and selectman, 1789, and was many ys. an acting magistrate. In advanced 
life, he rm. to Berlin, to reside with his son, where he d. He m.. Mar. 30, 
1758, Mary Eussell, dg. of Dea. James K, of H., and had 
7. 4. I. James Eussell, who m. Anna Leland ; n. Solomon, who m., Oct 8, 
1789, Mary Twitchell, had, Sene, Mar. 8. '90 ; Miranda, May 1, '91 ; 

Adams, Doc. 16, '94 ; James JRusseU, Aug. 22, '96 ; Almtra, Sep. 

3, '98, at H., and Appkton and Warren, b. pr. at Wardsbury, Vt, 

where S. is said to have s., and d. ; 
in. Samuel, who m. Sarah Perry, had Sele, 1797 : Nelesse, Jan. 12, '99, 

at H., and rm. to Auburn, N. Y. ; 
rv. Abigail ; v. Betsey, who m. Stephen Bams. 

4. 7. James Eussell, m. Anna Leland [see No. 43 of Leland], s. in Berlin, where 
he d., had, i. Joseph, Col., Nov. 11, 1787, at H., who inherited the home- 
stead and mills of his father, at Berlin, represented B., 1835-6-7, and 
rm. to H. ab. 1852. He m. Hannah Meriam; 2d, Eliza Cole; and 3d, 
Olive (Daniels) Leland, had Betdah, d. yg. ; James B., rs. Ozfd. ; Melissa^ 
d. um. ; Lawson, d. yg. 


Timothy Parker, w., Keziah, had in H., I. Sibbella, Dec. 28, 1746; 
II. Mary,Tyiay 7, 174- ; in. Margaret, June 24, '52 ; iv. Keziah, Mar. 19, '54. 

Sol. Parker, w., Elizabeth, had atH., i. Anna, Oct. 2, 1766; n. Elizabeth, 
Jan. 19, '69; iii. Achsah, June 16, '73; iv. Hannah, Jan. 28, '82; 
V. Sally, Sep. 12, '84. 

John Parkes, w., Lydia, had at H., i. Aaron Eames, Jan. 23, 1790; 
II. Emra, Mar. 10, '93 ; in. Nancy, Sep. 14, '95 ; iv. Lydia, Mar. 19, '97 ; 
V. Calista, Nov. 28, '98. 


Wm. FarkllUSt,, w., Martha, had at H., i. Joel, Jly. 7, 1766 ; 
II. Nahum, Apl. 4, *68. 

»>» I 

3 . Wm. Partridge. Lt. Gov. of N. H., was father-in-law to Gov. Belcher, 

b. 1681 ; 
1^. Dame Mary Patridge, relict of Gov. P., ? d. at Newbury, June 10, 1639 ; 

2. Mr. Patridge, admitted freeman Mar. 14, 1638-9 ; 

3. Wm. Partridge, had children b. at Salisbury, 1642-50, and d. there 1654 ; 
12. 4. Wm. Partridge, proprietor of Medfield, 1650, r. there ; 

7» 5. John Partridge, proprietor of do. do. ; 
6. John Patridge, was of Duxbury, 1690. 

5. 7. John Partridge, w., Magdalene, had at Medfield, i. John ; 


186 partbidoe: 

37. 8^. II. Eleazer, b. 1664; m. Abiel, b. 1667; iv. Experience, '67; 
Y. Bacbel, '69, m. Joseph Daniel ; 

27. 10. VI. Samuel, '71, m. Hannah ; 

26. 11. VII. Zachariah, '74, d. Sep. 23, 1716 ; viii. Elizabeth, '79, m. Ebenr. Daniel. 

4. 12. Wm. Partridge, w., Sarah , had at Medfield, 

13. I. John, 1662 ; ii. Elisha, '65 ; in. Joseph, Mar. 13, '68 ; 
21. 16. IV. Wm., '69; v. Priscilla, '72; vi. Sarah, '74; vii. Marie, '82. 

17. John, junr., w., Elizabeth Rocket, m. ab. 1679 ; 2d w., Anna , bad 

at Medfd., i. Marie, 1681. 
46. 18. II. B'enoni, '87 ; 

130. 19. III. Jona., '93, m. Elizabeth Learned, of Fram., Nov. 13, 1717. He and 
w., Ann, deeded his land and house in Med. to hb brother James, in 1742; 

IV. Hannah, '96 ; v. Deborah, '98 ; 

71. 20. VI. James, Oct., 1700, d. Mar. 9, '68, m. Keziah, dg. of Malachi Bullard; 
VII. Sarah, '02 ; viii. Seven, Apl. 16, '06 ; ix. Anna, 1709, by 2dw. 

16. 21. Wm., w. Hannah, had at Medfield, i. Wm., 1695; ii. Joseph, '99; 
in. Hannah, Dec. 24, 1702 ; iv. Seth, '06 ; v. Mary, '09. 

11. 25. Zachariah, w., Elizabeth, had at Medfd., i. Mary, 1702; ii. Magdalene, 
'03 ; III. Sarah, '06; iv. Zachariah, '09, d. Aug. 31, '18 ; 
26. V. Asa, '12; vi. , dg., Aug. 27, '14. 

10. 27. Samuel, w., Hannah ^— , had in Medfield and Medway, i. Hannab, 
1702 ; II. Thankful, '03 ; in. Samuel, '04 ; iv. Ebenezer, '06 ; 

V. Abigail, '07; vi. Benj., '09, r. Bellingham, had Job, who had 

Job, m. Tamer Patridge ; and Moses, Bev. A. M. ; 
VII. Silence, '09; viii. Mahitable, '10; 
83. 31. IX. Joshua, Jly. 27, '13, d. Jan. 19, '99, m. Elizabeth Kingsbury, lM2; 
x. Caleb, Mar. 17, '16-7 ; xi. Silence, Mar. 5, '19, m. Stephen Kingsbury, 
Dec. 23, '42. 

33. Oliver, of Medfd., w. Kate, had at Medfd., i. Nathan, Oct. 11, 1694; 
II. Soth, Mar. 21, '96. 

36. Jesse, of do., w. Keziah, had, I. David, Oct. 14, 1671. 

8^. 37. Eleazer, w. Elizabeth ; 2d w., Sarah, had at Medfield, 

158. 38. I. Joseph, 1706; ii. David, '08; in. Benj., '13; iv. Elisha, '16, by w. 

Sarah; v. Eleazer, '17; vi. Sarah, '19; vii. Peter, May 16, '22; 
vm. Zachariah, Mar. 22, '19-20. 

18. .46. Benoni, w., Mehetabel Wheelock, m. 1709, had in Medfd., 
154. 47. I. Preservet, 1709, m. Catherine Armstrong; ii. The, '11; 
56. 49. III. Seth, '13; iv. David, May 21, '18; v. Mahitable, Apl. 24, '20; 

VI. Samuel, June 24, '22; vn. Sarah, Sep. 27, '24, m Obadiah Adams, of 
Bell., '44 ; 

87. 53. vm. Timothy, Jan. 18, '26-7; 

159. 54. IX. Eli, June 3, '29 ; 
90. 55. X. Moses, Aug. 28, '33. 

49. 56. Seth, w. Sarah ; 2d, w. Mary, had at Medfd., i. OUve, June 22, '83 : 


97. 57. II. Seth, Juno 27, '35 ; iii. Abel, hj w. Mary ; 

IT. ? Anna, who m. Lt. Jona. Holbrook, and inherited the homestead. 

59. Edward, ? w. Sarah, had at Medfield, i. Elisha, Jly. 8, 1734 ; 

II. Asa, May 23, '36 ; in. Edward, May 23, '38 ; iv. Simeon, Apl. 5, '41 ; 
64. V. Silas, Sep. 2, '44. 

20. 71. James, w., Keziah Bullard, b. Dec. 2, 1711, d. ab. 1802, r. 1 m. N. of 

Med. Yil., where late Joel Patridge, 2d, lived, and had, 
92. 72. I. James, Oct 10, 1730, s. in Boylston ; ii. Malachi, Nov. 30, '31, r. 

Starbridge and Ashfield ; in. Keziah, Nov. 12, '33, m. Moses Thompson, 

of Med. ; iv. Asa, Mar. 6, '34-5, d. pr. um. ; v. Lois, Sep. 20, '36, m. 

Benj. Pond, Jan., of Wrenth., Jly. 29, '56; vi. Bethiah, Nov. 22, '38, m. 

Seth Hixon, b. at Stoug., '34. d. a& 86, at Med. ; 
74. vn. Eleazer, Apl. 19, '40, m. Lois Kockwood, of Wrenth., '64, and r. 

Franklin ; viii. Lydia, Deo. 6, '43, d. a. 97, m. Saml. Ballard, Esq., of Holl. ; 

IS. Stephen, Jane 10, '46, r. Passim ; 
102. 77. X. Joel, Feb. 19, '47-8, m. Waitstill Morse, r. 1 m. N. of Med. Vil. ; 

XI. Eunice, Jly. 26, '49 ; 
105. 78. XII. Nathan, Mar. 26, '51, m. Melatiah Holbrook, dg. of Dea. Joseph H., 

of Bell, who m. Capt. Tho. Adams, for 2d hash. He r. a few rods E. 

of Joel, on the place since owned by Peter Lewett ; xiu. Hannah, Sep. 19, 

'58; XIV. Elizabeth, subject to derangement, d. um. ; xv. Ohloe, ApL 

11, '56, d. unm.,^ was insane. 

79. Ephraim, of Medway, w. Lydia, had, i. Lydia, Dec. 27, 1728 ; 
II. Elizabeth, Nov. 19, '30 ; ni. Sarah. Dec. 20, '32 ; 
94. 80. IV. Nathl., Dea., Dec. 17, '34; v. Misha, June 3, '37; vi. Elisha, June 
21, '38 ; 

VII. Deborah, Aug. 24, '41, m. Levi Warren, of W.boro'; vni. Olive, Dec. 
31, '43. 

82. Stephen, of Med., w. Mary, had, i. Mary, JuneJ 20, '38 ; ii. Azubah, 
Apl. 16, '42 ; 
113 82^. ni. Stephen. ? 

31. 83. Joshua, w., Elizabeth Kingsbury, m. Dec 23, 1742, had at Med., 
I. Elizabeth, Sep. 28, '43 ; 
114. 84. II. Joshua, Apl. 5, '45, m. Hannah Cutler, 1767; iii. Elizabeth, Mar. 
20, '47, m. Wheeler ; iv. Ichabod, Aug. 13, '49 ; 

120. 86. V. Samuel, Dec. 26, '52; Feb. 17, 1842, m. Mahitable Allen; 

VI. Rhoda, Feb. 3, '57. 

53. 87. Timothy, w., Abigail Barbour, m. 1755, r. 80 rods W. of Macksqoit 
School-house, W. Med., and had 
117 87^. I. Samuel, Mar. 18, '5^, 9. at Paxton, inherited the Partridge pasture and 
orchard, W. of Winthrop's Lake ; 11. Eunice, Mar. 15, '58 ; 

121. 88. III. Elijah, Apl. 4. '62, m. Keziah Curtis ; 2d, Catherine Clark ; 

IV. David, Dec. 30, '65 ; 
125. 89. V. Timothy (probably). 

55. 90. Moses, of Med., w., Bachel Thayer, m. '55, had, i. Freelove, Feb. 11, 
'57 ; 11. Deadan, Feb. 14, '59 ; 


91. III. Simeon, Capt., Feb. 28, '60, m. Jerusha White, r. W. Med.,liad 

Eliha, Sep. 28, '87, who m. Charlotte Wight, and inherited the homestead; 

IV. Beulah, Jly. 5, '62 ; v. Tabitha, Apl. 30, '65 ; vi. Clarissa, June 14, 75. 

72« 92. James, of Med. and Bojlston, w., Abigail Partridge, m. '59, had 

I. Rhoda, Dec. 9, '60 ; n. Asa, Dec. 20, '61 ; m. Ozias, June 18, '63; 

IV. Asahel, Mar. 7, '66. 

80. 94. Nathl., Dea., of W. Med., w. Mahitable, had, i. Lucretia, May 5, '64; 
n. Ephraim, Nov. 18, '65, d. a member of Col. at Providence; 
in. Sarahs June 19, '70 ; iv. Olive, Jan. 31, '75, m. Samuel Clark, and 
inherited her father's homestead, where Wm. Adams resides in W. Med. ; 

V. Grace, Oct. 6, '77 ; vi. Lydia, Oct. 3, '79 ; vn. Deborah, June 19, '83. 

57. 97. Seth, jun., of Med. and Wrentham, w., Mercy (Harding), had 
100. 98. I. Ziba, Sep. 27, '61, m. Elizabeth Knowlton ; ii. Darius, m. AbigaS 
Ellice ; in. Mercy, m. Abner Pond, of Wrenth. 

98. 100. Ziba, of Med., w., Elizabeth Knowlton, had at Med., i. Mary, Nov. 13, 
'89, m. John Abbe, of Med. ; ii. John, Nov. 17, '99, m. Susan, dg. of 
Calvin Turner, of Med., r. at Athol, and is dep. sheriff. 

77. 102. Joel, of Med., w., Waitstill Morse, had, i. Ezekiel, Jly. 1, '75, m. 

Deborah Harding ; ii. Nabby, Jan. 9, '77, m. Ezra Adams ; ni. Catherioe^ 
Apl. 1, '79, m. Stephen Adams; iv. Tamer, Aug. 8, '81, m. Job Patridge; 
V. Joel, Mar. 1, '84, m. Sarah Clark; 2d, Joanna Sanford; vi. Jemsha, 
May 2, '87, m. David Mann, of W.boro'. ; vn. Ede, June 25, '89, m. 
Nathl. Clark ; viii. James, Sep. 3, '93, d. agd. 20, in hopes of a blessed 

78. 105. Nathan, of Med., w., Melatiah Holbrook, had, i. Levina, Jan. 8, '77, 

d. young ; 
107 106. II. Nathan, Dec. 27, '78, m. Isabella Fessendon ; 

in. Susanna, Nov. 30, '83, m. Capt. Asa Fisk, of Holl. 

106. 107. Nathan, of Barre, w., Isabella Fessendon, had, i. Hiram F., June 16, 
1805, d. agd. 40 ys. ; n. Lavina ; iii* Albert ; iv. Augusta M. ; 
V. Winfield S. ; vi. Wm. A. 

82^. 113. Stephen, of Med., w. Esther, had, i. Hannah, Jan. 30, 1773 ; 
n. Judith, Apl. 20, '74. 

84. 114. Joshua, jun., of Med., w., Hannah Cutler, had, i. Joseph, Apl. 26, '68, 
d. Oct. 26, 1822, m. Chloe Puffer ; ii. PriscUla,- June 14, '74, d. Aug. 12, '74 ; 
129. 116. III. David, also Sep. 20, '75, m. Miriam Partridge, 1804. 

87i. 117. Samuel, of Med. and Paxton, w. Elizabeth, had, i. Nabby, Nov. 14, '82 ; 
n. Silence, Oct. 9, '84; in. ZiUa, May 27, '86; iv. Polly, May 11, '89; 
V. Betsey, Nov. 11, '91 ; vi. David, Mar. 31, '95. 

86. 120. Samuel, of Med., w., Mahitable Allen, had, i. Elizabeth, Apl. 8, 1776 ; 

II. Matilda, May 9, '78 ; in. Rhoda, Dec 20, '80 ; iv. Vesta, Sep. 22, 
'82 : V. Miriam, Aug. 23, '85, m. David Partridge, 1804 ; vi. Mahitable, 
Dec. 20, '88 ; vn. Clarissa, May 13, '91. 


88. 121. Elijah, of W. Med., w., Kezia W. Curtis, d. Jan. 16, '95 ; 2d w., Catherine 

Clark, had, i. Eachaol, Dec. 7, '85, m. Daniel Leland, jun., of Sherhorn ; 
II. Leah, Jan. 7, '88, d. yg. ; iii. Timothy, Mar. 14, '89 ; iv. Clark, May 
16, '99, by 2d w.; v. Cata, Feb. 6, 1801 ; vi. Elijah, Jan. 29, '05. 

89. 125. Timothy, of Med., w., Lois Ware, m. '87, had, i. David, Feb. 16, 1788. 

126. Joseph, of Med., w. Chloe, had, i. Chloe, Mar. 18, '95 ; ii. Betsey, 1802. 

127. Bernard, of do.*, w. Mary, had, i. Betsey, Oct. 31, 1802; 
n. Mary Ann, Feb. 15, '04. 

116. 129. David, m. Miriam •partridge, 1804, r. Brimfield, had Allen, Jan. 16, 
1806, 'm. Pegga Daniels, 1828, r. Sharon, and had, i. Frances M., Dec. 31, 
1829, m. Augustus A. Sampson, 1847, of Sharon, had i. Ezra, '47, d. '48 ; 
II. Harriot A., Sep. 2, '31, b. in Milford; in. David A., Apl. 3, '33 ; 
IV. Warren Y., Feb. 3, '39, at Harwington, Ct. ; v. Wm. S., Apl. 30, 
'41 ; VI. Geo. V., Nov. 9, '42. 

19. 130. Jona. Partridge, m. Elizabeth Learned, Nov. 13, 1717 ; 2d, Anna Phipps, 
Jan., 1739, sold his place 1 m. N. of Med. Yil., 1742, to his brother James, 
and rm. first to Sherhorn. He was a Baptist, and had resided in Bos. ; had, 
I. Mathew, Mar. 16, 1718, at Med. ; ii. Elizabeth, Aug. 17, '20 ; 
HI. Huldah, Jly. 18, '22 ; 
140. 132. rv. Jona., Jly. — , '24, m. Abigail Lovet, fr. Med., 1748 ; v. Mary, 
Jly. 19, '26^ m. Abner Ellice, '47 ; vi. Ede, Dec. 4, '27, m. Nathan 
Bullard, '50 ; vii. Hannah, Feb. 12, '29 ; vni. Jasper, Apl. 15, '32 
IX. Learned, Feb. 7, '34-5 ; x. Silas, Jly. 22, '37, s. at Peru, m. Abigail 

and had, Melatiah, Aug. 23, '65 ; xi. Thadeus, Nov. 28, '39, m 

Thankful, 8. at Barre, had, i. John^ Dec. 30, '67; ii. JSleazer, rs. B. 

148. 137. xn. Keuben, Nov. 21, 1741, m. Mary , r. where Alpheus Clark rs. 

xin. Jabez, also Nov. 21, 1741; xiv. Ehoda,Feb. 11, '43-4, at Sherhorn 
XV. John, Oct 28, '46, at do., m. Phebe , and s. in Barre, had 

I. Silas, June 5, '74 ; n. Rhoda, Jly. 10, '76 ; m. Chloe, Sep. 20 

'79 ; IV. John, Mar. 27, '82. 

132. 140. Jona. Partridge, w., Abigail Lovet, m. Oct. 12, 1748, had at S., 

I. Jabez, Dec. 11, 1748, m. Anna Twitchell, b. May 24, '51, m. May 19, 
'72, and rm. to Gardner, had at S. 

I. Adam, Jan. 2, '73 ; ii. Deborah, Apl. 25, '75 ; 

in. Adam, Mar. 11, '78 ; iv. Hannah, Dec. 7, '80 ; v. Anna, Nov. 

4, '83 ; VI. Cynthia ; vii. Miriam ; 

VIII. Henry, m. Anna Holbrook, of S., r. Medfield, has 

I. Anna Maria, m. James Bigelow (d.), has i. Anna M. ; 

II. Wm. H. ; III. Henry (d.) ; iv. James F. ; v. Caroline S. ; 
VI. Jas. R, 

II. Henry, jun;, m. Electa Leland, r. M. ; iii. Caroline, m. 
B.ev. Daniel W. Stevens, of Mansfield ; 

II. Lovet, Sep. 13, '50, at S. ; 

in. Stephen, Aug. 2, '52, at S. ; * 

IV. Jona., Feb. 21, 1757, by 2nd w., Keziah, at Barre ; 

V. Jacob, Dec. 12, '59, at B. ; vi. Keziah, Apl. 29, '61 ; 
vn. Lydia, Jly. 14, '64. 


137. 148. Reuben Partridge, m. Mary Perry, s. on the place Tvbere Alpbeus Clark> 
Esq., rs., wbicb be sold to Dea. Wm. C, and rm. to Gardner. He had, 

I. Mary, May 15, 1767, at S., m. Samuel Hill, May 15, '91 ; n. Amo^ 
Nov. 25, '68; in. Anne, May 23, 70; iv. Deborab, Apl. 25, 73; 
V. Elizabetb, May 8, 74 ; vi. Moses, Mar. 8, 76 ; vn. Jobn, Dec. 7, 77 ; 
VIII. Natbaniel, Nov. 5, '81 ; ix. Wm., May 14, '83 ; x. Wm. Mar. 16,*88. 

47. 154. Preservet Partridge, or "Patridge," b. 1700, s. of Benoni P., of Med., 
by w. Mebetabel Wbeelock, and grd. s. of Jobn P., of Medfield, by w. 
Elizabetb Bocket, and gr. grd. s. of Wm. P., wbo bad land assigned bimat 
Medfield, 1650, m. Eatberine Armstrong, 1737, and bad, i. Natban, Ang. 
3, 1738, at Med. ; ii. Batbsbeba, Aug. 19, '-lO, at Holl. ; in. Jesse, Aug. 
29, '42, at H. ; iv. Katberine, Aug. 26, '44 ; v. David, Jan. 26, '46-7. 

38. 158. Josepb Partridge, b. 1706, s. of Eleazer P., of Medfd., by w. Elizabetb 

, and grd. s. of Jobn P., of M., by w. Magdalene , who bad land 

assigned bim at Medfd., 1650, m. Unice Morse, 1732 (p. 22 of Memorial), 
and 2d, Mary Sbeffield, '46-7. Ho bad in H., i. Pbebe, Jly. 2, '41; 

II. Urania, Oct. 7, '50, and pr. rm. to Bell. 

54. 159. Eli Partridge, ? by w. Bacbel, bad in H., i. SbeflBeld, Nov. 2, 1752. 

Wid. Hannab P. d. at H., Jly. 19, 1754; 
Mr. P. m. Abigail Leland, June 2, '63, at H. 

Samuel PaySOn, fr. Walpole to H. ab. 1817, m. Addela Pond, fr. Fran^., 
and bad, i. Edwiu, Aug. 31, 1819, m. Susan Sole, fr. Portland, Me.; 
n. Warren L., Jly. 15, '22, m. Adelia M. Pond, rs. a bousewrigbt in H. 


1. John Ferry, from Medfield, bad a borne lot assigned bim, 1679, upon the 
Plain in S. wbere tbe lato Lemuel Leland resided, was rated for tbe Indian 
titl6 1686 ; was selectman 1692-93, and d. prior to 1715. He m. Betbiah 
Morse, May 23, 1665, wbo- was b. 24 (1), 1648, dg. of Daniel M. of S., 
and d. 1717. He bad i. Jobn, Sept. or Dec. 24, 1667, m. Sarah Hill, July 
28, 1691, bad Hanb. Oct. 27, '94. 
9. 3. II. Samuel, Aug. 25, 1674, m. Joanna Lovet, April 26, 1698. 

12. 4. III. Josepb, Aug. 25, 1674, m. Martba Lovet also, April 26, '98 ; rv. Na- 
tbaniel, May 18, 1671, at Medfield, d. Jan. 28, 1681. 

16. 6. V. A Natbaniel d. Sep. 7, '56, m. Abigail , d. Mar. 15, 1728-29 ; 

VI. Betbiab, b. 1685, wbo m. Aaron Morse; vii. Eleazer, June 1, 1680, 
m. Mary Holbrook, June 19, 1705, and bad 

161. 8. I. Eleazer, June 2, 1706. 

3. 9. Samuel, w. Joanna Lovet, r. Sb. ; i. Hannab, Mar. 17, 1698—9 ; ii. Jobn, 
June 16, 1703 ; in. Sarab, Feb. 10, 1705-6. 
90. 11. IV. Samuel, Oct. 2, '08, d. Oct. 10, '55, m. Euth Leland April 9, '35, 
rm. Natick. 

4. 12. Josepb, w. Martba Lovet, r. pr. N. of Brusb Hill in Sb. 
20. 13. I. Josepb, Esq., Dec. 1, 1699, d. May 7, 1789, m. Abigail Holbrook, r. 

N. of Brusb Hill, wbere Noyes Mann rs. 
147. 14. n. James, May 15, 1703, m. Elizabetb Deatb, Feb. 8, '27-28, s. near 

tbe upper Depot in Hoi. 

PERRY. 191 

25. 15. in. David, Apl. 22, '06, d. Sep. 27, a. 87, s. N. of Brush Hill, where 
late Uriel Cutler r. 

6. 16. Nathaniel, w. Ahigail Mason, d. Mar. 15, '28-9, r. Sh. ; i. Abigail, May 5, 
1715, m. John Whitney, of Frara., Feb. 8, '38-9. 

29. 17. II. Nathaniel, Jan. 2. '16-17, d. Jan. 24, '54. 

34. 18. III. Moses, Jly. 28, '19, (a Moses d. Jly. 26, 1826, a. 85,) d. Mar. 18, 
1809, a. 90, m. Deborah Ivery, of Fram., Feb. 17, '42-3 ; iv. Hezekiah, 
Feb. 28, '20-1 ; v. Mary, Aug. 16, '24. d. Jly. 29, '27; vi. Deliverance, 
Oct. 12, '26, m. Samuel Whiting, Juno 14, '50; vii. Mary, Feb. 21, '28-9, 
d. Mar. 31, '29. 

13. 20. Joseph, Capt. and Esq., w. Abigail Holbrook, m. Oct. 16. 1722, r. Sh. 
He was representative 1741, and an excellent proprietor's clerk, and 16 
years selectman ; i. Daniel, Nov. 24, 1724, m. Mary, had Sarah, Nov. 23, 
'48, and Joseph, Mar. 12, '49-50 ; ii. Martha, May 2, '28, m. John Death, 
Nov. 22, '50 ; in. Joseph, Aug. 15, '31, Eev. A. M., Harv. Col., 1752 ; 
IV. Abigail, Jan 16, '33-4 ; v. Simeon, Aug. 5, '36. 

48. 24. Amos, Feb. 19, '40-41, sold to John Sanger hyi father's homestead, N. of 
Brush Hill. 

15. 25. David, w. Mary, *' wf. of D. d. Jan. 29, '91, a. 79," r. Sh. 

I. Hannah, Aug. 19, 1735 ; ii. Mary, Sept. 24, '37 ; in. Desire, Dec. 26, 
'39, m. John Clayes, of Fram., 1762 ; iv. Anne, Oct. 19, '42 ; 
V. Martha, Jly. 3, '45, d, um. ; vi. Kate, Nov. 2, '47 ; vii. David, Apl. 22, 
'52, m. Sarah Fisher, of Fram., Aug. 19, '73; viii. pr. Abigail, m. 
Thos. Kussel, jun., on the same day; iz. Simeon, Jan. 9, '57 ; 

78. 28. X. Tyler. 

17. 29. Nathaniel, w. Elizabeth Soutre, or Soughton, a French lady, fr. Water T., 

who m. 2d, John Morse, of Med. and Medf., and had Elizth., John, Hanh. 
55. 30. I. Moses, May 19, 1741, d. Jly. 26, 1826, a. 85, m. 1st Abigail Perry; 

2d, Catherine Haven. 
60. 31. II. Edward West, Mar. 8, '43, d. June 5, '10, a. 66, m. Esther Learned, r. 

Brush Hill, and afterwards where Elisha Barbour rs. ; iii. Daniel, Apl. 4, 

'46, d. Feb. 6, '54 ; iv. Hezekiah, Dec. 15, '50, d. Feb. 1, '54. 

18. 34. Moses, (called Shock), w. Deborah Ivery, d. June 12, '66; 2d, Susanna 

Child, from Newton, d. Nov. 11, 1806, a. 73, r. Plain S. ; i. Ivory, Nov. 10, 
1743, m.» Keziah Broad, Sep. 3, '67, of Natick, rm. Dublin ; ii. Mary, 
Apl. 2, '45, m. Eeuben j?artridge, r. Sh. and Gardner, sold to Dea. Wm. 
Clark his place on Edward's plain; iii. Abigail, Jan. 31, '46, m. Moses 
Perry, of Brush HUl ; iv. Deborah, Dec. 2, '48, d. Oct. 27. '54 ; v. Moses, 
Dec. 15, '50, d. Oct. 30, '54 ; vi. Elizabeth, Oct. 15, '52, m. Cleve- 
land when advanced, d., no chd. ; vii. Phebe, Oct. 15, '52, d. Jly. 15, '54. 

63. 37. VIII. Moses 3d, a cooper, Nov. 25, '55, d. Mar. 2, 1819, m. Mary Sanger, 
d. Dec. 17, 1818, r. Sh., where Davis r., near Peter's Hill, also where Dea. 
Fisk IS. and sold to Chamberlain, a tanner; ix. Nathaniel, Sept. 16. '57. rm. 
S. C, to a place called 96, m. had a family ; x. Deborah, June 15, '59, m. 
Dea. Jos. Dowse, Sept. 4, '83 ; xi. Benj., Sept. 15, '61, rm. S. C, and 
never returned ; xii. Anna, Aug. 23, '62, by 2d w., and d. um. 

67. 40. XIII. West, Apl. 1, '70. m. Mary Stone, Dec. 23, '94, rm. N. Y. 

66. 41. XIV. Calvin, Apl. 1, '74, m. Sally Learned ; xv. Eli, Oct. 28, '76, d. Jan. 

192 . PERRY. 

23, *' 76"; an Eli d. Sep. 29, '80; xvi. Susanna, Jan. 13, 79, 
Michael Clark, Jan. 1, 1809, had Jos., Mary A. 

43. Ephraim, Ist w. Hannah Holbrook, b. Sept. 11, '20, m. 1742, d. June 27 
'44; 2d w. Mary Babcock; i. Ebenezer, Mar. 27, 1746; ii. Jesse, Oct-^ 
22, '47 ; III. John. Oct. 30, '49; iv. Jona., Dec. 7, '51. 

24. 48. Amos, Capt., w. Patience, r. Sh. ; i. Luther, Deo. 23, 1764, d. ; ii. Josiah, 
Apl. 15, '66, m. Anna Sanger, May 30, '90, and died without issue. 

73, 51. III. Daniel, Jan. 22, '68; iv. Julia, Jly. 27, '70; v. Richard, June 29, 
'71 ; VI. Lemuel, Aug. 17, '73 ; vii. Washington, Oct. 22, '75 ; 

VIII. Desire, Aug. 24, '78, d. um. 

80. 55. Moses, Lt., w. Abigail Perry, d. May 2, 1790; 2d, Catherine Haven, d. June 
. 5, 1852, a. 80, r. Brush Hill; i. Abigail, Feb. 20, 1768, m. Oliver Leland, 

Jan. 10, '88, r. Holl. ; ii. Hezekiab, Aug. 18, '69, d. um., May 5, 1807, at 

S., r. in Boston. 
86. 57. III. John, Mar. 7, '71, m. Dec. 25, '94, Catherine Fast, of Bos.,dg. of 

Peter and Mary or Catherine F., fr. Germany. He d. a. 80, and she d. a. 

81 ; IV. Persis, Mar. 9, 73, d. um., ag. ab. 20; v. Geo., Feb. 8, '75, d. 

Feb. 22, 1823, r. Boston, m. ^How; 2d Mary Baxter, had 1 Chs. T., 

of Hoboken, N. Y. ; vi. Charles, Mar. 11, '77, d. pr. yg. ; vii. Eunice, 

Mar. 6, '79, m. Doct. Fitch, r. Greenfield, N. H. ; viii. Elizabeth, Mar. 

28, '81, m. Josiah Jaquill, and d. in Brunswick, Me., and left no issue; 

IX. Deborah, Jly. 23, '83, m. Benj. Whittemore, of Greenfield, N. H., 
Aug. 28, 1809; x. Phebe, May 25, '85, m. Gilbert Hall, N. H., r. Bod- 
nington ; xi. Catiherine Haven, June 2, 1809, by 2d w., rs. in Sh. 

31. 60. Edward West, w. Esther Learned, m. Sept. 4, '71, d. Mar. 12, '13, a. 61; 
I. Daniel, Jan. 5, 1772, m. Rebecca Prentice, Apl. 9, '95, r. Brookline ; 
ij. Amy, Jan. 10, '74, m. Peter Twitchell, r. Bethel, Me. ; ii. Sarah, Jan. 
26, '76, d. um. Feb. 28, 1801 ; iii. Hannah, Oct. 3, '78, d. um.. Mar. 27, 
'09, a. 30 ; iv. Esther, Nov. 5. '82, m. Elisha Barber, Feb. 15, 1808, rS.; 
V. Amos, Apl. 20, '89, m. Bebecca Sawin, had Harriet, 1820, who rs. 

37. 63. Moses "3d," w. Maiy Sanger, m. Nov. 21, '82, and, with his Br. Nathl., 
bought the original Fairbank s lot (late Dea. Fairbank's) S. E. of Peter's 
Hill ; I. Nathaniel, Feb. 5, 1787, m. Sally Tucker, 1808, and d. at Bos., 
leaving $40,000 for charitable uses; ii.Nabby, Dec. 1, '90, m. Dea. Calvin 
Leland, May 2, 1811, r. Natick; in. Polly, Juno 2,, '94, d. yg.; iv. 
Joseph, bp. Oct. 23, '96, d. yg. 

41. 66. Calvin, m. Sally Learned, Oct. 1, '95, r., a blacksmith, Oxford; i. Sylvia. 
Sep. 14, 1796. 

40. 67. West, w. Mary Stone, m. Dec. 24, '94, r. N. Y. ; i. Emma, Mar. 2, 
1795; II. Benj., June 19, '96, d. Nov. 11, '02; in. Eli, Nov. 30, '97; 
70. IV. Amos S., Dec. I, 1801; v. Benj. W.,Mar. 21, '03; vi. Calvin, Dec. 
29, '04. 

51. 73. Daniel, w. Becca Prentice, r. Brookline ; i. Dexter, Jan. 13, 1797, r- 
Dexter; ii. Edward, -June 1, '99; iii. Wm., r. um. at Brookline; vf* 
Sarah, um. ; v. Daniel, June 2, 1809, m. Mary Earle, r. N. Providence; 

PERRY. 193 

VI. Hanb., m. Saml. Lincoln ; vii. Eebecca, d. yg. ; viii. Charles, Feb. 10, 
1812, m. Mary Jamerson, dg. ofWm. J., of Holl., had 
I. Chs. Wm,f Dec. 6, 1838, and r. Cohasset. 

28. 78. Tyler, w. Sally, r. N. W. side of Brash Hill, and removed to Orange ; 

79. I. David, Sept. 3, 1786 ; ii. Sally, Feb. 22, '89 ; i;i. Nancy, Feb. 15, 
'91; IV. Polly, Aug. 30, '93; v. Clarissa, Dec. 18, '95; vi. Lucy, bp. 
May 25, 1800 ; vii. Clarissa, bp. Jly. 4, '02. 

80. John, w. Silence ; i. John, Sep. 3, 1759, at S. ; ii. Joseph, Mar. 27, '64, 
at Natick ; in. Simeon, Oct. 25, '66 ; iv. Joshua, Apl., '72, d. May 8, '72. 

57 86. John, w. Catherine Fast, m. Dee. 25, '94, b. Jly. 16, 1770, r. Bos., now 
in 1855 rs. S. ; i, John Morse, Oct. 16, '95, d. Sept. 14, 1837, um., at S. ; 
II. Catherine, Feb. 3, '98, m. Samuel Wheeler, Sept. 21, '24, r. Boston; 
ni. Eleanor Brown, Jly. 11, 1800, m. Isaac Thayer, June, '41 ; rv. Chs. 
Mason, Sept. 17, '02, was a dwarf, d. Jly. 16, '33 ; v. Harriot, Feb. 18, 
'05, d. May 10, '42, m. Elisha Copeland; vi. Almira Hall, Feb. 10, '08, 
d. Mar. 11, '36, subject to fits; vii. Wm. Henry, Feb. 19, '11, m. Elizth. 
Wight, and 2d, Susan Gore Wight, r. Brush Hill, S. 

11. 90. Samuel, m. Euth Leland, Apl. 9, 1735, r. Natick. 

96. '91. I. Abel, d. Apl. 13, 1808, m. Rufch Morse, drew by law a double portion 

of his father's estate. K^'ii^ 

99. 92. II. Samuel, m. Elizabeth Bow, 1766 ; iii. Asa, m. Lydia Leland, of H., 
1769, r. Fitchburg; iv. Ichabod, Jan. 7, 1756, m. in do., r. Fitchburg; 
V. Eleazer, Feb. 17, '50, m. Esther Morse, '73, dg. of Pelatiah M., r. and d. 
Medf. ; VI. Miriam, Apl. 25, '48, m, John Daniels, of Roll.*; vii. Mary, 

Feb. 17, '53, m. Hastings, r. Cambridge, N. H. (?) ; viii. Euth, 

m. John Smith, r. Dublin, N. H. ; ix. Sarah, m. Elijah Bacon, s. Natick. 

91. 96. Abel,\n. Keziah Morse, 1757, d. Oct. 9, '94, r. N. 

105. 97. I. Abel, June 12, '57, m. Asenath Haven, '82 ; ii. Keziah, Nov. 30, 

'58 ; III. Sarah, Oct. 25, '60 ; iv. Ruth, Apl. 9, '63, m. Phineas Rice, '84, 

of Framingham. 
115. 98. V. Samuel, 2d, Aug. 8, '67, m. Hanh. Parks, '89. 

92. 99. Samuel, 1st, w. Elizabeth Row, m. 1766, d. Sept. 26, '11, a. 67, r. N. ; 

I. Elizabeth, Apl. 10, '67, m. Hezekiah Morse, r. Eaton, N. Y. 
no. 100. II. Samuel, 3d, June 20, '69, m. Olive Rice. 
123. 101. III. Elijah, Jly. 7, '71, m. Mary Jones, r. N. ; iv. Dolly, Mar. 21, '74, 

m. Elijah Drury, r. N. 
130. 102. V. Wm., Aug. 22, '77, m. Hanh. Leland, dg. of AdamL.,and grd. dg.of 

Caleb by w. Judith Morse ; vi. Mary, Jly. 30, '80, m. .Tho. Holland, Esq., r. 

Eaton, N. Y. ; vii. Sarah, Feb. 7, '83, m. Moses Babcock ; vin. John W., 

m. Sally Rice, r. N., had 

I. John TT., r. Medf. ; ii. Andrew J"., (d). 

95. 104. Eleazer, w. Esther Morse, dg. of Pelatiah, m. June 24, '73, r. N. and 
Medf. ; i. Ruby, Mar. 10, '74, d. May 5, '76, at N. ; ii. Hannah, Apl. 20, 
'76 ; III. Ruby, Mar. 28, '79 ; iv. Rebecca, Apl. 28, '82, d. Aug. 7, '85 ; 
V. EHzabeth, Dec. 22, '84, at N. 

97. 105. Abel, jun., m. Asenath Haven, Jan. 20, '82 ; 2d, Mary Jackson, of 

Newton, '97, r. N.; i. Wm., Oct. 28, '82, m. Hannah Leland, 1802; 


194 PERRY. 

143.? 107. n. Abel, Mar. 5, '85; m. David, Sept 6, '87, (d.), m. Betsey Moise, 
1808, r. N. ; it. Hannab, Aug. 15, '91, m. Elias How; v. Asa, June 7, 
'94, d. Sept 20, '97 ; ti. Asenatb. Sept. 24, '98, m. Perly How, r. N. Y. 

100. 110. Samuel, m. Olive Rice, Oct., 1789, r. X.; i. Otis, Dec 16, '91, d. 

1806 ; II. Nabby, Nov. 27, *92, m. Isaac Greenwood, r. S. Natick ; 
III. Lowell, Oct. 3, '94, m. Harriet Perry, r. N. Natick ; rv. Stepben, Aug. 
11, '96, m. Catberine W. Sevens, r. Newton ; v. Kozia, b. 1798, m. Mason 
Brown, r. Dover ; vi. Jona., Aug. 7, 1800, m. Margaret Nicbless (?), r. 
Dover, bas i. Margi.^ m. Jededidi S. Mann, r. S. ; n. Ann; in. Gwr^t, 
VII. Eliza, Nov. 11, '01, m.' Otis S. Travis, r. N. Natick; vni. Lucy, 
Nov., '03, m. Alvan Knowlton; ix. Samuel, b. '05, m. Nancy B. Foster; 
X. Fanny, b. '09, m. Albert G. Whipple. 

98. 115. Samuel, jun., '99, w. Hannab Parks, m. '93, r. Nat. and rm. Brookfield; 

I. Lyman, Aug. 30, '94, d. Nov. 19, 1803 ; ii. Jobn, Jan. 25, '96, d. um. 
in Pa. ; in. Dexter, Feb. 5, '98, rm. Penn., d. um. ; iv. Samuel, Jly. 3, 

'99, m. Fay, bis cousin ; 2d, Martba Stone ; v. Sally, Apl. 30, '01, m. 

Richardson, r. Ware ; vi. Elizabeth, bp. May 22, '03 ; vn. Chs., Apl. 

25, '05, d. June 20, '05 ; tiii. Lyman, Apl. 27, '07, m. Lucy Parks, his 
cous., r. Bos. ; ix. Hannah, bp. May 7, '09, m. Asa Drury, her cousin, r. 
N. ; X. Elbridge, bp. Oct. 19, '11, r. um. at Brookfield ; xi. EmDy, bp. 
Jly. 11, '13, m. Harvey Drury, her cousin. 

101. 123. Elijah, w. Mary Jones, r. N. ; i. Leonard, Jan. 3, '96, d. Apl. 26, *96; 

II. Elijah, Feb. 13, '97, d. Apl. 25, '99; m. Leonard, Mar. 29, '99, m. 

Allin, rm. to Penn ; iv. Mary, Mar. 21, '01, m. Richards, r. N.; 

V. Caroline, Nov. 1, '03, m. John Miller, r. Holl. ; vi. Rebecca, Sept. 24, 

'05, m. Hartwell, r. N. ; vn. Elijah, Nov. 14, '07, m. Mary Battle, 

r. Dover ; viii. Calvin, m. Slack, r. N. ; ix. Amos, A. M., Har. Col, 

m. Phillips, r. Providence, a teacher ; x. Jones, m. Mary Bacon, r.N. 

102. 130. Wm., w. Hannah Leland, m. 1802, had baptized at S. ; i. Londall, Oct 

16, 1803; II. Prudence Leland, Nov. 17, '05; iii. Wm. iSitridge, June 

26, '08 ; IV. Charles, June 24, '10 ; v. Eveline, Oct. 27, '11 ; vi. Han- 
nah, June 3, '14 ; vn. Susan ; viii. George ; ix. Emory. 

135. Wm. Perry, Jan., ? w. Keziah Drury, m. 1801, r. Natick ; i. Harriet, May 
10, 1802 ; II. Mary, June 7, '04 ; m. Edwin, Oct. 11, '06 ; iv. Asa 
Drury, Nov. 12, '08; v. Abel, m. Miranda Adams, r. Holl.; vi. Albert; 
VII. Otis; VIII. Isaac; ix. Calvin; x. Keziah. 

107. ? 143. Abel Perry, 3d, " br. of Samuel," m. Mitta Morse, 1806, r. N. had 
I. Asa Ellis, Sep. 9, 1806. 

21. 145. Daniel Perry, w. Mary, d. Sept. 17, 1756 ; 2d w. Thankful Morse, w- 
1758, at Medf., r. N., had i. Sarah, Nov. 23, 1748 ; n. Joseph, Mar. 12, 
'49-50 ; ni. Abigail, Sept. 22, 1751 ; iv. Mary, Sept. 1, '56, d. Dec 27, 

14. 147. James, m. Elizabeth Death, and s. a short distance fr. upper Depot, in 

Hoi., and had 
151. 148. I. Abner, CoL, Jan. 17, 1728-9; ii. Elizabeth, Oct. 25, '31. 
157. 149. in. James, Aug. 12, '34 ; iv. Martha, Sept. 18, '36 ; v. Ruth, Oct. 
*15, '39; VI. Barak, Aug. 11, '43 m. Submit Sprague, Feb. 10, '68. 

PHI PS. 195 

148. 151. Abner, Col., served as commander of a regiment in an expedition to 

K. I., 1780 ; and was long a leading citizen of H., and her representative in 
G. C. ; m. Mary Adams, Jan. 23, 1752, and had, in H., i. Nathan, Oct. 
31, '52, m. Lydia Parker, 73, and bad at Hopk., 

I. Nathan, Feb. 28, '80; ii. Lydia, '82 ; in. Fanny, '84; iv. John, 

Feb. 24, '86 ; v. Timothy, Sept. 14, '88. 
II. Kuth,^Apl. 15, '54; iii. Abner, Jly. 17, '55, m. Anne Phipps; 
IV. Moses, May 28, '58, m. Hannah Adams, '78 ; v. Eli, June 10, '62 ; 
VI. Adams, who m. Anna Wait, Aug. 28, '90, inherited the homestead, had 

I. Barak, Aug. 21, 1793 ; ii. Abner, Jly. 24, '95 ; iii. Polly; Jly. 

15, '97 ; IV. Emery, Jly. 25. '99, and others. 

149. 157. James, m. Sarah Littlefield, Feb. 24, 1757, and r. J m. S. of the Upper 

Depot in H., sold to John Harding, and rm. to Charlton ; had at H. 

I. James, Dec. 22, 1757; ii. Eleazer, Feb. 2, '60; in. Elizabeth, Dec. 

10, '61 ; IV. Elihu, Jly. 23, '64 ; and v. Alpheus, rs. C. 

8. 161. Eleazer, jun., m. Mary Johnson, June 14, 1732, s. in H., and had 

I. Eleazer, Apl. 12, 1733 ; ii. Asa, Aug. 13, 1735 ; iii. Lois, Sept. 9, '37 ; 
IV. Reuben, Oct. 26, '39 ; v. Ezra, Mar. 4, '41-2. 

166. Ephraim Perry, ?w. Sarah Wood, m. Jly. 11, 1771, r. N., had i. Geo., 
Feb. 22, 72 ; n. Mehetabel, Aug. 22, '73 ; iir. David, Jan. 13, '76 ; 
IV. Sarah, Dec. 24, '83. 

169. Ebenczer Perry, ? w. Mary, r. N., had i. Chs., May 21, 1808. 

171. Obadiah Perry,? w. Katherine, r. N., had i. Obadiah, June 19, 1747. 

I ■>• I 

1. Solomon FhipS, of Charlestown, took the freeman's oath. May 18, 
1642, and had by w. Elizabeth, a dg. Elizabeth, born 1643. He d. Jly. 25, 
1671, aged 52 : 

2. Solomon Phips, jun., of C, who m. Mary Danforth, b. Jly. 20, 1650, 
dg. of Dep. Gov. Tho. D. Ho took the freeman's oath. May 11, 1671 ; and 
d. suddenly, saying he was bewitched. This, the Baptists regarded as a 
judgment upon him for the sin of having purchased land taken from one of 
their communion, and sold for the payment of a fine. 

3. Samuel Phipps, who kept the Grammar School at Charlestown, in 1678. 

4. Thomas Phips, who m. Eleanor Cutt, at Portsmouth, N. H., 1699. 

'^5. James Phips, from Bristol, Eng., settled as a shipwright, at Pemaquid, 

near the mouth of Kennebec R., Me., prior to 1650. He had 26 children, 

5 dgs. and 21 sons, one of whom was Sir Wm. P., Gov., b. Feb. 2, 1650 ; m. 

Mary Spencer, dg. of Capt. Kx)ger S., and the widow of John Hull, mercht., of Bos. 

who m. for her 3d. hus. Peter Sargent, Esq., Oct. 9, 1701. She had no children 

by Gov. Phips. Spencer Bonnet, son of her sis. Margaret, took the name of Phips, 

and was adopted by her, and became Lt. Gov. of Mass. ; while the Gov. adopted 

"J"ohn Phips, the son of his brother John, and promised him the largest share of his 

estate. In his 2d. will, (see Suff. Prob.) dated Dec. 13, 1693, designed to quell 

domestic discord at a time when he must have been the least able to endure it, 

he gave all of his estate, real and personal, to his wife, Mary, to dispose of as she 

should see fit ; and if she should die without a will, then all should descend to the 

adopted son, Spencer Phips alias Bennct, and the heirs of his body. But if said 

Spencer P. should die without issue, then whatever of his estate might be left, should 

196 PHI PS. 

be equally sbared ; one-balf by his sisters, Mary and Margaret, and the heirs of bt 
sis. Ann, or their heirs ; and the other half by the heirs of his Tvife Mary ; reservin 
out of the whole estate £100 N. Eng. currency, which his relations and the relation 
of his wife should cause to be paid to John Phips, son to his brother, John P., de — 
ceased, or to his heirs, adding, *' if this clause be not repealed by my wife afore- 
said,''^* Dame Mary Phips was appointed executrix, and a letter of admin, was 
granted, June 13, 1695. Sir Wm. deceased at London, Feb. 18, 1694-5. 

** At the B. end of the Church of St. Mary Woolnoth, near the N. E. angle, is a 
pretty white marble monument, adorned with an urn between two cupids, the figure 
of a ship, and also a boat at sea, with persons in the water ; these beheld by a winged 
eye, all done in basso relievo ; also seven medals, as that of K. Wm. and Q. Mary ; 
some with Spanish impressions, as the castle, cross-potent, &c. ; and likewise the 
figures of a sea-quadrant, cross-staff, &c., and this incription : 

Near this place is interred the body of Sir Wm. Phipps, Knight ; who in the year 
1687, by his great industry, discovered among the rocks, near the banks of Bahama, 
on the N. side of Hispaniola, a Spanish plate ship, which had been under water 44 
years, out of which ho. took, in gold and silver, to the value of £300,000 sterling ; 
and with a fidelity equal to his conduct, brought it all to London, where it was di- 
vided between himself and the rest of the adventurers : For which great service be 
was knighted, by his then Majesty, King James the 2d ; and afterward, by the 
command of his present Majesty, and at the request of the principal inhabitants of 
New England, he accepted of the government of the Massachusetts, in which he con- 
tinued to the time of his death ; and discharged his trust with that zeal for the inter- 
est of his country, and with so little regard to his own private advantage, that he 
justly gained the good esteem and affections of the greatest and best part of the 
inhabitants of that Colony, fiere are also his arms depicted : i. e. sable, a trefoil 
slipt, within an orl of eight Mullets Argentv" This was erected by Lady Phipps, 
and it is worthy of remark, that the place of his birth and age at death, are omitted. 
The insertion of these might have affected her future prospects. [Gen'l Regr.] 
-^6. John Phips who settled at Wrentham, before 1700, was the nephew of Sir 
Wm. Phipps and his adopted son. A tradition, deemed in this instance per- 
fectly reliable, declares that Gov. Phipps, Dec. 18, 1693, before embarking for 
Eng., made his will, giving his son, as he had previously promised, a large share 
of his vast estate, to which Lady Phipps made such violent opposition as to in- 
duce the ex-Gov. to destroy this will and make one to her mind ; he promis- 
ing privately to make another like the first as soon as he should reach Eng. 
On his arrival, he was much harassed, and died without fulfilling his prom- 
ise. Lady P. in administering on his estate, offered John a pittance of what 
had been promised. This he spurned — purchased a farm at Wrentham, [pr. 
N. part] where he seems to have had 

I. Elizabeth, who m.. May 20, 1719, Nathaniel Hill, of Medway ; 

II. Sarah, who m., 1728-33, as a 2d wife, Samuel Daniel, of Med. ; 

III. Margaret, who m., Dec. 1 9, 1727, Dea. Nathaniel Rockwood, of Wrentham ; 

IV. Anna, who m., Jan., 1739-40, as a 2d wife, Jona. Partridge, of Med. 
^8. 7. V. John, b., 1696, d. Oct. 16, 1746, m. Hannah Bullen. 

7. 8. John Phips, jun., in 1720, removed to Sherborn, and settled on a farm in- 
herited by his wife from her fi^ther, half a mile S. W. of the Common, on the 

* This woman, who had not scrupled in the absence of her husband to act as Gov., did repeal 
the last clause, and the whole of Sir "Wm's. estate went to Spencer P. ; though John P. had been 
with his uncle in that adventurous voyage by which it had been acquired. But the above will 
was not intended for execution. [See next article/] For the further history of Sir Wm. P., see 
Cotton Mather's Maenalia ; Robert Califs Moro Wonders, &Cm and Drake's His. of Bos. 

PHIPS. 197 

road to Holliston, and lived at the foot of tbe hill Yfhere David Sanger re- 
sides. To him was comroitted the sacred trust of taking care of the sanc- 
tuary. He was chosen assessor 1735, tithingman 1734-5, '45-6, surveyor 
'36-7, selectman '36-7 and '39-40, and sealer of weights and measures 
1738-9 until his death. In 1730 he drew 18;^ acres in Douglas. He d. 
Oct. 16, 1746, in his 50th year. He m. Hannah BuUen, b. Juno 28, 1697, 
" d. Apl. 4, 1743, aged 46," dg. of Elisha B., by w. Hannah Metcalf, and 
grd. dg. of Dea. Samuel B., of Medfd., by w. Mary Morse, dg. of Samuel, and 
the sis. of Col. Morse, of Cromwell's army. Mr. P. and wife were interred 
in the Central Burying Ground, where neat headstones mark their graves. 
They had i. Wm., Aug. 28, 1718, atMedway, d. yg. 

S. II. Wm., Rev. A. M.. Apl. 17, 1720, d., agd. ab. 90 ; in. John, Feb. 18, 
^21-2, d., June 12, '22; iv. John, May 13, '23, d., aged 88, was reed, to 
full communion in the chh. of S., Oct. 2, '43, m. Martha (Fairbanks) Mason', 
dg. of Capt F.. b. Aug. 2, '24, m. Dec. 22, '13, r. Brookfield. 

JIO. V. Jedediah, Mar. 11, '24-5, d. in his 95th year; vi. Moses, June 28, 
'27, d. young. 

ai. VII. Aaron, Dea., Jan. 12, '29-30, d. with small pox, at H., Oct. 18, '92 ; 
vni. Hannah, Mar. 7, '31-2, d., aged 97 ; m. Sylvester Ply mpton, of Medfield. 

12. i^ Jason, Esq., Oct. 19, '34, d. May 8, 1817, ogcd 83 ; x. Samuel, Mar. 
1, '36-7, d. young ; xi. David, Oct. 25, '39, d. young. 

>. 13. Wm., Rev. A. M., as well as his brothers, must have been by nature a 
remarkable man. His genius for the acquisition of languages was such, that 
with the little aid of his time, he is said to have mastered no less than 12 ; a 
nicamstance thought indicative of a descent from literary ancestors. New Sherborn 
aa ft District had been called, having been erected into a town by the name of Dong- 
las; and " Dr. Wm. Douglas, a Scotchman, of Boston, and large proprietor of D., 
having settled £500, 0. T., on a free school, and £50 per annum for seven years on 
the first minister of D., besides other bounties ;" and a chh. having been gathered 
there, Mr. P. received a call, and was ordained^ Dec. 16, 1747, 4 years after his recep- 
tion to full communion in the chh. at S., 1 year and 5 months after his graduation 
^'^H. C., and "less than 7 years after he first began grammar learning." Rev. 
Samuel Porter, the godly pastor of S., preached on the occasion ; and in commen- 
dation of the pastor elect, said : '^ We of the town and chh. from whence he came do 
^less God who raised up one of our children with so blameless a character at home 
^d abroad, and who we have so much reason to hope will bo a rich blessing to you 
^d to the world in his day. And indeed, if I should boast to you somewhat of his 
parts and acquirements, considering the very short time, he has had for improve- 
ment, I should be in no fear that he would make me ashamed, having had oppor- 
tunity to see the uncommon progress he made while under instruction. You must 
*iot think it hard, brethren, if I am very free and earnest with you on his account, 
^hom I call my son for the love I bear to him and the share I have had in his edu- 
■^^ition." The death of his father had lately subjected a numerous family to orphan- 
age. Wm., as the senior child, became to them a father, and they removed, most if 
*ot i\\ of them to D., where some of them remained until about the time of bis resig- 
nation. In his life and dootrine he seems never to have disappointed the fond hopes 
-Utertained at his ordination. But he was settled too near R. I., to find an orderly, 
Ministerial people, and in too poor a town to realize an adequate salary. He was 
Carved into toil and trade for support ; and after a ministry of about 20 years less 
^rren than the engagements of the people, he retired to Oxford, now Auburn, with 
^lents so improved for business as to compensate for want of salary ; was appointed 
^ magistrate ; espoused the cause of freedom ; aetpd as moderator of county convcn-.. 

198 pHiPs. 

lions; wrote thrilling, addresses to the people, and contributed to arouse and gold 

that spirit of resistance which achieved our independence. He m. Abigail , 

who d. Jly. 31, 1820, aged 92, at Ozfd., and had 

I. Susanna, who m. Craig, r. Auburn ; n. Moses, who probably d. at 

Oxford, Feb. 9, 1813, aged 46; Sylvester Phips, now of Oxford, Moses P., 
of Webster, and Calvin P., who d. 1822, aged, 32, at Oxford, are supposed to 
have been his descendants. 

10. 30. Jedediah Phips had a rare sensibility to beauties in language, creation, 
and Providence. I visited him in 1811, then in his 94th year, when the 
faculties of his mind had a vigor that many lose at GO. He had never been 
sick in his life ; could describe the constellations as easily as the fields of bis faim, 
repeat quotations correctly from the classics, and give the names of his former 
acquaintance who had seen and conversed with Peregrine White. He dwelt much 
upon the divine goodness, past and present, and anticipated its enjoyment forever. 
Though professedly a laboring man, he had stored his mind by a habit of Spending 
his minutes of relaxation in reading ; and he had long been the oracle of his vicinity, 
and was well known in all the bordering towns. 

He first settled in Douglas, from whence he removed to Sherborn, May 5, 176S, 
with his wife and four children, and settled on the W. side of Peter's Hill, and on 
the E. side of the N. road to Fra'm. In middle life he had a good landed estate. 
He became a zealous whig of 76 ; was moderator of town meetings '78 and '79, 
selectman '73 and '80, and with Pres. Lock and Hon. Daniel Whitney, chosen on a 
standing committee of correspondence for 1774 and '75. He was a member of the 
Co. convention, held at Concord, 1779 ; and on committees to instruct the repre- 
sentative of S., in '77, and to hire soldiers ; and one of a committee of safety, 80. 
The records of the General Court at the beginning of the struggle, when the army 
was almost without ammunition, state that, '^ Whereas Mr. Jedediah Phips, of Sher- 
born, has produced to this Court several pounds of genuine saltpetre, of his own 
manufacturing, and given full evidence of his knowledge in discovering earth 
impregnated therewith, as well as of his abilities to manufacture said commodity ; 
and has also consented to enter into the employment of the government for improv- 
ing the art and business aforesaid, and engaged to communicate his useful discov- 
eries therein : Therefore resolved, that the said Jedediah Phips be taken into the 
service of this Colony, as aforesaid, until the 15th of Dec. next ; and he is hereby 
directed to repair to Newburyport as soon as may be, and use his utmost efforts with 
Doct. Whiting, Mr. Baker, and Capt. John Peck, a committee of this Court for the 
purpose aforesaid, or either of them, to make farther improvements in the art of 
manufacturing said commodity, and for every day which he shall be absent from 
home and employed agreeable to the direction of this resolve, he shall be allowed and 
paid out of the public Treasury, the sum of 6s. per day for his service, and 20s. 
per week, to defray his expenses, as already provided for said Committee." 

He m. Sarah Learned, b. 1731-2, d. Mar. 6, 1810, dp;, of Capt. Edward 
L., of S., by w. Sarah Lcland, (dg. of Ens. Henry Leland, by w. Mary 
Morse) and grd. dg. of Dea. Benoni L., by w. Sarah Fanning, and gr. grd. 
dg. of Isaac L., of Woburn, by w. Mary Stearns, and gr. gr. grd. dg. of 
Wm. L., of Ch'stown. Mr. P. and wife were received by letter from Doug, 
into the chh. in S., Oct., 1769. They had, 
48. 31. I. John, b. at Douglas, m. Hannah Cooledgo ; ii. Jedediah, b. at D., d. 
1847, a. 88, at Digby, Me., was a teacher of music and of a grammar 
school ; III. Jesse, who was drowned, m. Elizabeth King, r. S., and Fred- 
erick. N. B., had i. Wm, K, m. Hannah Coon, rs. Fram. ; ii. Jiufus, 
(d ), r. Chs'town, m. Elvira Copps ; iii. Mart/y ra. John Coon, r. Bos 

PHI PS. 199 

IV. Sarah, May 15, 1766, m. Henry Leland, of Sherb.; v. Persia, Aug. 
16, 1768, bap. Oct. 9, '68, m. Daniel Sanger, of Fram ; ti. Polly, July 8, 
1770, bap. Aug. 26, 70, m. Tbo. Newell, son of Commis. And. N., of S., 
and had i. Joseph, '90; ii. Geo.y '91 ; iii. Andrew, '93; wtSllim^ 

VII. Anna, bap. Nov. 29, '78, m. Hon. Calvin Sanger, of S., and now 
living here, giving promise of great longevity, having by her unimpaired 
memory greatly aided in recovering this genealogy. For her family see 

-f-ll. 82. Aaron, Dea., after the death of his father was apprenticed to Dea. James 
Kussel, of HolL, as a blacksmith; and during his time, 1747-51, planted 
the magnificent elms in front of Col. Whiting's house, one third of a mile 
N. of Hoi. common. He purchased, at different times, of the heirs of 
Aaron Morse, the farm now owned by Eli Phips, of^e half m. S. W. of Hoi. 
centre, on which he settled and spent his days. He was a superior man ; 
distinguished for independence and strength of mind, soundness of judgment, 
enterprise, tact, and energy in worldly pursuits. He was rather acquisitive, 
yet ever just ; and if he sometimes stood for his rights where others' would 
have quailed, it was because they were rights ; and he himself lawyer and 
advocate enough to maintain them, as he did triumphantly. ^'He was a 
natural debater, could speak with rhetorical propriety and logical force, 
whether in town meetings, civil or ecclesiastical courts, or before the Gov. 
and Council. He often acted as draftsman, and much of his neat, unam- 
biguous chirography exists in ancient wills, &c. He had a taste for the 
beautiful in nature and art, as his adorned and spacious mansion continued 
to testify within my own recollection. He had a high sense of character, 
never sought popularity, and '* knew," as he said, '' no distinction between 
inferiors and equals so long as both retained their self-respect and integrity 
of character." 

He was chosen Dea. of the chh. in H., May 2, 1766, and also treasurer ; 
was greatly respected for his consistent deportment, and beloved for his 
tender piety ; a most excellent neighbor, much relied upon for advice and 
aid in emergencies, and given to hospitality, the abuse of which cost him his 
life and the community a severe loss. He d. with the small pox, contracted 
in receiving from a guest an infected bundle from a pest house. He m. 
Mar. 17, 1757, Zeruiah Haven, b. Feb. 18, 1736, d. Deo. 8, '80, dg. of 
John H., by w. Mary Bullard, and grd. dg. of Joseph H., by w. Martha 

, of Fram., and gr. grd. dg. of Moses H., fr. Lynn, to F., by w. Mary 

Ballord, and gr. gr. ^. dg. of Richard Haven, fr. Eng., to Lynn, 1645. 
He m. 2d, wid. Deborah Day, fr. Mend., 1781, a lady of superior talents, 
yet subject to fits and derangement, who survived him. He had 

I. Samuel, Dec. 11, 1757, m. Sarah Chamberlain, s. in Hopk., had 

I. Aaron ; n. Nathan; iii. David; iv. Moses ; all r. in Hopk. ; 

II. Aaron, Dec. 11, '59, d. yg. 

-Y 44. 32^. in. Aaron, Feb. 11, '61, m. Hannah Bullard; 

IV. Anne, Dec. 9, '62, m. Abner Perry, of H. ; 

V. John, Oct. 8, '65, d. about 1820, r. a mercht. at Pomfret, Ct. ; 

VI. Moses, Aug. 24, '67, m. May 17, '87, Hopestill Day, at H. ; 
32J. 32f. VII. Joseph, June 24, '69, d. May 6, 1842, m. Mary Eames; 

VIII. Mary, June 24, '69, also and d. yg, ; ix. Wm., Dea., Sep. 3, '71; 
X. Mary, Dec. 25, '73, d. Sep. 26, '75. 



32#. 32i. Jo««ni. !>»-'- 




■h •■. 

:t ,1 

I I.I .'■!■ 

p H I p s . 201 

Yi. Aaron, Mar. 10, 1803, m. Oct. 23, '81, Judith Pratt, rs. on a fiurm in 
Barre, near Albion, on which he and his father s. ab. 1825, has 3 sons and 
1 dg. ; VII. Joseph, Oct. 14, 1805; 

Tin. Mahals, Jaly 10, 1807, m. June, 1836, Hon. Samuel Anderson, rs. 
Gassopolis, Mich., has 2 sons and 3 dgs. at school at Eochester and Albion ; 
iz. Caroline, Mar. 21, 1812, the founder of tho Fern. Sem. at Albion, in 
acknowledgment of whose services the institution received its corporate 
name, m. Henry Achilles, Feb. 14, 1839, had a dg. who d. a. 1 yr. 3 mo. ; 

X. Sophonia, May 23, 1814, succeeded Caroline a9 Princp. of the Sem., m. 
James L. Hodge, D. D., Sep. 1847, rs. Brooklyn, N. Y., has 2 dgs. 

XI. Wm. W., June 10, 1818, m. '50. Mary, rs. Padueah, Kg., ? has 2 chd. 

83. Jason Phipps, m. Bebecca Adams, fr. S., a descendant fr. Henry A., of 
Braintree, who d. Nov; 21, 1792, in "her 70th year?" 2d, wid. Sarah 
Palmer, Nov. 20, '98, s. in Eillingly, now Thompson, Ct, had, i. Hannah, 
Deo. 23, 1756, at Sherbom; ii. Jason, July 23. 1758, d. Sep. 5, '59; 

33. n^. Jason, June 23, '60 ; iii. Moses, Nov. 29, 61 ; iv. David, Nov. 9, 
'63, d. Apl. 10, '67; 

85. V. David, Aug. 3, '68. 

86. Jason Phipps, jun., m. Mary , r. Thompson, Ct. ; 

I. Polly, June 11, 1788, m. Wm. Patrick, May 6, 1812; 

87. II. Payton Kandolph, July 29, '89, m. Clarissa, r. T. ; iii. Salem, Nov. 
25, '90 ; IV. Rebecca, Aug. 11, '92 ; v. Persis, June 18, '94 ; 

VI. Hannah, May 28, '96 ; vn. ]$Iary Ann, Jan. 28, '99 ; 
89. vm. Jason, July 15, 1802. 

40. David Phipps, m. Betsey , r. T., had, i. Paraclete, Jan. 1, 1795, 

at Dudley, d. Oct. 27, '97, at T. ; n. Paraclete Goldsmith, 1801, d. 1802 ; 
m. Helena Guthrie, May 8, 1804; iv. Elmon Gammon, Aug. 1, '06; 
V. David Hartley, Oct. 7» '07 ; vi. Albialban, Mar. 11, '10 ; vn. Frances 
Betsey, Sep. 15, '12; vin. Lewis Luzerne, Nov. 28, '14; 

44. Aaron, m. Hannah BuUard, dg. of Asa, of H., r. H., had, i. Eli, June 
16, 1785, m. Betsey Whiting, b. Dec. 28, '89, m. May 27, 1813, (d.), 
inherited the homestead, and had, i. Joann TT., Sep. 11, 1814, m. Elijah 
Kingsbury; ii. Aaron^ July 16, '16, m. Elouisa Fuller, and had War- 
ren Levering, Jan. 19, '55 ; iii. TFw., Mar. 17, '19, rs. unm. at H. ; 
IV. Sarah Ann W,, Feb. 14, '23, rs. H. ; v. Martin Whiting, May 
21, '25, m. Cornelia Kobinson ; vi. Cornelia A,, Feb. 24, '30, m. 
Warren Levering, Esq., A. M., of Med. ; 

II. Joseph, Sep. 13, ^87 ; iii. Zeruiah, Nov. 6, '90, d. July 30, '97 ; 

IV. Aaron, Nov. 23, '93, d. aged ab. 12 ; v. Hannah, Dec. 10, '97, m. 
Benj. Rockwood, of Frank. 

48. John, m. Hannah Cooledge, dg. of Joseph C, by w. Elizth. Frost, and 
grd. dg. of Isaac C, Esq., of S., by w. Hannah Morse, (dg. of Capt. Jo. 

M.), and gr. grd. dg. of John C, of S., by w. Mary , and gr. gr. grd. 

dg. of Ens. John C, of Watertown, by w. Hannah Livermore, and gr. gr. 
gr. grd. dg. of Hn. John C, pf W., who took the freeman's oath. May 25, 
1636. She was b. Nov. 18, 1761, m. Aug. 2, 1781, had, i. Betsey, Feb. 
24, 1782, m. Richard Gammage, of Hopk. ; 
II. Sally, June 7, '83, m. Joseph Sanger, of Sh. ; 



52. 49. III. Sylvanus, Jan. 16, '85, m. Anna Winch, 2d, Polly Grout, and 3d, 

Mehetabel Cooledge; iv. Wm., Feb. 4, '87,m. Moulton; 2d, Harriet 

Cooledge, r. Frk. ; v. Persia, June 2, '89, m. Moses Hill, of Med. ; 
VI. Polly, May 19, '91, m. Faxton Dean, r. Bos.; vii. Hannab, Sep. 26, 
'93, m. Lewis Holbrook, of S. ; tiii. Anna, Dec. 24, '95, d. with dropsy, 
age'd 16 ; ix. Martha, Jan. 16, '98, d. Nov. 8, 1805 ; x. Jedediah, Sep. % 
1800, r. Wrenth. ; xi. Eunice, Nov. 25, '02, m. Walter Holbrook, of San- 
gerville, Me. ; xii. Martha, Nov. 10, '05, m. Walker, r. Lawrence ; 

49. 52. Silvanus, w. Anna Winch, rs. Fram., had, i. George, Apl. 13, 1802 ; 

II. Sally, Nov. 25, '03, m. Luther Metcalf, Esq., of Med; 

III. Charles, Feb. 6, '06, r. unm. at Cincinnati, 0. ; iv. Joseph, June 8, 

'08, m. Hellen Bell, of F., r. F. ; v. Ann, m. Col. Hastings, r. F. ] 

VI. Gardner, m. , r. Cincinnati ; vii. Harriet, m. Geo. Bichard- 

Bon, r. F. ; vni. Mary, m. Horatio B>ead, r. N. York. 

37. 58. Payton Bandolph, w. Clarissa, r. T., bad, i. Clarissa, Oct. 22, 1814 ; 

II. Benj. Fairbanks, Jan. 3, 1816, r. T. ; iii. Edward Davis, June 26, 
'17 ; IV. Lucretia, June 25, '19 ; v. Abigail Davis, June 5, 20 ; vi. Wm., 
Bandolph, Aug. 24, '21 ; vn. Zeruiah, dg., May 3, '26 ; viii. Albigcnce 
Waldo, Apl. 26, '27. 

39. 62. Jason, " 3d," m. Town, r. T. ; 

I. Mary H., Nov. 27, 1831 ; ii. Betsey C, July 1, '33. 

I ■■• 

Nathaniel Fierce, w., Triphena, had in H., I. Sarah, Feb. 17, 1788; 
II. Nathaniel, Nov. 4, '89 ; iii. Kezia, Mar. 30, '91 ; iv. James, Mar. 21, 
'92 ; V. Kezia Adams, Oct. 20, '93 ; vi. Polly ; vii. John, Jan. 4, '98. 

% ^M* I 

1* Samuel Pike, pr. s. of James, of Fram., and grd. s. of Jeremiah P., 
and gr. grd. s. of James P., of Beading, came from Hopk. to H., m. Abigail 
Morse, dg. of Aaron, of H., and d. at Straton, Vt., a. 90. He had in H., 

I. Abigail, May 24, 1752, m. Cephas Thayer, of Bell. ; ii. Sarah, b. 1753, 
m. Paul Gould, and was in good health and of sound memory, Oct., 1848, 
r. Milford; in. Mary, June 4, '55, m. Boice Kimball, of Pelham; 
IV. Bachel, Oct. 7, '57, long resided with Eev. Mr. Sanford, of Med., 
and d. um. ; 

V. Samuel, Oct. 27, '59 ; 

VI. B«uben, Feb. 9, '62, enlisted, and pr. d. in the army ; 
7. 4. VII. Aaron, May 20, '64, d. at Hoi. ah. 1850; 

vin. Moses, Dec. 28, '67 ; ix. Euth, m. Josiah Danforth, of Bos. ; 
X. Oliver, who removed to the West 

4. 7. Aaron, m. Anna Pike, fr. Hopk., 1787, had in H., i. Aaron, Apl. 16, 
1789 ; II. Anna, May 8, *91 ; iii. Elijah; Nov. 5, '92 ; iv. Joanna, 
Jan. 8, '95 ; v. Amilly, Apl. 4, '97 ; vi. Loisa, Mar. 10, '99. 

10. Tunothy Pike, w., Abigail, had at H., i. Asa, Nov. 20, 1770 ; 

II. Chloe, Feb. 28, '75 ; in. Timothy, Aug. 25. '79. 


is. G. FlimtOIls son of Calvin P., by w. Caroline Cutler, and grd. son of 
Job P., of Med., m. Susan L. Richardson, Dec. 11, 1845, from (iroton, and 
s. in H., as a printer, ab. 1850, hisis Helen M. and Susie M. 


Nathl. Folly, w., Anna, had at H., i. Natbaniel, May 23, 1786 ; 
n. Anne, Mar. 15, '88 ; iii. Nabby, Oct 20, '91. 


1. Aaron Fond, of H., m. Ells Bridges, Sep. 10, 1793. 

2. Aaron Pond, m. Elizabeth Jones, Nov. 2, 1759, had, i. Milcha, Aug. 
24, '60, at H. ; ii. Aaron, Jly. 10, '63, m. Silence Leland, and had, 

I. Silva, Jan. 9, '87 ; ii. Lyman, Jly. 1, '91 ; iii. iVMton,Mar. 17, 
'93; IV. Philip, Apl. 19, '95 ; v. ,BeUey Jones, Oct. 6, '98; 
III. Theoder, Oct 5, '65 ; iv. Abner, Aug. 8, '68 ; v. Zadock, Nov. 20, '71, 
had, I. Silva, June 9, '87 ; ii. Lyman, Jly. 1, *91. 

4. Israel Ppnd, w., Dorcas, had, i. Dorcas, June 9, 1740, i(t H. 

5. Eli Pond, w., Huldah, had, i. Hannah, Sep. 27, 1765, at H. 

6. Paul Pond, w., Mehelabel, had, i. Simeon, Apl. 4, 1787, at H. 

7. Jona. Pond, w., Polly , had, Alvira, Dec. 5, 1799, at H. 

» ••» I 

Bev. Samuel Forter, fr. Hadley, the 3d Pastor of the chh. in S., appears 
to have been a very highly esteemed and devoted pastor. He grad. at H. 
C, 1730 ; was ordained, Oct. 23, 173-, and d. Sep. 17, '58, a. 59. He 
m. Mary Cooledge, of Cambridge, Oct. 20, 1735, had, i. Samuel, Oct. 27, 
1736 ; II. Mary, Aug. 22, '38, m. Rev. Samuel Locke, '60, her father's 
successor in S., and inherited the place now owned by Calvin Sanger, jun., 
where she d. 1788 ; in. Rebecca, Jan. 21, '40-1 ; iv. Samuel, Sep. 4, '43 ; 
V. Samuel, Jly. 29, '45 ; all of whom, except M., seem to havo d. yg. 


!• Tho* Fratt, of Watertown, who was admitted freeman, 1652, came 

to S., where he, as Tho., senr., had land assigned him, in 1682. He d. 

1692, leaving a wid. Susanna. He had, b. pr. at W., 
12. 2. I. Tho., b. ab. 1656 ; 
15. 3. II. John; 
17. 4. ni. Ebenezer; iv. Joseph;, v. PhiHp; vi. David; vii. Jabez; 

vui. Nathaniel; iz. Abial; x. Ephraim; xi. Jona. 

2. 12. Tho., jnn., had land assigned him in S., 1682, m. Lydia Parmenter, 

June 5, 1681, s. near the W., where Tho. Hunt rs., and had, i. Tho., Jly. 
16, 1682 ; II. Lydia, Jan. 15, '84 ; iii. Daniel, Mar. 24, '87 ; iv. Abigiul, 
Oct. 11, '92 ; V. Deborah, Sep. 15, '94. 

3. 15. John, w. Ruth, had at S., i. John, Nov. 27, 1691. 

4. 17. Ebenezer, w. Mary, s. near the W. in S., i. Sarah, Nov. 7, 1693 ; 
25. 18. II. Ebenezer, June 13, '95; iii. Jacob, Nov. 7, '97; 

21. 20. IV. Gershom, Sep. 18, 1702 ; v. Mercy, Dec. 8, 1702. 

20. 21. Gershom, m. Abigail Rice, Jly. 3, 1729, and had in S., 

27. 22. I. Jacob, Oct. 3, 1735 ; ii. Abigail, Apl. 3, '38 ; in. Ebenezer, May 

13, '41 ; IV. Mary, Nov. 10, '43, d. yg. ; v. Anna, Mar. 24, '45-6, m. 

Mioba Leland ; vi. Sarah, May 10, '48, m. Edwd. Learned, jun., '73, r. 

Sturbridge ; vii. Mary, May 28, '50 ; vni. Gershom, Aug. 20, '53. 


18. 25. Ebenezer, w. Mary, had at S., i. Mary, Oct 3, 1721 ; 
26. n. Jacob, Mar. 1, '23-4. 

22. 27. Jacob, w. Lydia , inherited the ancient homestead, and had 
39. 28. I. Ebenezer, Jly. 26, 1761 ; ii. Lavina, Oct. 23, '62 ; 

29. ni. Henry, Aug. 3, '64, m. 1st, Aseneth Holbrook, Jane 1, '86, d. Apl 
16, 1804 ; 2d, Hannah Whitney , d. Mar. 14, 1841, purchased, Jly. 26, 
1802, of Joseph Holbrook, the farm now Capt. Jacob Pratt's, and had 
I. Nathaniel, Jly. 16, 1788, d. Sep. 3, 1818 ; n. Alvin, Nov. 28, '90; 
III. Lewis, Jan. 28, and d. Jan. 31, '92; xv. Henry, Feb. 21, '93; 
V, Eli, June J, '95 ; vi. Moses, Jly. 13, '98 ; tii. Orra, Sep. 16, 
1800 ; vin. Asenath, Apl. 2, 1803, d. Jan. 22, 1846 ; ix. Jacob, 
Cpt., Apl. 25, 1806, by 2d w. ; inherited his father's farm, bought of 
Jo. Holbrook, who, or his father, boug^ht it of Joseph Bacon. He m. 
Mary Ann Hooker, and 2d, Phebe (Whitney) Hill, 1840, had 

I. Elaner^ m. Peter Johnson, of H. ; ii. Mary; in. Samud; 

IV. .LoTBflSfO * V jfflBOuOrS * 

X. Elaner, Oct. 6, 1807, d. Jly.' 17, 1808; xi. Wm., May 5, 1809, 
d. Aug. 2, '10 ; XI. Wm., Nov. 6, 1811, d. Dec. 26, '31 ; 
XII. John W., Aug. 8, '17 ; 

IV. Aaron, Dec. 5, '*65 ; v. Jacob, Jan. 17, '67 ; vi. Abigail, Aug. 17, '68 ; 

vn. Sarah, Sep. 2, '72 ; viii. Lydia, Apl. 18, '74 ; ix. Sally, Aug. 9, '80. 

28. 39. Ebenezer, w. Miriam Bullard^ i. Leonard, May 23, 1790 ; n. Anne, 
Feb. 18, '94; in. Charles, Feb. 12, 1800, (d.)m. Joanna Hart, inherited the 

Lra Pratt, ? by w. Betsey, had at S., i. Mary, Nov. 26, 1798 ; n. Horatio, 
June 6, 1803. 


1. Nathaniel Prentiss, brother of Rev. Joshua, of Hoi., d. Jan. 
23, '96, agd. ab. 81, m. Abigail Ware, who d. Mar. 1, '88. He was a 
tailor, fr. Cambridge, s. where Vernal Barbour rs., in S., on a part of her 
father's farm, had, i. Abigail, May 23, 1745 ; n. Anne, May 10, '47 ; 

9. 2. in. Benj., Oct. 13, '50, d. Oct. 25, '98 ; 

4. 3. IV. Stephen, Jly. 28, '5^, inherited the homestead, and squandered 
it; V. Hannah, June 11, '55; vi. Hephzibah, Apl. 7, '58; vii. Sarah, 
May 9, '60, m. Barak Leland, Aug. 5, '79. 

3. 4. Stephen, w., Hannah Badcock, m. June 2, '74, had, i. Becca, bp. Jly. 30, 
'75, at S. ; ij. Asenath, Dec. 5, 1775, bap. Dec. 10, '75 ; ii. Nathaniel, 
Oct. 24, "78 ; iii. Solomon, bp. May 6, '81 ; iv. Angelina, Nov. 4, '84 ; 
V. Mary, Oct. 10, '87 ; vi. HannaTi, Sep. 15, '90, pr. '89, at Scituate, R I., 
bp. at S., Sep. 19, '90 ; vii. Abigail, Apl. 8, *91, at Gloucester, R. I. ; 
VIII. Orlando, June 12, '93, at S. ; ix. Dexter, Jan. 4, '95 ; x. Orlando, 
May 25, '97. 

2. 9. Benj., s. where Ellis Ware rs., in S., m. Hannah Morse, 1777, had, 

I. Sally, Jan. 29, 1780; n. Isaac, May 2, '83, d. Jan. 10, '99, a. 16; 
III. Alvin, Feb. 4, '85, bp. Mar. 20, '85 ; iv. Hannah, Jly. 24, '89, do. 
Aug. 2, '85. 

12. Bev. Joshua Prentiss, b. at Cambridge, 1718 ; grd., 1738, H. XT., oid. at 

PRENTISS. ^ 205 

H., May 18, 1743, d. Apl. 24, '88. << He was the oldest son of an intelligent 
and pious father. From a letter addressed to him by his father, a few days 
previous to his ordination, containing most affectionate and faithful advice, 
we learn, that when seven years of age he was visited with a violent fever, which 
reduced him so low as to leave little hope of his recovery. Under the anxiety and 
distress produced by the forbidding prospect of losing a child upon whom he doted, 
his father writes ; ' retiring from the bed to anothen chamber, I spread my case 
before the great God, and prayed earnestly for the life of the child, — yet with sub- 
mission, — that if it might be consistent with his holy will to spare his life, and to 
bring him back ^m the grave's mouth, and restore him to health, I would then 
according as he should enable me, ^ve him up, and devote him to his service ; and by 
his grace, I have been enabled, in some measure, to perform those vows which my 
lips uttered, and my mouth spake when I was in trouble.' In addition to his baptismal 
dedication to God in infancy, his father says, ' you have been, by a more particular 
and renewed promise of your father, given and devoted to God's service.' And there 
is no inconsiderable ground for believing, that the prayers, and vows, and pious 
efforts of the father, in regard to thb son, wc^e not unavailing. In early life, he 
professed faith in Christ, and publicly assumed the obligations of his parents in his 
I»ptism, and devoted himself io the service of God. He was graduated at Harvard 
University in 1738 ; being at that time only twenty years of age. His religious 
aentiments were Calvinistic ; and his preaching was plain, instructive, and evangelical. 
For about five years before his death, his health was so greatly impaired as to render 
him unable to preach only occasionally. And perhaps it was owing wholly to this 
cireumstance, that the congregation was induced to procure, in 1784, a dissolution of 
the pastoral connection subsisting between him and them. But the fact, which 
seems the most unpleasant upon this subject, is, that having fallen behind in the pay- 
ment of his salary, the people should refuse his pecuniary claims, and compel him to 
the ungrateful task of a civil prosecution. The demand was, however, ultimately 
disoharged without a legal jprocess ; greatly to the credit of the people, and the satis- 
fiiction of the pastor. I^rom the time of this settlement to his death, peace and good 
feeling prevailed ; as is evident from the fact, that after his dismission the town ex- 
empted his estate from taxation, and appropriated, for the the use of his family, a 
seat in the Meeting-house." [See Fitch's His. Dis.] He m. Mary Angier, Nov. 9, 
'43, who d. Jan. 4, 1754 ; 2d, Margaret Appleton,'55 ; 3d w. Mary Haley, 
'70. I. Joshua, Oct. 18, 1744, r. a merch. at Marblehead ; ii. The, Rev. 
D. D., Oct. 14, '47, adm. A, B., 1766, S. T. D., 1808, H. U. ; ord. at 
Medfd. ab. 1770; d. 1814; in. Henry, Feb. 24, '48-9, r. as a merch. 
in Bos., d. at Medfd., a. 73 ; iv. Mary, Jan. 19, '52, d. Nov. 9, '.52 ; 
V. Mary, d. Aug. 3, '69 ; vi. Appleton, Jan. 22, '56, d. June 16, '58, 
by 2d w. ; vii. Appleton, 2d, grad. H. U., 1781, d. 1821, r, as a merchant 
in Bos. ; vin. Margaret, Nov. 8, '59, m. Nov, 26, 1789, Timothy 
Dickenson; ix. Elizabeth, Jan. 9, '64, parsed her days um., and d. in H., 
at an advanced age. The prayers of a godly ancestry were answered in her 
early and sound conversion ; and throughout her long life, she was zealously 
and uniformly devoted to the immortal good of her race, of every color and 
clime. Precious and admonitory is her memory. It seems to inquire, Who 
has arisen, who will arise to take her place in the chh. ? and, like her and Susan 
Anthony, lead a life of praver, making all whom she meets think of prepara- 
tion for the life to come, ana of the immediate duty of doing more for God 
in the world ? In her life she devoted her earnings and the proceeds of her 
property to the cause of Christian benevolence, and by will consecrated all 
her estate to the use of the Theo. Sem., at Bangor. 


Daniel Paul, Esq., early master of a vessel in the European trade, was b. at 
Sanford, Me., the s. of Josiah and Betsey P., and m. oarah Smith fr. Need., 
purchased the ancient Whitney Farm, and s. in S., 1825, as landlord, 
larmer. and manufacturer. 

I •>• I 

Stillman 8. Bamsdell, s. of Oideon H., of Garland, Me., and b. Aug. 6, 
1817, m. Eunice Fay, fr. S. boro'> s. in S., ab. 1837, has Eunice A., Bofos 
F., Stillman F. 


John Banstead, w. Hannah, had in S., i. Eoger, Feb. 19, 1769 ; u. Bufos, 
Sept 2, 70. . . 

Bicliardson. This is a patronymic; and Yfhen surnames were introduced, 
there were so many Richards who had sons, as to exclude the idea of a com- 
mon origin of the Richardsons since the time of Noah. Even in this country 
so many of the name early appear, and the records are so incomplete, that no 
individual or association can derive our Bichardsons any more than oar 
SmithS; from one stock. The Gen. Register reports, and I have discovered 
that Symon Richardson, aged 23, and Tho., aged 26, embarked at Graye- 
send for Virginia, 1635. Tho. arrived in the Speedwell, 1656. Tho., of 
Chemford, had Mary, 1673. Tho. d. at Woburn, 1774, a. 93. Tho. d. 
at do., 1773, a. 67 ; Amos, wf. Sarah, had Stephen, 14, (4), 1652, at Bos. 
Rev. John, d. at Newbury, 1696, in his 50th year; Lt. John, d. at Wo- 
burn, 1696-7, a. 58; John witnessed a will at Exeter, 1642 ; John d. at 
W., 1749, a. 81 ; Samuel took the freeman's oath, May 2, 1638 ; Samuel 
d. at W., 1754, a. 84; Samuel, w. Susanna, d.atW., 1726, a, 56; Samuel 
d. at W., 1712, aged 66 ; Ezekiel took the freeman's oath, Oct. 19, 1630. 
This name occurred early in Needham ; Capt. Josiah was of Chemsford, 
1659 ; Nathan, w. Tabitha, d. at W., 1739, a. 33 ; Nathan's wid. Esther 
d. at W., 1727, a. 27 ; Joshua, d. at W., 1748, aged 68 ; Dea. Nathan, 
d. 1775, at W., aged 74; Lydia, wid. of Nathan, d. at W., 1776, aged 
85 ; Theophilus, m. Hannah Chickering, at Needham, Feb. 1, 1739-40) 
and had Abijah, '41, d. yg. ; Theo. and Ehenr. 

Several of this name early settled in Medfield. Tradition says they came 
from Concord, where the name early occurred, and they were not improb- 
ably the descendants of Samuel, senr., of Woburn, who was selectmaO) 
1644-5-6-9-51. They were 

I. John Richardson Ist, who s. where his gr. gr. grd. s., Henry R. 
near the centre of E. Med., and d. May 29, 1697. By w. Rebecca, he 

11. 2. I. John, 3d, Aug. 25, 1679, " d. May 19, 1759, in his 80th year ; " 

II. Elizabeth, Sep. 20, 1681 ; 

32. 3. III. Daniel, Aug. 31, 1685; iv. Mehetabel, June 16, 1689; 
V. Rebecca, Feb. 28, 1696-7. 

4. John Richardson, 2d, d. in Med., Aug. 17, 1774, aged ** 97 years, minus 8 
days." He was probably a kinsman of John 1st, and might have been the 
father of 

20. 5. Joseph ? who m. Hannah Barbour, Oct. 18, 1706, at Medfield ; 

35. 6. of Seth ? who m. Bathsheba , ab. 1747, and s. at Med., and 

56. 7, of Wm.? who m. Hannah EUice, May 21, 1739, and 

25. 8. of Samuel? who m. Mary AUin, Apl. 2, 1734, and 


51. 9. of Benjamin? wlio m. Elizabeth , and d. 1761, aged 68, and of 

46. 10. Henry ? Yfho m. Jemima Fond, prior to 1746: but these tax remain to 
be traced. 

2. 11. John, 3d, m. Esther ? Tvho well remembered fleeing to Ballard's 

fort at Bogistow pond, in times of alarm of Indians. She d. of a cancer, 
Ang. 17, 1774, in her 96th year. They had, i. Sarah, b. 1700 ; 
12. II. John, Oct. 22, 1701 ; iii. David, June 19, 1703, d. Mar. 9, '23-4 ; 
43. 13. IV, Jona., Feb. 1, '04, m. Ruth Clark, July 4, '28 ; v. Esther, Jan. 2, 

'06-7 ; VI. Mary Sep. 9, '09 ; 
48. 14. VII. Joseph, Apl. 3, '11, m. Abigail ; 

15. VIII. Samuel, Jan. 3, '13-14, d. in Wrenth., Feb. 10, 1811, aged 96 ; 
60. 16. IX. Solomon, Apl. 4, 16 ; 

65. 17. X. Moses, Feb. 8, 17-18, m. Abigail Allen, Mar. 17-40 ; 
69. 18. XI. Asa, Oct. 16, '20, d. July 15, '64, m. Abigail Barbour, '40 ; 
73. 19. XII. David, Deo. 6, '24, m. Jemima Smith ; 

5. 20. Joseph, w. Hannah Barber, m. Oct. 18, '1706, r. Medfd., had i. Joseph, 

Sep. 21, 1707 ; n. Mary, Aug. 15, '08, at Medfd. ; in. Samuel, Mar. 31, '13, 

at do. ; IV. James, Mar. 14, '15, m. Hannah , had Hanh., Aug. 13, 

1769, and James, Oct. 11, "71; (a J. of Med., m. Sarah Fames, of HolL, 
Dec. 3, '89;) v. Seth, Apl. 3, '19; vi. Ebenr., May 23, '22, d. May 
23, '22 ; vn. Peter, Aug. 28, '23, d. June 25, '48. 

8. 25. Samuel, w. Mary Allin, m. Apl. 2, 1734, r. Modfd. ; i. Sarah, May 4, 

1734, at Medfd., d. June 5, '34 ; ii. Eezia, do. ; ni. Sibbil, Aug. 10, '35 ; 
IV. Olive, July 4, '37 ; v. Nathan, Nov. 15, '39, in Med. ; 
VI. Jos., Mar. 18, '42, at Med. ; vii. Sam'l, Oct. 7, '44 ; vni. Amos, Aug. 
26, '46, m. Phebe Holbrook, fr. Bell. ; ix. Mary, Feb. 3, '48-9; x. Ralph, 
May 15, '52 ; xi. Patty, Apl. 11. '56 ; xii. Caroline, July 9, '58 ; 
xni. Isaac, Feb. 17, '61. 

3. 32. Daniel, Lt., w. Hannah , d. Aug. 28, 1778, r. Medfd. and Med. ; 

33. !• Wm., Feb. 3, 1710-11, at Medfd., m. Hannah EUioe, May 21, '39 ; 
II. Hanh., Dec, 25, '18, at Med ; 
78J. 34. m. Daniel, June. 26, '21, at do. 

6. 35. Seih, w. Bathsheba, 2d w., Dina, r. Medfd. ; i. Silas, Dec. 28, 1748 ; 

II. Bathsheba, July 26, '50, d. Au^. 6, '50; iii. Bathsheba, ^pl. 2, '52; 
IV. Paul, June 80, '54 ; v. Peter, Oct. 5, '55 ; vi. Jona., Mar. 12, '58 ; 
vn. Seth, Oct. 21, '60; vin. Geo., Dec. 5, '62 ; ix. Chs., Oct. 26, '65. 

13. 43. Jona., w. Ruth Clark, m. July 4, 1728, r. Med. ; i. Ruth, Apl. 26, '29 ; 

n. Tho., Mar. 2, '34 ; iii. Jonah, Feb. 23, '36. 

10. 46. Henry, w. Jemima Pond, d. May 19, 1766, r. Med. ; i. Mary, Oct. 14, 
'46 ; II. Henry, Apl. 29, '49. 

14. 48. Joseph, w. Abigail , r. Med., and rm. to Uxbridge ; i. Joseph, Oct. 

17, 1789, d. Aug. 18, '45 ; ii. Mary, Feb. 6, '41 ; in. Esther, Apl. 1, 
'42 ; IV. Abigail, Oct. 21, '44 ; v. Thankful, Nov. 1, '46 ; vi. Joseph, 
Nov. 12, '48 ; VII. Chloe, Aug. 15, '50 ; viii. Benj., Apl. 13, '53. 

9. 51. Benj., w. Elizabeth, r. Med., i. Benj., Mar. 9, 1739 ; ii. Elizabeth, Dec. 


20/40; ni. Ezekiel, Apl. 8, '44; iv. Job, Apl. 15, '45; v. Jerermab, 
Nov. 25, '48 ; vi. Catherine, Apl. 9, '63. 

7. 56. Wm. m. Hanh. EUice, May 21, '39; 2d, Abigail Curtis, '59, r. Med., 
where Geo. Newall rs. 

I. Mary, Feb. 17, 1739-40 ; ir. David, Dec. 24, '46, d. or b. then ; 
m. Nathan, Jan. 2, '46-7 ; iv. Sarah, Apl. 8, '48 ; 

81. 59. V. Amos, b. pr. ab. '42. 

16. 60. Solomon, w. Rebecca, r. Mod., rm. to Brookfield, i. Rebecca, Jly. 5, 

1743 ; II. Amasa, Mar. 8, '44-5 ; in. Sarah, Oct. 24, '46 ; iv. Solomon, 
Oct. 20, '48 ; v. Asa, Sep. 25, '52 ; vi. Oliver, Aug. 12, '54. 

17. 65. Moses, d. Apl. 6, 1797, agd. 80, w. Abigl. Allen, of diminutive sfeitnrfi, 

who d. June 10, 1807, agd. 90, r. Med. 
99. 66. I. Moses, Esq. ; ii. Abigl, Feb. 12, 1742, pr. d. yg. ; 
91. 67. III. Simeon, June 27, '44, m. Elizth. Jones ; iv. Rhoda, Oct. 6, '46, 

m. Tim. BuUard, r. Med. ; v. Lois, Feb. 1, '48-9, m. Adam Bullard,r. 

Med. ; vi. Rebecca, Apl. 3, '51, m. Henry BuUard, r. Med. ; 
95. 68. VII. Oliver, d. agd. 90, m. Vashti Ramsden, 2d ; vin. Keziah, m. — - 

Hall, of Oxfd. ; ix. Perlee, m. Jeremiah Daniels, 1785, r. Med. 

18. 69. Asa, w. Abigail Barbour, dg. of John B., of Med., r. Rockville, Med., 
84. 70. I. Asa Patridge, m. Catherine Adams; 2d,' Betsey Dexter; ii. Miriam, 

Jly. 4, 1741-2, m. Slocum, r. Hobbardston ; in. Abigl., June 24, 

»44, m. Cutler, rm. to N. S. ; rv. Eli, Aug. 4, '49, d. Oct. 2, '62; 

87. 71. V. Abijah,A.M., M. D., Aug. 30, '52, at "Old HiU," near RockviUe, 
E. Med., and d. 1822 ; vi. Hephzibah, June 30, '55, d. Sep. 23, '59; 
VII. Mary, b. Nov. 14, '57, d. Sep. 17, '59 ; 
llO. 72. VIII. Ezra, Mar. 17, '60, m. Jemima Lovell, 1786. 

19. 73. David, m. Esther Smith, r. Med., i. Esther, Dec. 29, 1748, d. June 22, *55; 

II. David, Oct. 5, '52, d. June 4, '55; iii. Rachel, May 10, '66; 

IV. David, Apl. 23, '58 ; v. Rufus, Sep. 21, '60 ; vi. Abner, June H, 
'63, d. Oct. 11, '63; vii. Asa, Aug. 3, '66. 

77. Joshua, prob. son of Daniel, No. 32, w. Lydia, had at Med., 
I. Amos, May 10, 1754. 

34. 78^. Daniel, m., and had, i. Daniel ; 
103. 78|. II.. Elisha, m. Sarah EUice ; 
79. 78J. III. Joshua, Dr.; rv. Silas, who s. at Leominster ; and four dgs. 

78|. 79. I. Joshua, Doct., m. Sarah Morse, fr. HolL, Aug. 2, 1781; 2d, Mrs. 
Polly Babbitt, 1800, r. Med. and H., had 
80. I. Daniel, Aug. 31, '82, at Med.; ii. Lucinda, Jan. 23, '84, at Med.; 

III. Sarah, Mar. 12, '88, at Hoi. ; iv. Betsey, June 2, '90, at H. ; 

V. Electy, Oct. 2, 93 ; vi. Hannah, Jly. 31, '95. 

59. 81. Amos, w. Phebe Holbrook, d. Apl. 30, 1796, r. Med., i. Ursula, Nov. 
22, '66, m. Amos Clark, '88; ii. Abigl., Sep. 5, '68, m. Luther Green, 
'90 ; III. Nathan, Feb. 21, '71, d. Apl. 27, '73 ; iv. Esther, Jly. 18, '76 ; 

82. V. Amos, Mar. 13, '78, m. Johnson, fr. Chester, Vt., r. W. Med. ; 

83. VI. Artemas, Mar. 21, '80, m. ■• Johnson, fr. do., r. W. Med. 



70. 84. Asa Partridge Richardson, a miller, w. Hanb. Hill, fr. Sh., r. Med. 

85. I. Asa, Jly. 12, 1768, m. Catherine Adams; 2d, Betsey Dexter; 

II. Persis, Nov. 22. '69, m. Paul Motcalf, '90, r. Frank. ; 

86. ni. Lewis, Nov. 23, '85, m. Abigail Tyler, r. Rockville, E. Med. ; 
IV. Hannah, m. Adams Jones, r. Med. 

71. 87. Abijab Eicbardson, M. D., in 1770, entered Harv. Col., where he 

remained two years. He then commenced the study of Medicine. Having 
completed his studies, be entered the Eevolutionary army in the capacity of 
surgeon's mate, under Dr. Samuel Wbitwell. He afterwards received a 
surgeon's commission, and continued in the service of his country until the close, or 
near the close of the war. He then settled as a physician, in Medway, and there con- 
tinued in the active and successful performance of the duties of his profession until bis 
death. May 10, 1822, a. 70. Few physicians pass their professional career more 
honored or beloved. He was an eminent Botanist; indefatigable in the pur- 
suit of knowledge, and with a memory so retentive that he seldom forgot what 
he had once acquired. He performed the duties of every relation of life with the 
most scrupulous exactness. He was affable, communicative, benevolent ; but not 
obtrusive. He was an honor to his profession and to his country ; and for many 
years to come his memory will be held in grateful recollection in the vicinity in which 
he lived. He m. Mercy Daniels, who lived until 1854, receiving from her grateful 
and prosperous country a handsome annual pension, as a token of gratitude for 
services rendered by her husband in the day wnich tried men's souls. [Dr. Ebenr. 
Alden's address before Norf. Dis. Med. Soc] They had 

I. Betsey, Apl, 2, 1773, m. Capt. Lewis Wheeleri of Med., '93 ; 
107. 88. II. Joseph, Apl. 24, '75, m. Anna, dg. of Oliver Adams ; 

89. III. Abijah, Nov. 21, '81, m. Olive, c^. of Doct. Pond, of Frank. ; 

IV. Mercy, May 2, '83, m. John Stedman, r. Hoi. ; r, Charlotte, Jly. 28, 
'85, d. Oct. 5, '95; vi. Abigl,* Jly. 81, '87, m. Asa Thayer; 2d, 
Zachariah Lovell, of Med., bad Abijah, Asa (7., and Davis Thayer 
(all d. yg.)» ft'id Francis Aleocr, Lovell, b. June 5, 1830 ; 
VII. Mary, Mar. 29, '89, r. um. w. her mother, in Med. ; viii. Eliza, Jly. 2, 
'91, m. Sylvanus Adams, r. Med. ; ix. Tryphena, June 9, '94, m. J. Perry 
Leland, of Sh. ; 

90. X. Daniels, 1796, m. Laurana Beals, r. homestead, and has Francis and 

Ohs., and Clarissa, w. of Wm. Leland, of S. 

67. 91. Simeon, w. Elizabeth Jones, dg. of Tho. J., r. Med., i. Abigl., July 24, 
1774, d. Sep. 17, '78 ; ii. Elizabeth, Jly. 22, '76, d. Sep. 18, '78 ; 

III. Matilda, Nov. 18, '78, d. yg. ; iv. Solomon, Mar. 8, '83, m. Olive Morse, 

2d, Rice ; 3d, Rice, r. Brookfield ; v. Elizabeth, Nov. 12, '85, 

m. Lowell Cooledge ; 2d, Cpt. Samuel Sanger ; vi. Henry, Mar. 30, '88, 
m. Rebecca Adams, inherits the ancient homestead ; vii. Perley, June 22, '90, 
m. Joseph L. Richardson, Esq. ; vin. Simeon, May 16, '99, m. Abigl. 
Richardson ; ix. Orinda, d. Mar. 31, 1800; x. Irene, m. Obed. Turner; 
2d, Lewis Hawes, r. Med. 

68. 95. Oliver, w. Vashti Ramsdel, r. Med., i. Priscilla, Dec. 2, 1775, m. Danl. 

Allen; 2d, Manning, of Lex. ; ii. Oliver, Mar. 16, '78, m. Matilda 

Patridge, '97, had Oliver; iii. Chs., May 26, '80, m., and had Francis and 
others ; iv. Ira, Dec. 27, '82, d. yg. ; v. Abigl., May 30, '86, m. Joel 
Brown, r. Brookfield. 



66. 99. Moses, janr., Laodlord and Esq., m. Abigail Daniels, 1774, do^. of 
Jeremiah D., i. Moses, Apl. 3, 1776, m. Patty, dg. of Doct. Aaron "Wig^t, 
'97; II. Jabez, Apl. 15, 78, pr. d. yg. ; iii. John, Feb. 9, '82, m. Mary 
(Harding) Daniels, fell a Yictim to mental derangement. 

101. A8apb,?w. Hannah, r. Med., I. Chs., Mar. 22/1777, d. Oct. 25, 'T8; 

II. Hannah, Mar. 1, '80; m. Silence, (also) Mar. 1, '80; d. Mar. 16, 'm 

78|; 103. Elisha, m. Sarah Ellis, 1773, had at Med., i. Elisha, Feb. 4, '79, d.Mar. 
16, '79; II. Marcus, Oct. 30, '80, m. Prudence Hill, dg. of Simon H. ; 

III. Sarah, Mar. 19, '85, d. yg., a cripple ; iv. Hannah, Nov. 23, '87, w. 
Oliver Phillips, r. Med. ; v. Anna, Oct. 7, '89, d. yg. ; vi. Aaron, d. Nov. 
3, 1803, a cripple ; vii. Silas, m. Mary Carlton, r. Med., had i. Ama, m. 

Rev. ■ White ; 2d, Addison. 

88. 107. Joseph, w. Anna Adams, 1795, r. near Richardson's mills, Med., 

I. Horace, Sep. 23, 1795, m. Catherine Draper ; ii. Charlotte, Feb. '97, 
m. Cpt. Eleazer Daniels; iii. Anna, m. Cpt. Elisha A.Jones, r.Med.; 

IV. Bichard, an orchardist, m. Eliza. Bullard ; 2d, Elizabeth Baker ; 
v. Joseph, d. um. ; yi. Adams, m. Bingham, rs. Bos. 

72. 110. Ezra, w. Jemima Lovell, m. 1786, r. Med., 

113. 111. I. Joseph Lovell, Hon., Mar. 29, 1787, r. Med., succeeded his revered grd. 
father, Joseph Lovell, Esq., as Town Clerk, for 20 ys., and has been much 
in public service ;.ii. Jemima, Nov. 30, '88, m. Hon. Nathan Jones, of 
Med. ; iii. Abigl., Dec. 4, '90, at HoU., m. Aaron Wight; iv. Ezra, Feb. 
16, '93, at Med., m. Mary Goodell,fr. Newfane, who d. 1853, r. Med. and 
Natick ; v. Asa, Jan. 2, '95, d. urn. at Med.; vi. Sarah, Sep. 24, '96, m. 
Rev. AlvinBond, D. D., of Sturb.; vii. Eli, Mar. 20, 1800, d. 1800. 

111. 113. Joseph Lovell, Hon., w. Perlee Richardson, b. June 22, '90, m. June 

20, 1811, had in Med., i. Elizth., Aug. 14. '12, d. Oct. 15, '33, m. Adams 

Daniels; ii. Jemima, Mar. 20, '14, d. June 21, '50, m. Doct. Lyman B. 

Larkin, r. Wrenth. ; in. Joseph L., Jly. 11, '15, m. Sylvia Partridge, has 

Geo. Lovell, Joseph IL, and Allen M. ; 

IV. Stephen Baxter, Jly. 15, '18, m. Lorette How, r. Nashua, N. H. ; 

V. John Perlee, Mar. 18, '24, d. Jan. 12, '27. 


Joseph BichardS, ? w. Chloe, had at S., Willard, Feb. 15, 1800. 


1. Wm. Bidor, previously of Watertown and Cambridge, moved to S. after 

Philip's war, and on 13, (3), 1679, had a home lot of 20 acres assigned 
* him, S. E. of Peter^s Hill, where Benj. Dowse rs. In 1686 he was rated 

for the Indian title, and in 1715 drew land in Doug. He was selectman 

1696-98, and d. Aug. 27, 1724. He. m. Hanh. Lovet, Aug. 11, 1674, 

who d. Nov. 23, 1715. He had at Cambridge, 
5. 2, I. Wm, Jly. 29, 1675; 

II. Hannah, Apl. 4, '78, d. yg. ; iii. Hannah, May 28, '80, m. Wm. 

Johnson, of S., 1699 ; iv. Daniel, pr. m. Elizabeth Adams, May 16, 1711) 
9. 4. V. Eleazer, Jan. 22, 1687 ; vi. Esther, pr. 

2. 5. Wm., jun., m. Deborah Morse, Nov. 27, 1701, dg. of Joseph M., of Medfd., 

by w. Priscilla Colburne, s. in S., and became one of her most distinguished 


and useful citizens. He served the town 19 years as selectman, represented 
her in the Gen. Court, and was 13 years Town Clerk. His chirography for 
neatness and plainness was not surpassed in the Colony. Ho acted as 
. surveyor and draftsman in this and bordering townships, and particularly in 
Natick, to which town he removed ab. 1734, and there served as T. Clerk. 

16. 6. I. Theodore, Oct. 16, 1702 ; ir. Mary, Aug. 13, 1706, m. Asa Morse, and 

8. in N. ; iii. Deborah, June 22, '10, m. Richard Sanger, jun\ 
19.^ 7. IV. Wm. Oct. 24, '15 ; v. John, Jan. 15, '18-19. 

4. 9. Eleazcr, m. Hannah (Badcock) Learned, Sept. 22, 1713, and had at H., 
I, Eleazer, Oct. 21, 1714. 
25. 11. II. Gideon, Oct. 9, '21, m. Lucy Smith, of Hopk., '44; iii. Ebenezer, 

Dec. 14, ; iv. Jonas, Dec. 27, '25 ; v. Preservet, Mar. 16, '28 ; 

15. VI. John, Aug. 12, '29 ; vii. Hannah, Jly. 18, '31, d. '44. 

6. 16. Theodore, m. Sarah Bacon, of Needh., 1726 ; i. Sarah, Feb. 1, '26-7. 

28. 17. ir. Joseph, May 19, '29, d. Dec. 3, 1819 ; in. Mary, Dec. 23, '31, m. 

Asa Daniels, of H., '58 ; iv. Theodore, '33-4, d. '45; v. Deborah, '36. 

7. 19. Wm. m. Elizabeth Hill, of S., Apl. 10, 1746, and had at S., i. Aaron, 

Oct. 30, 1748, m. Feb. 14, '71, Hannah Goulding, and had at S., i. Mary, 
Aug. 30, '71 ; II. Moses, Aug. 9, '73 ; in. Martin, Mar. 8, '76. 

n. Wm., Mar. 9, '50, m. Malady Cozzens, Feb. 24, '74, had Elizabeth, 
Mar. 7, '75, at Nat 

in. Peter, Nov. 20, '51 ; iv. Moses, Jan. 29, '53, m. Mary Twitchell. 

11. 25. Gideon, m. Lucy Smith, 1744, and had at S., i. Hannah ; ii. Elizabeth, 
Jan. 3, '45-6 ; ni. Jonas, Mar. 2, '48-9 ; iv. Gideon, Sept. 28, '51. 

17. 28. Joseph, m. Sarah Morse, dg. of Henry, of Med., by w. Sarah Kibby, was 

a clockmaker, and r. on the Milford road, in the W. of H. ; had i. Hannah, 
Aug. 8, 1751, m. Ephraim Chapb, of Milford. 
30. 29. n. Asa. Sept. 17, ^55, d. June 30, 1825; in. Theodore, Jan. 12, '59, 
d. Mar. 3, '59 ; iv., Molly, June 8, '65, d. ab. '86, um. 

29. 30. Asa, inherited the homestead in H., m. Margaret Johnson, Nov. 4, '76, d. 

May 11, 1805; 2d, Dinah Wheeler, Oct., 1805, d. Jan., 1823; 3d, 
Sabrina Osgood, June 2, '23, and had i. Olive, Aug. 14, 1777, m. Amariah 
Daniels; ii. John, Dec. 27, '78, d. '79; in. Betsey, June 27, '80, m. 
Japhct Daniels ; iv. James, Apl. 22, '82, m. Lucy Thayer, of Milfd. ; 
v. John, Oct. 16, '84, m. Lucy Corbett, of H.; vi. Polly, Jan. 3, '87, 
m. Solomon Wright, of Bel. 

t m»m I 

RockWOOd.* The names Eockwood and Rocket were formerly identical, and 
the latter a corruptioji of the former. For in the mother country the Bockwoods are 
an ancient and somewhat numerous race, while the Rockets are almost unknown, there 
being lately only one in London, and he unacquainted with the existence of the 
name out of the circle of his relatives in the interior of the kingdom. The name of 
Rockwood was no doubt local, derived from Rocky Woods, the place of the exploits, 
or of the abode of the first who assumed it; and if ** there is not an ancient town, 

* Tradition says that a page by the name of Rockwood, at the court of Henry Till, in a game 
of chess with his king, won a manor belonging to one of the monasteries distributed in his reign ; 
and that, in commemro ration of the victory, received from the king for his arms 6 chessrooks. 
Tradition, like other great liars, sometimes speaks the truth, and perhaps in this instance does 
80. The above estate is said to be still occupied by Bockwoods who are of the gentry, 


village or hamlet in England or Normandy, that did not give name to some family in 
England ; " if John de Hill and James of under the Hill ; if Peter of the sandy Ford, 
and John of the lay [Plain] Land ; if Nicholas of the woods, and Joseph of under 
the Woods derived their names from land markp, no marvel if, while the English 
were assuming lower or surnames, some Nicholas, Eichard or John should have 
' taken his from the Eocky Woods, once so common in the W. of England ; and 
when the customs of another age and country are considered, none need fear for the 
rank or dignity of their ancestor in conceding that his name came out of the woods. 
In this country it was first recorded Rocket, and this orthography was generally pre- 
served until 1728, when Dea. Nathaniel R., of Wrentham, and brothers, restored the 
original spelling of Rock wood. This they did 19 years before the death of their 
revered uncle Benjamin, who was born in 1651, and whose grandfather and perhaps 
father were both from England, and who must have known the true orthography of 
the name, and might have influenced his nephews to the contrary if they were 
attempting an innovation. Besides, I am inclined to believe that he, rather than his 
nephew, Benj., who was then jun.,waa the " Benj. Rockwood" who subscribed a 
petition to the General Court in 1737, on account of ''services and sufferings in the 
late Indian wars ; " and if so, then he joined with his nephews, or preceded them in 
restoring the true spelling. But this was not the first resort to the original orthc^ 
raphy. The corruption of the name seems to have been resisted far earlier, and 
from the first, at the very place where they first settled : for I have recently found it 
spelt *' Rockwood " upon a very ancient record at Braintree, from whence the entire 
race had removed in 1664, so that I am satisfied that in the further pursuit of their 
genealogy, the Rockwoods of New England must explore the history of their Puri- 
tan sire, not among the Rockets, but the Rockwoods of England, and in Dorset, and 
Suffolk Go's, rather than in other parts of the kingdom.* 

Of the number of Rockets who early arrived in New England, and of their pre- 
vious history, nothing reliable can be gathered from tradition. The^ names of only 
two have been preserved, only one of whom left issue ; and from whom all the 
Rockwoods of New England origin have sprung. Of their history prior to their 
arrival nothing is yet ascertained, and almost nothing but their names occurs on our 
records. Yet if wo regard them as following the uniform custom of their times, of 
naming the first son after the paternal grandfather, and the second after the father, 
or the reverse, then one of them has told us that their father was Nicholas Bock- 
wood. Other circumstances add more. The high and holy character of the com- 
munity which attracted them, and in which they first appear ; the strict moralitj 
exacted of all who entered or tarried in it, and the silence of all town, church and 
colonial records as to anything amiss, indicate that in conduct they were moral, and 
in heart, pious ; while their early arrival excuses them from the sinister motives that 
drew later emigrants, and proves them to have been men of enterprise and moral 
courage. Their names were, 

1. John Rocket,^ who was enrolled as a planter in Dorchester, in 1636, indi- 

* Further examination and reflection convince me that the name was neyer spelled Bbcket 
by the family. It was so pronounced, as it still is, and so written by others, and answered to by 
• the Rockwoods. But on no petition, deed, will, or certificate, ancient or modem, ei^ned by 
either of them, have I ever found it subscribed otherwise than Rockwood ; and both Nicholas^ 
and John,2 as if mindful of the importance of the true orthography, had their marriages in 1656 
and 1662 recorded by the name of Rockwood. Such precaution in their day and circumstances 
was anomalous and significant Other families yielded to innovations, adopted without resist- 
ance the misspelling of clerks, and seldom, if ever, recovered the original orthography of their 
names when thus publicly corrupted. But the Rockwoods (some, if not all, of the 4 first gen- 
erations) withstood the corruption, [universal on Town Records until 1728,] continued to sub- 
scribe their names Rockwood ; and they seem finally to have effected the correction everywhere, 
though at different and wide intervals. None of the race are known to retain the more con- 
venient spelling of Rocket, which further indicates that such was never the name. A rule, 
however, of antiquarians requires a literal transcript from records. 


eating that he had passed a previons probation of at least one year. Nothing more 
is recorded of him. He either returned to England with some others from D. about 
this time, or more probably d. without issue. 

2. Eichard **Rocket,^" alias ** Rock wood," probably the brother of John, was also 
a planter in Dorchester, in 1636. He and his wife the same year sold a house and 
20 acres of land at Weymouth, formerly Zachary Bicknell's, (** after BicknoU's 
death,") which belonged to their child; [pr. Nicholas] ; and the General Court, 
Mar. 9, 1636-7, bound the son when of age, either to ratify the sale or " allow all 
such costs as the Court shall think meete." 

Richard^ m. two, and perhaps three wives. His first is supposed to have been the 
daughter of Zachary Bicknell, to whom he must have been m. as early as 1627, three 
years prior t(T the settlement of Dorchester. -This leads to the presumption that he 
had previously lived at Weymouth, where the marriage had taken place, or more 
probably at Weymouth in Dorsetshire, from whence the early planters of our Wey- 
mouth came ; an^ that he and his brother John were among the number who re- 
moved from W. to D. after the arrival of their former neighbors, and perhaps kins- 
men from Dorchester, 8 ms. from Weymouth in Dorsetshire. But however this 
might have been, his earliest connections and company point us to one of these 
towns or their vicinity, as his natal place ; so that the Rockwoods of New England 
need not despair of further knowledge of their Puritan sire, and of their ancestors of 
remote antiquity. 

Richard m. Agnes , who d. at Braintree, 9 (5), 1643; and 2d, Ann , 

whod. 1664. He d. 1660, intestate, and Dec. 15, 1660, his wid., Ann "Rock- 
wood " and E. Kingsbury made oath to an " Inventory of the estatp of Richard 
Rochwoody His wid., **Ann Hochvood'^ d, four years after, and administration on 
her estate was granted John Taylor, Apl. 28, 1664, [Sutf. Prob.] He had, 

6. 3. I. Nicholas,^ b. as early as 1628, m. Jane ; 2d, Margaret Holbrook ; 

12. 4. II. John,^ 1, (10), 1641, after the recognition of his brother's right to 
land, formerly Bicknell's ; 

m.? Lydia, who pr. m. Edward Adams, of Medfield, and pr. other dans. 
who 8. in Medfield and Mendon. 

3. 5. Nicholas Rocket,^ first located at Braintree. In 1650, the enterprise of 
settling the new town of Medfield, drew him and the sons of Henry Adams^ 
senr., from B. ; and he became one of the first settlers and proprietors of that 
town. He drew lots from tjme to time, most of which, by a division of the 
township in 1713, fell into Medway. In 1663, a company of 15 of his former 
townsmen, with others from Weym., having undertaken the settlement of 
Mendon, he and the Adamses at Medfield proposed to join them ; and he 
actually presented his request for acceptance as a proprietor ; but the Adamses 
finally declined, and his proposal seems not to have been acted upon, he 
having most likely withdrawn it. He finally settled, it is presumed, about 
one quarter m. S. W. of Richardson's mills, in the N. E. part of Medway, 
and was with most of his family in the stone house, at Bogistow Pond, ir 
1676, when Philip and his warriors met with their *' notorious repulse." 
He became a member of the cbh. in Medfield, and took the freeman's oath, 
May 23, 1666. He m. 1st, Jane, pr. Adams? who d. Dec. 16, 1654; 2d, 
Margaret Holbrook, Jly. 16, 1656, who d. Apl. 23, 1670 ; and 3d, Silence 

, who d. Nov. 9, 1677. He d. Jan. 26, 1680. 

His estate was inventoried 26, (11)^ 1680, and appraised by Edward Adams 
and John Harding, the husband of Elizabeth Adams. Administration was 
granted Mar. 18, 1680, to his son, Josiah, and his estate harmoniously settled. 
He owned lots at Bear Hills, in Medfield, in and adjacent to Broad Meadows, 



on Long Plain, and 85 acres on the New Grant, now W. Med. ; and he seems 
to have been a husbandman in common circumstances, and a worthy and re- 
spected citizen. He had, 

I. Samuel,' Dea., b. pr. at Braintreo, m. Hannah Ellis, Dec. 15, 1671 j 

II. Benj.,'Sep. 8, 1651, at Medfd., d. Dec. 5, 1747, at Wrenth., "in his 
• 97th year." 

20. 8. III. Josiah,' a soldier in Philips' war, m. Mary Twitchell, May 9, 1677; 

IV. Elizabeth,' b. Aprl. 3, 1657, m. John Partridge, jun., of M., 79; 

21. 9. V. Joseph,' h., pr. ab. 1659, m. Hanh. Partridge, Apl. 2, '79, andd. at 

Swansey, July 21, 1693 ; supposed to have been a Baptist; 

22. 10. VI. John,' Rev., b. Feb. 12, 1662, d. Dec. 16, 1746, at Medway ; 
29. 11. VII. Nathaniel,' Dea.. Feb. 23, 1665, d. Sep. 24, 1721, at Wrenth; 

VIII. Isaac,' Jly. 22, 1677, d. Oct. 11, 1677, at Medfield. On the deatb of 
their father, John' and Nathl.' chose Edwd. Adams their guardian. Nicho- 
las,' the father, seems to have named no child after himself, and what is very remark' 
able in that age of filial respect, none of his sons named any after him. Bat this 
may bo accounted for without any distrust of his character, or of the respect of bis 
sons. Perhaps he had adopted the principle of selecting Scriptural names accordlDg 
to his admiration of Scriptural characters, which excluded bis own and that of his 
father ; or, he wore the name of some oppressor whom all wished to forget ; or, to 
call a child after a tutelar saint, might to them have savored of Eomanism ; or, to 
give a name identical in use with that of the god of the North sea, might have seemed 
idolatry ; or, perhaps, the heralded Nicholas Rockwood, of Karby, in Suffolk Co., 
(who might have been his grandfather,) or some other Nicholas B. had denied him 
an expected bequest, or proudly disinhierited \ns Puritan father, or supplanted him in 
his birthright, which be had not funds to recover, and which, if it existed, may pe^ 
chance on the extinction of the inheriting line, or by an earlier revival of the claioii 
yet be the inheritance of some of his posterity in this country.* Still, this dropping 
out of a patriarchal name is an anomaly not explained, but suggestive. 
4. 12. "John Rockwood ,2" m. 15, (7), 1662, Johanna Ford, at Braintree. Fifteen 
of his townsmen and ten others from Weymouth, were that year accepted to 
be settled at Mendon, before the 7th mo. 1663, and he seems to have joined 
them on their setting out, or as soon as the condition of his family admitted. He no 
doubt expected his brother Nicholas at Medfield to accompany him, who had made 
application to the company, and whose greater age and acquaintance with the country 
and people, would have rendered him peculiarly helpful. But he encountered the 
disappointment, and remained with the settlement at Mendon, until the destruction 
of that town, at the beginning of Indian hostilities, in 1675. To him, Philip's war 
was disastrous. Twice must he and his have fled for their lives, as appears from a 
petition of his, on file at Boston, and 4ated at Milton, 1678, praying the General 
Court to abate a tax of 19s., on the ground that the Indians had burnt his bouse, 
barn, corn and bedding, at Mendon, and all that he had saved afterwards at Medfield. 
so that he had been forced to Milton to work to support a wife and 6 children. In 
1678-9, he purchased of James Albee, at Mendon, a dwelling lot of 4 acres, with 
20 acres more adjacent, and bounded E. by Muddy Brook, with a ten rod highway 
crossing it. This shows that his 2d dwelling place in Mendon, was on the flat, a 
short distance S. E. of the centre of the present village. He had, 

* Claims in Europe 600 years old, have been legally established ; but they perish in. reference 
to those who will not recover and keep their genealogy. The claim of an American to an entail- 
ment pronounced sure 60 years ago, b^ legal authority upon the ground, was not prosecuted for 
want of funds to commence. The claimant returned, and d., leaving no records of the births of 
his children, or the location of his claim; and neither his grandchildren nor great-grandchildren 
are yet recorded. Thousands who would censure this, may be equally faulty in reference to 
claims that may arise or be discovered. 


I. John,** 18, (G), 1663, at Braintree, and pr. d. unm. ; ii. ? RicLard,^? 
pr. for whom Joseph named a son. 

. 14. III. Joseph,^ b., pr. at Mendon, inherited his father John's place, at M. ; 
IT.? Johanna,'? pr., and who seems to have been commemorated in 1C93; 
v.? Priscilla,' pr., who m. Robert Corbctt, Feb. 23, 1682. 

6. VI. Trial,' Feb. 28, 1677, at Medfield, and a trial he must have been, if wo 
read 1676-7 ; for his existence commenced while his parents were in destitu- 
tion and distress from Philips' war. He pr. d. yg. ; vii. Deliverance,' (b. pr. 
after succor had arrived), d. at Medfield, Oct. 31, 1678, a few months be- 
fore the father's return to Mendon. 

17. Samuel Rocket,' Dea., m. Dec. 15, 1671, Hanh. Ellis, b. Apl. 9, 1651, dg. 
of John E. of Ded. and Medfield, and was with her admitted to full com- 
munion in the chh. at M., 1697. She d. May 7, 1717. He m. 2d, Sarah 

, who survived him at his death, Dec. 17, 1728. He took the freeman's 

oath, Oct. 11, 1682 ; inherited 85 acres in W. Med., on which have since r. 
Dr. Wight and N. Twiss, which had been assigned to his father Nicholas 
in 1659, and which was at bis own death assigned to his dg. Hanh., w. of John 
Hill, of Sherborn. Dea. Samuel had i. Hanh.,* Oct. 1, 1673, d. Feb. 7, 
1729-30, was reed, to the chh. Nov. 21, '97; ii. Susanna,* Oct. 31, '75; 
III. Samuel,* Apl. 11, '77, d. Apl. 25, '84 ; iv. Abigail,* May 17, '79, m. 
Nov. 30, '96, Joshua Wight, of M. ; v. Eleazer,* Apl. 18, '81, d. May 16, 
'93 ; VI. Patience,* May 14, '82, d. Feb. 4, '82-3 ; vii. Joseph,* Sept. 8, 
'86, pr. d. yg. ; viii. Deliverance.* Mar. 10, '86, d. Jan. 16, '92. 

19. Benj. Rocket,' m. Judith , and early settled in Wrentham, where he 

soon rendered a service that must have sequred him during his long life the 
respect and gratitude of the community. '* In the beginning of Philip's war, 
when searching in the wilderness for a stray horse, he discovered, about sun- 
set, a trail of 42 Indians ; and suspecting that they intended to attack the 
town the next morning after the men had dispersed to their work, he followed 
them until they halted for the night. He then returned to the settlement 
and reported the discovery ; whereupon Capt. John Ware, with a company 
of 13 men, after securing their women and children in the garrison, ^ent out 
and attacked them in the morning as soon as it was light, while they were 
preparing to decamp, killing from 20 to 24 of their number. The rest fled, 
some leaping down a precipitious rock from 10 to 20 feet high ; and others 
attempting to conceal themselves in Mill Brook. One of the fugitives was 
brought down at the distance of 80 rods, by a bullet from Woodcock's famous 
gun, called the Buccaneer.* This occurred at a place now called Indian 
Rock, about 2 m. S. E. of Franklin Depot. Benj. had at W. 

I. Bethia,* Jly. 4, 1679, at Medfield ; ii. Judith,* Mar. 17, 1680, at Wrenth. ; 
III. Mary,* Oct. 2, '83, d. Apl. 12, 1763, m. Samuel Fisher, Dec. 16, 
1707 ; IV. Patience,* %0 (3), '86; v. Hezekiah,* Aug. 26, '88, d. '89. 

20. Josiah Rocket,' was a soldier in Philip's war. He m. Mary Twitchell, May 
9, 1677, who d. Sep. 15, 1699. He m. 2d, Sarah Wheelock, Nov. 10, 
1703, grd. dg. of Rev. Ralph W., of Medfield, and rm. with his family to 
Mendon. Land was assigned him by the proprietors of Mend. 1720-1, on 
N. side of Bear Hill. He had, i. Israel,* Feb. 25, 1677-8, who covenanted 
Aug. 22, '97, and d. June 25, 1704, at Medfd. ; ii. Mary,* Aug. 3, '81, at 
Medfd.; in. Bethia,* Feb. 21, '83, m. Daniel Lawrence, Nov. 19, 1711 ; 

* Daggett's History of Attleboro*. 


IV. Mehetabel,* Oct. 14, '86, m. Dr. John Corbet, of Bell, and had, 

I. Dr. John C.,* jun., 1704, who d. at B. 1794; and ii. Bethia, wfc= 
m. Dr. Sam.' L. Scammell, of Millfd., and had Dr. John S., who ii^ 

herited and settled on his grd. father, Dr. Corbett's place in N. Bel 

now H. Barbour's. 

V. Hanh.,* Aug. 24, '91 ; vi. Johanna,* Dec. 28, '93. 

9. 21. Joseph Rocket,^ m. Hannah Partridge. Apl. 2, 1679, who d. Mar. 8, 1680- 

He removed to Swansey, where he or another of the same name d. Jly* 
21, 1693. He had at Medfield, i. Hannah,* Feb. 22, 1679-80 ; ii. Mary,*^ 
(by a 2d w.), d. at Swansey, Deo. 14, 1693. 

10. 22. John Socket,^ **Rev.," inherited the homestead, J m. S. of the lowest watei^ 

privilege on Bogistow Brook in E. Medway. He was styled Rev. on the 
records, pr. from his speaking in religious assemblies, for I can find no evi- 
dence that he wa? ever ordained or otherwise licensed to preach than by com- 
mon consent. He is presumed to have been a Separatist, and to have contribn- 
ted to the final establishment of the Baptist Chh. in Medfield. He m. Bethia 
Twitchell, Jly. 19, 1688, dg. of Benj. T., from Dorchester, and who d. Jaq. 

1, 1706-7 : He m. 2d, Sarah , who d. his wid. at Medfield, May 17, 

1758. He bad, i. Bethia,* Aug. 26, 1689, m. Wm. Burges, Aug. 25, 
1712 ; II. John,* Oct. 6, '90, d. Apl. 16, 1703. 
188. 24. in. Joseph,* Nov. 15, 1692, d. Oct. 1774, at Oxford. 

66. 25. IV. Samuel,* Apl. 15, 1695, m. Mary White; 

72. 26. V. Benj.,* Nov. 19, 1697, m. Rachel Morse, r. Grafkon; 

VI. Diborah,* Apl. 7, 1700 ; 

74. 27. VII. Hezekiah,* Mar. 1, 1702, m. Esther , r. Medway ; 

75. 28. VIII. John,* Dec. 26, l706, m. Hanh. Fisher, r. Hopk. 

11. 29. Nathaniel Rockwood,^ Dca., m. Dec. 7, 1698, Joanna Ellis, b. Jan. 17, 
1677, dg. of Tho. E., of Medfd., by w. Mary Wight (m. 1657), 8. in 
Wrcntham, and had, 
I. Margaret,* Sep. 4, 1699. ra. Ebenr. Metcalf, Jly. 11, 1732; 

35. 30. II. Nathaniel,* Dec. 9, 1700, m. Margaret Phipps ; 

36. 31. III. Benj.,* Mar. 28, 1702-3, d. Oct., 1774, m. Mehetabel Thompson, 

IV. Abigail,* Jan. 2, 1703-4, d. young; 
32. V. Ebenezer,* Nov. 2, 1705, and Nov. 13, '23, chose John Rocket, of 
Medway, to be his guardian, [Suf. Prob.] pr. d. yg. ; vi. Hannah,* Oct. 9, 
1707, m. Tho. Lawrence, Nov. 11, '35 ; vii. Mary,* Oct. 17, 1709, m.— 
Alexander, of Winchester, N. H. ; 

39. 33. viii. Tho..* Feb. 25, 1711-12, m. Abigail McCay, Mar. 15, '37~.8; 

IX. Abigail,* June 8, 1714, m. Josiah Blake, who succeeded to the inherit- 
ance of the ancient Rock wood farm and Mansion, in W. ; 

42. 34. X. Elisha,* June 11, 1716, placed under the guardianship of hb mother, 
Nov. 13, '23, [Suf. Prob.] d. Dec. 5, 1788, at Groton. 

30. 35. Nathaniel Rockwood,*m. Margaret Phipps, Deo. 19, '27, pr. dg. of Jobn 

P., of Wrentham, and sister of John Phips, of Sherbom, and grd. niece o^ 
Sir Wm. P., settled at Winchester, N. H. He had, i. Nathaniel,* Nov. 
16, 1728, atWrenth.; ii. Amos,* Aug. 9, '30; iii. Asa,* Feb. 5, '33; 
IV. Mary,* Sep. 3, '47, >at Winchester, m. Noah Cook, Esq., of Keene. 

31, 36. Benj. Rockwood,* or else his uncle, was the ** Benj. Rockwood " who, in 

1737, petitioned the General Court for consideration on account of his serviced 


and sufferings in tbe late Indian "wars. He m. Mchctabel Thompson, Dec. 
19-, 1727, who d. June 28, '44. He m. 2d, Ruth Mann, Jan. 9, ^4-5, who 
was b. Jan, 15, 1720, dg. of Wm. M., of W., and grd. dg. of Rer. Mr. M., 
of W. She d. Nov. 11, 1811. He r. W. of Minebrook Valley, 1^ m. N. 
W. of Franklin Meeting-house, then in W., and had, i. Keziah,* Nov. 13, 
1729, d. May 8, '90, m. Francis Daniels, Jan. 8, '58, r. F. ; ii. Samuel,* 
Jly. 25, '32, d. Apl. 19, '34 ; iii. Mehetabel,* Oct. 25, '34, m. Tim. Rich- 
ardson, Dec. 18, '51 ; iv. Benj.,* June 1, '39, d. Aug. 24, '54 ; v. Lois,* 
June 4, '44, m. Eleazer Patridge, of F. ; vi. Samuel,* May 19, '46, m. 
Sarah Richardson ; 

57. 37. vir. Timothy,* Mar. 14, '47-8, m. Sarah Phillips, fr. Bell. ; 

53. 38. VIII. Elisha,* Oct. 8, '50, d. Dec. 1, 1831, m. Eunice Clark ; ix. Peter,* 
Mar. 19, '53, d. Jan. 30, '54 ; x. Rachel,* Apl. 26, '56, m. Elisha BuUard, 
of F. ; XI. Eunice,* Jly. 31, '68, m. Samuel Blake, of F. 

33. 39. Tho. Rockwood,* m. Abigail McCay, Mar. 15,1737-8, settled in W., 
and removed to Oxford, had, i. Esther.* Feb. 24, 1738-9, at W. ; 

40. II. Silas,* Apl. 22, '41 ; in. Ruth,* Jly. 26, '43 : 

41. IV. Micah,* Feb. 17. '45-6; v. Persis,* Jly. 13, '47 ; vi. Tho.,* Sep. 9, 
'52, at Oxfd. ; vn. Abigail,* Feb. 24, '55. 

34. 42. Elisha Rockwood,* by trade a clothier, settled in Groton. He m. Aug. 
18, 1738, Elizabeth Adams, b. Sep. 4, 1719, and d. May 16, 1799, the dg. 
of James A., of Sherbom, by w. Abigail Hill, and grd. dg. of Moses A., 
of S., by w. Lydia Whitney, and g. grd. dg. of Henry A., of Medfield, by w. 
Lydia Paine, and gr. gr. grd. dg. of Henry Adams, of Braintree. She was 
cousin to the father of the Rev. Moses A., formerly of Acton, and distantly 
related to the father of Robt. Treat Paine, the signer of the Declaration. He 
had at Groton, i. Elizabeth,* May 6, 1739, d. Sep. 17, '53 ; 
150. 43. IT. Elisha,* Nov. 9, or 20, N. S., '40, d. Feb: 1831 ; in. Samuel,* Aug. 

11, '42, d. Sep. 2, '53 ; 
48. 44. IV. Joseph,* June 13, '44, d. 1816, m. Sarah Richardson ; 
140. 45. V. Ebenezer,* A. M., M. D., Aug. 13, '46, d. Feb. 10, 1830; 
VI. Lydia,* May 27, '48, d. Sep. 17, '53, or 8 ; vii. Abigail,* Aug. 13, '51, 
• m. Ebenr. Wood, and d. 1825, without issue ; viii. Moses,* Jly. 11, '53, d. 

Sep. 7, '53 ; 
46. IX. Samuel,* Dea., Dec. 6, '54, d. May 29, 1804, r., a clothier, on the 
homestead at G., m. Lucy Hubbard, and had 7 children^ ; 

X. Elizabeth,* 2d, Apl. 17, '57, d. Dec. 11, 1847, m. Dea. Amos Fams- 
worth, of G., had Amos^ Vind Hcdph,^ both physicians, and 3 other children^ ; 
and no deaths in their family prior to their own, at the age of 90 ys. 

XI. Lydia,* 2d, Aug. 23, '59, m. AbijahWood, of Westminster; xii. Sybil,* 
Aug. 11, '61, d. 1818, ra. David How, of Sudbury, and had 5 children ; 
XIII. Sarah,* Jly. 3, '63, m. Stephen Horsley, of Pepperell, and had 2 sons. 

44. 48. Joseph Rockwood,* settled as a farmer at G., m. Sarah Richardson, and had 

49. I. Joseph,* Dec. 17, 1766; 

50. II. Moses,* May 11, '69 ; iii. Susanna,* Sep. 27, '71 ; iv. John,* Dec. 
15, '73, d. yg. ; 

51. V. Abel,* Dec. 15, '73 ; vi. Nabby,* June 13, '76 ; 
52 VII. John,* Sep. 16, '78; viii. Sarah,* Aug. 4, '81. 

38. 53. Elisha Rockwood,* e. of Benj., m, June 3, 1778, Eunice Clark, dg. of 



Elijah C, of Medway, viho d. Sep. 28, 1838, s. at N. Wrentbam, andhad_ 
I. Abigail,^ Sep. 19, 1779, resides um. at N. Wrentbam ; 
177. 54. ir. Benj.,« Oct. 18, '83, m. Lucy Ware ; 

55. III. Peter,® Dea., Sep. 25, '87, m. Parnell; 2d, Roxa Stone, b. Jun^a 

30, 1788, dg. of Elijab S., of Milf., by w. Sopbronisba Rawson,r. Milf. 

IV. Eunice,® Oct. 30, '91 ; v. Eunice,® June 14, '93, m. Jotbam Clark, (^ 
Medway, \9bo d. 1845, witbout issue ; vi. Cbarlotte,® Feb. 16, '95, r. wat. - 
at N. Wrentb. ; 

56. yn. Jefferson,® Oct. 11, 1801, m., and resided at Nashua, N. H., b; 

Thomas J,/ Andrew J.J and Sarah J 

37. 57. Timothy Rockwood,*w. Sarah Phillips, r. Unionville, Franklin, bad, 

I. Sally,® Dec. 24, 1783, r. um. in Franklin ; 
60. 58. II. Asa,® Mar. 25, '87, m. Julia Thurston ; in. Timothy,® Jan. 1, '94; d.yg.; 
59. IV. Nathan,® Jan. 9, '98, m. Hanh. Miller, r. F., had NatkanJ Hannah 
' J.J Sarah JJ 

58. 60. Asa Rockwood,® w. Julia Thurston, r. Franklin, bad, 

61. I. Erastus,^ Aug. 17, 1813, w. Mary Ann Daniels, d. Apl. 7, '42 ; 2d w., 
Louisa Morse, b. Apl. 11, '18, m. Apl. 2, '45, r. F., bad, 

I. Erastus 2).,^ Apl. 7, '38; ii. Edmund J., ^ A.^\.% '42; in. Mary 
Louisa,^ Feb. 3, '46 ; iv. Eugene Morse^ Dec. 15, '48 ; v. Blim 
Lucine^ Deo. 14, '53. ; 

62. II. Asa P.,^ Jan. 6, 1816, d. Aug. 11, '21 ; iii. Julia Ann, Jan. 24, 
'18, d. Aug. 28, '36 ; 

63. IV. Abijab T.,^ Mar. 24, '20, m. Sarah M. Peck, r. F., has Luciui ft," 

Juliette^; Frank}; 

64. V. James,' Nov. 6, '21, d. yg. ; vi. Susan B.,' May 17, '24, m. Francis 
B. Ray, May 27, '53, r. F., has Wm. F.® b. Mar. 2, '54; vii. Wm.,' Jly. 
16, '27. 

65. Benj. Rockwood, jun., in 1769? w. Anna, had Olive, Jan. 20, 1787, at 
Franklin. ? 

25. 66. Samuel Rocket,* m. Mary White, fromMendon, and 8. on the N. E. 

corner lot of 149 acres, of Medfield, New Grant., \ m. S. E. of Winthrop's 
Pond. His land was assigned, 1659, to Geo. Barbour. He bad 
67. I. Samuel,^ jun., May 3, 1724, d. Jan. 19, '54, m. Sarah Pierce, Nov. 7, 
1750, who was esteemed a witchj inherited the homestead, bad 

I. Ohadiah, d. yg. ; ii. Amos, Jly. 20, '51, inherited the homestead, 
d. without issue ; iii. Molly, d. um. ; 
84. 68. II. Timothy,* May 23, 1727, s. in HolL, m. Elizabeth Perry ; 
99. 69. III. Asa,* Dec. 28, '34, m. Sybil Littlefield, s. in W. part of HoU. ; 
101. 70. IV. Moses,* May 19, '37, m. Lydia Ellis ; and 2d Hanh. Ellis, sisters, 
and dgs. of Tim. E., of Med., by w. Hanh. Adams, who m. 2d, Wm. Richard- 
son, and bad Amos. ; 
71. V. Aaron,* Mar. 8, '43-4, d. um. in the army, near Ticonderoga. 

26. 72. Benj. Rocket,* w. Rachel Morse, b. May 30, 1702, dg. of Benoni M., by 

w. Rachel Bullard, r. Grafron, and had 
73. I. Benj.,* Nov. 18, '23 ; ii. Rachel,* Jly. 5, '37, at Med. 

27. 74. Hezekiah,* w. Esther, s. 100 rods. S. W. of bis father, Rev. John, in E 


Medway, and had, i. Josiah,* Apl. 7, 1733, d. Oct. 20, '62; ii. Seth,* 
Apl, 10, '37, d. Sep. 15, '61 ; in. Amos,* May 22, '39, d. Feb. 26, '47. 

28. 75. John Rocket,* served as a soldier in the first French war, m. Hannah 
Fisher, from Dedham^ and s. at Bear Hill, then included in Mendon, and 
probably on land that had been assigned by the proprietors of Mendon, 
1720-1, to Josiah Rocket (No. 15), who had no fhale issue. He was 
admitted to fall communion, 1743, in the chh. in Hopk., and had 

76. I. John,* jun., Dec. 3, 1733, m. Anno Taft, 1758, who m. 2d, Doa. 
Josiah Adams, of Mend., Feb. 14, 1792. He covenanted, 1758, and had 

77. I. Amos,^ Jan. 20, 1760, at Hopk ; 

240. 78. II. ffezekiahj^ Feb. 9, '61, d. June 17, 1838, m. Elizabeth Wood, 

'84 ; 2d, Betsey Leland, dg. of Adam L., of Sh. ; in. Hannah,^ 
ApL 18, '63, m. Daniel Fisk, of Upton, and d. without issue ; 
247. 79. IV. Josiah,^ Aug. 4, '65, m. Thankful Batchelder, of U., '87 ; 

136. 80. V. JEltsha,^ Sep. 8, '67, m. Hanh Leland, Apl. 10, 1800 ; 

VI. MoseSf^ who was idiotic, d. in H. ; vii. Deborah,^ m. John Wood ; 
81. VIII. Amiel Weeks j^ who m. the sister of Oliver Ellice, of Med., and 

8. 10 m. from the capitol, at Montpelier, Vt. ; 
256. 82. IX. John^ m. Apl. 10, 1781, m. Lydia Whitney, r. Hopk. 

83. II. ?Benj. Rockwood, of Upton, m. Ruth Adams, b. 1729, dg. of Daniel, of Med., had at U., i. Abigail, Mar. 12, 1754 ; ii. Ruih^ Mar. 12, 
'56 ; III. Rhoda, June 30, '58, d. May 16, '59 ; 
83^. IV. J5few;., May 23, '60. 

68. 84. Timothy Rockwood,* s. 1 m. S. W. of Holliston Meeting-house, where 
Isaac Kibby resides, was distinguished for energy, industry and integrity, and 
was much relied on as an appraiser of estates. He m. 1st, Elizabeth Perry, 
Jan. 24, 1750-1 ; 2d w., Jemima (Leland) Underwood, Mar. 12, '67 ; 3d, 
Alice Littlefield, Aug. 22, '71, and 4th, Deborah (Leland) Fairbanks, Jan. 
15, '87, who d. May 21, 1805. He d. Feb. 21, 1806. He had 

91.^ 85. I. Timothy,® b. in Med. Oct. 30, 1751, s. \ m. N. of his father, in Holl. ; 

II. Elizabeth,® Dec. 23, 1753, d. May 1, 1849, m. Col. Simeon Cutler, of H. ; 

86. III. Samuel,® Oct. 30, '55, d. yg. ; v. Deborah,® Dec. 10, '58, m. James 

Mellen, Esq., of Holl. ; vi. Rhoda,® Oct. 12, '63, m. Ezra Brown, of H. ; 
88. VII. Aaron,® Jly. 6, 72, d. yg. ; viii. Miriam,® Dec. 13, '73, d. yg. ; 
IX. Lucretia,® Jly. 25, '75, m. Rev. Drury Fairbanks, r. Plym., N. H., 
whose descendants r. in and near St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; x. Anna,® June 14, 
'77, m. Sampson Bridges, of Hopk. ; 

259. 89. XI. Luther,® Jan. 7, '80 m. Ruth Perry; 2d, Ruth (Littlefield) Temple, 

r. Hoi. ; XII. Calvin,® Dec. 25, '83. d. yg. 

85. 91. Timothy Rockwood,® jun., w. Margaret Parker, m. Dec. 12, 1770, r. Holl. ; 
92 I. Nathan,' Aug. 8. '71, m. Sep. 20, '93, Joanna Day, and settled in 
Hopk. ; II. Elizabeth,' Apl. 10, '73, .d. yg. ; 

260. 93. III. Nahum,' Dec, 1775, m. Elizabeth Newton, s. in Leicester ; 

94. IV. Wm.,' Nov. 13. '77, m. Polly Burnet, r. H., had Wm. (d.) and Mary; 

108. 95. V. Aaron,' Oct. 28, '79, m. Mille Watkins, r. Med., and Bell.; 

VI. Sophia,' Oct. 12, '82, ra. Abner Holbrook ; and 2d, Martin Cutler; 

96. VII. Ezra,' Nov. 5, '84, m. Polly Stone ; 2d, Betsey (Stone) Perry, r. H.; 
VIII, Milla,' Dec. 26, '86, ra. Elihu Whiting, r. Barre ; 

97. IX. Timothy,' Jan. 17. '89, m. Polly Chamberlain ; 2d, Nancy Adams, r. H.; 

98. X. Calvin,' June 3, '92, ra. Lois How, r. H. 


69. 99. Asa Rockwood,^ w. Sybil Littlefield, r. Holliston, had 
100. I. Samuel,® who m. Hanh. Pond, Jao. 7, '87, s. in Milford, and rm. to 

New Bruintroe and Oakham ; ii. Sybil,® m. Ellis, of Med., and r.with 

her son, a surveyor in Hopk. ; iii. Lydia,® m. Saunders, of Milfd. 

70. 101. Moses, inherited the W. half of the hdmestead in Med. He was 

an industrious, frugal, kind and veracious roan, possessed of an astonisbiDg 
memory, and seemed to know the history of his vicinity and race as well as 
if he had lived there over since the beginning of the settlement. Many aa 
evening did I listen in my youth and early manhood to his narratives of the 
past. He was nearly 11 ys. old at the death of his grd. uncle, Benj., who 
was born in 1651, and well remembered him. He m Hannah Ellis, 
had only 
102. I. Moses,*Cpt., d. Mar. 12, 1854, a ab. '82. He being an only 
settled with his father, and inherited his integrity, industry and tenacity of life. 
When 80 years old, his memory was unimpaired, and his active labors un- 
remitted. In early life he embarked in trapping in the then unbroken wil- 
derness of W. N. York, — learned the languages of the Indians ; and many 
a long evening did the author in his boyhood, listen with delight to the bistoiy 
of his romantic adventures, receiving therefrom a bias for life. Capt. R m. 
Lois Johnson, Jly. 1, 1798, dg. of Joseph Johnson, of Hoi., by w. Mercy 
Cozzens, b. June 3, 1767. They had 

103. I. Simeon/ Sep. 21, '99, m. Melatiah Clark ; ii. JohnsonJ d. yg.; 

104. III. Hannah Ellis J Dec. 11, '02, m. Geo. Blake, of Med; 

106. IV. Calviny m. Elizabeth Marsh, r. H., ; 
V. Eliza/ m. Newell Levering ; 

107. VI. Moses, Mar. 24, 1809, m. Adaline Johnson, r. HoU. 

95. 108. Aaron, w. Mille Watkins, r. Med. and Bell. ; 

109. I. Newell,^ Jly. 29, 1801, m. Ann S. Winter; 2d, Susan Lehind; 3d, 
Sarah Smith ; ii. Mary Ann,^ Feb. 8, '05, m. Simeon Fisher, 1824 ; 

110. III. Aaron W.,^ May 2, '07, r. Bos., m. Almira Cobb, has Angelina, 

Jane M. ; iv. Caroline,® Feb. 8, '10, d. Mar. 16, '24, at Bellmghao; 
V. Mille P.,« Aug. 4, '12, d. Jly. 9, '24, at BcUingham; 

111. VI. Ezra B.,® Dec. 29, '16, m. Hannah Sargent, r. Fitchburg; 

vn. Harriot,^ May 25, '21, m. Addison Warfield, of Holl., has Aaron R; 

VIII. Sabrina Morse,^Mar. 25, '23. 

93. 112. Nahum,^ Dea., w. Elizabeth Newton, r. Leicester ; i. Mary^ Apl. 12, 
1801, r. um. atL. ; ii. Ursula^ (d.) m. Edwin Waite of L. ; iii. Elizabeth,' 
m. Elijah, and 2d, Nathan Harkness, rs. Worcester; iv. Timothy P.' 

89. 113. Luther,® m. Ruth Perry, and 2d, Ruth (Littlefield) Temple, inherits the 
homestead in H., and had i. Miriam,^ Aug. 2, 1803, d. March 10, 1814; 

II. Albert Perry,' June 9, 1805, m. Nancy Haven, r. Salt Lake City, Utah; 

III. Elbridge L.,' Oct. 3, 1808, a. Aug. 7, 1813; iv. Mary Ann,^ June 
13, '10, d. Aug. 5, '13 ; v. Thomas T.,' June 5, '16. m. Eviline lieonard, 
rs. Norton ; vi. Eviline,^ Sept. 4, '14, d. Feb. 17, '19; vii. Ruth,' June 5 
'16, m. Eli H. Warren, rs. H. ; vni. Elsie L.,' Dec. 13, '19, rs. H.; 

IX. Elbridge L.,'Nov. 24, '24, m. Elizabeth Phipps, rs. H., has i. Wil- 

bur/ ; II. a son,^ 

109. 185. Newell,® w. Ann Sophia Winter, m. Apl. 20, 1823, d. Aug. 15, '24, 
a. 21 ; 2d w., Susan Leland, m. Mar. 12, '26, d. Dec. 28, '29, a. 23 ; 3d 


w., Sarah Smitb, m. Oct. 6, '30, rs. HoU. had i. Ann Sophia,^ Dec. 10, '27 ; 
II. Geo. Leland,^ Dec. 9, '29; iii. Sarah Jemima,^ Oct. 17, '31, d. Nov. 
24, '33. 

80. 136, Elisha Kockwood,® w. Hannah Leland, dg. of Saml. L., the s. of Simon 
and Hanh. Partridge L., and grd. s. of Dea. Wm. L., by w. Mehetabel 
Breck, dg. of John and Mehetabel Morse B. Her mother was • Mary 
Leland, b. Feb. 19, 1753, dg. of Henry L., by w. Keziah Bullard, and grd. 
dg. of Ens. Henry L., by w. Mary Morse, r. Sberborn, had i. John,' Feb. 
27, 1801, m. Adaline Farrington, r. S. Abington ; ii. Clarissa,' July 17, 
1803, d. um ; in. Cbarles,' Mar. 27, 1806, m. Lois E. Farrington, dg. of 
Alfred F., of Wrenth., by w. Harriet Pond, sis. of Rev. Enoch P., D. D., 
r. Natick, had i. Ellen Maria^ Mar. 11, 1834, m. Isaac N. Travis, of JST., 

had Emma E.,^ Sept. 9, '64; ii. Adeline? ^2lx. 3, '37; iii. John,^ 

Jan. 4, '44 ; iv. Chs, E? Jan. 14, '46. 
IV. Joseph/ and v. Mary,' Jly. 13, 1809, both d. yg. ; vi. Samuel Leland,' 
Rev., A. M., b. Nov. 16, 1810, m. Christina Gilbert, dg. of James G., of 
Mansfield, by w. Deborah Sprague, the dg. of Gen. George Godfrey, of 
Taunton, and grd. dg. of James G , of Norton, a soldier in the French war 
of 1755. Mr. R. grad. at Amherst Col., 1836, and was ordained at Han- 
son, where he still remains. He had i. Clarissa Frances? Apl. 15, 1842, 

d. May 8, '42; ii. Samuel Gilbert? Mar. or May 16, '44; iii. John 

Edwards? May 16, '46 ; iv. Christina Eliza? June 1, '60. 
VII. Elizabeth Ann,' Apl. 1, 1814, (d.) m. James Austin, had i. -4ww,' (d.) 
viii. Hannah Adams,' Dec. 28, 1817, r. Natick. 

45. 140. Ebenezer Rockwood,* A. M., M. D., possessed a " character of great 
worth and acknowledged excellence," which his posterity and the race would 
do well to emulate. The excellent spirit which dwelt first in his ancestors 
lived in him, and throughout his long life he adhered to sound Christian 
principles in all bis intercourse in society, in all his relations to the Church, 
and in all his influence over his family. He grad. at H. Col. 1773, studied 
medicine, entered the army of U. S. as surgeon, and afterward settled as a 
physician at Wilton, became eminent in his profession, and ever had an ex- 
tensive practice. On Feb. 10, 1830, then in his 84th year, he passed to his 
final reward, amidst the grief of friends and the regrets of the community. 
He m. Juno 10, 1779, Mary Emerson, b. Nov. 14, 1753, d. Mar. 9, 3848, 
(dg. of Rev. Daniel E., of Hollis, N. H., b. at Reading, May 16, 1716,) 
by whom he had 

I. Wm. E.,«Mar. 22, 1780, ra. Oct. 22, 1812, Abigail Conant, dg. of 
Dea. Josiah C, of HoUis., rs. Merrimack, N. H., has 
I. Wm, J.? rs. Yonkers, N. Y. ; ii. Elizabeth E. 

146. 142. II. Ebenezer,^ Esq., A. M., June 2, 1781, d. May 8, 1815 ; 

III. Betsey ,« Dec. 9, 1782, d. Oct. 6, 1846, m. Timothy Abbot, Esq. ; 

IV. Polly,« Aug. 6, 1784, resides in Hollis, N. H. 

145. 143. V. Lubin,« Apl. 6, 1786, d. May 16, 1826, in the triumphs of faith ; 

VI. Daniel,^ A. M., Oct. 15, 1787, d. Jan. 31, 1821, at Cuba. He settled 
as a lawyer in Boston, where I knew and regarded him as a gentleman 
of great urbanity, and destined for eminence ; vii. Hannah,^ Feb. 19, 1790, 
d. Nov. 7, 1808; viii. Sally,® Jly. 18, 1792, m. Rev. Leonard Jewett, 
r. Temple and Hollis, N. H. ; ix. Matilda,® Nov. 30, 1793, d. Apl. 21, 1823. 

143. 145. Labin,® was a Christian of sound orthodox principles and firm esiablishcd 


character. He was a devoted cbild, a worthy citizen, and a, kind and devoted 
husband and father ; and his memory will long be cherished with respect and 
gratitude. He m. Lydia Burton, dg. of Abraham B., of Hollis, who still 
survives, by whom he had 

I. Hannah,' Jly. 8, 1814, d. Apl. 13, 1832, eminent for piety and talent; 

II. L. Burton,' Rev., A. M., Apl. 8. 1816, who grad. at. Bar. Col. 1839, 
and at Uqion Theo.'Sem., New York, 1843; was financial agent of that 
Sem. 1843-50, and on Jly. 10, of the latter year, he was installed as col- 
league with the venerable and excellent Calvin Chapin, D. D., over the 
Congl. chh. at Rocky Hill, Ct., which delicate and important station he now 
fill?. He m. Abby Anne Abbot, May 1, 1845, dg. of Bea. Ezra A, of 
Wilton, N. H., and had i. Arthur Burton,^ Nov. 20, '46, d. Oct. 4, '47; 

II. Edward Nelson, ^ Oct. 9, '48, d. Feb. 16. '49; 

III. Sarah HaU^ Bee. 9, '49 ; iv. Fanny Larcomf Aug. 23, '51; 
V. Wm. Emerson^ Nov. 5, '54. 

III. L. Henritta,^ May 24, 1819, d. June 22, '40, with strong and triumph- 
ant hopes in Christ ; 

IV. Mary E.,' May 14, '21,'m. Col. 1. P. Clark, Bee. 5, ^39, r. N. Ipsw., N. E; 

V. Betsey B.,' Apl. 19, '25, m. Chs. S. Bavis, Esq., Aug. 28, '45, rs. Bos- 
ton, Mass., had i. Henrietta Jf?.,^Aug. 28, '46, d. Sept. 10, '46; 

II. OharUs A.^ Apl. 7, '47 ; iii. WaUer R.f Nov. 9, '49. 

142. 146. Ebenezer Rockwood.* Esq., A. M. grad. at H. U., 1802, read law, s. 
in Bos., where he d. May 8, 1815, at the age of 34 ys. While he lived 
his intimate associates were of the highest circle of talent and refinement. 
Numbers of them, ere merit had ceased to be a passport, rose to the highest stations 
of honor in the gift of their fellow-citizens ; and had Mr. Rockwood been spared, 
such were his talents and address, and such his moral worth, that be could hardly 
have failed of a full share of such honors. One fact illustrates the nobility of bis 
friends, and the esteem in which he was held. When his death was announced, the 
members of a class club of which he was a founder while at the University, met and 
resolved, as one of their testimonials, ** that $500 of their funds be put out on inter 
est for the aid of the first of his children who should wish, a col. education," and 
thus it would have been cheerfully expended had there been need. The followiog 
obituary appeared in the Weekly Messenger of June 2, 1815 : — 

The late Mr. Rockwood but a few days since, was seen in our judicial tribunal 
giving proof of powers of mind destined, as was anticipated, to adorn the bar and pub- 
lic assemblies of our country. Without the aid of fortune, and with no friends but 
those attached to him by hw own merit, he was advancing with undeviating step to 
the first rank in his profession. His example has illustrated the truth, that patroaa^ 
is not necessary to talents ; but that associated with virtue, they lead, with an in^ 
pendent vigor, over every obstruction, to the honors and advantages of society. ^^ 
came into Boston a stranger. But there was in his exterior such a recommendi*''^^^^ 
of dignity and intelligence, that notice and respect were soon attracted to him. -^l 
quaintance became esteem, and the great number of those who regarded him, are • J^, 
to feel for his loss a regret much more lasting than was the period permitted to •§>^^ 

Mr. Rockwood's mind was naturally of a high cast. His understanding ^ 
sound and clear, and extremely rapid in its deductions. It possessed a sprin^^'^f 
energy which supplied at the same time quickness and force. He was not habitut^ ' 
to long trains of reasoning — while others were arranging their arguments, he th^^. 
out his bold and luminous opinions. They were received with surprise, often ^/ 
incredulity — but all who reasoned justly, came at last to the same result, though ^/ 
n far longer process. 


Although he was young,, his knowledge was abundant ; for this, however, he was 
not much indebted to books. 

He never resorted to them, when he had opportunities for observation, — and 
even in that profession, in which great erudition is almost a sufficient qualification, 
and learning often succeeds where talent alone fails, he seldom had recourse to books 
except as authorities, — his arrangement, his argument and his decision, were origi- 
nal, and apparently intuitive. 

But these powers, though rare and valuable, are not all that is worthy to be 
described in Mr. Eockwood. Clear and true as was the glance of bis mind, this was 
not more admirable than his noble and generous heart. The^ selfish man would have 
shrunk in his presence and felt how elevated a principle of action is disinterestedness. 
He was ever more active, judicious, and even cautious, when others were concerned. 
The energy of his understanding, and the ardor of his feelings, found their true 
focus in the interest of others. Ho was full of affection and humanity — yet he had 
little of that tenderness which o^en weakens the best resolves. He neither shrunk 
from pain himself when it was salutary, nor hesitated in like circumstances to inflict 
it on others. 

He was ealled from amidst the mQ3t active scenes in life to the bed of death. He 
did indeed desire to live ; for to him the prospect of life presented a scene of use- 
fulness, of tender attachments, and of advancing reputation. Few had less to fear, and 
few had more to resign ; yet he looked up to Heaven with that humility which fears 
to trust even the approbation of conscience. He could not approach the throne of 
his Maker without trembling ; yet with that decision which uniformly accompanied 
him, he bent bis few remaining hours to prepare for death. Beligion, that principle 
so congenial with great and good minds, was here his first resource. By her aid, he 
was enabled to turn, with resignation and tranquillity, from the endearments of life, 
to sever the tenderest ties which bound him to this world, and to await his last mo- 
ments, with a steady and confiding mind. 

He m. Abigail Breese Hazard, (now the w. of Bev. Dr. Tho. E. Vermilye, 
of New York,) dg. of Hon. Ebenr. Hazard, of Phila., (P. M. General under 
Washington,) by w. Abigail Arthur, b. Aug. 5, 1759, dg. of Opt. Joseph 
A., by w. Jane (Chevalier) Anderson, (b. at Phila. Nov. 3, 1723, m. at 
Bos. Jan. 4, '49-50.) Capt. A. (b. in Bos. July 2, 1715) was the son of 
Joseph A., senr., (b. st Salem, Apl. 11, 1691,) by w. Abigail A. (b. in 
Bos. 1696, and d. Aug, 12, 1761. Mr. Kockwood had 

I. Abigail Arthur,^ Sept. 19, 1808, resides a maiden lady in New York ; 

II. Ebenezer Hazard,'^ Aug. 1810, grad. M. D. at Yale Col., 1832, and rs. 
as a physician at Enfield, m. Juliet Bliss, fr. W. Springfield, b. Aug. 16, 
1811, m. Nov. 7, '32, d. June 11, '54; and 2d, Adelia 0. Wilson, dg. of 
Ezl. Smith, fr. Behoboth; and had i. EUen Louua^ Jan. 31, 1834, at 

Longmeadow ; ii. Ebenezer Arthur^ Jan. 6, 1839, at Enfield ; 

III. Charlotte Elizabeth,^ Feb. 3, 1842, at E. ; iv. Charles Ers- 
kine,^ June 20, 1847. 

III. Wm. Erskine,^ June, 1812, d. um. 1835; at Havana, Cuba ; 

IV. Charles Green,' Jly. 19, 1814, rs. a banker at Mauch Chunk, Pa., m. 
June 23, 1840, Sarah Smith, dg. of Geo. B. S., of New York, by w. 
Joanna Vermilye, and had i. Wm. Ershine, May 21, 1841, d. Jly. '42 ; 

II. Chs. Green,^ Jan. 11, '43 ; iii. Joanna Smith, ^ June 13, '45 ; 

IV. Elizabeth Vermilye,^ Mvij 30, '48, d. May 6, '53. 

43. 150. Elisha,* jun., m. Mary Farnsworth, Apl. 29, 1762, who d. Nov. 11, '65. 
He m. 2d, Abigail Stone, b. July 8, 1749, of Groton, m. June 4, '71. He 
rm. fr. G. to Chesterfield, N. H. He had, i. Hannah, « Feb. 10, 1763. 


d. yg. ; 2d, Mollj,° Oct. 29, '64, d. yg. ; in. Elisha,^ Apl. 16, 72, d. Sep. 
9, 77 ; IV. Emrae.^ July 21, 73, m. Derastus Bennet, of Brattleboro',Vt., 
and d. Feb. 4, 1810, without issue; v. Mary,® Aug. 13, 75, d. July 15, 
1818, m. Roswell Parker, of Putney, Vt., had EmmeJ m. Josiah Aiken ; 
VI. Abigail,® Sep. 10, 76, d. Sep. 7, 77 ; 

155. 151. VII. Elisha,® Rev., D. D., m. May 9,78, Susanna B. Parkman; 
161. 152. VIII. Wm.,® July 27, '80, m. Anna Horton ; ' 

168. 153. IX. John,® July 7, '82, m. Sally Green, of Westmoreland ; 
174. 154. X. Otis,® Rev., A. M., May 1, '91, m. Maria Johnston. 

151. 155. Elisha,® D.D., grad. at Dar. Col., 1802, and became one of its tutors for two 
years. He was ord. at Westboro', Mass., Oct. 28, 1808, m. Oct. 5, 1809, 
Susanna Brigham Parkman, dg. of Breck P., Esq., and grd. dg. of Rev. 
Ebenezer P., the first minister of W., and b. Apl. 13, 1782, and d. June 4, 
1836. He next m. Feb. 21, 1838, Emily W. Herrick, b. Dec. 18, 1798, 
dg. of Abel Wilder, of Keene, N. H., and wid. of Rev. Osgood Herrick, 
formerly of Millbury. Mr. Rockwood continued the minister of W. for the 
now remarkable term of 27 years, where Jiis labors were greatly blessed and 
an amount of good accomplished through his instrumentality, to be measured 
by no scale in an angel's hand. Long may he survive, the object of our 
gratitude and reverence, until we salute him as our father, where sacred ties 
shall be sundered no more. 

He was dismissed from W., March 11, 1835, and installed at Swanzey, 
N.H., Nov. 16, '36, where he continues his' labors with great acceptance, 
though now in his 77th year. He had, at W., 
I. Elisha Parkman,^ June 19, 1811, d. Jan. 22, 1828. 

157. 156. II. Wm. Otis,'' Feb. 12, 1814; iii. Susanna Brigham,' Oct. 1, 1815, 
d. May 12, '43, m. Dea. Christopher C. Denny, of Keene, Oct. 10, '37, had, 
Henry Rockwood^ Feb. 22, '39 ; 

IV. Hannah Abigail,'' Feb. 1, 1817, m. Feb. 16, '42, Dexter Brigham, 
jun., of Harnden & Co.'s Express, and had, i. Susan Emily, ^ Apl. 19, '46, 

d. Aug. 27, '46 ; ii. Rockwood,^ July 27, '48 ; 

V. Robert Breck, Jan. 17, 1822, d. Jan. 17, '22. 

156. 157. Wm. Otis,' m. Dec. 6, 1842, Helen-Mar More, of Quincy, III., pre- 

vious of Aubume, N. Y., settled in Indianapolis, Ind., and had, i. Helen- 
Mar ,« Sep. 13, 1844; ii. Susan Brigham,^ June 8, '46, d. Apl. 7, '47 ; 

III. Wra. Elisha,® Oct. 26, '47 ; iv. Charles Brigham,® Nov. 1, '50 ; 
V. Breck Parkman,® Nov. 6, '51. 

152. 161. Wm.,® m. Dec, 1804, Anna Horton, from Brattleboro', who d. May ^ 
1806. He m. 2d, Chloo Heminway, Apl. 2, 1807, dg. of Jacob H., Esq., 
of Bridport, Vt., and b. Oct. 19, 1787. He rs. a respectable farmer, at 
Bridport, had, 

I. Wm. Horton,^ by 1st w., who m. Susan G. West, dg. of John W., Esq., of 
New York, and rs. in N. Yk. a merchant ; 

II. Elisha Heminway,^ M. D., Jan. 6, 1808, m. Eliza Thompson, dg. of 
Judge Amos T., of Poultney, Vt., and rs. in Newark, N. Y., where he has 
a good practice and standing in society. He had, 

I. Wm. ^.,® Jan. 17, 1836 ; ii. Harriet Graced Nov. 13, 1840 ; 
ni. Derastus Bennett,' Apl. 15, 1810, m. Mary Flinn, of Buffalo, r. Chi- 
cago, engaged in Lake navigation ; 

IV. Henry Otis,' Dec. 17, 1812, m. Eliza A. Martin, r. New York ; 





wf 1>— .:„! 1>,-1-.-I ir.. ttPT ^nt 

rf-^ . ^ 

' '48, Sarah B. Wilder, dg. 
^^iqham,^ b. Sep. 8, 


siEv.ELii®isi/ft s,Bia«im®i)B m.i. 


V. Daniel Parker/ May 27, 1815, m. Oct. 24, '48, Sarah B. Wilder, dg. 
of Abel W., of Keene, N. H., r. Bridport, and has Brigham,^ h. Sep. 8, 

'49 ; Elizabeth W.,^ b. Nov. 1, '60; Jennie,^ b. Jan. 21,' 53 ; 
Ti. Charles Almeron,' Aug. 29, 1817, m. Emeline Barker, of Fredonia, 
N.Y., and r. a merchant at Cincinnati, 0. ; tii. Harriet Ann/ Mar. 27, 1821, 
m. Nicholas W. West, of New York, and d. without issue, Jan. 9, '41 ; 
Yin. Susan Elizabeth,' Oct. 13, 1823, m. Chs. N. Hayward, of Bridport. 

168. John,^ m. June 26, 1817, Sallf Green, dg. of Cpt. Levi G., of Westmore- 
land, resided on the paternal farm in Chesterfield until 1835, when he rm. to 
Ottawa, 111., where he now resides. He had, i. Mary Abigail,' Sep. 5, 
1818, m. Sep. 18, '44, Rev. James Rice Dunn, of CoUinsville, 111. ; 
n. Elisha Green,' Mar. 11, 1820, d. Jan. 29, '21 ; iii. Martha Elizabeth,' 
Nov. 8, 1821, d. Nov. 29, '29 ; iv. Laura Maria,' May 28, 1823 ; 
v. Loring Otis,' May 28, '23 ; vi. John Adams,' July 3, '25, m. May 23, 
'50, Sarah Jane Lewis, of Berwick, 111., dg. of John L., had, 

Emily Beach? June 1, '51, d. July 21, '54 ; 
vn. Wm. Henry,' Nov. 21, '26 ; viii. Levi Green,' Mar. 13, '29, d. Feb. 
19, '36; IX. Elisha Earl,' Sep. 29, '34. 

174. Rev. Otis Bockwood, A. M., graduated at Midd. Col., Yt., 1813, and 
at the Theol. Sem., Andover, 1817; after which he spent six monthd 
in the Ist Cong. Socy. in Charlestown, where he had a call to settle as 
Colleague Pastor with the Rev. Dr. Morse, and at the same time a call 
from the 1st Cong. Chh. and Socy. in Lynn. After due deliberation 
he concluded to accept the latter, and was ordained July 1st, 1818. He 
found that ancient and venerable chh. in very depressed and disheartening 
circumstances, being reduced to 40 members, only 8 of whom were males, 
and the Socy. much embarrassed with debt ; and their house of worship so 
much dilapidated as to be deemed unworthy of repair. During his ministry 
there of 14 years, the chh. was increased to 130 members— their pecuniary 
obligations discharged and their house of worship rebuilt. 
In Dr. '* Cooke's Centuries " in Lynn, there is an interesting notice of Mr. 
Rockwood's ministry in that city, from which the following is an extract : 
'< But the true importance of the work which he did here consisted in break- 
ing the force of the tido which was bearing all to destruction, and beginning 
to set it an opposite direction. He found here a church having but two 
praying families, and left it with many. He found few minds evindng an 
attachment for the doctrines of the cross, and left a church prepared to unite 
in a successor who gave fearless utterance to those doctrines. He found the 
church declining in life and strength, and left it in a state of thrift and 
rapid increase: And he has been honored of God to break the succession of 
an erroneous and life-depressing ministry, and head a new series of the 
preachers of the truth, to whose labors God will attach his blessing ; and 
whoever comes in after generations to write the history of this church, and 
trace events as time will then have developed them, will trace great results to 
causes which had their spring under his labors. 

'' The honor which the providence of God put upon his ministry was this, 
that it was the turning point of life to an apparently expiring church. He 
sacrificed his own interests, and perilled his prospects of a happy settlement in 
the ministry, to make here what was thought to be the doubtful experiment 
whether this church could live. Such instances of self-sacrifice on the part 
of ministers are little thought of. With most it is taken as a first principle 



that ministers bave a selfish motive for every act. And when he declined a 
call to one of the best churches in the State, that he might unite his fortunes 
here ^ith an apparently sinking cause, he had no credit for his self-denial: 
it was even turned to his disadvantage ; and many inferred that he must be 
a small affair if he would consent to labor here with such a forlorn hope of a 
church. So little do the world, judging others by themselves, appreciate the 
ii2oral sublime in self-denial. But it matters not. He has not lost bis 
reward. Events in after years will show — they have already begun to show 
—more good accomplbhed, that is, more honor achieved, by that self^acrific* 
ing ministry than is ordinarily secured by a ministry in our largest churcbes. 
God has honored him by setting him at the head of a many-branching stream 
of life-giving influence here, where children and children's children will see 
cause to call him blessed." 

The effect of the sea air upon Mr. B.'s health urged him to seek an inland 
situation, and his pastoral relation was dissolved, July 1st, 1832. He sub- 
sequently preached in Hopkinton, in Berkley, and Wayland, and in Canaan, 
N. Y., where he had invitations to settle. He was at length installed over 
the 1st Cong. Chh. in S. Woodstock, Ct., where he labored with success till 
1844, when his ministerial relation was again dissolved. For several years 
past he with his family have had their residence in Boston. 
He m. Maria Johnston, July 28, 1819, dg. of Nathaniel Johnston, Esq., of 
Hillsboro', N. H., by w. Catharine C}ark, and had, 

I. Nathaniel Johnston,^ m. June, 1855, Emily Daniels ; 

II. Charlotte Clark' ; in. Edward Otis' ; 

IV. Abby Ann/ m, Hon. Edward Kent, r.. Bangor; v. Catharine Elizabetb^ 

54. 177. Benj.,* m. Lucy Ware, b. Mar. 25, 1787, m. Jan. 17, 1810, dg. of 

Josiah W., 8. in N. Wrentham, and had, i. Samuel,' Jan. 7, 1811. 
181. 179. II. Benj.,' Noy. 8, 1812 ; 

187. 180. ra. Elisha,' Sep. 21, 1814; iv. Lucy M.,' July 12, 1820, m. Ward A. 
Clark, Oct. '45, r. N. Wrenth., had WiUard P., Dec. 4, '46. 

179. 181. Benj.,' m. Sarah B. Pond, b. Jan. 15, 1815, m. Dec 27, '35, dg. of 

Jacob P., by w. Bebecca y r. N. Wrentham, and had, i. Benj. H.,* 

Jan. 20, 1839; ii. Stephen T.,« Jan. 18, '41 ; in. Sarah Maria,^ Aug. 5, 
'43; IV. Nathan H.,« Mar. 22, '46; v. Eunice A.,« Oct. 27, '48; 
VI. Elisha W.,« Mar. 16, '51 ; vii. Elijah C.,^ Oct. 9, '53. 

180. 187. Elisha,' m. Elizabeth Hewins, b. Jan. 6, 1815, m. Oct. 21, '41, dg. of 

Ebenr. H., by w. Anna , r. N. Wrenth., and had, i. Edwin 0.,® Nov. 

4, 1842 ; II. Walter H.,^ Aug. 23, 1850. 

•— — "■^^— — 

24. 188. Joseph Bocket,^ was sent in early manhood to keep garrison at Oxford, 
and became enamored with the country, and resolved on settling there. Af^^^" 
the dispersion of the French Huguenots and the acquisition of a title to 0. bj 
a second company of settlers, he was upon the ground, and on the 5th of 
Feb., 1715, in the first division of lands, drew 60 acres where Oxford vil- 
lage now stands, and in 1730, a 12 acre lot on the N. side of Great SwamP' 
. He was unfortunate in his location, however rich might have been bis soil 
for the substratum was too coarse for capillary attraction, and in seasons of 
unfrequent showers he must have lost his crops. This was probably learned 
by experience, for his sons settled in other parts of the town, and ps^icularly 
in the S. E. part. He must have beeu an acquisition to the strength of the 
settlement, for his mother was a Twitohell, and '' if a TwitoheU, abrong/' sui 





the ballad bf his day ; and several of his grd. nephews, to my knowledge, had 
the strength of two common laborers, coupled with rare activity and modera- 
tion of diet. He m. Hannah , and had at O., Feb. 9, 1714-15, 

I. Sibila^ II. Rebecca,* Dec. 4, 17 ; in. Mary,* May 11, *19> 
IV. Joseph,* Dec 11, '21, d. Dec. 11, '21 ; 

191. 189. V. Joseph,* Dec. 7, '23, d. 1749; vi. Sarah',* Nov. 16, '26; 

VII. John,* Mar. 5, '30. d. Nov. 26, '35 ; 

VIII. Hannah,* Dec. 12, '33, d. Sep. 26, '40 ; 

192. 190. IX. John,* Nov. 7, '35. 

189. 191. Joseph Rocket,* jun., d. a husbandman at O., 1749, and his estate was 

appraised at £783, 19s. He m. Mary Pratt, Feb. 2, 1743-4, who m. 2d, 
Mr. Jedediah Barton, Apl. 27, '65. He had at 0., i. Hannah,® Mar. 14, 
1745, m. Abner Claflin, '63 ; ii. Rebecca,® Feb. 21, '47-8. 

190. 192. John Rocket,* m. Hannah Frost, June 14, 1753, who m- 2d, Wm. 

Lamb, '92. They had at Oxfd. ; 

197. 193. I. James Frost,® Nov. 24, 1754, m. Sarah Pratt; 

204. 194. II. Joseph,® Feb. 5, '57, m. Martha Shumway; iii. Samuel,® Dec. 1, 
'59, s and d. at Fitz Wm., N. H. •, iv. Salmon,® Mar. 15, '62; v. Sarah,® 
Aug. 25, '64, m. Theoph. Hamlin, '88, of Hallowell, Me. ; vi. Mary,® Mar. 

7, '67, m. Pettingale; vii. Hannah,® Mar. 21, '70, m. Amos Patridge, 

of Augusta, Me. ; viii. Salmon,® Juno 9, '72, m. Sally Marsh, rm. and d. 
Augusta, Me. ; ix. John,® Dec. 27, '74, s. and d. at Belfast, Me. ; 

X. Ruth,® Mar. 27, '77, m. Moses Patridge, of Augusta, Me. 

193. 197. James Frost Rockwood,® m. Sarah Pratt, May 16, 1776, and had, 

198. 1. Frost'; ii. Elias'; iii. Warren'; iv. Rebecca,' June 15, 1783, at 
Oxf. ; V. Fanny,' July 12, '85 ; vi. Samuel,' Aug. 24, '87, m. and had 
John and Samuel; 

202. VII. Rufus,' June 27, '89 ; 

203. VIII. John,' July 5, '91; ix. Sally; x. Mary. 

194. 204. Joseph Rockwood,® m. Martha Shumway, Nov. 11, 1779, and had at 

Oxf., I. Nancy.' Apl. 19, 1780, d. unm. Jan. 23, 1«03 ; ii. Annise,' July 
26, '82, m. Elisha Sibley, had 4 chd. ; iir. Lyman,' June 19, '84, m. Polly 
Lillie, Oct. 4, 1805, s. at Jericho, Vt., and had 11 children ; iv. Lucinda,' 
Jan. 21, '87 ; v. Huldah,' May 31, '89, m. Simeon Wood, has 3 chd ; 
VI. Betsey,' Aug. 24, '91, m. Ezra Davis, of Oxfd, Dec. 12, 1813, had, 

£Js7'a Davis J jun., who m. Ann Harwood, r. 0., has Jane E?, Cks. 

H.\ Frank. P.« 
vn. Polly,' Mar. 24, '94, m. Asa Wood, of Thompson, Ct., Mar. 11, 1813, 
has 6 chd. ; viii. Josephus,' May 1, '97, d. unm. in Me. ; ix. Ruel,' June 
13, '99, d. Jan. 20, 1802 ; x. Charles,' July 21. 1801, m. Jane McFarland, 
rs. in Hopk., and has Moses ^ Robert^ and Gihh^ ; 

XI. Hannah Frost,' June 27, 1804, m. Learned Sears, has 8 chd. 

14. 207. Joseph Rocket,^ who seems to hav« inherited the paternal seat B. of Men- 
don Village, had land assigned him 1707, and subsequently on the E. side 
of Bear Hill, then included in M. ; and in 1718 a lot E. of the village. 

He m. Mary , and had at M. i. Mary,* Jly. 31, 1690 ; ii. Johannah,* 

' Aug. 15, '92, m. Eliphalet Holbrook, Nov. 7, 1716; 

214. 207J. III. Joseph,* Aug. 4, '94, d. Jan. 22, 1722 ; 

216. 208. IV. John,* Aug. 22, '96 ; v. Margaret,* Feb. 8, '98-9 ; 


209. VI. Samuel,* Dec. 29, 1700, m. Elizabeth Wood, Apl. 9, '22 ; 

210. VII. Joaiah,* Sept. 10, 1702; viii. Trial,* Jly. 31. '04; 

222. 212. IX. Kichard,* Dec. 10, '06. m. Sarah Thajer ; x. Susanna,* Oct. 15, '09; 
224. 213. XI. Benjamin,* May 8, '11. 

207^. 214. Joseph Rocket,* m. Elizabeth Turner, Nov. 28, 1717, and had at M., 
I. Joseph,* Oct. 25, 1719 ; ii. Joseph,* Jly. 30, '22, posthumous. 

208. 216. John Rocket,* jun., had land assigned him at Bear Hill, 1719, and after- 

. wards. He m. Deborah , who d. Jly. 24, 1750. He next m. Mar. 18, 

'51, Elizabeth Daniels, wid. of Ephm. D. She d. '58, while he was still liv- 
ing. He had at M., 

227. 217. I. Ebenezer,* Sept. 7, 1718 ; 

229. 218. n. John,* Aug. 24, '21 ; m. Simeon,* Aug. 23, «*** ; 

IV. Abigail.* Mar. 2, ♦**» ; v. Mary,* Jly. 12, 1725, at Bell ; 

257. 220. VI. Joseph,* Feb. 14, '28, at Bell., «d. Nov. 10, '78, in his 51st year;" 
221. VII. Reuben,* Jan. 26, '29-30 at Mendon, m. Lydia Green, Sept. 11, 
'54, and had, i. Hanhy Dec. 3, '55 ; ii. Lydia^ Feb. 8, '57 ; 
vni. Margery,* Apl. 29, '32 ; ix. Deborah,* May, 2, '34. 

212. 222. Richard Rocket,* m. Sarah Thayer, Feb. 12, 1729-30. He had, 
223. I. Josiah,* Dec. 22, « 1730-1." 

213. 224. Benj. Rocket,* m. Margaret , who d. Oct. 9, 1739, and 2d, Meheta- 

bel , and had at Mendon in 1731, land assigned him on 2d Bridge 

River, near his father's ; i. Johannah,* Nov. 30, 1735 ; ii. Silence,* May 
17, '45 ; ni. Benj.,* Jly. 10, '50-1 ; iv. Seth,* Jan. 17, '52, pr. '52-3. 

217. 227. Ebenezer Rocket,* a cordwainer, d. Mar. 22, 1742. His estate was ap- 

praised by Saml. Hay ward and Joshua Underwood, (fr. HoU.), at £36. 
His wid. Sarah administered. They had at M., 
228. I. Ebenezer,^ Oct. 6, 1740. 

218. 229. John,* jun., m. Deborah , who in 1753 administered on his estate, 

inventoried Aug. 22, 1753, at £122 5s. She m. 2d, Amos Gates, who be- 
came guardian to her children by her 1st husband, viz. : 
I. Molly,« b. Dec. 22, 1750 ; 
231. 230. n. Simon,^ b. Oct. 8, 1752, and d. at Green, near Erie, Pa., 1823. 

280. 231. Simeon Rockwood,^ m. Damaris Olds, dg. of Silas Olds, of Brookfield; 
and resided successively at Brookfield, New Haven and Green, Pa., where his 
w. d. He had, 

236. 232. I. John,' Aug. 8, 1772, d. Feb. 21, 1846 ; ii. Wm.,' who sailed from 
New Haven unm., was never heard from afterwards ; iii. Simon Tbajer, 
Apl. 1795 or 6, who became a soldier in the war of 1812, and afterwards re- 
moved with his parents and sister Sarah to Pa. He m. Mary Fenno, and rs. a( 

Green, Pa.; iv. Polly,' d. ab. 1824, m. Carter, and had a large 

family at Brookfield ; v. Sally,' m. Levi Madden, fr., Hopk., and had, 
I. Asia^ ; ii. Africc? lu. Europe^; iv. AmericcP and v. JSzekiePl 
and d. at Green or Erie, ab. 1832 ; 

VI. Susai^' m. John Stoddard of Brookfield, and rm. N. Y. ; 

VII. Zeruiah,' d. unm. 1826, at Sturbridge ; viii. Bathsheba,' m. -^ 
Newton, and r. Mass. ; ix. Damaris,' d. 1826, m. Foster Newton, r. 
Brookfield ; x. Deborah,' m. John or David Edwards, r. Rockdale, Pa. 


232. 23G. John/ m. Hannah Upbam, dg. of Nathan U., of Brookfield, and r. suc- 
cessively at B., Warren and Munson, where they both deceased. They had, 

I. Bathsheba/ Jan. 4, 1797, m. Orin Coy, r. Munson, bad, 

I. Ghs. F.,^ Mar. 7, 1821, d. Feb. 15, '62; ii. Ann Marta,^NoY. 11, 
*23, m. James H. Beach, of Plym., Ct. ; in. Wm. Harley^^ Sep. 13, 
'25, d. Jly. 26, '49; iv. Henry W,? Apl. 4, '29, m. Hanh. M. Cloyes. 

II. Maria,^ Jly. 30, 1799, um. ; 

III. Harvey ,* Apl. 8, 1803, m. Mary Parsons, dg. bf Amasa P., of Spring- 
field; 2d, Mary C. Sargent from Brattleboro', and 3d, Susan Sargent from 
do., rs. as a landlord at Hartford, Ct., and has, 

I. John Tho8, ; ii. Thos. H. ; iii. Fred, S. ; in, Franklin B, ; 
lY. Caroline,^ June 26, 1805, m. Apl. 4, '26, Amos^^lis ; 

V. Chester,^ Mar. 22, 1808. d. Aug. 13, 1813 ; 

VI. Gilbert,® B«v., Aug. 29, 1811, m. Avis Bowman Hooper, dg. of Isaac 
H., of Braintree, Oakham aud Boylston, by w. Sarah Wood, and r. a Mis- 
sionary among the Tuscarora Indians, N. Y. He had, i. Sarah^ Nov. 18, 

1838 ; II. Gilh&rt? Aug. 28, '40 ; iii. Harlan? May 11, '42; 
IV. John? Apl. 24, '44 ; v. Avis Maria? Apl. 3, 46 ; 

VII. Laura,® Jly. 17, 1814, m. Samuel Wellington Bliss, r. Springfield. 
239. 8. John Thayer,® Oct. 2, 1817, w. Caroline A. Granger, m. June 29, '42, d. 

May 26, '43 ; and 2d, Caroline Stebbins, b. Nov. 24, 1823, m. Sep. 24, 
'45, r. a merchant at Springfield, had, 

I. John Granger? May 18, '43, d. Aug. 20, '43 ; ii. Mary E,? Apl. 

25, '47 ; ni. Martha G.? Oct. 25, '49 ; iv. John F,? May 5, '51. 

78. 240. Hezekiah Rockwood,^ m. Elizabeth Wood, 1784 ; 2d, Betsy Leland, dg. 

of Adam L., of Sherbom, and had at Upton, i. Ezra,^ Nov. 30, 1785, d. 

unm., Jly. 27, 1804 ; ii. Betsey,' Oct. 10, '87, d. num., Mar. 23, 1808 ; 

III. Hannah,' Oct. 10, '87, m. Asa Haven, of Hopk. ; iv. Levi,' Jan. 25, 

'92, d. unm. ; 
243. 242. V. Pearly,' Dec. 7, '93, d. June, 1839; vi. Comfort,' Mar. 3, '96, m. 

Lambert Pierce, r. U. ; vii. Anna,' May 19, '98, d. 1854, m. Philo. Fisher, 

r. Frank.; vin. Lovisa,' Aug. 2, 1801, d. yg. 

242. 243. Perley,' m. Prudence Ward, and had at U., i. Ezra,® Sep. 2, 1819, m. 
Amanda Starkey ; ii. Melita W.,® Sep. 12, '21, m. Richard P. Halrington; 

245. III. Alanson P.,® Aug. 2, '23, m. Betsey M. Fisk ; had at U. ; 

I. Eegina M,? Sep. 3, '44 ; n. Zelia A.? Nov. 25, '46 ; 

246. rv. Pardius N.,® Aug. 26, '25, m. Susan Ann Taylor, r. U. ; 

V. Betsey,® m. Geo. A. Corbin, (d.,) r. Milfd. ; vi. Melissa,® d. yg. ; 
vn. Selina A.,® m. Lyman Gleason; viii. Phylira A.,® r. unm. U. ; 
IX. Winslow,® d. yg. 

79. 247. Josiah,® s. at Bear Hill between Hopk. and Upton, and by w. Thankful 
Batchelder, had, 
250. 248. I. Lewis,' m. Julia Buggies, 2d, Sarah Monro; ii. Emily,'; 

249. III. Josiah Adams,' m. Esther Fisk, inherits the homestead at Bear Hill, 
resides Upton. 

248. 250. Lewis Kockwood,' of Upton, m. Julia Buggies, d. June 18, 1823, and 
2d, Sarah Monro, and had, i. Lewis Leander,® Apl. 17, 1810, m. Mary 
A. Morse, r. U. and Hoi., had, 

I. Helen Ann 0.? J\j. 13, '34; ii. Oscar Leander M,? Feb, 21, 
'37, r. Holl. ; in. Mary Ann? r. U, ; iv. Edwin? d. yg. ; 


II. Charles R., Apl. 22, 1812, d. yg. 
252. III. Tho. MoD.,® Jan. 13/15, m. Sarah Lackey, r. U. ; iv. Levi B..,^S\j. 
30, '17, m. Maria- Slocum, r. U. ; v. Calvin R.,* Mar. 15. '20, m. Ann 
Maria Aldricb, r. Worcester; vi. Julia Ann,® June 18, '23, ra. Lewis 
Woodward, r, U. ; vii. Francis A.,® June 14, '24, m. Julia Lackey, r. U.; 
vni. Sarah C,® Apl. 17, '26, m. Tho. Aldrich, r. Worcester; 

IX. Jame3 A.,® Aug. 13, '28, m. Jane M. Walker, r. U. ; had, 

I. Clara B.? Jan. 19, '49 ; 

X. Clarissa,® m. Albert Pierce, r. U. ; xi. Esther,® m, Willard Cdmee. 

82. 256. John RockwDod,* m. Lydia Whitney, b. Dec. 10, 1783, m. Mar. 19, 
1804, r. HopH^had, i. Emily,' May 27, 1805, d. Nov. 3, '40. m. Eli 
Forbush, r. U. ; had, Melissa i?.,® Oct. 17, '27, d. May 18, '42; 

II. Deh. iS?.,® June 7, '32, d. Apl. 12, '42 ; 

II. Deborah,' Aug. 3, 1807, d. Jly. 12, '32, m.. Joshua Picket, r. H., 

John R.? Feb. 9. '33 ; 

III. Betsey/ Jly. 13, 1809, d. Aug. 13,1813; iv. Ghrogory S.,' Jly. 28, 
1811, m. Silence Brown, Apl. 11, 33, r. Natick., has, 

I. Jane Maria? Feb. 14, '34 ; n. Geo. E.? Oct. 3, '35 ; 

III. Ann JSr.,® Sept. 16, '37 ; iv. HarHit (7.,® Sep. 25, '40. 

220. 257, Joseph Kocket,'^ m. Alice , settled in Bellingham and had, 

261. 258. I. Levi,^ Deo. 10, 1751, d. June 15, 1806, m. Deborah Lazell; 

ir. Deborah,® June 17, '54, d. Oct. 19, 79, m. Robt. Batty; iii. John,* 
March 19, '56, d. Dec. 9. '86, drowned at sea ; iv. Alice,® Mar. 2, '58, d. 
1842, m. John Cook of B., had no issue; f. Joseph.® Apl. 14, '60, d. Oct 
6, '78, on returning from the army; vi. Melatiah,® Apl. 14, '62, m. Asa 
Holbrook, 2d, Caleb Adams, rs. Bell. ; vii. Cephns,® May 25, '66, d. Dec. 
10, '86, drowned at sea ; vni. Daniel,® Feb. 24, '68, iri. Lovice Pond, Feb. 
18, '93, had Alice, d. at Chicago, 111. 

258. 261. Levi Rockwood,® w. ©ebowih Lazell, b. 1750, d. 1807, r. Bell, had, 

I. BAchel,^ Jly. 31, '74^ d. App. 6, 1852, m. Levi Thompson, r. near Lock- 
port, N. Y.; II. Susanna,' May 21, '76, d. 1840, m. Nahum Holbrook, r. 
Adamsviire, N. Y. ; iii. Hannah,' May 2, '78, d. Nov. 18, '78 ; 

272. 262. IV. Joseph,' March 18, '80, d. Apl. 29, 1854, m. Anne Chilson,r. Bell.; 

263. V. Levi,'May24, '82, d. 1839, m.Tryphena Holbrook, r. Boston, N.y.; 

264. VI. Nathan,' Nov. 4, '84, r. Boston, near Bufialo, N. Y.; 

267. 265. vn. Martin,' March 29, '87, m. Abigail Bates, 2d, Lois Hitchcock; 
266. VIII. Reuben,^ Dec. 26, '90, r. Eden, N. Y., near Buffalo. 

265. 267. Martin,' Dea., w. Abigail Bates, m. March 29, 1810, r. Bell; 

268. I. Horace,®Aug.29, 1811, m. Eliza Smith, r. Bell; ii. Caroline B.,® Apr. 
25, '13. m. Pelatiah S. Bates, r. B. ; iii. Martin,® Sept. 12, '14, m. Julia 
Cook, 2d, Lydia Phelps, r. B. ; iv. Abigail Legg,® Sep. 25, '16, (d.) m. 
George Darling; v. Sena E.,® Dec. 2, '19, d. yg. ; vi. Elizabeth,® Feb. 27, 
'22, m. Silas F. Thayer, r. Ashland; vii. Vamum B.,® Got. 10. '24, m. 
Julia Burr, r. B. ; viii. Calvin N.,® Aug. 12, '30, m. Jane Forristall, r.B. 

262. 272. Joseph,' w. Ann Chilson, Oct. 28, 1783. r. Bell, had, i. Lucena,® Oct 

18, 1806, r. Bell; ii. Preston.® Aug. 2, '08, r. Boll; iii. Artemon,® Dec. 
23, '10, r. Bell.; IV. Susan.® May 15, '13, d. Aug. 22, '43, m. E. N. Paine, 
Esq., of Blackstone ; v. Maria,® Oct. 13, '15, m. do. ; vi. Joseph Monro, 
Jly. 1, '18, m. Elizabeth H. Bizby, of Newton ; and bad, 


I. Ann EHzdbeih? May 10, '43 ; n. John, Feb. 10, '46 ; 

III. Lydia Maria, May 31, '48 ; iv. Susan Alices Apl. 5, '51 ; 

V. Mary Agnes ^ Dec. 10, '53 ; 
VII. John,* Jan. 25, '21, m. Mary Ray, rs. Milford; viii. Emily,® June 2, 
'23, m. Joseph Ray, of Blackstone ; ix. Abby A./ May 30, '26, m. L. 
Halsey Cook, of Milford. 

» ■ " ■' 


No. 140. Ebenezcr Rockwood, A. B., Harvard University, 1773. 
142. Ebenezer Rockwood, A. B., Harvard University, 1802. 
151. Elisha Rockwood, A. B., Dartmouth College, 1802. 
144. Daniel Rockwood, A. B., Dartmouth College, 1811. 
Joseph Rockwood, A. B., Dartmouth College, 1837. 
145^. Lubin Burton Rockwood, A. B., Dartmouth College, 1839. 
139. Samuel L. Rockwood, A. B., Amherst College, 1836. 
154. Otis Rockwood, A. B., Middlebury College, 1813. 
146^. Ebenezer Hazard Rockwood, M. D., Yale College, 1832. 
Cephas L. Rockwood, A. B., Middlebury College, 1808. 


JaULOS Russell, Esq. and Dea. ; pr. of the distinguished family of this name, early 
in Charlestown, and perhaps s. or neph. of '' Mr." Jame^ Russell, of Medford, 
1690, camo fr. Marbiehead to H., s. as a blacksmith where Col. Whiting rs., 
opened the first house of entertainment in H., was chosen Dea., June, 1748, 
and was the first magistrate appointed in H. He was of a generous and 
hospitable disposition, and seems to have been a man of refinement. He d. 
Sept. 16, 1777, a. 62. He m. Nov. 24, 1737, Abigail Lovet, whose 
family are reported to have been from Salem, but quite as probably from 
Braintree, and of the same stock as the Lovets of Mend, ohe had many 
sisters, and if H. and S. then had an aristocracy, they beflonged to it. Dea. R. 
had I. Mary, Aug. 18, 1738, m. Samuel Park, Esq*, of H ; ii. Elizabeth, 
Mar. 11, 1739, m. James Mellen, of Hopk., had i. David, M. D., who d. 
at Hudson, N. Y., a. 83; ii. Wm., who d. at do., a. 60; in. James, 
who s. at Spafford, N. Y. ; iv. A dg., who m. Rev. Dr. Fisk, of New 
Braintree, and now living, 
in. Lovet, Mar. 4, 1741-2, d. Apl. 5, '45 ; iv. John, June 24, *44, d. 
Sept. 21, '45 ; v. Abigail, Apl. 13, '46, m. '* Mr." Jona. Russell^ of Provi- 
dence, 1768, and was the mother of Hon. Jona. Russell, LL. D , who as 
U. S. Legatus Pacificus, signed the Treaty of Ghent, 1814. 

1. Tho. Russell, from Wobum, s. on the S. E. side of Coarse Brook, where 
Capt Amos Hill rs. His w., Hannah Cooledge, d. Dec. 21, 1800, a. 90. 
He d. prior to 1790 ; had i. Joel, Mar. 7, 1733-4, d. a. 115 ys., m. 

Rebecca , and had Edwardy 1770, and removed ; n. Rebecca, Apl. 20, 

'35; m. Isaac, Sept. 27, '36; iv. Hannah, Jan. 27, '38-9; v. Hannah, 
Feb. 21, '40-1 ; vi. Isaac, Nov. 21, '42, d. yg. 
13. 4 vn. Tho., Dec. 13, '44 ; vin. Hanh., May 11, '46 ; ix. Sarah, Sept 28, '48. 
7. 5. X. Isaac, Lt, Mar. 8, '50 ; xi. Hanh., Apl. 2, '52, m. Sam'l Cooledge, '79 ; 
6. XII. Samuel, Nov. 18, '54. 

5. 7. Isaac, inherited and sold the homestead to John Hill, m. Hanh. Fairbanks, 
apd ha4 I. Isaac, 1778 ; n. James, Sept. 24, 1779 ; m. Rhoda, Apl. 28, 

232 SANGER. 

'81 ; IV. Polly, Apl. 15, '83 ; v. Persia, Mar. 15, '85 ; vi. Hanh., May 1, 


9. Dea. Jona. Russell, (br. of Tho. Ist,) s. N. E. of Farm Lake, and d. Aug. 21, 
1775. His w. Mary Cooledge, m. Jly. 13, 1727, d. Jly. 18, 1771, a. 70. 
He was selectman 10 ys., and 17 ys. Dea. in the chh. He had i. Mary, 
Dec. 11, 1728; ii. Elizabeth, Oct. 7, '30, m. Silas Stone, of Natick; 
19. 10. III. Jona. Apl. 5, '32 ; iv. Mary, Mar. 7, '33-4, d. 1826. a. 92, m. 
Hopestill Leland ; 7. Sarah, Aug. 4, '36; vi. Judith, Oct 30, '38; 
Tii. John, Mar. 16, '40-1, d. 1760, on his return fr. the army at Crown- 
point ; Till. Amos, Mar. 29, '45. . 

4. 13. Tho., w. Abigail ; i. Daniel, Apl. 7, 1775 ; ii. Joseph, Nov. 1 , '76 ; 

III. Arnold, bp. Aug. 23, '78 ; iv. Tho., bap. Mar. 4, '81 ; v. Nabby, May 
30, '83 ; VI. Shubael, bp. Nov. 20. '85. 

10 19. Jona., w. Elizabeth Daniels, who d. May 13, 15^3. They had in S., 

I. John, Dec. 1, 1769, d. yg. ; ii. Jona., Apl. 3, '72, inherits the home- 
stead at the farm ; lu. Anna. June 5, '74, m. Dea. Jeremiah Smith, Sept. 
19, 1799, of Medfd. ; iv. Mary, Apl. 13, 76, m. Oliver Wight, Oct. 14, 
1800 ; V. Joseph, Apl. 13, '76, d. yg. ; vi. Betty, June 15, '79, m. Oliver 
Wight, (not the above) ; vii. Julia, Feb. 3, '86, m. Solomon Bigelow, of Sh. 


1. Richard Sanger, if not a German by birth, had a Oerman name, 
denoting minstrel, which did not occur in England much earlier than his day, 
and which has not in the English world yet become common. In Grermaay 
it may be more ancient than Sangerhausen. Richard Sanger^ the progenitor 
of the New England Sangers, embarked Apl., 1638, at South Hampton, 
settled as a blacksmith at Sudbury, 1646, took the oath of fidelity 1647, 
[Barry's His. of Fram.] removed 8, (9mo.) 1649, to Watertown, where he 
died, Aug. 20, 1690, leaving an estate, the inventory of which, though 
humble in amount, shows that he had, for his day, the ordinary comforts and 
conveniences of life. To him and his two adult sons, with three others, was 
intrusted, during Philip's war, the charge of guarding the mill at Watertown. 

Kichard,^ w. Mary Rannals, 2d w., Sarah , r. Watertown, had, 

I. Mary,2 Sep. 26, 1660, at Watertown, m. John Harris at W., 1670.; 
5. 2. II. NathV Feb. 14, '51-2, d. ab. 1735, m. 1st, Mary, 2d, Ruth; 
10- 3. ni. John,^ Sep. 6, '57, m. Rebecca Park, r. a blacksmith in W. ; 

IV. Sary, by 2d w., b. and d. '61 ; 

V. Sary, Mar. 31, '63, no further reported ; 

19. 4. VI. Richard,^ Feb. 22, '66-7, d. Apl. 1, 1731, m. Elizabeth Morse, of Sh. 
VII. Elizabeth,^ July 23, '68; viii. David,2Dec. 21, '70, d. 1695, pr. urn. 

2. 5. Nath'1,2 1st w. Mary , 2d w., Ruth , r. Sh., Roxb., Ms., Wood- 

stock, Ct. ; I. Mehetabel, 1680, at Sherborn, and baptized atRozbury, 1684; 
n. Mary,» 1681, at Roxb., and bap. 1684 ; iii. Jane, 1683, bap. '84; 
IV. a son, bap. 1684, at Roxbury ; v. Nath'l,* 1685 ; vi. Benj., 1688, bp. 
1688, at R. ; vn. David*; viii. Elizabeth*; ix. Jona.*; x. Eliazar,* woo 
r. Hardwick, Petersham, and d. at Keene, N. H., Mar., 1765, a. 66, leaving 
a wid. Mary, who d. 1783, a. 80. [Barry's His. of Fram.] 

3. 10. John,* w. Rebecca Park, r. a blacksmith at Watertown ; i. John,* Dee. 

19, 1685 ; II. Rebecca, Mar. 7, '88-9, m. Tho. Flagg ; ni. David,* Mar. 
21, '97, m. Patience Benjamin, 1720, and had, i. John^; ii. Damd*; 

SANGER. 233 

III. Wm.* ; IT. yicUh*i*; v. Solomon^; vi. Sam^l,^ who m. Mary 

Fairbanks. 1757, 2d, Grace ; 

IT. Elizabeth,' born June 2, 1703, at Watertown, and no further reported. 

4. 19. Richard," came*' to Sherborn at the age of 21, with his brother N'athl, to 
establish the business of blacksmithing. Ho probably buil^ his house on the 
North side of tho common. A few rods further north, cinders reveal the 
site of his shop. After passing the .customary year of probation, he was 
approved as a good and wholesome inhabitant, and presented, by a vote of 
the proprietors, July 1, 1689, with ** 20 acres of lapd and town rights in 
future with themselves ; he to bear proportionable charges witb them in the 
, town, having no power to sell, let, or give said land for the space of 7 years." 
He subsequently, and at different times, drew other lots. July 5, 1690, 
Edward West gave him a deed of 31 acres, i. e. 12 of meadow received 
by his wife from her father, Daniel Morse, (jun.,) and 19 of upland received 
from the town. This tract was bounded N. by West's land, which separated 
it from Rev. D. Gookin's ; '• W. by the road (from the plain), to the Meeting 
house tnpar^: S. by Jona. and Nath'l Morse's, and by common lands on 
all other parts." This includes the sight of Elbridge Sanger's buildings. — 
By common lands must be included the burying-ground which formed a part 
of the West boundary ; for Eleazar Morse in 1722, deeded to " Richard 
Sanger,* 3^ acres, bounded E. by Richard's own land," and ** N. with the 
common land reserved or set apart for the burying place,^^* (see Mid. Reg. 
of Deeds, Lib. 32), •* W. by the highway leading from the Plain to the S. 
part of Sher., and S. by Wm. Barron's, the said land being near the Meeting 
house." Richard's* estate at his death was inventoried at £706, not including 
. town rights and allotments at Douglas. He seems to have been a useful 
and respected citizen, and an exemplary member of society. To him was 
committed the sacred charge of taking care of the Meeting house, to which 
his was much the nearest dwelling. His children were, i. Elizabeth,^ Ap. 2 or 
16, 1693, d. 1776, unm. at Sherborn; ii. Mary, Apl. 11, '95, m. Andrew 
Morse, 1745, d. without issue ; in. Hannah, Feb. 7, '97, m. Ephm. Twitch- 
ell, of Sherborn, Feb. 9, 1726-7 ; iv. Esther, Oct. 20, '98, d. 1732, m. 
John Twitchell, of S., Feb. 2, '20-21, had David and Moses; 
v. Deborah, Aug. 5, 1701, d. Jan. 10, '27-8; 

VI. Sarah, Feb. 10, '05, m. Nath'l Hollrook, Aug. 20, '28, r. Sherborn ; 
22. 20. vn. Richard,* Nov. 4, 1706, d. May 14, '86, reed, to chh. Jan. 23, '85 ; 
vni. Abigail, July 3, 1709, reed, to full communion in chh. Aug. 8, '36, 
pr. d. unm. 
IX. David,* Feb. 22, 1715, (yeoman) m. Bathsheba Pratt, r. Framingham. 

* Richard Sanger^ havinfi; become the proprietor on three sides of this Resenration, probably 
inclosed it with his own land, as in it few interments had yet been made. The town being inter* 
ested in two older graveyards, and having no record of the reservation, neglected to fence it, 
until it came to be regarded as private property. Capt. Samuel Sanger the 1st so regarded it, 
and repeatedly offered to give the land, if the town would inclose it. But they disregarded the 
offer, and he, for the sake of decency, inclosed the portion containing monuments, and used it 
as a private burying place ; and it has since, in opposition to the wishes and effoits of his heirs, 
been sold and subjected to profane trespass. But the sale, though ordered by a Judge of Prob., 
will be set aside whenever the land is reclaimed, as it can be at any future time. Possession 
*' for no period whatever" can give title to land set apart like this, whose bounds are ascer- 
tainable : and if the town has forfeited all moral right, then let them procure an act of the Leg., 
vacating the land as a cemetery, and give a quit claim to the present occupants. Regard for 
justice and the peace of posterity may require it. 


234 SANGER. 

20. 22. Richard,^ was a remarkable man. He inherited tbe combative, mirthM 
acquibitive, and persevering characteristics of his mother's race, and excelled 
them in enterprise. He was brought up to the business of his father, and 
continued to be styled blacksmith until thirty years of age. Soon after 
attaining his majority, he pnrchased of Eev. Danie^ Baker, two acres on tbe 
west side of the road, opposite his father's land, bounded south and west by 
Baker, and north by James Coolidge ; and the next year commenced build- 
ing the north half of the Old Sanger House , now occupied by Mr. 
Joseph Sanger. At the age of 23 he m. Deborah, dg. of Hn. Wm. Rider, 
by w. Deborah Morse, (see ** Mem. of Morses," p. 3,) and at tbe next 
town meeting received a certificate of hb marriage in* the customary form of 
an election to the office of hogreevc. About this time he seems to bare 
come into possession of the five acre building lot of Rev. Daniel Gookin, 
now in the first lot on the east side of the way upon the plain north of tbe 
meeting house, and for some time to have liyed in the Gookin house. This 
house stood upon an eminence near the north side of the lot, and about twenty 
rods east of the road. His shop stood between the house and highway. On 
the death of his father, two thirds of his real estate was assigned to him and 
his brother David, whom he, in 1735, bought out. He soon after took down 
the Gookin house, and erected and adjoined it to the south end of the tene- 
ment he commenced in 1729. This part of the house was built in 1679, and 
is 176 years old. Near it may still be seen, in the rear of Eldridge Sanger's 
house, the Old Gookin Barn, having by repeated demands for sound tenants 
to new sills, lost half of its lower story. 

In 1733, he purchased, for £63, of Edmond Quincy and William Brattell, 
commissioners for the sale of lands formerly given by the town to Rev. D. 
Baker, seven acres south of his own land, east of the road from the meeting 
house to the south end, north of the farm road, and Nathaniel Holbrook's 
land, and west of N. Holbrook's. 

In 1734-5, he bought of Rev. Wm. Cooper and Judith his wife, (tbe 
dg. of Chief Justice Sewall), 200 acres, or one half of the Hull Farm; 
Capt. Joseph Ware purchasing at the same time the other half. 
In 1737, he opened a store, which he seems to have left in the hands of 
another in 1747, when he removed to Boston, and for a short time did a 
large and lucrative business. The climate disagreeing with the health of bis 
lady, he returned the next year to S., and here traded extensively in me^ 
chandise and real estate. He was at that day concerned in land speculations 
in Maine. He accumulated a lar^e fortune, which he divided among seven 
children, without reserving enough for protracted old age. 
Between 1740 and '67, he served the town ten years as selectman, and often 
acted as moderator at town meetings. He was a good whig, served on com- 
mittees to provide for the poor of Boston, in the time of the war, and to 
report on the services of soldiers employed by S. In 1776, he was the first 
man placed on the committee Qf safety with President Locke. 
His wife, the daughter of the accomplished surveyor and clerk, Wm. Rider, 
and the niece of Rev. Joseph Morse, of Stoughton, was a lady of uncommon 
dignity and excellence. Her library consisted of such works as Willard's 
Divinity, FlaveFs and Tillotson's works, &c. 

From the markings in these volumes, I infer that she kept a theological 
soliool in the nursery, doubtless from the conviction that doctrine is the only 
foundation of correct practice. She d. Aug. 15, 1789, aged 79, but her 
influence survives to this day. Their children were, i. Zedekiah, Nov. 27, 
1730, d. Jan. 23, '35-5 ; ii. Deborah, Mar. 4, '32-3, d. Feb. 2, '35-6 ; 

SANGER. 235 

29. 23. III. Samuel,* Capt., July 7, '85, bap. Apl. 4, '36, reed, to the ehh. Aug. 
2, 1818, d. Oct. 6, '22, ra. 1st, Mary Fairbanks, of S., Jan. 6, '57, 2d, 
Abigail Whiting, of Dover, Apl. 7, '62, 3d, wid. Sarah Clark, of Medfd. ; 

IV. Deborah,* Nov. 12, '37, m. Fasset, 2d, Joseph Twitchell, Esq., Jan. 

5, 1786, 3d, Dea. Gideon Haven, of Fram., Sep. 25, 1792, and d. without 
issue ; v. Daniel,* Feb. 13, '39-40, d. Sep. 27, 1807, m. 0. Hooker, r. 
Fram.; vr. Mary, Sep. 30, 1742, bap. Oct. 10, '42, and d. Dec. 14, '52; 

33. 25. VII. John,* July 24, '46, bap. July 27. '46, reed, to chh. Nov. 27, '74, 

d. Oct. 1, 1819, m. Anna Leland. July 23, '68 ; 

34. 26. VIII. Zedekiah,* Rev., D. D., Oct. 4, '48, bap. Oct. 16, '48, d. Nov. 17, 

1820, m. Irene Freeman, r. Duxbury and S. Bridgewater ; 
27. IX. Jedediah,* (judge) Feb. 17, '50, bap. Feb. 24, '50, d. 1820, m. 
Sarah Eames, r. Sherborn, New Hartford, N. Y. ; 
, 40. 28. X. Asa,* May 19, '53, bap. May 27, '53, d. Feb. 14, 1839, m. Joanna 
Dana, of Natick, r. Sh. 

23. 29. Capt. Samuel Sanger,* senr., was distinguished for his athletic frame, per- 
sonal dignity, moral integrity, courage, independence, and energy. During 
^ a long period of active life, he bore a conspicuous part in the civil transactions 

of Sherborn, and was eminently serviceable during the great conflicts for our liberties ' 
and the maintenance of the constitution against the rebellion of '87. Then it was, 
that his appeals, from the moderator's chair, were wont to rouse his townsmen to en- 
thusiasm m their country's cause ; so that no town of its size in this patriotic com- 
monwealth, went before S. in the number of volunteers for the public service, or in 
promptness in furnishing supplies. To him Pomologists owe the discovery and first 
cultivation of the incomparable Porter apple. He inherited the ancient Sanger 
house, kept a small store and tavern, and once entertained Gen. Washington. As a 
landlord he did much to discouraore idleness and excess. No man dared roll at his 
ninepins between one holiday and another. Gross offenders against decency and 
good order would hide from his presence, and feel more terror at his rebuke, than at any 
fulminations from S. pulpit. On the sabbath his bar was locked, and a key of gold 
could not open it ; yet his rooms were open and fires free during the interim of divine 
service, while a solemnity befitting the day, reigned throughout the house, and no 
discourse was entered upon which could interrupt him in his uniform practice of read- 
ing the Bible. His children, all by bis 2d wife, Abigail Whiting, a lady of eminent 
piety, were : 

I. Mary,'^ Nov. 6, 1757, bap. June 11, '58, d. Dec. 17, 1819, m. Moses 
Perry, 3d, of S.. and had Nathaniel, of Boston; 
43. 30. II. Samuel,^ Capt., Oct. 23, '64, m. 1st, Mary Hart ; 2d, Margaret 
(Smith) Wyer; and 3i, Elizabeth (Richardson) Coolidge, from Medway, 
and for 20 years a merchant in Boston ; 
46. 31. III. Calvin,^ Esq., Oct. 10, '68, d. Nov. 5, 1835, m. Anna Phipps, dg. 
of Jed. P., (gr. grd. nephew of Sir Wm. P.) by w. Sarah Learned, dg. of 
Capt. Edward L., by w. Sarah Leland, dg. of Ens. Henry L. by w. Mary 
Morse ; 
50. 32. IV. Joseph,'^ June 24, '81, bap. July 1, '81, m. Sally Phipps, b. Jul. 7, 
1783, grd. dg. of Jed. Phipps and Sarah Learned, and dg. of John P., by 
w. Hanh. Coolidge, dg. of Jo. 0., by Elizth. Frost ; and grd. dg. of Isaac 
C, Esq., and Hannah Morse. 

?5. 33. John,* Lt., s. with his father n. the ancient Phipps House, kept a store 
and tavern ; sold that place to Samuel Sanger, the late occupant, rm. to 
N. part of S., where he d. He was a man of integrity, a member of the 
ehh., and often one of the selectmen oi Sh. He had by 1st w.. 

286 SANGER. 

I. Anne,* Dec. 17, 1769, bap. Dec. 25, 74, m. Josiah Perry ; ii. Abigail,' 
Aug. 6, 72, bap. Dec. 25, 74 ; m. John,* Ap. 5, 77, d. '89 ; iv. Benj.,« Deo. 

6, '81, m. , had Thankful,^ w. of Lowell Babcock; v. Louisa,* Mar. 24, 

1800, (by his 2d wife) ; vi. Evalina,* Feb. 20, '02, m. Joseph Sanger, of 
Sherborn ; vii. Jedediah, June 27, '05, d. Oct. 13, '25, um., at Sherborn. 

26. 34. Zedekiah.* Rev. D. D., grad. H. U., 1771, settled in the ministry at Dux- 
bury. From D. he rm. 1788 to S. Bridgewater, where he performed the la- 
borious duties of pastor until about 1820 ; and instructed a private classioal 
school. Ho was highly esteemed for genius and learning, reverenced as a 
minister, and sought for as a counsellor. He had, i. Kichard, Mar. 25, 
1778, d. Jan. Ist, 1831. He grad. atH.U. 1800, where he became tutor; 
m. Sally Tisdale, 1807 ; ii. Deborah, Sep. 26, 1779, m. John Ames, jun., 
of Easton, 1799 ; iii. Jos., Mar. 17, 1781, m. Hannah Marcy, of Plymo., 
r. Sullivan, N. Y. ; iv. Caroline, Sep. 5, 1782, m. B«v. Samuel Clark; 
2d, Hon. Alvah Foot, of Burlington, Vt. ; v. Zedekiah, June 5, 1784; 
grad. ac B. U., m. Sarah Kissam, r. merchant, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; 

55. 38. VI. Ralph, Rev. A. M., June 22, 1786, m. Charlotte Kingman, of East 
Bridgewater; vii. Samuel F., Feb. 3, 1788, m. Susan Alden, r. 8. 
Bridgewater; viii. Irene, Oct. 19, 1789, died Oct. 2, 1789,. at Soatli 
Bridgewater ; ix. Olivia, Oct. 8, 1790, m: George Moore, of Burlington, 
Vt, i815; X. George P., Sep. 30, 1792, d. Aug. 24,1818; xi. Sarah, 
Nov. 22, 1795, m. Wm. Henry Allen, of Providence, R. I., Nov. 3, 1833, 
and had Franklin Sterling. Apl. 4, '36 ; xii. Eliz», Mar. 1 6, 1797, d. nin. 
Jan. 28, 1847 ; xiii. John, andxiv. Martin, (twins) Nov. 22, 1798, d. Apl. 
25, 1799 ; xv. John M., June 3, 1800, m. Mary Fuller, who d. Oct '48, 
r. Sharon. 

28. 40, Asa,^ received a deed of half his father's home farm, and in 1775, com* 
mehced the house in which hi&s. David resides, and had, i. Deborah,' 
Oct. 16, '73, m. Willard Hart, of Sherborn; ii. Rebecca,* Feb. 18, '76, m. 
Eli Leland, of S. ; 

60. 41. III. David.'^Feb. 19. '78, m. Susannah Johnson of S. ; iv. Polly,* May 
26, '80, m. Alpheus Ware of S. ; v. Calvin,* Sep. 2, '82, d. Aug. 9, 1831, 
m. Mary Goulding ; vi. Nancy,* Apl. 27, '85, m. Col. Alpheus Ware for 
2d wife, r. Sherborn ;vii. Richard,* May 23, '90, m. Ruth Wood, had do 
children, r. Sherborn ; viii. Experience,* June 20, '92, m. Tho. Brick, of S.; 
IX. Sally,* Feb. 27, '95, m. Lewis Brick, of S. 

30. 43. Samuel,* Capt., formerly a merchant in Boston ; r. Sherborn, had 

I. Avery ,^ Jan. 1, 1788, became master of a vessel and d. at sea without 
issue ; ii. Ambrose,^ Oct. 31, '89, died at sea, unmarried, aged 26 years; 
in. Lucy,^ May 28, '92, d. June 22, 1843, m. Joshua Crane, r. Boston; 

IV. Abigail,® Dec. 17, '94, m. Geo. Howard of S., has only Okas. Benrrfl 

V. Mary,® Mar. 23, '97, m. John Park of Boston, had, i. Mary (7.,'d.; 

II. Abigail SJ ; iii. John JBJ ; iv. Lt/dia Ann^ ; v. Mary G! ; 

VI. Samuel Heart,® Jan. 16, 1800, m. Eliza Weston, r. Sh., had SamudA't 

Ann M,^ Ambrose J Abigail^ Wm. H.^ ElizaJ Marrf ) 

VII. Elizabeth,® Aug. 19, 1804, m. Joel Powers, r. Lowell, has Ellen Mi 
Marv A. ^ Wm. ^ Grant'' * 

VIII. Wm. P.'S.,® May 26, 1810,.m. Martha Webb., Feb. 20, '34, r. Wash- 
ington city, had, i. Wm. Alex.^ Nov. 3, '34 ; ii. Geo. D.! Feb. 9, '37 ; 

IX. Sarah C,® Oct., 1808, at Boston, and d. Aug., 1848, unm., at Sh. 

SANGER. 237 

31. 46. Hon. Calvin Sanger,'^ of Sbcrborn, ono of the most distinguished citizens 
who ever lived in this ancient town, was not born to^ an indepentiency, nor 
favored with academical advantages above the youth of his day in the 
oountry. Ilis constitution was naturally feeble, and his health too precarious to 
justify hopes of success in the toilsome pursuits of agriculture, then the only pursuit 
towards which the emulation of his associates was directed. Under circumstances 
thus adverse, he passed his minority without any regular initiation for cither mechani- 
cal, mercantile, or professional employments. But not more wisely adapted to benefi- 
cent ends, are nature's irregularities in the physical world, than are the dispensa- 
tians of Providence to develop talent when and where it is needed. Sherborn would 
soon want a leader. Her aged counsellor and guide, Daniel Whitney, Esq., was ad- 
▼anoed in years. Her social and civil order, w^iich had been preserved with scarcely 
a temporary interruption, from the arrival of Nicholas Wood and his colony in 1652, 
would be in danger. Her inhabitants, being an intelligent, strong-minded, and inde 
pendent yeomanry, would furnish numerous aspirants, with equal claims to office ; 
the political sophistries, and base appeals of Jefferson's pen, to the vilest passions 
and prejudices, were being circulated ; men were taking sides ; the political conflict 
was coming on ; and some man of master spirit would soon be needed for the good 
of all. Such a man could not be expected from abroad. There was nothing to 
allure him. One must be raised up among them, — a man of patriotism, honesty, and 
responsibility, of intelligence, modesty, and good address ; and above all, one who 
could give the strongest reasons. 

Young Sanger was endowed with the natural gifls, and, in consequence of feeble 
health, subjected to the right discipline, to fit him for the service which his fellow 
citizens would require. Besides possessing the rare gift of an uncommon share of 
common sense, he had an active and discriminating mind, a tenacious memory, and a 
remarkably sound judgment. He was fond of books. He treasured up facts in 
history and political economy, and investigated the political questions of the day, 
which enabled to form and defend correct opinions. He acquired so much knowledge 
of law, as made him the Lawyer and draftsman of his community : and had he de- 
voted himself to the legal profession, his judgment was so good, and his memory so 
capacious and ready, he could hardly have failed of eminence. 

As his health was improved by travelling, he was much abroad in distant States, 
and often, in cultivated society, to which ho owed, among other acquisitions, easy 
and polished manners, and the happy use of language. By intercourse with 
senior and maturer minds, he escaped every symptom of that vanity which is so liable 
to sprout in situations admitting few comparisons. Thus was he formed ; and in 
1806, as soon as Sherborn had need, they almost by acclamation placed him at the 
head of her public affairs. 

When a company of cavalry was first raised in S. and vicinity, he was elected Capt., 
and subsequently Col. of cavalry. 

, In 1806, he was chosen to represent S. in the General Court, and for 30 years 
after^ re-elected almost without opposition, as often as he would consent to be a candi- 
date, until he was advanced to the Senate ; and the records of the Legislature attest 
the high and continued confidence of that body in his wisdom and fidelity. 

He was appointed a magistrate about 1806, and acted in that capacity until his 

For more than 40 years he served the town in various minor offices, freely devoting 
a large amount of time and labor. He was Town Clerk in 1800, and for 25 years 
he kept her books in a model style. The plainness of his chirography, considering 
its range, will enroll him as a favorite with antiquarians. In his care for the public^, 
ho was vigilant, self-denyinp;, and persevering, consulting the interest of the future 
as well as of the present. His earliest efforts at trade wero directed to the purchase 

238 SANGER. 

of soldiers* rights, choice tracts of land in Western N. Y., and the township of San- 
gerville, and a part of Garland in Maine. In 1805, he opened a store in Sherborn, 
and for a series of years, did an extensive business, and established a high reputa- 
tion for honesty, fairness, and responsibility. During this period, above 20 farms in 
S., beside others in conterminous towns, passed through his hands; and never, during 
this time, nor, on inquiry, since, have I been able to hsar of those who oyer charged 
him with fraud, pr any act inconsistent with fair and honorable traffic. 

With him originatied the first cotton manufactory in Framingham ; and other enter- 
prises, in the benefits of which, individuals and the public have largely participated. 
In all business transactions his honesty and judgment were universally acknowledged. 
.Such confidence was reposed in him, that he was wont to be the first chosen to arbi- 
trate differences at home and abroad, and he was sometimes associated in such courts 
with the most eminent lawyers in Mass., where immense sums were in dispute. 

Col. Sanger possessed a large and liberal spirit. He never forgot the imperfect 
rights of the unfortunate, nor waited for their cries to pain him to action. He antici- 
pated their wants, sympathized with their feelings, and gave without ostentation, not 
in stinted measures, but heaped, and in proportion at least to his ample means. His 
history supplies no argument for agrarianism. All had reason to rejoice that he was 
rich, and all, honorably dismissed from his employ, were his fast friends. The old 
adage that familiarity breeds disgust is founded in the fact, that human nature is so 
corrupt, that it loses more than it gains by inspection. But in reference to Col. 
Sanger, it is .evident that those who knew him best, esteemed him most; and none 
but an envious man can deny him great benevolence and extensive usefulness. In 
his domestic relations, he was true, affectionate, indulgent, and kind. He left a 
widow still living, and eight children, six of whom survive in honorable prosperity, 
testifying by their refinement and beneficence to the wisdom and care of a father in 
their nature and education. He had, 

I. Calvin Phipps,^ Jan. 8, 1779, m. Mary H. Ingersoll, of Charlestown, N. 

H., had Geo, T.J grad. H. U. 1855, Chs. F.,^ Edmond P.J James 
H.J Wm. IT. M., Calvin P. and r. a merchant. New York ; 

II. Mary Ann,^ Nov. 7, 1805, m. 1st, Eugene Bell ; 2d, James Lord, r. 

Fram., had JSmily F.J smd Henri/ G J Bell; Chs. L,J and Mary 
Agnes J and Isaac Sanger' Lord ; 

III. Maria, Oct. 2, '07, d. Oct. 14, '07; iv. Hamlet,^ Nov. 13, '08, m. 
Sarah Ann Paul, had, i. George Henry J who r. New York ; ii. Anna^ 

m. Nathl. H. Dowse, r. Sherborn ; 

V. Hellen,^ July 14, 1810, m.Wm. Mellen, merchant, r. New York, and had 

Flleny d. agd. 2 years ; 

VI. Ophelia,^ Jan. 7, '13, m. Elbridge Sanger, of S. ; 

VII. Agnes, Apl. 9, '15, m. Horace B. Claflin, merchant, r. New York, and 

had Horace B., Wm. B., and John Glojlin ; 

VIII. Anna Phipps,^ Sept. 8, '17, d. 1847, at Sherb. ; ix. Whiting Phipps, 
Aug. 14, '19, m. Lucy Tomlinson, had Anna P, S„ Francis W., r. Cali- 
fornia ; X. Infant son, b. Mar. 4, '23, and d. unnamed. 

32. 50. Joseph,* long and honorably associated with his brothers in trade, r. Sb., 
had, I. Elbridge,^ June 8, 1805, m. Ophelia Sanger, had Agnes C, (d.), 
John Francis^ (d.), Frederick Whiting'^ (d.), Agnes Clajlin, (d.), 
infant, r. Sherborn ; 

II. William Whiting, November 19, 1807, resides unm. in Sherborn ; 

III. Maria,^ May 9, '09, m. Oliver Everett, A. M., M. D., of S. ; 

IV. Rufus,^ June 14, '12, m. Marie Louise Debost, had, Eugene, Orlando^ 

Bufus, r. New York ; 


V. Eleanor,® June 11, '15/m. Samuel 0. Daniels, of Framingham, and had, 

I. Albert! ; ii. Eleanor SJ; iii. Samuel Olney ; iv. Infant son ; 

VI. Sarah Eliza, Mar. 3, '18, m. Geo. F. Sanford (d.), had Martha F., 

Geo. S., Edna J,; 

VII. Abi2:ail Whiting, July 16, '23, d. Sep. 19, *45 ; 

VIII. Joseph Eugene, Feb. 18, '27. 

38. 55. Ralph, Rev., grad. at H. U., 1808, where he became tutor, '11, studied 
divinity with his revered father, was ordained at Dover, 1813, where he has 
served as pastor until the present time, and repeatedly represented D. in the 
Leg. of Mass. By w. Charlotte Kingman, b. July 5, 1791J, m. 1817, he had 

I. Ralph,® Mar. 31, 1818, m. Mary Maywood, r. trader, at New Orleans, 
where he d. without issue. Mar. 31, '50 ; 

II. Geo. Partridge,® Nov. 27, '19, grad. H. U., 1840, m. Elizabeth S. 
Thompson, of Portsm., N. H., Sep. 15, '46, has 2 zons J and r. a lawyer, in 
Boston ; 

III. Charlotte K.,® Aug. 17, '22, m. Wm. W. Gannett, has Thomas Brattle ; 

IV. John W.,® Mar. 14, '24, is a mariner ; v. Simon Grreenleaf,® Mar. 9, 
'27, grad. at H. U., and is a teacher; vi. Irene F.,® Aug. 13, '30. 

41. 60. DaVid,^ inherits the homestead, a part of the Phipps farm in Sh. He had 
I. Rebecca,® Feb. 8, 1799, m. Benj. Capen, had Benj.^ x, Holl. ; EUenJ m^ 
Jona. Morse ; Elizabeth,^ m. Ben. Ware, of S. ; ii. Joseph,® Feb. 25, 
1801, d. ab. 1837 ; iii. David,® Jan. 13, '03, m. Anna Sawin, r. S., had 
Geo. J Sarah, Mary (d.), Maria, Fanny, Justin, Horatio, Mar^f ; 
IV. Nathl.,® Apl. 1, '05, r. unm. in Sherborn; v. Horatio,® Mar. 12, '07, 
m. Sophia Harrison, had Ann M., SUsanE,, Sophia, Horatio, r. New York; 
VI. Joan,® Aug. 17, '09, m. Ira Mann, had Eliza J"., Sep. 6, '32 (d.), r. 
Sher. ; vii. Susan,® Oct. 26, '20, m. Charles Whitney, had Isabel C.J 
Susan E. 


1. Tho. Sawin, b. Sept. 27, 1657, the son of John S., of Watertown, 
by w. Abigail Manning, and grd. s. of Robert S., of Roxford, Suffolk Co., 
England, m. Deborah Rice, b. Feb. 14, 1659-60, dg. of Mathew R., of 
Sudbury, by w. Martha Lamson, (see Bond) was a millwright, settled at 
Chestnut Brook, in Sherborn, where he had a home lot of 24 acres assigned 
him, 13 (3), 1679, and built the first mill in S. He afterwards removed to 
Natick. He had in S., i. Ruth, Jly. 24, 1686 ; 
3. 2. II. John, June 26, '89 ; in. Deborah, Apl. 4, '96. 

2. 3. John, m. Joanna , inherited his father's rights in S. ; drew land in 

Doug., 1715 and '30, and had, i. Joanna, Aug. 28, 1715 ; ii. Tho., Oct. 
12, '17; III. Deborah, Jan. 23, '19-20, m. Geo. Fairbanks, of H., '35; 
IV. John, Jly. 23, '22; v. Abigail, Jan. 24, '24-5; vi. Ezekiel, Apl. 3, 
'28; VII. Mary, Nov. 2, '31. 

Abijah, w. Millicent, had Joseph, Dec. 14, 1715, at S. 

Hugh Scott, w. Sarah, had Sarah, June 2, 1733, at S. 


1. Edmund Sh6f9.6ld, was of Roxbarj, 1644-5, where he m., Apl. 
17, 1644, Mary Wooddy, 9nd of Braintree, 1646-67, where he m. 2d, 
8arah Marsh, 5 (7) , 1662. In 1672, he, in company with his brother, Wm. S., 
purchased of Lt. Joshua Fisher, the grantee, 600 acres at Chabboquassct, E. 
of Wintbrop's grant, but does not appear to have ever occupied it. He had, 
I. John, Mar. 6, 1644-5; ii. Edmond, 1-5 .(10), '46; in. Ann, 1 (9), 
'49 ; IV. Isaac, 15 (1), '51 ; v. Mary, 14 (4), '53 ; vi. Mathew, 26 (3), 
'55 ; VII. Samuel, 26 (9), '57 ; viii. Sarah, 4 (6), '60 ; ix. Mary, 26 (4), 
'63; X. Nathaniel, 10 (11), '65; xi. A daughter, 23 (4), '67. 

7. Wm. Sheffield and w. Mary , were of Braintree in 1660, and began 

the first settlement of H., 1673, on what is now called the Stedman place. 
On the breaking out of Philip's war, he is supposed to have retreated 
to Portsmouth, N. H., from whence he afterwards came to <S., where land was 
assigned him, 27 (11), 1682. Of the land which he purchased with his brother, of 
Lt. Fisher, he had obtained no deed in 1688, Lt. F. having d. 10 (6), 1672, im- 
mediately after the sale, and before completing him a deed ; and^ not knowing hov 
to proceed in the case, the poor man was in much trouble, and " on a training day 
in Sherbom, Nov. 22, 1688, the following petition of Wm. Sheffield was pre- 
sented "to ye fathers, with all the inhabitants of Sherbom." ** Wm. Sheffield, of 
Sherbom, the aged, your humble petitioner, doe humbly in treat you to show your 
love to me, to give, grant or confirm my land which I bought of Lt. Fisher, of Ded- 
ham, to confirm to me and mine, I shall be very thankful to you forever ; for I am 
like a man having myself half in the mire, and want to be holpen, help I pray yoa 
and' damnific no man with it." In answer to this " request, the inhabitants thea 
present, did generally by their vote, grant and confirm to him the said land, soefar 
as they had any interest in it." He* seems, by an order of the Court, to have after- 
wards obtained his deed ; but the Indian title to this tract he had extinguished in 
1675. Inl686, he was rated the 3d highest in S., and d. Dec. 6, 1700. He had 
12. 9. I. Wm., m. Hannah Bullard ; ii. Joseph, d. um. ab. 1750, leaving a lai^ 
estate to his brothers and nephews, and Natha'l and Jeremiah Clark, of Med.; 
16. 10. III. Nathaniel; ly. Daniel, pr. d. um. ; v. Mary, m. John Clark; 

VI. Hannah, ra. Patridge, was dependent on.her brother Natha'l in^752|fP*^ 

(,i^^ * > vii.^Martha ; viii. Tbamazin, m. Jona. Adams ; ix. Susannarj'x^^Elizabetbf W* 
. . ^^v^^^^^OxiT Rachel, b. 24 (3), 1660, at Braintree. Wm., senr.,in his will, proved 
' Mar. 24, 1700-1, gave a house and land in Boston to his wid. Mary, and 54 

acres W. of Black Swamp, in Med., to ,each of his daughters ; and to his 
4 sons, he divided his farm of 600 acres, giving Wm., junr., the N. E. part, 
Joseph the S. W., Nathaniel the N. W., and Daniel and the wid. Mary, 
the S. and S. E. part. 

9. 12. Wm., purchased Hopper's farm of 280 acres in the W. part of H., tl* 
intestate, Aug. 23, 1732, and his s. Wm., 3d, and wid. Hannah administered 
on his estate. She made her will, June 23, 1741, giving her estate to sons 
Isaac and Wm., Hannah Hill and Mary Foster, and d. Mar. 31, 1750. He 
was selectjnan, 1709, and had at S., i. Hannah, Nov. 24, 1693, m. Ephffl' 
Hill ; II. Isaac, Mar. 3. 1697, drew land in Doug., 1730 ; 
15. 14. III. Wm., Feb. 28, 1699; iv. Eachcl, Oct. 12, 1702, m. Edmond 
Morse, '22, and rm. to Mendon, had Beulah, who m. Mr, Lovet, and bad 

Beulah, who m. Col. Andrew Peters, of Medfd., and had Lovet 

Peters, Esq., of Westboro' ;' 
V. Sarah, June 18, '08, m. Paul Morse ; vi. Mary, Nov. 27, '10, m. Jacob 


14. 15. Wm., a clothier, m. Mary , rm. to Mend. ab. 1730. He had in H., 

I. Mary, Sep. 7, 1722; ii. Hannah, Feb. 28, '23-4, in S; iii. Deborah, 
Sep. 3, '26, in Hoi. ; iv. Abigail, Jly. 21, '29; v. Rachel, d. Mar. 3, 
1731, at Mendon. 

10. 16. Nathaniel, d. Jan. 21, 1753. His will, dated Dec. 8, 1752, when he 
was aged, weak and infirm, gave half his farm to his wid Mary, to dispose of 
as she should see fit, instructing her to provide for his aged sister, Hannah 
Partridge, and the other half to his s. Nathaniel, and legacies to two dgs. His 
wid. Mary, d. Jan. 25, 1754, " aged about 53 years," [see her will, Mid. 
Prob.] She gave clothes to her honored mother, her half of the farm to 
Nathl., (he to take care of his aunt, Hannah Partridge,) and othei property 
to dgs. Mary and Rachel Partridge ; 

23. 17. I. Nathaniel, Feb. 3, 1727 ; ii. Rachel, Mar. 30, '32, m. Partridge ; 

III. Ann, Mar. 15, '34, d. Nov. 18, '43 ; iv. Katherine, June 13, '37, d. 
Jan. 1, '43-4; v. Mary, m. Partridge. 

18. Isaac, ? m. Martha Albee, of Mend., Feb. 16, 1737-8. He r. on Doctor 
Fisk's place, S. E. part of H., and had, i. Elizabeth, Mar. 25, '41, d. Apl. 
2, '41; II. Isaac, Jan. 2, '48-9, m. Abigail Wood, r. Upton; iii. Mary, 
Mar. 12, '52, m. John Clafiin ; iv. Elizabeth, Sep. 16, '51, d. Dec. 9, '60. 

20. John,? w. KeziaLeland, m. Apl. 17, 1760, d. Aug. 6, '58 ; 2d w., Mary 

, had at Hoi., i. Denning, Oct. 14, '50 ; ii. Lois, Jan. 2, '52, d. Apl. 

5, '57 ; m. Mercy, Sep. 10, '57 ; iv. Catherine, Mar. 3, '60 ; v. Mary, 
Apl. 12, '63, by w. Mary ; vi; Joseph, June 12, '65. 

17. 23. Nathaniel, m. Lydia Gibbs, Oct. 11, 1751, had at H., i. Daniel, Oct. 31, 
'51; n. Jona., Oct. 23, '54; in. Joseph, Dec. 7, '58. 

27. Daniel, m. Lydia Burbank, Mar. 1, 1772, had, i. Hannah, Oct. 8, '72 ; 

II. Daniel, Jan. 23, '83. 

29. Edmond, ? m. Rachel -: , r. at Mendon, had, i. Elizabeth, d. Sep. 21, 

174- ; II. Wm., d. Jan. 31, '35-6; iii. Margaret, d. Oct. 4, 174- ; 

IV. Wm., d. Feb. 11, '47-8, at M. 

Nathaniel Shepard, w. Phebe, had in S., i. John, Dec. 1, 1765; 
II. Martha, June 13, '67 ; ni. Nathaniel, Aug. 29, '69. 


James F. Simons, &. Boston, b. in H. as a merchant tailor, 1829. 

*^*m » 

Lewis SlOCnm, s. of John S., by w. Esther Plympton, of Bellingham, m. 
Elmira JRichardson ; and 2d, Louisa Watson, s. in H. ab. 1830, had Asa R., 
Lewis W., Francis D., Joseph W., Geo. W., Albert, Elmira. 


1. Nathaniel Smith.,? w. Abigail, had at S., i. Katherine, Apl. 2 . 
1746 ; n. Abigail, Apl. 18, '48 ; iii. Nathaniel, Jan. 4, '49-50 ; 
IV. Hannah, Mar. 8, '52 ; v. Wm., Feb. 28, '54 ; vi. Wm., Mar. 24, '57 ; 
vn. David, Nov. 4, '58 ; viii. Jona., Nov. 4, '58. 



6. Caleb Smith, ? w. Deborah, had in H., i. Baruck, and ii. Deborah, Feb.U, 

8. Abel Smith,? w. Sarah, bad in H., i. AbigaU, Oct. 19, 1766; 
II. Samuel, June 5, '80 ; 

10. Isaac Smith, 8. of John S., of Hopk., w. Mary; 2d w., Prudence, had in 
H., I. Betsey, Nov. 9, 1778 ;, ii. John, Apl. 19, '81, r. H. ; in. Achsab, 
Apl. 19, '81 ; IV. Isaac, Jan. 5, '92, by 2d w., d. in H. ; v. Anna, May 
18, '96. 

1. Timotliy SparrOWk, from Natick, whose father was b. in Medfd.,in. 
Deborah Leiand, Dec. 14, 1775, dg. of Wm. L., of S., by w. Jemima 
Daniels, and grd. dg. of Dea. Wm. L., by w. Mehetabel Breck. He had in 

S., I. Deborah. Apl. 12, 1776, m. Wardsworth, r. N. Y.; ii. Timothy, 

Sep. 15, 1779, d. unm. ; in. Melvin, Jari 29, '80, d. yg. ; iv. John, Oct. 
5, '81, m. Betsey Young, r. N. Y. ; v. Calvin, Dec. 19, '82, m. Betsey, 
dg. of Reuben Marsh, of H., and had at S., i. Endyriy m. Sally Oreen- 
wood, and 2d, Sarah H. Whitney, and bas a son ; 
II. Emily, m. Lendall Perry, r. Nat. ; iii. Ellis, m. Mary J. Sweet, 
fr. Bos., rs. S., has Edwd. E., Ellen E., Chs. E., Melvin G. ; 
VI. Betsey, Apl. 21, '85, m. John Curtis, rs. Provid. ; vii. Polly, Oct 24, 
'90, m. Samuel Fuller, of Medfd. 

6. Jacob Sparrowk, (br. of Tim. above) m. Judith Leiand, 1775, dg. of Caleb 
Leiand, by w. Judith Morse, had at S., i. Sinthy, Sep. 5, 1776, d. unm.j 
II. Alden, Sep. 5, '79, rm. Me., m. and d. without issue ; iv. Rowland, Pec. 
11, '87, (d.), rm. Me., m. and had issue ; v. Ambrose, Oct. 3, '90, d. um. 

% ■■■ I 

1. David Stanford, m. Lydia Morse, Dec. 30, 1712, (p. 20 of Memorial 
of Morses), and had at S., i. Eichard, May 23, 1714; 
4. 3. II. Caleb, Aug. 31, '16; iii. Lydia, Mar. 8, '17-18; iv. Sarah, Sep. 22, 
'19 ; V. Eebecoa, Aug. 22, '23. 

3. 4. Caleb, w. Kuth, had in S., i. Lydia, Apl. 19, 1741 ; ii. Joseph, Mar. 9, 
1744-5 ; III. Abner, May 12, '47 ; iv. Phincas, Feb. 1, '48-9, m. Comfort 
Morse, '73; v. Betty, May 22, 1751; vi. Caleb. Mar. 27, '53; 
VII. Joshua, Mar. 27, '53 ; viii. Caleb, Dec. 27, '54 ; ix. Caleb, Feb. 27, '56; 
X. Joshua, May 4, '58 ; xi. Betty, June 3, '60 ; xir. David, May 8, '62. 

I m%m I 

ThO. Stanton, w. Mary, had in S., i. Mary, Jan. 25, 1742-3. 


Jobn Stedmani m. Abigail, s. at Chabboqiiisset, in S. E. part of Holl., 
had, I. Anna, Mar. 17, 1766, m. Daniel Tidd, May 5, 1791 ; 
II. Mary, Mar. 4, '68 ; iii. John, May 17, '72. 


Benj. Stewart, m. Deborah Kidor, Apl. 10, 1754, who d. Jan. 9, '66. He 
had, in H., i. Alenath, Sep. 17, '54; ii. Anna, May 21, '59. 


1. James Stone, Bev. the first pastor of the chh. in Holl., b. June B, 
1704, s. of Ebenezer S., of Watertown, by w. Margt. Trowbridge, and grd. 
8. of Simon S., by w. Mary Whipple, and gr. grd. s. of Simon S. (w. Joan) 

STONE. 243~ 

who came from EDgland in the Inorease, 1634, and settled at Watertown. 
Key. James grad. U. Col., 1724, kept a school at Fram., '25, ord. at HoL, 
Nov. 20, '28, d. July 28, 1742, aged 38. '* In an uncommonly feickly 
time among his people, when he was almost constantly, night and day, visiting 
and praying with the sick, sometimes for whole nights together, being, as he 
said, willing to spend and be spent in the service of the souls of his people, 
he composed his last sermon from John 17 : 4. * I have glorified thee on the 
earth ; I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.' This sermon 
was published after his death, with the following preface, by Rev. Messrs. 
Porter, of S., and Peabody, of Natick. [Fitch's Dis ] 
*' The great esteem which bis own people, ^s well as those in the neighbor- 
ing towns, had of the author for his great sweetness of temper, his good 
humor, his instructive conversation, his exemplary piety, his great diligence 
and faithfulness in the work of the ministry, his prudence in all his conduct, 
his uncommon and excelling gift in prayer, and his orthodox^ judicious and 
fervent preachin g, — all which, and many more desirable qualifications were 
well known to sVine in him, — have caused many in HoUiston, and some in 
other towns to urge the publication of this sermon." 
He married Apl. 15, 1731, Elizabeth Swift, who d. Apl. 12, 1739. He m. 
2d, , and had, 

3. 2. I, John, Esq., b. June 21, 1732, d. Aug. 13, 1817, at Fram. ; 

n. Elizabeth, May 13, 1735 ; ' 

m. Nevinson, b. March 17, '36-7, d. Dec. 8, 1749. 

2. 3. John, Esq., inherited the place of his father, whose house is yet standing 
a few rods N. of the Winthrop House in H., in which he long kept a tavern* 
He m. Mary Haven, from Fram., who d. Oct. 1, 1809, a. 77, and had, 

5. 4. I. James, June 25, 1754, m. Deborah' Kice ; ii. Sarah, Dec. 2, '59, d. 
1843, m. John Bent, of Fram. ; iii. John, June 6, '65, m. Eebecca Sanger, 
'96, kept the only store in H. for almost 20 years, and d. without issue. 

4. 6. James settled about 40 rods S. of his father as a ploughmaker, m. Deborah 

Rice, '79, and had, i. Hannah, July 24, 1783, m. Luther Hart, r S.boro', 
II. Ji^mes, '86 ; iii. Nathan ; vi. Nevinson, Nov. 14, '93 ; 
^ V. Deborah, July 19, '97. 

9. Daniel Stone ? m. Hannah Foster, Sep., 15, 1755, and had at H., Nath'l, 
Mar. 22, 1756. 

11. Timothy Dwight P. Stone, Eev., born at Cornwall, Ct., about 1811, son of 

Rev. S. and the adopted s. of Rev. Ebenr. Porter, D. D., Prof, in 

Theo. Sem., And., grad. at Amh. Col., 1834, studied Theology atthe Sem. 
in And., where he m. He was ord. at H. Mar. 1. 1843, dism. Mar. 2, '49, 
chaplain of the S. Reform School, at W.boro', next Princ of the S. Normal 
School, of Ct., and now, 1855, rs. a teacher at Norwich, Ct. 

12. Silas Stone, Esq., b. at Natick, Apl. 5, 1755, s. of Silas S., by wife 
Elizabeth Russell, s. at W. Sherborn, having previously lived at Dublin. He 
was selectman, 1793, 1801, '08, '09, '14, had a facetious turn of mind, an 
inventive genius, and uncommon knowledge of books. He m. Jennett 
Twitchell, who d. June, 1816. He d. July, 1820, had, i. Caroline, May 21, 
1781, d. unm. ; ii. Ebenezer, May 26, 1*783, d. yg. ; in. Daphne, March 
10, '85, ra. Luther Leland, of S. : iv. Royal, Mar. 6, '87, d. Nov. 11, 
1854 ; V. Deborah, Apl. 17, '89, d. unm. ; vl Seneca, Feb. 21, '91, d. a. 


13 yr. ; vii. Silas, Jan. 16, '93, d. unra., '47 ; vin. Emlyn, Feb. 28, '95, 
d. aged 18 yrs. ; ix. Ebenezer, Oct. 10, '97, M. D., r. Walpole, m. Elizth. 
H. Hawes ; x. Mary, Oct. 20, '99, r. S. 


John StorrS, JRev., b. at Mansfield, CL, Sep. 6, 1801, grad. at Middleb. Col, 
'24, studied Theology tit the Sem. in New Haven, was installed pastor of 
Congl. Chh. in H., Dec. 20, '36, dis. Nov. 2, '42, and s. in Winchendon, 
Aug. 22, '49, where he d. May, '64. 


Samuel Stow, w. Abigail, had in S., i. Anne, Aug. 17, 1770 ; ii. Samuel, 
June 25, '72; in. Melvin, Jly. 6, '74; iv. Sally, Oct 28, '7T; 
V. Andrew Newell, May 13, '80 ; vi. Polly, Dec. 12, '84 ; vii. Walter, 
Oct. 27, '88. 

I mtm* 

1. Jabez Straten, b. May 28, 1701, from Natiok to S., where he d. 
Feb. 15, 1774. His w., Tabatha Cooledge, m. Apl. 29, 1725, d. Jly. 21, 
1794, a. 94. He, according to Bond, was the s. of John S., of Watertown, 
and grd. s. of John, of W., by w. Elizabeth Traine, and the gr. grd. 8. of 
Samuel, of Concord, by w. Mary Fry, and gr. gr. grd. s. of Samuel S., of 
W., who was b. 1592, and admitted freeman. May 18, 1653. He had 
17. 2. I. Abijah, May 4, 1726, m. Sarah KimbaU ; 

6. 3. II. Nathan, Oct. 7, 28 ; 
11. 4. III. Elias, Oct. 22, '30 ; iv. Sarah, Nov. 29, '34 ; v. Ebenezer, Apl. 30, '41. 

3. 6. Nathan, Col, m. Oct. 27, 1784. Mary Bullen, settled upon the farm left by 
• her father, at Chestnut Brook, now Isaac Cozzen's, and d. Feb. 7, 1805, 

laying down a wen which he long carried upon his back, the post mortem 
weight of which exceeded 401b. She d. Apl. 24, 1810, a. 87, and was the 
last witch in S. accused of miraculous power derived from Satan. They had 
inS., I. Nathan, May 1, 1761, who m. Sarah Stratten, his cousin, and 

had in S., i. Kuth, Nov. 12, 1784; n. Amelia, Mar. 18, '87; 

III. Mary, Feb. 12, '89; iv. Ephraim, Nov. 27, '93; v. Jabez, Maj 

12, '96, s. pr. in Leominster ; vi. John, May 17, '98, s. pr. ditto; 

VII. Sally, Dec. 2, 1800. 

4. 11. Elias, m. Mellicent , and had, i. Mellicent, May 20, ^55 ; ii. Sarah, 

June 13, '57 ; 

12. III. Ebenezer, Aug. 27, '59 ; 

13. IV. Elias, Dec. 20, '61 ; 

14. V. Jona., Jan. 20, '65 ; vi. Hannah, Apl. 23, '66 ; vii. Joseph, June 
11, '68 ; VIII. Jabez, Apl. 2, '70 ; ix. Abijah, Mar. 6, '72 ; x. Molly, 
Jly. 1, '73. 

2. 17. Abijah, Cpt., w. Sarah Kimball, i. Abigail, m. Warren ; 

25. 18. II. Daniel, m. Susanna Morse, r. N. ; ni. Betsey, m. Adams; 

IV. Abijah, Apl. 10, 1751, m. Sarah, b. Jan. 14, 1756, had 
21. 20. I. Abijah, May 25, 1775, d. Oct. 29, 1838, m. Hannah Bacon; 2d, 

Hannah (Fuller) Kimball; ii. Polly, May 2, '78, m. Jonas Green- 
wood ; III. Sally, May 21, '80, d. um. ; iv. Betsey, Mar. 13, '83, 
m. Ezra Morse, of S. 

20. 21. Abijah, w. Hannah Bacon, r. on the homestead, on the old road fr. S. to 


5. Nat., E. of a brook, and had at N., i. John, Nov. 4, 1798, inherited the 
ancient homestead, m. Betsey Kimball, and had, 

I. Catherine D. (d.) ; ii. Elizabeth A. ; iii. Harriet A. ; iv. Hanh. ; 
V. Catherine D. (d.) ; vi. Abijah B. ; vii. John H. ; viii. Martha 
I. ; IX. Geo. W. ; 

II. Moses, r. on the farm formerly Samuel Perry's, m. Sarah Perry ; 2d, 
Mary Whitney, and had at N., i. Mary W. (d.) ; ii. Chs. (d.) ; 

III. Francis ; iv. Miriam C. ; 

III. Mary, d. um. ; iv. Sarah, m. Caleb Fosket, r. N. ; v. Aaron, Jan. 26, 
1811, m. Susanna Kussel, r. on his father's homestead, S. of Peter's Hill, had 

I. John E. ; ii. Horace J. 

18, 25. Daniel, by w. Susanna Morse, had at N., i. Daniel ; ii. Jona. ; iii. Wm., 
Mar. 6, 1795, (d.,) m; Sally Bullard, r. S., had 
I. John, rs. Bos. ; and Eliza M.j Apl. 6, 1829, m. Andrew Becker, b. Alp. 

6, 1824, at Schornsheim, Hesse Darmstad, Ger., s. of Andrew B., by w. 
Catherine Lahr, and has Mary E., and Wm. 

• m%mt 

Wm. Stroud, w. Rebecca , had at S., i. Moses, Dec. 30, 1778 ; 

n. Aaron, Dec. 4, '80. 

» »>^ I 

Daniel Sumner, m. Lydia Fairbanks, and had Joel, July 31, 1761. 

K I O t 

Doct* JonE. Tsty came from Salem and established himself as a physician in 
the S. W. part of S., had an extensive practice, served as selectman, 
1795-1807, m. Mary Holbrook and had, i. Polly, Jan. 11, 1776 ; 
n. Betsey, Sep. 30, '77; in. Calvin, Nov. 8, '81, a teacher, pr. d. unm. ; 
IV. Mary, Aug. 23, '84 ; v. Sally, May 11, '90 ; vi. Sylvia, Aug. 29, '93 ; 
VII. Jona., July 25, '96, d. yg. 

Tho. Tenney, w. Abigail, had in H., I. Samuel, July 19, 1745 ; 

II. Deborah, Sep. 16, '47, d, Sep. 20, '48 ; iii. Daniel, May 13, '49 ; ' 
IV. Ebenezer, May 24, '51 ; v. Sarah, May 8, '55 ; vi. Ruth, Mar. 5, '57 ; 
VII. Tho., July 29, '58; viii. Isaac, May 28, '60; ix. Oliver,^ Aug. 21, 
'62 ; X. Olive, Aug. 21, '62, m. Seth Sprague, Aug. 9, '83 ; 
XI. Abigail, July 8, '64. 

i*>» t 

Seth Tombling, m. Susanna Thompson, Nov. 6, 1746, and had in H., 
I. Martha, Oct. 17, '47, d. Aug. 3, '59 ; ii. Rebecca, Feb. 1, '48-9, m. John 
Travis, '70; iii. Susanna, Oct. 29, '50, d. Aug. 27, '59; iv. Sarah, Oct. 
30, '52, d. Aug. 20, '51; v. Seth, Dec. 10, '54; vi. Timothy, Nov. 11, 
'56 ; vii. Pegga, Dec. 25, '58, m. Elkanor Prentice, '84; vni. Patty, Jan. 
23, '67; IX. Eleoner, Sep. 23, '69. 


Joseph. Travis, w. Mehetabel , had in S., i. Sarah, Apl. 21, 1728 ; ii. Asa 

May 28, '29; iii. Zeruiah, July 10, '33. ^ 

Daniel Travis, m. Abigail Sanger, May 29, 1793, had i. John, Apl. 8, 
1794; II. Curtis, Feb. 8, '96; Mercy, w. of Jas. Travis, d. Dec. 1, 1744. 


James Travis, w. Rebecca, d. a wid., Dec. 8, 1757, bad in H., i. James, b. 
Feb. 29, 1731-2 ; ii. Daniel, June 17, '34; m. Thankful, July 15, '37. 

John Travis, m. Anna Maxwell, Jan. 7, 1741-2, had, in Hoi., i. Isaac, Apl. 
27, 1746, d. May 12, '46 ; it. John, Sep. 15, '47 ; iii. Mary, Oct. 1, '49, 
d. July 20, '51 ; iv. Mercy, Nov. 23, '51 ; v. Sarah, Sep. 27, '53. 

Joshua Thomas Tucker, Revj, bom Sep. 20, 1812, son of Joshua T., 
of Milton, by w. Wealthy Thomas, from Pembroke, grd. s. of Samuel 
T., and gr. grd. s. of Samuel, and gr. gr. grd. s. of Manasseh, (Dea. of Ist 
chh. in Milton) and gr. gr. gr. grd. son of Robert Tucker, of Weymoutb,in 
1639, fitted for Col. at Phillips Acad., grad. at Y. C, 1833, studied Theol- 
ogy at Lane Sem., ord. by the Presbytery of Alton, 111., '37, missionary at 
Rushville, 111., '37-40 ; Pastor at Hannibal, Mo., '40-46, and do. and^ditorat 
St. Louis, Mo., '46-48 ; and installed at H., June 6, '49, and is the present 
Pastor. Mr. T. is advantageously known both as a preacher and writer. 
His publications, besides many rich contributions to our periodical literature, 
are 11 in No., viz.. Dying Scenes, a memorial of Mrs. Mary 0. Tucker; 
Thanksgiving Ser., Hannibal, Mo., '45 ; Hist, of 1st chh. at Hannibal, '45; 
Ser. on God's Ministry of Judgment, Holliston, '49 ; Funeral Ser. on Mr. 
Harding Daniels, H., '49 ; Ser. on State Fast, H., '51 ; Maine Temperance 
Law, '51 ; Sers. on the Death of Dea. Horace Partridge, H., '53 ; to Young 
Men, '53 ; and on the death of Rev. Alfred Hawes, H., '54. His work en- 
titled The Sinless One, or the Life Manifested, a 12mo vol.'of 324 pp.. Bos., 
'55, is a work of groat merit, proving what may be expected hereafter from his 
pen. He m. Mary 0.. Stibbs, dg. of Christopher and Elizabeth S., of Lood., 
England, who d. '44 ; and 2d, Ann D. Shackford, dg. of John and Jane S., 
of Portsmouth, N. H., has had 5 chid., only 2 of whom survive. 

William Tucker, from Milton with a family, s. in S., about 80 rods S. W. 
of !Peters Hill, was T. clerk, and rep. in 1787, and selectman in '87 and 
'90. His son Wm., jun., m. Julia Twitchell, May 18, 1786, and had in S., 
I. Sally, Jan. 4, '87 ; ii. Wm., Feb. 17, '89 ; m. Calvin, Apl. 15, '91. 

« ^a* » 

1* JoSOph Twitchell, of Dorchester, was admitted freeman. May 14, 
1634, had land there assigned him, Feb. 18, 1635-6, was received into the 
chh. 8 (1), 1644, lost a son Joseph, 13 (7), 1657. He might have had a 
2d Joseph, [No. 3 and 8,] who bought land, and s. in S. ? or be did so. 

2. Benj. Tutchell, of Dorchester, probably his brother, appears to have re- 
moved to Medfield as early as 1663, where he and his children t<5ok the 
name of Twitchell. His wife's name was Mary. He had 
8. 3. I. pr. Joseph, ? d. Oct. 24, 1710, at S. ; or as I had reported, he miglit 
have been the son of Joseph, No. 1., and named after 13 (7), 1657 ; 
63. 4. II. Benj., m. Mary White, at Medfield, Apl. 5. 1683, d. at S., 1715-30, 
pr. with issue ; iii. Mary, 8 (1), 1658-9, at Dorch., m. Josiah Rocket, at 
Medfield, May 9, 1677, d. 1699. She had BetUa, Hanh., Mehet ; 

IV. Hannah, who m. Nov. 4, 1679, Samuel Hill, at Sh., son of John Hill, 
fr. Dorch., had ^/>Am., Sarah j Lydia; 

V. Bethia, who m. Jly. 19, 1688, John Rocket, and d. Jan. 1, 1706-7. 
She had Joseph, Benj., Deborah, S^c. ; 

5. VI. Abiell, b. Nov. 1, 1663, at Medfield, and pr. others, from whom 

TWITCHELL. ' 24 7 

6. Benoni T,, of Medfd., descended, who m. Hannah Allen, Apl. 18, 

7. 1705, and had, besides 4 children that d. yg. ; Seth, Nov. 9, 1711, 
who m. Dorothy Bishop, Jan. 7, 1735-6, at Wrenth., and beckme in 
1715, with Joseph Hocket, his cousin, aproprietor of Oxford. 

3.? 8. Joseph, became the owner of 100 acres of the 1st grants in S., and united 
with others to extinguish the Indian claim to them, June 12, 1682, and was 
rated, 1686, to extinguish the Indian claim to the rest of the lands in S. He, 
Jos., the younger, m. Lydia, who d. 1715-30, s. at W. Sherborn, and built 
his house a few rods N. W. of Royal Stone's, where home lots were assigned 
him and his namesake, Benj. He had, i. Patience, Dec. 2, 1678, m. 
Samuel Eames, Apl. 21, 1698 ; ii. Content, Jan. 25, '80 ; iii. Charity, 
Dec. 7, '82 ; iv. Sarah, Nov. 15, '84 ; v. Lydia, Oct. 11, '86, d. 1710 ; 

11. 9. VI. Joseph, Sep. 3, '88, d. Jan. 31, 1728; 
14. 10. VII. Ephraim, Oct. 24, '95. 

9. 11. Joseph, m. Elizabeth Holbrook, of p. 142, and had at Sherborn 
18. 12. I. Joseph, Esq., Feb. 13, 1718-19; 

27. 13. II. Jona., Dea., July 22, '21, d. prior to 1781. 

10. 14. Ephraim, m. Sarah Millen, who d. Aug. 28,1725. He m. 2d, Hannah 

Sanger, Feb. 9, '26-7, do. of Richard S., by w. Elizth. Morse ; had at S., 
50. 15, I. Tho., Sep. 29, 1722 ; 

16. II. Ephraim, Oct. 25, '23, m. Patience Eames, 1752, he then of Mcndon ; 

III. James, Aug. 7, '25, d. May 5, '52 ; iv. Hannah, June 7, '29, m. 

Tim. Leland, jun., of H. ; v. Sarah, Sep. 1, '31, d. Nov. 9, '34; 

VI. Lydia, Dec. 6, '33 ; 
52. 17. VII. Timothy, June 11, '36; viii. Elizabeth, Nov. 20, '83. 

From this family, the Twitchells of Milford have probably descended. 

12. 18. Joseph, Esq. Tradition has brought down a high character of this man, 

and the records confirm it. He was Capt. of the militia. Commissary for the 
army in the war of '76, Town Clerk, Representative and Magistrate, and the 
leading man of the town, until succeeded by his junr. half brother, the Hon. 
- Daniel Whitney. He m. Deborah Fairbanks, June 28, 1739, dg. of Capt. 
Eleazer F., of S., and was, with her, received into the chh., Jly. 27, 1740. 
He m. 2d, Deborah (Sanger) Fassct, Jan. 1, 1786, and d. with the apo- 
plexy. Mar. 12, '92. He had 

28. 19. I. Samuel, Capt., Aug. 24, 1740 ; 

33. 20. II. Joseph, jun., Nov. 27, '41 ; in. Elizabeth, Jly. 27, '13, m. Joel 
White, fr. Medfd., May 30, '67, and rm. Dublin, N. H. ; 
21. IV. Eleazer, Jan. 22, '44-5, r. Nelson, N. H., Bethel, Me., m. Martha 
Mason. Apl. 4, '68, had Simeon, Feb. 18, 1770, at S., Deborah, Feb.l, '72, 
at Dub., rm. Bethel, Me. ; 

85. 22. V. Ezra, June 23, '46; vi. Martha, Dec. 16, '47, m. Nathan Bixby, of 
Fram., Oct. 3, '71 ; vii. Deborah, Mar. 26, '49, d. May 13, '52 ; 

41. 23. viii. Abel, May 28, '51 ; ix. Deborah, Dec. 23, '52, m. Joseph May- 
nard, of F., May 5, '75 ; x. Molly, May 17, '55, m. Moses Rider, of 
Jeffery, N. H., Jan. 18, '84, and had Ezra, Aug. 30, '86, of Keene; 

24. XI. Amos, Dec. 28, '56, who d. in the army ; 

25. XII. Eli, Feb. 17, '59, m. Rhoda Leland, Sep. 23, '84 ; 

48. 26. XIII. Peter, bap. Aug. 30, '60;, xiv. Jule, Mar. 18, '66, m. Wm. 
Tucker, of Fram. 


13. 27. Jona,, Dea., m. Deborah Ballard, Mar. 1, 17434, dg. of Benj. B., of 8., by 
w. Miriam Morse, and was killed by a fall from a horse, Jly. 23, '81 . He was a 
memb of the chh., had, i. Miriam, Dec. 17, '44, m. Capt. IsaAC Bullard, of HoL, 
Apl. 5, '87 ; II. Jona., Apl. 7, '47, d. Aug. 7, '49 ; in. Kezia, Apl. 13, 
'49, m. Benj. Kendall, of Sh., Apl. 1, '67 ; iv. Anne, May 24, '51. m. 
Jabez Patridge, of S., May 19, '72, and had Henry, of Medfield; 

V. Jona., Apl. 6, '54, d. yg. ; vi. Peter, Aug. 11, '57, d. yg. ; 

VII. Jennett, Nov. 5, '60, m. Silas Stone, Jan. 9, '81, and s. on the home- 
stead ; VIII. Deborah, Dec. 15, '64, d. yg. ; ix. Jona., Sep. 2, '67, d. yg. 

19. 28. Samuel, united with the chh. in S., Mar. 18, 1764, n> Alice Wilson, 
^ Feb. 2, 1766, dg. of Dr. John and Mary W., of S. ; 2d, EUzabeth Young, 

Nov. 2, 1807, and was among the first planters of Dublin, and resided on the 
place now occupied by Harvy Learned. He had, i. Hannah, Jly. 7, '67; 
29. II. Ephraim, Aug. 7, '68 ; iii. Mary, Jan. 23, '71, m. Samuel Fisk, of D.; 
IV. Betty, Apl. 18, '73 ; v. Samuel, June 13, '75, d. Sep. 1, '77 ; 

VI. Samuel, Nov. 13, '77, d. Apl. 8, '84 ; 

30.. VII. Amos, M. D., Apl. 11, '81, d. May 26, 1850, m. Betsey (Joodbue, 
r. Keene, was a physician and surgeon of great eminence, [see Bowditch's 
Life of him; 

31. VIII. Timothy, Jan., '83, r. Mobile, Alaba. ; 

32. IX. Samuel, Feb. 26, '85, s. on the homestead at D. 

20. 33. Joseph, m. Marcy Holbrook, Nov. 13, '66, dg. of Nathl. H., of S., by w. 

Sarah Sanger, settled very early at Dublin, and had, i. Joseph, Nov. 
24, 1767, d. yg. ; ii. John, Nov. 24, '67, d. yg. ; m. Jona., June 27, 
'69, pr. d. yg. ; iv. Marcy, June 4, '72, d. yg. ; v. Joseph, Nov. 12, '7i 
d- yg- ; VI. Moses, Jan. 6, '77 ; vii. Marcy, Feb. 4, '79, m. John Snow; 

VIII. Joseph, June 21, '81, m. Sally Taggart; ix. Persis, May 4, '84, m. 
Daniel Twitchell ; 

119. 34. X. Reuben, May 17, '86, m. Sally Wilder. 

22. 35. Ezra, m. Susanna Rice, fr. Fram., r. Dublin, Nelson, Bethel, 

I. Susanna, Nov. 9, '68, d. Dec. 19, '76, at Fram.; ii. Hannah, Nov. 9, 
'68 ; III. Anna, Dec. 15, '70 ; iv. Calvin, June 4, '73 ; v. Susanna, Nov. 
27, '77 ; 

36. VI. Calvin, Nov. 2, '79 ; 

37. VII. Ezra, Nov. 24, '81, r. Bethel, Me. ; 

38. VIII. Eli, Jly. 26, '85 ; 

39. IX. Thadeus; 

40. X. Nathan, r. Bethel, Me. 

23. 41. Abel, m. Sarah Adams, settled in Dublin, and had, i. Sally, Apl. 9,1775; 
II. Deborah, Aug. 14, '76 ; 

43. III. Cyrus, Mar. 13, '78; iv. Polly, Feb. 5, '80; 

44. V. Peter, Jly. 10, '81, m. Hannah Belknap, Dec. 22, 1803 ; 
116. 45. VI. Abel, Jly. 13, '83, d. Jly. 15, 1834, m. Abigail Greenwood ; 

VII. Betsey, Oct. 18, '84 ; 
46. VIII. Timothy Adams, May 29, '92. 

26. 48. Peter, rs. at Bethel, Me., has been for 40 ys. a vegetarian in diet; was 
accustomed in 1851 to walk 4 m. to chh. and back on the Sabbath, and stand 
during the delivery of the sermon ; has aided, by his clear recollection, inie- 


covering the his. of S., and lone been in intellect, heart, and habits, an honor 
to his race. He m. Sarah Ballard, May 8, 1783, d. Sep. 20, '91 ; and 2d, 
Amy Perry, Jan. 10, '93, dg. of Edwd. West Perry, of S., and had 
I. Almond, Jly. 10, '83, d. Nov. 18, '92, a. ab. 9 vs. ; ii. Jona., b. 
1789 ; in. Eli, d. of small pox, Sep. 26, '92, at S. ; iv. EU, b. Jly. 22,'94 ; 
V. Julia, ApL 10, '97. 

15. 60. Tho., m. Snsannah, and had at Hoi., i. Sarah, Jan. 25, 1748-9; 
n. Joshua, Nov. 13, '50; in. Mary, May 2, '51. 

17. 52. Timothy, inherited the faim of his &ther, in Hoi., which he sold to Major 
Miller, about 1802, and rm. to Barre. He m. Sarah Adams, Feb. 25, 
1762, dg. of Benoni A., of Hoi., and grd. dg. of Moses A., and gr. grd. 
dg. of Moses, of Sh., and had 

56. 53. I. Joseph, Jan. 9, '63, rm. to Wardsbury, Vt. ; n. Hannah, Jly. 4, '64 ; 
m. Sarah, Sep. 2, '66; iv. Mary^Jan. 20, '69 ; 

54. V. Timothy, Oct. 1, '70, s. in Wardsbury, Vt. ; vi. Lucy, Dec. 13, 72 ; 
vn. Kuth, Oct. 9, '74 ; 

55. viii. Uriel, Feb. 2, '77, rm. to Black River, N. Y. 

53. 56. Joseph, s. pr. at Wardsbury, Vt., and had 

I. Joseph, of Boston ; n. Appleton, rs. Jamaica, Vt. ; iii. Horace, rs. 
at do. ; IV. David, rs. on Black R, N. Y. ; v. Q^mothy, rs. do. ; 
VI. Uriel , rs. do. 

62. Joshua, ? m. Sarah Cousins, Jan. 1, 1778, and settled in Dublin. 

4. 68. Benj., settled in S., with Joseph T., as early as 1678, drew a home 
lot of 14 acres, at W. Sherbom, 18 (3), 1679, and seems to have been con- 
nected with Ebenr. Badcock, fr. Milton. He had, by w. Mary White 

67. 64. I. Benj., Sep. 15, '84, d. 1722-30 ; 

71. 65. n. John, Jan. 4, '88 ; 

74. 66. in. Ebenezer, Dec. 10, '91, d. June 14, 1778 ; iv. Mary, Aug. 28, '94; 
V. Abigail, June 5, '99. 

64. 67. Benj., m. Mary , and had, i. Daniel, Nov. 11, 1711 ; 

68. n. Daniel, Feb. 22, '14-15 ; 

77. 69. m. Benj., Dec. 2, '16 ; 

70. IV. Jonas, May 15, '19 ; v. Abigail, Mar. 24, '21-22. 

65. 71. John, m. Esther Sanger, Feb. 2, 1720-1, who d. ab. '28; and 2d, Hanh. 

Perry, Mar. 10, 1728-9, dg. of John P., jun., of S., by w. Sarah Hill, and 
had at H. 
79. 72. I. David. Mar., 1722, m. Sarah Marsh, May 21, '47 ; 

81. 73. n. Moses, Mar. 18, '23-4, m. Mary Foster, Nov. 24, '49; 

m. Miriam, Feb. 27, '33. 

66. 74. Ebenezer, m. Sarah Pratt, of S., Dec, 1717, who was rod. to the chh., 

Apl. 7, '54, r. S., had 

82. 75. I. Ebenezer, Dec. 20, '18, d. Aug. 18, 1800, m. Mercy Sawin ; 

n. Sarah, June 12, '20, m. Seth Bullard ; 
87. 76. in. Gersham, Oct. 6, '25, m. Hanh. Sawin, fr. Watertown. 

69. 77. Benj., m. Lydia Fisk, Nov. 25, 1740, at Med., pr. dg. of John F., of S., 




by w. Lydia Adams, and b. Jan. 14, 1711-12, or her sis. L., 2d, and had at S., 
I. Lydia, June 7, '41 : 
78. n. Isaac, Feb. 9, '42-3 ; in. Lois, Dec. 20, '44. 

72. 79. David, m. Sarah Marsh, May 21, 1747, dg. pr. of Joseph M., of S., by 

w. Sarah, and had, i. Esther, Sep. 29, '48 ; ii. Joseph, Sep. 10, '50. 

73. 81. Moses, m. Mary Foster, Nov. 24, 1749, dg. of Jacob F.,- of Holl.,and 

had at Holl., i. Eachel, Aug. 19, '50. 

75. 82. Ebenezer ( " doublet "), m. Mercy , d. Jan. 29, 1774, had at S. 

I. John, Aug. 24, 174B, d. Oct. 28, '46, r.'in S., J m. S. of the W. ; 
92. 83. n. Ebenezer ("triplet"). Ens., Aug. 15, '45; iii. John, Apl. 7, *48; 
112. 83J. ivi Abijah, Aug. 3, '50, d. Jly. 11, '77, in the army ; 
99. 84. V. Joshua, Mar. 4, *53, r, Fitzwm., Dub., N. H., and rm. Andover,yt; 

VI. Mercy, Mar. 4, '55, m. Moses Leland, of S., May 26, '74 ; vn. EM, 
bap. Mar. 26, '58, m. John Golden, of S., May 23, '76 ; vni. Comfort, 
bap. June 8, '60 ; 

96. 85. IX. John, bap. Jan. 30, '63, m. Catherine Tucker, June 1, '86 ; 

X. Julia, bap. Mar. 25, '65, m. Wm. Tucker, jun., of S., May 18, '86; 
86. XI. Sawin, bap. Oct. 7, '69, r. Fitzwm., and rm. Andover, Yt 

76. 87. Gersham, was reed, to the chh. in S., 1748, m. Hanh. , rm. to Dub.; 

105. 88. I. Gersham, Sep. 13, '48 ; ii. Sarah, Nov. 12, '50 ; 

111. 89. m. Stephen, June 25, '53 ; iv. Hannah, Dec. 20, '55 ; v. Isaac, Mar. 
29, '58 ; VI. Isaac, 2d, Sep. 27, '67; vii. Sawin, Oct. 6, '69. •' 

83. 92. Ebeneizer, Ens., m. Waitstill Greenwood, June 4, 1767, dg. of Wm. 6., 

of S., who d. June 11, '88, settled in Dublin, and had i. Sar^, Jan. 9, '68; 
114. 93. II. John, June 2, '70, m. Dorcas Twitehell; in. Mary, Jan. 23, '71; 
94. IV. Eli, Oct. 29, '72, r. Unity, N. H., or Vt. ; 

117. 95. V. Daniel, Apl. 3, '75; vi. Lydia, Apl. 2, '81 ; vii. Miriam, Apl. I 

'83; VIII. Waitstill, Jan. 21, '86, m. Aaron Brooks, Mar. 13. 1806; 
IX. Julia, May 28, '88. 

85. 96. John, m. Catherine Tucker, June 1, '86, inherited his father's farm in S. 

' I. Abigail, Oct. 1, 1787, d. um. ; 

120. 97. II. John, Mar. 6, 1789, m. Lucy Metealf, dg. of Philip M., d. where his 

son, Ben. Twitchell, r. in S. ; in. Clary, Oct. 5, '92, m. Daniel Metealf, r. 

Med. ; iv. Calvin, b. Feb. 25, '99, m. Mary Greenwood, r. Fram. ; 

V. Polly, bap. June 5, 1803, d. yg. ; vi. Chs., Oct. 20, '05, d. yg.; 

VII. Chs., m. Joanna Cuzzens, r. Ashland ; viii. Mary Ann, bap. Apl ^> 
'09, m. Gardner Edmunds, r. Boston. 

84. 99. Joshua, m. Sarah Cousens, Jan. 1, 1778, had at Dublin 

100. I. Abijah, Apl. 10, '78, m. Eachel Hogg, Dec. 4, 1800, r. Me. ; 
II. Sally, Mar. 21, '80, m. Benj. Wilder, r. Plymouth, Vt. ; 

101. III. Joshua, Aug. 26, '82, r. Jackson, Me., m. Julia Cozzens; 

102. rv. Ebenezer, Jly. 7, '84, m. Polly Cozzens, r. J. ; 

118. 103. v^ Joseph, Sep. 16, '86, m. Hannah Greenwood, r. Dublin ; 
104. VI. Timothy, Mar. 23, '89, m. Sally Bullard, and s. in Sherbom; 

VII. Patty^ Mar. 28, '91, d. um. ; viii. Betsey, June 12, '93, r. Dub., um.; 
IX. Asa; x. Hanh., m. Crombe Chadwick ; xi. Moses, r. um., Dublin; 
xn. Aaron, r. Harbour Cr., Pa. 


88. 105. Gersham, m. Pradence Adams, Sep. 12, 1771 ; 2d, Prissilla Holt, 

Oct. 2, 79, settled at Dublin, and had, i. Luther, Sep. 18, 73 ; 

II. Hannah, May 20, 76 ; iii. Prudence, Apl. 19, 77 ; iv. Josiah, Mar. 

14, 79 ; V. Daniel, Feb. 21, '81 ; vi. Prudence, June 10* '83, m. John 
Minot, Sep. 15, '05 ; vii. Polly, Apl. 22, '85 ;' viii. Dorcas, June 1, '87 ; 
IX. Gersham, Apl. 10, '89 ; x. John, Apl. 20, '92. 

89. 111. Stephen, m. Lucy Norcross, May 27, 1779, r. D., had, i. Elizabeth, 

Dec, 7, '80 ; ii. Sarah, Jly. 8, '81 ; m. Julah, Oct. 6, '82 ; 
IV. Hannah, Oct 13, '94. 

83 J. 112. Abijah, m. Lydia Adams, Feb. 27, 72, d. Mar. 10, '76, r. D;, had, 
^5. 113. I. Thaddeus, Jan. 23, '73, reared by his grd. father, T. ; n. Dorcas, 
Oct 5, '74, m. John Twitchell ; m. Lydia, Mar. 2, '76, d. yg. 

93. 114. John, m. Dorcas Twitchell, had at D., i. John, Aug. 20, '98, d. Oct. 
11, '98 ; II. Gilman, Jly. 28, 1800, d. Oct. 19, 1800 ; iii. Matilda G., 
Jly. 28, '01 ; iv. Silvia, Mar. 23, '03 : v. Leander, Nov. 16, '0*, d. Oct 
20, '05 ; VI. Emily, Feb. 19, '06, d. Oct -31, '07. 

113. 115. Thaddeus, m. Nancy Fwrbauk, of Mend., Nov. 25, 1795, r. Dublin. 

I. Abijah, Feb. 3, '97 ; ii. Hannah, Apl. 5, '99 ; iii. Mary, Jly. 6, 1801 ; 

IV. Nancy, Aug. 20, '03 ; v. Mira, Jly. 31, '06 ; vi. Lucy, Sep. 1, '08. 

45. 116. Abel, m. Abigail, i. Elvira, Apl. 25, 1809 ; ii. Albertson, Feb. 28, 
'll;/ii. Elvira, Apl. 14, '17. 

95. 117. Daniel, m. Persis, r. D., i. Adaline, May 30, 1807 ; ii. Almira, Jly. 

15, '08; III. Darius, June 25, '10; iv. Persis A., June 25, '14; 

V. Joseph, d. Oct. 5, '16. 

103. 118. Joseph, m. Hannah Greenwood, Dec. 29, 1814, r. D., i. Eufus, Oct 9, 
1815, d. yg. ; n. Horace, Nov. 21, '16, r. Med. ; ni. Julia Ann, Feb. 9, 
'19, d. yg. ; and others. 

34. 119. Reuben, m. Sally, i. Orlando, Feb. 6,1808; Reuben W., Sep. 17, '10. 

97. 120. John, w. Lucy Metcalf, had, i. Benj., Jan. 23, 1817, m. Mary Chap- 
man, has Harriet N. ; II. Abigail, m. Sylvester Eames, r. H.; in. Lucy 
E., m. Luther E. Leland, r. Ashd. ; iv. Chs., m. Catherine Dearth, r. Fram. ; 
V. Susan, m. John Allen, r. HoU. 

John Twitchell, jun., ? of Warwick, m. Lydia Tenny, Nov. 3, 1781, at Milfd. ; 

Thomas, ? of W.boro', m. Phebe Pond, Nov. 5, 1783 ; 

Morris, ? m. Cath. French, Nov. 9, 1797, at Mendon ; 

Gersham, ? of Milford, had i. Martin, Jan. 18, 1779, who m. Elinor Lamb, 
of Oxfd., Jan. 25, 1807 ; ii. Levi, 1780, d. um. ; in. Elisha, r. M., 

and um. ; iv. Betsey, Sep. 18, '85, m. Paine, of Custom House, 

Boston ; v. Gersham, d. without issue ; vi. Ella, May 18, '83 ; 

Ephm., ? of Milfd., by w. Lydia, had, i. Lydia, Feb. 2, 1770 ; ii. Mercy, 
* Sep. 22, '73 ; iii. Mary, Oct. 4, '76 ; iv. Olive, Mar. 14, '80 ; 

Jonas, ? of Mil, by w. Olive, had John, Apl. 28, 1785 ; 

Benj., ? of do., by w. Patience, had Patience, Oct. 26, 1774. 


1. Joseph Underwood, of Hing., 1637, of Beading and Watertown,! 645, 
was admitted to the freeman's oath, 1645. His first w. Mary, d. 13 (12,) 
1658. He m.2d, Mary How, at Dorch., 29, (2), 1665, who wasdism. from 

252 WAIGHT, 

the chh. in D. to the chh. in W., 1666. He d. at W., 16, (12), 1676, a. 
62. He was probably the father of i. Tho., of Dorchester, and of W., 1690-1, 
whose children s. in Lex. ; ii. Joseph, of W., who was admitted to the chh. 

Dec. 5, 1686, took the freeman's oath Apl. 18, 1690, m. Elizabeth , 

who was received to the chh. 1687. They had at W.^ [see Barre & Bond] 
3. I. John, Mar. 6, 1676-7 ; n. Mizaheth, May 8, 79 ; 

in. Joseph, May 28, '81 ; 
6. 5. IV. Joshua, Lt, 28, (11), '82, d. Sep. 2, 1727; v. Sarah, Feb. 9, 
'87 ; VI. Hianh,, bap. Apl. 13, '90, m. Daniel Richardson, at S., 1709. 

.5 6. Joshua, Lt., m. Mercy Fairbanks Jan. 13, 1707-8, dg. of Eleazer F., of S., 

2d, Hannah Wheelock, Feb. 16, '37-8. He purchased part of Hoppcr^s 

farm in H., in 1712, and s. on the W. side of Chicken Brook about 1 m. S. 

W. of the common in H., drew land in Doug., 1715, was rated, 1721, 

' ^'/ among the 8 highest, and d. Sep. 2, 1727. He had at S., i. Mercy, Apl. 

^ 3, 1709, m. Eli Jones, '29; ii. Jona., Nov. 4, '11, m. Priscilla Bailla, '40; 

in. Joshua, Sep. 22, '14, d. July 17, '31 ; 
10. 8. IV. Joseph. Nov. 21, '16, d. June 7, '59 ; v. Thankful, Feb. 8, '19, m. 
John HiD, June 4, '44 ; vi. David, May 18, '21, d. July 7. '42 ; 
VII. Mary, Feb. 2, '22-3, m. Eleazer Bobbins, Jan. 26, '43-4. 

8. 10. Joseph inherited the homestead, m. Jemima Leland, dg. of Dea. Timothy 
L., and had at H., i. Reuben, Jan. 17, 1740-1, m. Abigail Burbank, May 
20, '62, and had Thankful, Feb. 19, '96 ; ii. David, Nov. 24, '42, m. 
Bathsheba Adams, Nov. 10, '63, and s. in Barre ; ni. BUzal^eth, Oet 20, 
'46, m. Bridges, of H. ; iv. Timothy, Dec 18, '48, m. and. s. in Hubbard- 
ston, had i. Isaac, of Jamaica, Yt. ; ii. Asa ; 
17. 14. V. Joshua, Nov. 21, '44, d. Mar. 15, 1821 ; vi. Joseph, Jan. 31, '54, 
d. Aug. 31, '56 ; vii. Millicent, Sep. 18, '56, d. Sep. 18, '56 ; 

15., VIII. Asa, July 26, '57, m. Mary Kilton, Feb. 29, '83, s. at Wardsbury, 
Vt, and had Asa, July 27, '86, of Newfane ; 

16. IX. Joseph, June 5, '59, s. at Wardsbury, Vt. 

14. 17. Joshua inherited the homestead, was a member of the chh. in H., anclby 
trade a tanner, m. Lydia Eames, noted for benevolence, dg. of Daniel E., of 
H., by w. Silence Leland, who inherited insanity from her mother, who 
inherited it from her mother, born 1683. They had, i. Silence, Oct. 7, 
1766, m. Aaron Pond, of H., 2d, John Claflin, of H. ; ii.- Jjydia, Jan. 8, 
'68, m. Wm. Mollen, 2d, Wm. Unthank, 3d, Ebenr, Sumner; m. Daniel, 
Jan. 28, '70, m. Susan Bowker, 2d, Mille Bowker, r. Hopk. ; iv. Jemima, 
Oct. 22, '72, m. Levi Fisk, of H., '91 ; v. Anna, Oet. 25, '74, m. Wm. 
Claflin, May 18, '94 ; vi. Joshua, Mar. 14, '77, r. New York ; 
vn. Joseph, Doct., May 9, '80. m. Sylvia Chapin, Apl. 22, 1801, at Mend.; 
and B. at Belfast, Me.; viii. Noah, Mar. 4, '82, m. Sophronia Bragg, 1704, 
r. N.york ; ix. Betsey, Mar. 4, '84, m. Timothy Mellen, 1802 ; 

X. Clarissa, Mar. 13, '86, m. Ichabod Hawes, from Frank. ; 

XI. Shem, July 2, '89, d. yg. ; 

xn. Chloe, May 22, '91, m. Wm. Drake, of Mend., 1812. 

Eeuben Underwood ? w. Mercy , had Lucinda, Mar. 25, '94, at H. 

* *■• I 

Ezekiel Walght, w. Rebecca, had in H., i. Tho., July 29, 1753 ; 
II. Thaddeus, May 26, '55 ; m. Silas, July 12, '58. 

Mercy Waight, m. Daniel Claflin, Nov. 22, 1750. 


GtoO. Wair, m. Lnoj Littlefield, had in H., i. Sally, June 22, 1791 ; 
11. Wm.,Aug..lO, '95; m. Lucy, Sep. 28, '97 ; iv. Geo. S., Nov. 11, '99. 

I I f I 

W^m. Waity w. Abigail, had in S., i. Gershom ; ii; Jason ; 

in. Sarah ; iv. Hepsebath, Nov. 25, 1707 ; v. Eebecca, June 29, '09 ; 

VI. Abiel, Nov. 18, '11 ; vn. Betsey, Aug. 31, '14. 

■ • f I 

1. Solomon Walker, w. Sarah . , had Joseph, Dec. 26, 1760, at S. 

2. Timothy Walker, Dea., son of Comfort W., from Rehoboth to Med., came 
from Med. to Hoi., 1850, built at his own expense on the S. side of Jasper 
Hill, Mt. Hollis Academy, in which instruction in the classics and higher 
branches of English, have been dven by accomplished instructors to the 
present time. Mr. Elbridge J. Cutler, a grad. of Harv. U., is now Princ. 
Mr. W. m. Louisa Turner, dg. of Col. Amos T., of Med., and grd. dg. 
of Amos T., and gr. grd. dg. of Amos T., Esq., of Hanover, representative, 
1726, '27, '28, '32, and gr. ot. grd. dg. of John T., of Scituate, by wife 
Mary Brewster, dg. of Jona. JB., and grd. dg. of Elder Brewster of Plym., 
and gr. gr. gr. grd. dg. of Humphrey Turner, who arrived at Plym, 1628, 
s. at Scituate, erected a tannery, and was much employed in public affairs. 
They have i. Geo. Fred., A. M., b. May 31, 1825, m. Amelia E. BuUard, 
rs. a teacher at Aubumdale ; ii. Louisa A., b. Apl. 21, '34. 

I »»• I 

1. John WalliS, w. Mary , had at S., i. John, Dec. 20, 1717 ; 

n. Nathaniel, Oct. 12, '21 ; iii. Bonj., Dec. 15, '23 ; iv. Eachel, Apl. 10, 
'34, at Hoi. ; 

5. Nathaniel Wallis, w. Abigail, had in S., i. Abigail, Nov. 21, 1724 ; 
Ti. Lydia, Jan. 25, '27-8 ; in. Daniel, Nov. 28, '30. 

t ^a^ > 

1. Joseph Ware, Cpt., b. Jan. 2, I68I--2, s. of John W., of Wrenth., 

by w. Joanna , and grd. s. of Eobert W., of Ded., m. Jan. 5, 1708, 

Hannah Wood, b. Feb. 11, 1688, dg. of Eleazer W., by w. Dorotha Bab- 
cock, ? from Milton, and grd. dg. of Nicholas W., by w. Mary, pr. Williams, 
from Roxb., and through her succeeded to the inheritance of the E. half of 
the ancient Wood farm, now owndd and occupied by Maj. John Goulding, a 
descendant. Capt. W. was an able, enterprising man, and 'much respected 
citizen. He served as cornet of horse in an expedition against the Indians, 
and was selectman 11 years. About 1710, he, in company with Cpt. Joseph 
Morse, built the first grist mill on Sewell's brook, and his slave. Duty, being 
a better miller than Capt. M. could supply, secured him all the custom, and 
induced my ancestor to sell out, and the privilege has remained to this day 
in the family of Capt. W. The ancient Hull farm having descended through 
Hull's only dg., Mrs. Judge Sewell, to her dg. Judith, the wife of Rev. Dr. 

Cooper, of Boston, Capt. W. in 1734-5, purchased of them, for , the 

the S. E. half of the same, consisting of 2(00 acres, Richard Sanger purchas- >0 C 
^ag at the same timC; for an equal sum, the N. W. half. Capt. W. proceeded 
immediately, it is believed, to erect the venerable mansion yet standing on 
the N. bank of Sewell's Brook, upon the W. side of the road to E. Med., 
known from a magnificent Elm, planted about the same time by his slave, 
Duty, moved ipto it and there spent the remainder of his days. His remains 
were interred in the desecrated burying-ground at the S. end of S., where^his 
elegant headstone may be found lying in the vicinity of his grave, if not yet 
thrown into Charles R. He had, i. Hannah, Aug. 10, 1710 ; 

254 WARE. 

n. Zipporah, Nov. 22, '12, m. Curtis Goulding; ni. Abigail, Apl. 27, '15; 

5. 2. IV. John, May 26, '17, m. Martha Prentiss; v. Eleazer, Nov. 3, '19; 

VI. Abigail, Jan. 7, '22-3, m. Nathaniel Prentiss, who s. upon the S. quarter 
of the Hull farm ; vn. Joseph, Aug. 3, '25, pr. d. yg. ; 

VIII. Benj., Apl. 18, '30, d. about 1754, m. Mary Cooledge, had no issue. 

2. 5. John inherited the N. half of the homestead, | m. S. of S. Common, was 
selectman, 1758, had by w. Martha Printiss, who d. Apl. 20, 1805, a 81, 
I. Martha, May 7, 1744, d. yg. ; ii. Elizabeth, Aug. 22, '46, m. Peter 
BuUard, '65 ; in. Mary, Dec. 5, '48, m. Jona. Holbrook, Dec. 20, '70 ; 
9. 6. IV. Joseph, Esq., Apl. 30, '51, m. Grace Cooledge; 
14. 7. V. John, July 4, '53, m. Hannak Leland ; 

VI. Martha, June 6, '56, m. Joel Cooledge, Oct. 11, '81 ; 
18. 8. vn. Benj., Jan. 8, '59, d. Feb. 2, 1814, m. Mehetabel Leland ; 
vni. Persis, Aug. 12, '61, m. Wm. Adams, Jan. 1, '80 ; 

IX. Henry, Rev., D. D., Apl. 1, '64, m. Mary Clark; 

, X. Uriah, Jan. 12, '69, a clothier, m. Sarah Babcock, Nov. 25. '90, had, 
Otis and Mtra, rm. to Newton and next to Barre. 

6. 9. Joseph, Esq., enlisted in the army of the Revolution, lost an arm in the 

battle at White Plains, but ^became an able surveyor and instructor pf ybnth. 
He inherited the homestead ; was appointed a magistrate, served the town in 
various offices, but could never be induced to represent her in the G. C. 
He was a gent, of great intelligence, personal dignity, and moral worth, and 
ought to be long and gratefully remembered as one of the most exemplary 
and useful citizens whom S.has ever had. He m. Grace Cooledge, and had, 

I. Betsey, Dec. 7, 1777, m. John Mason, of Shrewsbury ; 
23. 10. II. Alpheus, Col., Mar. 23, '81, m. Polly Sanger; 

in. Asher, Hon., LL.D., Feb. 10, '82, formerly a Prof, in Harv. Univ., 
now a Judge of U. S. Dis. Court, rs. at Portland, Me. ; 

IV. Patty, Apl. 21, '87, m. Horatio Gardner ; 

V. Henry, Feb. 15, '89, d. about 1814, m. Irene Death, Jan. 11, 1810, had, 

I. Martha^ (d.), m. Dalton Goulding, Esq. ; ii. Albert, P., who owns 
the homestead ; lu. Henry, d. yg. 

7. 14. John m. Sep. 28, 1775, Hannah Leland, who was b. May 17, '57, isA d. 

in childbed, Mar. 1, '90, and 2d, Zeruiah Brown, Dec. 13, '90, r. S. and 
Newton, had, i. Sylvia, Jan. 22, 1776, m. Doct. Starr, of Newton ; 

II. Walter, Sep. 28, '77, rm. to Canada ; iii. Orland, Aug. 29, '79, rs. Deerf d. 
IV. Sophia, Aug. 13, '81, r. unm. Bos.; v. Eleanor, , June 28, '83, d. 

1852, m. Small, r. Newton ; vi. Elbridge, Aug. 14, '85, was clerk in 

Epis. chh. at N. and rm. N.. J. ; vii. Pamelia, Jan. 22, '88, r. Deerfield; 
vin. Gabriel, Mar. 1, '90, d. at her birth with her mother ; 

IX. Harriet, July 30, '91 ; x. Emily, Feb. 23, '94, at Newton. 

8. 18. Benj., Capt., w. Mehetabel Leland, b. Mar. 11, 1759, m. Dec, '78, d. 

July 20, 1846, had i. Caroline, Jan. 15, '82, d. June 21, 1806, unm. ; 
II. Polly, Feb. 7, '84, m. Lemuel Leland, senr. ; ni. China. July 30, '86, 
d. Oct. 6, 1838, m. Moses BuUen ; iv. Dan., Sep. 11, 88 rd. 1816, uuddu, 
at Louisville, Ky. ; v. Eleazer, Nov. 2, '91, m. Lucy Breck, b. July 30, 
'97, r. S., and inherits the water-power where his gr. grd. father, Joseph, 
biult the first mill on Sewell's Br., had, i. Caroline, 1820 ; n. Varestut, 
Apl. 27, '22, m. Mary Butler, (see Butler;) iii. Benj., Jan. 24, '24, 
m. Elizabeth Capen ; rv. Samuel L,, June 21, '30 ; 
V. Lucy D., June 15, '33. 


10. 23. Alpbeus, Col., inherited the talents of bis ancestors, served as 
selectman, 1820-1, m. Polly Sanger, 1798, who d. Sep. 10, 1810. and 2d, 
Nancy Sanger, had, i. Betsey, Jan. 10, '99 ; ii. Orlando, who r at Wor- 
cester ; III. Charles, who rm. to Con. ; iv. John, who m. Mary Wentworth, 
dg. of Isaac W. from Canton, rs. on the E. part of the ancient Breck Farm, 

has Ann Maria and Mary Elizabeth ; 
V. Joseph ; vi. Dana. 

* m%mt 

Wm. Warren, had bap. at S. Sep. 29, 1793, had, i. Wm. ; ii. Nabby ; 
in. Benj. ; iv. Polly ; v. Joseph. 


1. Andrew Watlpns, of Roxb., had bap., 1686-88, 1. Andrew ; 

II. Peter ; iii. Samuel ; iv. Elizabeth ; v. Mary ; vi. Sarah ; tii. Abigail. 

2. Andrew W., pr. of the same race, w. Mary, had i. Andrew, b. Mar. 5, 
1706, at Needh. 

3. Andrew W., pr. gr. grd. son of the 1st And., was killed by falling from a 
load of hay, July 26, 1805, a. 68 yrs. 4 mos. and 16 days, m. Thankful 
Morse, and s. in W. part of H., next to Hopk., had, 

I. Sarah, Aug. 6, 1757, m. Elisha Adams, of Hopk. ; ii. Henry, Mar. 22, 
'60, d. Dec. 13, 72 ; iii. John, d. yg. ; iv. Stephen, Mar. 23, '62, d. 
Dec. '72 ; v. Chloe, '64, d. Dec. '72 ; ti. Aaron, Oct. 5, '65, d. Nov. 20, 
'72 ; VII. Moses, d. Nov. 28, '72 ; viii. Daniel, Oct. 25, '66, d. July 10, 
'67 ; IX. Thankful, d. Sep. 14, '75 ; 

X. Elijah, July 18, '76, m. Polly Badger, b. in Natick, Feb. 14, '72, in- 
herited the homestead, and had, 

Nancy y d. yg., Emilia^ Miranda, Nathan ^ d. l^^l, Andrew, m. Chloe 
Wilcox, rs. at Sandisfield, had, Geo. E., June 13, 1832, rs. in H. ; 
Jane, m. Wm. Perham, rs. Hopk. ; Mary E., Sarah R., Chs. S. ; 

XI. Henry, d. Sep. 20, '75 ; xii. Ede, b. Jan. 20, '81, m. Claflin, of 

Hopk. ; xni. Mille, Nov. 25, '83, m. Aaron Rockwood, and d. Aug. 20, 

\*m I 

Jacob Wenzel, w. Sibble , had, at H., i. Louisa, Apl. 20, '87 ; 

II. Seneca, Jan. 22, '99. 


JOSephuS Wheaton; Rev., b. Mar. 16, 1788, s. of Joseph W., Esq., of 
Rehoboth, a descendant fr. Rev. — ^ W., the 2d pastor of the Bap. chh. of 
Swansey, ** early evinced a strong thirst for knowledge," and by his own 
energy and perseverance, obtained a thorough education. Hegrad. with distinguished 
honor, in 1812, at B. U., where he continued his residence, studied theology, and at 
the same time, had charge of the Acad, connected with the Univ., was tutor in the 
same, 1813-15 ; licensed, 1814 ; ordained pastor at H., Dec. 6, 1815 ; and d. of a 
consumption, Feb. 4, 1825. He was by nature, a most amiable man, endowed with 
fine sensibilities, rare sagacity and self-control. He penetrated into the arcana of 
whatever he made his study, and could communicate his knowledge with readiness 
and propriety. As a tutor, he excelled in gaining the esteem of undergtaduates, and 
in rendering them thorough in their studies, and circumspect in their deportment ; 
and had he chosen the profession of a teacher, few of his cotemporaries could have 
excelled him at the head .of a college. But this was to him a secondary calling. 
From the date of brightened hopes in the pardoning mercy of God, his heart and 
understanding were fixed upon preaching the Gospel as the highest pursuit in which 


men or angels can engage ; and from that time he devoted all his energies to beoome 
a workman that would not need to be ashamed. He had previously pursued a 
variety of studies, having no reputed direct connection with the duties of the sacred 
office, yet '^ well calculated " to prevent that hostility to science^ which belittles not a 
few otherwise valuable men, and '^ to enlarge his sphere of ministerial usefulness/' 

His various attainments, soundness in doctrine and evident consecration — ^his ap- 
pearance as a speaker, and his plain, yet winning address, fitted him peculiarly to 
harmonize and restrain the then discordant elements of H., and to inculcate and de- 
fend those truths, which alone could ensure permanent peace. For such reasons, H. 
was proposed to him, and he to H. ; and he was engaged to supply the pulpit, be- 
fore he resigned his tutorship. After his settlement, the chh. had rest, and was 

*' In his intercourse with his people, Mr. Wheaton's wisdom was evangelical ; first 
pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated^ His conciliating deportment, 
amiable temper, and dignified, yet unaffected manners, won the affections of those who 
were jiot always pleased with his theological sentiments ; " which closely resembled 
those of his worthy predecessor, and embraced the peculiarities of Calvinism to which 
the term Hopkinsian is applied by way of designation. He was completely success- 
fol in uniting and harmonizing this people at a time when they were found not a little 
discordant in opinion and feeling ; and enjoyed, in an unusual degree, their respect, 
confidence, and affection, from the commencement to the close of his ministerial fife. 

** Mr. W. was a student as well as a pastor. What time the more active duties of 
his office would permit, he was with his book and his pen. He excelled in an 
intimate acquaintance with the classics. His literary character, and eminent talents 
as an instructor of youth, made his house a favorite resort of young men fitting for 
college, or perfecting their education." 

" As a preacher, Mr. W. was, what he principally aimed to be, instructive. Yet 
he was also an animated and animating preacher. His whole soul appeared in his work. 
To be eloquent was not his object ; and yet he was occasionally eloquent to a high 
degree. His style was worthy the man who wrote, and of the important subjects on 
which it was employed. He seemed to think with Addison, that good thoughts ought 
to be well dressed. As it respects the delivery of his discourses, it was natural," 
though uncommonly rapid ; '* and his animation, united with the rich materials of his 
sermons, made him a highly acceptable speaker." 

'^ His piety was ardent ; and humility was a distinguishing feature of it. His trials 
with respect to his own piety, though not without example, were peculiarly severe. 
But his sun was not always overcast ; he hoped in God ; resigned himself vnth. confi- 
dence to his disposal ; and often had joy and peace in believing." [Chris. Magaz.] 

During his ministry the present orthodox chh. was built and consecrated. On ue 
latter occasion Mr. W. delivered a discourse, which was published — ** a lasting monu- 
ment of the man and the event." He published several other sermons, a work on 
School Education, and one often referred to, on the Equality of Mankind, and the 
Evils of Slavery. He m. 1st, Mary Ide, Jan., 181 6, who d. Jly , 18lT ; and 2cl, 
Abby Fales, and had, i. Francis, grad. B. U., 1840, a lawyer ; n. Heniy 
Stewart, grad. B. U., 1841, r. a lawyer in Calf. ; in. Mary; iv. Louisa. 

1. David Wheaton, w. Susanna, had in H., i. David, Dec. 1, 1731; 
6. 3. II. Daniel, Sep. 24, '32 ; ni. Susanna, Mar. 7, '85 ; rv. Hannah, Mar. 2, 
'34 ; V. Mary, Nov. 14, '41 ; vi. Joseph, Aug. 18, '43 : vn. Aaron, July 
22, '45 ; VIII. Jemima, Aug. 24, '46 ; ix. Mary, Apl. 29, '48. 

3. 6. Daniel, w. Unity, had, in H., i. Abigail, Aug. 13, '61 ; n. Daniel, May 
12, 1763 ; III. Amos, Jan. 16, '66, by w. Emily. 


1. ThO. WheelOCk, w. Hannah, had in H., i. Henry, Aug. 8, 1771 ; . 

u. Moses, Mar. 8, '76. 

3. Joseph Wheelock, had by w. Sarah, at S., i. Oynis, Mar. 29, 1776; 
II. Sally, Oct. 17, 78, d Nov. 19. 1802 ; iii. Ebenezer, Feb. 2, '81 ; 
IV. Thankful, Aug. 23, '82. 


1. David White, w. Abigail, had in S., i. David, Sep. 16, 1781 ; 
II. Sarah, Mar. 16, '33-4 ; m. Peter, July 28, '85 ; 
IV. Abigail, Feb. 10, '38-9. 

4. Stephen White, w. Mary, had in H., Mary, Mar. 17, 1763. 

1* Josiah Whiting, w. Abigail , from Ded. to S., and nn. to Bane, 

had in S., i. Amos, Nov. 16, 1761 ; ii. Abigail, Oct. 11, '68 ; 
III. Martha, Jan. 11, '66; lY. Josiah, July 25, '70, rm. to Barre. 

4. Jason Whiting, br. to Josiah abovo, w. Deborah , had in S., 

I. MoUe, Aug. 2, 1767, and rm. to Barre. 

5. Samuel Whiting, br. to Jason, w. Deliverance , had in S., 

7. 6. I. David, d.l807, a. 55; ii. Abigail, m. James Curtis; ui. Saml, d. nm. 

6. 7. David Whiting, m. Anna Bullard, and had at H., i. Nathan, July 28, 
1774, d. 1819, m. Meletiah Partridge, fr. Med., and s. on the farm formerly 
Col. Perry's, in H. ; ii. Rhoda, June 14, 76 ; iii. Ede, Jan. 14, '78, m. 
Wm. Heminway, of Leverett ; iv. Anna, Oct. 17, '79, m. John Eames, of 
Ashland ; v. Sarah, Mar. 16, '81, d. unm. ; vi. Asa, Col., Nov. 3, '82, 
m. Clarissa Hill, dg. of Tim. H., 2d, Cynthia, (Sawyer) Wheelock, r. H. ; 
VII. Elihu. Sep. 27, '84, m. Mille Rockwood, r. ]3arre ; vui. Daniel, June 13, 
'86, m. Sally Bridges, dg. of Hachaliah B., of H. ; ix. Amos, Mar. 2, '88, gd. 
- B.Univ., 1812, d.^38, at Port Gibson, Miss., a lawyer, had Charles William, 
A. M. ; X. Betsey, Dec. 28, '89, (d.) m. Eli Phipps, of H. ; xi. Martin, Nov. 
4, '91, Har. U., 1814, d. 1823, at Natches, unm., a lawyer; 
XII. Joanna, Dec. 20, '94, d. unm. a. 21. 

13- Nathan Whiting ? w. Miriam , had, i. Nathan, Juiie 19, 1794, at H. ; 

u. Miriam, Nov. 4, '86. 

15. Phineas Whiting,? had, at S., i. Betty, bp. June 3, 1781 ; 
n. Ebenezer, bp. do. ; m. Micajah, bp. do. 

1. John Whitney, w. Elinor, according to Dr. Bond, embarked at Ips- 
wich, 1635, a. 35, s. at Watertown and beeame a prominent citizen. He had, 
8. 2. I. Jona., b. in England, 1634 ; ii. Benjamin, b. June 6, 1643, m. Jane 

, s. first at Saco, 2d at Watertown, and 3d at S., where his w. d. Nov. 

14, 1690. As Benj., senr., he drew land at Doug., 1715. 

2. 3. Jonathan m. Lydia Jones, Oct. 30, 1656, s. first in Watertown, where all 
his children are recorded, and where he sold his property for a considerable 
sum, and ab. 1678 or 9, came to S., built his house, 1678 or early id '79, on 
the spot whore Capt. Paul rs., and this pr. by agreement with the proprietors 
before the lot was legally assigned him. He had a home lot of 30 acres, includ- 


ingtbe Bock j Hill N. of bis house, and lying on botb sides of tbe main road; 
also, 24 acres more in tbree other lots. He d. about 1702. He bad, 

I. Lydia, July 3, 1657, d. 1719, m. Moses Adams, of S. 

8. 4. II. Jona., Oct. 20, '58; in. Anna, Apl. 28, '60, m. Cornelius Fisber. 

9. 5. IV. John, June 27, '62; v. Josiah, May 19, '64; vi. Elinor, Oct 12, 

'66, d. Nov. 23, '78 ; vii. James, Nov. 28, '68, d. Nov. 30. '90 ; 
VIII. Isaac, Jan. 12, '70-1, d. Dec. 2, '90 ; 
24. 6. IX. Joseph, Mar. 10, '72-3 ; x. Abigail, Aug. 18, 75 ; 
7. XI. Benj., Jan. 6, '78-9, d. 1718. 

4. 8. Jona., m. Sarah pr. Hapgood, s. on lands assigned to bis father near Chest- 

nut Brook, and rm. to W. He bad at S., i. Sarah, Mar. 2, 1692-3; 

II. Jona., Sep. 27, '94, d. yg. ; in. Tabitha, Aug. 22, '96. 

5. 9. John, m. Mary Hapgood, fr. W., dg. of Shadreck H., 2d, Sarab , 

3d, Martha Walker, 1718, inherited the homestead in S., and bad, 

I. Mary, Mar. 27, 1689, m. Daniel Moore, 1709 ; 

II. Elizabeth, Jan. 29, '90, m. Jona. Willard. 

11. 10. III. James, Dea., Dec. 28, '92, "d. Apl. 10, 1770, a. 77;*' 
VI. Lydia, Apl. 18. '96, m. Richard Haven, 1713-14; 
V. Hannah, Sep. 27, '97, m. Ezekail Rice, 1722-3. 

10. 11. James, Dea., inherited, ab. 1727, the homestead at Edward West's 
Plain, ro. Martha Rice, and 2d, Elizabeth (Holbrook) Twitchell, (the wid.os 
Joseph T , of S., and the mother of Joseph T., Esq.,) 1696, d. Mar. 31, 
1782, a. 85. He had, i John, Apl. 10. 1716, m. Abigail Perry, '38-^9 ; 

80. 11^. n. James, June 4, '18, m. Patience Leiand ; in. Mary, May 12, 1720; 
IV. Martha, Nov. 9, '21 ; v. Benj , June 13, '23, d. yg. ; vi. Micha, June 
4, '25, d. June 23, 1860, m. Lydia Mason. '47, r. Nat. 

16. 13. VII. Benj.. Oct. 2X"'27 ; viii. Ezra. Feb. 22, '29-30, m. Mercy Morse, 
r. Doug., had i. Elizahetb, June 29, 1754; 

89. 15. IX. Daniel, Hon., Dec. 13, '33, of 2d w., and d. Apl. 6, 1810, a. 76. 

.18. 16. Benj.. Dea., m. Esther Leiand, b. July 31, 1728, dg. of Joseph L., by w. 
Esther Thurston, and grd. dg. of Hope&till L., by w. Patience Hulbrook, 
and gr. grd. dg. of Henry L., by w. Margaret Babcock, and gr. gr. grd. dg. 
of Hopehtill L., 8. at W. Sherborn, \vhere Capt. Curtis Golding rs. He had, 

19. 17. I. James, b. Oct. 21, 1765, m. Sut^anna Hill, 1780; 
18. II. Joseph, b. 1762, inherited the homestead vihich he sold to Elesxer 

Goulding,m. Sally Parks, fr.Fram., and rm. to Gardner, had i. Joseph Park; 
II. Geo. ; in. Chs. ; iv. Samuel ; v. Ann P., all bp. at S., 1800-9. 

17. 19. James received from his grd. faihtr Leiand, in 1779, a deed of half bis 
farm, situated partly in Holl., and upon which occurs a valuable quarry of 
sienite, and upon T^hich the towns of S., Holl. and Ashland corner. Ii^ 
1785, he received from the same hand another deed. He r. where Tim. 
Twitchell rs., but sold this farm to Wm. Adams, and d. at Dover. He bad, 

23. 20. I. Isaac, Col. and Esq., Sep. 6, 1783, m. Mary More, and 2d, Sally 

Thayer ; ii. Benj., who m. More, and s. in N. Y. ; in. Martin, m. 

and s. in Attleboro' ; iv. Sylvid, d. unm. ; v. Patty, d. unm. 

20. 23. Isaac/ Col., inherited the homestead of his father, was esteemed a man of 
strong mind and an able military officer. He was long a leading citizen of tbe 
Town. He m. Ist, Mary More, and 2d, Sally Thayer, (still living) dg. of 


Elijah T., of Milford, by w. Sarah Eohinsoh, the dg. of Samuel E., pr. a 
descendant of Elder John Robinson* of the Pilgrim Chh. He had, 

1. Susan, m. Chs. Bonnej ; ii. Martha, m. Moses Stratton ; 

III. Mary, May 7, 1812, m. Ebenr. Babcock ; iv. Jane, Apl. 9, 1816, m. 
James N. Hill ; v. Warren, b. June 15, 1819, m. Ann E. Watson, b. Feb, 

2, '23, and had Abby, Apl. 11, '46, r. Homestead ; iv. James K, Feb. 24, 
'21, m. Almira Cleale; yii. Amanda; viu. Sally Ann. 

6. 24. Joseph, m. Kebecca, r. S., had, i. Jonas, June 7, 1708 ; ii. Joseph, Mar. 
22, '10; m. Sylvanus, Feb. 22, '11-12; vi. James, Mar. 22, '14; 
V. Ephraim, Mar. 11, '15-16, r. Natick; 

11^. 30. James, m. Patience Leland, s. at W. Sherbom, at the junction of the 

roads to Ashland and the W., and had, 
33. 31. I. John, Mar. 10, 1742-3, ra. Hannah Holbrook ; ii. Joseph, Sfcy 7, 

1745; III. Martha, Aug. 16, '47 ; iv. Abigail, Dec. 11, '49. 

31. 33. John, 1st w. " Molly " , 2d w. Hannah Holbrook, dg. of Nath'l 

H., inherited the homestead at W. Sb., and had, i. Hannah, Sep. 3, 1768, 

m. Henry Pratt ; ii. Nathaniel, July 12, '72, ra. Eames, fr. Fram., r. 

N. Y.; III. John, bp. '72-81. m. Clarissa Slack, r. Boston. 

38. 36. IV. James, bp. '72-81, m. Lois Blodget, fr. N. Y. ; 

V. Ezra, bp. '72-81, s. at Medibemps, Me. ; vi. Patty, bp. '72-81, pr.d. yg. 

36. 38. James, s. on the homestead, but built with his father the house now occu- 
pied by Mr Lyman W., and had, i. Louisa, m. Cyrus Daniels, of Med. ; 
II. Phebe, m. Partridge Hill ; 2d, Jacob Pratt, of S. ; iii. Ljman, m. Mary 
Leland, and inherits the homestead ; iv. Sylvester, m. Fanny Sanger, r. W. 
Sherbom; v. Lois, m. Augustus Leland; vi. Elmira, m Harrison G. 0. 
Hooker, of S. ; vir. James, ra. Mary Ann Clark ; viii. Yespatian, d. yg. ; 
IX. Caroline, m. James Wight of ^fewton ; x. Abigail, d. yg. 

15. 39. Daniel, Hon., was a strong-minded, facetious and patriotic citizen. He was 
early and long in public life, and during the revolutionary struggle, an efficient 
instrument in arousing and directing the energies of his fellow-citizens. He 
was a member of the Provincial Congress, 1775, rep. '76 ; member of the 
convention to form the State Constitution, '80, and of that which adopted 
the Federal Constitution, in '88 ; and between 17bl and '99, he represented 
S. 14 years in the G. C, and was several sessions a member of the Senate, 
and repeatedly of the Executive Council. As a magistrate, he was much 
valued, and he passed away amidst the regrets of an extended acquaintance. 
The following inscription on his gravestone should be exempt from the sar- 
casm, *' Here lie the dead, and here the living lie." 

'* Stranger, tread lightly on the remains of one such as thou ought to be, true 
to his conscience and country." Ho m. Miriam Leland, June 11, 1761» 
dg. of Daniel L., by w. Mary Death, inherited the ancient homestead on 
Edward's Plain, and had, i. Amos, a mercht. in Boston, d. without issue ; 

II. Daniel, m. White, fr. Newport, R. L, and had, i. Daniel, rm. South ; 

II. Amos, d. in New York ; iii. Wm. S. (d.) ; 
m. Aaron, Feb. 9, 1772, d. Nov. 29, 1819, m, Edie Fisk, Apl. 30, '94, 
who d. Sep. 1, 1848. He had at S., i. John, Jan. 21, '95, d. a. 21 ; 

II. Mary, July 24, 1801, m. Moses Stratton, of S. ; in. Elizabeth, July 
16, '03, d. Aug. 24, '24 ; iv. Daniel. July 26, '05, d. Aug. 19, '44, 
m. Hanh. (Smith) Beaud, and had Mary E. m. Kobert F. Berwick of 
New York ; ♦ 


T. Aaron, Sep. 15, '09, n. Natick has a family ; vi. Miriam L., Not. 

8, '11, r. S. ; Tii. Sarah H., July 9, '13, m. Emlya Sparafaawk; 

VIII. John F.. Feb. 20, '16, d. 1816 5 
lY. Elizabeth, m. Dea. Wm. Clark, of S. ; 
T. Mary, m. John Bullard, Esq., of S. 

The following occar on S. and Holl. records, sapposed to be the descendants 
of Benjamin Whitney, No. 2, bat incapable of being traced by our records. 

47. Benj.? w. Hester, had Benj., May 22, 1709, at S was innholder and drew 
lands in Douglas, 1715, but disappeared before 1780. 

48. Eleazer,? had Daniel, Feb. 27, 1704-5, at S. ; 

49. Jona.,? w. Susanna, bad, at S., i. Susanna, Jan. 20, 1702-3 ; 

II. Jona., Oct 17, 1704; in. Keziah, July 31, '06; iv. Dorothi, 
Aug. 28, '08 ; v. Mary. May 28, '10 ; yr Lydia, Mar. 3, '11-12 ; 
VII. Jesse, Feb. 8, '14; viii. Hanh., Feb. 11, '14-15; ix. Elias, 
Nov. 14, '16 ; X. Mehit., Dec. 27, '18; xi. Geo., '21 ; 

50. Geo.,? w. Sarah Cozzens, had, i. Isaac, Sep. 7, 1746; 11. Hanh., Apl. 12, 

'48 ; III. Mercy, Dec. 22, '49 ; iv. Sarah, Nov. 30, '52, at H. ; 
, 51. Ellas,? w. Elizth., had i. Abigail, Mar. 19, 1747 ; 11. Elias, June 15, '50; 

III. Ann Allen, June 1, '53, at H. ; 

52. Isaac,? w. Lydia, had Lydia, May 4/ '52, at Holl ; 
^3. Samuel,? w. Deliverance, had Samuel, Nov. 21, '65 ; 

64. Isaac Whitney,? w. Mary , had at H., i. Sarah, Sep. 12, 1773 ; 

u. Isaac, Aug. 12, '75. 
56. Simeon hi^d Betsey, bp. '95, at S. 


1. James Wight, an active and useful citizen, long leader of the Choir 
in H., had, i. James, r. H. ; 11. Warren, Aug. 13, 1794, r. H. 

4. Nahum Wight w. Hannah, had, Hanb., July 27, 1772, at S. 

5. Joel Wight, had, i. Hannah, Mar. 11, 1769, at Dublin ; 
n. Ephraim, May 20, '71, at S. ; in. EU, May 6, '73. 

*^mm » 

Samuel Williams, m. Abigail Godard, who d. Mar. 6, 1716-17 ; 2d, AbigT 
Wood, Feb. 4, '19-20, had at S., i. Eleazer Wood, Jan. 5, 1720-1;. 
n. Dorotha, July 8, '22, and rm. to Marlboro'. 

John Wilson, Doct^ w. Mary , had at S., i. Elizabeth, July 25, 1740; 

II. Alice, Aug. 4, '42, d. Nov. 7, 1805^ m. Samuel Twitohell, Esq., of Dab.; 
in. Sarah, Feb. 8, '44-5 ; ly. John, Nov. 14, '47 ; 
T. Hannah, June 2, '53. 

Nathaniel Winship. w. Mercy, had in H., I. Amos, Aug. 10, 1745 ; 
n. Mary, Nov. 24, M7, d. yg. ; ra. Nath'l, d. Dec. 27, '53; 
IV. Mercy, b. Apl. 26, '54, at S. ^ 


Jona* Wiswall, m. Mary Daniels, July 5, 1764, had in H., i. David, Mar. 3, 

1765, m. Mary , and had, i. Moses C, June 30. '94 ; 

n. Lowell, Oct. 8, '95 ; in* David, Oct. 27, '98 ; 

WOOD. 261 

n, Margery, Sep. 11, '66 ; in. Sabery, Jan. 2.S, 71 ; iv. Betty, Aug. 10,72 ; 
V. Sally, Aug. 7, 74; vi. Mary, Aug. 12, 76. 

3. Jona. Wiswell, w. Polly , had, Margery, Dec. 26, '97, at H. 

NicllOlaiS "Wood. In the early forest of Woods in New England, appeared 

1. Nicholas, of Concord, where he had Abigail, 10 (2), 1642 ; 

2. Nicholas, of Dorchebter, in 1640, who, in company with And. Pitcher, 
took the freeman's oath, June 2, 1641, and for a series of years occupied as tenant^ 
the eitensive farm of Hon. John Glover, in what is now Miiton. 

Here a gross insult was offered to his wife by an Indian, from about Providence, 
' which the Government noticed, by sending to Meantanomo, Sep. 8, 1642, a demand 
that the offender should be sent to them to be punished, *^ not with death, but some 
other punishment." * 

The Sachems, Sacanonoco, of Pawtuxet, and Pumhom of Shawomock (now 
Warwick, R. I.) having, on 22 (4mo.) 1643, formally placed themselves and country 
under the jurisdiction of Mass., Nicholas Wood, with Henry Adams, senr., of Brain- 
tree, Henry Adams, junr., and Tho. Samuel, John and Christopher Adams, and 
above twenty others, were induced to petition the General Court, who, Oct. 1, 1645, 
granted them 10,000 acres West of Narragansett Bay, to be ^* set out for their 
town," and resolved that the number of 7 actual settlers should have power to admit 
or keep out whom they should think good ; that the General Court should write 
letters to Benedict Arnold to compound with Pumhom at the easiest rate be could, 
for his right in any improved ground ; and that the petitioners should dispose of the 
houses built upon said ground [by the persecuted Gortonites], and pay to such as built 
them, what the Court shall hereafter appoint, adding for their encouragement, " if 
they shall see cause so to do." [Col. Hec. and Drake's Book of Indians.] 

The iniquity of this enterprise, which no doubt originated with the intolerant and 
grasping Winthrop & Co., was probably discovered, and voluntarily relinquii^hed ; or 
the prior sale of Shawomock, by Miantondmo to the Earl of Warwick, and by the 
Earl to Rev. Samuel Gorton and associates, compelled the Government to revoke 
their grant, and yield to Gorton his prior rights ; for neither Nicholas W. nor his 
associate grantees ever took permanent possesiaon ; nor does it appear that they ever 
received indemnification for the relinquishment of the grant. 

On 8 (3mo.) 1652, Nicholas W., with Tho. Holbrook and Andrew Pitcher, all 
of D., received of Eichard Parker, of Boston, a deed for 535 acres of meadow and 
upland, ** lying in the woods on the W. side of Charles River, 3 ms. from Natick, 
lying between the land of Capt. Robert Kayne on the S. side, and Mr. Richard 
Browne, of Watertown, in some part on the S. side, also ; by Charles R. on the E., 
[and a rocky point, now called the neck, running intQ tiie R.] ; and by common 
woods on the W." 

This tract now includes most of the &rms of Mj. John Gt)ulding, Jona. Holbrook, 
Martin Barbour, Walter Barbour, David Daniels, Joseph and Jedh. Leland, Dexter 
Amsden, and Charles How. It seems probable that Goodman Wood had taken pos- 
session, and made improvements prior to the date of this deed, for an act of the Gen. 
Court, passed three weeks after, directing the laying out of Natick, ordered the 
Eastern line to be extended up the river as far as his house ; and he had a child, b. 
pr. at Milton, recorded at Medfield, the nearest incorporated town, as early as Jan. 
8, 1651. He erected his house 13 rods S. of Holbrook's mills, where the road now 
runs, and founded it upon a rock ; as if he would say to succeeding generations of the 
town he first planted, build upon the rock of ages. He seems to have been a very 
responsible and enterprising man. He signed the first petition for the incorporation 
of S. ; was a member of the chh., and for his day, possessed of a large property. 
He left no male posterity, who perpetuated bis name, but his blood has mingled 

262 WOOD. 

extensively with families of other names ; and from him have descended many orna- 
ments of literatare, science and religion* His grave, marked by a mound, more than 
that of any other founder of S., merits an imperishalsle monument. 


In the year of our Lord, 1669, on the 16th day of January, I, Nicholas Wood, 
living at my farme in Natick Bounds, having been for some considerable time under 
the afflicting hand of God, and thereby very weak and low in body, but of perfect 
remembrance, thanks be to God, and considering that the end of man's life is very 
uncertain, and forasmuch as I am persuaded that it is my duty to provide for deatb, 
that I be not unprovided when I shall approach [my Judge] I have thought it good for 
the quiet of my mind, to ordain and make this my la^ will and testament, in manner 
and form as folio weth : — Firsts I having most and chiefest care of my soule, do 
humbly commend the same into the hands of Almighty God, from whom I first 
received [it], trusting in and through the mercy of Jesus Christ, my Saviour, 
that my said soule, after it be departed out of this my body, shall immediately inherit 
life and glory ; and as for my body, I commit it to the earth from whence it was taken 
to be Christianly buried at the discretion of my Executors. And as concerning my 
worldly goods, which God of his mercy have given me, I do dispose of them as 
followeth : — First, I will and bequeath unto Anna, my now loving wife, the thirds 
of all my houses and lands at my farm, which I formerly bought of Mr. Parker, with 
all her wearing clothes and linen, and £17 a year out of the produce of the farm and 
my other lands, until my son, Jona., come to one-and-twenty years of age, for the 
bringing up of my two younger children. Item, I will and bequeath unto my son, 
Jona. Wood, all those lands, both upland and meadow, which I formerly bought of 
Mr. Parker, being the farme which I now live upon, with all the buildings upon it ; 4 
acres of English pasture, lying on the N. side of the brooke, that runneth by my 
house, excepted ; allsoe I give unto the above said Jona., ten acres of meadow land 
out of that parcell of meadow, which I formerly bought of Lt. Fisher, of Dedham, 
as it shall be set out to him by my executors, at the south line of the said meadow 
next unto Mr. Jno. Hull's farn : allsoe I give unto the said Jona., one pair of oxen, 
one cow, one young horse, two ewes, one-half of all my tackling belonging to my 
teame, one-half of all my wearing clothes, and one-fifth part of all my household stuff. 
Item, I will and bequeath unto my son, Eleazer Wood, all those lands, meadow and 
upland, which I formerly bought of Lt. Fisher, of Dedham, adjoining to my other 
farme above said, the ten acres of meadow land given to my son, Jona., above said, 
only excepted. AUsoo I give unto the said Eleazer, four acres of English pasture, 
which ly eth on the North side of the Brook above excepted : allsoe I give unto the stud 
Eleazer, one pair of oxen, one cow, one young horse, three ewes, one-half of all my 
tackling belonging to my teame, one-half of all my wearing clothes, and one-fifth part 
of my household stuff. Item, I will and bequeath unto my daughter, Mehetabel 
Wood, all that my meadow land, lying in the town of Milton, in the salt marsh, 
provided that what it shall amount to more than £60, upon a just and due valuation 
by indifferent men, shall be returned into the hands of my executors. Moreover, I 
give unto the said Mehetabel, two cows, two ewes, and one-fifth part of all my house- 
hold stuff. 

Item, I will and bequeath unto my daughter, Abigail Wood, all those my lands 
lying and being in the town of Roxbury, both upland and meadow, and what it shall 
fall short of £60, upon a just and duo valuation by indifferent men, it shall be made 
up by [my] executors out of my other estate. Moreover, I give unto the said Abigail 
two cows, two ewes, and one-fifth part of all my household stuff. 

Item, I give unto my daughter, Bethya, all those houses and land? that I have in 
Watertowne, which I had with my last wife, after her decease, provided that what 

WOOD. 263 

they shall amount to more than £60, upon a just and dne valnation hy indifferent 
men, shall he returned to my executors. Bloreovcr, I give unto the said Bethja, 
two cows, three sheep, and one-fifth part of all my household stuff. Aod further, 
my will is, that if it should please the Lord to tbke away my son Jona. before he 
come to one-and-twenty years of age, being in a single condition, that then my son 
Eleazer shall be sole heir to his portion, paying out to all his sisters then living, ten 
pounds apiece, which said payments shall be made as followeth, viz., ten pounds to 
his sister Mary Thurston within one year after the decease of ye said Jona , and so 
annually until he have paid to each of them ten pounds ; or if it should please God 
to take away my son Eleazer by death, before he shall come to the age of one-and- 
twenty years of age, that then my son Jona. shall be sole heir to his estate, paying 
out thereof six pounds apiece to all his sisters then living, which said payments thhll 
be as followeth, viz., £6 to his sister, Mary Thurston, within one year after, the 
decease of his brother, and so annually until such time as he have paid each of them 
£6 ; or if it should please God to take away any of my three daughters, now in their 
minority, before they be of age to dispose of what I have left, then being in a tingle 
condition, that then their portions shall be equally divided between their brothers 
and sisters then living. 

Item, I will to my grandchild, Abraham Harding, the son of my dear daughter, 
Hannah Harding, now deceased, the sum of £5, to be paid him by my son Jona. 
when the said Abraham shall be one-and-twenty years of age. 

And as for the residue of my estate, bills, bonds, debts, or moveables, with the 
produce of my farme, and my other lands, the £17 a year above mentioned, for the 
bringing up of my two younger children, except unbequeathed, and not given in this 
my last will and testament, my debts being paid, and funeral expenses, with all other 
necessary charges defraid, my mind and will is, that it should be equally divided 
between my two sons and my six daughters, when my son, Jona. Wood come to one- 
and-twenty years of age. And considering that the future as well as the present 
good of my family consists as much in their peace and love, as in what I have done 
for them ; and therefore as it have been so, at present is, as my duty, so my care, 
God assisting, so to leave things as might most conduce to the end, and therefore my 
will is, that if any of my children, one or other, son or daughter, shall be discon- 
tented with what I have here done, and shall thereby occasion any uncomfortable 
agitations or distractions, or suits at law, thereby to trouble my executors, notwith- 
standing their faithful endeavors to perform the trust committed to them, according 
to my true intent and purpose, their so doing shall stand as a just plea and bar against 
them, whosoever they be, for having any right to any part of my estate left, and the 
portion above willed them, shall be equally divided between the rest of my children. 

Item, I constitute, appoint and ordain Anna, my now loving wife, and John 
Thurston, jun., and Tho. Bass, both my sons-in-law, all executors of this my last 
will and testament, to ye intent that they shall see the same effectually performed, 
according to my true intent and meaning in the same. 

Item, I nominate and appoint my loving friend, George Barbour, of " Medfield," 
suprouisar of this my last will and testament, desiring him, that he would be aiding 
and assisting to my executors in the execution thereof ; and I do hereby utterly 
revoke all other wills made by me at any time, with all gifts, legacies, whatever, by me at 
any time made ; and in token that this is my last will and testament, I have hereunto 
put my hand and seal this 18 of ye 4, 1669, in the presence of 

i'SxiTwNi.. Nicholas X Wood. Ms mark, and seal.* 

* He wrote when in health a fair hand, as did other Puritans whose wills were signed by a 
mark. The same could not be anciently said of all the nobility of England. 

264 WYETH. 


Nicholas W. d. Feb. 7 1669-70 and his estate was inventoried !• (12) 1669-70 
at £1,049, consisting of real estate, 88 bus. of whe9t at 4s. 6d. per bus., 60 da of 
Indian corn at 4s. 4d. per bus. ; 12 oxen at £60 ; 4 horses and a colt at £15 ; 11 cows 
at £36 ; 12 young cattle at £24 ; 12 swine at £7 10s. ; 13 sheep and 3 lambs at £6 ; 
2 carts and 2 tumbrels ; 7 sickles ; 6 scythes, hempbrake, &o. By Bobert Badcock 
and Wm. Daniell of Milton, by Bobert and Samuel Williams of Boxbury, and by 
others of Medfd. All debts, including £50 due to his wid. ** by agreement upon 
marriage," and his funeral expenses, &Cy amounted to £72 28., leaving £978 ISe., t 
large estate for his day. 

He m. Mary (pr. Williams, ? and elder dg. of Dea. Bobert W., of Boxb.), who 
seems to have returned from D. to Boxb., for her first confinement, and whose repated 
father and brother, Dea. Bobert and Samuel Williams, were appointed appraisen of 

lands in B., acquired by her. She d. Feb. 19, 1662-3. He m. 2d, Anna ) 

pr. sis. or sister-in-law to Bobert Badcock, of Milton, and do. to the wife of Henrj 
Lay land, of Sherbom. He had, 

I. Mary, Deo. 25, 1642, at Boxb., m. John Thurston, of Medfd. ; 

IT. Sarah, b. also Dec. 25, 1642, m. Tho. Bass, Dea., Oct. 4, 1660, and d. 

Dec. 29, 1678, at Braintree ; 

III. Hannah, m. Dea. John Harding, of Medfield, Nov. 28, 1665; 

IV. Jona., Jan. 3, 1651, d. Feb. 21, 1675-6, killed by Indians on the 2d 

bank of Charles B , opposite Death's bridge, m. , and had only Silence, 

posthumous, b. in Bullard's fort the day after the massacre of her fother; 
and her mother expired a few hours after giving her birth. She m. John 
Holbrook, of S. ; 

V. Mehetabel, Jly. 22, '55, the first Anglo-American child ascertained to haye 

been born in S., m. Oct. 17, 1671, Capt. Joseph Morse, from Medfd., who 
settled upon a part of the farm left by her father, and built where 
Welter Barbour rs. 'She d. Nov. 12, 1681 ; 

VI. Abigail, Sep. 13, 1657 ; vii. Bethiah. Jly. 28, 1660 ; 

vin. Eleazer, May. 14, 1662> d. May 20, 1704, m. Dorotha , pr. 

Badcock, fr. Milton, dg. of Geo. B. He fell beneath the tomahawk, by the 
side of his brother, in '75-6 ; was scalped and left for dead, yet recovered. 
He was ever after depressed in mind, and *^ strange." He inherited a large 
landed estate, and lived near Maj. Goulding's. He had ' 

I. Dorotha, who* m. Capt. John Ware, senr., of Wrenth., Dec. 21, 
1709, and d. pr. without issue ; 

II. Hannah, b. Feb.ll, 1688, m. Opt. Joseph Ware, fr.W., Jan. 5,1708, 
who first settled on the place left by her father ; was grd.motber of Henry 
Ware, sen., D. D., Harv.U., and gr. grd. do. of Hon. Asher W., of Me. 

III. Abigail, Nov. 25, 1692, who m. Feb. 4, 1719-20, Samuel 
Williams, of S., the s. of Isaac Williams, of Newton, b. 1692, and grd. 
s. of Isaac W., of Boxb. and N., and gr, grd s. of Dea. Bobt. W., of 
B., her reputed 2d, or rather 3d cousin, and rm. to Marlboro'. * She bad, 

I. Eleazer Wood, Jan. 5, 1720-1, at S. ; 

II. Dorotha, Jly. 8, 1722, at S., and pr. others at Marlb. 

I ■>• I 

Tapley Wyeth, M. D., grad. at H. U., 1786, and was M. M. S. S. He 

m. Sally Fisk, dg. of John F., of S., s. upon the Plain where Dea. 
Benoni Learned and his s. Capt. Edwd. L. had lived, and became an eminent 
physician and valuable citizen. He served 6 years as selectman, and repre- 
sented S. 1813, and was especially useful in the cause of education. He d. 
1813, had. i. Eliza Fisk, Jan. 21, 1799, d. unm. ; 
II. Lucy Cooledge, bap. June 17, 1804, rs. at the homestead. 

Chtiniilpv- J.ith }:n.:tnn 


Showing the original grant and changes of the township prior to the 

incorporation of Framingham in 1701. 

S. R., Sudbury River. 

H. ch./Hopkinton 1st and 2d meeting-house. 

F. ch., Framingham do. 
N. ch., Natick, North do. 

I. ch., Indian meeting-house. 

M. M., Medfiold 1st, 2d and 3d do. 

E. M., E. Medway, 1st, 2d, and 3d Jo. 
W. M., W. Medway, 1st do. 

H. ch., HoUiston, 1st and 2d do. 
S. M., Sherborn, 1st, 2d and 3d do. 
D. Dedham, now Bellingham and Dover. 
W. Wrentham, now Franklin. 

A. A., Medfield first grant. 

B. B., Medfield second grant. 

S. S., part of Natick first grant, given Sherborn for N. N. 
H. H., Sherborn first grant. 

M. Mendham comer taken out of Sherborn 1st grant. 
N. N., given out of do. to Natick for S. S. 

G. G., remainder of Sherborn first grant. 
X. Deer Brook. 

Z. Cold Spring Brook. 

R. Cochituate Brook, and "Natick's land" added to P. 1G95. 

Q. Sawin's Brook. 

y. Bogistow Brook and Pond. 

W. K., Washacum Pond. 

Y. Winnekening Lake. 

C. L., Cochituate Lake. 

F. L.,Farm Lake. 
T. Maggunkog Hill. 
P. Pocassett Mountain. 

Jr. Jasper's Hill and Rock. 

k. and 1., where thelirst planters settled. 

F. M., place first agreed on for the firat meeting-house. # 

Note. — The lands represented by this map were laid out bv circumference, except 



Sherborn is situated between 17 and 22 miles of W. S. W. of Bos- 
ton, liaving Medway on the S., Holliston and Ashland on the W., Fra- 
mingham on the N., Natick on the N. and N. E., and Dover 
and Medfield on the E. From the two last S. is separated by Charles 
River. The township now contains about 10,000 acres, and her ex- 
treme length from N. to S. is six miles and thirty rods, and from E. to 
W. 4 miles and 154 rods. 

The peninsula included between Concord and Charles Rivefs,* and a 
line from Saxonville to S. Natick, across the centre of which the origi- 
nal township extended, and which now embraces Sherborn, Medway, 
Holliston, Hopkinton, and large portions of Bellingham, Milford, Ash- 
land, Framingham and Natick, was originally occupied by the Nipmuck 
Indians,! and formed the S. E. part of their country. They were the 
first inland tribe with whom the English formed an acquaintance. When 
first reported to some from Plymouth in 1621, they were an independ- 
ent nation, governed by a squaw-sachem, who resided near Wachusett 
mountain. They possessed most of the present counties of Middlesex 
and Worcester. On the N. and W. their country is supposed to have 
extended still farther. In 1647 they had difficulty about a 
chief, and, in their anarchy, bands of them seem to have attempted 
the preservation of their nationality. Tradition favors the belief that 
one body of them set up for independence, and erected their Stannocks W. 
of the straits in Sherborn, and that, long after, in consequence of a dispute 
about the location of the S. End schof 1-house, and of the secession of the 
W. half of the district, and the erection of another school-house, the 
name was revived and applied in reproach to the new house, and at 
length to the whole of the new district. This band of the tribe are 
supposed to have had their principal residence at Mucksquit. Other 
portions of the nation also set up for independence, so that the Nip- 
mucks at one time had no less than five distinct chiefs. These divisions 
"were probably a death-blow to their power and importance : for, *' hav- 
ing no [single] chief of their own, they were at liberty to unite with other , 
tribes." Those of the S. W. united with the Narragansetts ; but those 

* These rivers rise so near eacli other in the W. part of Hopkinton, that a snow 
bank on the intervening ridge might supply water for both fountains. 

t All Indian deeds to tracts of this country were signed by members of that tribe, 
except a quit-claim by Josias to Medfield, while including Medway. Josias Was the 
grandson of Chickatawbut, who resided on Neposet K., and was subject to Massa- 
soit, in 1621, while the Nipmucks seemed to have been independent. . Both tribes at 
a later day were called the Massachusetts. 



occupying our peninsula and further N. became the allies . or subjects 
of the great Massasoit, and were induced by his son and successor, 
Philip, to join in his disastrous war upon the English. 

Previous to this, Eliot had preached to them in their language, 
and very small congregations of them had been collected at Natick, 
Grafton, Hopkinton, Dudley, Marlboro' and Groton, most of whom re- 
lapsed, joined King Philip in the war of "1675, and miserably perished. 
The last body of them remaining together in force sufiBicient to cause 
alarms, resided in Rutland. Of the remainder, who professed to wel- 
come Christianity, enough has been written. How long they had inhab- 
ited here, cannot be conjectured. Throughout the peninsula have been 
discovered stone arrows, knives, hatchets, pestles, chisels,&c., attesting to 
the remote presence and barbarism of their predecessors. These have not 
been found equally dispersed. In some localities the greater number 
discovered point out the scenes of their encampments and battles ; and 
especially on the S. W. side of Winthrop's Lake, where they were gather- 
ed in such quantities by my great-grandfather and sons, as to induce the 
belief that one of the petty tribes, into which the Nipmucks finally 
di^ded, were located here when instruments of stone were dropped m 
exchange for those of iron and steel ; and that here stood the Indian 
town of Mucksquit.* After the grant of Medway to the proprietors of 
Medfield in 1650 and 1659, a body of the Nipmucks resided within its 
territory, and, notwithstanding the deed of Josias, of the Massachusetts 
tribe, acknowledging the grant of his grandfather Chickatawbut, and con- 
firming to Medfield her entire territory, it is highly probable the Nipmucks 
continued to claim all W. and N. of Charles River, and that their claim 
was at length partially acknowledged, though I have met with no In- 
dian deeds to prove it ; for a band of them resided in the unimproved 
part of M. in 1698, and probably' later ; and such of them as finally re- 
tired to Natick, continued in their descendants, within my own recol- 
lection, to claim the right of cutting broomsticks and making basket-stuff 
in M. ; and I was told by my father, who was remarkably curious in 
such matters, and accurately informed in the history of Med., that " such 
Avas the agreement, and that neither he nor his neighbors had any right 
to forbid them." Thus, it is presumed, conflicting claims to M. were 

♦This name was applied as a term of reproach to the N. W. quarter of Medwaji 
but by most of the early settlers, it was repudiated, pushed N. and £., and confined to 
a tract scarcely larger than my ancestor's farm. Several circumstances must have in- 
vited the Indian to pitch here rather than elsewhere on the peninsula. It was near 
its territorial centre, bordering on its largest and most central lake. Here is a S. £. 
declivity and several moraines that oifered sheltered situations for his wigwams on the 
N. E. ; the shore of the lake is here bold, and indented with narrow bays and inlets, to 
afford facilities for hunting and fishing, launching and loading his canoes ; here herring 
and shad, which then ascended to the place, were stopped ; — a few rods W. was an 
elevated, ridge for watching the flight of game, and, on three sides, were natural mead- 
ows to attract it ; and from this place, during vernal and autumnal floods, he could 
descend in his canoe to Bogistow pond and Charles Kiver, through marshes and 
meadows teeming with fowl, or by the portage of his canoe, one-third of a mile W. he 
could glide down Wennakeening brook to the same river, and on its current visit 
Populatic pond, pass through the Broad meadows, Innd at Bogistow pond, pack home 
his game or, on the next flood, return by water. 


compromised. But in reference to Sherborn lands, the rightful claim- 
ants first appeared and were satisfied. Deeds were taken of the Nip- 
mucks to all parts of the original and present town. 

The exploration of their lands by the English probably commenced 
with the discovery of their tribe in 1621 ; for, in 1631, when Winthrop 
& Co. ascended Prospect Hill in Waltham, he " saw the whole Nipmuck 
country." In 1643 this part was so well known, that the G. Court did 
not hesitate to encourage its settlement by grants to individuals. These 
grants, which were multiplied until the entire district was incorporated 
^ into towns, conveyed to the grantees only the rights secured to the 
colony by charter from King James I, who, by right of discovery, 
claimed the entire country, to the exclusion not of the aborigines,whate ver 
other sovereigns had done, but of other nations, and of the independent 
jurisdiction of colonists. Such grants never interfered with the perfect 
right of the Indians to such lands as they had improved, nor denied 
their imperfect rights to such as remained in a state of nature, and over 
which they had chanced to be the first to roam. On the contrary, 
the grantees were required to extinguish by purchase the Indian claims, 
which were doubtless rights with reference to other Indians who 
subsisted by hunting, but mere claims of doubtful right in reference to 
such as would denude and till the soil. The grantees, or their repre- 
sentatives, as will be seen, respected the condition of their grants. All 
Indian deeds were not recorded. Enough, however, have been found to 
justify the belief that they paid the Indian to his full satisfaction for 
every acre they took, and such a price, too, that had he invested a frac- 
tion of it in an axe, a spade, and a hoe, and obeyed an obvious law of 
nature, illustrated and enforced by the example of his new neighbors, 
he would have quickly attained to comforts unknown to him in his 
savage state, while in the occupancy of all his lands. 

The following grants occur on the records of the General Court 
viz. : — ^In 

1643, to Mr. [Rev.] John AllenJ of Dedham, was granted 200 acres in 

the woods W. of Chs. R., now in the N. E. part of Med., owned 

and occupied by Cpt. Eleazer and Dea. Paul Daniels. 

Oct. 23, 1649, to Cpt. Robert Kayne [of Bos.] 1,074 do. of meadow 

and upland upon Pawsett alias Pocassett hill, beyond Dedham Vil- 

• lage [Medfd.] , bounded S. by Mr. John Allen's farm ; S. by E. and 

E. and N. E. by Charles R. ; N. and N. W. and W. by waste lands. 

See p. 23. 

At the same date, to Richard Brown [of Watertown] 200 acres ; 

bounded on the S. and S. W. by Kayne's land ; on the E. by Charles 

R. ? ; on the N. W. [pr. N. E.] by Richard Parker ; and on the 

N. W. by waste lands. See p. 161. 

At the same time to Richard Parker [of Bos.] 436 acres, bounded S. 

by Brown's ; S. E. by Chs. R. ; E. by the upland running into the 

River ; and on the N. W. the W. and S. W. by waste land ; and 

confirmed to him 100 acres more, bought of the Surveyor General. 

His lot " was to contmue so far on the River, taking in the 


meadow on both sides as lyeth on the E. side of the path going from 
Poeassett Hill to Natick." See p. 261. 

About the same time, and before Natick was incorporated, was granted 
to some one 500 acres, including Sewell's meadow and the upland N. 
and E. and S. E. of the same, which was owned and improved by 
Cpt. John Hull of Bos. prior to 1674. 

1656, to Simon Bradstreet was laid out 800 do. [granted before Natick 
was laid out], bounded E. by Chs. R. and situated E. and N. and 
N. W. of Farm Lake. See p. 178. 

May 26, 1659, to Capt. Eleazer Lusher 250 do., the S. angle thereof 
lying near Medfield new grant, and the N, angle near the S. W. 
angle of Natick bounds [the land on which the central village of 
Holliston is built] ; also to him 12 acres of meadow in two parcels 
beyond the N. W. angle, lying on the brook Wennakeening, 
[ Chicken Bpi^] which Lusher sold to Henry Adams of Medf d 
15 (15) 1660 ; and which was afterward owned by Col. Samuel 
Brown, of Salem, and Judge Sewell. See p. 69 and 243. 

May 11, 1659, was laid out to Dean Winthrop, s. of Gov. John W., and 
to Francis Vernon, 700 acres as it abutteth upon Medfd. line, in 
part towards the S., and a stony ridge in part, andBogistow brook 
in part towards the E. and S- E., and upon a pond (Winthrop's) 
in part toward the W., and upon waste lands on all other parts. 
This was purchased and extensively improved by Capt. John 
Goulding. See p. 91 and 174. 

1658, to Tho. Holbrook was granted 50 acres, and he purchased 43 
more, making up the " upland running into the River " at the 
Narrows E. of Parker's grant. See p. 140. 

1658, to Mr. Wm. Colbume of Bos., and laid out in 1660, 300 acres 
in the wilderness beyond Medfd. adjoining unto the E. side of 
Nicholas wood," now situated between Maj. Goulding's and the 
Farm Bridge. 

1662, to Col. Wm. Brown, 500 acres on the S. side of Sudbury R. at 
Cold Spring, on which stands Ashland village, which was mean- 
dered out in running the N. line of Sherbom, and afterwards an- 
nexed to Hopk., and afterwards owned and improved by Col. Jones. 

1664. 27, (3) to Lt. Joshua Fisher of Dedham, 300 acres upon Mdfd. 
line towards the S., and Tyng's farm toward the N., Sheffield's 
farm towards the W., and an acute angle towards the E. This 
land he seems to have sold to Nicholas Wood. He appears to 
have previously received a grant of 900 or 500 do. W. of this 
grant, which he had before sold to Edmond and Wm. Sheffield* 

About the same time, to Edward Tynge, a committee of the G. C. 
recommended that 250 acres be granted, which he doubtless re- 
ceived, N. E. of Bogistow Br., and now situated S. of the late 
Wm. Leland's, or Horatio Gardner's. 

1664. 28 (8) to John Parker, 150 acres now in H. 

Other grants, and one of Hopper's farm of 280 do. in the W. of 
H., were also granted prior to 1674. These grants were early 


sold to actual settlers, who extinguished the Indian claims as they 
found claimants or chiefs empowered to make conveyances. Shef- 
field purchased in 1675, 500 acres of John Awasamog, now includ- 
ing Doct. Rsk's farm and the Stedman place. Others united in 
procuring a common quit-claim, as the following transcript from 
Suff. /Reg. of Deeds will show. 
To all Christian People to whom this present Deed of sale shall come, 
greeting. Know ye that we, Waban, John Awasamog, Peter Ephraim, 
Piamboho, John Magus, Andrew Pittimee, & Great John, natives 
& natural descendants of the ancient inhabitants & proprietors of 
the lands lying in about the town of Sherborne within the Massa- 
chusits colony of New England, for ourselves as principalis, & in be- 
half of the other Indian claimers of said lands, being thereto impowered 
by them, for & in consideration of the summe of Two and Twenty Pounds 
current money of New England, to us in hand at and before the Enseal- 
ing hereof, well & truly paid by the several persons hereafter named, 
viz., John Hull, Esq., of Boston, Capt. Wm. Gerrish, [successor to Mr. 
Richard Parker, late of the same place, dece'd,] Daniel Morse sen., 
Hopestill Lealand & Margaret Lealand, [joint Executors of the last will 
of Henry Lealand dec'd,] John Hill, Tho. Breek, Tho. Holbrooke, Benj. 
Bullard, Joseph Twitchell & Joseph Morse, all of Sherbom aforesaid, in 
proportion according to the several tracts, or parcels of land, herein to them ' 
granted, the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge to our full con- 
tent and satisfaction, have granted, bargained, sold, released, enfeoffed & 
confirmed, & by these presents do fully, freely, & absolutely grant, 
bargain, sell, enfeoffe, release & confirm unto the persons ^bove named, 
all Siese tracts or parcells of land lying in or about the Towne of Sher- 
born aforesaid, now possessed by or heretofore taken up or granted to 
them & every of them, viz.: unto John Hull, Esq., lands in severall par- 
cells, estimated at six hundred acres, be they more or lesse ; unto Gapt. 
Wm. Gerish, six hundred acres, more or lesse ; unto Hopestill & Marga- 
ret Lealand, two hundred acres, more or lesse ; unto Daniel Morse sen., 
six hundred acres, more or lesse ; unto John Hill, two hundred & fifty 
acres, more or lesse ; unto Tho. Breek, one hundred acres, more or lesse ; 
unto Thomas Holbrooke, three hundred acres, more or lesse ; unto 
Benjamin Bullard, one hundred & fifty acres, more or lesse ; unto Joseph 
Twitchell, one hundred acres, more or lesse ; unto Joseph Morse, one hun* 
dred acres, more or lesse, both upland and meadow grounds within the 
said severall tracts or parcells ; together with all and singular, the 
wayes, rights, libertys, pasturages, herbage, comonage, feedings, rivers, 
waters, ponds, springs, pools, fowling, fishing & hunting thereunto be- 
longing, & all woods, underwoods, trees, and timber whatsoever there- 
upon standing, lying or growing ; and all the estate, right, titles, inter- 
est, use, propriety, possession, claime & demand whatsoever of the In- 
dians or either of them, of, in, or to the said lands & premises, & every 
of them. 

To have & to hold the above granted tracts or parcels of land above 
mentioned, with the rights, libertys, privilidges & appurtenances thereof, 


unto the said John Hull, William Gerrish, Daniel Morse, sen., Hopestill 
& Margaret Lealand, John Hill, Thomas Breek, Thomas Holbrooke, Ben- 
jamin BuUard, Joseph Twitchell & Joseph Morse, respectively, & their re- 
spective heirs & assigns forever ; and we, Waban, John Awasamog, Peter 
Ephraim, Piamboho, John Magus, Andrew Pittimee & Great John, for 
ourselves, our heirs, execu's, admin's, & successors, & fdr & in behalf 
of the other Indian claimers of said land, being by them impowered 
thereunto, do hereby covenant, promise & grant to & with the said John 
Hull, William Gerrish, Daniel Morse, sen., Hopestill & Margaret Lea- 
land, John Hill, Thomas Breek, Thomas Holbrooke, Benjamin BuUard, 
Joseph Twitchell, & Joseph Morse, their heirs & assignes, that they & 
every of them, shall & may, from time to time, & at all times, forever 
hereafter, lawfully, peaceably & quietly have, hold, occupie, possess, & 
enjoy their said respective parcells of land, improved or unimproved, with 
all rights, libertys, priviliges & appurtenances thereunto belonging, with- 
out the least let, denial, reclaime, hinderance, suite, trouble, eviction or 
expulsion, of us or either of us, our or either of our heires, execu's, admin's, 
successors or assignes, & of all other Indian or Indians whomsoever, 
claiming the same or any part or parcell thereof ; we having full power, 
good right & lawful authority to release ^ confirm the said lands unto 
the above named persons, their heires, & assignes forever. In witness 
whereof we have hereunto put our hands & scales, this Twelfth day of 
June, Anno Domini one thousand six hundred eighty & two, Anno qr. 
B. B. Garoli Secundi. 

Memorandum : It is agreed, before the signing & sealing hereof, that 
grant & deed of sale is not to be understood to abridge the Indians 
from fishing and fowling in or upon the pond or rivers within this tract 
of land above mentioned, according as the law of the country gives lib- 
erty as well to the English as Indians. 

Waban, his marke & Seale, 
' John Awasamog, 
Signed, sealed and delivered in Peter Ephraim, 
presence of us, Piambowhow, 

John Magus, 
John Grout, Sen'r. Andrew Pittimee, 

Daniel Gookin. Great John. 

This deed legally acknowledged by the parties that signed and sealed 
the ^ same this 15th day of July, 1682, before Daniel Gookin, Senr., 

Entered Aug., 1682, Js. Addington, Clre. 

This deed of 3000 acres to the grantees and their representatives cov- 
ered none of the other lands included in the township. But these were 
afterwards purchased, and no doubt of the same representatives of the 
Nipmucks, for I find upon the Proprietor's Records of a later date, a 
transcript of the following rates assessed in 1686 upon the " JnAaJttowta 



of Sherborn for the Indian title," not including those who had in th® 
mean time been set off to Framingham. ' 

Daniel Morse, senr. 


i. Id. 

Wfll Goddard 



Obadiah Morse 



. Will Rider 



Daniel Morse, jun. 



Ebenr. Furbanke 



Jona. Morse 



Edward West 



John Perry 



Elisba Ballen 



Joseph Morse 



Moses Adams 



Eleazer Wood 



Abraham Cousens 



Hopestill Leland 



Walter Shepherd 



Tho. Holbrooke, senr. 



Geo. Brake 



John Hill, senr. 


Jphn Cooledge 
John Brick 



Tho. Brick 





Benj. Bullard 


Tho. Holbrook, jun. 


Jona. Fairbanke 



Zach. Buckmaster 



Will Sheffield 



Ebenr. Lealand 


Eben Hill 


Eben Badcock 



Joseph Twitchell 



Benj. Twitchell 



Lodowick Dowse 



John Holbrook (of Roxb,) 


Ephm. BuUen 



" admitted." 

Tho. Sawin 



Richard Holbrook 


Jona. Whitney 



Dorch'r) " admitted." 


Benoni Learned 



Total, .£8 93. Id, 


Nathaniel Morse 



The amount assessed upon those who were annexed 15 jears after- 
wards to Framingham is presumed to have made the rate .£10. 

This, added to £22 paid by the associated proprietors of 3000 acres; 
makes <£32. If we add what was paid by Sheffield and other grantees, 
who, probably, like him, took separate Indian deeds ; and the 200 bush- 
els of com (at 2s. 4d. per bushel), given to the Naticks to render 
equivalent lands given them in exchange for an equal quantity, the 
amount paid them for the township could not have been less than £15. 
This sum was more than equal to that paid by other communities for 
larger and better tracts, and this in an age when £1 was a representa- 
tive of four times its present value in the necessaries of life, and in a 
country where land was so plenty and cheap that half a townsl^ip is ascer- 
tained to have been sold by an English proprietor for a wheel- 
barrow. The natives in the purchase were not defrauded. The strict- 
est justice marked the conctuct of our sires towards them. Long after 
they had given them 4000 acres, now in Hopk. and Ashland, for an equal 
quantity taken from Natick, and 200 bushels of com to boot, the In- 
dians complained that the difference in value was greater. Our sires 
entertained their complaint, chose a committee to examine its grounds, 
who reported in favor of a further appropriation. This appears to have 
been unanimously accepted, and we hear no further complaint. Our 
fathers were honest men. They came not as robbers. They found these 
lands as God gave the whole earth to man ; and they laid at the feet, 


yea, urged the. indolent savage to accept a tenfold equivalent in tempo- 
ral good for all they invited him to surrender. His refusal and conse- 
quent ruin was not their fault. But the poor Indian is gone — the na- 
tion is extinct ; and the record of his doom deserves perpetuation as well 
as the desolations of Nineveh arfd Egypt, for it echoes the fearful dec- 
laration, " The nation and kingdom that will not serve me, shall utterly 
perish." All that he has left of his language and works are a few min- 
eral implements and the names of a few localities. The latter, let us re- 
vive upon our maps ; and the former, arrange with our cabinets, in mourn- 
ful remembrance of his history, and in admonition of the certainty that 
our end will be as complete, and our relics as few, in proportion to onr 
greatness, if we despise such warnings, and array ourselves against the 
laws of the Highest. 

When the first planters arrived, they found the country densely 
covered with massive and towering trees. The uplands, by the annual 
vernal fires of the natives to hasten vegetation for the deer, were 
deprived of underbrush, and the trees trimmed by flames to a height 
convenient for extensive views. The low grounds abounded as much then, 
as now, with wet prairies, called meadows, which were then prolific of 
blue-joint and other nutritious grasses. These were the lands first sought 
and most highly valued. Their stock was their wealth and chief depend- 
ence. No man could subsist without a natural meadow for hay ; and 
no grant was worth accepting, no farm was bought qr assigned after- 
wards, without this indispensable appendage. Next to wet prairies, cedar 
swamps were most valued. Unacquainted with the feasibility of con- 
structing walls of boulders, few of which comparatively had then risen 
to the surface, or with the durability of rails of other timber, a cedar 
grove was almost indispensable. Tracts yielding cedar,* like the mead- 
ows, were ever divided into small lots, to accommodate each planter. 
The botany of the country was then somewhat difierent from the present. 
It is probable that all exogenous plants now growing spontaneously here, 
occurred then. Sycamore, buckeye, horse-chestnut, sugar-maple, butte^ 
nut, persimmon, mulberry, locust, black walnut, white-wood, and other va- 
rieties, indigenous to our botanical province, were seldom, if, ever, then 
found on our peninsula. But white and yellow oak, of all varieties, hickory, 
chestnut, and in many localities, pine and hemlock, covered most of the 
ground, and rendered the task of clearing extremely slow and difficult. 
Some herbaceous plants, originally abundant, have nearly or quite disap- 
peared, giving place to less valuable ones. Fowl-meadow, so called from a 
supposition that birds had brought the seed, made its first appearance about 
one hundred years after the arrival of our sires ; and as it had never been 


* Science shows that God watches over every clod of his earth and drop of his wa- 
ter, and stocks it with useful organic forms adapted to the altered states which they 
assume. This was his manneir in former epochs : and the record of the six demiurgic 
days' work implies no intimation that creation was then brought to an eternal stand- 
still ; and that though the earth should change through the interference of man 
faster than ever before, God would not follow it, as formerly, and make further 
displays of his wisdom and power, in calling into being new species of plants and 


seen before, it was probably a new creation.* When the parties entered 
the country, its contour seemed more various than at present. The hills, 
covered with the loftiest trees, appeared mountains. The streams, 
obstructed by fallen wood and the dams of beavers and natives, then over- 
flowed their banks, and were long in discharging their waters, a circum- 
stance subjecting them often to the loss of their hay, and greatly embar- 
rassing intercommunications. They found no roads. The natives had 
cleared a few fields, and marked out for them the fording places ;t and a 
saddled ox er horse, and often a canoe, served them for a chaise or 
wagon. The various wild and destructive animals abounded here,:}: and 
the treacherous savage was in the land, not yet disarmed by the apostolic 
labors of Eliot. 

Such was the condition of our peninsula in 1652, when our sires began 
its settiement. 


The first transfer of either of the above described grants to actual 
settlers was on May 8, 1652, 0. S., (see page 261). Immediately after, 
Nicholas Wood and Tho. Holbrooke took possession and commehced opera- 
tions. They were soon followed by Henry Layland, (see pages 140 and 
161). They located between Death's Bridge and Holbrook's mills from 
I to 4 mile from each other, and 4 miles from their nearest English neigh- 
bors. In 1657, or early in 1658, Benj. BuUard and Geo. Fairbank be- 
gan improvements on the margin of Bogistow Pond, (see pages 23 and 
82,) and about the same time John Hill and Tho. Breck settled between 
them and Death's Bridge, (see pp. 16 and 101). In 1658, Daniel Morse 
established himself about J mile N. W. of Farm Bridge, (see page 178.) 
These were men in the prime of life, and possessed of considerable 
property, especially Wood, Hill, Morse and Holbrooke. They were soon 
afterward joined by Tho. and Samuel Bass, Wm. Briggs, Geo. Spear and 
Benj. Albey, who located near them, but removed prior to 1674. En- 
couraged by such accessions, and the prospect of more, they began to 
entertain hopes of being erected into a town. Though remote from 

♦See note on preceding page. 

t One of these fields was on the south side of Peter's Hill, where Peter Ephraim is 
said to have raised com; another on Edward's Plain, northeast of S. common; 
another near Holbrook's Mills ; two others one fourth of a mile south of Mucksquit ; 
and another on Abraham's Plain, one half mile north-west of the latter place. 

An Indian trail ascended Charles River, crossed Sewell's brook where Holbrook's 
Mills stand, proceeded through the straits to Pocasset mountain, which afforded 
them an observatory for watching the flight of ducks over the meanderings of Bogis- 
tow brook and Charles River. This trail is supposed to have extended to Mucksquit, 
crossing Bogistow brook at the Stedman place, and the inlet of Winthrop's Lake, 
near its mouth, and was doubtless the path to Mendon mentioned by Eliot, and trod 
by his holy feet. 

f These animals were not exterminated for a century. The last moose was at- 
tempted to be captured by Richard Sanger and negro about 1745. The sons of John 
Phipps killed the last deer in Sherbom about 1747, and one was shot on Abraham's 
Plain in H. about this time. Bears were troublesome on Wennakeening brook and 
Winthrop's Lakef as late as 1730. The last panther made his appearance in Med way 
about 1790. 



Meadfield, and not included within her corporate bounds, they took up 
privileges there, and became enrolled and taxed as her citizens, and on 
her records for 25 years the births and deaths in their families were en- 
tered. But after the expiration of 10 years from the commencement of 
their settlement, they subscribed the following petition : — 

" The humble Petition of several of the inhabitants of Bogistow, to be 
presented to the much honored General Court, 7 of 3mo, 1662." 

" Whereas, the Providence of the most wise God who hath appointed 
the bounds of all mens habitations, having in mercy we hope disposed of 
us and our families in that place commonly called Bogestow, upon lands 
which we purchased of several gentlemen in this country, and having 
for some years although with great difficulty attended upon the means 
of grace at Meadfield ; first, in respect of the distance ; and secondly, by 
reason of the great danger that many times we goe in, in going over 
Charles River, which is caused by great floods and much ice, although 
as yet no great hurt done, for which we have great cause to bless God ; 
yet considering that it may be more for the honor of God and the future 
good and benefit of ourselves and posterity, that we should endeavour 
the setting up of tho worship and ordinances of God among ourselves ; 
especially, being increased to some number of inhabitants already, and 
more are . daily expected. These and such like considerations doe im- 
bolden us whose names are here underwritten, humbly to petition this 
much Honoured Court liberty to be a Towne of ourselves with such 
others as may be admitted to our Society hereafter. And further, we 
your humble Petitioners are bold to request this Honoured Court to 
grant unto us and our associates for those ends formerly exprest such a 
tract of land as may be in some measure comfortable for our future sub- 
sistance, as a small village in this Commonweal; namely,' so much 
land as conteines five miles square, wh^re it may be found adjoining to 
our own lands already purchased, or upon Natic line, or upon Meadfield 
bounds as this Honoured Court shall see meet. And wee who acknowl- 
edge ourselves subjects of this Commonwealth shall pray as our duty is 
that God would bless and prosper you in all your weighty occasions. 

"Daniel Morsb," 
"Nicholas Wood,'' 
" Henry Layland," 
"Thomas Holbrooke," 
"Thoas Bass," 
"John Hill," 
"Thomas Berck," 
"Benjamin Bullward," 
"William Briggs," 
"George Fairbank," 
" Samuel Bass," 
"George Spear," 
"Robert Kbntdill," 
"Benjamin Albey." 


In answer to this Petition, the General Court appointed " Ephraim 
Littlefield and Edward Jackson, a Committee to view the place and re- 
turn their apprehensions." The result seems to have been unfavorable, 
as nothing more is heard of their petition. Of its 14 subscribers, 6 re- 
moved and one died before 1674. The settlement, however, continued, 
and was strengthened by the arrival of Dea. Samuel Bullen and adult son, 
of Joseph Morse and John Perry, and by the marriage and establishment 
of 4 sons of the first planters. 

The settlement was now 22 years old, had large and productive or- 
chards, and the stock and produce of the farms were equal to those of the 
largest in S. at the present day, yet it had not extended far beyond 
the second bank of Charles River. 


The first pl^mters of Bogistow had now become advanced in years, 
and anew generation had arisen to revive and urge on their favorite scheme 
of a new town and church. In their second application, Joseph Morse, 
then a young man, evidently took the lead, and appears to have drawn 
and first subscribed the following petition : — 

To the Honoured Gov. & Deputy Gov., with the rest of the assistants 
& deputyes of the Generall Court of his Majesty's Colony of the Mas- 
sachusets, in New England, now sitting in Boston this seventh day of 
October, 1674 : 

The petition of diverse of the Inhabitants & proprietors of lands at 
or near Bogestow — 

Humbly sheweth. Whereas the Lord who hath appointed unto all men 
the bounds of their habitations to dwell on the earth, hath by the good 
hand of Providence planted neere twenty families already settled on 
farmes formerly granted unto severall by the Honoured Gennerall 
Court in this part of the wildernesse called Boggestow, & neere there- 
unto, besides some other farmes, not yet Improved, lying between, the 
bounds of Naticke & Meadfeild, & upon the west ofbothj which probably 
may shortly be emprooved also ; & whereas your humble petitioners, 
that have for some years lived at Boggestow & there aboute, amongst 
other difficultyes have not found it our least to goe to meeting on the 
Lord's day unto Meadefeild, by reason not only of the distance from 
theare, and the leaving of severall at home, but also in regard of the dif- 
ficulty in passing over the water betwext in winter seasons & times of 
floods, which sometimes prooves hazardous to health & life ; wherefore for 
our releife herein, and that wee may not wholly omit our duty what in us 
lyeth to spread the Gospel in this wildernesse by the procuring of the 
ministry of the Word amongst ourselves, not only for our owne edification 
& consolation, but also that after us God & the Word of Ms grace may 
be to our posterity a standing refuge ; wherefore for our encouragement 
in this worke, & for the better regulating of affayres amongst us, we your 
petitioners do humbly craye the favourable help of this Honoured 
Court, first that this Court will be pleased to grant unto your petitioners 


all those parcells of common or countrey lands that lyeth between the 
bounds of Meadfeild k the bounds of Naticke, & so at the west end of 
Meadfeild & Naticke bounds, so much of the country lands as conteynt 
six miles square ; and secondly y that this Court would be pleased to 
grant that all the farmes & lands of your petitioners, & all the other 
formes, improved or not improved, lying betweene the bounds of Mead- 
feild &; the bounds of Naticke, with the quantity of land of six miles 
square of the wildemesse land, and all those farmes formerly granted 
falling within that tract of land as may [be] layed out, may be by this Hon- 
oured Court made a towne, & that the name thereof may be [ — ^], 

and your petitioners shall ever be your remembrancers. And further 
your petitioners humbly desire leave that this Court would grant xmtcr 
us liberty of Naticke Indians to purchase, by way of exchange of lands 
or otherwise, for pay, two miles in breadth of their lands on the south 
side of their bounds from the west bounds of the farm of Daniel Morse 
unto the west end of Naticke bounds, and also that this Court would be 
pleased to grant us freedome from country rates for 7 years, or such 
time as this Court shall please. 

Joseph Mobse, 
Henry Adams,* 
Samuel Bullen, 
^bnj. bullard, 
Tho. Holbrooke, 
JoHK Hill, 
Henry Laland, 
Tho. Breck (his mark), 
Geo. Fairbank, 
Daniel Morse, 
John Perry, 
Daniel Morse, Jr., 
Jonathan Morse, 
Obadiah Morse, 
John Bullen, 
Jonathan Wood. 

" At a General Court, held at Boston, Oct. 7, 1674. — ^In answer to 
the Petition of the Inhabitants and proprietors of Land near Bogestow, 
the Court, Oct. 21, granted the Petitioners the quantity of Six miles 
square, not exceeding eight miles in length, to take in as many Farms 
with the vacant Lands adjoining or intermixed therewith as that quan- 
tity of Land will admitt ; provided that none of the Farmers shall have 
any part of the aforesaid vacant Land now granted by tins Court ; — 
but the said Land to be distributed amcmgst such other persons as will 
come to inhabit in the said Town as the major part of the Farmers think 
meet ; provided that there be a Farm of 200 Acres of meet land re- 
served, and by Captain Fisher laid out for a Farm for the Country ; * 

♦ Henry Adams was of Medfield, but signed the petition as a proprietor and occu- 
pier. The remainder were residents. 


and that no Man shall have allotted above fifty Acres, till there be twen- 
ty new families settled there, and then the whole that is free to be dis- 
posed of as the major part of the Inhabitants, capable by law to vote, 
shall judge meet. And the name of the Town to be called Shearbom. 
A true Coppy attested. Edwabd Eawson, Secretary.'*^ 

The form of the township, when laid out, was very peculiar. The ' 
original S. line of Natick was directed to be drawn 4 miles Westerly 
from Charles Eiver, or the house of Nicholas Wood, which stood 13 
rods S. of Holbrook's mills, and it extended W. to a rock on Jasper Hill 
W. of the Comb manufactory in Holliston. From this " corner" or 
*' Jasper Rock" the W. line of Natick extended N. Westerly to Sud- 
bury River to a point 4 miles in a straight line S. W. of " the wading 
place" on Cochituate Brook, supposed to have been not far from its 
mouth. When, therefore, Sherborn was protracted, it must, in form, have 
resembled a hand card with its handle between Natick and Medfield, 
about 1 mile wide, and with its blade W. of those towns extending 
N. to Sudbury R. and S. to Charles R. and the N. line of Bellingham, 
then a part of Dedham. It included the S. W. quarter of Ashland, 
except 500 acres between Sudbury R. and Cold Spring Brook, the East- 
em third of Hopkinton, and the E. part of Milford, then Mendon. 
But when the survey was found to have " intrenched" upon a previous 
grant, and Mendon comer had been taken out, its form next resembled ^ 
the arms of a wind-mill with the North and West arms conjoined. Af- 
ter an exchange of the N. W. quarter of the township for the S. part 
of Natick, the form was more convenient, but hardly more comely. 

As the petitioners modestly refrained from proposing any name for 
their town, the G-. C. are presumed, as in similar instances, to have as- 
signed the name of the native place of some settler or proprietor. 
Sherbom, after which it is named, is an ancient, large and well inhabited 
town in the N. part of Dorsetshire, 40 miles W. by S. from Salsbury, 
and 118 W. by S. from London.* Present population about 2,000. It 
was formerly a place of much distinction, where some of the an- 
cient Saxon kings were buried, and where a monastery existed. It 
was at a later day rendered famous as the place where the prime nobil- 
ity met William, Prince of Orange, and welcomed him to the throne 
of England. Other curcumstances almost prove that some of the 
sires of the first planters were from Dorsetshire ; and Sherbom was 
not improbably the birth-place of some prominent settler or proprietor, 
and most likely of Henry Adams, then a venerable member of the G-. C, 
from Medfield, and the most distmguished of the petitioners and proprie- 
tors. Six weeks after the passage of the above act the reccNrds of the 
town commence. 


Sherbom, 1674-5, Jan. 4th. — ^Assembled for the ordering the afiairs 
of Shearbom, Daniel Morse, George Fairbanks, Robert Badcock, Henry 

♦Some antiqiiarians^derive tlie name of Sherbom from tlie Saxon words Seine brun — 
denoting pure water. If this etymology is correct, it is most appropriately applied 
to our town. 



Adams, Thomas Holbrook, Benjamin Bnllard, John Hill, Henry La* 
land, Joseph Morse, Obediah Morse, Daniel Morse, jr., Jonailian Morse, 
John Perry, Jonathan Wood. Thomas Eames is accepted as an inhabi- 
tant of Shearbom. 

At this meeting Comnuttees were appointed, to take a view of the 
Land for the laying out of the Courts grant ; to agree with Thomas 
Thurston, Surreyor, for the laying out that Tract of Land — and asast 
the measurer about laying out the Land, &;c. Also, Henry Adams, 
Robert Badcock & Thomas Eames are reqtdred to treat with Capt. 
Gooken and whom it may concern else, for the purchasing of some Na- 
tick Land to the accommodating the Plantation, and to make return to 
the Company. 

Sherbom, 1675,^ — March 8th — ^Assembled for the ordering the aflBurs 
of Sherbom, " Voted to raise fifty shillings for the Surveyor for his 
work." At this Meeting Comnuttees were chosen " to take a view 
where to add to the grants of Land what is yet wanting to make up the 
complement, and to take a view of Natick Land, for the exchanging with 

But the consent of the G. C. was first to be obtained, and on their 
records the following act occurs, dated May 12, 1675 : — '' In answer to 
the petition of Henry Adams, in the name and by appointment of the far- 
mers and petitioners of Sherborne, it is ordered that Capt. Daniel Fisher, 
Sarjant Richard Ellis, and Sarjant Tho. Thurston, of Meadfield, be a 
Committee to see the said exchange performed to mutual consent of par- 
ties ; and Capt. Gookin and Mr. Eliot, on behalf of the Indians, and to 
consider the equality of their other request, [probably the offer of £60 to 
boot,] provided Natick bounds be first layd out and agreed upon, and pre- 
sented perfected to this Committee by the 1st of Sept. next, however, 
that the Committee go on to perfect the plantation by the next session 
making their report to this Court." 

Philip's war broke out immediately afterwards, and suspended for 
nearly two years all further action relative to the town. Alarmed for the 
safety of their lives, the inhabitants prepared for the murderous visit 
to which they were peculiarly exposed. Their two garrisons were 
doubtless put in order, and every man, woman and boy trained to handle 
a musket and watch against surprise from an enemy who knew no honor 
or mercy. Of their situation let imagination conceive. Surely the 
pains of fear and suspense which they must have endured would have 
worn out any but the stoutest hearts and the most determined purposes. 
But they meditated no retreat, as appears from the following note, ad- 
dressed, as is supposed, to Maj. Gen. John Leverett, then Gt>vemor, 
and found in the Sec'y of State's office : — 

" May it please your Worship, 

Prostrating my humble service to your 
Worship, I made bold lately to request your help of 4 men to be the 
garrison at my house wluch is for my family and my sons with me, 
most being married men ; I humbly prosecute my request that so it 


might be that I might have 4 men out of Medfield, and that Edward West 
and Benjamin Fisk (sons-in-law) might be two of them, they living in 
.the remote part of Medfield next my farme and they being willing to 
come if liberty by authority were given that they might be imprest by 
authority to be ready when I shall call for them. Thus I make bold, 
humbly begging the everlasting blessing and constant presence of the 
Almighty to be with your Worship. So prays 

Tour humble servant, 

Daniel Morse, Sen'r, 

" Sherborne, 26, 11, 1675-6. ' In the name of my sons. 

" Granted for the present." (See also p. 24.) 

Although only one house was burnt in S. by the enemy, the inhabi- 
tants suffered the loss of 5 or 6 lives, (see p. 79 and 264) and of pro- 
perty to such an amount that they were included in the act of the G. 0. 
ordering them and the people of Medfield a remittance of £120. 

Sherborn 1676-7. — March 15th — Then was Obediah Morse chosen 
to keep the Records of Sherborn. It was the mind of the Inhabitants 
and their desire that Capt. Fisher should be treated with, that He would 
be helpful, or undertake the settlement of the Plantation. 

G. C. Record, Jan. 24th, 1676, [pr. 1676-7.]— It being pro- 
pounded in Court at Nonantum to have a parcel of land belonging to 
Natick encompassed by Mr. Danforth, Goodman Death and John Stone, 
on three parts, it was consented that this parcel shall be included with 
the land Sherborn men have in exchange from Natick. This tract was 
bounded W. by Washacum and Farm ponds, now in Fram., N. by Sud. 
River, E. by the lands of Stone and Death which lay W. of Cochituate 
lake and brook. Death's farm was subsequently annexed to S. 

1676. — 2d m. 13th day — Assembled to prepare for the exchange of 
Land between Natick and Sherborn, as encouragement has been given 
at the Court by Mr. Eliot and Major Gookin. 

3d month, 9th day. — At a meeting of the Inhabitants of Sherborn, 

The Committee chosen by the General Court being then with us The 

Committee enquiring where was the place intended for a Meetinghouse. 
It was then voted and agreed on that the place intended for a Meetinghouse 
should be on a parcel of Land joining or bordering on the Land of the 
late Nicolas Wood and Capt. Hull's Farm. — Capt Hull's house stood a 
few rods W. of Mr. Thos. Bickford's, and the spot agreed upon was on 
the top of the hill about 20 rods N. E. of the New South burying ground. 

Voted that propositions should be made to Maj. Gookin and Mr. 
Eliot and to the Indians in referring to the exchange of Lands between 
Natick and Sherborn, as to give. Fifty Pounds in current pay and as 
much Land as a Committee of the General Court shall tlunk meet. 

Report of the Committee of the Q-eneral Court. 

At a General Court held at Boston, 28th of May, 1677. 
We, whose names are subscribed, being appointed by the Gen. Court 
to consider the case referring to the petition of Sherborn about exchang- 


ing of Lands with the Indians and other things contained in that Peti- 
tion, in pursuant whereof & obedience whereunto, being desired by Sher- 
born the Ist of the III mo., 1677, when we expected major Gookin & 
Mr. Elect with some Indians : but waiting some time, only two Indians 
came with a paper from Mr. Eliot, by which we understood nothing was 
likely to be done. But taking notice of the order referring to the pur- 
chasing the Plantation, we find there is but little or no Country Land 
near the place where they intend to sett their Meetinghouse. 

2d. " As to the farmes adjacent we conceive all those, in Medfield 
bounds that were granted by this Court and received nothing from Med- 
field, shall be accounted and liable to all charges and take up priviledges 
in Sherbom : those m Natick bounds, all the Petitioners Lands shall be 
accounted Inhabitants in Sherbom, and all other Farms that are nighest 
Sherbom Meetinghousie, shall be likewise in the bounds of Sherbom, 
and do duty and receive priviledges therein : but we doubt whether 
they be like to a Town, if some considerable tract of Land be 
not procured from the Indians, either by exchange or purchase or both. 

Your Honors humble servants, 

Daniel Fisher, 
Richard Ellice, 
Thomas Thurston. 
23 3mo, (77) 

The Court approves of this Returae provided always, that the tract 
of waste Lands, situate and lying indifferently accommodable for Sud- 
bury and Marlborough as well as Sherborn and are now belonging to 
Thomas Danforth, Esq., Dep. Govemor, be excepted. 

A true Coppy. Attest, Edward Rawson, Secretary, 

Sherborn, July 31, 1677. — ^Voted and agreed to by all of us from 
this time to improve the Liberty of a Town in a Civil Body that the 
honored Court and Laws of our Country gives to us. At this meeting 
it was voted that Edward West, as Sergeant, should take the care of the 
Military in Sherborn. 

7 mo. — Voted if any of the Inhabitants shall neglect to attend Town 
meetings appointed and being warned of it, shall be under the penalty 
of 3s. 4d. for every such offence, to be for Town use. 

G. C. Rec, Oct. 7, 1678. — Granted Sherbom inhabitants freedom 
from one single rate in a year during the term of three years now next 
coming, provided they be supplied with an able minister there. 

Sh., 1677 — 8th Month 26th day. Then was consultation and con- 
sideration in way of preparation for a Minister, &c. 

Voted to raise thirty pounds per year by the present Inhabitants, one 
third part to be paid in money, and two thirds to be in current country 
pay as may bQ raised by us. N. B. Only 15 persons were present 
when the. above vote passed. 

Sherbom, '78 — ^11 mo. — 1 day. — ^Voted that five men be chosen as Se- 
lectmen, Daniel Morse, sen., Geo. Fairbanks, Edw. West, Thomas Eames, 
Obediah Morse chosen to keep the Records or as a Clark. N. B. This 
was the first time the Town chose Selectmen who stood for 10 years. 


Voted That the first sqcond day of January should be from year to 
year held to be a public meeting for the public affairs of S. 
l(/\^ Sh.j 1779. — 13th mo. In reference to the settleing a Minister ; 
^ Voted, that we shall pay to the Maintainance of the Minister j£40 per 
year by the Inhabitants ; £20 in money k £20 in good country pay as 
is most suitable to the Minister and* to biiild a suitable house. 

Voted, that Daniel Morse, sen., Thomas Eames, Henry Lealand, and 
Edward West be chosen as a committee to act as the town for the set- 
tleing the Minister amongst us, Mr. Gooking or some other Minister as 
God shall direct. 

Voted, to Ewd. West, that in case he do stay in Sherburn one year 
from the date hereof then he shall have that land and meadow foimerly 
granted to him by the Town, in the same state as the Petitioners land 
is ; if the Town have not a Minister settled. If there be a Minister 
settled, then to be in the same state and condition with other Inhab- 

July 18th. — ^At a meeting &c. to choose a Committee to treat with 
Mr. Nathaniel Gookings to settle amongst us. Then was chosen this 
Committee, Daniel Morse, sen., George Fairbanks, Thomas Eames, En- 
sign BuUen, to act representing the Town to engage & settle a Minister 
amongst us. 

7 mo. 18th. — Voted, That this Committee Capt. Prentice, Deacon 
Juhn Stone, & Mr. William Bond which are chosen by the Councell 12th 
present month to act according to the Law published since the last ses- 
sion, in 19th this present month this Committee conserning the place 
they have determined for the settled place for the Meetinghouse. For 
their satisfaction desiring should be voted by the Inhabitants of the 
town, the place voted was and thereby determined on a hill. Mr. the 
Committee and the Inhabitants made a second stand to look about on 
that account near Edwards Plain. 

8 mo. 29. — Then was chosen four Men to be undertakers for our- 
selves in building a suitable House for a Minister, viz. Edward West, 
Thomas Eames, Joseph Morse & John Hill, these 4 to call others to as- 
sist in that work as they shall see meet, and as Men are capable to help. 
Also, that all shall bear equal charges on their house Lots according to 
their proportion of Acres. 

And concerning the Ministers House that is to be built it is voted and 
concluded that it shall be built according as is agreed with the 4 Men 
chosen as undertakers to see it done. The length 38 feet the breath 20 
feet. , 

It was also concluded that the undertakers shall see that this House 
be covered and inclosed by the last of May next ; and that this house 
be thoroughly finished by the last of September next. 

Also, that the place concluded upon by the Committee for the Meet- 
inghouse near Edwards plain be reserved for the accommodation thereof 
to the quantity of 20 rods square as may suit. 




1679. '* For as much as the further promulgation of the Gospel, the 
fiubdueing this part of the Earth, among the rest given to the Sons of 
Adam, and the enlargement of the bounds of the habitations formerly 
designed by God for. some of His people in this wilderness ; It hath 
pleased the Lord to move and direct the much Honoured Gen. Court to 
grant a tract of land in the land adjoining to or near the place called 
Bogestow with the Farms therein laid as is judged a meet place for the 
erecting and settleijig of a Town." 

" We the persons whose names are next under written, for the pre- 
vention of questions and mistakes, disorders and contentions that 
might otherwise arise, do order and determine and resolve as fol- 

1. " That all persons whatsoever, that shall receive lands by grant 
from the said Town now called Sherborne, shall become subject to all 
such Orders in every part and point of Town Government, as are at 
present, or hereafter by the authority of the said Town fihall be made 
and appointed for the ordering, regulating, or governing thereof: Pro- 
vided they be not repugnant to the Orders, or any Orders of the general 
Court from time to time. And tiiat every such Grantee, shall for the 
firm engagement of himself and his successors, thereunto subscribe his 
name to our Town Book, or otherwise,' his grant made to him shall be of 
none efiect." 

2. " That if questions, differences, or contentions should fall out or 
arise in any manner or way in our Society, or betwixt any party therein ; 
that they shall really endeavour, to resolve and issue the same even in the 
most practicable way and manner, by Refference, Arbitration, or some 
other like means before it shall come to any place of publick Judicature 
except it be in our own Town." 

3. " That we shall all of us in the said Town faithfully endeavour 
that only such shall be received to our society and Township as we 
may have sufiicient satisfaction that they are honest, peaceable, and free 
from Scandal and erroneous opinions." 

4. " That none of the inhabitants aforesaid or our successors at any 
time hereafter for the space of seven years from the date hereof upon 
any pretence whatsoever without the consent of the Selectmen for the 
time being first had and obtained, shall alienate, Let, assign or set over 
for the space of seven whole years any part or parcel of Land formerly 
granted to him or them by the Town, except to some formerly accepted 
of by our society ; always provided that this shall in no sort prejudice or 
hinder any Heirs at Common Law." (signed) 

Edward West, Daniel Gookin, Ephraim Bullen, Benjamin Bullard, 
William Sheffield, Moses Adams, John Holbrook, Joseph Morse, Benj. 
Twitchell, Jonathan Whitney, Jr., Thomas Holbrook, Joseph Twitchell, 
Eleazer Wood, Jonathan Morse, Abraham Cusanes, Thomas Hol- 
brook, Jr., John Death, Walter Shephard, William Rider, John 
Perry, Benoni Learned, Eleazer Fairbanks, Hopestill Lealand, Nathan- 


lel Morse, Obediah Morse, Thomas Sawin, William Goddard, Thomas 
Breck, Benjamin Whitney, Ebenezer Lealand, Nathaniel Johnson, John 

1679. — Articles of agreement between Daniel Morse, sen., Thomas 
Eames, Henry Lealand and Obediah Morse in behalf of the Town of 
Sherborne on the one part. Wabon, Pimbow, Thomas Tray, John 
Awonssamage, sen., Peter Ephraim and Daniel Takawombpait on be^ 
half of the Town of Natick on the other part, concluded and agreed 
upon this sixteen day of April, 1679. 

Whereas, It hath pleased the general Court by their Order bearing 
date May 12th, 1679, to give leave to the People of Sherborn to pur- 
chase by way of exchange, from the people of Katick, a quantity of 
Land belonging to Natick, for their furthelrance and promoting of Sher- 
born Plantation. 

2, The people of Sherborne above named in behalf of the rest, do de- 
sire about Four Thousand Acres as it is Plotted, described and bounded 
on the Northeast with Natick : on the Southeast Southwest and West 
by Sherborn, on the West and Northwest with a Farm belonging to 
Mr. Danforth. 

3. In compensation for the same, they agree to give by way of ex- 
change the like quantity of Land be it 4,000 acres more or less, lying 
and being adjoining to Mauguncoog Indian Hill, which Land was grant- 
ed unto Sherborn by the general Court of Massachusetts ; moreover 
they do promise and covenant to pay unto the persons above named, 
their Heirs or Assigns, the full and just quantity of 200 bushels of In- 
dian Grain to be paid one half in hand or at demand, and the other half 
the last of March next ensiling. Moreover, they are willing that Peter 
Ephraim do enjoy the Land he hath broken up within that Tract of 
Land they are to have of Natick, at a place called Brush Hill, and to 
add thereunto so much more as may make the Lot 12 Acres, with an 
equal proportion of Meadow, to enjoy to him the said Peter Ephraim 
and his Heirs and Assigns forever ; but to be under the government of 
the Township of Sherborne as the English Are. 

4th, Also, we ao^ree & consent that on the Lands we are to have of 
Natick there be a Lot of Fifty Acres sett out where the Commissioners 
of the Colonies, Major Gookin and Mr. Eliott, and Indian Rulers shall 
choose within that Tract of Land, to be appropriated forever to the use 
of a free School for teaching the English and Indian Children there, tho 
English Tongue &; other Sciences. 

In witness whereof, &c., 
Witnessed by Daniel Gookin, 

Nathl. Gookin, 
Edw'd. West. 

Signed as above. 
Coppy attested by Daniel Gookin, S«nr. 
In answer to a motion in behalf of Sherborn Inhabitants thi^ Coart 
does ratify and allow of the exchange of Lands made as abovesaid. 

Attest, Edward Rawson, Secretary. 


'79. — At a meetting of the Inhabitants of Sherborne, in reference to 
exchange of Land with Natick : for the paying of 200 bushels of Com to 
boot, &c. 18 persons present. 

Daniel Morse for his Farm do engage 25 bushels of Indian Corn this 
year. Thomas Eames and that Comer of the Town, 25 bushels. Henry 
Lcaland 25 bushels, others assisting him — and in case the other quarter 
cannot be defrayed, then Obediah Morse do engage for the other quar 
ter upon the desire and promise others to bear him out in either Corn 
in wheat or money ; to be paid wheat at 58. per bushel, money at reason 
able abatement." Ensign BuUen and Henry Lealand are chosen a 
Committee with the Selectmen to grant home Lots to those that are 
come amongst us.' 

Sherborne granteth to such as shall make a sawmill on a Brook [Bog- 
istow, where the cotton mill stands in Hoi.] about half a mile on this 
side the corner [Jasper] rock that was Natick bounds, the sum of 50 
Acres of upland adjoining to that brook, and 3 or 4 Acres of Meadow, if 
it may be found upon that Brook as may be convenient — also 10 Acres 
of Swamp, the Cedar timber excepted. This sawmill to be builfe by the 
end of 12 months, and be continued three years, or as the Selectmen 
then in being, and the owners shall agree. So the Land to be settled to 
the owners. This offer seems to have been accepted by Samuel Lind 
of Boston, who early built a corn mill upon it. 

'79 — 9mo. 29 — Thomas Sawin is accepted as one of the new inhabi- 
tants at Chestnut Brook, to take up a first Lot, as may be convenient for 
building a Sawmill on it. This is where the late Galim Bullard lived. 
This mill stood a few rods below the mill of Mr. Isaac Cozens. 

1679. — ^Daniel Morse, sen., and Joseph Morse and another, were 
chosen to treat with a minister for settlement. 

1680. — Ensign Saml. BuUen & George Fairbanks, refusing to take 
the oath of Tytheingmen, the Selectmen, in obedience to the Law, do 
choose Thomas Holbrook to have inspection over those families at the 
widow Lealand, Hopestill Lealands, &c., 10 ^Families. And Joseph 
Morse as tytheingman to inspect over Eleazer Fairbanks and 5 other 

Difficulties of a serious nature had now arisen, the nature of which we 
are left in part to infer from the action of the' Court. The inhabitants 
at the S. end had insisted on the place first staked, for the meeting-house 
and roads referred to on proprietors' records, had been laid from that 
place to remote parts of the town. They had as yet obtained no minis- 
ter, and the condition on which they had been exempted from rates had 
not been complied with. A few lots appear to have been illegally as- 
signed. Daniel Morse, senr., Dea Benoni Learned and others, in 
1680 petitioned the G. C, imploring " aid that they may be relieved of 
their difficulties, professing a desire to settle a pious and able minister, 
without which their hopeful plantation would be ruined, and they and 
their wives and children be forced either to live like heathen, without 
God's Sabbaths and ordinances, or remove." 

G. C. JRec, May, 1680. — '' In answer to the petition of the inhabi- 
tants of S., Maj. Thos. Savage, Mr. Bartholomew Gedney, Capt. Hutch- 


enson, Mr. Joseph Lind and Mr. Joseph Cook, are appointed a Com- 
mittee, and required to repair to S. and settle all diflferences depending 
among said inhabitants, and give such directions as to them shall seem 
meeto for ordering of their prudential? ; and what any four of them shall 
agree upon, shall be valid for the determining of such controversies as 
are among them, and what they shall do herein they are to make return - 
thereof to the present session. (" Which they did, and is on file, not 

1680. — ^June 2d — ^At a meeting of the Inhabitants of Sherborne to 
attend the consultation of the honored Committee, Major Savage, with the 
other Gent, of that Committee — did then agree before them and en- 
gage to lay down of their lands for needful highways for the use of the 
Town, and to choose a Committee to lay them out. 

On the return of the Committee, and the rendition of their report, the 
G. C, June 11, 1680, say : — 

There appearing something necessary to be further donne with refer- 
ence to the settlement of Sherborne Towne, and the well ordering the 
prudentialls thereof, and some dissatisfaction with reference to the 
placing the meeting-house, this Court, judging it necessary to remove 
all obstructions that may hinder their quiet and peaceable proceeding, 
doe appoint and impower Wm. Stoughton, Tho. Savage, and John 
Richards, Esqs., a committee to order and govern* the prudentialls of 
the said towne for three years next commencing, as to laying out lotts, 
and raysing of taxes. 

From the above date until June 11, 1684, the town was placed under 
loving guardianship, and submitted like an affectionate and dutiful 

October 12th. — Reckoned with Thomas Sawin for his work about the 
Meetinghouse for framing the Meetinghouse and provideing Boards, 
Shingles and Clapboards, and making Windows and Doors according to 

bargain about the Meetinghouse, £50 0.0 

For Boards and his work laying the Floor of do. 3 

Daniel Morse, sen., John Hill, Benj. BuUard, John Death with the 
Selectmen, are chosen to seat the Meeting when seats are made. 

1680. — 9th mo. 15. The Committee that formerly was chosen and 
impowered to act as the town for the settling Mr. Gookin or some other 
Minister as God should direct, making their return to the town that* ex- 
cept the Inhabitants do agree to what was done by that Committee in 
'79, 7 mo. they see no likelyhood of obtaining Mr. Daniel Gookin to 
settle among us. 

Voted, that John Hill, Thomas Holbrook & George Fairbanks is de- 
sired to assist a Committee to settle a. gospel Orthodox liGnister on the 
place obtained for a Minister according to what is voted by tho town for 
Ministers maintenance, &c. Edward West chosen Town Clerk. 

1681. — ^Voted, that Daniel Morse, senr., Joseph Morse, and Edward 
West are chosen to treat with Mr. Cusheon or some other Minister to 
settle in Sherborne. And Thomas Holbrook was chosen to go to speak 


to Mr. Cusheon for an answer from him in reference to his settleing in 
Sherborne. •.*..*. 

1681. — April 29. Whereas we the Inhabitants of Sherborn having 
formerly applied ourselves to the Rev. Daniel Gookin to be our settled 
Minister of Sherborn, he was pleased to give us his^ mind and word and 
writing to be willing to come amongst us, provided that we could agree 
to have tte Meetinghouse on that place appointed by Capt. Prentice, 
but some not willing for it, did put us upon further trouble and the im- 
peding that work amongst us wherefore having a meeting of the inha- 
bitants & proposals being made if ***** would adhere to the settling a 
Minister on that place commonly amongst us called the Lot place, we, 
.being desirous of not only the settleing a Minister amongst us, but also 
peace and concord, did yield to the motion, and made choice of some of 
those that did oppose our former proceeding to act accordingly ; but 
now wc perceiving their fruitless endeavors in that respect, and being 
desireous, if God permit, to have one aqaongst us to break the bread of 
life to us and ours, and especially the Rev. Mr. Daniel Gookin, do if 
authority permit of it, bind ourselves to these particulars under written 
in the full sum of Ten pounds Sterling to be paid by us upon every wil- 
ful neglect or refusal. 

Ist, That application be made to the Rev Mr. Daniel Gookin, to be 
the settled Minist^ of Sherborn, by those three Men the town have 
lately made choice of to Settle a Minister in Sherborn, viz. : Daniel 
Morse, senr., Joseph Morse & Edward West, with as much speed as 
may be. 

2d, That in case Mr. Gookin do agree to come amongst us, we do 
engage to pay to him annually as the Town in general have voted, viz. 
twenty pounds in money, and twenty pounds in country pay, such as we 
raise among ourselves, and such as the Minister wants, at such prises as 
go from man to man amongst ourselves : as also when the Minister hath 
a family or the people increase in the Town by the addition of new 
Families considerably, then to augment his allowance and this to continue 
with the help of such as may by Law be brought in to pay, during our 
abode in Sherborn. 

3d, That the* house for the Minister, in the place where it now stands, 
be fitted and finished conveniently to dwell in, and one Acre of Land to 
be broken up and fenced in a town charge ; and this House and Land 
as it is now in part lotted out shall be given to him the said Mr. Gookin, 
and his heirs forever, provided he do engage himself to us to be our set- 
tled, constant Minister, together with his interest in common Lands as 
other inhabitants. 

4th, We do agree that when we do build our Meetinghouse it shall 
9tand where it was ordered and agreed, near Edwards Plain. 

Finally, We do agree that all those above written charges shall be 
raised according to the Town vote viz. by heads & estates ratable in the 
country Invoice, and do also agree that all forfeitures that shall be made 
as above said shall be paid to the Minister towards his yearly mainte- 
nance. To these above said particulars we do bind us and otir heirs in 


the sum above said firmly and do make of the Men above written to see 
to the execution of this agreement of ours according to the true intent 
thereof. In witness whereof we have putt to our hands, dated 29th 
April 1681. 

Daniel Morse, Sbnr. Thos. Gleason, 

John Hill, Edward West, 

Thos. Holbrook, Joseph Morse, 

Moses Adams, Benoni Learned, 

Ephraim Bullen, Nathl. Morse, 

John Death, Daniel Morse, Jr., 

Thos. SatTin, Ebenezer Lealand, 

John Eames, Jonathan Morse, 

Isaac Lealand, . John Perry, 

Zachari Padleford, Jonathan Whitney, 

Obadiah Morse, Ebenezer Fairbanks. 

Benj. Bullard objected to the 4th Article. 

I whose name is here subscribed do freely and fully engage to remain 
in the work of the Ministry at Sherborn so long as I can live in said 
place so as to attend my work without distraction. 

Daniel Gookin, Jr. 

This note has no date but was pr* written soon after Apl. 29, 1681. 

1681. — July 4th — George Fairbanks proposed to resign up to the 
Town all his rights and Interests in Sherborn with all his former charges 
from the first petitioning provided they would free him from Sherborne. 

1681. — 8 mo. 27 — ^Voted by the Inhabitants that there shall be a 
division of so much of our common Land as is judged meet for a divi- 
dend by Daniel Morse, Thomas Holbrook, Jonathan Whitney, John 
Death, and Joseph Morse, If our honored Committee approve of it. 
Also a Committee was chosen to acquaint the honored Committee with 
the state of the Town as to the accommodation of the new Inhabitants, 
and intreat their power and advice which way this Dividend shall be 
laid out. Also the Committee to obtain a Survey to lay out this 
Land. Each man shall choose his Lot: and if 2, 3, 4 or more 
shall pitch upon one place, then they to draw Lots who shall have that 
Lot. Each man that shall take up Land shall pay the charges of the 
laying out his Lot. If any Man do Inislike his Lot : then he to 
choose his Lot out of any part of any of the Towns upland without 

Boston, Nov. 3d, 1681. 

Having perused and considered the first vote above written concern- 
ing a division of common Land in Sherborne, We the Committee for 
that Town do approve and confirm the same, And for the way thereof 
We advise that it be*first divided into 4 parts, to lye to each quarter of 
the Town according as they shall find it most convenient as to vicinity, 
respect being had to the quality of the land, that there may be an equality 


in each quarter as mnch as may be ; Then each quarter or squad- 
ron of the Town to divide their part amongst themselves by lot. We far- 
ther order, that before any division be made of upland, such new inhab- 
itants as have not had proportionable meadow already allowed them, shall 
have due shares alloted and laid out to them. And according to a former 
vote of the Town, we adjudge the new Inhabitants to pay two shillings per 
Acre upon their home lots, towards public charges, and then for the 
future to be equally rated with the rest. 

(Signed,) Thomas Savage, John Eichards, William Stoughton. 

1682. — Granted to John Awasamug 20 acres of JLand, to clear all 
Indian Titles that concern the Land exchanged between Natick and 

A list of persons admitted to be Inhabitants of Sherbom since its in- 
corporation with the dates of admission : 

Entign Samuel Bullen, Thomas Pratt, sen., 2 mo. 1679 

Edward West, William Sheffield, May 1679 

Jos. Morse, Zacry Paddleford, 2 mo. 1679 

John Perry, John Eames, " " 1679 

William Allen, Isaac Learned, " " 1679 

Thomas Eeames, Jan. 4, 1674 Thomas Pratt, Jr. " " 1679 

John Death, 11 mo.l. 1677 Thomas Sawin, 9 mo. 29 1679 

Thomas Gleason, 8 mo. 5, 1678 Jonathan Whitney, 1679 

HopestillLealand.ll— 1 1678 Will. Goddard, « " 1679 

Ebenexer Lealand " " 1678 Bononi Learned, « " 1679 

Joseph Twitchell, " " 1678 Will. Rider, " '' 1679 

G. C. Rec, Oct. 11, 1682. Whereas there is about 60 soldiers at 
Sherborne, in probability they will increase to a greater number in a 
short time, and they having no higher officer than a Sarjant, it is or- 
dered by this Court and the authority thereof that Sargeant Edward 
West be Leiftenant to the said company and Jonathan Morse, Ensign ; 
and they are to choose two sarjants, a drummer and dark for the said 
company according as the law directs ; and that the said company do be- 
long to the regiment of Maj. Gookin and ye secretary is ordered to issue 
both commissions for them. 

G. C, Rec.; May 17,1684. " In ans. to the petition of Tho. Hol- 
brooke, Edward West, selectmen for the towne of Sherborne, it is 
ordered that the grant of land unto the inhabitants and others at or 
near Boggestow shall be and hereby is confirmed unto them according 
to the plat now before the Court dated, 25 (3 mo.) 1677, signed Thos. 
Thirston, provid always it doe not intrench upon former grants to any 
toune or particular persons, and it is ordered that the name of the toune 
be Sherborne and that it belongs to the County of Middlesex." 

N. B. The great delay of the usual act of confirmation doubtless 
arose from the confused state of the town and their tardiness in comply- 
ing with the conditions of their incorporation. 

1684. — ^Decem. 8. — ^Voted by the Inhabitants of S., being assembled, 


that the difference that is now between John Hill^ J. Eames & John 
Death for catching Wolves, it shall be referred to the Hond. Deputy 
Governor and Major Gookin to issue the Cause between them. 

1694. — June 4— Edward West was chose Schoohnaster for S. 

1695. — ^Feb. 3d — At a meeting of the Inhabitants of S. for to con- 
sider aild conclude of a inlardgment of our Town, bounds by our * • * * 
of some of Naticks land that joins to the farm of Henry Rice to make 
one Township. 

It was concluded by the Inhabitants, met this day, that we shall go on 
to lay that tract of land that is taken in platt with a inlargement to 
the farm of Henry Eice, and those Farmers that are willing to join in 
our Township according as offers have been made to themselves as also 
to procure a surveyor to run a straight line from the south Corner of 
Henry Bice's Farm to the Cartway crossing Cochituate Brook near 
where Course Brook meets with Cochituate Brook the charges of the 
whole to be borne by the Town of S. The Selectmen are chosen a 
Comnuttee to see this work carried on for the benefit of the Town. 

1700. — June 25. — ^TLe town of Framingham was incorporated and 
seventeen Families belongmg to Sherbom were annexed to that Town. 
" A controversy soon arose between S. and F. respecting certain rights 
and privileges, which was at last settled without legal process," — [See 
Barry's His. of Fram.] 

1705-6 — Jan. 8th. — Was granted £20, for the repairing and better 
finishing the Meetinghouse. - The Committee chosen were Sergt. Sawin, 
Lt. Joseph Morse, Deacon Benoni Learned, Corpl. Isaac Learned and 
Eichard Sanger. 

1707. — ^May 28th — Ordered, That whosoever should take bring or 
convey any Cattle from other towns to feed on the Commons in S., and 
such Cattle being taken up ; the Person or persons who conveyed the 
said Cattle into Town, or the owner of them sd pay a fine of 5s. per 
head, the one moiety to the person who toot; them up and the other 
moiety to the use of the Town. 

These orders were allowed of by the Court of quarter Sessions at 
Concord, June 17th, 1707, till further order. 


Public worship was first set up at the house of Cpt. Joseph Morse, and 
there continued until the meeting-house was finished ; and he received a 
grant from the town for accommodating the congregation. 

^ The existing records of the Church begin Oct. 27, 1734. They 
give no account of the formation of flie Chh. ; but the MSS. of Judge 
Sewall contain the foUoTnng notice of its origin : 

"Thursday, Mar., 1685. Went to the gathering of the Church in 
Sherborne, & ordainmg of Mr. Daniel Gookin, their Pastor. But six 
Brethren & three of the name of Mors.* Mr. Willson [of Boston,] Mr. 


♦The other three brethren were pr. Renj. BuUard, Tho. Holbrook & Benoni 


290 history' OP SHEUBORN. 

Adams [ofDedham,] Mrs. Nathaniel Gookin [of Cambridge,] managed 
the work. Mr. Nathl. Gookin, ye younger, introduced ye elder — a 
happy type of ye calling of ye Jews ; Mr. Torry [of Weymouth,] 
Brinsmeade [of Boston,] Fisk [of Braintree,] Esterbrook [of Lexing- 
ton,] Mann [of Wrentham,] Moody [of Boston,] Hubbard [or Hobart, 
of Newton,] Nehemiah Sherman [of Watertown,] Woodrop [of Lan- 
caster,] Rawson, Grendal [ofMendon,] Wiilson, Junr., [ofMedfield,] 
there, and the fellows of the College. Only Maj. G^nerall & self of 
the magistrates. No relations were made, but I hope God was with 

1707. — May 29. At a meeting of the Selectmen it was ordered, 
that each person in town, for the Pool or Pools he or she is rated for, 
shall cut and carry to the house of the Rev. Mr. Gookin, one half Cord 
of wood per poll ; and each and every person who neglect to perform as 
aforesaid shall pay a Fine of 2 Shillings per poll to the use of said 

Oct. 23. — Voted to hire a minister while March next and that Mr. 
Baker be the man to supply Mr. Gookings Pulpit, now in the time of 
his restraint, if he may be obtained. 

1708-9. — March 7th — At a Town meeting, &c. It was then mani- 
fested to the town what had been offered to the Hon. General Court by 
our Representative Saml. BuUard concerning the seventeen Families on 
the north part of the Town : with the acceptance and Concurance of 
the Court therewith : and was consented to by a general vote. 

G. C. Rec, Juno 3, 1715. — Upon the reading a petition of Joseph 
Morse, representative and the selectmen of the Town of Sherbom in be- 
half of the said town, praying that a Piatt of 4,000 acres of land there- 
Avith exhibited, laid out and protracted by Thomas White, surveyor, pur- 
suant to a grant of this Court at their session in June, 1710, on the 
West side of Mendon may be confirmed to the said Town. Voted a 
concurrence with the order passed thereon in the House of Representa- 
tives, viz : The plat having been presented for confirmation and viewed 
and inspected by this House. 

Ordered, that the land therein described be allowed and granted and 
confirmed to the town of Sherborn as an equivalent for the 17 families 
laid lo Framingham, mentioned in the plat provided it intrench upon 
no former grant. Consented to. J. Dudley. 

Sh. June 17, 1715. — ^Voted, That the Invoice of Polls and ratable 
Estate taken in August 1714, shall be the Rule whereby the said 4000 
Acres of Land granted and confirmed to the town by the G. C, shall be 
proportioned to and among the present Inhabitants being freeholders and 
such other inhabitants that have lived upon hire in the Town for some 
years past. 

The above-mentioned New Grant was divided amongst 105 Persons 
'' being Freeholders and such other Inhabitants that have lived upon 
hire." December 29th, 1721, the proprietors granted to Ephraim HiU 
and his heirs forever, 20 acres of Land in the said 4000 acres, in con- 
sideration of his being the first settled Inhabitant there. 


Two further grants of 6700 acres, now in Douglas, were obtained of 
the General Court by purchase. In 1730, these Lands were divided 
among the Inhabitants of S. in the same manner as the other Grant had 

1710. — Dec. 11. At a meeting of the Inhabitants of Sherbom, 
Capt. Joseph Morse & Deacon Benoni Learned, Moderators. 

Then it was put to the Inhabitants by the said Moderators that inas- 
much as the work of the Ministery is apparently two hard for our Rev, 
and worthey Pastor, Mr. Daniel G coking, he being a Crazie and infirm 
man and well stricken in years, whither they were willing to give the 
Key. Mr. Baker a call or invitation to settle with us in this Town in the 
work of Gospel Service as an assistant to our Rev. Pastor aforesaid ; 
and after some debate on the matter it being put to try the minds of 
the inhabitants it was voted verry fully on the affirmative to give the 
Rev. Mr. Daniel Baker a call to settle in Gospel Service as an assistant 
to our Rev. Pastor aforesaid. Voted on the affirmative. 

Also it was voted at said meeting To give the said Mr. Baker a year- 
ly salary of 50 pounds money during the life of our Rev. Pastor and after 
his decease to augment Mr. Baker's Salary if need be.— Voted in the 

Attest, Jos. MoBSE, Benoni Learned, Moderators. 

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Sherborn, April 2d, 1711. Then 
the Rev. Mr. Daniel Gookin was pleased to exhibit the following : 

" I have formerly as is well known, and several of the leading Men 
of the Town can teatifie, yielded to sink ten pounds of the country part 
of my Salary for the encourageing of the Town to proceed in y t. weigh- 
ty design that they have been lately upon, and are not yet come to a 

full conclusion about But it hath been signified to me that what I 

did (and that freely) would not be accepted of by those to whom the ofier 
was made, or at least it would not be accepted of by the Town : but if I 
thought it would not be imagined that I had a 'mind to force the Town 
to an acceptance of it, I would say that I do freely give back to the 
Town ten pounds of the country part of my yearly Salary, which they 
may improve for the encouragement of the Rev. Gentleman whom they 
are treating withall with reference to a settlement : in case they canob- 
tain him, otherwise if I must still carry on the whole work, as formerly, I 
do desire, and it*is best meet that it should return to me and be paid to me 
as formerly — thus wishing Heaven to guide you in what is this day be- 
fore you, I take leave and rest your assured friend, 

Daniel Gookin." 

This being publickly read at the said meeting it was gratefully ac- 
cepted of by the Town. 

Attest, Wm. Rideb, Town Clerk. 

1711. — Sept, 17. At a meeting to consider upon some proposals that 
the Rev. Mr. Baker hath made to said Town about the advancement of 
his sallary after the Rev. Daniel Gookins decease. Voted to advance 
Rev. Daniel Bakers Sallary to the sum of seventy Pounds per Annupi 
immediately after the decease of our Rev. Paster. 


These, with other inducements, as 1st, the sincere concurrance of ye 
Rev. Daniel Gookin, with the church & Town in ye above mentioned 
affair ; as also the generosity of the good People of said Sherborne, in 
subscribing liberally towards building and settlemg of the Rev. Daniel 
Baker aforesaid, together with the land yt is offered to him for a settle- 
ment, and the good Council and advice of several of the Rev. Elders, 
)ur common friends and well wishers, hath prevailed with the Rev. 
Gentleman to give the following Answer to the Invitation given him to 
settle in the Gospel service in said town. * 

To the Committees of the Church and Town of Sherbom, To be 
communicated to the Church and Town. 

Reverend and dearly beloved in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is now a 
considerable time since you have given me an invitation to settle with you 
in the glorious Gospel of peace, and it is with no small importumty that 
you have for some time pressed for an Answer to your desires. The 
weightiness of the work you have asked me to engage in, with some other 
things I have had under consideration, will atone for my delaying an 
answer so long. I hope I have not been backward in seeking direction 
from the All-wise Counsellor, nor have I been wanting in asking the 
advice of several of the Rev. Elders, our common Friends and well- 
wishers, whose Counsel I highly esteem. I am at length (though not 
without a deep sense of the weightiness of the work you have called me 
unto, and my own utter insufficiency therefor, and to answer what possibly 
you may expect, for who is sufficient for these things !) persuaded to 
accept of and embrace your Invitation, acknowledging the encourage- 
ment you have proposed. And do signify to you my resolution (in 
convenient time) to come and abide with you in Gospel service, so long 
n8 you shall afford me gospel Encouragement, which, as you will doubt- 
iess conclude, I should charitably believe you will not fail to do, so you 
will not take it amiss that I assure you that I expect it. 

Thus promising myself that you will not fail to ask for me at the 
throne of Grace all suitable and seasonable enlargements of the holy 
Spirit of Grace, that I may come to you in the fulness of the blessing of 
the Gospel, and that all my ministrations amongstyou may be continually 
accompanied with the allpowerfull influences of God's Spirit as a means 
to the conversion and edification of Souls. To the gracious gmdance of 
the same holy Spirit I commend you, and rest yours in Gospel service. 

Daniel Baebb. 
Dedham, Dec. 29th, 1711. 

1711-12. — Jan. 14th. At a meeting. Voted that Rev, Daniel 
Baker's Answer be verry gratefully excepted, and the Town renders 
thanks to him for his good intentions towards them, and do freely concur 
and take up with his said Answer. 

At the same meeting a committee was chosen to take care about what 
is subscribed towards the Building for Bev. Daniel Baker, that it be 
regularly and orderly performed. 

The only reported publications of Mr. Baker were two Fast Day ser- 


mens, one preached at Dedh., 1726, and the other at S., 1727, which 
make an 18mo vol. of 164 pages. His dedication of the latter dis- 
course to his people illustrates his style and the condition of both pastor 
and flock in his day. 

^^Beloved Friends^ — ^It is now more than Seventeen Years since you 
first Invited me to Preach to you, and above Fourteen since my Inau- 
guration into the Office of Pastor to you, as an assistant to my worthy 
Predecessor, the Bev. Mr. Gookin; whose Company and Help in the 
great Work I had undertake^, I so much prized, that might I hava yet 
enjoyed it, I have often thought that I could have been contented with 
the small Salary you first gave me. But a righteous God has ordered 
it otherwise ; However much to My loss, yet undoubtedly to JBzs great 
Gain and Advantage. It is now more than Ten Years that I have had 
the whole Pastoral Care of you. And it has been in Weakness and 
in much Fear that I have been with you. Yet I have this to Comfort 
and Encourage me, that I have reason to hope that my Preaching has 
not been altogether in vain to you. God has (and to Him be all the 
Glory) since my coming amongst you, made a very considerable Addi- 
tion to His Church ; and I am willing to hope of such as shall be saved. 
Moreover, it has been no small Encouragement to me that my Labours 
have found so much Acceptance with you. One Instance of which you 
have now given, in your forwardness to be at the Charge of Printing 
those Sermons which were Preached on Days of Fasting and Prayer 
for You and Others. 

It is well known that it is owing to the Repeated and Undeniable 
B.equest of some of you (especially) that these Sermons are thus come 
to Publick View. Might I have had my own Inclination, and if I had 
no more regard to publick usefulness than my own private Interest, or 
Applause, and had it not been a pain to me to deny you, they had never 
seen the Light, * *' * 

I have one Mequsst to you, since I have granted you yours. 1 must 
freely confess, I don't remember that ever I asked anything of you of 
an external nature, or on a worldly account, but you always granted it. 
And now my B.equest is, that you would be earnest in your Prayers to 
God for me, that I may obtam mercy to be Faithful to God and Souls ; 
that my ministry may yet be more successful among you, and that I 
may save my own Soul as well as yours. I am Your Affectionate 
Friend and Servant of your Souls. 

Daniel Baker." 

1718. — Sept. 26 — ^A Committee was chosen to inspect the timber at 
Badluck Swamp, within the late grant of 3000 acres of land, and im- 
powered to prosecute any person, or persons, should cut, make strip or 
pillage any wood or timber upon said premises. 

The ensuing Warrant and Bate found among the papers left by my 
gr. grd. father Cuzzens is here inserted as showing the former manner of 
raising support for ministers, and the fTo. of polls and heads of fam 
ilies in S. in 1721, and also the comparative amount of real and personal 
estate which each possessed. 


Midd'x ss. To the Constable or Constables of the Town of Sherbom, 
Within the County of Midd'x & every of them, Greeting. 
In EGs.Majest's Name you are Required to levy and Collect of ye 
Severall persons Named in the list herewith committed unto you. Each 
One his respective proportion (herein Set Down) of the Sum Totall of 
such list ; being a Tax or Assessment made by the Assessors of the said 
Town of Sherbom for the paying our minister the Rev'd Mr. Daniel Ba- 
ker his Salary this present year, according to ye Grant, and agreement 
of the said Town, And to Deliver and pay in the Sum and Sums which 
you shall so Levy and Collect unto Ensign Jno. Death Treasurer of the 
said Town and to Compleat and make up an accompt of your Collections 
of the whole sum, at, on, or before the last Day of March next : 

And if any person or persons shall neglect or refuse to make payment 
of the Sum or Sums whereat he or they are respectively assessed and 
sett in ye said list, to Distrein the Goods or Chattells of such person or 
persons to the Value thereof and the Distress or Distresses So Taken to 
keep by the space of four days at the Cost and Charge of the Owner : 
And if the Owner do not pay the Sum or Sums of Money So Assessed 
upon him Within the said four Days Then the said Distress or Distresses 
So Taken, you are to Expose and Openly Sell at an Out-Cry, for pay- 
ment of the said Money and Charges ; Notice of Such Sale being posted 
up in some publick place within the same Town, Twenty-four hours before- 
hand : And the Overplus coming by the Said Sale (if any be) beside 
the Sum or Sums of the Assesment & the Charges of Taking and keep- 
ing of the Distress and Distresses, to be Emmediately restored to the 
Owner — ^And for Want of Goods Or Chattels whereon to make Distress, 
you are to Seise the Body or Bodies of the person or persons So refus- 
ing, and him or them commit unto the Common Goal of the said County, 
there to remain until he or they pay and satisfie the severall Sum or Sums 
whereat they are Respectively Assessed as aforesaid ; unless upon 
application made to the Court of Generall Sessions of the peace, the same 
or any part thereof shall be abated. Dated at Sherborn the Sixth Day of 
November In the Eighth year of His Majest's Reign. Annoque Domini 

By Order of the Assessors of Sherborn, 

Wm. Rider, Jun'r, Town Clerk. 

The Ministers Rate, Anno 1721 [not including aged citizens who 
had pr. settled their estates, nor the Assessors who were also Selectmen, 
but all minors over 18 ys.] 

Upon Polls. Real & Per'l Estate. Sum Total. 

s. d. £ s. d. £ 8. d. 

Ebenezer Lealand, Sen'r 
Ebenezer Lealand, Jun'r, 
' James Morse, . 
Joseph Morse, 
Ebenezer Badcock, 
Joseph TwitcheU, 

































PoUs. Kea! & Pet'l Estate. Sum Total. 

Ephraim Twitchell, 






The Widow Twikhell, 





Benja. Ballard, 






Elea'r Hill, Sen'r, 






Elea'r Hill, JunV, 




Solomon Hill, 






Nath. Hili, 







Bmj. Twitchell, 






EhoBcser Twitchell, 






Abrah'm Cuzzens, Ben'r, 






Jacob CuzzcDB, 






Joseph Cuzzens, 




Hope Lealand, Jun'r, 






Joshua Kebbej', Sen'r, 







Joshua Kebbey, Jun'r, 






William Lealand, 






William Sheffield, 






Isaac Sheffield, 





Daniel Sheffield, 






Joseph ShetBeld, 






Hath. Sheffield, 






John Goulding, 







George Fairbank, 





Farm Aaron Morse, 





Joshua TJuderwood, 





Ebenezer Hill, Sen., 






Ebcn'r Hill, Jun., 





David Hill, 





Thomas Jones, 






Ehen'r Pratt, 'jun'r, 





John Lealand, 



Joseph Johnson, 





Moses Adams, Jun., 





Eenony Adams, 





Isaac Morse, Sen'r, 





Timothy Lealand, 





James Lealand, 





laaac Bullard, 





Isaac Foster, 





Timothy Knowlton, 





John Twitchell, 





Jonath. Whitney, 





Abrah. Cuzzens, Jun'r, 





Isaac Cuzzens, 





Gershom Eames, 





John Wallie, 






Upon. Polls. Real & Per'l Estate. Sum Total. 









Joseph Lealand, 






John Holbrook, Jun'r, 






Plain Aaron Morse, 






Edmond Morse, 






John Learned, 






Zacry Paddlefoot, 



Joseph Haven, 



59. The Sam Totall, [or the half of £70, payable in money,] 34 10 

This Rate was made by us the Subscribers fTovember ye 6th, 1721, 
for the paying the Key. Mr. Daniel Baker His Salary this present year 
according to the Grant and agreement of the Town with Him. 

To Constable Isaac Guzzens this list is Gommitted to Collect. 

Sam'l BuLLABi), ) Assessors 
John Death, [ of 

Wm. Rider, Jun., ) Sherbom. 

1720-1.— Feb. 20— A committee of 8 from the W. and 8 from the 
E. part of the town, were chosen to consult together and report at the 
next meeting, respecting the bmlding of a new meetinghouse near dirty 
meadow, [W. Sherbom] bridge, and to deliberate and make report of 
what they may think may be for the best for the town to act upon in 
the premises ; and to propose any method, that may be likely to conduce 
to the peace and well-being of the town referring to the concern of the 
meeting-house, &g. 

March 20. The report of this committee not being accepted, it was 
voted to run a direct line from Framingham corner to Dopping brook, 
and then the brook to be the bound till it come into Bogestow brook, and 
then that to be the bound till it come to Medway line. 

Sept. 25, 1721. — ^Voted to receive £267, their proportion of £50,- 
000 of bills of credit, issued by the G. C. for the relief of the towns of 
the colony and to let it out in sums not above £80 nor less than 
£10 to a man so it might be timely paid in to the public treasury accord- 
ing to the proraions of the act. 

N. B. The interest of these loans went to defray Town charges. 

1721-2. — ^Feb. 5. Voted by a majority that money be raised by 
way of rate, (sufficient with the old meeting-house) to bmld a new one 
upon the land that the town formerly set apart for that purpose, near 
or upon the place occupied by the old house. 

1722. — ^Nov. 12. It being moved to reconsider and nullifie the above 
vote, the motion was negatived by a majority. 

1722-3. — March 6. The qualified voters met at the meeting-house, 
and immediately adjourned to meet at ^^ the platt sevenfy or six Score 
Rods Easterly from Dirty Meadow Bridge, or Thereabouts," [about 
hsdf a mile E. of the E. Depot in Hoi.] when and where it was voted 
unanimously by all present, ^^ that a meetinghouse be built for the town 


to worship God in, on Lord's Days upon a certain hill by the road side, 
where was laid a heap of stones to know the place by, &c. and made 
null and void and of no effect the former vote of the town above and 
bearing date Feb. 5th, 1721-2, so that the town remain together for the 
strengthening thereof.'* 

1723. — ^Nov. 18th. The inhabitants "voted to nullifie and make 
void this vote of March 6, in consideration that the Form and Situation 
of the Town is so ill Convenient, that one Meeting house Cannot be so 
placed as to Suit the Whole town, but that in time there will be need of 
two to accommodate the Inhabitants." Also voted to build on or near 
the spot where the old meeting house is standing a new one, " ye Demon- 
sions to be about forty foot in . length, about thirty two foot in bredth 
and about twenty foot post." And " that £160 be Levied on ye In- 
habitants by way of Bate upon Polls & Estates to be Emproved towards 
the defreying the Charge of the said Building." 

" At said Meeting after Sundry votes had passed, relating to the 
building, or rebuilding of ye publick Meeting house, the following mo- 
tion was made by Sundry of ye Principle Inhabitants of ye said town. 
Who are Dwellers on ye West side of Dopping Brook. The request 
of us the Subscribers in behalf of Our Selves and the Other Western 
Inhabitants of ye town ; Do desire that the following articles may be 
put to vote, viz. Whether they will not be free to Grant us ye liberty 
of Having that part of ye Sheffield's Farm Lying on ye East Side of 
Boggestow Brook and Edmund Morses Land and possessions on ye 
East side of Dopping brook aforesaid over and above ye Dividing line 
projected between the Eastern and Western parts of the town from 
Colonel Buckminsters Corner, &c. Then We will do all publick Duty 
to the town as heretofore 'till the Genii. Court Shall Set us off Except 
in ye Coat of Building or rebuilding the meeting house, as it has been 
this day voted. And if so We'll ask for a Dividing line no further 

Jonathan Whitney, John Goulding, 

Timothy Lbaland, Joshua Underwood, 

Aaron Morse, Thomas Jones, 

Moses Adams, Jr., Isaac Adams, 

Joseph Johnson, John Twitchell, 

Ebenezbr Pratt, John Larnit. 
Gershom Eames, 

On the above the following vote is recorded. " The town by their 
vote do save to the said Western Inhabitants over Doppin Brook when- 
soever they are sett off, their proportion in ye £160 this day granted 
towards yo Building ye publick Meeting House where it now stands." 
The remainder of the above motion passed in the affirmative, " for the 
sake of future peace and good Neighborhood." 

Sh., 1725. — Sept. 13. " One hundred and fourty pounds was granted 
to Defray ye Cost & Charge of Building & finishing the Meetinghouse 
in Sherborn." 



Dec. 6th. Voted that ^^ the room round the sides of the meeting- 
house below (except the alley room) be Emproved for the building of 
Pues, and that Such persons unto Whome the Town Should See reason 
to gnmt the liberty of the room for pues. Should do it at their own 

G. C. Bee, June 8, 1724. A petition of the inhabitants of the 
Westerly part of Sherbom. showing the great inconvenience they are 
under by reason of their great distance from the place of Public Wor- 
ship, the said town being near 12 nules long and the meeting house 
situated at the Easterly End ; That they have applyed to the Town to 
be set off but cannot obtain a division by such a line as they think rea- 
sonable ; and therefore praying that they may be made a distinct and 
separate township by such boundarys as are in the said petition particu- 
larly set forth. In Council read and ordered that Adam Winthrop, 
Jona. Dowse, Esqs., (with whom the House joined Eben'r Stone, John 
Quincy, Esqs., and Mr. Edward White) be a Committee to repair as 
soon as may be to Sherbom and make inquiry into the matter of this 
petition and report what they think proper for this Court to do thereon. 
The charge of the Committee to be bom by the petitioners. 

June 16, 1724. A petition of .Timothy Leland and others. A Com- 
mittee of the mhabitants of the Westerly part of Sherbom, praying 
that this Court would direct the said town not to levy any tax on tiiem 
for building the meeting house till September next. The Committee 
appointed to consider their former petition not being able to proceed to 
Sherbom till the recess of the Court. 

In Council read and ordered that the prayer of this petition be 
granted. In the House read and concurred in. 

Nov. 20, 1724. Reported and recommended the Western part be 
erected into a precinct and separated from the. first parish by tiie line 
that now divides Sherbom from Holliston and Ashland ; that they be 
Qbliged within eighteen months to erect and finish at their own charge 
a suitable house of worship ; that they provide as soon as may be a 
learned and orthodox minister ; that they be allowed to assess the lands 
of non-residents within said precinct Id. per acre towards the charge 
of building and settling a minister ; that tiiey be freed from paying any 
part of ^160 lately assessed by said town for buildmg a meeting-house 
in the Easterly part of the town ; that they continue to pay their pro- 
portion for the support of the present minister of the town until they 
obtain a minister of their own, and no longer ; that they procure and 
maintain a schoolmaster to instruct their youth in reading and writing. 

Their report was accepted in the several articles thereof, " saving 
that the Western part of S. be a Town and not a precinct, and that a 
bill be brought in to erect the said lands into a Township ; and that the 
inhabitants of the W. part pay the charges of the Committee, viz., £10." 
This bill passed to be enacted by both Houses, Dec. 3, 1724, dividing 
Sherborn, and erecting the W. part into a township by the name of 
Holliston, in honor of the illustrious Thomas Hollis, Esq., of London ; 
and directing that Mr. John Goulding, a principal inhabitant of Hollis- 


ton be empowered and directed to summon the inhabitants qualified for 
voters to meet for the chusing of town officers to stand until the next 
annual election according to law. In the House read and concurred in 
and consented to by Wm. Dummer. 

Sherbom, 1726. — Sept. 26. Leave was granted to all persons in ye 
said. town that are disposed to build stables or Houses [called noon houses] 
for their conveniences on Lord's Day, to build on ye sides of ye Meeting- 
house Common, so as not to Discommode the Same. 

1726-7 — Jan. 27. — ^Voted that what persons payed in ye last Meet- 
inghouse rate be a rule to seat ye meetinghouse by allowing but one 
head to an Estate having respect to old age ; that the third seat below 
and ye fore front be equal in dignity and ye fourth seat below and ye 
second front be equal in dignity. Deacon Hopestill Lealand, Dea. Be- 
noni Lemed and William Greenwood were chosen a committee to seat 
the meetinghouse. 

1727. — ^Dec. 29. A vote passed to build a schoolhouse 18 feet wide 
and 20 feet long, and to set it on Meettinghouse Common on the South 
easterly side of the Meetinghouse. 

1728.— April 16. A committee was chosen to sell ye school land in 
the town towards defraying the Charge of building and finishing the 
school house. This no doubt included the 60 acre lot that was " to be 
appropriated forever for the use of a free school for teaching the Eng- 
lish and Indian children " if " it was ever set out." The consent of 
the G. C. seems not to have been asked. 

1728-9. — Jan. 6. The school lands were sold to Obediah Morse 
and Dea. Benoni Learned, the former paying forty and the latter ten 

1731^-rDec. 8. Voted and granted that ten shillings be assessed in 
the next town rate to repair the old, or build new stocks. 

1733. — ^Dec. 7. Granted to Capt. Death the sum of ten shillings 
which is now in his hands to pay the Cost he was at for Entering a peti- 
tion at the G. C. on the towns behalf relating to their being Doomd 
for Not sending a representative. 

Granted to Mrs. Ilebecca Baker the sum of £3 to make up a De- 
ficiency in the late reverd. Mr. Bakers salary. 

1736. — ^May 18. Several other grants were made to individuals, 
" to be paid out of the fine the G. C. sent back to the town." 

1737. — ^May 18. Several other grants were made to individuals 
to be paid out " of the fine the Genii. Court returned to the town." 

1746.— Nov. 12. Then ye Town Voted to pay Mr. Wilson, for 
Preaching (in the time of ye Revd. Mr. Porter's sickness) out of money 
returned to ye Town for not sending a representative. 

1749.— Octr. 31. Then the town voted that the Revd. Mr. Porter's 
Sallary, for this present year, Shall be four hundred Pounds Old tenor. 
— Then sl vote was asked whither the women should sit with their chairs 
in the alleys of the meetinghouse, and it passed in the Negative. 

1752. — ^May 19. Isaac Coolege, Esq., was Chosen to represent the 
town in a Great and General Court appointed to be Convened for his 
Majesty's service at Concord, may 27, 1752. 


1763. — March 6: Granted £13 6s. 8d. to Recrute the town stock 
of Ammunition. Granted to Elisha Kendal for ye Locks to Lock up 
the amunition 8d. Granted to the Selectmen that Were at Expence 
in Geting a fine remitted for the towns not sending a Representative 
the Last year, 13s. 4d. 

1764. — '' This year is remarkable,/or the prevalence of an uncommon 
disorder, which prevailed in this town and HoUiston, denominated in the 
latter place, the Great SicknesSj and, in Sherborne, the Memorable 
Mortality. The number of deaths recorded in January is 12 ; Febru- 
ary, 6 ; March, 2 ; April, 5. During the next six months no deaths are 
recorded. November 3, Dec. 6. 

The whole number who died of this fatal malady in S. was between 
20 and 30." 

1759. — Septr. 9. A certificate was sent from the Baptist Church of 
Christ in Boston, . declaring Mr. Jonathan Partridge, of said Sher- 
borne, to be a member of said Church, under the care of Mr. Ephraim 
Bounde, Elder of sd. Church. 

Septr. 10.-— -Then the town voted that Mr. Porter's Sallary should be 
this present year 66 pound 13 shillings and 4 pence. 

1758. — Oct. 2d. Granted twenty seven pounds and fifteen shillings 
to fulfil and Complete what remained due from the town for the Sallary 
of the Revd. Mr. Samuel Porter, Late Deced.* At the said meeting, 
the town granted £66 13s. 4d. to supply the town with Preaching for 
time to Come. At the above said meeting, the town made Choice of 
Deacon James Whitney, Deacon Jonathan Russell and Mr. Arthur 
Clark, a Committee to supply the Pulpit in sd. town. 

Deer. 18 — Voted that the committee Which Ware appointed to sup- 
ply the Pulpit be Desird to Ingage Mr. Minot for 1 or 2 months Longer 
to preach in sd. town. 

1758-9. — Jan 29. The Church and town unitedly made Choice of 
Mr. Steven Minot to be their Gospel minister by a Unanemos Vote, 
and offered £133 6s. 8d. towards his settlement; and £66 13s. 4d. for 
his Salary. 

June 29. — The town Voted that the Committee allready Chosen, are 
desired to Ingage Mr. Locke, to Supply the town with Preaching, or 
Some other gentleman or gentlemen. Until there shall be another meet- 
ing on that affair. 

August 15. — The town Concurred with the act of the Church, in 
Choosing Revd. Samuel Locke for their Gospel nunister, by a majority of 

* The foUowing Translation of his Latin epitaph' in the central graveyard in 8. is 
presumed to be a just discription of his character. 

" Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of the Reverend Samuel Pobteb ; a 
man distinguished for active powers of mind ; conspicuous for piety and prudence* 
for benevolence and courtesy of manners ; a zealbus preacher of the gospel ; an 
ornament of the doctrine, and a shining example of the life of Christ ; a most watch- 
ful and affectionate pastor of the church at Skerbourn, during twenty-four years. He 
was also well versed in human learning and sacred Theology, and distinguishingly 
endowed and adorned with social affections and virtues. He passed from this life to 
tile heavenly regions, September 16, 1768, in the 49th year of his age." 


Votes, and voted £133 6s. 8d. for his encouragement to settle with us ; 
also £73 6s. 8d. per annum, for his salary, provided he settle with us 
in the Gospel ministry, and so Long as he continues in the same. At 
the aforesaid meeting, the town chose as a committee, to join with the 
churches^ committee. Dr. Bela Lincoln and John Morse, to treet with 
Revd. Samuel Lock. 

Rev. Samuel Lock, by his answer in ye affirmitiue, on September 23d, 
1759, manifested his Exceptence of the choice above mentioned. 

Octr. 11. — ^In town meeting, voted that Wednesday, the 7th day of 
November next, be the day for the Ordenation of Revd. Samuel Lock, 
into the office and service of the Gospel ministry in Shurbome, by a ma- 
jority of Votes. Also at ye said meeting, the town chose Gapt. Edward 
Learned, Gapt. Amos Goolidge & Mr. Samuel Sanger, a committee to 
provide entertainment for the Revd. councel, at ye sd. ordenation, and 
voted that the selectmen are desired to draw money out of the town 
treasury, so much as they Judge needfuU for ye sd. Entertainment. 

1760. — ^Decr. 3d. The selectmen gave order to the Town Treasurer 
to pay Mr. Stephen Minot's Heirs what remained due to Him for 

1763. — ^March 7. Voted to pay Mr. Brooks for preaching when Mr. 
Locke was sick. 

May 7. — Mr. Benjamin Whitney, Deacon Jonathan Russell and 
Ebenezer Twitchell, were chosen to supply the town with preaching, and 
voted that the committee provide three young ministers to preach one 
month each, as soon as may be convenient. Granted £40 for the 
purpose. . 

Dec. 3. — Voted to pay Timothy Hilliard his account for preaching 
at Sherborn. 

1767. — Oct. 17. Granted £9 to be assessed on Polls and Estates to 
pay ye fine and Gost of a Presentment for not Having a Gramer School 
in S. ' 

1768.— Granted to Esqr. Perry 6s. & to Jos. Twitchell 18s. for the 
cost and charge they ware at in Giting a fine granted by sessions to the 
town to be spent in a Gramer School. 

1768. — Feb. 16. Gave order to the Treasurer to pay Mr. Thomas 
Prentice, ye School Master and the several Persons that Borded him at 
the Several Parts of the Town their Proportion of £18 — the School- 
master to Have after the Rate of £%Q 13s. 6d. a year, and those that 
Borded him 4s. per week. 

1769. — May 22. Voted to put in twenty feet in the length of the 
Meeting-house, and that the Peace be put in the middle. Granted one 
hundred pounds for this purpose : Ghose a committee of five to see 
How they would Git it Done. 

1770. — Jan. Joseph Bacon was engaged to enlw'ge the meeting 
house, and ^£150 lawful money granted to him, as a full compensation. 
" This was done by sawing the house in two in the middle, moving the 
western half to the distance desired, and connecting the two parts to- 
gether by a new piece." 


1770. — July 9. Voted to have the Committee Ingage Mr. Brown 
four Saboths more than they have already. 

August 27. — Voted that the town ware determined to come to the 
choice of a minister before they heard any more on probation ; and 
that the committee Imploy Mr, JBrotm till the town come to the choice, 
and voted <£30 to pay for preaching. 

Sept. 19. — ^The town concurred with the Church by choosing Kev. 
Elijah Brown their Gospell minister by a majority of votes. Granted 
£160 settlement ; £73 6s. 4d. pr. annum salary. Chose a committee 
to Joyn with the Churches committee to^eat with Rev. Elijah Brown. 

Nov. 8. — ^Voted that the last Wednesday of this instant Novr. be the 
day for the ordination of Rev. Elijah Brown ; chose Dr. Leavit to. en- 
tertain the Counsel. Also voted that the town will not make a publick 

1771. — Jap. 21. Chose a committee to make application to the 
Hon. and Rev. Board of Overseers of Harvard College for the neces- 
sary expence of the Resettlement of a minister. 

March 4. — Granted to Samuel Sanger for keeping ministers horses 
£2 68. to Dr. Josiah Levet for providing for ordination £10 2s. 8d. 

1772. — ^March 2. Voted to have the town Treasurer let out the 
money granted by the Corporation of Harvard CoUidge and the Province 
Treasurer to the town, on good security ; being in all £51 7s. 4d. 

1774. — May 19. The following men were chosen a conmuttee of 
correspondence, Rev. Samuel Locke, Capt. Richard Sanger, Gapt. 
Joseph Twitchell, Mr. Samuel Bullard, Mr. Daniel Whitney, Mr. Ben- 
jamin Fasset and Mr. Jedediah Phipps. 

July 8th. The Selectmen and commissioned officers examined and 
tried the Town's stock of Ammunition and there is 200 lbs. of Powder, 
160 lbs. of Bullets and 295 flmts. One cask of powder bought A. D. 
1702, one do. 1722, 1 do. without date, two do. 1774. Lead 200 lbs. 
bought, Sept. 1774. 

August 24. — Chose Capt. Richard Sanger, Mr. Samuel Bullard and 
Mr. Benjamin Fasset to meet committees of the several towns in this 
county, on the 30th instant. 

Sept. 20. Mr. Samuel Bullard and Mr. Jonathan Lealand were 
chosen a committee to send to Concord. Voted to git a six pound field 
piece, or cannon, and chose Joshua Lealand, Daniel Whitney and Ben- 
jamin Bullard to procure it. Granted £18 to procure said piece and 

Oct. 18. — ^Voted to accept the three pieces of cannon, which the com- 
mittee procured instead of a six pounder, that the committee prove them 
at the town's expence, and fire the biggest as soon as may be, with all 
the necessaries that may be needed. 

1775. — Jan. 9. Chose Mr. Benjamin Fasset and Capt. Richard 
Sanger to represent the towiv in Congress at Cambridge, on the 1st day 
of February next. Voted to consent to the Resolves of the Continen- 
tal and Provincial Congresses — to give a bounty to encourage the raising 


of sheep and flax — that the Constables pay the Province money to 
Henry Gardner, Esq. of Stow — to choose a committee of Inspection, to 
see that the Resolves of the Congress be complied with. 

Feb. 6. — Chose a Committee of five to receive donations and sub- 
scriptions for the poor people of Boston. 

March 6. — ^Voted that those that have and shall enlist as minute men, 
to the number of fifty-three be a company intire by themselves — ^to 
grant X8 to provide ammunition for the cannon — that the cannon be 
under the care and direction of the militia officers of this town ; that the 
cannon be shot three times with powder and ball at the cost of the town. 

May 24. — Chose Daniel Whitney, Esq., to represent the town in 
Congress at Watertown, to be held on 31st instant. 

Oct. 2d. — Granted £30 for the support of the poor of Boston. 

1776. — ^March 5. Voted to choose a committee of five to procure 
places for the poor of Boston to live in. 

May 21. — ^Voted, that if the Hon. Continental Congress should in 
their wisdom declare the Colonies independent of great Britain, we, the 
inhabitants of the town of S. will, with our lives and fortunes, endeavour 
to support them in that measure ; and we do hereby instruct Mr. Daniel 
Whitney, now Chosen our representative for the year ensuing to act in 
conformity to the above said vote. 

July 5. — ^Voted to give <£7 per man, in addition to the bounty that 
IS given by the colony, to twenty one men that shall enlist to go to 

August 26. — The last vote was reconsidered. Voted that the Select- 
men procure a hospital for inoculating for Small-pox, if they can get 
liberty from the court. 

1776. — Nov, 28, Voted that the present General Court of this 
State should form such a Constitution and form of Government, as they 
judge will most conduce to the happiness, peace and safety of the In- 
habitants thereof, and that the same be made publick for the inspection 
and approbation of the Inhabitants of this State, before the ratification 

'* The votes of the Inhabitants of this town, during the whole of the re- 
volutionary struggle, prove that they were animated, to a high degree 
with that spirit which achieved our independence. 

As soon as the news reached them of the massacre at Lexington, oti 
the 19th of April, 1775, the minute men proved themselves worthy of 
their title, by marching immediately to meet the assailants, and the rest 
of the able bodied men, of all ages, followed with all possible alacrity. 
But the distance was so great and the route of the enemy so uncertain, 
that they had not the satisfaction of meeting and helping to chastise 
them. They, however, furnished their quota to assist in the besieging 
of Boston ; and a number of them displayed their heroism in the batties 
of Bunker Hill," White Plains, and Brandywine. Seven brothers, the 
sons of Mr. Samuel Clark, (p. 60, No. 11,) enlisted as soldiers, and 
served, on an average, over three years per man. Other instances of 


remarkable devotion to freedom's cause might be cited, bat it is deemed 
impracticable to ascertain the names or number of all from S. who 
served in that war. 

1786. — This year was remarkable on account of an insurrectiion, 
called " Shays' rebellion." On this occasion the inhabitants of S. 
proved themselves to be firm friends bf liberty and order, by readily 
furnishing their portion of officers and privates, to join the troops under 
the command of General Lincoln. 

'' Mr John Ware of S. acted as adjutant i^ this expedition. Being sent 
with orders to a distance from Lincoln's army, he stopped for refresh- 
ment, at a tavern in, or near Brookfield, where there happened to be a 
small party of insurgents, who took him prisoner and confined him in an 
upper room of the house, while they kept guard below. In the course 
of the day. Ware saw from his prison a company of cavalry approaching, 
which he soon recognized as being on the side of government. He 
hailed them from a window of his apartment and made them acquainted 
with his situation. The house was immediately surrounded, the Shayedtes 
surrendered at discretion, and W. was enabled to accomplish the object 
of his mission." 

1787. — Dec 10. Daniel Whitney, Esq. was chosen a delegate to 
represent the town in the convention, to be holden in Boston, on the 2d 
Wednesday of January next, for the purpose of approving, or disap- 
proving the Constitution, or Frame of Government for the United States 
of America. Voted to give the delegate instructions, which conclude 
thus : 

" But, sir, we mean not to give you positive instructions, relative to 
your voting for or against the reported Constitution. When assembled, 
you will have the collected wisdom of the State before you ; will hear 
all that can be said on the subject, and consequently be able to form a 
judicious opinion. And having the fullest confidence in your pol